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    1. Day 73: Dark Side of the Neighborhood

      by , Today at 03:39 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

      Woke up at: 7:20 AM

      Dream 77: Third Lucid This--Well, Not Year, But...

      I can now firmly say that careful attention to memory, recall, and presence basically guarantees you a lucid dream. After a three week period of pure, unadulterated laziness, I finally re-implemented my awareness practices.

      I got lucid in the area between my house and my neighbor's, where my sister lives. After looking around, I decided it was best if I visited my sister's apartment. Needless to say, it looked nothing like the real thing. It had an extended porch, the inside looked like it was three times the size of her apartment, and the layout was insanely obtuse.

      Frisky business occurred, because of course it did, but I was also becoming more and more annoyed by the dream character within it. Unlike previous lucids, they were all too keen on remembering the things I did to them to get them out of my way. I ended up feeling really bad about the whole thing. My sister, then on the couch, was reprimanding me further. I tried employing some dream control shenanigans including but not limited to:

      1: Snapping my fingers to make her disappear.

      2: Shooting imaginary guns from my fingers.

      3: Trying to turn her into an inverse-vortex/black hole.

      I had ended up in this lounge-like hallway with pillows strewn about. My sister came up and reprimanded me for how I had treated her. "How the hell do you remember this?" I thought. DCs had never had this level of coherence before.

      I was on the verge of tears after that confrontation. I found a door at the end of the hallway, and inside of it was a bald man wearing a brown suit, lime green tie, and glasses. I talked to him for a little bit and asked him how I could make it up to them (Even though I didn't, I just wanted the DCs to stop reprimanding me). He wrote something down on a notecard and gave it to me.

      It was in Spanish, and I forgot what it was.

      I decided I may as well be "nice" to these dream characters (Even if I thought it was a waste of my time). I told them I would make it up to them by getting them something from Stripes (A gas station). As I left, I told my brother that Nemo (My male puppy) was getting blood around his hind leg.

      Oh yeah, throughout the dream Nemo was getting progressively bloodier. I felt bad for the little guy. Turns out the only DC that'll earn my pathos are my puppies. But I knew it was a dream, so no worries. It would honestly pain me to see him like that in real life...

      It was dark outside, the absolute middle of the night. There was one kid walking in front of me on the sidewalk. I thought it would be funny to mess with him. I hunched forward, with my arms spread out, and trudged along as if I had a limp. I saw a family arguing about something to the left of me in the neighborhood.

      At the end of the sidewalk lied a black and metal electronic gate. The kids were talking about "he" was getting closer. I panicked and entered the other side of the gate as quickly as I could. On the other side of the gate (And a short walk away) lied Stripes.

      One problem: It was closed. The lights were completely turned off. Barren...quiet...I didn't like it one bit. Feeling defeated (And terrified) I went back from where I came from, taking an alternate path.

      Dream 78: A Sort Of Continuation

      My tía (Spanish for aunt, as she likes to be called) is talking to the rest of the family inside the apartment setting of the previous dream. Something about how her son (Who has sadly passed away, but that wasn't how it was in the dream) was getting into REM sleep because she saw him talk in his sleep.

      My puppies were fighting really violently in the back. One of the women yelled at them to get them to quiet down.

      Dream 79: Hick Kids In Cars

      My brother and I are in the backseat of this run-down red truck. There's a bald kid sitting in the driver's seat. He has the most annoying southern snotty-hick-kid accent you could ever imagine, and his attitude was even worse. It was still dead of night, and he was telling us these urban legends about shotgun-wielding maniacs that lived in our neighborhood.

      And what did he do? Drive by each and every single one of them just to get a reaction out of 'em.

      This all comes to a head when he crashes into a junk pile situated in the middle of the neighborhood. The upper half of a poor, shirtless guy flies by my brother's window. I know he's mortified by this, but he tries to internalize the fellings he's experiencing. A sick part of me wonders how that guy lost the lower half of his body.

      Dream 80: Yuck.

