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    1. Time Travelling to Lin Beifong's and Peggy Hill's Life

      by , 12-03-2014 at 06:55 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Time Travelling to Lin Beifong's and Peggy Hill's Life (DILD)


      I recall being in an environment that had a royal vibe to it; spacious, and fairly luxurious with big panel windows that would provide a nice view of what could be a gargantuan virtual experiential world my mind is creating. Most of the dream is blurry at some points, mostly occurring through peripheral vision, and I felt this was done to fixate on the premise behind the dream.

      The plot itself is contrived, and Iím not even sure if this is the correct objective, but I believe Iím assigned to go into the past to find out about someoneís life in their youth. Iím presuming between Lin Beifongís past, and for some reason, Peggy Hillís life as well. I didnít question the logic behind the dream, mostly because I felt like there were some kind of psychosomatic predispositions at play to constrain any temptation to speculate further.

      Iím not sure who was assigning me this task, but I have a feeling it was Suyin Beifong.

      I do recall interacting with someone that looks just like her, albeit more calm than her already calm and upbeat disposition in the series, The Legend of Korra. Apparently, the tool that I would be using as a conduit for time travel was apparently a cut-off piece of a Cheetos Puff bag.

      But at the same time, I felt weird that a Cheetos Puff bag-ex-machina would be my means of time travel, and I became more skeptical later on in the dream of its potency in general. To describe the experience of whenever Iím time traveling for in this dream, imagine being engulfed by a dark, jaded green surrounding with elaborate and fanciful markings in the background; almost like some kind of trippy, spiritual, and metaphysical vibe that would end up as the intermission while my mind tries to fabricate another virtual experiential reality for me to partake in.

      And while Iím time traveling, itís pretty much spectator mode at this point rather than having a conscious third person view point that I can fluctuate in and out with first person view as well. Thereís all sorts of camera panning, zooming in and out, and rotations during this experience. One of the distinct experiences was seeing Peggy Hill sitting down in what seems to be a classroom. It was peculiar to see her in a class sitting listening to someone rather than the other way around. She was also wearing red royal robes with a gold trimming near the region from the top of her breast region, and all the way down to her feet.

      It couldíve just been bath robes that seemed to be luxurious as well. I synch myself back to the ďpresentĒ in the dream to probably relay information to Suyin, and I noticed that Lin Beifong is offering me a bar of dark green soap with varying shades of green that looks like itís been used already judging by how small and thin it looks.

      Apparently, this would be another means to time travel, but at this point, I figured it was just the item itself that was a crutch for not having to deal with how I would have to conceptualize time travelling when Iím doing it subconsciously, I guess.

      Or sheís giving me a bar of soap to hint that I should go clean myself in the dream. But I didnít really feel filthy in particular; I was surprisingly calm and collected throughout the dream, almost as if there was a surge of positivity inside of me that gave a cool and liquid sensation.

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    2. Salvaging My Psyche From Destruction

      by , 11-19-2014 at 12:06 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Salvaging My Psyche From Destruction (DILD)


      I feel as if Iím in a helpless situation, and Iím in an environment that has an ďThe Evil WithinĒ-esue kind of feeling to it. Basically, Iím inside a realm where I see a huge brain right in front of me, and I presume itís my mindís rendering of my brain.

      Thereís some idiosyncrasies of this portray of my brain, and I can feel the pulsations surging through my body, and the environment, and this causes a vibration that spreads everywhere. A voice tells me something along the lines of how things are going to end very soon, and not in a positive outcome either.

      I see words like ďDeath,Ē and other wordings that are blurred out, because I instinctively take the stand to ignore them, and do something about this. My body starts glowing, and I can see the inside of it; mostly just what could be a representation of the circulatory system, and nervous system. I can see that parts of the brain are quickly separating from the core, and the sense of urgency to pull them all back together augments.

      I cannot comprehend what I will exactly do, and I end up making overly exaggerated motions that seem to be done for the sake of mentally pulling the parts of the brain escaping from my perception of this virtual experiential reality.

      And this is all done while this part of a song, ďOrdinary WorldĒ by RED, is playing (2:48):

      It could be the part later on in the song that repeats the same thing, beats me.

      But wow, parsing symbolic meaning from that would be more along the lines of existentialism, I guess.

      But Iím not really feeling mental stress in my life. So maybe thereís something else I canít cognitively grasp, unfortunately.

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    3. Sidling My Way Through a Demon Girl

      by , 11-19-2014 at 12:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sidling My Way Through a Demon Girl (DILD)


      Iím trying to hide away from a girl that looks a lot like the one from the F.E.A.R. game series, albeit with more mannequin-esque features to her visage, and overall body composition.

      Sheís wearing what could just be a long red dress, or maybe a red shirt with blue jeans, but whatever the case may be, sheís scary as hell. Her eyes are nonexistent, and thereís nothing but a black void for the holes of where her eyes should be. She has some kind of weird formation on her mouth, almost as if it was forced, carved, or sculpted on her, and itís the only expression she can portray other than her eyebrow and other facial movements.

      Iím sidling against a wall, and Iím looking at myself in a third person point of view. A few inches from me is a red door that has a composition of an old-school telephone booth; the kind you would see from the show Dr. Who (TARDIS), but itís just the style of it thatís imposed onto the door. Sheís right behind this door, and I have a feeling she knows Iím very close to her.

      Her eyes are gradually glowing white, and I hear her slightly demonic voice intertwined with an innocent and girl voice informing me that she found me. I forget what I do next, but I do know that Iím literally bracing on the door sheís behind.
    4. Trapping Team Zaheer

      by , 11-19-2014 at 12:02 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Trapping Team Zaheer (DILD)


      The dream seems to fluctuate through many environments, mostly because I realize that I can teleport like how Goku does when putting two fingers to his forehead. Subconsciously, there are numbers that I think of that will allow me to transfer instantly from one place to another.

      ď9Ē and ď1Ē were the two that I was teleporting to frequently, but there were moments were willing myself to go to those locations would not work at all. There were two dream characters I had to be cautious around, Zaheer, and Ming-Hua. Apparently, I had to trap Zaheer in what could look like a Pandoraís box, maybe some kind of Covenant of the Ark-esque object that had a dark jade color to it. And I also had to lock Ming-Hua, who apparently isnít armless in this dream at all.

