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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Scive

      by , 03-01-2011 at 11:28 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid

      I'm walking down a street I take on my route to school. I stroll along, lost in my thoughts. Arron comes out of nowhere and says "Hey, I'll walk with you. Give me a minute while I get something, ok?" I nod, and follow him into his house. I look around. It's open and very white. Suddenly I feel quite awkward, being alone in his house with him, since I know how flirty he can get.

      I relax when someone comes in. It's a friend of Arron's although I swear I've met him before.
      (Never met this guy IRL, just a random DC) "I know you!" I smile. He sees me and grins.

      "Yeah! We spoke at the party a few nights ago! Fancy meeting you here."

      I completely forget about school, and the guys grab some food and we head to Arron's room. I lounge on a stool, and the guy introduces himself as Josh. He's rather hot, and I keep catching his eye. The door opens, and more friends of Arron's come in. I realise suddenly that I've missed three periods of school.

      I find myself in my school's main corridor. It's pretty much empty of people, so I sit down. Rochelle comes in and says we're going on a P.E trip. She doesn't seem concerned that I've missed my mornings lessons. We walk into the PE changing rooms. Everyone has giant suitcases full of clothes, and the room slopes downwards.

      I realise I have nothing to wear, and my moany teacher is shouting at me to hurry up. Mumbling under my breath, I ask someone if I can borrow some jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. I rummage through their suitcase and pull on clothes that are far too big.

      The room slopes again sharply and I find myself rolling downwards and hitting the wall. My teacher shouts at me to get a move on but I can't make it up the slope, the flooring has become smooth which makes it difficult to get a grip.

      Eventually I make it up and hurry along with the rest of the girls. My dad turns up, and we watch a very scary rollercoaster pass just above our heads. There's a t.v under it, which we stop to watch. Apparently some people are giving their views on the rollercoaster. I notice one of the girls is Emma Watson. She has very blonde, volumous hair and far too much make-up on.

      The beginning was the best bit, although it was a very mundane dream which pretty much sucked
    2. Elarial

      by , 02-28-2011 at 10:18 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Ok, so last night was the best dream I've had for a wee while because my recall is so shitty lately. GAH!

      Awake Non-lucid

      I'm outside my school, although it's not really my school anymore. It's nightime, and the whole outiside has been rebuilt. The walls aren't their usual dull brown, but white and glowing rays of light. It also has white blocks leading out of it.

      I float a little and sit on a block. My brother flies down and asks what's going on. "They've rebuilt the school" I reply, quite excited "but the inside's still as shitty as ever."

      He says nothing else, and instead takes a look around. When he comes back, he's morphed into Asher. I find that I'm suddenly lying down in nothing but a towel. He tells me to check my phone, so I do. I have a text from Katie about a drug called Elarial. It's a new thing that's came out.

      The scene changes again, and I find myself under a stone walkway, with giant bells hanging from the cieling above my head. Both sides show sunny, green grass with people have fun times. It's a univercity. I see another message, Katie is telling me to try and find some. The sky turns grey as I run up a stone stairway, knowing there's some Elarial around here somewhere.

      Asher finds and corners me, telling me to snap out of my trance. "This drug isn't like other drugs," he growls angrily "It could only take one shot to get you hooked for life. It ruins you Kor, you spend so much on it that your life is gone. Don't listen to Katie, she's not herself. She's gone."

      His sister is gone. I frown sadly, and get another message. "Just once." it says. "Just try it once." I think at this point Asher sees how confused and very un-lucid I am and pulls me away into a room. Skylar is in there. They both talk to eachother quietly about how to protect the drug and keep me away from it.

      It's like I'm drunk. I giggle stupidly, grinning at Asher and running my hands through his black hair, pushing it back. He grabs me to keep me still while he discusses a plan of action with Skylar. I feel neglected, and sit down. Skylar eyes Asher, and I think they know I feel confused and ignored. Asher pulls me into a hug and says everything will fix itself soon.

      Didn't know what to think of that, but it's very odd that I had Asher, Skylar and Katie all in the one dream. Makes me wonder if my subconscious is simply wishing for it... I dunno.
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Poundland

      by , 02-19-2011 at 03:37 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Meh. Rubbish recall last night. It was a pretty fun dream too, I just can't remember most of it. I have the feeling something went on at my school, but it's just a feeling.