      I was standing in front of the mirror. One of my teeth was loose, and so I fiddled away at it to get it to come off. It was a sickly light brown color, and almost squishy. On the other side of my jaw was another loose tooth, so I wiggled it off and, again, it was brown and squishy.

      I don't brush my teeth often IRL. While my teeth are nowhere bad as that shown in the dream, my family has complained about it. If even the inner parts of my mind are telling me to brush them, then I should really get to doing it more.

      Dream 81: DKC Returns

      So, I had just bought DKC Returns not too long ago. It's a fun game, if a bit easier than the others, but one thing I really love doing is collecting all the Puzzle Pieces and KONG Letters. The dream I had is a natural side effect of what happens when I play a video game for too long.

      I'm playing on the level called Poppin' Planks when I reach the pirate ship part of the level. There's this hidden puzzle piece underneath all of this junk. I use the Ground Slam attack to lodge it out of there, and then a cutscene plays.

      DK and Diddy both pull out a HUGE chunk of earth, with the puzzle piece still on top of it. Suddenly Luigi shows up, with DK jokingly telling him, "Are you ready to fight for what's at stake?" Referring to the puzzle piece on top. Luigi is trying to balance himself on the large chunk of earth as DK and Diddy both mess with him in the process. They all disappear into the sunset, Luigi still dangling on the huge rock.

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    2. April 23, 2018 Non-lucid

      by , Today at 02:05 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was in a parking lot outside of a store like Lowe's. The parking lot had a few cars scattered about. From afar I see this woman walking out and across the parking lot with a massive snake slithering with her. I feel a little bit threatened but take a video on my phone. The snake and woman turn towards me and walk my way. The snake flies over me and curls itself around me.

      I'm an aquarium that has a pool of water. We're sitting around the pool on rocks. It feels like we're 4 or 5 years old on a field trip. I get handed a little gray organism. I drop it in the water and then find it again in my hands. It grows up and turns into this hand-sized hippo looking animal with a long trunk. I look at it and call it "Karen."
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    3. A Cute Hand Sized Creature

      by , Yesterday at 06:54 PM
      A girl who seemed like DreamyWB was present.She was wearing shorts and a white shirt. Her hair was in a bun. So it was probably just a dream partly influenced by what i read of her and not her fully formed character. The scene she was in was pretty unexpected too.

      This dream got really weird but here goes. I was in a unknown house but it felt like mine. I was trying to change but my mom kept popping up. This annoyed me enough that I hid behind the shower curtains. When I got out and walked in the hall my dad came up the me and wanted to say something but there was water leaking from his head. Enough that it filled up the room a bit. I became lucid somewhat after observing his leaking head.”What could this mean?” I thought. When it stopped I asked if he was okay. He said he was fine so we walked to the living room.

      There I heard a commotion coming from the window and looked out to see a little girl and other dcs surrounded by light. They were talking to each other about how they were looking forward to coming inside. I told them they could but just when they came in there was a large rumble and an explosion occurred on the ceiling that caused broken glass to fly in all directions. I got cut a bit but disregarded it and looked towards the stairs to investigate what had occurred.

      There was an evil villain present,I heard his voice, but I couldn’t see him. As I searched for him I was handed a small orange mouse that than changed to a yellow hand size pikachu with blue cheeks and ears instead of black. It hopped off my hand and I began to follow it until It grew super large. It began attacking the house I was in, following the orders of the unseen villain. I didn’t think I would have to fight it so after getting across some obstacles I began to talk to the creature,telling it that it was being used but it didn’t have to be bound by selfish orders, that it could be free doing what deep inside it knew felt right.

      The creature/pikachu thing than shrunk back down to hand size but now it looked more like a bunny to me. I picked it up,kissed it and rubbed my cheek against its soft fur, telling it that it would be okay now. I opened a room door to see if I could find the villain after that but only saw count Olaf from a series of unfortunate events.He only seemed like a substitute for the villain though.