      I recall her trying to force me into the same room I want to lock her in, and while sheís holding my hand so vigorously, I can look at her visage, and see that sheís very ambitious in taking me with her. Fortunately, I managed to gather enough strength to escape her grip, and I immediately shut the door, and braced against it with my back. Ignoring dream logic of how a dream character couldnít open a door that could easily be destroyed if she just water-bended, I run away somewhere.
    5. She Wants 10 More Men for Sex

      by , 10-25-2014 at 05:11 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      She Wants 10 More Men for Sex (DILD)


      I was in bed with another member in this forum because I wanted to meet them, but not through this way. I wanted to be in a more platonic environment, but I guess my mind was rendering this virtual experiential reality as the only way we probably could even communicate.

      And maybe thatís the probability I have to consider, and if thatís the case, I might as well move on with my life instead of trying to rekindle with them directly; especially if circumstances in real life wouldnít make it compatible in the first place. Or maybe Iím missing the whole point, and thereís some underlying and symbolic meaning as to why this emulation of someone else is presented this way.

      Iím mostly watching whatís going on, but Iím aware of sensations of my feet and legs despite looking in a third person point of view. Sheís to the right of me, if youíre looking at the screen just the way you are, and she has the sheets near her chest raised up. Accepting her invitation to do whatever to her, I proceed to do so, until she stated she wanted 10 more men to join in on the fun.

      What is this, Oceanís 11?

      I just couldnít comprehend why a female needs 10 more men to have sex with her; thereís only so many holes to where if you need that much, itís overkill.

      And even if they're just a DC and a figment of my imagination, why do they need to be occupied by so many people anyway?

      I'm probably just missing the point of this dream, so I'll leave it at that. Wish I could censor out 97% of this entry, as it would probably be blatantly obvious to that member of who it is that wanted to have sex with me. Maybe she'll know, or not.

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    6. Chirpy Chick, Naked Chick, One Piece & GTA: San Andreas, Joker Tries to Scare Me

      by , 10-24-2014 at 06:58 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Holding a Chick (Chirp Kind of Chick) (DILD)


      Too lazy to go into detail.

      Riding a vehicle, or something like that. I see chicks walking in a neighborhood, and I look at ones near perfectly green grass. I grab one, and I get a first person view of the chick in an ultra 4k type of resolution, and then some, and even that would be an understatement of the visual quality.

      I take the chick home, and wanted to take care of it by cleaning it.

      At some point between this experiences, there were a few 3d cartoonish chickens and chicks wearing police outfits, trying to grab the chick away from me, but not being able to do so at all.

      I apply some green dishwashing soap, and just as I was about to rinse it, their eyes are gone, and their whole body and eyes turn into glass.


      Naked Female Outside By the Door Wants to Play (DILD)


      Iím only wearing a towel that consists of a variety of colors with a base color of a light swamp green, and subtle shades of yellow. I have a body completely abnormal from one I have in waking life, and the whole dream has an atmospheric overlay of an overly-realistic lighting setting of sunset, or early morning.

      I can sense two people are in the house, I presume they are a few of my relatives, and the whole house in general by deducing the environment just through peripheral vision alone was akin to the one Iím residing currently IRL. It seemed too idealistic, and the sensations and emotions I was exhibiting seemed a bit beyond my cognitive grasp.

      It must be a feeling of just taking a nice shower in a dream. The doorbell rings, and I somehow was the first person to get to it. I open it slowly while forgetting that Iím basically half-naked, and in front of me is a naked female. She has her right leg bent slightly, as if sheís raising her right foot up to where itís just the tip of her toes that are on the ground.

      Her left leg is mostly straight, and sheís bending her back slightly, but not too much. Her right hand is placed firmly on her love handles, kind of like those facebook pictures you see girls mostly posing as.

      She has her left hand near her mouth, with her index finger sticking out thatís the closest to her lips. I shift around perspectives, and look at myself from her point of view, and noticed how my mind is rendering out ideal proportions of a maleís body, I guess.

      Iím not so sure on my reaction in seeing this female, and all I can really pay attention to was her facial expressions, and how she was able to indirectly tell me that she wanted to be sexually playful with me. She resembled the anime style below, albeit with blue hair and eyes, and maybe a red collar with a yellow orb attached to her neck:

      I hear one dream character state,

      ďPut some clothes on.Ē

      Iím not sure who they were directing that to, but I had a feeling they meant me since Iím sure they couldnít see anyone outside seeing how the female was standing by a point where anyone standing to the left, and even in the middle of my location would be completely unaware of whatís going on.


      One Piece and GTA: San Andreas (DILD)


      Iím watching a dream character that looks like the main character from GTA: San Andreas in a white vest, and baggy blue jeans. Heís coming out of prison, and somehow, the One Piece crew mates are appearing one by one as heís walking, running, and/or driving his way out of prison.


      Joker Tries To Scare Me (DILD)


      The Joker tries to scare me by setting up flying and rotating saw blades with chains linked to them. I can hear the swooshing sound, and after realizing this is a dream a long time ago, I just donít care Joker.

      I just can't, your existence is transient anyway.

      Also, Batman shows up, or maybe it was Owlman:

      But I hardly think that really matters.....HAAAAAAA
      Spoiler for what do you mean by that:

      When youíre not afraid of whatís going on in front of you when youíre looking at someone thatís supposed to be the epitomized totality of chaos and hell-bent insanityÖÖÖÖÖ

      I should get that checked.

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    7. Children Blocking the Street

      by , 10-21-2014 at 03:19 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Children Blocking the Street (DILD)


      The foundation of the dream environment is similar to one Iím residing in waking life. The weather seems to be very ideal, with more clouds forming around than usual, almost to the point where it might rain later on in the dream.

      The garage, vehicles used, and the dream characters Iím close to most of the time are almost picture-perfect copies of those in real life. But this is a presumption based on magnifying my peripheral vision, and getting pretty bleak conceptions of their visage, but I get sensations that makes me feel itís them, and I feel Iím shifting into third person perspective every now and then.