      Awake Non-lucid

      I'm in my local Poundland. Most of my friends are here. But only the guys, my girl friends aren't here. They seem to be in a line, waiting for something. The aisles are very close together.

      I see my good friends Sam, Phil and Chris. I smile, and push past people to get to them. They all grin, and move around to let me in the middle of them. We all laugh as Sam sticks his foot out to trip me up, but I jump over it, landing between the boys.

      The aisles seem to get even narrower, and I end up with my back against a wall, Phil pressed up against me. "Well, this isn't awkward at all." We both laugh shakely, and I shoot evils at Chris, who is winking and smirking at us.

      Finally, the line moves forward, and we get some space. I ignore the guys and look at a tv on a shelf. A tv in Poundland? I only ever come to Poundland to buy chocolate and other sugary stuff. I read the cheap, bright, star shaped label that's stuck to the box. "67" It says. What? This is frickin' Poundland! Everything's supposed to be a pound! Another label below it says "10". I scoff and move on.

      There's just something on the edge of my mind that I feel I'm about to remember but it's just not happening... Aw well, at least I recalled something.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    4. An Eye To Watch Over

      by , 02-17-2011 at 02:03 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      I slept a lot again so it was jumpy. Had another FA.

      Awake Non-lucid Semi-Lucid

      I get up. I'm in my room. A FA? I'm not sure, usually I'm sure I'm dreaming, but my room is totally normal looking. Still, I have a feeling...

      I get up, it's very dark as usual. I plug my nose. Am I breathing or not? For some reason it's hard to tell. I push my finger into my hand, but I can't see properly because it's so dark. I walk over to the light switch and push it, but nothing happens. I still feel wary, so I look down at my fingers. I have eight on my left hand. The fingers are unnaturally thin, and the nails very long. I'm dreaming.

      Then I woke up, grrr....

      I'm outside, again. I wonder around the small park, which is outside of my old house. It's twilight again. The suns rays are golden and warm, but there are only a few hours of daylight left. I look to the sky.

      There's a giant eye in the clouds, fixed on me. I don't like it. I have the feeling that I need to do something. The eye is a force, and when there is a force, there is an opposite.
      (I was reading this in The Hero of Ages book last night before I went to bed. Guess it played into my dreams) What is the opposite? Well if the Eye is bad, then there must be a force out in the sky which is good.

      I remain sitting, pondering. Am I all that human? No... I have something that I don't know of... It pops into my head by the other force (Preservation, the Eye is Ruin) that I have the Dragon Spirit! I see it, a ghost of a little red, green and black dragon beside me. But soon it disappears. Can I harness these powers?

      [Dreamskip] I'm in my local Asda supermarket. It's very crowded. How can I find my powers here? There are stairs that lead to a second floor. There isn't usually a second floor. Curiously, I go up. The room is very small, and there's a trail of blue oil. With a lot of effort, I manage to clear up the oil using my thoughts. There's a guy there who frowns at me, but says nothing.

      [Dreamskip] I can fly. But someone's grabbed me. The man from Asda! He grips me as we fall, clouds flying past. How far are we? We're falling at a terrifying speed. I manage to loosen his grip and send myself upwards. He grabs me again, too tightly, and drags me down again. Eventually we land on a ledge in an old town. Before he can pick himself up, I run.

      I run out of town, into a flat kind of field. I can't see to the other side. There are several layers of what look like translucent green nets hanging down, one after the other. They're alive, sent by the Eye to capture me. But I have powers now! They are very difficult to control but I try.

      The wind stirs the nets. They blow upwards, and as they do, I duck at super-human speed under one. I continue to do this until I am past them all. I think I am safe, until a net, no, tassles, slowly drift from the sky. The curl around like mist, wrapping itself around me. In fact, there is mist now. I get it off me, grabbing what I came for, which happens to be a small pile of red grapes.

      [Dreamskip] I'm back in the park, with my grapes. Feeling a sense of satisfaction at my achievement, I throw grapes into the air and catch them in my mouth. I look back towards the Eye, which is still there.

