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    1. March 27, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 03-27-2018 at 10:06 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene is behind my elementary school. I'm trying to get back to my high school. The back part of the elementary school does not look how it does in real life. It's made of gravel rocks and is very steep. Someone walks by me as I try to climb up this steep rock hill. I'm wearing a very heavy backpack and am struggling to get up there.

      The scene goes to in front of my elementary school in the field. I'm trying to find the best way through the trees so I walk closer to the school but then decide to take a route around the trees closer to the road. My idea is that school is in session and I'm 22.

      I get into the high school finally and am in this small hallway that was orange lit and looked very old. I go into a room that looks like a bathroom and decide I'm going to take a shower. The floor is very dirty and has bugs crawling around. I put my stuff down and contemplate if I can sleep here over night. The room changes and now there's 5 people there with me and a small table. We were playing a game where we were ships with 2 shots each shooting at each other, one side was the rick and morty team and the other were the aliens. Someone killed the Rick ship so that team was weakened.

      I look out of a classroom and realize I'm now in the 500s section of the high school. The current guys from the show choir are walking by and looking at me excitedly like they know and recognize me. I walk out and start noticing kids who were in the show choir a few years after I had graduated. I was wondering how the other kids knew me and thought maybe they knew me because I was the leader my senior year. We walk outside in a group and I pass my old choir teacher Mr. B. I stop and greet him but he doesn't really seem to happy to see me because he's busy trying to get the kids on the bus.

      There are 5 or 6 buses lined up waiting to depart. I turn and ask a kid where they are going and he says that they're going to a school I don't know. I couldn't quite make out the name he was telling me. I see austin p's parents so I say a quick hello to them and then look around the group. I notice a lot of these people were in my grade but not show choir. I see mac and we say hello.
    2. Dream - Twisted School

      by , 07-07-2017 at 02:00 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 2 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 145 - Twisted School

      The dream started off normally with Ms. Gal. taking choir in the music rooms. It was soon that I noticed things were becoming slightly off and I was wondering why WB wasn't showing up to choir. I excused myself and asked to go outside, promising that I would be back before the end of lunch. I quickly and quietly headed over to the year 9 bathrooms, hoping that Mr. B wouldn't catch me. When I was in the bathrooms, I saw that all the toilets were flooded and stuffed full of toilet paper. I eventually found one that I could use.

      When I was back outside, there were these two angry teachers waiting for me and one of them was Ms. L. Both the teachers were yelling at me about something in regards to WB, the fact that I'm always looking for her. Once the teachers were done and they went, I looked at my watch and saw that the time was 1:20 PM, so I decided to head back to choir before lunch would end in approximately 10 minutes. When I came into the choir room, I saw all these girls with red faces, like they had just been crying and some of them were actually crying at the scene. I decided I couldn't stay there, I had to leave straight away.

      On addition to fleeing the choir rooms, I was calling for WB in extreme panic but there was absolutely no response from the dream environment. JM comes up and approaches me, looking really bad and threatening to kill me with a pair of red scissors she's holding. Even after the scissors are threatened at me, there is no response from the dream for WB to come and assist me, so I turn my attention to calling for my “guards”. I say something like “get the truck over here and handle these bullies!”... There was no response from the teddy bears either. JM was still after me and so I'm looking through this barrier, over to the oval. She comes behind me and tells me there's no escape. Then I approach this weirdly placed wire door and from it suddenly drops an absolutely creepy Super Mario Logan puppet which causes me to wake up in a sweat.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Mini Heart Attack (Wake up from a nightmare 1 time)

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    3. Dream - Choir Drop-outs & The Case Study Marks Are Here

      by , 06-14-2017 at 01:00 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 13 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 132 - Separated Sections

      Dream 132 A - Choir Drop-outs
      From what I can remember, choir was taking place in the Kennedy Hall with Mr H. Now there were only a very few girls there, I can vividly remember AL and RA being there. Mr H was quite peeved off at the fact that many girls didn't turn up to the rehearsal and I think he asked me I could go outside and find more girls.

      I eventually made my way to the oval and saw WB, BT and EL there. At first, they were just sitting and chatting with each other but then they decided to play a game with me. We spread ourselves out and were hand-balling a white and blue football to each other. Then after that, the girls were sitting back down again. I approached WB and was going to really tell her off for being lazy and not coming to choir but then I did have a change of heart. I caught myself and said something to her like “Hey WB, you don't have to come to choir. I'll just tell Mr H that you have something on at the moment. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 132 B - The Case Study Marks Are Here
      Although the dream was on Monday night, it was actually Tuesday in the dream. This meant that our TAFE teacher KHa was giving us our financial reports case study back. Everyone else got a mark out of 120 but I got a mark out of 140. Apparently it's because she thought I asked for an extension and so she was penalising me, my mark was 97.5 out of 140. I then asked why she marked it like that. I explained that I always had the intention of handing it in when everyone else did. My mark was then 102.5 out of 120. I don't remember what else happened.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Cert IV Reunion (Have every Cert IV Accounting classmate in your dream)
    4. Dream - The Celebration & Choir Competition & I Got A Reply

      by , 05-19-2017 at 08:46 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 19 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 115 - Separated Sections

      Dream 115 A - The Celebration
      My mum and I were driving when I saw a really bright rainbow in the sky. When I told her to look at it, these really dark clouds started to cover it up but then a second rainbow had appeared. As we drove closer to our local area, more and more rainbows started to appear until there were heaps of them. The sky also started to have other signs of strange, colourful light in it as well.

