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    1. Including gods, shapeshifters, and captivity

      by , 08-28-2013 at 07:46 PM
      A fragment of dialogue: "And you will be trusted with it. Again."

      (Woke up at 7:50 am, after getting to bed at 4:30 am. Back to sleep.)

      I'm reading a multi-volume autobiography. This particular chapter is describing a vision the author had at a young age, and what he thought about that - not about the content of the vision, but the act of having one.

      A man is being held captive by a coyote god, or rather a coyote spirit which has temporarily become a god, taking on a human but coyote-headed physical form. They're surrounded by baby spiders acting as helpful servants. This man had been searching for his wife, refusing to believe the reports of her death, and his search led him here.

      As Haruka/Onikui, I'm chained in a cell, with Minamoto Raikou standing over me with the keys.

      (Woke at 9:04. Back to sleep.)

      "They had more passion, ordinary things; and it didn't do to tempt the passions of ordinary things in passing." The thoughts of a woman who had a man over to eat together with her mother and her daughter, flirting and enjoying it, but with this thought in her head.

      (Woke at 10:28. Back to sleep - but I woke up roughly every half hour after that, and I kept running into that problem where, half-awake, I think about writing a dream down and mistake that thought for having actually done it, and so forget the dream. Nonetheless I wound up with two more pages of notes, mostly too dull to bother writing out in detail.)

      Very dull dreams from the rest of the night included discussions of my control issues, a man taking the shape of a three-eyed bat with a green-and-gold mask, watching the sunset, farm work, bear hunting, anatomy studies, a vampire movie starring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan, the death of Mickey Mouse while he was nobly saving Donald Duck, my IRL civilian sister as a military police officer in training, a werewolf-hunting father and daughter giving a werewolf shelter in their home, and a sitcom about hobbits with fangs.

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    2. Valerian root and blue lotus

      by , 08-27-2013 at 05:52 PM
      (After valerian root was mentioned in a previous dream, I looked it up and found it was used for insomnia, and gave it a shot in an effort to get my sleep schedule back in order - I've been going to sleep around 6-7 am, a good 2-3 hours later than I prefer. Marvelously effective tea, managed to get to sleep before dawn. Predictably, dream recall was terrible - but since I'm only using the tea to help me get back to my usual sleep schedule and don't intend to use it long-term, that's acceptable.)

      Just the one fragment: an image of an absurdly beautiful man representing either St. Michael or Apollo, with a comparison between the blue of his eyes, the blue-within-blue eyes of Dune, and the blue lotus.
    3. Fractal patterns and the things that come back from the skies.

      by , 08-06-2013 at 06:38 PM
      3rd person following a woman, and I'm aware this scene is about to become a nightmare, something involving a husband who came back from outer space wrong, carrying something inside him that will manifest in the house in strange ways, killing him and trapping her here. It's already starting to feel like a nightmare, so I take over and steer her toward the front door to change the scene. It takes two doors to leave the nightmare/house.

      Outside, I'm my IRL self, and I'm walking out of the mansion I'm temporarily staying at, walking down to the road to see if my IRL sisters have arrived yet. I follow the road toward town, and I pass Tilda Swinton walking the other way and rubberneck shamelessly, walking backwards until she's out of sight. Eventually I come to a fair, where a few people are in costume, including myself, something patriotic-themed. I spot my sisters in the crowd but don't want them to recognize me while I'm in costume. The crowds push me into one of the tents showing various curiosities, and one of them, something about a man who fell from the skies, switches the scene to something more stable.

      3rd person following a man who observed that if you trace every human interaction you've had throughout your life, and all the interactions those people had and so on, it creates a fractal pattern which he used to warp time and space around himself, condensing it all into a single point with himself at the center, the God of this world. The ground loops over his head to meet itself in a single vividly-colored sphere. Although he's the only creature that can exist in this sphere, there's a door through which he can watch or enter the old world at any point in time or space. The world's been completely transformed by his actions, all throughout its timeline. At the moment he's observing the writing systems that are developing. He's been translating the various markings that he's seen through the door, images made by different cultures throughout time and space, but as far as he can tell, none of them are using a written alphabet. All the markings translate into numbers.

