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    The Gambler's Cross

    by , 10-01-2022 at 06:00 PM (239 Views)
    I was going through some dream about me having two jobs and being "on the grind" in a big way trying to pay off some debt. In the dream, my house was a mixture of my old and new houses in feel and location. Though it was structured more like my new house, it was painted white. I then realized that I could fly and decided to ignore the career focus in the dream.

    I became lucid. Flying was easy and intuitive, and I had great control. I remember flying in a posture similar to me using my fire jets but there were no visuals of the fire. I flew up into the night sky through clouds and could see the stars. There were four or five sets of stars in oval-shaped rings of varying size, with maybe ten to twenty stars on each ring. There were also some stars scattered about. I thought about flying into space and checking out the star rings up close but I could feel that the dream was not particularly stable.

    Instead I decided to land, sitting in a tall tree with pointy leaves overlooking a country road. I decided to eat one of the leaves to try and ground and stabilize the dream. I pulled one off the branch and started eating it. It had some texture but no flavor, working well enough to keep the lucid dream going.

    A spaceship came down from space and out of the clouds. It was shaped like a cross which I interpreted to be religious iconography. The vertical bar of the ship was made of gold along its edges, with lightbulbs at regular intervals turning on and off in a pattern that made it look like pulses of light were traveling around it. The paneling was glowing bright red, orange, yellow, and green, with its colors also cycling in a wave-like pattern. The horizontal bar of the cross was framed in gold and had a windowed section allowing me to see inside to a single deck. Inside I could see casino games such as slot machines, a roulette and a blackjack table, and dream characters engaged in gambling.

    The spacecraft was of such an absurd design I simply had to know why it had appeared and what it symbolized.

    "Hey spaceship, what do you represent in this dream?"

    The spacecraft landed upright by the side of the road. Various components of it folded apart and went through a complex transformation sequence which had little regard for the rules of euclidean space or how its internals were presumably set up. When it had finished it had become a very bland concrete building. The structure had an octagonal cinderblock wall around it with barbed wire along the top and guard towers at all eight corners and a dirt road leading up to a gatehouse on one of the octagon's sides. The inner building had a square footprint and was taller than it was wide, perhaps three or four floors and looked very sturdy. It had square windows which looked to be made of reinforced glass and a single set of double doors leading into it.

    I flew down from the tree and walked through the gatehouse. There were bulky robot guards with high-tech looking weapons that let me through. As I approached the building I could feel the overwhelming aura of strength and stability emanating from it. Large bull horn speakers on the guard tower spoke in a clear and loud, but not overwhelming voice.

    "I am the representation of the dream archive you should be making."

    I go inside the building and find it to be full of server space with hard drives. It explains how I should make a new more organized dream journal. (This is actually somewhat true and something I have been considering. I actually have three dream journals in which I document different dreams. Dreamviews tends to get most of my lucid dreams, but I keep non lucids and dream fragments and the like in a private dj.)

    The dream then transitions to inside my current workplace. Dream characters are sitting around talking about lucid dreaming. One of them points out how he will always dream that his son will come to work and tell him that he is dreaming, but that he always ignores it and doesn't get lucid. I laugh and say that my dream guide appears alot in my dreams but I don't get lucid upon seeing her.

    I woke up, typed short notes to remember the lucid and went back to sleep.

    I had another lucid dream, but I don't remember much of the content of it. It started on my college campus and I wound up going underground into a tunnel full of trash and losing lucidity.
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