      When we were within our streets, I noticed that a lot of houses had their Christmas lights on although it wasn't Christmas season. My dad suggested that it was this annual celebration that was taking place. We went up one backstreet and got out of the car. My parents had presented someone with this massive bag of Easter eggs. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream 115 B - Choir Competition
      I was in an unknown building that looked like the reception area of somewhere like a clinic or a hospital. Just outside the doors, there were all these primary school students lined up wearing blue and yellow uniform. Apparently they were one of the schools involved in a choir competition. When they came back in, they sat on the chairs close by with their teacher sitting right next to me. I kept trying to get the teacher's attention to say congratulations but everyone kept ignoring me.

      The next school to go outside for singing was Killester College. The dream must have skipped their repetoire as straight after, the choir was leaving the place. As they were all walking along with Mr. H, WB saw me and we frantically waved at each other. She had then pulled out some sort of polaroid camera and was trying to take a picture of me. I thought didn't know what she wanted and so I tried to avoid being snapped. She desperately tried to get my attention and said she just wanted to say bye to me, so I then deliberately smiled for the camera.

      Dream 115 C - I Got A Reply
      There were two instances in this dream where I got a reply. The first one was fan mail that I had sent to SML in waking life but in the dream, I actually saw that there was a reply! (no reply in waking life). My dream mind had pieced that Logan had composed the reply and there was this gibberish in which the only part that made sense was something about my music.

      The dream then moved to me messaging TH on Facebook (I have not done this in waking life). Shortly after, I get a message from someone else, I have forgotten the name of this account. I eventually suss out that this is Taylor's aunty and that's all I remember about this dream.
    5. TOTM Fail TOTD Fail TOTY Fail

      by , 11-16-2016 at 09:50 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I was in a choir, singing in an auditorium. It is soon over. I am now in an orchestra I play in. I can't find my music. Suddenly I see that my desk partner is on both sides of me! I do a reality check, and I am dreaming.

      I announce that I am attempting the Lucid Task of the Day which is, figure out 1% of 5. It shows this on a plaque. I fail. I fly out. and arrive in my house. I try to find Candyland (TOTM) half-fearing I might instead find a girl called Candi. Nothing appears. I give up and try and remember the TOTY.
      I remember it as : Be a unicorn and destroy a Snellkork (I remember it as a sort of intelligent mountain troll). I give up. I then have a talk to T about life.

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    6. Plagues and Emotional Ties

      by , 09-20-2016 at 04:36 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      Oi, oi, I'm back from the shadows of a five day slump of upset emotions and sadness. Things have cooled down now though, and I've brought two dreams with me for this entry!
      This first one was from the morning before this morning.
      I was in a school (who would've thunk it), or more specifically, a choir class. We were all singing some song, and for some reason, all the kids around me were 5th graders, while I was the only young adult in the room, aside from the teachers standing around watching our performance. Suddenly, alarms blared! Doctors came in from every which way! What was going on?
      The answer to that question appeared in the form of the head of the doctors, a nurse with a demanding presence but kind demeanor. She strolled her way in, feet clacking on the floor as we all stared in a mixture of confusion and horror. She stopped walking, waited a moment, and explained to us that a virus was going through the school. Not just any virus though; it was a lethal, fast-spreading virus, and all of the kids had to be quarantined immediately. With a snap of her fingers, the doctors began rounding up the kids and escorting them out of the choir room. For some reason, nobody came up to me, making me the last one in the room, along with the teachers and the head nurse.
      There was some more to this dream involving me questioning the nurse about the outbreak, but I don't remember it.
      Next is my fragment from this morning. And it's real sparse one at that; only specific scenes and characters remembered.
      A school was involved. (this may as well be a dream sign at this point along with K and my ex). My ex was there. For some reason I was viewing the dream as an observer, but another me was in the dream, or rather, my middle-school-aged self, as one of the participating DCs. My dad was in the dream too, and he was running for president, campaigning through the school.
      Lately I've noticed a trend that whenever my emotions get upset or sad, it tends to dip my recall the following mornings, whereas if I'm feeling happier and more clear-headed, I tend to have more consistent recall. Don't really know if there's anything to that, but it's been an observable enough pattern that there may be something to it, at least for me.
    7. Disabled Seminar, Rangebank Choir, Box of Protein LD#41 (2.9.14)

      by , 09-02-2014 at 11:11 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      Some guy giving seminar in a wheelchair. He tells everyone to stand up, making fun of himself. Everyone laughs, and i stand up as If I didn't get the joke at first. The man in wheelchair stands up. He talks about his arse, and what it looks like since he's been in a wheelchair. He makes his arse blow up outwards to about the size of a head.

      I'm playing a video game with Daryl. It's FIFA. We are taking shots for goal from free kicks. Daryl hasn't really figured out how to shoot properly.

      Dream 2

      I'm with Daryl and we're at our primary school. We are walking passed library when I see Soyer. He's sitting in the drivers seat of a car where the new portables are.