      He walks through the door into the same point in time/space that he'd originally lived, modern times. The place has been through something like an apocalypse as a result of his actions, but it's mostly recovered now. He seeks out a friend who'd tried to stop him, and they talk about the changes in the world, and about what's happened to his older brother's estate since the funeral. 'For a madman, he was alright,' the other man says.
    4. The Will of the Northern Gods

      by , 01-23-2013 at 05:52 PM
      In the beginning of the dream I'm driving. The highway is pressed up against the foot of a cliff, we stop at a stoplight and the street sign overhead says "Disneyland". We talk about how they can't believe they built a park here, in the middle of nowhere, and wonder what it'll be like.

      I'm running across a frozen beach, heading toward the water. I'm rushing to catch the boat to the amusement park. I have to wade through the water and it's ridiculously cold. There's a small lapse and I'm on the boat. The people running the boat don't seem human. There's a woman explaining to me that they live out on the ice, that it's so cold they can no longer keep their children. I see a crying blue baby left out by the water. They hope that someday the cruelty of the Northern Gods will allow them to return to the known world and once more have children.
      I look past her and see a woman, I know she's a queen by her bearing, when I first see her she is finely dressed. I glance away and look at her again and she's wearing a crown. The others eye her distrustfully, she had picked up one of the babies from the ice and is holding it. They believe she's defying the will of the gods.

      We reach the park. Like many dreams, this place feels like it's inside and outside at once. There are walls and a floor, but the sky is open. There are tables everywhere, and a wrought-iron fence bordering the activities area. I know I'm supposed to meet my family. I don't see dad anywhere, but he's the only one who doesn't know about my misfortune and I wanted to tell him before we all sat down to dinner. I go into the dining area and find my sister sitting at a table. I try to explain that I need to find dad but she's having trouble hearing me.

      Mario and Peach(?)
      I'm watching a scene from above. Mario (full-on cartoon Mario) walks around a corner, he's looking for his wife. Peach is standing there but she's a brunette and she's dressed all in red. As Mario walks his appearance changes, and becomes more like a real person. He's not Mario at all but a king, and his wife is the queen from the boat. She tells him she's pregnant but she's worried about his reaction because they haven't been intimate in a long time. She's afraid he'll think she's cheated.
      Her worries are unfounded, he believes her immediately and supplies a new theory. Now they're standing in a cave etched with glyphs and lit by torches.
      "Have you considered that maybe this is the will of the Northern Gods? You crossed their waters, and while they are cruel to the Ice Dwellers, they have always first been gods of fertility."

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    5. Between the Realms of Gods and Men - 01/09/13

      by , 01-23-2013 at 05:28 AM
      Headlights fly by as the rain patters lightly on the windows. The passing of which I've always found to bring back a sense of passing time, reminiscent of what'd I imagine it feels for the passing of stars. Our very own sun, cognizant of its own gliding through the deep expanse of outer space.

      There is a driver at the wheel, but the sky is dark and her face remains in shadow. An accompanying sense of familiarity falls over me though. Only one could bring this sense of comfort. Mel. My eyes dart to the left and right, looking for anything out of the ordinary that might be in the sky. An age old habit. One acquired by watching far too much of Star Trek and the X-Files in my youth. Or does it predate that? Does it have some basis in the actual collective memory reality of our species? Perhaps there is a reason we look to the skies. Something deeply embedded within our collective unconscious, the return of the holy feathered serpent of our world's mythologies. Quetzalquoatl, Nehebkau, or perhaps the Chimeras depicted on the hieroglyphs of ancient cities.

      Then I spot it. A streak in the sky. Gliding like a banner in the wind, rippling up and down like a wave. A white light radiates outward from its body, lighting up the night sky in the distance. That is it. The feathered serpent. A radiant white chinese dragon, even more beautiful in real life than portrayed in their artwork. Natural and fluent. God-like. Truly a spiritual being beyond anything of earthly realms, but there it is right before my eyes. Does Mel see it? She doesn't seem to notice.

      "Mel, do you see that?"

      She looks to the right and seems to spot it, but no words come from her mouth. Speechless it seems.

      What is that? Another one. Wait, no. Two. Three. Four? Several of these serpent-esque beings fluttering through the sky. That one actually has wings and almost appears to be a gargoyle. Wow, amazing. Something attracts my gaze on the left. Holy mother fucker. What the FUCK is THAT?

      A gargantuan entity emerges from the woods on the left side of the highway. Enormous, unearthly, a beetle like being of epic proportions. Its eyes burn with fire. This isn't a threatening being, however. Merely powerful, wise, ancient. It remains still, hovering over the road, observing the surroundings. Is it even living? It could almost be the entrance or the stone guardian of a holy temple - a gateway into the underworld. Into the world beyond the scope of human comprehension, veiled to us by our rigid intellect and desires for power.

