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    1. Alarm Interrupts Experience at XXX Shop, False Awakening, At Tennis Courts Without Tennis Attire

      by , 12-12-2015 at 07:30 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Alarm Prevents Me From Trying Out Some Toys (DILD)


      I was actually going to attempt 12 hours of image streaming before thinking that 30, or so minutes of it was more than enough, and that I could always do it on my next day off. Fortunately, the image streaming session beforehand proved to be advantageous in remembering some dreams.

      So Iím doing some grocery shopping, but not sure who for in particular; maybe just myself, but later on in the dream, it probably was for a relative, or even one of the co-workers I was trying to image stream in being with. Whatever the case, I remember that Iím finish with the shopping, and I have a huge paper bag with some vegetables on top; your stereotypical visual cue of produce being bought along with some random items underneath.

      The size of the vegetables were a bit larger than they should be, but I had a one track mind towards something else-finding the near XXX store to buy a sex toy for myself. I eventually stored the paper bag filled with items inside of a car that was probably white, but fairly old (in the 2000s, or even 1998), and proceeded to casually zone around the area. Itís an evening setting, but it really feels like itís 2AM, or something.

      Thereís streetlights around, but theyíre emitting a faded white light, and this misty aura thatís shaped like a cone penetrating the ground. The ground itself-side walk and all, consists of a melange of blue and gray colors, and by looking at that, it has this chalky, semi-realistic vibe to it. I eventually reach a section of the area that looks like it could sell sex toys, but the layout looks weird.

      You get the impression that whoever owns the store is about to move out, or that theyíre sold out, and probably needed to stock for the next day. I go ahead and open the glass door anyway. Inside of the store, the walls are light brown, and the milky, yellow lights make it more caramel. The flooring is a generic white checkered pattern, and to the right of me is a Caucasian male. Heís wearing a gray hoodie with the hoodie resting on his back, some brown pants, and a generic cool colored shirt. He has light, caramel hair, but he could have dirty blonde as well, and based on certain features of his visage, he looks like he could have originated in the East.

      I wanted to feel that his overall clothing scheme would be shady, but honestly, Iím not surprised based on what the shop was in general. I go up to him, and started to get down to business. I first had apprehensions on this people a XXX store, but he clarified things to me in vague ways, almost as if heís trying to have external ears deter away from that probability, I think.

      He turns to the right, and I promptly follow him, and wondered how weíre going to pass through this brown wall that will clearly make him face plant into it. Then, a concealed door opens, and I hear this futuristic Zwooomp sound for a few seconds, and became even more confused. It felt like this guy was over playing it in hiding the real intent of the shop.

      I continue to follow him upstairs for a bit, and thereís this bright, white light above us. When we reached the apex, I noticed this grandiose area thatís covered in white. Thereís some white tables stacked in rows along with some white metal fold-able chairs that are spaced out about two feet from each other. Thereís all sorts of dream characters, but the ones that I can remember at the moment was this Asian female that looks like sheís in hear early thirties thatís wearing a white dress shirt thatís tucked in nicely into a faded black skirt that accentuates the contours of her thighs, and ends a few inches above her knee.

      She looks like Lucy Liu, and she has a hairstyle akin to the one Jady Nguyen had in Hitman: Absolution.

      Sheís handing papers to everyone that seems to be in the building, including me. I look at the paper for a moment, and noticed that thereís nothing of sexual connotations whatsoever. It looks more like complicated math formulas, and some scientific context thrown in there for good measure. Iím confused once more, but I continue to follow the guy around, as this is probably his second layer of hiding the fact that he owns a XXX store. This still seems like heís over-playing it, especially when there shouldnít be anything to hide in this dream.

      I couldíve said that this is only a dream, but I couldnít be bothered with opening Pandoraís Box that comes with the reactivity levels of said dream characters. I had a feeling he was talking to me, but it was filtered out as background noise for a few seconds while I was processing the general layout, and more of the dream characters. I noticed a second dream character looks like one of my co-workers. Sheís of dark complexion, has her black hair tied in a hair bun, and her visage really looks like itís fleshed out with barely any noticeable nuances to it.

      Sheís looking at me, which feels awkward, and she has the demeanor that sheís out for some toys as well, but we just dart our eyes somewhere random in space. I think sheís participating in the pseudo class being set up, when sheís probably trying to get more information on toys in general. I follow the guy, and get a little impatient, and started to ask if he had any toys for sale. He magically pops out like three Flesh-lights-one green, one blue, and a black one. He makes me privy to the function of each one. The blue one seems to have vibrations set up along with some ring that fluctuates horizontally, which seems to imply that it sets certain amounts of pressure if you put your rod in it. The green one seemed to be alien related, I think, and the black one was just your generic Flesh-light. They looked like actual flashlights from the base, and smaller than the actual Flesh-lights.

      I asked him how much each of them would cost, and he starts throwing out figures like $49.95, $59.95, and $XX-95, and he literally just hands me all three of them. I ask him more questions as to why heís handing me them all at once, and he states that I can go ahead and try them out before I buy. Then I started to question if these things were used, and how the packaging for each entailed of Bubble Wrap. Then again, he took it out of a large box, but I was kind of concerned on whether or not there was a metal rod in each of them in the first place.

      Started to reconcile that itís just a dream subconsciously, and thanked the guy. Now, I had to dart out of this place, and then realized that itís fairly late in the night. I look at my phone, and noticed that itís 11:02PM at the moment. I realized I probably would have caused moments of consternation for whoever I was supposed to bring the paper bag of groceries to. So, I utilized my phone, and wanted to text them that Iíll be back soon in about 30 minutes or so. First, it started out with ďBRT in XX minutes,Ē but when I rejected this for something else, the moment I was about to send it to them, the phone in waking life sets off the alarm.



      Typing Tags To Recall Previous Dream (Non-lucid)


      When the alarm rings for the dream before, I believe I woke up in waking life, or so it seems. I think another alarm rang for the actual time, and the dream itself was just a false awakening.

