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    1. Most disgusting thing I ever experienced. Rainy beach. Eggs. Marriage, weird dream transition.

      by , Today at 07:32 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm in a cellar. I'm being hunted and decide to hide in some kind of big container in a public bathroom. There comes a green slime monster and it jumps into the container and dissolves into some kind of hidious green mixture. My vision is changed to outside the container and I see the mixture is moving disgustingly. There comes a new creature in the bathroom. It is a large man without a shirt that looks brain dead. He jumps into the container and all his body contents are being pushed out from his behind until there is only a loose skin of him. His contents are not intestines as you would expect. It is diarrhea! I am inside this container but my vision is from above and I see the mixture blending with the green slime. My senses of disgust is almost making me puke and I feel horrible. But this is not the end. Monster after monster comes in and I have this afraid feeling at the same time I have this disgusted feeling. All the monsters jump in and dissolve into diarrhea and I am somehow counting how many things have jumped in and dissolved. I counted to ten. New fragment I am at a beach with Olivia, Stefan and Gabriel. We walk inside a big cabin and it is pouring rain outside. I look at the water and the big waves outside. Gabriel shows me some kind of cylinder device with many holes in the bottom. There are four clays with distinct coulors. Blue, yellow, red and green. Gabriel shows me how the clays start to rise from the holes and that I am like the red clay. The red clay is superior and rises over the other clays. He says that this is how the different clays impact on the greenhouse effect. I am proud over it and says that is the way I am (I did not think about it in the dream but there were four people in the room and four clays. Maybe each colour represented each one of us). Olivia changes the subject and we talk about going out swimming but I say it is too cold. I think in my head how warm it would have to be for me to go and swim. I start with 19 degrees celsius but end up at 25 degrees celsius.

      Notes: I felt a bit stomach sick yesterday evening which may have resulted in the disgusting dream. When I woke up I was afraid to go to the bathroom because of the disgusting dream which makes it to a nightmare too. Yesterday I did some math and showed my family how we could have saved more than 1 million kr (113 000 USD) by only eating egg each day for the past 16 years. I told them it is nutritious, cheap and better for the environment than red meat. I am fighting for the environment and doesn't know why the dream me acted as if I didn't care.

      I tell my family in the dining room that I am allergic to eggs but wonder if they will know I lie because I ate eggs last week.

      Notes: That was weird. Why would I ever lie about that? I talked about my allergies with my friends four days ago when we ate at a restaurant.

      I have accidentally married with someone I don't like in our bathroom at home. I think dad is there too. It is a double marriage because another pair is also there to marry. My newly wedded wife and I walk into my old room next to the eating room. We talk and my sense of despair disappears because she is not that bad. I walk into my mother's and father's room and there are some naked people in there and I become somewhat lucid. I feel on my face and wonder if this is a dream. I don't quite come there and the dream disappears.

      Notes: In physics yesterday I wondered about how many of the girls in my class I would be okey marrying to. I didn't think anyone had the same life goals as I have and that almost none of them would enjoy 80 years with me. I thought about how our everyday life would look like and that my religion affects a lot.

      I tried to WILD 03.25 (woke up naturally) and had some kind of weird experience. I had my thoughts and knew I existed. I wake up and remember a whole dream but I didn't remember falling asleep.
    2. nothing much again.

      by , Yesterday at 07:01 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      No Jamie dreams this week. Even though i usually have one dream of her once a week for like almost over 2 years now??? It's not unusual for a week or two to go by where she's not present. I must say I've never had a more consistent character in my dreams. Are these dreams my own obsession? Her's? or something else trying to convince me of a delusion?

      Dream 1

      I was moving or something. My dad came to pick me up and we started driving to my new place. at some point the car was going up a steep hill in Olds, it stopped and I started freaking out. The dream sped up and we stopped at a Tim Horton's. I had no debit or cash but I had silver coins. I was trying to pay for coffee with silver coins. There was a table with other silver coins. the till guy was an older guy and he saw me put the coins on a stack on the table. I realized that wasn't the way to pay so I tried getting my coins back.

      Dream 2

      Something about living somewhere with lots of extra rooms, Some were hidden.
    3. Fragment#X𐩨

      by , Yesterday at 06:28 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      𐤁𐤉ߣ𐤐𐩨 𐩴𐤐ߖߣ 𐤅𐤏 𐩨𐤂𐤐ߣ𐤏
      𐤓𐩨𐤉𐤏 𐤓𐤏𐤐 𐤃ߣ𐤃 𐩴𐤂𐤐 𐤄ߣ 𐤐𐤌𐩨 𐩪𐤅𐤃𐩨 𐤉𐤁𐤐ߣ𐤏 𐤅𐤏ߣ
      𐤓𐤏𐤐ߖߣ ߣ𐩨ߣ 𐤄𐤍 𐤏𐤂ߣ𐤌, 𐤓𐤂𐩪 𐩨ߣ𐩨𐩤 𐩨𐤏𐩤𐤐
      𐩨𐤏 𐤁𐤓, 𐤃𐤅𐩪ߖ𐩤 𐩪𐤍𐩤 𐤅ߣ𐤒𐤓 𐤓𐤍𐤄ߣ
      𐤓𐤏𐤐ߖ𐤏 𐤃𐩨𐤏 𐩪𐩤 ߣ𐤉𐤅
      :𐤓ߖ𐩨 𐤒𐩨𐤉𐤍:𐤓𐤂𐤍ߖߣ 𐤏ܴ𐤃𐤐
      𐩪𐩤 ߣ𐤉𐤅ߖ𐩤 𐤃𐤓𐤍ߣ ߄𐤓
      𐤓𐤂𐩪 𐩨𐩪𐤏 𐩨𐤁𐤓 𐤓𐤍ߣ 𐤏𐤃߄𐤐 𐩨𐤓𐤏ߖ 𐤂ߣ𐤍𐤉𐤉ߖ𐩤