      I am entering the realm of the Gods.

      Or at least some hidden plane. Beings surround our vehicle. Is there even anyone else on the road? Discs fly through the air. My god, these again. Classic saucer UFOs? Those things only appear in my dreams. Wait a sec... Duh. I'm in a dream. Wow, this is intense. Can I even get a handle on this one? There are living spirits all around me.

      The sky fills with saucers and spirits, winged serpents with their white light fill the sky. These could have even been interpreted as angels in some cultures. From the distance the resemblance to chinese dragons and angels is hardly distinguishable. Regardless, their power can be felt from miles away, even as they sore high above the Earth. Such an alien power, impossible to say whether as to its benevolent or not. It is just so foreign to our own sense of self.

      You're losing track of things, M. This is a dream. Remember not to be drawn in to its splendor. The distraction of your mind's own creative power. This is a dream.

      Then why can't I control anything? The usual techniques are not working. No power of flight, no time/space manipulation or ability to alter the entire emotional feel of the setting. This is strange. Is it a dream..?

      Wait, that's Mel's brother. I'm in her house. Was I sleep walking? Kid looks like he's about to puke. Either that or he's just really stoned. Neither would be uncommon for him. Hmm, my vision is blurry. I must have taken out my contacts. Definitely sleep walking.

      "You okay, DJ?"

      "Hah, man. You're totally fucked."

      What could that mean? He points at the floor beneath my feet. I stepped in something. A puddle. Okay? DJ holds up a small vile.

      "No fucking way. Did you spill that on the floor, dude?"

      He starts laughing. You've got to be kidding me. I've been dosed completely by accident. Jesus Christ, how often does this have to happen to me? That is far too much acid in one spot for a safe trip. In no time I'll be going ape shit. God fucking damn this kid. Oh well, there is no stopping it now. I might as well accept what's about to ensue.

      Everything is warped. Waving. The walls are alive. "Throbbing with energy" as Terence McKenna says. It has begun. The onset is surprisingly slow. The buzzing rises through my ears, disintegrating my surroundings. I feel the sun. I feel another environment. Where is this? I know this place, I have been before. Though I am accustomed to its flavor, the taste of deja vu is beyond uncanny. Is this still Mel's house? Is this reality? Was it ever? Don't forget, the questions don't matter. Illusions, merely fabricated by our minds to prolong the discovery of truth. There is no stopping this though. I have been thrown into the pool, regardless of my preparation to swim. Entheogens don't hesitate. This is all or nothing and now the walls are coming down. Light begins to seep through the cracks. The environment shifts. A wall to my right now. I am lying down. Windows to my left.

      Is this.. my bedroom?

      I have re-emerged, back into the so-called "real" world. The collective memory reality. The ingestion of a psychedelic substance within my dream consciousness transitioned me back into waking consciousness. No matter how many times I have experienced that it will never cease to prove fascinating. The human brain truly is a receiver, capable of tuning into a multitude of channels across the cosmic radio. Switch one neural receptor on, another off, and you're broadcasting at an entirely new frequency. Receiving, broadcasting, the difference is the same. Both a generator and receiver of consciousness, filtering the endless waves of quantum energy through the intricate networks of evolutionary design.

      Is this reality any more real than the one I was just experiencing? I noticed no gaps between my perception. It was but a continuous flow. Sleeping into waking. What is different? What was ever different? Is the reality tunnel we send our gaze through any less relevant there than it is here? When all is said and done, life is just a memory after all. An ephemeral thought. A dream.

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    6. Of crabs and gods

      by , 07-31-2012 at 05:28 PM
      I'm not too aware of my surroundings. They seem to be a large concrete island with some alien constructs on them - think forerunner designs (halo). I'm in a mechanical hardsuit that looks like a crab. As I walk along near the water's edge, two men come over and start to attack me. They're both in cartoony greek dress and I somehow know that one is zeus. The other one is a god, but I have no idea which one.