      Daryl and I are now at the preps toilets. I see a crowd of people singing where the gym is. I avoid going that way due to having to get involved. I see Troy Ost and one of his mates, maybe Hobs?
      Daryl is looking at a 20c coin and I happen to think that his face is on the coin, but soon after realise that's silly, and wouldn't be the case.
      Harley walks towards us and I jokingly tell him that anyone that sings in the choir can't be friends with us. He doesn't crack and smile, and I tell him he doesn't look too well. He agrees with me, and kneels down and farts. He now cracks a little smile. It's a silent but deadly one. It smells like diarrhea. Daryl walks over towards Harley and I tell him to not go too close cause he smells like he shat his pants.

      Dream 3 - DILD - 9:05AM

      I'm in a car with Josh Alford and a couple others, maybe my other mates? We're talking and I'm kinda avoiding getting in a convocation with Josh A. We pull up at the bottle-o near the settlement. It seems to be a protein powder store. We walk over and the boys get their stuff. I'm thinking of buying some, but only if it's pure protein and not with the junk additives they usually put in. I grab a box without telling anyone, and drag it around the store. I eventually put it back under the table where the rest of the supplements were. I see a row of what looked like glass pineapples.
      I walk out of the store and I see John Rickard on the foot path. John has something or is about to buy something. As I pass him I say "hi john" but he doesn't respond back.
      I walk over he road where the old Reece plumbing shop is, except it looks different to RL. I start to become aware that it's a dream. Not sure if I reality check considering I just knew it was a dream. I rub my hands together as the dream seems faded or fading, which doesn't help. I brace myself for a DEILD as the blackness takes over my vision.

      I visualise the last thing I saw which brings on a false awakening in my room. I do a reality check and realise I'm dreaming again. I get out of the bed and decide to do the spinning technique with my eyes closed hoping that a random dream scene appears and not my room for a change. I begin to think what if this isn't a dream and I start banging into walls while spinning, which would probably wake people up. I open my eyes and I'm slumped against the wall in my room. Dream fades again and decide to DEILD again. Same thing happens, end up in my bed. I do a reality check and my hands are blurring as I move them. I struggle to get out of bed, and feel half in and half out of the dream. The waking body wins the was and I awaken for real
    8. 14th Jan 2013 Some sort of 'roguelike'

      by , 01-14-2013 at 11:39 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I was playing some sort of top-down 'roguelike' shooter(roguelike according to dream, don't think it can be classified as one since it was in real-time not turn based), my player character was an sphere, apparently i was playing with some LP'er in multiplayer. We were on small maze'ish map and apparently we have spawned in different places of the level. We eventually found each other and proceed to the exit.
      Now we were in some big wooden hall with 3 height levels connected by stairs, i was in game from first person now instead of controlling normally. As we was choosing another map i noticed an light switch. I flicked it a few times, and each time there was same choir coming from somewhere below.
      Now we have started another map, i was controlling sphere again from top-down. Map was spiral like, and we have found badly placed trees that had right enough space to go in between, leading right to the exit, but we have decided to use normal path for the sake of recording. LP'er suddenly ran into bunch of hard enemies and his player character died, i went to that place and started shooting some small spheres at those enemies, who were spheres as well. It was hard, but after some ridiculous dodging i managed to kill all six of them, i have looked at map(which was Doom like) and it showed that only 2 out of 8 enemies were killed apparently. I have revived LP'er but apparently he was refusing to get up.
      Suddenly we get teleported back to the wooden halls, view switches to first person and LP'er character is now an black cat apparently. He's saying that he's too sleepy to continue. I flick the 'choir switch' a few more times, and wake up shortly.
    9. College Tests for Failed Classes, Singing at the Church Bar

      by , 01-06-2013 at 09:13 AM
      01-06-2013 -- [What fragments I had earlier in the night didn't seem worth remembering, but I know there was something about mom being around, and dad being dead, stuff at the Church of the Nazarene, and something about Anne and I being friendly with each other. I don't get why she is in my dreams so much, recently. I haven't seen her in years, haven't thought about her except in my dreams, and have no desire to have anything to do with her anymore. But the last few nights she keeps popping into my dreams.]

      I find myself at college, sitting for finals on two classes that I have never once attended through the year. This is my last chance to do something which might be able to salvage my grades. I think one class is a civics class, and the other may be a math class.

      Anyway, for the Civics final, I have to write a paper on what I would consider the perfect form of government, if money were no issue. I know what my beliefs are on government, and I think this ought to be easy, but every time I am about to write something, I think of more things to consider.

      I am planning on writing something in favor of a Rand-ist, Objectivism pro-business government and system, which is what I believe in, both in my dreams, and in real life, but I also keep coming back to the issue of big corporations with CEOs who make billions while they try to pay their workers minimum wage (or less), and while the system allows this, it still isn't right.

      [This could lead to a big argument on how no government system could ever work, because people quite simply suck! Communism is a good system in theory but can't work in practice because of human nature. Some are going to take charge and abuse the system while making others do all the work. Capitalism is the best system, but still the exact same thing happens. Our current liberal system with all the welfare and things fails for the same reasons, and in the same way as communism. All systems fail, and for the same reasons. Humans suck! So ends the soap box.]

      By this time, three fourths of the testing period is over, and I still haven't written anything, and the teacher is trying to talk me into just giving up, taking an F for the class, and leaving. But I am still convinced I can write something good enough to salvage my grade. Meanwhile, time keeps passing, and I think I am now in the middle of the testing period for the second class, still trying to write the paper for the first class.