      I'm more curious than frightned now. I jump into a very high tree, and then into the clouds themselves. There are other people there. I now see that it is not an eye, but a face. The face smirks at me. He shows us a pool in the clouds. He says that the one who wills their dragon to push the kayak in there will win.

      This will be easy. I look to the boy next to me. He is weak, scared. Ruin favored me! My dragon appears again. "Push" I think to it. Nothing happens. I think again. I try to send my thoughts to my dragon. Nothing happens. The kayak begins to move slightly. I see it is the boys dragon next to me. Aggressive now, I push all of my will to my dragon. The kayak soars forward, and the evil Man in the sky smiles eerily down at me.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    5. Daddy...

      by , 02-13-2011 at 09:36 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-lucid

      Quite a sketchy dream, but I'll try my best to write it out

      I'm outside my previous estate. There's a slight wind, and the light (as it is per usual in my dreams) is a twilight orange. I stand completely still, watching the orange brick house, watching the shadows twist and move over the surface.

      A tall, burly man in a black suit comes out and stands before me. "I am your father. Come inside and settle down."

      Something feels off about this man. "You are not my father." I snarl, remaining still.

      He grinds his teeth and then says "Yes, I am. Come inside and get something to eat."

      I give up and go inside. The house is much bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside. Inside, he shows me to my room. He appears to be very, very rich. The room is a light grey. Curtains drape down the walls, and in the centre of the room is a large bathtub.

      [Dreamskip] I don't know how long I've been here. But this man who calls me daughter is evil. I run.

      I stop outside of a broken down caravan. My brother sits outside. Together we go inside, where we meet an old woman. She eagerly gives us food. A mouldy piece of pizza, with coleslaw and other horrible, off foods, all piled on top of eachother.

      The womans features turn ugly as i decline the plate of food. She throws the food at me and screams at me to eat.

      With a start I realise she is the old hag I see often in my dreams. I run into a conservatory, the old hag after me with the food. With no where to run, she grabs me and tries to force the food down my throat. I splutter and try to throw her off me, but she pins my arms to my sides, laughing wickedly. She says that she is helping me, and that the man is evil.

      I think they were working together.
    6. The Project and the Body

      by , 02-07-2011 at 09:19 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      My dreams weren't so blurry because I got less sleep, but still a decent amount. Is 7.5 hours the lucky amount?

      Awake Non-lucid

      I'm in a large, white room. There are maps on the walls, each country a different colour. I don't glimpse much before my dad walks in. "I'm starting a project." He says, his voice booming, the acoustics of the room amplifiying it. "I'm learning the languages of Denmark, France, and Korea."

      I frown. My dad is not the language type. Neither am I, in fact. "Why?" I ask slowly, studying a map, one which my dad has unpinned from a wall and spread onto a table.

      After marking Denmark, France and Korea with a pen, he turns to me. "Because they are all similar." He turns back to the map. I smuggle a laugh, I don't know much about each country, but I don't think they're similar... Still, I quite like the sound of the project to be honest, and think I'll join him with it.

      [Dreamskip] I'm outside, it's very sunny and I'm looking at a green lawn. There's a blonde man there. Coming from the middle of his back is a large blue braid of hair, like a tail. It's tied around a post, keeping him still.

      [Dreamskip] I'm in what seems to be a hall made of dirt. The blonde man is there, and so are other people. He says that this is our home now. I get an odd feeling about him, but I decide to trust him anyway. I think he's helping my dad with his project or something.

      I look around. The mud is a brownish red. The red is strangely bright in one particulaur area. I kneel down on my heels, and draw my fingers through.

      I'm horrified to find a pale, bare foot. I search more and find other bodyparts. I turn to the blonde man, who is watching me with dark eyes. "What the hell is going on?" I shout at him.

      "The man we killed, there is no way of disposing a body without the police finding it. So I cut him up and brought him with us."

      Man we killed? I don't remember, but I think he's telling the truth. He fiddles with his tail. "When we have to move again, what then?" I hiss.

      He shrugs, glanceing away and then looking back. "We'll take the body with us. We cannot be found by the police..."

      I snort. This is such a depressing situation. He totally fucked it up. If it were me I would have burned the body and gotten as far away as possible. After a bit more thinking, I start to have doubts. I don't know what they could use to trace a burned body, but they probably could.