      As they charge at me I 'pause' and turn on god mode. We fight for a long time, toe to robo-toe, and plunge into the dark water. As I move the suit to surface, I see Zeus aiming a huge barrel at me. He fires, and a harpoon pierces through the suit and through my left kidney area. Nonetheless, I burst out of the surface and face them. They ask me incredulously how I survived, but I don't tell them about the god mode.
    7. My new sister, the minecraft gods

      by , 05-18-2012 at 11:10 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My new sister

      I was in a very distorted version of my room. I can remember it being very dark and very big. The only light came from the door that was open just a crack. The entire floor was covered with random clutter, most notably, dirty clothes. I can also remember my bed being sort of sunken into the floor.
      I had false awoken because I had heard a strange noise. I got up and cautiously made my way across the room. I opened the door and found myself in a distorted version of my parent's bedroom. The only detail I can remember specifically was the fact that their wall was brown, and the room sort of had a lodge style.
      There was nobody in there, and believing that it was safe, I started to make my way back to bed. I was about halfway back when a small girl ran past my legs screaming.
      I sort of had an odd explanation put into my head, that this dream character was my sister. She was three or four years old and her name was Ebe.
      I can remember very specifically that she looked sort of odd. She had a medium tone skin and yellow hair in braids. She had on a white tee shirt and shorts.
      Although I was originally sort of frightened by her, I eventually got past it. She got into bed with me and I started reading her a bedtime story. After the story, we just sort of sat and talked about life. She gave me some good advice and seemed really wise. Unfortunately I can't remember what her advice was.
      My dream recall sort of cut out at this point but I then remember arriving at some kind of hospital. Specifically it was a large hallway with a depressed floor in the middle, so there was a kind of elevated floor along the edges. Periodically , there were ramps up onto the elevated floor but most of it was bordered by a metal rail.
      Beds were lined up along the lower edge of the rail on both sides of the hallway, about four beds between each ramp. In every bed, there were people shaking as if they were having seizures. They were also bleeding very badly.
      A doctor explained to me that Ebe had given everyone some horrible disease and that almost everyone in my family would be dead soon. I can remember the doctor was a young woman, and she tried to comfort me, even though I was not particularly upset.

      The Minecraft gods

      Once agian, I found myself in the game Minecraft. I can remember that I had just finished building my house when this farmer character appeared. Soon after, a female character appeared also. I can't remember their intentions.
      I decided to go mining, I set out to find a cave. Eventually, I found one. I went down deep inside where I found every mineral recourse in one spot. I was in a large, open cave.
      Some of the mineral resources were glitched and they had lava in them or something. When I tried to mine them, I triggered something unexpected.
      In the bottom of the cave were two pools, one filled with water, the other with lava. Each one sprouted into a large form. The water formed a female who's hair was tiny streams of flowing water. The lava formed a male figure with spiked hair. Both of these creatures were almost as high as the cave, though the water creature was bigger.
      They engaged in some sort of duel. From what I could make out, the lava creature was friendly, while the water creature wanted to kill me. I started to weave my way between their feet as they fought.
      I was almost away when the water being sprayed a mist causing the lava being to freeze into solid rock. At first, I thought he was defeated, but he broke out of the rocks and was still ok.
      The duel continued for a while longer. I was still trying to get out of the cave when both of the beasts did a powerful attack and caused a massive explosion.
      I was blown free of the cave entirely and landed a ways away from the now huge canyon in the surface. I decided to head back to my house. When I got back, I found that the farmer and the female had built all of these random structures. I was very angry at them for doing so and I told them that this was my Minecraft and nobody was allowed to build here but me. I eventually quit the game.

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    8. Ancient City

      by , 05-07-2012 at 03:29 PM (Far-out, dude.)

      I was in some sort of ancient roman city, although I wasn't in first person. I was more of a hovering camera, observing other people. This day was special - there was some sort of religious uprising going on, and I was observing some events taking place in the central city square.

      I was looking at a roman teenage girl, wearing white robes. She was on a sort of balcony, which didn't stick out of the building, but was more of a small room that didn't have an outer wall, and had pillars there instead. She was searching for something in a tall and long cabinet that spanned the entire back wall of the balcony - it looked like something out of a church, with books on some shelves and various other objects. My view turned and I could see that this balcony opened up to a huge city square, larger than Trafalgar square, round and much lighter colours - the colour of building material in roman cities. In the centre there was a tall, 10m or so wide stone spired tower, twice the height of the average building around the square. It was mostly just a stone cylinder until about 10m up, where there were no outer walls, just small pillars holding up the conical roof. In this circular balcony, there was a huge humanoid figure, quite fat - sorta like a 5m tall santa - but I knew immediately that it was in fact an incarnate god. Surrounding the tower in the square were thousands of people - protesters - all calling for some sort of religious reformation - the god in the centre being their spokesperson. After remembering all this detail I thought I might draw it - that's the garbled figure you see above.