      Iím not sure how the first event occurred, but it was either my relative backing out their vehicle from the garage, or me backing out with the vehicleís front facing what wouldíve been the perimeter for the garage to close down completely. Whatever the case, letís focus on me taking the vehicle out.

      I can sense thereís at least two people inside the vehicle, excluding me, and it feels like Iím driving my relativeís vehicle instead. The reason being is that it felt a bit more spacious, and the engine seems to be running smoothly; this could just be my mind rendering out an ideal portrayal of my vehicle, though.

      As Iím driving out of the garage by making a left turn, and then preparing to turn the wheel to go straight out, I see another vehicle coming into the garage. It doesnít seem that my relatives are shocked by this, in fact, one of them suggested for me to keep going, and donít bother minding whatís going on. I take a look of whoís inside the vehicle, and I noticed it looks a bit like who Iíll nickname as Amb.

      Same visage, except she looks like sheís stressed out, and had a rough morning/day/whatever time the dream is emulating. I get a strange sensation glancing over her, and with the confusion still lurking about in my mind, Iím not as fixated on what will be going on beyond the neighborhood. I eventually snapped out of it, and continued to drive along to the street perpendicular to the driveway.

      I drove slowly, mostly out of habit to watch out for children that may be going to school, or may be randomly playing. At this point, I just let predispositions roll out as Iím watching myself and controlling my movements on and off. As Iím turning to the right side of the vehicle, I didnít hear any squeaking sound as the vehicle is landing on a flat surface from a highly curved highway.

      The transition is so smooth, that I briefly reveled in the thought of said transition, and I felt this subtle moment made me cling onto lucidity a bit since being victim to psychosomatic experiences in my dreams, and predispositions from waking life are going to be the ďvehicleĒ of my movements and processing whatís going on.

      I can literally feel the gravity as the vehicle is landing on a flatter surface, along with the rolling, and then the abrupt stop from the curb, and then the vehicle gradually picking up pace. Naturally, I presumed there would be a stop sign just a few feet ahead of me, and using my peripheral vision validated this belief.

      From here on out, the perspective changes completely, and just when I thought I would have to make a deep turn to the right to straighten out, and be perpendicular to the stop sign, the vehicle is already straight. Itís like the transition was like what you would see when playing a Need for Speed game on the GameCube where you would press the ďZĒ button to reset the vehicle in the straight position after crashing, slowing down, etc.

      And before you know it, a band of children are forming a barricade, making it seem impossible, at first glance, of passing through them unless I ran over them. I didnít want to do this, obviously, even though it was a dream. The children were diverse in race, though the ones that seemed to have been leaders that enticed this weird human barricade were Caucasian. Thereís a boy wearing an open light sky blue dress shirt with dark shades of blue stripes forming a checkered pattern (but only having the light sky blue as a filling within the borders).

      His hairstyle seems abnormal for a little child, and it looks like he had applied too much hair gel. The hairstyle consists of random spiked hair with curved spiked hair that looks like itís very close in becoming hardened to the point where I wonder if his hair literally his part of his whole skin for his visage.

      The more I observe this child, the more I feel as if Iím on the ground just to be able to look up and see him entirely. Heís probably wearing slightly baggy jeans with the soft fading blue colors along with white shoes. He has his hands in his pocket, and his visage twisted at an angle just a bit to exhibit a serious demeanor that I wonít be able to pass this barricade for quite some time.

      Then one of the dream characters in the vehicle told me to keep going, even though I knew I wasnít going to take actionÖuntil I looked more to the right, and that some of the children to the right were gone, or were a bit slow in making a completely impasse for us all. I take the chance to go to the right, but going at low speed even though it was a perfect chance for me to just swoosh through them.

    8. Royal Building Crumbles & Encountering the Minotaur

      by , 10-16-2014 at 04:15 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Royal Building Crumbles & Encountering the Minotaur (DILD)


      This dream was most likely a continuation of one before, but because I put off on the recall for quite some time, I canít remember it to exact detail. Though, I honestly felt the rest of the prior dream was necessary, as the plot itself seemed inconsistent, and would require too much speculation to see if there were any underlying reasons involved.

      Judging by how I felt within the dream, I presumed it was a matter of escaping, and not looking back in fear of everything behind me being crumbled; in fear of being part of the destruction as well.

      Iím running with a female thatís just about a few inches shorter than me, and has a visage and body composition of someone who is Asian. She reminded me of someone I know from work for some reason, though I felt this was another dream character that takes the form of multiple Asian females, and has a distinct ďsignatureĒ if you will of someone I met in my dreams a long time ago.

      But it didnít matter on validating whoís who, so I focus more on keeping my feet active, and dodging whatever debris might come by. The environment itself is very spacious, and associating patches of recall I have of the previous dream, this area seemed to be have been a fanciful place to reside and communicate with others, mostly for exquisite banquets and luxurious entertainment most likely. But it also had some element of scholarly spirit as well, so maybe it had served doubly for that.

      The walls consist of a faded maroon color diluted with other colors similar to it in the color spectrum; the roof consisted of a white and slightly milky vanilla color with a natural splattering of dust and age, and the flooring itself had a simple vanilla tile formatting.

      I canít make out the outfit Iím wearing in particular, but Iím presume it was fairly basic as it didnít have the level of eye-candy, I guess. I do know that my companion Iím escaping with is wearing a basic red shirt and blue jeans, which seems odd for us considering the formal implications of the area weíre in right now. So Iím presuming that if she was wearing something casual than formal, I probably was wearing a black shirt and faded black jeans.

      Weíre running up some stairs that are probably 10 feet in width, and the grandiose composition of the building makes me wonder if weíll ever get out of here. And if weíre going up inside of down as I would naturally imply an escape would be, it became more confusing, but going up was the only way we could go right now; otherwise, weíd just be dead corpses under heavy debris.

      I can feel the vibrating and earth-quake-esque sensations all around by body, along with the random shifts in environmental movements. I stayed mostly on the right side of the curved stairs to get a wider view of the left just in case something weird happens, like, I donít know, a Minotaur that should come out of nowhere trying to kill us by using the environment.

      And the more I observe the environment, the setting seems to resemble interiors of Alcamoth in Xenoblade Chronicles. And with more bits of recall from the previous dream snapping back to my awareness, I do recall seeing several High Entia dream characters floating around somewhere.