      In some odd was that makes no sense, I soon find myself picking up and throwing down either a bust, or a broken bit of statue, again and again. I am kind of doing weight lifting with it, and must have been doing so for a while, because I have really built up my strength and stamina, and have some pretty serious muscles.

      Then I find myself in what seems to be a bar, but I am with the choir, and they are doing a concert. I haven't been around for rehearsals, and am not a part of it, but as they start singing, I find it is all Gaither songs, and I can't help but sing along. We're now several songs in, and one has just finished, and somebody is on a bar stool next to me. I think it is Laura S., and she leans to me and very nastily tells me to either quit singing, or get out! Even though I've been singing great because I know all the Gaither songs perfectly. [Don't think I have ever exchanged a cross word with her, no idea where this dream bit came from.]

      Without a word, I bend to pick up my backpack, and start to leave. She calls after me that Carl has things to do, so can't give me a ride home, and something about being ready on time on Sunday if I want a ride to church? She didn't think so! And I really don't have a clue why she is upset with me, but I must not have a car, currently, from all she is saying.

      I walk out of the church, and it turns out to be the church in Buena Park, and I start to walk home. It's only a couple of miles, not all that far. I pass through Servant's Heart, where they are talking about one of the people now constantly visiting or living at Rosemary's (the tall guy with curly black hair) and they are saying something about how they gave him some money and he went out and got sloshed on it ... never again money for him.

      By this point, I have walked through the flower neighborhood down to Dale, and have reached La Palma, and am preparing to jaywalk across to Food King, but the traffic is really heavy. Right about when I am going to bolt across, a car pulls up. It has nothing to do with me, but since I know the person, I stop and say hi. It is Tracey M (also from choir) who is either picking up or dropping off somebody.

      Soon I make it across the street, and soon make it home to the Hickory house, where I head into the house and move to my first bedroom, where I plan to go to sleep. I am remembering just a tiny bit about whatever the earlier bit here at the Hickory house was about, and how at least dad wasn't alive in the dream, so it is catching up with reality. Meanwhile, there is a cat in my room, and I am trying to pet it, but it seems to be a stray, so it is skittish, probably has fleas, and it isn't one I know.

      [When my dad died, I kept having weird dreams that he came back to help me with my mom's death. Once mom died too, then either parent might show up in my dreams, dead, alive, as a ghost, as having faked their own death, or back in time, before they died, so none of the above applied. Oddly, by the end of this dream I was a little kid, so they would have both been alive, yet I was glad my dreams were catching up enough to remember dad was dead.]
    10. Rehearsing for A Variety Show...as a Saber-Toothed Tiger...Dating a T-Rex. Yes, You Read That Right.

      by , 10-15-2012 at 03:06 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in what seemed to be high school choir again, on what seemed to be an island, though there were many other islands around too. It was covered in short, bright green grass, and some grey rocks. It was daytime, and the sky was clear and blue.

      We were rehearsing for the variety show on this island. My choir teacher was showing us the choreography she wanted us to learn for the show; we were all grouped up, and she was in front of us. She did some jumps and dance moves, but she went over it all very quickly.

      We then were left to practice on our own. We all gathered in a circle around the edges of the island, and we started to do the routine. There was then a full-sized T-Rex in the middle of the island, but it was one of the students; his part in the show was being a T-Rex. It scared me at first, but we all ran around his feet and repositioned; it was all just part of the show. He then turned into Godzilla, and was much more threatening that way. Again, it was part of the show. I feel like we ran through this sequence a few times. I found myself trying to go over the choreography in my head, remembering one move after the other.

      I then figured out I was playing the part of a saber-toothed tiger, though, unlike T-Rex boy, I didn't transform, but I was merely acting like a cat, or, I guess how I would imagine a saber-toothed tiger would act. I was also supposed to be the T-Rex's girlfriend as the saber-toothed tiger. Alright then, I could do that. I got down on my hands and knees, and walked around. I went over to some edge away from everyone else, sat down, and meowed. I was trying to play the part well. I thought about myself acting, making facial expressions to match the mood of the show.

      We then went back to the beginning of the show to rehearse some more. I now wasn't quite sure where I was supposed to be. The T-Rex guy said I needed to stick by him, but I got in the circle around the edges of the island again anyway. I had a feeling I had taken someone's space, though I didn't think we had assigned spaces yet. Oh whatever. I wondered if there were any solos in the piece of music we were doing.

      I then remember being atop a ledge on the island, overlooking the circular part, with T-Rex guy. We walked around a bit, I remember us being in a small cave for a little while. He was telling me he liked being Godzilla better than the T-Rex. He started to remind me of my IWL pen pal, Gabriel.

      I was then running back onto the circular part of the island with everyone else. I remember running over some light grey rock, and thinking about how exciting it was to be back in choir and performing.

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    11. Zombie Workers, Sleeping On a Porch, and Quitting Work All Over Again

      by , 09-27-2012 at 03:38 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in what appeared to be a cave system, but it was supposed to be at the restaurant I recently quit. The manager was evil, and was turning all the employees into zombies. I refused to let that happen to me. As the zombie workers tried to attack me, one by one, I fought them off. I remember them having red, glowing eyes.