      My attention turned back to the girl, who rushed down the stairs to just outside the front of her building, where her father was. Her father turned out to be a priest, who was proclaiming something religious, trying to be heard among the crowd. She asked him something, and he pointed to a book on a stand, on the balcony she was on before. She went back up and looked at it.

      I was looking back at the square, from a few metres above the crowd, watching the god doing his thing, when out of nowhere an explosion appeared on him. It was a large explosion, but it just knocked him back a little and dazed him. Then I saw the girl zooming away on a flying-moped device... apparently she had tried to kill the god. Who tries to kill a god with a small bomb? Actually, considering both sides of this religious thing had supernatural abilities (gods on earth, flying mopeds), I can't really have understood the situation

      I then saw a sort of replay view of the inside of the god's mind during the explosion - I saw his conscience (represented by a mini version of the god ) get knocked out of his frame of mind by an expanding ring of cloud, and then rush back again, through the cloud ring, back to the centre of his head. That's the last thing I remember. Still a more logical dream than some other's I've had
    9. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 11-26-2011 at 10:50 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      New Terms (WILD)

      New deal: you continue to protect her, but she gets to go wherever she likes and do whatever she likes. In addition, I’m no longer subservient to you or anybody else, and in return I’ll try my best not to kill you.

      Waking up, in my bed at home, though I know I’m actually on campus. I hear music playing outside. People laughing.

      As I get up, I see her at the foot of the bed, simple, flowing, white dress, knowing eyes, and beautifully styled, brown, shoulder length hair.

      “Mae?” I ask, just to be sure.

      “Of course. Come one, let’s go downstairs.”

      I extend my hand, and she takes it, giving me an anchor to the dream, as we walk down the stairs, out to the deck, into the cool night air. The hearty laughter of my father reaches me, and I know I’m entertaining guests.

      I stop when I sense it. Something isn’t right.

      Mae continues onwards.

      “There’s some people here tonight.”

      “Who?” I ask, suspicously.

      “You’re mother, you’re father, and. . . Hades.” she states it in a hushed tone, as if knowing the distress it would bring me.

      But instead, I grow cold, determined, as I move down, to the lower deck, previously obscured from view by a white, decorated, awning. The hot-tub gone, a long circle of comfortable chairs has replaced it. Mae takes a seat near the god himself, whose blue flaming hair and cartoonish appearance I can’t help smirking at. There are two open chairs, one between Mae and that slime-bag, the other next to my father.

      “Ahh, good to see you. Please come have a seat.”

      Grinning, he motions to the chair next to him. I take a seat next to my father, and make myself comfortable. The grin fades from his face, and the conversation starts to pick up again. I teleport to the chair next to Hades, making the point that I’m very much in control of the situation.

      “Why are you here?” I demand.

      “To make sure you understand the terms of our new agreement.”

      “What? I thought part of that was everything goes back to the way it was and I never have to deal with you again.”

      “No. . . That’s not the case. See, I’m here to remind you that we can still work with one another.”

      I see a few cats in the yard.

      “How’s Kaomea?” I ask casually.

      He goes silent, as I effortlessly summon death and wipe one of the cats from existence. I turn my attention back to him.

      “I take it these aren’t real?”

      “What?” he looks at me like I’m crazy, then realizes I’m talking about the cat, “Yours is the only realm that names those things.”

      “So, no, then?”

      “What do you think?”

      “I wonder what would happen if I did that to you.”

      The dreams starts to waver, and I reach my hand out, placing it over the god’s head, using his blue flaming hair to anchor me in the dream, letting him know exactly where he stands.

      He, and all his lackiess, stand up and start moving back into the house.

      “I think we’ll be going now,” he states, trying to retain his composure.

      The dream is still falling around me; the only one left on the deck besides myself is Mae. She approaches me, when I see someone watching us from the neighbor’s deck, about one-hundred yards away.

      “Who’s that?” I ask Mae, pointing in the direction of the newcomer.

      “Her? I’m not sure.”

      I teleport up to her and Mae is quick to follow.

      “Who are you?”

      She straightens her posture, “Me? Just a princess.”

      “Pfft, yeah, alright. Now, get the hell out of here.”

      “Is there a problem?” She asks snottily.

      Mae interjects, “You. You’re the problem, and I’m tired of your kind oppressing people like him!”