      They were like the image above, albeit paler, and seemed to have no colors applied to their existence; like a fading white color overlay.

      At some point, to the left of us, a big hole is formed, and a giant Minotaur comes out of nowhere.

      He has black hair, and his body is brown with a subtle hint of burnt orange, and he has glowing yellow eyes as well. His loin cloth is either black or brown, and he looks like heís hell-bent to kill us. He immediately uses his hands to destroy part of the stairs weíre on, and when this occurs, everything suddenly changes. Thereís too many things going on at once, and I am both horrified and bothered on whatís going on.

      I canít even tell if the female by me exists anymore, and I presumed she fell down into the seemingly bottomless pit by now. I do know that Iím still alive in the dream, and I was preparing to encounter the Minotaur. But I canít recall what happens next, other than standing on top of the first apex of the stair set that was broken.
    9. Sniping & Ripping Someone's Head Off

      by , 10-12-2014 at 07:27 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sniping & Ripping Someone's Head Off (DILD)


      This is a very disturbing dream simply because for the first time in a long time, there was something I did that would be very graphic, and maybe gore-y to some extent.

      Iím bending my knees at a hiding point within a train station of some sort. The atmosphere consists mostly of a milky sepia toned overlay, along with subtle hints of brown, and dark mustard gold components as well. Thereís a contrast of very cool colors like blue, green, and violet to the left of me.

      But whatís really important is whatís located to the right of me. Based on my emotions, I felt as if I was having to mentally prepare myself for doing something very bold. Apparently, it was to assassinate an elderly man thatís onboard a speeding train, and I have to use a sniper rifle in order to kill him. It seems this was suitable for some reason due to how noisy the train may be, which would mask out the sound of the sniper rifle shots.

      I canít recall what kind of clothing I was wearing in particular, but I presumed it had to be very light in order for me to traverse around the area quickly and efficiently just in case I needed another reference point to shoot form. And I believe there was someone right beside me that would be my backup/partner/comrade, but I didnít pay too much attention to them, even when being aware of my peripheral vision on the right side.

      It made sense since all I could focus on was the target at hand. I wasnít sure why I was doing this, and it felt as if I was just playing the typical video game where the character has to shoot down some grandiose villain who happens to be proficient in Black Marketing with Uranium, or some other atomically potent weapon of mass destruction.

      I noticed that I seem to be at a perfect angle in order to take several shots at once with the rifle. Imagine being aware right where youíre at now, and knowing youíre bracing your back against the intersection of two walls that would be going out in a ďVĒ formation expanding away from you. Now imagine the scenery shifting from a sepia tone overly, to one consisting of cool colors (e.g., turquoise, violet, green). This will be crucial in distinguishing what would be an implied ďactual time and spaceĒ setting with the cool colored overly, and the sepia tone that would imply that time would be put to a halt while Iím able to move freely at ďnormal speedĒ compared to the space surrounding me.

      I noticed what looked like your casual train going through a linear track system is coming very soon, and I seem to fluctuate between controlling time a little bit, and going through trial-and-error of how I would land my shots. As the train gets closer, maybe 50-100 feet away from my location, I prepare the rifle, and zoom into a first person perspective, and it seems I have auto-assist in the dream or something.

      Because itís automatically shifting my aim sights to the head and chest region of the elderly looking man Iím here to kill. Heís fairly tall, maybe 5í9íí - 5í11íí. Heís wearing a milky violet-blue dress shirt with some kind of dark blue-ish violet upside down triangle material in the interaction of the V formation his attire is exhibiting. Heís wearing a milky blue suit on top of that dress shirt that is covered up by the buttoned-up suit, and is wearing pants of similar color to the suit.

      He seems to be at least within his late 40s, early 50s, but his body composition was deceiving as it implied that he could be very flexible and agile, and yet still have a powerful existence at the same time. Heís just casually standing around inside of the train. Within the train, the lighting consists of watery-lime green overlays, and somehow the attire the old man is wearing makes it easier to track him down.

      Not questioning the weird logic behind this, I prepare to take a shot, and as Iím shifting my awareness to first person perspective, time is slowing down for me. I seem to be fluctuating in visuals of sepia tone, and the cooler color tone I mentioned recently for this dream. Everything seems to be connecting, and I have my sights dead-on at this guyís head, and if not, neck and upper chest region.

      I make no hesitation, and made my first shot that creates a very linear white smoking stream thatís akin to what you may see in a Halo game.

      Just as I was expecting him to fall flat on the ground, it seems that I either missed, or he has an existence that seem impregnable to whatever damage is done to him, or he has a bullet proof vest that can withstand the impact of a sniper bullet coming straight at him at a high velocity.

      I almost panicked a little bit simply because he would now be aware of his surroundings, and try to find the location of where the shot came from. Fortunately, he was in his own state of shock, twisting his upper region along with his head, arms and fingers, left and right as heís anatomically allowed to move to.

      And because the train is slowly moving into my limit of making a sniper shot, I somehow made time go even slower, and shifted myself quickly to another reference point to shoot from, and this time, I was able to fire 3-4 shots into the chest area of the man. But even with this ability to slow time down, and also how the gravity works as well when Iím moving, nothing is working.

      For some reason, I decided to do something very unorthodox, and I canít remember how I did it exactly. Somehow, I threw away the sniper rifle altogether since its weight would probably drag me down tremendously. Then I made a very quick dash to the left side of the train, and found some way to get inside the train.

      From this point on, it seems I had better control of coordinating my dream body movements compared to the previous aiming that felt like I was just a spectator gently guiding the aiming for the dream body Iím looking from a third person behind the back perspective. Taking advantage of the time manipulation, I somehow get the old man to be pushed out of the train through the windows, or something to that effect.

      I immediately jump off just seconds after heís thrown onto the left side of the train tracks. The environment turns back to a sepia tone overly once more, and I guide my hands towards the back of the manís face.

      And then used as much centripetal force, along with making a downward curve that would end in me having my left knee bent in a tilted L-shape, and my right kneed on the ground, to decapitate the guyís head off.