      The dream than shifted after that and I was watching a vivid scene unfold. A girl who I thought was DreamyWB was with her family doing the laundry outside on the house deck. Suddenly a large tall man came with a guy family member of hers and greeted them. He mentioned how the laundry they were carrying looked heavy and he offered to help her. She accepted the help but than the guy complimented her eyes. Almost like he was flirting with her without trying to get the attention of her family. She thanked him than complimented him back saying that he had beautiful eyes and teeth. (As they kept talking I noticed she had bits of almonds in her teeth though so I used dream control to keep it from getting awkward)This flirting moment stopped though when the other guy told him to carry the basket in and that they would go buy something together. This disappointed him so he admitted that he wanted to spend time with her while helping.
      They joked about this in a friendly manner than the scene shifted.

      It was now night time and I was in a apartment where a little girl stood next to a doll house. The girl who I thought was possibly DreamyWB was present as well. I was about to follow them(Didn’t recall to introduce myself, I wasn’t sure if it was her so perhaps that didn’t matter)but than we heard a subtle helicopter sound. When it got louder I felt it focus on me and than it began shooting lit up colorful buildings outside. Other buildings collapsed because the energy couldn’t travel to the buildings properly. Something about this dream felt wrong even though I could handle it so I tried to put intent to wake up.

      I ended up in what seemed like sleep paralysis cause I couldn’t move.What was even more odd was that I felt a hand on my head. After waiting a bit I took the hand gently and put it to the side. The hand had a pink purplish flower bracelet on its wrist but the rest of the form wasn’t visible.” Could this figure be symbolizing my fear of death?” I thought. The hand than vanished and I watched as the same type of flowers from the bracelet appeared as transparent images but with the stems. When it disappeared I woke up for real feeling kind of disturbed but It was still an okay dream.

      Notes:I also thought it could symbolize my fear of death because before i went to sleep i read something that scared me somewhat.

      (Pic Does Not Belong To Me)
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    4. Playing along with the dreams

      by , Yesterday at 04:04 PM
      Here is a copy of my dreams with images in line (as a pdf)

      2018-04-23 - DJ with images.pdf

      Here is just the text from the dreams (without the drawlings)

      Round 1 of Dreams

      There was something with some people on a raft earlier in the dream.

      There was something really cool I couldn’t put into words about a powerful being.

      I remembered my sister drawing smiley faces in my Nana’s back yard.

      One had the top of the circle curled over like on the left. The others had different versions of a lowercase U like on the right.

      She also drew a lizard. It said, “My name is dinner.”

      Round 2 of Dreams

      I had a dream of being at the Arboretum.

      Then I left the arboretum. And drove kind of crazily. I pulled out across 4 lanes and in front of a truck going the other direction.

      Then I also backed into a building and it got smashed. But then I rewinded it somehow. I don’t think I was lucid. Eventually the dream shifted.

      Then I was with these people telling lucid dream stories. I didn’t know it was a dream. There was something about waiting for a shower.

      I had to solder something or do some kind of machine work that created a smell. When the other people got back they complained. We were out doors but I still put a fan on to blow the smell away.

      Then I was taking out the garbage too because I felt bad about the smell. I overhead one of the rich people talking about eating lint from the couch. Or licking it. I think they were trying to get me to lick the couch lint.

      Then I was at a mall. I had boxers on but not pants. I was holding my tan khaki pants and looking for a place to put them on.

      There was a thing about needing to consult with agents from the bank. They were waiting around on some couches for people to come do their appointments.

      I found a mall computer and started filling in the form. It seemed like it would be easier that way.

      I remember seeing that in my dream. I had to confirm my information. Then they detected I was at a computer and came to me.

      They wanted me to pay them 1500 dollars a year for my bank account. I was thinking how I will probably have to change banks. I really needed the bathroom so I had to desperately seek a bathroom before I could finish my form and have an appointment. I was afraid to leave my personal information up on the mall computer.

      I walked by these dog cages looking for a place to go to the bathroom. Then there was a hairy school bus outside.

      I said, “Nice hairy bus!” And a guy poked his head out of the window. “Thanks!” Said the guy.

      Then I went left and it seemed like I was in the back of a haunted house. My high school gym teacher was at the bottom of some steps. I passed through there, thinking he wouldn’t let me. But he was fine with it. Seeing high school teachers is a dream sign.