      I hear banging from somewhere outside the hall. I only need to watch the terror on the blonde man's face to know they've found us.
    7. Hair Colour

      by , 02-06-2011 at 12:33 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-lucid

      I'm on he internet. There's a picture of a girl on the screen. I'm looking at her hair colour, which is blonde, black, pink and blue. The cut is very messy, but not in a good way. It's all over the place and looks burnt. I reach into the screen and touch the hair. It's very, very soft, but again, messy. I do like the colour though... But would I bleach my hair? I've never wanted to go blonde, I usually hate bleached looking hair. Hmmmm.....
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Make-up, Dancing Martial-Arts, and FA

      by , 02-05-2011 at 11:16 AM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      There was something about cats, but I can't remember. I was also looking at youtube about martial-arts dancers, and how they could do 360 splits on metal fences. I also starting putting eyeliner on in pink and purple (ew).

      I also "woke up" in my room, knowing I'm dreaming, and once again found it very difficult to move. I'm not quite sure what happened after I managed to get up. Who knows?
    9. Holiday/Waking Up

      by , 02-04-2011 at 09:42 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      As per usual, I "woke up" into a dream. It's kinda annoying how I get lucid in the same place each time. I would like to get lucid in a wierd area for once!

      Anyway, I had several dreams last night but can only remember enough of two to write down.



      I'm in some sort of shopping centre. I have a dim recollection of it as I take a look around. The cieling is made of glass, and the place is extremely crowded. I'm on my own, which makes me feel intimidated since I have no idea where I am. There are several sections, pathways which lead off to different areas of the centre, organised by genre. I'm about to go down the gaming section, but my feminine side wins over, and I go to the area with a large red sign saying "Fashion" in curvy writing.

      I walk in my usual fast pace, but a tall woman wearing a pale blue, halter-neck dress catches my eye. The dress is beautiful. I walk up and ask her where she bought it and in what size. She tells me it is in a size 225, which makes me frown in confusion. Before she speaks, a young man appears next to me, smiling. He asks if he would like to buy me a drink in the local tropical fruit juice bar
      (no alcohol for me I'm afraid!). I grin and accept the offer.

      He leads me through the crowd, to a tall brown, carribean looking bar, like the ones on beaches abroad. The people inside look spanish. I look around, noticing that everyone looks a little spanish. I must be on holiday! I order a berry smoothie. I take a sip, it's delicious, but would be better with banana added to it.

      The man who served me glowers down. He said I must not drink until I pay. The guy who brought me here said it's ok, and fishes around in his pockets. A woman comes over and says I must pay. I'm starting to get very confused. The three of them start argueing, as I stand awkwardly, holding my smoothie. Eventually, I pull some coins out of my pockets. I find it difficult to count the correct amount, but soon enough I hand the money over.

      Waking Up

      Semi-Lucid Lucid

      I'm in my bed. I know I'm dreaming, as always when I wake up into this. A FA? I don't know. I find it very difficult to move. My jeans and t-shirt seem to be sticking uncomfortably to me. As soon as I'm out of my bed, I RC several times.

      Yes, I'm dreaming. My lucids are gradually getting clearer and clearer. Not fully realistic yet, but getting there. I wonder if dream control will be an issue for me, since lucids like these don't happen too often. "No" I think. "My visualisation skills are good. I can do anything."

      I switch on a dim light, open my door, and walk downstairs. I head into the living room, which I haven't done in these dreams before. Daylight is shining in through the window. My dog, a labrador, is lying curled up on the t.v stand, the actual t.v nowhere to be seen. I smile at how odd it is, but don't go over to see him. He just lies and watches me with his big brown eyes.

      I jump onto the sofa below the window, and jump through. I pass most of the way through, until my foot gets stuck. I drag it through and drop to the ground.

      And then I woke up. Not quite sure why, but I did

      It was pretty cool though, because I've only ever had a few clear lucids, whereas the rest I counted as semi ones. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this, finally! Also, now that I have more time to lucid dream, my non-lucids have gotten clearer too.

      Looking forward to more
      lucid , non-lucid
    10. Fragments

      by , 02-02-2011 at 09:53 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Got a crappy sleep so I don't have much to write.