      The moment this happened, the scene shifts to people looking through the window, and a few taking their upper region and heads out of the window in surprise of what was going on. One dream character I seemed to have recalled decently had a weird M-shaped mustache that was very curly and long. He looked more like a pirate rather than a person with a casual shirt and pants attire. The main colors of his outfit consisted of red with gold trimming, along with a white dress shirt underneath the red suit.

      Iím surprised as well on what I did to this guy just now, and this reaction seems to prompt me to shift my awareness elsewhere.
    10. Krauser Pierces Through My Chest and Kills Me

      by , 10-07-2014 at 05:35 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Krauser Pierces Through My Chest and Kills Me (DILD)


      Iím in a narrow hallway, and Iím encountering a dream character that resembles Krauser from Resident Evil 4. Thereís several feelings of helplessness, and the overall setting of the dream gave an impression that things wonít turn out well for me. The environment seems to be some kind of aftermath of an explosion.

      Based on the color of the ground, and the bland formatting of the building Iím in, there seemed to have been a laboratory here. Thereís bits of metal and other scraps scattered all around the area, and random combustions of fire as well.

      Whatís weird about this environment is that it was fairly wide, but the space in which I can traverse was fairly limited; almost to the point where I felt it was intentionally done so I would only focus on the Krauser DC thatís slowly coming after me.

      Thereís a bit of discrepancies in validating whether or not Iím in a dream body version of me, or some alteration between Leon. What made me convinced it was the former presumptions is that I had full reign on how I moved in the dream itself while also being able to spectate myself from a behind the back third person perspective.

      And seeking any means of escape was pretty much futile since I had to deal with him first. I knew something bad was going to happen based from personal experiences, but I still tried to defend myself from him. Naturally, I used whatever weapon I had on me at the time, which happened to be a regular pistol.

      My plan was to go along with the logic of defeating this guy in the game, which would be shooting him in the legs in hopes that he would have one knee to the ground to expose his chest for me to shoot him before he gets back up from the relapse. For some reason, zooming in on the pistols iron sights shifted to a view as if I was using a sniper rifle.

      The aiming aid consisted of a very thin white cross with some short perpendicular lines on each end; at least two for each side that seemed to have been formatted for me to get straight into focus, and maybe avoid using peripheral vision within that line of sight. The subtle smoke that wraps around the atmosphere makes things a bit blurry.

      Almost suitable for the sake of giving off the dream-esque effect where the contours of things arenít as rigid and defined. I shift my awareness from the sights back to a first person view.

      Krauser doesnít seem to look like the actual one, and has a few modifications for his visage, but with how Iím too engulfed with instincts to survive, I canít render him out in detail except for the organic like arm blade he has.

      I shoot his legs a few times, but it doesnít seem to be working at all, but I still keep shooting. Then I get a sensation around my neck and head that my weapon is about to run out of ammo. Somehow, Iím redirected to an inventory screen, and I see that Iím fairly limited in options of which weapons to utilize to assess this seemingly futile endeavor.

      I wanted to take out a grenade to see if I could cause substantial damage to him, and proceeded to do so, only to find that it doesnít really seem to scathe him. I go back to the inventory screen, and I feel thereís more options for me to use, but I felt that while Iím doing that, heíll only get closer and closer.

      Kind of like playing Five Nights at Freddyís, and you look into the camera too much, and Freddy, or one of them comes up to you and kills you the moment you take your eyes away from the camera. I keep shooting with my pistol, and I eventually run out of bullets.

      Just as I was preparing to reload, heís already close to me, grinning as he knows that any other attempts to attack him would be useless, and he uses the mutant organic arm blade of his to stab me in the chest. As heís about to do this, Iím visualizing myself in the front from a third person perspective, and I watch as my mouth opens from the pressure, along with the air around me creating some kind of gushing sound effect.

      I eventually shrivel up in my last movements and die, and blood is coming out of my mouth while the chest seems to be filled with a darker color of blood.

      Funny thing is that I was imagining a few months back of how I would fight this guy again should he ever randomly show up; thinking I would find a way to win, but ironically, expectations of what will happen in a dream doesnít always turn out to be the case, especially if one invested in a bit of time imagining themselves accomplishing whatever goals they had in mind.

    11. Zaheer and Ghazan Want to Pro-Bend with Korra

      by , 10-07-2014 at 05:14 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Zaheer and Ghazan Want to Pro-Bend with Korra (DILD)


      Now that I look back at this dream, this could be hinting how my mind would interpret how Season 4 of Korra would turn out, but in a very, very, very vague way. In other words, it seems to relate to the short clip of the sneak peek for season 4, episode 1 where:

      [spoiler]Has a nightmare from a past event where Zaheer literally almost took her breath away in their final fight in season 3[/spoiler]

      This dream was filled with unexpected behavior from dream characters to the point where it was difficult to comprehend, and cope with the sporadic changes in plot and anticipation. It turned out to be something lighthearted in the end, despite what happened before that, and it made me speculate on why I was having the dream in the first place.

      Iím not too sure on how things start out, but I can recall Korra having the disposition where she seems to be in a state of helplessness. Judging by what she was saying to herself, and how I seem to be feeling her emotions as well, she feels as if sheís a pariah. In other words, thereís something she did where if she tried to go back to her homeland, or just anywhere in general that sheís been to most of her life, she would be treated as an outcast, and ostracized as well.

      And the more I imagine myself in her position, I realized that this dream couldíve been mixed with another experience. Iím not too sure on it being a separate dream altogether, but it felt like it could be meshed together with this one. This little experience was simply me waking up at night, and finding a huge bottle of orange juice that looks similar to this:

      I pick it up, and I feel like I have to give this to someone, and in my head, Iím getting images of someone wearing a pink jacket with a skinny body composition, and almost frail entirely, but seems to be able to operate just fine on her own.

      Whatever happened next, it somehow went back to the whole Korra related theme. Korra has nowhere to go, and Zaheer and Ghazan take advantage of her state of helplessness to convince her to join them somehow. I donít know what they were going to use as leverage, seeing how she wasnít set to just be at their beck and call, but whatever it was, it made her plan to go to them.