      I can feel myself feeling tired and groggy, and trying to gain mental fortitude to attempt a WBTB seemed so difficult for me inspite of sleeping very early (around 8-9PM). I'm waving my hands over, and realized that my phone should be located on the floor.

      I somehow have a notepad app that I took the liberty of typing down some quick tags for the previous dream I had with the shop in order to remember some of the content, and expound on it later on. Once I finished, I went back to sleep.

      Dang it.


      At Tennis Courts Without Tennis Attire (DILD)


      Iím inside of a school facility, and it looks like it could be a High School. There was a class that I was in, but I canít recall too much of the events other than seeing a Caucasian female about to sit next to me thatís wearing a gray shirt, and a white hoodie on top along with generic skinny, blue jeans.

      Then the bell rings, and I felt a little apprehensive, and figured there had to be one more period to attend. It turns out, based on the professions of an Asian male that looks exactly like an Asian Jon I used to know in real life, thereís only 7 periods, and the rest is up to the person to revel in extracurricular activities.

      I told him how awesome that is, and I wanted to attend tennis practice, even though I didnít have a racket. I was so caught in the moment that I went to the tennis courts only to see that theyíre occupied at the moment. Some are red courts, and others are green courts, and thereís a mixed race of people. I see an elderly man with a dark complexion wearing a white shirt, cap, and maroon colored sports shorts. Heís wearing sunglasses as well with a small silver necklace. I donít know what heís doing, but it seems like he could be warming up.

      The other people are just people about my age, or in their early teens rallying with each other. I pass through one of the courts, saw that they were looking at me and waiting before they presumed their rallying, and I felt odd being here at the moment in my current attire. I had plans to buy a racket pretty soon, but didnít really think about just fabricating one along with a sports attire.

      Iím in pursuit of a racket, clothes, and shoes to go along with it for the rest of the dream.
    2. Applying Eyelash Makeup In Restroom

      by , 12-12-2015 at 12:04 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Applying Eyelash Makeup In Restroom (DILD)


      Iím inside a grocery retail store, and Iím on my way to the restroom. The flooring before heading there is very clean, light brown cement color with some kind of marble coating to it. The lighting overall is a yellow hue mixed in with orange, and this probably due to the upper roof windows emitting the light from above.

      Itís a fairly active within the store itself, and itís very spacious as well. I seem to be carrying something that looks like a Poo-pourri spray.

      I go inside the restrooms, and noticed that the sinks are to the left vs. the right as it usually is in the other retail store I shop at. Thereís the same laminate coating, dark brown colors mixed in with some grays, blacks, and subtle appearances of white along with the fancy, stainless steel sinks. I look at the mirror, and Iím preparing to move the eyeliner makeup stick around for a little bit.

      I try to apply some to my eyelashes, and Iím getting various outcomes each time I invest more time into this. One moment, it seems like my eyelashes are going to become thinner, and less noticeable. The next moment, itís as if in spite of their state of being, they still are emphasized more for some reason, and it feel awkward looking at myself looking feminine. There were a few men that came every now and then to be surprised as to why Iím applying eyeliner, eyelash, whatever itís called, and even though I had a knee-jerk reaction to be shocked that they came in, I still went about my merry way.

      I was only aware of what was going on, and didnít really bother to fixate on bodily movements, I guess. I started to play around with the substance within the makeup bottle, and I could see itís a very thick, white substance with some black blemishes that are shiny and glossy as well. I pay attention to the realism of the texture forming around the small brush stick, and the sounds associated with knocking against the bottle from the inside with the brush stick.

      After I stop reveling in this, I proceed to go out of the restroom, and as Iím going near a check stand, some random kid asks me for a machineís game currency, and I quickly responded, ďNo.Ē And I mean no as in, ďno-you-demon-child,youĒ type of no. The child is about 2-3 three feet in height, dark complexion, and is wearing a white shirt and probably some generic, dulled out shorts that were light blue. He had a haircut close to the 1.5 setting, i.e., having hair, but close to being bald.

      He looks up at me weirdly, and doesnít seem to be capable of processing my immediate response, and starts looking around for a bit, and then moves on to go to his parents.

      The funny part is that later on in the day, a co-worker was asking if I was using perfume before she corrected herself, and saying cologne.

    3. Car Accident & Looking For a Mechanic

      by , 12-12-2015 at 12:02 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Car Accident & Looking For a Mechanic (DILD)


      Iím driving a really nice vehicle; a BMW I believe. Iím trying to either park in, or get out of the parking lot, and came to the realization that I probably needed to get something at the convenience store. I had a yearning to get some kind of breakfast burrito, or at least some beef fajitas for some reason. The setting of the dream environment entailed that it was early morning, or close to evening time; but based on the context of what occurred soon after, it was probably the former.

      So thereís a quick skip where I received the food, and just as Iím trying to get out, I visualize myself outside of the car, and itís parked halfway, and thereís a truck to the left of it parked parallel as well. Then, the perspective changes to where Iím driving again, and I see a car ram into me abruptly. I knew who it was for a split second, but I didnít really feel any kind of rage. I only cared about tending to the vehicle, and finding a mechanic that can get the job done at a reasonable price.

      For the rest of the dream, we had our backs turned. They tried to ask me a few questions, but they were afraid to make a face-to-face interaction with me. I wasnít afraid, but felt that trying to argue would be a waste of time, and I spent some time looking at a screen related to Google Maps of nearby mechanics. The problem is, theyíre way too far; oneís 67 miles, the others are about 200-300+ miles.

      I hear the relative talk to someone on the cellphone, and I presumed that they found a mechanic. For a little bit, I started to recall the sensations of being in the car crash again, and there was a sense of relief, for some odd reason. I spend the rest of my time casually scrolling through the computer/laptop while ignoring further interactions with the relative; it seems were both at an impasse as to what to say.