      Then I saw a woman who I went to college with. I asked her if she would go with me on a date. She said, “Give me a day, a date, a time, and a place!” But I didn’t have one. I thought, oops, was I supposed to?

      Then I woke up. I was thinking if I could ask for her number, and call her when I think of a “day, date, time and place”. Then I realized it was a dream and began recalling it.

      I drifted back to sleep one more time and had a dream of being by this house outside. To the left was a stream. I was on the phone with my friend, talking about some stuff. I was also walking around peeing.

      I woke up in my bed again and thought I had wet the bed for sure. However I didn’t want to move because then I might dislodge the dream. So I stayed still and thought it through. It turned out I hadn’t wet the bed. Thank FHQWHGADS!

      Round 3 of dreams

      I fell asleep pretty consciously this time. One dream flash was of a tan beverage and nutrition facts.

      Woke up briefly.

      dreamed I worked in a restaurant.

      Woke up briefly.

      Dreamed I was in college. And thinking of going to audit a class on dreams. Then I was in a class on dreams. The teacher was giving a lecture. Some guys next to me did something funny like hijacking the lecture.

      Then I was shuffling blue books with a woman from the class. She spoke very softly and I could barely hear her.

      Then I had a false awakening that it was around 7 A M. And there was tons of noise. I went to look if my Dad was home. He wasn’t but there was a big red truck out front. In the back yard they had all this equipment going. They were laying out sod. I got mad because it distracted me from my dream recall.

      Woke up briefly, glad it had just been a dream.

      Then I dreamed of being at my old house’s kitchen with some food. I sat on some pine needles outside. There was glass in the pine needles so I went to put my shoes on. There was food in my shoes. I ate the food and then realized that was probably not the cleanest. I felt kind of sick.

      Woke up briefly again, glad it was just a dream. I decided to hold all the dreams in my head and stay still, to keep dream chaining.

      This was where I started to get lucid in them. I dreamed of these cartoon characters. And I dreamed I had a camera that could take pictures from my dreams. And I would see them when I woke up. So I got really excited about that.

      Woke up briefly again…

      Then I was walking towards an empty playground. There was a retainer (for teeth) on a slide thing that reminded me of mine. I figured a kid had left it there. When I looked back it was in a blue case. I tried to move it somewhere safer for the time being.

      Then I looked out onto the neighborhood for some people to tell. A mom was at the door as her daughter left for school. I walked up to them.

      The daughter said, “You can’t punch me any more!” The mom had purple under her eyes. I was like, “Uh oh. Good thing I’m here to distract the mom a little.” I told them about the retainer.

      The Mom pulled the door knob and the whole door came off. She put the door to the side like it was weightless. That plus the dream chaining got me lucid. But I decided to finish what I had set out to do before I had become lucid.

      The daughter left and the mom went to look toward the empty playground. Then I woke up.

      Laid there recalling the dream until one more started.

      I was working in a Restaurant Again. My job was a bus boy but instead of a pitcher of water, I had a pitcher of tan bean soup stuff. One of the pitchers was made out of a taco shell.

      So I carried the beans out and poured them in people’s cups. One couple said “Charles, more beans please!” I gradually realized this was a dream, especially from having dreamed of it earlier.

      I decided to play along. I said, “Okay, so I just pour the beans in your cup, right?” They looked like almonds.

      Round 4 of dreams

      One vague dream

      Went back to sleep hoping for dream chain

      Woke up not remembering any other dreams


      My dream recall and lucidity are improving again. I thought they took a little dip for a few days.
    5. Beyond the Locked Steel Door

      by , Yesterday at 05:52 AM
      Morning of April 23, 2018. Monday.

      While lying in our bed early this morning, I enter light sleep paralysis, which automatically brings me joy, a sense of well-being, and enhanced senses, though there is no imagery. I try to will the rising sensation I usually get upon focusing on this state, which usually begins with a tingling all over my body and an eventual sense of floating. This occurs and I feel weightless. I am aware of Zsuzsanna on my left. I try again. A second wave of tingling pleasure fills me.