      The rendezvous point was located at a high elevated area that could be akin to the helicopter landing stations, except it wasnít clear to me if there were any big markings as indicators for this. The dream environment was sunset by now, and this seemed to be foreshadowing the climatic, and anticlimactic events to occur. I went through an elevator before Korra, and anyone else could get there, and I feel like I was just some wandering soul navigating and analyzing the parameters of the environment. I found something very peculiar about the elevator, and how it was raised just a few feet from the ground. I seem to be flying, or floating above the elevator, and was able to see through the top to see the interior, and even what was below as well.

      I noticed that Zaheer, or somebody he was having connections with made a booby trap. There was some kind of pink padding concealing spikes from the ground. Which made me presume that if Korra happened to go back into the elevator from a high elevation, ďfaultyĒ wiring would make the elevator fall in rapid acceleration, which would probably be enough for the spikes to go through the flooring, and potentially kill her.

      It seemed to be an obvious, but quite elaborative booby trap, but I took the chance to inform Korra, as if Iím suddenly astral projecting like Jinora, about what will happen to her is she goes through this path. I donít know how I relay the message to her, but thereís a dream shift where I can see Mako, Korra, Zaheer, Ghazan, and maybe a few others I canít recall too well.

      They were facing each other, and Zaheer wanted to persuade Korra to join him and Ghazan. Korra declares that she isnít interested, and Zaheer gives a general summary of her position in the world right now, and how she has no one to help her out at all. Korraís visage changes from aggressive to feelings of being shocked as if what heís declaring to her was the gut-wrenching truth. Though this seemed fairly predictable, and how things were turning out seemed to be related to how things went down in the Season 3 finale.

      And what seemed to be a clash of emotions to be shifted into physical violence, it turns out Zaheer and Ghazan want her to be part of their team for pro-bending, or something very casual. This makes everyone stop in their tracks, and prompts me to just get out of this dream.
    12. Big Store Event, Not Attending & I'm Too Over Powered in Runescape, Please Nerf

      by , 09-10-2014 at 07:10 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Big Store Event, Not Attending (DILD)


      Itís just one of those dreams where the virtual experiential reality is so high, that Iím slightly shocked for not having some existential questioning going on if this was a dream or not. One part of me wanted to delude myself into thinking itís real, just for the sake of not being apathetic towards the dream characters, and the dreamís potential value in general.

      Judging by the body sensations that Iím experiencing, thereís a lot of tension, almost as if thereís some big event where me and the dream characters that look like some of my co-workers are going to participate in. Itís the type of feeling where all the other challenges you had to face creep up on you, but then you come to a realization, and a satisfaction that you overcame them.

      I can feel my feet tingling, traveling up to my knees, and finally near my stomach. I started to feel an emptiness inside that was oddly comforting.
      So I just let time pass by, letting the conversations from other co-workers become diluted, and slowly getting accustomed to this highly vivid virtual experiential reality. There was a female there whom I had a deep affection with, though I feel the word is too strong seeing how the relationship in real life wouldnít really go that far.

      She still expressed the type of disposition where she would take advantage of her looks to fill the void of the insecurity that she has of not having something to love her; this dream character existed in a way where every single quality I could possibly use retrospect and analysis about her was clearly exhibited, and all she did in the dream was pass through the small lane in the middle of the bus to get out and go somewhere.

      I reign in these odd feelings of affection towards this dream character, most likely because I already have predispositions to avoid those kinds of interactions with them so that those feelings wonít bleed onto how I communicated with them in waking life.

      Everyone else just felt like random noise, and I did my best to show some interest with the existence of this dream characters. But when one of them stated that weíre not attending whatever event weíre close to, I immediately lost interest in the dream.

      Instead of trying to accomplish some goals of mine Iíve had on my mind for -insert x entity- knows how long, I just get bored, and just drifted back into non-lucid dreaming.


      I'm Too OP in Runescape (DILD)


      I realize Iím playing a MMORPG that has a Runescape-esque feel to it. I figured I might as well enjoy watching whatís going on. I believe Iím playing as some old man with a long gray beard, and all heís wearing are some white desert robes in the cold.

      The overall color schemes consist of blue and gray, and I had a feeling that the area I was going to would be the God Wars Dungeon, seeing how thereís a huge pit with a rope hanging on the side. I had a feeling that if Iím only going into a pit with only a white desert robe, and a staff that looks like the Polypore staff, Iím probably really powerful in this dream version of Runescape.



      I go inside the pit, and I find myself in an area thatís a very spacious battle arena. I do a quick walk around, and I have to fight some purple tentacle creature that seems to be rotating its whole body, or tentacles vertically at rapid speeds. Itís pretty hard to comprehend the existence, and locomotion of the creature in general, and my initial reaction was to activate some prayer abilities like Protect from Magic, or something like that. I even see the Prayer screen as well, though it didnít seem to me that I activated it at all.



      I believe Iím switching to a melee weapon since I got pretty close to the tentacle monster, though Iím pretty sure I used Mage, or Ranged on it. Iím paying close attention to my health bar, and it seems that I need to activate Soul Split, especially when I came into this place with no food whatsoever. I realize this before going into the pit, but it was already too late since I couldnít really get into the dream that way to start changing the environment, i.e., I was too indulged in the task of playing this game.

      I hear the sound effects of the Soul Split, which I presumed was working, and fortunately it did. I manage to kill the tentacle monster with ease, and I didnít even bother to check if I had a Prayer limit. I guess it was implied that I could use any Prayer ability without worrying about my Prayer points being drained.

      If playing as an old man with a gray beard and having to rely on a Prayer ability doesnít imply religious implications unconsciously being expressed to me, then I donít know what the purpose of this dream is.

      And just went I thought I could get out of this one, another weird creature appears. The overall composition of it is akin to a dolphin, and it has a light blurry violet color to it as well. It apparently can levitate, and shoot high pressed air at a high rate. Or maybe it was steamy water that was high pressured.

      I honestly donít know how I dealt with this one, but I do know that I spent most of my time just running away from it, and dodging when it shoots the high pressured stuff at me. Whatever happened, happened, and the next creature is very hard to recall its overall body composition.

      I just knew that at that point, if I could handle the previous entities with ease, with only having a few moments where I thought I was going to die, then Iím obviously over powered in this game. I defeated all of them, and I forget what happens next.