      I checked up what car crashes may entail with a grain of salt, but most of them made sense in context of conflict, and even reaching a big achievement. I didnít elaborate more on the dream since I didnít want to get too personal, but yeah.
    4. Barely Making It To Work

      by , 12-12-2015 at 12:01 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Barely Making It To Work (DILD)


      Iím trying to clock in to work on time, and I have a few minutes to spare. I wait in a short line, and started to get a bit anxious. I finally was able to clock in, but just barely. Then, I proceeded to put in my lunch that consisted of a to-go box of Asian food, along with some nicely cut ham with some toppings on it. I had a hard time storing it for a bit, as the box itself was about to open, but I managed.

      I go into whatever room, sat down in a chair, and listened to some presentation on a projection.

    5. Finding Rare Item After One Kill in Adventure Quest | Slaying One-Eyed Blue Monster

      by , 12-06-2015 at 12:24 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Finding Rare Item After One Kill in Adventure Quest (DILD)


      So Iím somehow playing Adventure Quest, a game I havenít played in ages. I had to reset my password since I needed to see the name of the items I used to have that pertained to the dream.

      Iím in a screen where theyíre doing some special event for some new boss, and if you can defeat her, you have a chance to get a rare item. The base of her form looks like Whis at first glance, but she looks more diabolical than said individual. The main colors of her outfit were dark violet, black, yellow, and even red in a few locations; most likely the orb located at the center of her cleavage. She has blue skin, white hairstyle that resembles some myriad of an elf, and other otherworldly creatures. Thereís a slight hint of an Inuyasha theme with her visage as well, and sheís holding this long scepter that resembles Silaís staff.

      The promo for her is her posing in front, and twisting her hips and legs slightly to the left hand side (looking at the screen), and holding the staff with both of her hands, and her visage has a generic sinister smile. Sheís wearing earrings as well, and theyíre probably white, or turquoise. I click on the button to challenge her, which it promptly does, but how she was presented in the promo vs. the actual fight was anticlimactic.

      She looked like she was drawn by a 6 year old child, and her skin shifted from a light sea blue color to a milky, violet one with traces of pink. I noticed the interface is like the old-school format for Adventure Quest, and I checked her stats for a little bit, and noticed that she was obviously weak the Light attacks; 260-265% if memory serves me right.

      I glanced over other attributes, but they ranged around 80-160%, and the Darkness attribute was at a 60%. I felt she was going to be fairly tough since I had the implication that my light spell was actually an amalgam of light and dark attacks that would be shot in rapid bursts. Even though I glanced over the stats, and knew at best it the darkness attacks would do little harm to her, I thought there would be some hidden, adverse effect for attack her with dark attacks, e.g., her being healed through it.

      But no, it turns out that the moment I started to activate the spell, all of the shots ended up killing her. Then thereís the victory screen that I quickly skipped, and I saw that thereís a fancy black sword with a sinister aura. I collected it, but I think I was prompted to buy something on-screen. Iím not able to recall if it was just me wanting to buy more items, but I get the implication that I got the rare item for free, and I didnít even feel it was rare up until another event occurred where people are trying to auto-buy it.

      There was some kind of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3-esque interface where the sword is shown as an item received from the Crypto keys. The background base for the screen was a dirtied up white with a very subtle splatter of light gray spilled on top.


      Slaying One-Eyed Blue Monster (DILD)


      Iím walking down an icy area, and it seems oddly akin to a stage in Black Ops 3, but it was more diluted, and catered to a medieval theme. It had a painterly style to it while still looking somewhat realistic; like the PBR was applied pretty decently.

      Iím wearing some kind of holy armor thatís white as the primary, and golden trimmings surrounding it. Iím holding a huge sword that looks like an amalgamation of the Biggoron sword and others, and has some kind of eye as the base near the bottom of the hilt. The eye was yellow, and had a cat-like pupil thatís black. I think there were transparent tentacles that were very thin fluctuating around the base of the hilt.

      The sword seems to be fairly heavy, as Iím dragging it across the environment while making a dads towards a large, blue creature with one eye, and a small base to contain it thatís stuck on top of the shoulders. Itís coming at me, but I slash it once, and it quickly tries to run away. Thereís an image of a random male that looks like one of the characters from the TF game for a split second surrounded by blue aura, and it goes back to the blue monster trying to run away from me. I prepare for another slash, but I canít remember what happens next.
    6. Changing COD Name & Saving Someone via Non-Sequential Tasks

      by , 12-01-2015 at 06:55 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Changing COD Username Never Felt So Hard (DILD)


      Iím trying to change my username in a Call of Duty-esque related game, but as Iím doing this, I hear the bantering from two females that seem to have intentions of me not changing my username. I eventually do it, but it was just too annoying.

      Then, when I tried to get on a server, I think I had to step into a portal to get into a game, but when I did so, and went around it, someone immediately killed me. It was an Asian male, and he was wearing a gray shirt with dark jeans. He had long hair that stretched all the way to his neck, and was probably in his early 30s.

      I was irritated, and left the game.


      Trying to Save Someone through Non-Sequential Tasks (DILD)


      Iím trying to save someone, but I donít know who in particular, and some sprite-animated anime girl with white hair, faded violet long trench coat, red shirt, and white tank top informs me that if I followed her instructions very clearly, I could save them.

      It starts out, or my recall of it starts out with her instructing me, as if sheís talking to me via mind voice, of having to save certain images in certain formats that donít really resonate to their respective formats. The one that I remembered the most out of the rest was her telling me to save a picture of Tsunade from the Naruto Shippuden series smiling in an .android format.

      I was easily able to find an image, but it was most of her face being cut off, and it was in black and white.

      I tried saving it the easy way of erasing the extension of the picture/gif, but wasnít able to, for some reason. So, thereís this program that comes out of nowhere, the software-converter-ex-machina, which comes with all the formats I needed. I navigated through the software for a little bit, and it has some bland color of a dirtied-up vanilla, and the arrows to scroll down had this old Windows style to it.

      I eventually saved it as an .android, and the moment I did this, some black rectangle with green words were portrayed transiently. The girl professed to me that the next thing I had to do was play same sprite-based, adventure game on the same computer/laptop Iím on. She gives me a vague concept of the plot of the game, or at least the deterrent set up that would make it somewhat tedious.