      Believing I am at least partly awake now (but still in a vivid dream state), I see a few random comic strip panels as if floating above me, facing downward. I read some words and word patterns, most of which are the typical gibberish, but the letters are very clear. One end panel says “TWIN” and below that, “TWN”. Another end panel begins with “Dream interpretation is misrepresentation…”.

      I believe I am talking to Zsuzsanna about what I had seen, though my eyes are closed for a time. There is a real awakening of which quickly falls back into a false awakening. I seem to be in the Stadcor Street backyard (where we have not lived in years) in late morning, even though it also seems we are inside our present home in bed in semidarkness. (Being aware of two different lighting schemes simultaneously is not that common in my dreams, though it is basically just another aspect of bilocation caused by the conscious self identity being in the dream state.) I still believe that a part of me is awake enough to communicate with Zsuzsanna. A tingling moves through my body again and there is also a flashing. My hand is flashing as well. There is a very intense enhanced awareness. However, looking at the sky, I see a Klingon Bird-of-Prey hovering over the house and a 1950s flying saucer farther to the left. I laugh at my inability to realize that I had not stayed awake during this time. I then wake for a short time for real. My sexuality seems exponentially increased. I am going to have to play around and take advantage of the dream state for a little longer.

      Still in very pleasant light sleep paralysis, I decide to augment the state again and hold my conscious self awareness intact as much as I can. I am then in the bedroom on Barolin Street (where we have not lived since 2008 - the house no longer there in reality). I deliberately become incorporeal for a time and decide to try a typical door experiment. I move through the house toward the front door, which is now a large locked steel vault door. I fly as fast as I can will myself to, headed straight to it. As I know it is a dream, and what the door represents (a liminal space barrier between different levels of consciousness and unconsciousness), I realize that one of two events will happen. Either I will wake upon reaching the door, or I will enter an even higher state of apex lucidity by phasing through it. The latter happens. Time seems to slow down and I phase through the door, enjoying the event. I marvel at the beauty of the event and my enhanced clarity of mind.

      After phasing through the steel door, I find myself in front of an unfamiliar house late at night, looking back at the other side of the door. From here, I decide to walk and also to bring about daylight.

      I reach an area with about ten people to my left, mostly sitting along the side of the road. Most of them are partly undressed. It might be some sort of family gathering. Being in apex lucidity, the dream characters are a bit “off” and “glitchy”. I am looking for Zsuzsanna or a reasonable facsimile of her. I see a girl sitting on an embankment but realize that it is not her. I notice that all of the people have small areas of odd patchy and scaly darker skin. This may be a RAS hybrid of snake (the core RAS modulation factor) and personification.

      The preconscious (as an unknown male of about thirty) takes form and walks toward me and I am very annoyed, as I do not want to wake up yet. I immediately split him in two with the power of my thoughts and the sides fall in opposite directions. His partner comes over and seems upset. She looks down at the ground and seems unsure of what to say. I decide to will the pieces back together and walk off to another area.

      I summon a sexual encounter. It seems to be a version of Zsuzsanna at first, but soon turns out not to be. She is wearing a cat costume. Unfortunately, she also expects me to interact with her virtual pet first, that she pulls out of a cloth bag, which is little more than a Fleshlight with a toy stuffed cat sewn around it. This greatly annoys me and I go elsewhere. (Otherwise, a cat is an emergent consciousness factor, though remains on the preconscious side of the door of liminal space.)

      The people in this new area, half open building, half outdoors, are now taking on a more realistic appearance. Girls walk through a hall in a building of an unknown purpose. I am not sure if it is meant to be a college, hospital, train station, or all of the above. I summon Zsuzsanna and we indulge in pleasure, though I do not undress her. I go through the motions of undoing my pants (which is very strange as I am not dressed in reality and my faux conscious self model should know this). My manhood phases into her (through her clothes) as she leans back against the edge of a wall where a large room is to the left and the hall is to the right and we move together for several minutes. I have zero interest in the people walking around, though they do not regard us anyway. As I wake, I am holding Zsuzsanna close.