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    1. The Business Bars

      by , 07-22-2012 at 03:35 PM
      I was in the centre of the city at night trying to cross the street. Behind me there was a jewelry store which was closing. I noticed that one man was following me so I entered into a passage and I lost him. When I was coming to end of the passage I saw some trucks loading money from a bar. There were several bars with that name in the city. Then I noticed that the money that was made in the jewelry store was split in two:
      1) It was brought to those bars so they invested the money with actions. It was very risky but the profits were huge.
      2) The money was taken to some other place which I don't remember right now. It wasn't risky at all and the profits weren't that huge. Over a week they could get what the bars got at one night.

      I entered to the bar that was in front of me, to see what it was like. I saw my friends there in a leather sofa and they called me. I knew that the guards were extremely strict so I stayed at the door. I answered them from there some stuff and i said that I will come back tomorrow. I got out of there and I went to another bar and see if it was the same as that. It was slightly different. The design of them was:

      1) Near the door they had some bank booths.
      2) At the end they had the bar.

      Then I don't know what I did but I remember that I came back to the bar where my friends were. So I was there drinking some beers, (by the way they let me pass through the guards) and I said that I wanted to drink a red lager. Then they introduced me everyone there, since everyone knows everyone in that bar and it must be that way in order to get in. I knew that from now on I was going to do some business with those guys and it reminded me Tony Montana (but of course with legal stuff).
    2. 1 GTA Mission?

      by , 05-20-2012 at 07:20 PM
      I was in a alley and some pink lights flashed from the walls, like GTA San Andreas. There were two, meaning that I had two missions that I could do. One of them consisted on learn how to lucid dream (ironic to learn how to LD in a dream) and the second one consisted in going upstairs (there was a ladder nearby) where there were a lot of kids working in a oxygen factory and kill them all (Those are the kind of missions of GTA). So I went upstairs but I saw they were hundreds of them. Then I started getting involved with them and I saw that there were two groups, and of course they always fought or at least they were resented. (There was the factory and a supermarket, those were the two groups). Then I saw hatches and I panicked because I knew they could close them but we would be all dead.

      Later on I became the owner of that giant factory so I left the children, forgot the GTA mission, and went walking to my school. At that moment I knew it was very late and it was the first day of classes, so I went to my aunt's house to see if she could take me to the school. I walked a lot, went through many past dream scenes but I finally got to her house. At the moment I got in I became lucid. I did a reality check, which at first didn't work well but at the end it worked. I forgot completely about the stabilaze so when I tried to change the dream scene the dream just collapsed. I've dreamed a lot before I became lucid. When I woke up it was 11.15 AM and I went to sleep at 4 AM. When I woke up I tried to remain still to try DEILD technique but it didn't work.
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    3. Weird HIV disease/Failing 3 reality checks

      by , 05-13-2012 at 08:38 AM
      I was on my classroom with my friends and suddenly I have the virus HIV but an extremely weird one that I could spread the disease with just a cough or a kiss. I saw a pretty girl nearby and I told her that so I kissed her but she didn't say anything. After that I found out that the disease is curable, there was a guy in our city that treats it so I yelled to everyone in class that we had to go, and I waited for a moment outside. When I waited I thought "This is really weird" and I did a reality check, the finger through palm one. But it didn't worked. Still I was thinking the same and stared for a while at my hand to find it change but all I saw were my 5 fingers and everything normal. Then the infected people were ready so we advanced. We went down the stairs (the classroom was on the third floor) and I still didn't give up trying reality checks so I snapped my fingers and even though I heard that the sound was too low I said to myself that it was maybe because people were talking very loudly. There was a lot of people in the stairs and I started to look carefully at them. I saw that some of the faces were repeated but I said "It's impossible that they are upstairs if they are right next to me"... I tried all that but I didn't become lucid.

      Then we headed to the parking and I saw that a friend (who was upstairs) wanted to start his car. I told him if he could take us and we got in however the car was already full and it couldn't start so we got out and he went in his red small car. Then one of my infected friends saw a bus and he ran towards it and we got in. I was going to say the driver that I didn't have money to pay him but ... there was no driver, so I went straight to sit. Then I saw the bus advance and the driver's sit started to make a lot of noises. I knew it was a ghost but anyways I could't pay him. He continued making a lot of noises (because he couldn't talk) so I went there and told him that I had few coins but they weren't enough so I gave them to him. After he takes them he transforms into a man, he thanks me and gets out of the bus. I go to sit, but the bus wasn't advancing and at that moment I thought "It was better if I didn't pay him". When I got out of the bus I woke up.
    4. Scaping from led suit guys/Incredible mountains

      by , 05-12-2012 at 10:42 AM
      I was on my bedroom and my TV had a function which I could summon people. I thought they were real people until one of them tried to kill me. Actually me and my parents were the only people in the world. I was too terrifyed that I ran away... but there were like "police" that caught me. Actually they were guys with lead suit. They hold me in a room where I met my friends. We were awfully scared because we knew they were going to kill us. When those guys transfered from rooms they had to disinfect us so we took that opportunity to hit the guard and scape. A load of guards came to us and caught some of them but me and another friend managed to scape. There was a guard following us and if he catched us he would kill us so we ran and ran but all within the building's limits. Then I spotted an exit door and in that moment I realized that I was dreaming but the dream collapsed.

