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    1. Dreaming While Sick:Restless Sleep And Short Dreams

      by , Today at 04:08 AM
      For the past week, I have been sick with an upper respiratory infection/flu like sickness. I didnít bother to go to the doctor or hospital because my mom has the same thing and both doctor and hospital told her she did not need antibiotics or other meds just fluids and rest. Iíd rather not waste my time and get even more sick from sitting in waiting rooms for nothing.

      Anyway. I have been sleeping on and off throughout the day and night. My sleep has been interrupted by nausea/wet coughs/tight chest/fever and chills/etc...This has led to MANY forgotten dreams and a lot of random images and short dreams that are unrelated and make no sense. There are only two dreams that seem remarkable to me.

      DREAM 1
      I am entering into a building with a childhood friend that I no longer have contact with in real life. The building is tall and is round like an old castle tower. There are two sets of steps opposite each other in the building; one going up and one leading down. Iím not sure how many floors, but it seems an infinite amount. My friend and I seem to be exploring this building. I look out one of the windows in the stairwell and realize that we are in what is now an abdandoned building on an old college campus that is no longer in use in real life, and I assume that is where we are in the dream. (Except in real life, the round building only had three floors and was used as a library, in the dream the set up inside has changed a lot and has infinite floors.)
      At some point, my friend and I realize that we are being followed, and we start trying to run away and keep running down stairs but on the way down, it seems like there are more floors than we went up and there are more sets of stairs and we get lost because we arenít sure which to take now. The people chasing us eventually catch up and are right behind us. I look back and see it is a mix of men and women, about 7 of them and they are all wearing white scrubs. I decide it would be better for my friend and I to split up so maybe one of us can get away and find help. Of course, I decide to be the hero knowing it is only a dream and distract them by allowing the pursuers in white to corner me and she gets free and I watch her climb up a stairway as I am backing up against a wall slowly with the pursuers 3 feet in front of me encircling me. I donít see her again for the rest of the dream.
      One of them, a man, pulls out a syringe and tells me that it is for my own good. I know that it will put me to sleep, allowing them to do what they please with me. I start thinking of a way to change the situation and while I think a woman comes up and wipes a clear jelly like substance on my forehead. I push her away, and the man puts the syringe back in his pocket and says, ďGood work, it wonít be long nowĒ to the woman. She smiles at him,and they all stand around watching me. I start to feel drugged and like I am going to pass out. I realize that whatever she wiped on me was the medication that would knock me out and that the man with syringe was just a distraction. I wipe the rest off with my sleeve and decide I am not going to pass out with my lucidity and overcome to drugging. I turn around to face the wall and decide that the wall is not going to be there so I can run away. The wall is gone and I run and they continue to chase me around the building.
      I find a hiding spot under a stairwell and one woman pursuer is on her own. I grab onto her and pull her into my hiding spot and wipe the remaining substance from my sleeve onto her forehead and keep her mouth covered. After a minute she stops fighting, and we watch two men walk past outside of my hiding cubby and hear them talking. One says, ďthis one is smart. A good placement will be as a facility researcher or in the university. We need to find her.Ē I then have a strong knowing that the dream world I am I in secretly controls everyoneís lives and decides where they work and how they live. I decide I will NOT be caught.
      I wake the woman by smacking her in the face and when she wakes I tell her she will get me out or I will kill her. She agrees, but as sheís leading me down through the stairs and floors, I just know she has decided to take my side. We are about to go down the last stairway to get the the exit floor when another woman calls to us and tells us to stop. The woman who is helping me pulls out a gun and shoots the other woman. Then I wake up.

      DREAM 2
      This dream was short and not very interesting. I was with three other women my age but I donít know them from real life. In the dream we were best friends. We were in a large bedroom with a dresser filled with expensive clothes and costumes and a large closet filled with clothes, shoes, costumes, etc. We were all picking out outfits and accessories to wear to some kind of costume party. I woke up while we were laying out our outfits to show each other. Wasnít a very exciting or interesting dream, but one where I vividly remember and where I was lucid and in my own body and decided to just ďgo with the flowĒ to see what would happen.

      I just canít seem to get enough rest even though I am sleeping on and off throughout most of the day and night. I canít wait until this infection/flu is gone! Happy Dreaming!
    2. Log 1388 - Marvelous Movie Shoot and Other Assorted Stories

      by , Today at 12:03 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 15 February 2019

      Got a big heap of stuff today.

      Spoiler for Don't want to hog so much page space:

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    3. Tuesday, February 5

      by , Yesterday at 11:38 PM
      I am going to go to Beer NV with Brittney and a group of her friends and I think also to celebrate Makaylaís birthday. Iím in the process of walking to the car with Makayla outside of Dadís house when I realize I havenít gotten anything. Now I am at Beer NV (Makaylaís not here). It is smaller and almost seems more like a converted house. The tap list is on a smaller screen, and each has a thumbnail picture to go with it (*not pictures of the brewerís logo or the beerís logo like in reality). I notice Brittney and Chris, though there may be others. I end up with two beers, I think the second coming after my first is close to empty. The first is a beer dark golden in color but milk stout in taste. Itís smooth and tasty. The next beer is a juicy/hazy IPA, and it is in a small milk carton. Thereís a glass with a sip of orange juice left in it; I get the idea that combining them might result in something tasty. Now we are going to go somewhere for a bit, so I get the idea to put this carton in the fridge before we leave (not sure if I actually do). When we return, I walk up to the couple-seat counter, from behind which the owner greets me. I ask for the beer with the picture of the band, saying I canít see which it is from here. He grins and says the band name (something both Irish and punk sounding, starting with an L). Heís saying that itís pretty strong, as if I wouldnít like it. I tell him Iím fine with that, and itís almost like he doesnít believe me, but he still pours it. It is in a simple and smaller glass stein. I finish it fairly quickly (it tastes like the Brewerís Cabinet scotch ale) and go back for another. Now everyone is trying to leave to go out someplace else. I think theyíre going to be drinking there too. I close the tab and see the total on the receipt as $96 (or $98). I think it should not be that high, going over whatís on it. Iím not sure how much to tip either. I think I now leave with both copies of thee receipt. I think Iíll need to bring it back and also leave my phone number on it for rewards
      Tags: beer, celebration
    4. Sunday, February 3