      Oh, and there's another non-lucid dream where I tell one of my relatives (female) that I liked the Naruto Shippuden villains more than the protagonist, but again, not going to invest time in recalling this dream.
    13. Pearl Necklace, Shooting to No Avail, Female Sword Slasher in 2D Side Scroller Fantasy Game

      by , 09-07-2014 at 03:14 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Haven't posted in so long. A week or so ago, I almost panicked when I opened the program I use for my DJ, and it gave me an option to start a new dream journal, or open an existing one. Thank goodness that there was a back up, otherwise there would be over 1,000+ entries gone forever. I mean, there's this DJ, but I can't be bothered to store the content here into some other file format that won't have me pulling my hair.

      Pearl Necklace Placed In The Drawer (Non-lucid)


      Iím inside of a kitchen thatís akin to the one in real life, and I noticed that a familiar face at work is there fiddling around with something. Sheís the perfect replica of the lady with the old visage and slightly frail body composition. Sheís wearing a shirt that has blue, white, and red bled into each other, most likely what she wore to show national spirit at times, I guess.

      The kitchen in this dream was so real that it threw me off completely on whether or not I would be lucid at some point in the dream. Most of the area except the kitchen was fairly dark, or maybe my peripheral vision implied in the dream state was too blurry, thus enticing me to fixate my awareness to this specific location.

      Thereís a fairly large transparent bag made of hard plastic, but I canít recall whatís actually in there. I figured that with the type of material the bag is composed of, there were some elements of ice; so maybe some kind of dessert or cold items were stored there to sustain their temperature. I had an urge to take out some of the material within the ice, and with how I felt somewhat hungry in the dream, Iíd assume the material was edible.

      She (letís use ďNanĒ for distinction) proceeds to fiddle around some more with the bag, but not the content in it. I move the slightly huge bag around, and find felt something was odd about it. There was a slightly weird smell from the sink where the bag resides, and I immediately move the bag upwards to see whatís on the bottom.

      The moment I move it up, thereís maybe 2-3 creatures that look like white versions of slugs, or some kind of parasitic creatures with weird antennae like ears going diagonally from the frontal region of their heads. My lack of appetite for whatever content was in the bag augmented tremendously, and I had some weird feeling in my stomach.

      It was a sensation as if I was going to puke, or just cough in expression of disgust. I donít know when the next experience occurs, but it had to be within this same experience I recalled just now.

      Nan continues to exist in a way that looks as if sheís a living, breathing, and sentient dream character with her own capability of doing whatever is on her mind, or whatever unconscious predispositions and beliefs I may have about her in general. She barely utters a word, and mostly expresses herself through body language and hand motions.

      I pay attention to her eyes, noticing that same look that feigns a sense of authority. She shifts her eyes downwards, and I proceed to do the same along with my face. She points to her wrist, and she finally makes a declaration that this is her pearl necklace that sheís about to give to me. Iím in slight shock as to why she would offer me something that looks so valuable, but she doesnít communicate to me verbally after that.

      She merely opens a drawer, and puts the pearl necklace, and closes it shut. Before she did this, I noticed the necklace had a few missing pieces, or maybe the string was too long to contain the few white pearls.


      Shooting, But To No Avail (DILD)


      Iím clearly in a warzone in an area that has a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex-esque feeling to it. The overall color scheme consists of bright muddy colors, and some bright colors such as yellow mixed in with that as well.

      Iím not too sure of the weapon Iím carrying, but it seems to be one where I can fire hundreds of shots pretty quickly. Iím not really concerned on having to reload seeing how Iím going through an onslaught of soldiers that literally look like lo-polygon game entities. From their faceted look in general, and the blurry and blotchy textures applied to them, it all felt like I was just playing a run-down version of a game that probably would have better graphics with next-gen consoles.

      I canít really presume if I exist in a dream body that represents me, but I do feel sensations of walking, running, crouching, and things like that throughout the dream. Iím aimlessly going nowhere but forward, mowing down what appears to be enemies. Some of them just wonít die, no matter how much I aim at certain locations that would guarantee some kind of kill, or knockdown.

      I seemed to be in a state of no emotions, and just shifting in and out of spectator mode, and a third person view angle where the camera would be behind the individual in focus. I get a little irritated every now and then, and whenever enemies shoot me, I get weird vibrations around my body, and if I seem to be taking too much ďdamage,Ē things get a little blurry, and some weird spatters of liquid come up; probably to signify the potential of blood loss, even though there wasnít any red to begin with.

      There was one soldier that seemed to give me a hard time even though he was only 3-4 feet away from me. I have my back braced against a wall to the right side of this region that seems to have a dark brown road with gray sidewalks in each side thatís gradually going uphill.

      I take advantage of the fact that I can see their movements because I shift around spectator view, and a third person point of view, and I time my attacks the moment I see them having a delay in their shooting. I manage to pick off some soldiers, but while doing that, I tried putting in some bullets to the soldier in this very dark blue camo outfit. He has some kind of weird shaped helmet that would be shaped like a D-pad youíd find in a Wii Remote for example, except itís much more extruded, and blockier, but there is some smoothing on the edges.

      I can hear the loud and rapid gunshots, and I can gradually feel myself getting enraged at how this guy isnít being taken down. And whenever he tries to shoot me, it seems as if I could be affected, but Iím really not.

      Iím not sure if I took care of him at all, but I do know I took care of a lot of dream characters.


      2D Side Scroller Fantasy Sword Slashing Game (Non-lucid)


      Iím clearly playing a game, and Iím too lazy to go to great lengths in explaining the content, so Iíll be as concise as I can.

      - Iím playing as a female; blonde, long hair, chibi-like with an apricot colored visage. Sheís wearing some elongated white top that extends to the middle of her upper thighs with some black latex/bodysuit that covers her entire torso and legs

      - She seems to be proficient with two golden swords, and a brown bow and arrow weapon set as well.

      - The area seems to be somewhere that has large gray statues in ruins, and general buildings in ruins as well. Thereís grass forming around these structures, and the character is running the other way instead of the typical left to right movement youíd find in a side scroller 2D game.

      - Sheís finishing enemies off with ease, and seems to have completely mastery of when to use the bow and arrow, and when to get close and personal with her two golden swords (or maybe it was one; she couldíve slashed so fast that I presumed she had two).