      Awake Non-lucid

      We're trapped. I seem to be in a large chamber. It's tiled in blue, with various levels. There's a girl here who I really don't like, she's the type of bleached-blonde-barbie-bimbo that I tend to hate. We give eachother evil glares, then turn away.

      [Dreamskip] We've been trapped here for days, there's really no way out. We sit, eating whatever we can find, not talking often. But I guess It's nice to have some company at least... I can hear rushing water all of the time. Maybe there really is a way out? I don't know, we haven't found anything so far.

      [Dreamskip] The girl and I have learned to trust each other. And we found a way out. There's a waterfall leading out! She grabs a giant celery stalk, and a inflated dingy, and gets in. I climb into it, feeling nervous, and she pushes it over the edge. We fall, I scream, feeling my stomach jump. Soon we land with a giant splash outside, on top of a building, bright sunlight beating off us.

      Meh, hoping for a better sleep tonight so I can dream something decent
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Journeys

      by , 01-31-2011 at 09:42 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-lucid Vivid

      I dunno, this dream kinda hit a sore spot. I love my mum and all, but anything that we have in common, I kind of don't like. Hmm...

      Whichever parts in my dreams that I label vivid, are really the parts where I should be getting lucid at, because it's clear enough that I should be recognising dream scenes. However, I'm still inexperienced, but working on it. Now that I've got into dream journaling again (well... kind of.) then my dreams are really picking up again Now I just need to start back with my WBTBs and I should be sorted.

      My mum and I are walking along a hillside. The weather is cloudy and the hills are very green. My mum's talking to me about something, but I'm not listening. As always, her presense has dragged up memories that I'd rather bury down and forget. There are people travelling behind us.

      I continue to walk and stare at the grass. I notice that the parts I'm walking on, are much darker than the rest. I stop and ask my mum about it. We both kneel down and examine the blades. There are grass seeds everywhere. I cry out as my mum pulls up a handful of grass. I quickly grab the handful and put it back, wanting nothing out of place.

      "I wish we could travel more. I like it when we travel. Remember that time we walked all the way to Wales?"
      (these are past dreams that I'm mistaking to be memories. Strange huh?) "And that time we drove a helicopter into the mountines, and drove the car over the gap in the motorway and almost crashed? I like doing that."

      I couldn't admit to her, that although I love the travelling, she always gives me a sense of depression when I'm with her. That I'd rather walk the length of Britain with one of my friends, or my brother, instead of her.

      We keep walking. I get the sense that I should recognize something, but I don't.

      I woke up feeling strange.
    12. You Do Not Control Your Hair - Your Hair Controls You

      by , 01-30-2011 at 12:43 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-lucid Vivid

      I'm in a hall in school. There's a piano on the side, which I go over to, sit down, and happily start playing. It's difficult to play though, it's very small and the keys are not in order. My physics teacher comes over and smirks. "Holy shit..." he says. "That is fucked up."

      I continue trying to place the keys in the right postions. He reaches out and grabs the top of the piano. "What are you doing?" I ask, growing increasingly worried. He begins to crush the piano with his hands. I jump up and scream at him, trying to push him off. After a lot of effort, I shove him away and turn towards the piano. It's broken, bits of wood lying all over the floor. Tears well up in my eyes, and I shove him once more, then run down a flight of stairs, crying.

      He runs after me but I just run faster, until I'm outside and running down a hill. My english teacher is walking up the hill. She stops me and asks in a kind voice what is wrong. I slowly tell her about the piano, and how it's making me feel depressed for some reason. She squeezes my shoulder and says she'll speak to my physics teacher, and that it's ok for me to be out of school right now.

      I walk down the hill and into a forest. As I walk, I see faces in the trees. They whisper to me, but I don't know what they're saying. I get to a sunken well.

      There are more faces in the well, with pale blue skin and gaping mouths. Their hands reach for me. The trees are moving closer. I jump to avoid their hands, but eventually they get me and pull me into the stone well.

      I wake up in a victorian style house. Getting up, I notice a young man in the room, standing in front of a floor length mirror, studying himself. "Sister," he says, sounding oddly monotone. "Your company is requested by the mistress before we leave."


      "Have you forgotten already?" He asks, straightening his suit. "Our brothers funeral, the one you killed."