      There were these female entities where if your character had their back facing them, they would subsequently slash behind your back, and it would be quite graphic a full of gore. I tried the first time to see if that would actually be the case, which it did. When I started navigating through the game, things became blurry for a bit, and I received some kind of message of ways I can figure out where I can find the person Iím trying to save. Within the message, I had two attachments of .xls documents, or Excel related documents. If I could figure out how to assess the instructions, the same black rectangle would show up on-screen with some green text, and a green checkmark with a rotating circle behind it confirming I solved it.

      I believe the Tsunade picture was part of the objective, now that I think about it. Iím on my way to figure out the second .xls document, but I canít recall what happens next.
    7. Interrupted Sex with Two Women

      by , 11-28-2015 at 05:34 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Interrupted Sex with Two Women (DILD)


      Iím at parking lot of an area completely new to me. The atmosphere at the moment entailed that it might rain, or at least be a fairly cool epoch. The lot itself consists of a light, caramel color, and I notice that Iím near a strip mall of some sort.

      Iím on the floor, and thereís a female on top of me. I canít really make out her visage in particular, and the next moment, I felt as if I was projected out of that imaginary body, and a female is on top of said body. She has her knees on the floor, is wearing blue yoga pants, and had a dark complexion; African American female, I guess.

      Her white dress shirt is slightly open to portray her cleavage, and I believe her hair is bundled up, and is hearing a headband of a dull, cool color (violet, I think). She waves her rear around, tempting me to do anything with it. I eventually get close to her, and just as Iím about to perform oral activities, out of nowhere, I have the sudden urge to drive a car, and head for one of the strip mall units.

      Iím still trying to process what I would really need that can compensate for the sex that was going to occur, but Iím going inside for something to eat, or maybe use for the activity?

      I canít recall much of the interior other than the flooring having a checkered black and white style to it. I get out, and I have some trouble with the vehicle Iím riding, and I get the urge to pee.

      I wake up, and as Iím walking out, I see a relative sitting on a couch watching an early morning show. They look at me, but I didnít bother looking at them. Took care of my business, and when I went back to sleep, I tried to get back into the dream, but to no avail the moment I woke up from the second alarm after.

    8. Deactivating a Tower |Dreamed Using Restroom -> Real Wet Dream | MIC Makes $$$ Off of Runescape

      by , 11-17-2015 at 11:38 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Deactivating a Tower (DILD)


      All I remember is that I'm in the desert sector related to Code Lyoko, but I don't feel I'm actively participating in the mission of deactivating the active tower. I see, in first person perspective, some Tarantulas that eventually give up, and see that as soon as they pass a certain point near the tower, they disappear.

      It feels as if someone is destroying the desert sector.


      I Wet Myself IRL Because DC Stalls Me Using a Restroom In a Dream (DILD)


      Iím with some of the Code Lyoko: Evolution members in a classroom. It seems the setting is in a late afternoon where the sunset is slowly dissipating. The floor is white, and made of some kind of hard-surfaced tiling, and the rest of the room is white.

      Iím sitting in a dark-colored chair, and resting on a light-brown table thatís fit for at least 6 individuals. The teacher looks a bit familiar, and has a light complexion. He seemed to be a mťlange of one of my bossís bosses at a retail store, and then one of the principals from the Code Lyoko: Evolution show, and such.

      Heís doing something to stall time so students wonít be convinced to leave early until the bell rings. Iím wondering why heís doing this, as I felt I had a good judgment of when the bell would ring. I looked at the clock at some point thatís white in the background, and has black tick marks and numerical fonts as well.

      It seems to be somewhere around 1:20-1:35PM or so; the equivocations with time just made things more obvious. When the teacher was counting down when the bell would ring, the moment he reached 0, he wouldnít let everyone leave at once. He asked us if anyone of us wants to go to jail, in which we quickly said, or made a gesture of ďNo.Ē

      He eventually allows us to leave in this false imprisonment nonsense. I go out to the door, to my right, and weíre having a quick conversation over how the teacher was acting weird. I turn to the left, and I see a Hispanic female that I presumed to be in the class we were in as well. She looks like one of my co-workers; short ponytail, red shirt, tight blue jeans, and weíll just nickname her An.

      I asked her why the teacher was so peculiar, and she shook her head in confusion as her retort. I get the strong urge to utilize the restroom, and immediately went into the closest one. Brown walls, white tiled floor, and a really clean restroom. I open one of the doors, sat down for some reason instead of standing up, and started to urinate.

      I was feeling a virtual experience of urinating that ended up translating into real life, and mid-way piss, I feel myself urinating IRL while still in the dream, and eventually woke up to take care of the issue.

      My first recalled lucid wet dream. Good thing it wasnít #2.


      Manager In Charge Makes $$$ From Runescape (DILD)


      Iím inside a room that has a Wall Street vibe to it where others are congregating for some big event in stocks, or something like that. It doesnít feel like that at first, but it seems so secretive, cozy, and thereís a gargantuan wide screen in front of us emitting some blue light.

      I see a Manager in charge at a retail store I used to work at which weíll nickname ďJ.Ē He seems really enthusiastic, and is wearing a light gray dress shirt tucked in under a black dress pants. His sleeves are folded up to the top of his elbows, and is wearing black glasses as well.

      Heís holding some paper, and starts bragging about the success of whatever workflow he, and his affiliates utilized to make money off of Runescape, and maybe other MMORPGs. He eventually shows us the paper, and I quickly glance over without much interest; I could see some golden stars, and a quantity of at least $1 Million.

      Then, at some point in the dream that I canít sequence into a timeline, I was going go into the Bandos section in the God Wars Dungeon in Runescape. I was setting up some overloads, brews, and things of that nature. I was choosing whether or not to use a Legends Cape, or the Bandos cape that seems fairly new. The latter seemed more advantageous stat wise for the Chaotic Rapier I had in my inventory, but there was still skepticism on my end.