      It looks like the two are about to rip each other apart, so I step in, “Woah, Mae. As much as I’d like to see how you fight, this is my problem, I’ll deal with it.”

      “Fine. . .” Mae moves backward.

      The dream shifts, as the fight ensues. I find myself inexplicably in front of a monitor, the self-proclaimed princess on the other side. Odd, but I don’t care.

      Drawing a blade from my side, I immediately know how useless it will be, so I hurl at her, looking down, finding my true sword just at my feet.

      I draw it and see my foe, through the screen, transformed, grotesque, surrounded by purple energy tendrils in the form of snakes. She lashes one out at me, locking my weapon in place.


      Unphased, I imbue my blade with screaming lightning and instantly cut her tendril.

      Pointing my katana, I try something new, “Chidori Stream,” and jets of razor sharp lightning fire from the tip of my sword as I slash her in half. Then in quarters; then eighths.

      Nearly dead now, in some sort of half-defeated limbo, I try something else on her. Striking with an open palm thrust, I exclaim “Hadoken!”

      A burst of blue energy erupts from my palm, immediately exploding in a blast of smoke and blood, blowing her into oblivion.

      The woman gone, the dream shifts back, and Mae is there, floating at my side. Unmoved by my display of power. . .

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    10. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 11-15-2011 at 09:48 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Contract (WILD)

      Journeying downward, into the dark, the depths, from which there will be no return, I make haste in my flight.

      Curved, snaking passageways, of naturally-hewn black rock, mark my ever descending path.

      At the end, at the lowest reaches, a god awaits me. And he's thrilled to see me.

      First, a test: a battle, versus a cloaked wraith.

      I draw my sword from my side, and begin my assault, flashing steel hitting it's mark, but to no avail. I toss it aside, as the wraith strikes with its own blade.

      Why do I bother with these anymore? I think to myself as the enemy's weapon strikes my flesh, and stops without making a scratch. It seems almost surprised.

      I grab it from the ground at my side. I draw it, five feet long, my true sword, white sheath and ornate, dragon-like grip, given to me by a close friend, so many dreams ago.

      My smile is demonic as I lash out, cutting through the wraith as if though it were nothing. Piercing and slashing, every cut is wonderfully perfect, joyfully precise. As I sever the wraith, bit by bit, the god is all but ecstatic.

      But there's a problem.

      Someone else is here.

      “I'll take care of it,” I say, preparing to wipe the man in the shadows.

      But the god responds harshly, forbidding me from using that ability in his presence.

      Probably for the best, I think, darting to the spy, eviscerating him, and ripping my blade across his throat.

      I switch to his perspective and watch myself stand there, powerful and absolute, long, beautiful blade in hand, the god just behind. I feel the warm blood erupt from his open neck, our neck, drenching us in a wet, red warmth. I solemnly experience his demise, fading as he does. . . slowly. . . painfully. . . without hope.

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    11. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 11-15-2011 at 09:43 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Enter: The Messenger (DILD)

      There's someone outside, roving the grounds of the ancient place of worship. Meeting them in a field, patchy grass, yellow and green, I demand to know them.

      “Oh, just a god,” he says, nonchalantly.

      Oh, how rich, I think as I laugh a long maniacal laugh, the likes of which chills even my bones.

      “A god, you say?” I can't help smirking.

      “Yes, god of messages. Zeus' personal messenger, as it would so happen to be.”

      “Ha. Right,” I say, lifting off the ground, preparing for what I believe will be an easy fight. “You won't mind proving it to me, then.”

      He smiles as he draws a blade of energy from his side. I match his with my own, switching to my Energy Sword with a press of a button.


      We clash.


      And again.

      No one is gaining ground, so I toss my blade aside and draw out a Katana from it's place at my side. His sword transforms into a rapier, much to his surprise. And much to my surprise, he's more than adept with it, skewering my stomach in due haste, my Katana unable to even scratch him.


      I try to start up a volley of teleportation assisted attacks, but. . . I can't. All I see after each attempt, instead of a vulnerable back, is his smiling figure, all too ready for me.

      Screw it. I toss my sword aside.


      My energy surfaces and bursts from my body in a blue flaming jet. He's still smiling. The bastard.

      Even as I twist and contort his body, tearing into his throat, he grins, unaffected.

      And in a moment, I'm distracted. There's some monsters nearby that need taking care of. . .

      You shouldn't do that. I hear him in my head.

      Screw you.