      I was asleep on our neighbor's front porch, underneath my sleeping bag. It was nighttime. I rolled over, and the door opened. Lisa (the neighbor) checked on me, and then went back in. I rolled back over. I wondered how I was sleeping out there and not being freezing cold.

      I then remember going inside, I guess it was time to get up. The sun was just starting to come up. Lisa came down the stairs. Something about the cat needing to go outside.

      Then, I was sitting on the porch with Lisa and her husband, Steve. One of her sons, Kael, was there briefly as well. He walked up to us for a little bit. He was smiling and gently swaying from side to side.

      An owl then flew by, and I held out an orange prescription bottle of assorted pills, one Lisa had put together, of some antibiotics and antidepressants. The antibiotics looked like some I took last year IWL for an upper-respiratory infection. They were large green and blue capsules. The owl landed and took a beakful of the pills, and flew away. Apparently, Lisa did this all the time, fed the animals pills. It was supposed to help them. I was worried, though, since the owl had taken so many. He took quite a few of the antibiotics, which I felt like we needed for some reason. No one else really seemed all that concerned.

      Spoiler for Expicit content:

      Then, we were back on the porch. He was smoking a cigarette, and was surrounded by the empty orange pill bottles. I picked one up, took out a pencil, and wrote "STFU" on the white label, and put it down next to him.
      "What did you write?" Steve asked.
      "Shut the fuck up," I said, and stormed away.

      I came back a little later, and that particular bottle was gone. I assumed he got angry and threw it (IWL he has a pretty bad temper).

      I was then at home, standing in my mom's office with my mom and my brother. They were on the other side of the room. I opened up the farthest left window and looked out. It was a grey, overcast morning. My brother then said
      "It smells like smoke in here."
      I then replied with
      "I didn't smoke, Steve was smoking a cigarette," or something like that.
      He then came back with
      "No, not cigarette smoke, weed smoke."
      I then turned all defensive and said
      "I only had one hit! I'm not even that high!" though I don't remember smoking weed in the dream, unless it was sometime when I was on the porch with Lisa and Steve.


      I was in a room with lots of people. A man who looked kinda like a guy I knew from my college Swing Dance Club, Alan, came up behind me and gently put his arms around me. I hugged his arms back. I was very comforted by his presence. I was very happy and content being around him, being held by him. At one point, he whispered "I love you" to me. I think he thought I was asleep. I'm pretty sure I said it back. "I love you, too."

      I was then sitting on a hospital bed, in what looked like a hospital room. The walls, floors, and sheets were all white. Sitting on two chairs in the back of the room were my old boss from the restaurant in the first dream, and a big, tall black guy who looked kind of like a guy I went to school with when I was younger, and Kenan from the show Kenan & Kel. My old boss asked me
      "So why were you in the hospital...?" She named off a few mental illnesses that could have put me in.
      I said
      "My depression got really bad." A vague statement.
      She then said
      "Oh I understand, my son deals with that sometimes," and she patted the guy next to her on the back.
      I was then handed a form I had to sign. Something on it was highlighted in yellow. I also remembered I didn't have a doctor's note, but no one asked me for one.

      As people walked by the room, I scanned for the guy from the beginning of the dream, but I couldn't find him.

      I then was following one of the girls I used to work with down a long hallway. She explained to me that since I'd been gone, they had done some renovations, so everything was located in different places now. She then told me that I either need to stay or quit, and to not do what I did again.

      As I was walking, I realized that I had no idea how or why I had come back here; I quit for a reason. But I kept on walking.

      Then, I was heading to a huge auditorium with quite a few other people. I still couldn't find the guy. The leader of the group couldn't quite decide which way the auditorium was. There were two, actually, and we needed to be at a certain one. We finally decided on one of them, and walked in.

      There were blue, auditorium-style seats in the audience and on the stage. The ones on the stage went up very high. We filed in the ones on the stage and sat. I was scanning the room for the guy that held me, wanting to find him again. I scanned in the rows of guys, who all appeared to be in tuxes, but I couldn't find him. I saw one that looked kind of like him with a blue baseball cap on, but it wasn't him. All I could remember about the guy who held me, besides what he looked like, was his last name being "Creech"; I had no idea what his first name was. I remembered this from seeing it written down somewhere.

      We were all then watching the opera class rehearse for a show. We were watching from the audience seats now, as they performed in the stage seats. Their costumes were all farmer-ish; one girl looked kind of like she was supposed to be Little Bo Peep.

      I then heard my old choir teacher from high school yell out that she needed to see me and Zach, a guy I was in band and choir with in high school. We got up and started to walk upwards (we were in the stage seats again). I then noticed Zach and I were wearing our old high school marching band uniforms, and everyone else was in my old college's marching band uniform. I felt silly, still being in my high school uniform. I guessed it was because we came in late, and had to wear some kind of uniform.

      When we got to the top, my choir teacher talked only to me, and not Zach at all. She said, with a plastered-on smile, as is the norm for her IWL,
      "Don't do what you did again. If you're going to quit, then quit. If you're going to stay, then stay. There are plenty of other people who would like to be up there."
      Inside, I was very upset that she was saying these things to me. I have depression, and it got really, really bad, and that's why I left. She then asked,
      "Can you do that for me?"
      I said
      "I...I don't know."
      I was crying at this point.