      I forget what I do next, and felt I spent most of my time fixating on the ideal inventory set up.

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    9. Escaping the White Dragon In Ancient Sewer Labyrinth

      by , 11-10-2015 at 05:48 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Escaping the White Dragon In Ancient Sewer Labyrinth (DILD)


      Surprisingly, I had little interest in recalling this dream, but if I keep doing that in general, I probably wouldn't bother to recall dreams that could be really awesome to depict visually in the future. I should continue doing more image streaming sessions during my days off from work, or at least a few minutes, or so for whatever day. I seem to undermine the ease of recalling things, especially ones that I try to capture immediately after experiencing them.

      Iím watching myself play a game, or at least thatís what it seemed at first, where youíre presumed to have to escape from a white dragon thatís hell-bent in killing you with its fangs. Thereís a lot of quick time events that entail having to go left and right along with a third person perspective when you reach certain areas that allow this.

      The quick time events mostly involve you being in a first person perspective being capable of crawling through the sewers with ease, but with ominous music playing, and hearing the subtle nuances of the dragonís breathing, and mode of action as well, it makes the experience horrifying. The white dragon would even declare sardonic statements of how one would be close to his death very soon, and such.

      The overall color scheme within the sewer labyrinth involves green, black, and a swamp-murky gray color, mostly for any water thatís streaming, or standing still. The transitioning from choosing left or right was very fluid, and had the dream-esque quality of weightlessness to it. It almost seemed as if the sewer dungeon itself was tilting, albeit very subtly. Or, it could just be the harsh movements of going left or right, and feeling as if my body is tilting to accommodate for the implication of fluid transitions.

      There were several moments where I was in close contact with the white dragon, but mostly due to me being a bit clever into tricking it into thinking I was at a certain location. I was completely oblivious to the general layout of the sewer labyrinth, and chose left and right in a non-sequential matter.

      Whenever I would partake in events where I visualized myself in a third person perspective with the camera being behind my shoulders, I noticed a sense of urgency to augment my pace in running, as I knew the white dragon would be less restricted in movement as well. I even had the audacity to visually scroll around behind me to see this dragon coming after me, and it was only 20 feet or so away from me.

      For some reason, I felt the environment itself with its ominous setting may have skewed my perception of the white dragon as I would imagine it being just as dark and tyrannical. Though, with a previous quick time event situation where it clamped my body in half, I beg to differ. Thereís one event with the third person perspective where Iím inching my way towards the next hole, or entrance to randomly partake in. Iím wearing a shirt/sweater/jacket hybrid of some sort, and the sleeves are rolled up a bit. Iím wearing black pants as we well with some dark shoes; not sure of the exact color, though.

      The space around me seemed more natural than polluted for some reason, and I started to realize that the general layout of what seemed like an ancient sewer was merely the ancient aesthetics being seen as slightly vulgar to me. There was this large green base for the ground that was surrounded by a stream of water going in a circular motion, or being still for some circumstances. The walls were made of a rocky composition, and for some areas, there would be a faint white stream of light above me. But, because of what I felt were my limitations at the time, and the dragon being able to fly as well, I figured having to muster willpower to escape via flying would be futile at best.

      And with this dragon chasing me while I tried to find an end route from this dungeon, I was predisposed into thinking that it was trying to hide something that I could tap into inwardly for whatever purpose to be cherished, I think. It wasnít the dragon being able to chew, maul, or tear me into pieces that was the issue, but more so having to potentially repeat the whole experience of going through this seemingly grandiose labyrinth.

      It got to the point where Iím almost out of the area, however, the logic of the experience entailed that I had to distract the dragon into going into a large body of water while I would have to land to the left of a nearby cliff that would lead me to wherever. If the dragon comes along with me to the nearby cliff, it would profess that I failed in my escape.

      So, there were several dream equivocations going on with transitioning in and out from this. First, the experience was translated into one where people thought it was some virtual experiential reality that they could treat as a video game. I would even go so far into saying that people would be tempted into making a video game out of it, and I even imagined someone like Markiplier wanting to play it as well. It got to the point where one could acquire a map of the whole ancient labyrinth.

      However, it was more than just simply navigating through the multitude of paths as there were certain switches you had to activate to determine the path you would choose. A lot of the switches, doors, and such were color-coded while the actual paths were mostly a milky gray color. Looking at the map, I could barely find an exit, but I was eventually able to find out since whenever you pressed on the map for certain areas, it would emit an orange trail to one of the exits.

      The two main pairs of switches consisted of a blue and green color. They were outside of the entrance to the labyrinth, and the environment around them had a mťlange of high-tech machinery, and the basic composition of nature. It seemed that this area had connotations of a lost technological community along with some stylizations akin to Aztec, Mayans, and what have you.

      People were navigating around this area, and they all varied in existence. Some were children, some were very old, and they all had varied body weights as well. I was fairly skeptical of some that seemed a bit more grandiose in size as it would probably be difficult for them to enter it in the first place. It bothered me that these individuals treated this experience like a video game of some sort, which may have been an autonomous process set out for me to synch with this treatment of the dream.

      But for me, there was something that the dragon wanted to protect militantly. Some people even tried to go at the dungeon only to be reset back to this location with the main switches being pressed or back to their original position. It felt a bit consoling that there was an imaginative collective effort to figure out all of the intricacies of this area because it seemed like a nightmare, especially without the map.

      For some reason, even with the map, I still felt skeptical of planning out my movements because I inferred that there would be some kind of surprise; difficulty wise, pace wise, and such that would make the seemingly pre-determined paths selected equal in mystery.

      There was a point in the dream, or maybe this is another dream altogether that was sequential to this one where I imagined myself near a region that consisted of bars, fast food chains, and a Starbucks. Apparently, one could access the labyrinth via the manholes set out on the roads. I didnít pay too much attention into wanting to get there through the manholes, but for whatever reason, I guess I was out here for more answers about something that I couldnít remember.