      It flashes into my mind. Me, running across rooftops, my brother after me, an explosion, panic everywhere...

      "I remember... I will go see the mistress."

      I go into a dimly lit basement. An old hag of a woman grabs my hair and uses it to drag me to a stool facing a mirror. I cry out. "You think you can get away with this, m'girl? hm? I must cut your hair off. You do not control your hair, it controls you! You are grieving! You will never have hair again!"

      She grabs a razor. I notice that my hair is not it's usual dark brown, but a pale blonde with bits of auburn in it. It's very pretty. I smile at it, but it dawns on me that my the mistress is holding up the razor. My face drops as she takes it to the side of my head and drags it upwards, leaving no hair in its place.
    13. My School - 50 Years Ago

      by , 01-29-2011 at 06:15 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid

      I'm walking down the road that's outside my school. There's a guy with me, but I don't pay much attention to him. I've traveled back in time to see what my school was like fifty years ago. I'm not that excited. Everything has a slight brown tinge, as if the atmosphere is old.

      I walk into the entrance hall, and am quite surprised by how similar it is to the one we have now. I don't look around too much. The guy who's with me says I need to get changed for P.E.

      [Dreamskip] I'm in the quad. I am astonished that instead of concrete, it is grass, and the school is in small, pretty blocks of white and brown houses instead of the disgusting dark square we have at the moment. "This is what it was like?" I whisper, and several of the people around me look at me as if i'm crazy, because they obviously belong to this time.

      I get the faint idea that i'm dreaming, and the dream becomes a little more vivid. I walk to the back of one of the blocks to look around. Someone shouts behind me, and I spin around to find Snape from Harry Potter pointing a thin, black wand at me. I pull out my own wand.

      "You think you can defeat me?" He sneers. I feel determined. I shout a spell and expect it to blast towards him, but instead, a pink trail of cloudy smoke appears from the tip of my wand. I heads towards Snape, but he slowly walks out of its way. When he fires a spell, it does the same.

      I'm tired of this boring "dual". "Expelliarmus!" I shout. Snape's wand flies from his grasp. "Accio wand!" It soars into my outstretched hand.

      Snape's face falls. He knows he's failed. I glower at him. "You have been defeated," I hiss. "Go home!" I point away, and he shuffles off into the distance.
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. Saving A World - Artificial Energy

      by , 01-22-2011 at 11:36 AM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid

      I walk down a windy, empty street. Leaves blow down the road. Houses are on either side of me, dark brown and old fashioned looking. Something's wrong.

      I hear voices in a house to my right. Straightening up, I walk over, climb the steps to the door, and let myself in. Inside are three people. They stop what they're doing and stare at me. Two of them are girls and one is a boy. One of the girls smiles. She's tall and pale, with long dark tight curls and freckles. The other is smaller and more plain looking, although she has scrape marks on the sides of her face. The boy looks more related to the first girl. He's smaller, but has the same pale skin and freckles.

      The first girl introduces herself as Laura. I don't get the names of the other people. She says her sister is paralysed. I feel incredibly wary. Something's wrong.

      "Do you have a power?" She asks, her eyes narrowing. Well of course I do. I can fly. She seems to know the answer and pulls out a knife. I jump high as she slices at me, and shoot myself up the stairs. They obviously have powers, but I don't know what. Up the stairs, I find a hole like portal. I jump down it.

      I land in a dark, damp room. The tiles are slick with mud, and there's barely any light at all. The walls are rusted and mould grows along the corners. Hell, I'm in fear of my life and I don't care who gets in my way now. I walk along, and find an old haggard woman pushing a broken trolley. She's hunched over, with straw-like hair and lines all over her face. Her body shakes. I keep away from her, thinking she might be in league with the others.

      There's dark stairs to my right. I hover near them, but it looks nasty. I walk towards doors instead and push them open into a bright lobby area. Business people are walking around. The furniture is all black and white. I can't get rid of the nagging feeling that this place is wrong. Something's wrong.

      There they are! Laura and her siblings. The girl is in a wheelchair. I lift myself from the floor and hover in the air. I try to shoot past, but as I cross the girl, I freeze mid-air. I fight to move, but can't. Laura stands in front and stares up at me, a ghost of a smile on her face.

