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    1. "Hot Stuff’s Day Out"

      by , 11-16-1974 at 05:16 PM
      Late morning of November 16, 1974. Saturday.

      This dream started out seemingly in my room in Cubitis. After a short time, though, the entire west wall seems to open up into a sort of sky view (as if our house is elevated somewhat). I walk over to the “edge” of my floor. Somehow, I slip - and go rolling down a steep embankment with a lot of thick grasses and shrubs (an accurate “replay” at least in physical sensations and implied direction of a real-life event when black classmate Ray G pushed me over a hill when we were out looking for arrowheads).

      When I reach the bottom after a sort of “slow-motion” movement down the hill, I look up and see what is reminiscent of an Easter Island statue, but a bit smaller and with more realistic features. Oddly, I hear a loud Caucasian male’s voice (British or Australian) as if he is actually narrating my dream in real time. His voice booms from “nowhere”, talking about “African Gods” as if he is describing something in a PBS documentary.

      After a short time, I am aware of three male explorers (probably in their forties) in beige safari outfits who are going into a cave not that far back from the supposed cliff I had just fallen from. Somehow, I am “back on the cliff” (I do not remember climbing up). The three men look terrified. An adult version of Hot Stuff (a Harvey comic book and cartoon character), still wearing a diaper, comes out and walks up to them (Hot Stuff on the left and the three men to the right). They seem to remain in shock and horror, though nothing dramatic or dangerous results, but I am vaguely considering at what point did my dream became a comedy farce, especially considering the dramatic narration and eerie mood prior to this scene. (I had been thinking about an adventure about finding a treasure chest.) Throughout much of my life, I could not help having Hot Stuff appear in my mind’s eye when anyone used the word “devil” and as a result, I have rarely had a disturbing dream of a more feasible or threatening “devil” as such.

      This was one of the only times a dream had a more “realistic” in-dream narrator, though another case being in “Cats…” (from the morning of January 4, 1969) in which the unseen male voice also came from the upper left as if through a loudspeaker (though in this dream the voice seemed to be louder).

      This dream’s primary segment was induced with the “rolling down the hill” metaphor which of course has no “interpretation” as it is simply the form of transition and induction, but which was far more common with my sister’s dreaming style. I was not quite sure if this should be classified as a typical DDR dream, especially as my emergent consciousness (via a secondary dream self hybridization) is rendered as the “devil”. Obviously however, this “devil” is a comic book character, which is “mundane” and silly from a realistic viewpoint.

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