      Then I was with my family in some mountains. We stood to see the landscape and it was awesome: Was dark so you could see the moon and stars but they were so shiny that it reflected all the landscape, just perfect. It's like any picture of a dream scene you can get on internet.
      Well in those mountains there was a long passage which led to the city. We had to be very careful about savages but both ends of the passages were ours. The other end (city's end) of the passage discovered some ice balls that they could throw and they made a huge explosion that froze everyone nearby. They started throwing a lot of of them so those who were on the mountains started running to the city but they found that those that were on the city started running to the mountains, and they yelled "RUN!" so we freaked and ran again towards the mountains. Then all calmed down and I went to the city to throw one of those balls and have some fun, but I threw them so quickly that they ran out immediately however they didn't explode. We went to collect them and after that we hid them in different parts of the room (it was in the end of the passage). Then i woke up.
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    5. Being in middle age turns to Buenos Aires

      by , 05-04-2012 at 09:32 PM
      I was on a test with a teacher called Silvana, but I was outside school. The place was like a prision of india.

      After that short dream ended I woke up by the alarm. It was 2 am so I wanted to try WILD.

      In the process I fell asleep normally so I didn't achieve WILD, however in the dream I said ""Damn it, i fell asleep, i couldn't do WILD", but even saying that I didn't become lucid. Maybe it was because the dream was still not vivid, I had to stabilize it.

      Later I dreamt about an old console I had with a cool game that I still want to play. It was Sega Genesis, but still the games I had were completely different.

      After that I changed to a completely different story that lasted until the end of the dream. I was in the middle age. If you watch Game of Thrones, I was on the side of the Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke) so we got into a castle, infiltrated. The Khaleesi was with another man and as there wasn't anybody on the castle yet, the man fucked her. But they didn't know that their troops (which were outside of the island waiting) were decimated. When the Khaleesi knew that the people were hunting her she started to run upstairs, and she appeared in a hotel room. There was a chinese, master of Kung Fu, that wanted to kill her so she ran to a different room. Nobody was able to help her and that chinese reached her. She had to defend herself, but something amazing happened: she saw the future and she saw that she almost killed that chinese. Therefore that happened. Then they appeared in a big city, Buenos Aires, and the chinese went to play the violin into a bar. That was the time where the Khaleesi could scape so she did it. Then the Khaleesi transformed into me and the guy with her into my sister, but still in Buenos Aires. We were looking for a hospital, and we found one very close. We went there (it was night by then) and a lot of low class (guachos) came from the end of the street. Clearly they were going to steal to us, so we hid. Many of them passed through but the last ones saw us and they started threatening us. I couldn't fight him because I was tired (fought the chinese) so he stole all of my money.
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    6. Nolte is a bad guy

      by , 04-30-2012 at 03:26 PM
      I was on my parent's room. I had to go out with my friends but it was dark and rainy and a bit late. My options were going walking or in bicycle but none of them were good since my friends live on the other side of the city. Besides I had to escape.
      A french woman, Claire, comes to me and hands me a card, keys and papers. She says something (which I don't remember) that if I could do a favor to her (which implied going out of the house) like encouraging me to escape.

      After that scene I appeared on the center of the city. There was a lot of mess due to political things, which I couldn't understand. [Many things happened there but the images are now a bit distorted so I rather don't tell.] I went back walking from the center to my house and in the path I saw the daughter of the french woman with Nick Nolte. This french woman is married but Nick was harassing her saying that he was a plastic surgeon. She is very naive so she believed him but I went there very angry and started punching him. Then he started grabbing my face and I did the same. While we were doing that I saw how our face got twisted and I even talked to him about that, and how this happens only in dreams but I couldn't realize I was dreaming...
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    7. The last Air Warrior in a floating island

      by , 03-16-2012 at 11:29 PM
      I appeared on a floating island. If you saw the movie Avatar then you will know them as the "Hallelujah Mountains". This one had a lot of vegetation and trees but it also had water flowing through all the island.
      The first image was me standing there and 5 guys in front of me, like 10 meters away. I was the last Indian of my tribe which was called "The air warriors". Those 5 guys were Spanish and of course they wanted me dead. (You can link the characters with the colonization of America.) They were standing there and they almost got me but I managed to say something that distracted and scared them. Since they were riding horses my objective was to make the horses fall to the abyss and then kill each of them one by one.
      Since I distracted them I escaped and they separated to look after me, that's right what I wanted. After some while I got rid of the horses. Then I had to kill them. My weapon was a short bow (Soft wood and tight string - weird bow) but it was very very effective and strong. Like I said before I was an "air warrior" so I somehow smelled the air (Or something like that) and I knew where everyone was. I killed 4 so far. It was so easy that I laughed after each kill (That's because they were scared, easy bait). My last kill somehow failed because I looked at the bow and I said to myself that it's a joke to throw an arrow with that crap. I gave him the opportunity to run away. I wasn't able to smell him now. It was as if he disappeared from earth. I was standing there puzzled, very confused and another man shots me an arrow. He said "Sorry". Then I thought: If he is not trying to kill me, then who is he trying to kill? so i asked him "Who are you trying to kill?" "He failed to kill you, so him" he replied. I look at my right and there he was, the man that i failed to kill from those 5. Now everything had sense, I couldn't track him because he was under the water! And I wasn't a "water warrior" hehe. I took my bow and I shot him. This time I knew that the arrow was not going to fly fast so it didn't. I shot him at the eye but not through his brain lol. He was moving the eye and the arrow was stuck on it, it was really funny to see that. Anyways I failed to kill him but he was angry and before I could reload my bow he already shot me. Damn it he shot me at the middle of my chest. I knew that I was going to die and I knew it was going to be slow. Those two men were watching me, and more came to see how the last air warrior was defeated. I couldn't believe it. At first I had complete control and a moment later I was defeated. Since it was very slow to die I took an arrow and I stuck it into my chest. I woke up.

      I'm sorry if the way I write my story isn't very good but I will improve over time. The plot and the images were great. If I had to link it with movies they would be: "Apocalypt - by Mel Gibson" "Avatar - James Cameron" and also a cartoon that I watched in my childhood "Avatar: The Last Airbender".
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