      With a wave of my hand I release all the lock, the controls, sending this bus of a plane down a long and bumpy road, crashing it, stranding the passengers.

      That's it. I'm done with this. I'm going to kill him.

      Making my way to the main compartment, I'm bombarded with insults and complaints from the passengers. I ignore them the best I can, searching for that damned messenger, who was here moments before.

      The insults continue, so I shut up everyone in the room with a wave, zip, and press of my fingers, binding their mouths shut with a few well placed Ats. Except for one girl who somehow remains free from my control.

      I'm gonna get it, she tells me. I'm gonna be in for a world of trouble when that messenger from Hades gets back, she insists.

      “What? What do you mean, Hades?”

      But she won't answer my inquiry as she continues to shout at me.

      “SHUT UP!”

      She won't.

      My alarm wakes me.
    12. Up in the sky in the arena, Olympian demigods holding back the cyborg elite

      by , 08-11-2011 at 07:19 PM (Exploring the Unconscious - Bob's Dream Journal)
      Last night was nothing too long nor vivid, just a small fragment.

      I remember being with my father, among others, in an arena lit by yellow sunlight. The arena was suspended in the clouds. It was very Olympian/Herculean/Greek-mythology-esque, complete with massive marble columns supporting the half-domed roof. We were fighting a high-technology battle against a horde a machine-like foes. I remember casting out a blanket of small, silvery heat-seeking missiles and perceiving them head-first as they engulfed one of the part-man, part-god, part-robot enemies in a small but thoroughly destructive rain of fire.

      That's about all I can pull out of my memory for this one, which is unfortunate because of how surreal the small scene that I can remember is. I love the concept of an ancient high-technology battle among lesser gods. (I wasn't told explicitly, but I'm almost certain that this was indeed an ancient battle, occurring during the glory days of ancient Greek legend).

      Chicken and tomatoes on the skillet before bed,
      2x krill oil
    13. Guitar forged by the Gods

      by , 03-08-2011 at 06:26 AM
      Most epic of dreams: An ancient, quite large, violin, forged by ancient gods (angels, spirits, celestial beings) had fallen from the skies into a lake near a huge castle(much like the one in ocarina of time),the long part that you use to play it was lost.
      I actually started the dream with the violin,but played it as a guitar, and when I played it no matter how poorly my fingers moved the music it made sounded outrageously amazing. There was also a button on the back that when pushed caused the violin to play itself.
      Soon after showing off to my friends, i flashed back to the recollection of how i got this most badtastical of instruments, i swam to the bottom of a deep lake and the water felt amazing, at the very bottom i found the huge violin and buried slightly in the sand was a small piece of silver which just emanated power, i took both and as i swam to shore in the distance i saw a blue whale swimming in the water, all in all it was an amazing dream.
    14. Meeting the Gods

      by , 06-27-2010 at 08:52 PM (Hidden's Dream Journal)
      The first thing I remember is doing a RC. I had a FA, but I kept doing the nose RC, so I realized that I was actually still dreaming. unfortunately my eyes were closed, which is a recipe for disaster for me. I relaxed and tried to DEILD by pulling myself into my HH.

      Eventually I made it into a dream, where I was spinning around in dark water. There were a bunch of glowing red bubbles around me. I surfaced and found myself in a cavern, where there was a line of gods and their animals. I talked to a few of them, asking about their powers and whatnot. One of them, which had a raven on his shoulder, said that his raven served as an extra brain for him.
    15. Nighthog's Archive: 1 June 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 11:18 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      1 June 2010

      Early night epic?
      This was early in the night

      I'm in my house and heard commotion or got a cue for something to go out and look into the skies.
      I and some others in the house are on the second floor. I open my room window. I think it was already open and push my body out and look and see all these space craft in the sky. There are hundreds... no thousands odd ships moving about.
      They are gathering together on this spot in the sky to create this huge ass... Pizza looking mothership? Huh? They are all parts off this huge circular thing. I see people all over the neighbourhood are getting out to look at this all. I exchanged a few words with the people I was with in the house.
      I said they must be space craft. Some words like unbelievable was heard.

      Soon the world... shifted? Well I would call it like the whole earth suddenly tilted or spun in the other direction for a couple seconds. I thought they were re-aligning the earth for more optimal conditions?
      Soon I spot a huge earthquake is coming as a result. Or of another reason. I'm no longer really in my house but at a playground tower or such. The tower is gliding about on the ground getting slowly shorter and shorter as it's sliced across the asphalt on the ground.