      "You see, she may not be able to move herself. But she can move things within a distance."

      I gaze at the girl, but she avoids my eyes. "My brother here, is the one who tracked you down." Laura hisses.

      "What do you want!?" I shout, still fighting the bound. Wait. I feel something. Energy. I can feel her power. I cling to the energy and fight it with my own. I weaken it and beat it down. A voice rings through the lobby saying "Power de-Synchronised" in a mono-tone, computer voice.

      The girl turns pale grey, and she slumps over, dead. I shoot through the glass and into the fields beyond. I climb higher and higher, pushing at the air behind my feet to keep aflight. The fields are beautiful. It's twilight, and the fields are golden. They ripple, and the trees are in shades of red and orange.

      Something's behind me. I spin in the air, finding Laura and her brother behind me. What? That's not their power! Wait... I can see that they're using their energy to fuel the flight. I drop down to avoid Laura's knife. "What do you want!? What are you trying to accomplish!?"

      As soon as I bellow this, I know the answer. She wants the world. In my mind I see towering cities of enslaved people. I can see how she forced her siblings into using their powers for her. I can see how she dropped through the portal and used the hag as a guard. How she went down the dark, evil steps to the taggled wires of an energy station, where she would gain control of this world. I know this is not my world, not the one I belong to. But I try to save it anyway.

      I fight her brother's energy, tears falling from my eyes as I try and focus on flying, avoiding her knife and destroying his energy. I shoot forwards as fast as I can, grass and trees blurring past below me. Eventually the voice comes again and says "Energy de-Synchronised" as the brother loses all colour and falls to the ground.

      I see red poles in the air. I grab one as I pass it, swinging myself up onto the top of it. Laura does the same. She smirks. I still don't know her power. I have little energy to fight her artificially empowered one. She knows she's won.

      The dream ended before I could try and kick her butt.
      memorable , non-lucid
    15. Parents/The Dance

      by , 01-14-2011 at 09:58 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)

      Awake Non-lucid

      I'm in my dad's bedroom, sitting on the floor, with my knees pulled up to my chest. I'm staring at my dads wardrobe, which is white. My mum comes in and says hi. What is she doing here? My parents broke up last year. Maybe they're back together? No, that would never happen, they hate eachother too much.

      She says that she and my dad never broke up. What..? I'm just confusing myself. Maybe they didn't. Maybe I'm going crazy. Maybe I just don't know anymore. I huddle down as she leaves and stare at the wardrobe again.

      The Dance

      I'm in a hall, standing, watching what is going on around me. There are dancers, performers, magicians, circus people everywhere. They all have brightly coloured, victorian clothing on. I smile, everyone is so happy. They all play a part in the show going on around me.

      I turn to my left and notice what looks like a Queen sitting on a throne, observing with a stern gaze. "Stop!!" She screeches, and everyone freezes. "YOU!!" She shouts, pointing a finger at a young man who is dancing. He has dark tussled hair, and wears red (Asher, it just didn't click). "You are not dancing the proper dance! Find another partner! Dance it how I told you to! THIS IS MY SHOW!"

      One side of his mouth curves up into a cheeky smile. He bows mockingly and says that he must then practice more. The Queen tells the other performers to practice, then she gets up and stalks over to me. "You will NOT be his partner." She hisses to me. I frown, but say nothing as she leaves. She reminds me of the Queen of Hearts in Alice In Wonderland.

      I notice a girl my age standing in the shadows beside the golden throne. She glares at me, a calculating look in her eyes. She has mousy brown hair that is tied back, and is about half a head smaller.

      Someone grabs my hand. The young man! He keeps my hand and puts his other on my waist. I put my other hand on his shoulder and the music starts. We take a few steps, and he's about to speak, but the girl struts over. "The Queen said that you must not dance together!" She said haughtily. I scoff, and Asher smiles, and nods to behind him.

      "Look," He says, nodding to his right. "There's my body."

      We both look to find what is a complete copy of his body, but without the head. Before either of us can react, Asher flicks a wrist to the girl, and she chokes immedietly. "Run along and tell the Queen that I will dance whatever and whoever I like."

      The girl runs off, a hand clutched to her throat. I laugh, and Asher's mouth pulls up into a grin.
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