      I eventually transitioned back into the base of the entrance to the ancient labyrinth, and invested a lot of time looking at the map, and figuring out how I should assess myself should I ever want to go back. I would even visualize myself going through a virtual experiential reality within this virtual experiential reality, ironically, and figuring out when the dragon would appear, and what I would have to do. It made me wonder if I spent most of the dream visualizing this in my head without even going through the labyrinth. And thatís why bothered me the most because if this were the case, for all I know, the actual experience would be something completely different from what conjured up in my head even though this would be experienced within my own cognition.

      The inwardness of the dream diluted the nightmare-like disposition of the experience in general, and became something more like a competitive event even though said implication was in guise of wanting to make it as such to again distract myself from thinking it was a nightmare having to deal with the white dragon; kind of like a self-reflection of how my mind would conceptualize certain events, and utilizing whatever autonomous process to suppress, regress, repress, and such to skew the experience in general.

      Every time I felt tempted to have a go at the ancient labyrinth, I would go back to the same circular process of imagining myself doing so, and being dissatisfied at the end result.
    10. Bank Robbery & Potentially Escaping to New Jersey

      by , 10-27-2015 at 05:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bank Robbery & Potentially Escaping to New Jersey (DILD)


      There was a grandiose robbery going on where it seemed more of a series of technical idiosyncrasies that caused it vs. a physical attack. I was an affiliate of someone that was helping me get some gold bars covered in black metal with the monetary value of them. Each one was close to 55k-100k, but Iím not sure about the actual value in terms of $, euro, etc.

      Most of the environment is very bland with blue and gray, and the carpet for some areas were a mťlange of fainted warm colors dominated by the cool color. I wasnít able to recall the visage of the individual that was helping me hoard money, but based on how he escaped, he was of Asian descent. He had a short hairstyle, and seemed to be in his 30s.

      The more I describe him, the more his visage looks like one with a rough visage. Yes, a slightly spiky hairstyle to him, and a bit of a slanted forehead from the 3/4s angle projected in my mindís eye.

      Anyway, it seems Iím lucid mostly during the end of the operation, and the ending looks like why where everyone is going their separate ways, and moving on to whatever quotidian lifestyle they want to enhance with the wealth that theyíve gathered.

      The robbery itself doesnít seem to be one that causes moments of consternation for most of the dream characters. I was apprehensive on wanting to give some gold for the Asian male that presumably helped me out. I believe I had at least a million dollars in gold, and was willing to give 100k-150k for the male. However, just as I was about to profess to him, heís already going his own way, which probably implies he has just as much, or more than I do.

      I put the gold bar encased with black metal back with the other stack, and now had to devise my own way of getting out. There were two dream characters near me; one to the left, and one to the right. The one to the right seemed like another affiliate because I queried, ďWhereís the gun?Ē and they immediately used the side of their shoe to spin it across the floor to me.
      As soon as they did that, they ran away as well, and all thatís left is a random elderly black female wearing a faded purple shirt and some cool colored pants. Sheís just casually reading over some documents, and seems to be passive in terms of being aware that there has been an internal bank robbery going on, or sheís feigning her disposition to prevent retaliation from me, and any other individuals.

      I was not made privy to the layout of the bank in particular, or maybe I just had a relapse in memory at the time, but the starting point was unfortunately having to utilize her as a shield. However, I didnít force myself to do this to her, and merely just ducked under the desk she was sitting around. It was a thin black metal desk and chair, and her slightly grandiose weight was a useful way to cover.

      Then what happened next completely changed the mood of the dream to where I could take advantage of the moment, and get off scotch-free, I guess. I was in the prone position, and I could barely see the top of someoneís head passing through the small hallway trying to navigate, and potentially shoot anyone that seems suspicious.

      That individual looked like one of my managers I used to work, so letís call him Jess for now (Hispanic one for future reference with black glasses). He seems to notice that someone is near the elderly female, and takes a shot or two, but is only able to make a few fractures to the wall sheís sitting nearby. I immediately declared to him,

      JessÖitís me.Ē

      I put my hands up, and his disposition went from earnest to one of enthusiasm. It was the typical long time, no see conversation with a subsequent handshake, and the dream completely influences me to make a complete 180 in my disposition.

      Jess started telling me how he shifted his role from retail to more technological aspects, but Iím not able to pick out the exact job position he was talking about. He was wearing a light gray polo shirt and black dress pants, and puts his hands around his hips while his arms are in a sideways V position.

      The conversation was short, and I feel that through him, I was able to casually leave the building without anyone feeling suspicious. As Iím walking out, I started to question if this was even a bank robbery at all. I noticed to my right that thereís a female with long curvy black hair that looks like a co-worker of mine. For some odd reason, I feel predisposed towards her as if weíve been in a relationship with each other in this dream for some reason.

      It felt as if those predisposed infatuations and attractions towards her were taking dominion of my preference to just tone my actions down completely. Somehow, the materialistic gain made me more giddy towards her, but I didnít have the intention to shower her with items. She was wearing a dark navy blue polo shirt that Iím sure she buttoned up with faded blue denim jeans of some sort. I can tell she was wearing her thick black glasses, and I realized how sheís taller than me.

      Just as Iím trying to be gregarious with her, as if itís the only chance I would get, a random Asian Indian male interacts with me. Heís wearing a yellow shirt, light gray pants, and some brown sandals. He looks like he has a clean haircut going on, and looks like someone name Brian from New York that I used to know. Heís asking me if I want to move to New Jersey, and queries how much money I have. I didnít question why he would suddenly query this after the event that just occurred, and things seemed like a blank canvas in terms of how I could react to this.

      For the girl, that Iíll nickname Abbey, she was someone that I wanted to query if she wanted to move in with me to New Jersey. Then, the second dream character that is portrayed looks like my mother that suddenly has the accent of Consuela from Family Guy.

      Sheís like,

      ďNoÖ.you canít do thatÖnooo. Noo.Ē

      She starts to scratch me subtly, which is awkward with the music that was playing when I was thinking of Abbey awhile ago:

      I started to move my arm away from her because it was awkward and irritating. My predisposed attractions towards Abbey started to augment, and before I could be gregarious with her, I was quickly thinking on the meaning of having to move to New Jersey when I could stay in Texas instead, and buy a decent house.