      I see what is going on? I see the reason. Something like a god has descended on earth. It's taken the appearance of the white house but the front pillars are it's mouth and the dome its head and the sides are the shoulders and arms. It moves about as he talks. Soon like a dark spiral. A galaxy? Wait a black hole? It has it's own personality.
      The white house god goes to wallow in regret that he had needed to go down to earth. It wasn't intended but his stomach had been growling and soon aching. It had been in a uproar of anger for a moment and he had been forced to stop on the closest planet as he was passing by. The black hole was the stomach. It was complaining and talking back at the other one. It wasn't agreeing on the explanation the other had given. It was for some other reason. It wanted to go here I thought and that was why it had made the uproar.

      Either way soon the white house thing. Spots the troubles he has caused.
      "Oh, no. This can't be" "We'll have to fix this" The earth wide earthquake had caused massive damage and casualties.
      "I'll stop time..." He went to stop time but before that I saw myself... I had been ground up into the ground from the torso and down.. Without noticing it but now. As the tower had been getting shorter so had I been becoming shorter in the same way as I was hanging unto it... >_>;
      I'm in a panic as I noticed it. I'm looking at myself in third person.
      The god seems to have something in mind with me and I just pop out of existence from that location surely dead at any moment. I see myself no more but see that others have wound up same way as myself that were hanging on to this tower. Though they aren't helped.. Only some people react in horror and try to give help but how can they... Torso and down is gone.
      I see time stop now. But the scene on what had happened to me made me sweat and wake up.

      Some other dreams for the rest of the night I have bad recall about. Basically, none for now.

      Then lastly A wild try.

      In a classroom with my old classmates from middle school to high school

      I appear and see myself in the classroom. I'm sitting on one bench and just look around to see where I am and who are around me. It's all old school mates. Though no teacher. One of the students it standing upfront instead.
      I spot my old crush. I look at her a little. Still as beautiful as ever. Though she doesn't notice me or anything. Her hair is quite the masterpiece though. Just wow I have to say.
      I woke up.
      Got back. I'm sitting in another chair now. Further back. I look at the front and at the blackboard. There are various images of manga features of characters and then Japanese text. Romanized and in real Japanese character.
      We are to find the student that fit each of the categories best to match up with these things. Two girls in class go to stand beside the feature they represent. One is about hair style and another is breasts and bra...
      I woke up.
      Back to sleep.
      I need now to go up to the blackboard myself and either pick between category 3 or 4. I only really see two clocks drawn showing two different times. One is 11:00 another is 9:45 or there about. I picked number 3 which had the 9:45 something clock. My old friend goes to say what it represents. About the hero to catch the bad guys. Huh? I look back at the blackboard and now see a small drawn image of a cop car and another car. A cop chasing a criminal in a car chase? I asked this but got no. I turned back and now saw what it really was. It's that black car with that has red lamps in the front that has artificial intelligence and can talk. Can't remember the name. I'm to take the role of this main persons personality.
      We were assigning roles for each to play for something.
      I went to wander back and then lost my sight for a moment and then coincidently went to touch a girl in class on her breasts as I was trying to find something to hold or such to try to stabilize the dream. She yelled at me and I had to apologize. I then asked to hold hands with someone to try have that as link to stabilize the dream and not wake up. Another girl took my hand to help out. She knew about that stability thing and had said about that to me as I was thinking about it, actually I never said a word out loud about it I think.
      I looked at her and wondered how did she know what I was thinking. I was glad non the less she would help me out. But it wasn't good enough I woke up anyway.
      I managed to beck back to sleep on more time.
      This time it was about the manuscript for the play we were doing. I had written it. They had all been happy about the whole up until when I at last minute went and made some supposed changes to the whole.
      The girl in the front was talking about it. She was the one who had helped me moments before.
      They were not happy with the last minute changes. They were some bizarre changes. It was something about one of my old male teachers and then the this other main character male getting it on in the end in some way... She was looking at me displeased and the others were complaining about what the heck that was all about.
      It sounded completely foreign to me that I would add something like that... I could not believe it was I who had written it or made the changes. But everyone else seemed to be sure of it.
      I woke up.
      I had been sleeping in a bad position and as such had my back hurting and that was the thing waking me up constantly.
      As I moved about in bed for a better position I no longer could fall back to sleep. I could not see where the whole ordeal would have turned in continuation.
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