      by , Yesterday at 11:28 PM
      I am in a house (unfamiliar, I think). Paranormal things keep happening, such as some invisible force moving things and/or touching me. It feels very real, though Iím not sure if anyone else is seeing it.

      I am going to an event for/at the preschool. Some others filter in along with me, some familiar. I recognize kids and parents. Inside, there are quite a few people here. It looks like an elementary school. Thereís the cafeteria weíre in, the doorway we came in and one directly opposite it, and one hallway off to the left. All in all, itís pretty small. I see Mom here, talking to a few, and she is in what looks like a stroller. (I think this is due to a disability, but I very much take it for granted in the dream). She spots me also, but is waiting to come over to me. I am overhearing talk of the disarray that Catholic Charities is still in. Tim Mills is here too; we pat a hand on each otherís shoulders in greeting. Surveying the tables, I see everyone already has food, mostly cheeseburgers. This makes me realize that Iím pretty hungry. I wish I wouldíve ordered one, thinking that it is probably too late to do so now, that theyíre done making them for the evening. Now I am sitting by Nelson and his dad. His dad is combing Nelsonís hair, which looks slightly longer and thinner and almost a translucent, fluorescent white-blond. Heí combing it into almost a Trump-do. Nelson sits placidly. Dan is talking to me about haircuts, but Iím finding it difficult to hear. My responses at times are nonsensical because I canít hear and donít want to ask for a repetition. They start leaving, and I follow suit. We leave through what very much looks like a houseís garage (the two getting into a black truck/SUV parked within). Melissaís car is a few feet to the right, perpendicularly in the street. Sheís sitting inside, on her phone. I go up to open window and am going to say something, in a humorous tone, about her moving, but before I can she says she already knows sheís in the street. Dan apparently didnít think she was in the way, as heís already backing out, pretty quickly. I ask Melissa if she wants to hang out now or not. She says she doesnít care and that itís up to me, to which I say the same exact thing. We end up going home (to Momís?).
    5. Saturday, February 2

      by , Yesterday at 11:27 PM
      I am outside and climbing up a fairly small rock face that seems to be above a washed out gully (with a small trickle of water, I think). It is definitely tall enough to where I should have a rope, though Iím pretty certain I donít. Itís probably 20-30 feet tall. I donít think I have climbing shoes on either. The stone is a sort of glossy, but not entirely slick, bronze. It contains more features than inset holds; theyíre pretty large and secure feeling. Towards the top, though, I think I come across loose sections. I try to break off a large undercling. When I summit, Iím relieved to have made it without falling or having a hold break on me. Now, I am in a bathroom and looking in a mirror. I mustíve been wearing a tank top, as my neck, collar bones, shoulders, and arms are burnt to a bright red. The fact that Iím sunburned really irritates me.

      I am inside some building, a department store?, with Melissa. Sam is here, but besides her I donít see any other people. Sam is at the bottom of an escalator (the up escalator, I think), but I donít think itís moving at all. She is crouched down; there is an infant one to two steps above her. It is in need of a diaper change, which is what Sam is attending to. The child (a boy) is supine, the diaper open, some of the excessive amount of excrement in a clump a few steps below Sam. I donít even see wipes or a new diaper. Sam appears flustered.
    6. Friday, February 1

      by , Yesterday at 11:24 PM
      I am at a house. It seems like I may be staying here for a little while, as in a few nights. Andrea from high school is here too. Iím about to take a shower, and I find out, as she comes over at the same time, that she was about to too. I think there is some discussion, after which I end up taking a quick shower first. I am getting ready to go see a therapist? Mom and Makayla are coming with me, or at least are in the car. I think Iím driving. The landscape is sort of empty and drab. (*The following is not the best recollection, and almost seems like it was from another dream but like it fits with this one too). While talking with the woman therapist, I become angered with the inefficiency of the whole thing and end up beating her. (*This feels very gross to write; in the dream there didnít seem to be too much emotion behind it, just simple physical contact).
    7. Dirty Dishes

      by , Yesterday at 10:02 PM (Re-entry: The Atmosphere)
      With many things happening in my life currently, my attention has strayed from lucid dreaming.
      It comes and goes in cycles, and I accept that. For the sake of diligence, here is my entry for today.

      It felt like one of the very first dreams of the night. I dreamed one of my roommates, who is usually not so straight forward and blunt, came into my room saying I was keeping too many dishes up here that it needed to stop. Embarrassingly, when I woke up this morning I took what I had down to the kitchen sink.

      Whatever, subconscious!