      - No one is going to stop this female from wherever sheís fixated in arriving to. Iíd even presume this is some kind of chibi version of Marta from Tales of Symphonia 2: Dawn of the New World



      Except itís not really like her at all from head to toe, just the costume and accessories seem slightly similar.
    14. Danced and Fingered a 3D Model

      by , 05-13-2014 at 01:19 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Danced and Fingered a 3D Model (DILD)


      Spoiler for 18+:

    15. Forced to Marry My IPC Teacher, I Win A MP4 From A Claw Machine

      by , 05-13-2014 at 01:17 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Forced to Marry My IPC Teacher (DILD)


      The irony of being forced to have chemistry with a Chemistry teacher.

      The starts out in the same room where I had IPC in High School, and since there seemed to be one lighting shining on me, the rest of the room was dark, so I didn't pay too much attention to any finer details.

      I believe I'm wearing a white dress shirt that isn't tucked in along with an open black suit along with a black tie. I have black dress pants and maybe black laceless shoes. I'm sitting on the floor in an awkward manner, with my legs folded in an upside down V position, and my arms titled at a 45 degree angle to stabilize myself.

      I started to become aware, at least through spectating myself in the dream, that I was dreaming. My IPC teacher appears, and seems to be a decent emulation of her in general. She seems to have features, both for her visage and body composition, of another lady at work. She doesn't make the sudden proposal apparent, so I end up being coerced into following her direction, and we're traveling through all sorts of areas.

      After a while, she states something which makes me imply that she wants to marry me, and although it was kind of predictable, the emotions from my end were kind of overwhelming to the point where I probably forgot that I knew she was going to hint it at me. It takes me a few seconds to make a response as the tinging sensations surging through my spine and head augmented, but I agreed to go along with her.

      However, I didn't say "yes" to her indirect response that wasn't even in a form of a question, just "yes" to continue on our escapade I guess. After a while, we stop at an area where there's quite a few dream characters, the most noticeable was an emulation of Reba in a light blue dress suitable for a wedding I believe.


      I Win A MP4 From A Claw Machine (DILD)


      I presumed that today within the dream was my off day from work, but for some reason, I went ahead and wore my work clothes. I noticed the sensations were completely different. It feels as if Iím existing in waking life, but that subtle atmospheric dream quality is there, and it seems prevalent whenever I tried to use my peripheral vision.

      I noticed that I wasnít paying too much on the external environment, but judging from the lighting within the building Iím in, it seems to be a late afternoon. From the gravity, to the usual feelings of being relaxed and prepared to work, this dream really emulated waking life pretty well. As Iím entering the building, I noticed one of the employees standing around some computers and other electronic devices. Sheís of Indian descent, has a short body composition, and the same hairstyle as in waking life.

      Seeing how I implied this was my day off within the dream, I had implications that I wanted to talk to one of the managers, or the admins for certain questions. An image came up of one of them that I talked to frequently, and I was tempted to go up the stairs to see if they were available. Then all of a sudden, I get an urge to play around with the claw machine thatís usually there in waking life, except this time itís by the small hallway where you could take an elevator to head to the lounge and meeting room.

      I didnít really have to put anything of monetary value for this claw machine, and the prizes consisted of MP4 players, similar to the one in waking life. The machine itself was quite complicated at first, especially since the main lever you control had all sorts of buttons. I try to go slow to gradually see what does what, and saw that I failed on my first try, but it seems I didnít have to worry about putting in money for another go.

      The lever itself has a black coating around its light gray color, and the coating was probably conformed for hands, and thereís one small blue button just a few inches below along with maybe two light gray buttons. Then thereís a switch that you could push up or down, kind of like a light switch on the lever as well. I presumed this was to move the claw up and down, and was right in my presumption.
      I look at the black MP4 player, and fixated on getting it since it seemed to be the only color where the red-pink cloth material for the base where the MP4s rested on wouldnít distort my vision. Though this is merely post-analysis of what I would choose out of unconscious preference.

      I fiddle around with the claw, and I finally got it to grab the mp4 player that doesnít seem to be protected by a case should the clawís grip pose a problem in damaging the screen. Fortunately, the claw held onto it just fine without crushing anything, and now Iím focused on moving it slowly without the MP4 wiggling out of the clawís grip.

      I had moments where it was close to coming out of the claw, and when I had it near the hole that would slide down for retrieval, it almost landed back on the surface it previously rested on. I finally get the prize, and I grab the MP4 player, and then proceeded to figure out what to do next in this building.

      I noticed a dream character that looks like one of the managers or admins is coming in my direction. Letís call her Liza, seeing how I had a small talk with her on how to pronounce her name later on in the dream. Liza has a name tag where itís just Liz, and sheís wearing a blue cardigan of some sort with a white dress shirt buttoned up underneath it along with wearing khaki pants and sneakers with a white base near the toe region.

      Sheís holding a clipboard with some paper on it, and sheís questioning how I seemed to have won the MP4. She expounds that the machine previously could never work at all, and she was wondering if I somehow hacked the machine. I quickly responded ďNo,Ē and wanted to give a follow-up that the machine just happened to work when I used it. Then she tried to come up with another probability of it suddenly working because I used ďit.Ē

      By ďit,Ē I guess she was referring to inputting my worker id for this building, and she ends up declaring this probability to me as well. Sheís writing some stuff down on the clipboard, and Iím concerned if she could be writing a report on me, or at least writing how the machine works for further reference to the other managers. It didnít seem like she needed my undivided attention anymore, but I still wanted to stick around her for a bit just in case something else came up in her mind.

      I saw that what she was writing down were a bunch of long-tailed numbers, which prompted me to feel that thereís really no point in engaging with this dream character emulation of Liza. Liza is about to leave, and I believe I was asking her how she states her name.

      I asked, ďLisssssa? Liz?Ē

      She responds, ďLeeeeezahĒ

      I tried to pronounce this, and it shouldíve been easy to declare back to her, but Iím having minor trouble here. So we ended up using trailing voices for her name for a while until I finally got the ďzĒ down. I finally was able to say her name with a slight indication of a Hispanic accent integrated with that.

      After stating her name right, she proceeds to go through the hallway just like in waking life, except this time there seems to be a pathway to the right where one could continue to instead of being closed off in general.

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