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    1. Downtown mcd

      by , Today at 07:20 AM
      Did some wbtb (2hr). Tried vit b6. Nlds at first. Had ap or ld starting in bed when I decided to let go of outcome.


      In hschool, romance topic. Pot.

      Me and dad watched TV in housr #34

      Kitchen in 2(pm)

      AP deilds +9 or however many times
      #36 house bedroom. Rolled out.

      Went out looked at hands.

      Bed, went out, outside downtown, McDonald's.

      X2 repeat previous but went further to the left. Mcd building was grey.

      Bed, opened window, outside moving like train.
      X2 repeated few dreams later

      Crossed eyes? To induce dream.

      Outside, hands, downtown. Same spot. I was naked, ppl naked, new fad.

      Orgasmed or something. Didn't think much and continued dream.

      FA (realistic sound in bed, "oh curry") kept going though

      Bedroom. Out of bed. Found pill. Took a bite. Piles of Powder medicine on floor. Grabbed some swallowed. Found mug on cabinet. Tiny bit of water to wash down.

      Notes: cross eye

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    2. Selah, Arya, Racquel Sleep Over

      by , Today at 03:10 AM
      I had a dream this afternoon that Selah, Arya, and Racquel were staying over (Selah and Arya came up from Oregon, while Racquel drove over from home). We were living at our other house, and planning to sleep in the family room with all the mats.

      We had some cool conversations (talking is relatively uncommon in my dreams):

      Selah: *looks around, not displeased but kinda disappointed*
      Me: What's wrong?
      Selah: I was just thinking there would be more places to sleep? But I brought my sleeping bag so it's okay
      Me, looking around at the 3 mats, with three more stacked right beside them: ...We have more that I can bring if you want

      Selah brought her laptop and started playing an adventure/strategy game, where you move a knight around and also move blocks out of his way so he can proceed (like the game Moss in VR). It also had fighting, which Arya noted was pretty well done. It eventually changed to Minecraft, and Arya picked up Davey's Chromebook and started playing too. I joined too, and Racquel sat on the stack of mattresses across from us.

      Me: How long will you guys be able to stay?
      Selah: Looks up, doesn't say anything
      Arya: 4 weeks
      Me, realizing she meant winter break: Oh, I meant staying at our house. Which I love, I'm just wondering
      Racquel: Oh, 4 weeks

      Dream ends sometime later.
    3. 4/12/19

      by , Yesterday at 11:11 PM
      had some funny dreams this day. i had yaqub who was being very kind and constantly giving me chocolates. had ruben who was in my room telling me stories about his dad.
      and then i was in the playground and from the corner of my eye i thought i saw a big white furry parker jacket so i thought it was hashleen. next thing i know someone falls into some big whole in the play ground where some construction was happening. i go around desperatly asking poeple who fell, who fell, who fell. hashleen is no where to be seen. then sidhu is near the whole i grab both his shoulders and shake him constantly asking him who fell down there into the deep whole. he says its hashleen that fell. so im now standing right next to the whole and when i hear from sihu that its hashleen that fell i sorta laugh like its no big ddeal and said oh alright and pretedned to walk away but then purposely tripped down backwards into the hwole. it was as if i didnt want to make it bait that i was shocked about that fact that it was hashleen taht fell in the whole lol. then i went into the hwole and tried removing things out of the way it was very deep but hashleen was no where to be found and tahst about all i remember