      I then walked away, planning on just removing my uniform and leaving, never to come back again, when I remembered I wanted to find that guy, "Creech", again. I turned around to go back. People were filing out of the auditorium, including the farmer-dressed opera members, who were talking about singing. I scanned the line for Creech, but couldn't find him.

      I then ran into the girl that led me down the long hallway. She said if I was going to quit, to hang up my uniform. Sigh. I didn't even want to give them that.

      I was then in the back, and there were some fat, ugly girls in full-length black choir dresses. They were apparently on the "sidelines" of the choir, so to speak; if I quit, one would get to sing. I remember one with curly hair and glasses talking about it. I took off my uniform (no longer the band uniform, though I'm not sure what uniform I was wearing), and was wearing clothing underneath. One of the girls took off some chunky light brown sandals, and asked where her "wide shoes" were. I put on the sandals she took off, first making sure they weren't the "wide" shoes; their size said something like 7/6 or 7/8, but no "W" to indicate that they were wide. They were kind of wide on my feet, but fit well otherwise. I knew that one of the girls was excited to sing; they seemed very happy, and were going on about it.

      I was then walking back down the long hallway, free of my uniform. I felt lighter without it on. I looked down at the light brown sandals as I walked.

      I was then behind the counter making a sandwich for a little girl. As she came up to me, I didn't say anything. She spouted off her order. I cut the bread pretty easily. This was what I had signed up to do, not run around and do some weird choir thing too; I was supposed to be making sandwiches! But I realized that I didn't want to be there either. I started putting some gloves on; they were small, and hard to get on my hands. I debated just walking out.

      Oddly enough, I loved choir in high school, and would love to be in a choir now if I could.

      The sandwich job though, I fucking hated it. Just for the record.

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    12. The Burning Basement, Work Regrets, Roller Coaster Malfunction, and More

      by , 09-25-2012 at 03:33 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was auditioning for some choir class, and the teacher, a woman, wanted us to do something crazy and dangerous before we could get into the class. I wasn't gonna do anything but sing for my audition; that was just overkill for her to ask us to do anything else. If that meant I couldn't be in the class, then so be it. I saw a girl stand in this one spot to start the audition.


      I was in a basement sitting at a round table with some people, Rachel T. from high school being one of them, and Jake may have been there too, I'm not sure. I don't remember who else was there. We all had baggies of weed. I had a very tiny amount in mine, Rachel had a ton, and whoever else was there had a bag with a ton.

      Then, all the sudden, I'm talking to my mom, who's freaking out. Apparently, the basement had partially caught fire. For some reason, in the dream, I pictured the inside of a car partially blackened from a fire, like it wasn't the basement, but a car. It was nighttime outside around the car.

      No one got hurt in the fire or anything, but my mom was freaking out nonetheless, more so about the weed. She said, through tears,
      "I thought you quit doing that stuff!"
      I said
      "I still do it sometimes," and I was thinking to myself that I did it once a month, but I don't think I told her that part.

      Then, we were in the basement again, the same people, the same situation. I thought about asking Rachel T. for some of her weed, since she had so much, and, since we were hanging out, maybe we were good enough friends to where it would be ok. I decided not to, however. I saw her putting the weed she had dumped out back into the bag.

      Someone was then lighting up a pipe, and, out of the top of the bowl, I noticed something molten, like lava, was about to drip out onto the carpet. I told whoever it was to be careful, and then saw it drip out onto the carpet. A small, glowing, orange spot was then on the carpet, and I feared the basement would burn again.

      I was right; the same thing happened again. Only this time, it was like I was in Minecraft, and all the sudden, I was floating around through tons and tons of lava blocks like I was in Creative Mode. I was afraid I was going to die, but I wasn't even getting hurt. I saw lots of lava and stone blocks, and lots of fire as well. It was like I had gone underneath the basement, and was trying to fly back up. It was weird.


      I was at my old college, standing outside one of the restaurants, one I worked at very briefly. It was very bright in the room. I saw someone standing around the register area on the other side of the counter, a woman, reviewing an application.
      "You are the best person for this job," she said to another girl. The girl, who was standing by the side door, I think, was very excited. They told her to come back there. I could barely watch; I hoped they didn't recognize me there.

      I then ran through the side door and behind the counter. I guessed they were closing; it appeared as if they were shutting down. Everything seemed neat and clean. There weren't many people back there, I think, actually, there was just one girl that I remember working with. She wasn't in uniform, she was wearing jeans instead of black pants, and she looked quite a bit more mature and calm than how I remember her. She was doing some cleaning. I only got a brief glimpse of her, however, and then, I ran out an opening on the other side that doesn't exist IWL.


      I was playing some game that appeared to be, upon first glance, a Roller Coaster Tycoon game. The game was set at nighttime. I was building a coaster that had a huge, steep hill, and then a drop. I built the hill extremely high, I think the game said it was like 100 meters high.

      I then was picking people to ride my coaster, from what looked like a Minecraft inventory. No one had names, but they were named by their occupations, and the images in the spaces in the inventory were close-ups on their faces. I picked a few people, and started the ride. I watched the cars go up and up and up, into the blue sky and clouds, even though it appeared to be nighttime. I was nervous, as if I was actually riding the coaster (IWL I'd be freaking out at the extremity of the height, though I do love roller coasters).