      I felt that these predispositions would go in vain, and yet, it seemed that I was guided towards her. This mťlange of unconscious guidance and emotions made me query why a certain individual in waking life was querying over what my hobbies her, and from a dream interpretation site that I take loosely, utilizing gold in a certain way means I should find a new hobby.

      Or in other words, find a hobby that I would be able to synch with Abbey, however, I feel it could just be another co-worker thatís using middlemen to extract things I do for quotidian activities. I wanted to make the decision to move to New Jersey with her, but still was attached to Texas as I like the grandiose feel to it vs. the more compact and economical feel New Jersey had in my previous experiences.

      Flustered with figuring out what to do, I figured that the first step was to touch her shoulder instead of trying to calculate everything to declare to her. And just as sheís turning around with a smile on her face, the dream starts getting blurry, and I believe someone wakes me up.

      Itís going to be awkward going to work.
      lucid , memorable
    11. Uknown Island, ID Taken, Invasion, Batman's Reflexes, Sexual Jimmy Neutron, Sonic, Vulturelingus????

      by , 12-21-2014 at 06:02 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Exploring Unknown Island in Windwaker (DILD)


      Iím Link from the Windwaker game, and Iím exploring a small island that doesnít seem to resemble any I traversed in playing the game in waking life. Though I have a feeling it could be similar to one island where thereís a merchant Goron, and a huge boulder concealing a dungeon. I look out to the sea, and gaze upon the vast sea and horizon. Itís sunset, and itís an absolutely beautiful sight as well.


      Girl Takes my ID & Killing ReDeads (DILD)


      So Iím going into a bathroom to do my business, wash my hands, and head out back to the building that looks like a store. But it seems Iím preparing myself for a party at a bar, or some kind of in-door rave. I noticed a dream character looks like an individual I knew in High school that would have spiky hair, or even a Mohawk at times.

      He glances over at me with this weird facial expression of him puckering up, but itís probably just how he naturally is. I look over, and I get a feeling that one of my neighbors thatís also a co-worker is someone Iím going with for whatever event to come very soon.

      Skipping ahead, I gave her my ID, and she puts it in her black purse. Then when I want to enter some section of a building, they requested my ID, and sheís already in there. I had to move away, and tried to do anything to call her, and tell her to give me my ID back. I go so far back that the plot of the dream becomes irrelevant, and Iím inside of a forest where Iím trying to kill creatures that look like ReDeads from Ocarina of Time.


      Someone Invades House with Dynamites (DILD)


      A little personal for me to put in here for some reason. But someone sets off a dynamite booby trap that I presume to be part of the house I feel I have a family in.


      Batman's Millisecond Reflexes (DILD)


      Batman is literally so fast that his reflexes must only take milliseconds for him to perform nearly impossible feats of escaping intense circumstances. Such as, an enemy preparing to throw a dynamite at a group of people in an enclosed space of a building that looks like a convenience store, and before the dynamite explodes in the other direction, heís already down the stairs to fend off the next group of enemies.

      The enemies seem to represent some kind of guerilla soldiers that look Hispanic.


      I'm Jimmy Neutron Charged for Potential Sexual Assault? (DILD)


      So, Iím messaging some random person on Facebook. I mistake this individual for someone else, and presumed I could be overly sexual. Iím also wondering why I have that kind of disposition in the first place in the dream, but figured since it wasnít a dream, there literally wouldnít be any consequence other than being paranoid that something back would happen.

      It was basically a ďYou show me yours, and Iíll show you mineĒ kind of thing. Then I realized this person is someone else; someone of a more innocent demeanor, and would probably be traumatized if she had to experience something like this. But it didnít seem to be the case, as sheís magically existing somewhere else in the dream. I believe Iím somewhere around a gray wired fence with the diamond shapes to it.

      I realize Iím Jimmy Neutron:

      And he has his penis out, and all I can really do is stop being this guy, and watch what will happen. I noticed Iím in a perspective as if Iím at the same level of the ground next to the same girl I mentioned above with the happy go-lucky innocent disposition. She has a baby near her, and Jimmy Neutron is literally -this- close to the baby, and the girl is so offended that she calls the police.

      Unfortunately, this makes me shift back into being aware that Iím in Jimmy Neutronís pants. I put it back inside my pants, and run for dear life. My initial reaction was to contact Jimmyís parents. After instantly arriving to the house, the mother tells me I can hide in my room, and that she and her husband can put up a barrier near the door so the cops and other authorities will have a difficult time apprehending me.

      I realized theyíre just pretending to help me while they prepare to leave the house completely, and leave me all by myself. I look through the window, and see two individuals that seem to be coming after me. One looks like someone I knew in middle school; Australian accent, curly and fluffy dirty blonde hair, and heís wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

      Iím not sure if heís carrying a weapon, and as for the other person, I canít recall how they looked like. Iím panicking for a moment, but it seems the dream characters arenít competent enough to figure out where I am. Even though I make myself apparent for looking through the window for too long, they seem to make no effort in catching me.

      I do random things like trying to sidle my way through outside the window, and onto the roof with the intention of finding another place to hide. Maybe a secret lab, or something like that.


      Two Shadows and Sonic Go Super Form (DILD)


      Thereís two Shadows; one seems to have sinister intentions, and the other probably wants to go Super form with Sonic. Sonic comes in at some point, and bonks his head by an invisible wall, or maybe heís just clumsy. They all end up going Super form, and thatís all I remember.


      Vulture Picks at a Girl's Private Parts (DILD)


      So Iím in a hallway that resembles that of some kind of spacious education facility; probably High School at best, or even a close-knit kind of college/university.

      Thereís black and white checkered floors, the building itself seems ancient, but still being able to sustain its novelty without looking ruined at all; it seems to have some kind of Renaissance-esque feel to it. I was talking to someone about how on the outside of the windows, thereís a pair of large wings resting on top of the monuments with a flat surface.

