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    1. An Appointment With Zombies

      by , 04-28-2017 at 05:27 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-27

      An Appointment With Zombies

      I am in my car driving my grandmother to a doctor appointment. Neither of us say much because she is hard of hearing, and her left ear is towards me and she is almost deaf in that ear. So rather than yelling, we just donít talk. I pull into the parking lot of the doctorís office and get out. My grandmother looks around and says this is the wrong place, she asks me if I have forgotten that the doctor has moved. I pull a Homer Simpson (DíOh!) as I remember that the doctor has, indeed, moved. Fortunately the new location isnít far away. The new location is right next door to the place we are at. Since my grandmother is elderly and has some difficulty walking far we get back into the car and drive to the building next door.

      My grandmother and I go into the building and we have to take an elevator to get to the correct floor. We come out into a large waiting room and my grandmother goes over to the reception desk. I look around and then I sit down in one of the chairs. I see my grandmother is waiting in a short lone, and then I notice there is a sign-in book sitting out. I think maybe Iím supposed to sign us in so we can be seen in the right order, so I go to the book and I sign in. I sit back down and see that there are numerous people all dressed in black around me. I slowly become aware that they are here for a funeral, and the sign-in book is for the mourners, not for the doctor office. Now I realize I shouldnít have signed the book, so I go over and scribble my name off of the list.

      Now I see my grandmother is ready to go. Iím not sure why she isnít going to see the doctor, but I donít question it. We leave the building and I notice something strange about the people walking around outside. They look normal, but they behave like zombies. Everyone stops and turns towards my grandmother and me. They start coming towards us slowly but threateningly. I try to get my grandmother to hurry back towards the car, which now looks like KITT from Knight Rider. My grandmother doesnít notice the change in cars, we both get in and I start the engine. Apparently, the car only looks like KITT, the AI computer is not present. I drive from the parking lot and look in my rear-view mirrors to see zombies getting in other cars and giving chase. I go faster, getting involved in a high-speed chase trying to outrun them. My KITT is fast, at least, and I am outdistancing them. I drive over a hill and catch air, jumping far higher than I would have thought possible. My grandmother is cheering and having a blast, telling me to go faster. But I donít get a chance to speed up, everything fades and I wake up.