      As soon as the cars started to go over the hill, a bunch of them disconnected and flew off. Only the first one or two made it to the end of the drop, and then, the end of the ride. Oops. I guess the drop was too fast or something. I watched a car fly off into the distance, heading towards a mountain. I then got a notification in the top left corner of my screen, saying that part of my coaster crashed or malfunctioned, something like that. I then was on the inventory screen to pick more people to ride the coaster. I remember picking "Doctor", whose image was a close-up of the light thing they used to wear on their heads. I remember lots of white in the picture. I picked a few more, but can't remember exactly who they were.


      I was listening to myself talk to a psychiatrist, but I wasn't in body, nor could I see myself or the psychiatrist. I felt like I was in the office at some point. My view kept looking around as I listened to myself talk. I was trying to explain to the psychiatrist that I've always tried to do things right and avoid getting into trouble, and that I did this ever since I was a child in school. At first, she didn't understand what I meant, and repeated back to me a false assumption. I had to re-explain it to her. My view was then of a Minecraft cave, with some very shiny, silver blocks with a curved, spiky-looking pattern on them. I was excited for some new materials to mine, some that I had never seen before.

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    13. Tigerform, Mass Telekinesis

      by , 07-23-2012 at 11:15 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [Dream happened at around 9:30AM]
      [So yay, new week equals new lucid I was a bit stressed about lucid dreaming for the past days, but now it seems to be on track again]
      [I forgot some small parts from the dream and my lucidity wasn't always on the top, but it's better than nothing]

      My old love was staying at our house. We both got a new phone from my mom as some kind of gift, so we were taking photos and just trying the new phones in the garden. While we were in the outbuilding she broke her phone somehow, so she told me to ask my mom for a new one.
      I walked out of the building and was just about to climb into the neighbouring garden for some weird reason, when i had a sudden thought... "How could my mom give us another phone? We couldn't even afford the first two..." "Oh and what is E. doing here in our garden?"
      These questions were enough to make me lucid.

      The dream was blurry and dark-ish, while it wasn't exactly night time, but it almost looked that way. Well, i flew up into the air to think. [Flying goes so easily most of the time that sometimes i don't even think about why i do it... ].
      I was hovering near the roof and was a little upset because of the dream being this blurry... i didn't really think about a goal to do, because i wanted to get rid of this blurry state first.

      I flew towards the right side of the garden and passed to the neighbouring garden. I decided to try and "teleport" to the sports center using the eye closing method and maybe it would be more clear over there.
      I closed my eyes and immediately thought of the sports center, but instead of seeing full darkness, there was a weird black girl in front of me in the dark. She disappeared fast and i felt my real body, so i knew i must've woke up. I focused back on the dream and got back in.

      When i was back i was standing near the 6th road [which is one of the biggest roads in the country]. I recognized the place by the different kinds of wheat and plant fields close to the road, the bus goes this way everytime.
      I looked around a bit, but didn't see any cars anywhere, which was weird.

      I had a sudden thought that i should turn into a lion. I didn't know how i got that idea, but i found it to be a good one, so i jumped from the road onto the field close by and when i hit the ground i knew that i transformed already. I didn't want to be a lion that much, so i changed it into a tiger form. Since the dream was blurry, i couldn't really see my hands too clearly, but i've seen that they were much bigger, cat-like and had stripes on them, so i took it as a success.

      This was the moment when i realized how i don't feel ANYTHING. It made me upset, i basically didn't feel my body at all or anything near me. I was in control, but it just felt weird, like i wasn't really there. [This is a rare occurence].
      While thinking about this, i started running through the field. I didn't really have an idea how to run on four legs, so i was kind of just running and jumping at the same time, i couldn't keep running correctly

      During this time i noticed another weird thing: There was music playing in my head... i just knew it that it's coming from my head as it was really loud and no matter where i looked, i couldn't see a source. I didn't know this music or at least i didn't recognize it. It was some kind of old jazz and rock mixed music.
      Soon i reached a side road and at this time i started hearing talking, mixed with the music from before. I didn't understand anything from it, like it was in a language unknown to me.

      Finally i noticed some cars that were about to pass onto the side road. I jumped next to a car and stood in front of it. I checked inside to see who is the driver.
      It was a guy around his 50s, he looked emotionless, but i could still feel that he was annoyed because of me. There was also a blonde girl sitting next to him, who i recognized. She was an old classmate of mine [who i always found attractive ].

      I decided that i'll take the opportunity and kiss her... just because. I didn't hear anything other than the weird mix of music and voices in my head, but i felt like something told me that i should grab her by the neck and pull her out of the car like that. I didn't want to do that, so i just grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her out through the window. I let her go when she was on top of the car's hood.
      At this moment i realized that i'm still a tiger, as my hands were still huge and striped. When i looked back at her after observing my hands, she has turned into a housecat... [My first thought was that the dream is trying to troll me... ].

      Well, i'm not into that sort of thing, so i moved on. Now i was flying instead of running through the fields. I was just enjoying the flight, even while i couldn't feel anything other than some heavy feeling on my hands as i pushed the air time-by-time around me.
      I passed by lots of fields and roads and even our garden yet again, even while i had no idea how i got back there, but i went on [and while flying, i turned back to my normal human form].