      I canít remember what he stated, but he looks where Iím pointing, and gives an expression of confusion as well, and moves on. I look down through the window, and see a group of females talking to each other. The one thatís most noticeable in this boring and dull environment of dark colors is a girl wearing a pink shirt. She looks Hispanic, puffy cheeks with makeup on along with long black hair. She seemed to have a slutty disposition for some reason, and what happens next only confirms my conjecture.

      The same set of wings I mentioned before suddenly transforms into a vulture, and this vulture flies down towards the girl. Sheís not even afraid at all, and is already in a position of bending down to do something, and Iím not sure what it was. But the vulture gets close to her ass, and literally starts pecking into the girlís vagina.

      I expected some screaming, and WTF moments to ensue, but she rams her vagina into the vultureís beak; a bird is getting more action than I ever could in a dream apparently. So while my jaw is dropping, and me being in a state of awe, sheís still having fun having a vultureís beak up her vagina. After a while, she casually pulls up her pants, and walks away as if nothing happened.

      I canít even remember how the others reacted because Iím too bothered with whatís going on right now.
    12. Gecko in Garage Sticking on Me

      by , 12-21-2014 at 05:57 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Gecko in Garage Sticking on Me (DILD)


      Iím inside of a garage, and I see a Gecko is on my hand, and its means of sticking onto me was literally wearing black suction cups. I tried shaking it off, but the little guy just keeps sticking onto me. I eventually managed to get it out to the side of the front yard to the left of the garage.

      Then for some odd reason, I needed to find the gecko/lizard, but had a hard time searching for it since it was night time, and it seemed to have blended well with the grass.

    13. Link Saves the Gorons

      by , 12-21-2014 at 05:56 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Link Saves the Gorons (DILD)


      Link, though Iím not sure if itís a distinct type of Link from a Legend of Zelda game, is on his way to save some Gorons that are trapped. These Gorons have varied visages and body compositions that it makes me question if theyíre really Gorons at all.

      Heís just casually standing around with his back facing the Gorons, and theyíre all patting him on the back as a sign of thanking him. Iím guessing heís waiting for all of them to leave the area before he moves on.

      There seemed to have been religious implications while watching this dream as well, though I can't be bothered to point all of them out.
      Tags: gorons, link
    14. Batman, Catwoman, Blue Grass, Penguin, & Booby Traps

      by , 12-21-2014 at 05:55 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Batman, Catwoman, Blue Grass, Penguin, & Booby traps (DILD)


      Iím apparently Batman, and Iím walking through a large field of sky blue grass with a slight hue of turquoise. It seems fairly ominous, but seeing how the pathway seemed very clear, I went ahead with confidence. It seems a dream character that looks like Catwoman in the Arkham Asylum game I never played is joining with Mr. Penguin to try and lure me into a trap.

      Not sure why Selena is pairing up with Mr. Penguin, but itís completely irrelevant at this point because I know what it is theyíre trying to pull by shifting into a grandiose spectator view to see what will be ahead of me. After going through the blue grass field, I will encounter a group of random dream characters that look human that will try and gang up on me, and an onslaught of traps would come after me should I avoid those dream characters as well.

      For some reason while Iím still in spectator mode, the more I go through this environment, it sets off a chain reaction as if the dream body I would be in if I shifted awareness to it actually traversed through these areas. It was somewhat hilarious to dream characters trying to gang up on someone that isnít even there.

    15. Little Big Planet Hell, Sneaking in the Swamp

      by , 12-21-2014 at 05:51 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Little Big Planet Hell (DILD)


      Imagine this guy below, albeit inverted with red ogling eyes set out to drain as much of your health as possible before you can complete a random level with mixed environment settings.

      Throughout the dream, I get a poking feeling in my back that if I donít finish the level as fast as possible, heíll catch up to me and try to kill me. But the problem was trying to conceptualize the whole level without being caught in some kind of booby trap, which irritated me because there wasnít enough time for that, unless I was patient enough for the dream scene to keep resetting itself.

      After going through a few tries, which was inevitable, I finally managed to get close to completely the level, but the little guy gets me. The dream shifts where Iím suddenly inside a building thatís very spacious, and has that 1800s feel to it that continues to exist in what feels like how it is in waking life right now in the 21st century. Thereís all sorts of demonic entities around, and some of them are in monk outfits ranging from red to black.

      I canít recall what Iím doing, but I seem to be holding my own for the time being before spacing out, and I guess moving on to the next dream.


      Sneaking in the swamp (DILD)


      Iím half naked wearing a swamp military pants along with a rugged pair of black boots that allows me to traverse in almost any environment. Iím have two black straps around the sides of my chest connected to the top of the pants as well, and Iím wearing some kind of headband on my head that consist of some kind of muddy color.

      The swamp environment itself is very foggy, and itís hard to conceptualize whatís inside of the water. Iím holding a black pistol in my hand, and Iím currently at the apex of a small slope that leads into the water that would probably be waist to chest deep. I knew that this environment would be filled with surprises, and random entities that had a mťlange of body compositions that would be completely alien in relation to the swamp itself.

      I spent more time trying to figure out the controls of actually controlling myself for some reason. In other words, I seem to be simultaneously being aware of playing a game with me in it along with the person Iím playing as trying to figure out how to move. It was very perplexing, and before going into the water, I took the time to go to the edge of the slope, and sit down for cover so no one would spot me.

      I take out a small electronic device thatís rectangular, gray, and has a cool metallic sensation to it. I see that it says ďPCX2,Ē which I presumed to be akin to the PS2 emulator for the PC. Iím thinking to myself on how to set up the controls, and I go into the configuration menu to go to ďGamepad 1.Ē

      There was an option for ďDefault,Ē and I was thinking on whether or not to use this, or make a customizable control setup instead. In between this decision making, there were flashes of me engaging in random acts throughout the swamp, but itís been a few days since I decided to recall this dream. However, I felt the reason why I chose to sit down and hide was because nothing in those previous attempts were working out for me.

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