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    1. Sign me Danger Mouse!

      by , 08-16-2011 at 11:14 PM (Flying Spaghetti Dreams)

      i find myself in a theatre full of people and i am about to perform with some kind of school singing group (used to do chorale singing while i was at high school). I am mingling in the audience before having to go backstage and the person i'm chatting with (my flatmates boyfriend IRL) says: "bro look, it's Danger Mouse" (an awesome producer whom i admire).

      Danger Mouse:

      so i'm pretty starstruck but i'm also freaking out because i think this is my only chance to ever get signed by, or collaborate with Danger Mouse. For a while i panic and try to tidy myself up but my hair is way to messy.
      At this point there is a gap in the dream (or recall) and suddenly i'm onstage performing. I appear to have forgotten about Danger Mouse because i'm just messing around and talking to other people onstage. I imagine my principal being embarrassed by how average the performance is and it makes me want to mess around even more
      ~wake up~

      wish i'd been a bit more surprised at seeing DM at the show and had questioned the dream. Could've done basic ToTM so easy!!