      Soon i reached some kind of city. I descended to the ground here and looked around. It made me think of a part of Liberty City from GTAIV, but i wasn't sure that it was taken from there.
      There was a long building in front of me, which had lots of small windows all over it. There were many roads going in all directions from my standing point.
      There was a parked car in front of me and i just randomly grabbed it and thrown it to the wall, it heavily crashed into it.
      [I became semi-lucid here].

      I had a feeling that i must fly to one of those windows and do something inside, so i did. I flew up to a window and looked in there. There was a mechanic looking guy just walking out of a door. I passed through the window and got inside. It was a really small room with barely any space. There was a machine of some sort on the wall with lots of cables.
      I opened some tiny door on the machine and wanted to check it from closer, but the mechanic guy returned. I hid behind the door and waited.

      The guy just leaned close to that machine and started working on it, but at the same time he started mumbling something about his co-worker and he welcomed me. I thought that he must think that i'm his co-worker. I became fully lucid here again.
      I jumped through the wall and flew back to the road where i was before. When i reached it, i started walking to the right side of the building, trying to find something to do, even while the dream was blurry and i barely felt anything.

      I turned left into a smaller street where a huge crowd was standing around. I wanted to see what they were watching with such interest.
      While going that direction, i thought that i should try some telekinesis... i didn't do it since a long time anyway.

      At first i used one hand to bring a car up into the air with telekinesis. It went really easily and i just thrown the car away. There were some other parked cars on the right side of this small road and some people were walking next to them as well. Now i held both my hands in front of me and i made two cars and two people hover up into the air. The DCs i grabbed with telekinesis didn't seem to be too scared, they took it well.
      I made them spin around in the air for a bit then thrown both the cars and the DCs far away with my powers. I heard some quiet crashing sound from far away.

      Now i walked towards the crowd and checked what they were watching. There was a stage to the left side and there was a choir made of around 30 people on it. I could only see their mouths moving, but i heard nothing they sang... [probably related to this not-so-clear state of the dream].
      Well, that choir seemed like a good challenge... without much of a second thought i held both my hands up again and tried to move the whole choir up into the air with telekinesis.
      It was somewhat hard to do, i even felt some pain and tiredness in both my arms finally as i did this. I succeeded in bringing them up into the air, but i couldn't really make them float too high like with the others.

      Some of them seemed a bit scared, but others were still singing without me hearing anything. I held them for a while and tried to move them away from the stage, but it was too hard and my arms were really tired now, so instead of throwing the choir away, i let them go.
      Some of them ran away, but some were still on stage, singing... o.o
      Soon after this i lost lucidity fully.

      [Ah well, this blurriness, lack of feelings and some sounds were disappointing... but what can i do... :/]
      [I didn't even think about my Lucy goal during this lucid, but i would've skipped it anyway, because in a blurry state like this i would rather not try to fight Lucy...]
    14. Interruptions

      by , 10-17-2011 at 03:51 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in what looked like my 11th grade English classroom. The teacher handed us back a test that we had been working on before, but hadn't finished. I started to pick up were I left off as I talked to the girl sitting beside me.

      Then, I figured out I had a choir concert that night. One of the girls in the class, a black girl with pretty, short hair said she wasn't going to the concert and that she hadn't been to any of them (apparently she was in choir too). I couldn't decide if I wanted to go or not.

      Then, I was in my car, driving down the road one of my good friends lives on. Her neighbor, Nick, the first guy I ever had a crush on in waking life, was outside by the mailbox. He had his back turned to me. As I drove by with him on my right side, I slowed down, reached my hand out the window, and touched his back, kind of rubbing it to get his attention. I noticed that his green shirt was very soft. I then kept driving down the road. I didn't look back to see if he turned around or not.

      I was then at my house in the kitchen, debating on whether or not to go to the choir concert or not again. My mom was all dressed up and ready to go. I then noticed the time. 7:30pm. The concert had already started. I told my mom I wasn't going to go, and that it was ok for me to be missing the concert. She said something, but I can't remember what.

      I was then in my room on the phone with Nick. He was trying to tell me about his memoir that he was apparently writing. I was listening, asking him where I could find it to read it and such, when I got interrupted by my brother. I told Nick to hold on and for my brother to go away. I then got back on the phone and kept listening to Nick. The interruptions kept coming as soon as Nick would get going telling me about his memoir. I kept having to tell him to hold on. I felt really bad; this had to be getting annoying for him.
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    15. Sign me Danger Mouse!

      by , 08-16-2011 at 11:14 PM (Flying Spaghetti Dreams)

      i find myself in a theatre full of people and i am about to perform with some kind of school singing group (used to do chorale singing while i was at high school). I am mingling in the audience before having to go backstage and the person i'm chatting with (my flatmates boyfriend IRL) says: "bro look, it's Danger Mouse" (an awesome producer whom i admire).

      Danger Mouse:

      so i'm pretty starstruck but i'm also freaking out because i think this is my only chance to ever get signed by, or collaborate with Danger Mouse. For a while i panic and try to tidy myself up but my hair is way to messy.
      At this point there is a gap in the dream (or recall) and suddenly i'm onstage performing. I appear to have forgotten about Danger Mouse because i'm just messing around and talking to other people onstage. I imagine my principal being embarrassed by how average the performance is and it makes me want to mess around even more
      ~wake up~

      wish i'd been a bit more surprised at seeing DM at the show and had questioned the dream. Could've done basic ToTM so easy!!
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