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    1. GrandMother Of The Dreams DILD

      by , 01-05-2020 at 10:25 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I found myself in a false awakening and awoken again. I got out of my bed and was began talking to my grandmother who decided to check on me. She asked me would I like to eat any chicken and I replied with yes. She then ask me would I like anything else with that and I told her no. She insist on asking me again and I was like nah. So she made herself out the door so i could get myself together and head out of this crib.

      As I got myself out of bed and walk in to the living room. I could see my father in another room and saw my grandmother in the kitchen. I went in to the restroom in the living room. I began to look at myself in the mirror and notice my hair was definitely a mess after sleeping for so long. I began to put water on my hands and tried to slick my hair back but it wasn't doing anything. So I began to feel funny about all of this.

      I started to question stuff like who am I and what have I been doing all this time. That's when I didn't really trust where I was and the idea to check my fingers came to mind. I could hear my grandmother voice walking pass the door I am in saying the food is done in the kitchen. I look at my fingers to see it's all distorted and bent like. That's when I knew I was in a dream and that I needed to do different things.

      I got out of the restroom and could see my grandmother going up the stairs. That's when I ran to the door and phase through it and was outside. It was night , all of sudden I could hear my grandmother feet walking down the stairs and began banging the front door. She knew I was awake and I could her presence getting closer to me. I decided to try to fly but I felt it failed and I lost my concentration. That's when I experience another false awakening.
    2. 17-10-13 Affleck & Smith Fist Fight, Various Fragments

      by , 10-22-2017 at 04:39 AM
      Old notes, most mean nothing to me over a week later. I do remember both of my deceased grandmothers, in a box (?). Then a scene in which Ben Affleck and Will Smith duked it out in a fist fight. They were bare-chested like professional boxers (no gloves though), and way more jacked up than the actors probably look in real life.

      Other notes say "old Noah", and "dead empty service", but with a lack of context or memory these notes mean nothing to me now.
    3. Fish Volcano

      by , 05-22-2017 at 11:10 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-19

      Fish Volcano

      I am out with my friend Alicia and we are at a mall. We are walking around and shopping as we usually do at a mall. Alicia wants to go see the pets in the pet store so we go there and go in. We look around for a while, there are puppies up for adoption from a local shelter and hamsters and guinea pigs… and fish. For some reason I am drawn to the fish. I see one real pretty fish that is in a small bowl. I look at the fish and think that would be a cool fish to have. A pet store employee says this is a different form of beta fish, and doesn’t need a lot of room to swim but does need to be able to get to the surface because it partly breathes the air. I look at the fish and bowl price for the package and it’s almost $50 just for a small bowl, some rocks to put in the bottom, a fake plant, some food, and the fish. That seems like a lot, but as Alicia points out, I have a job so I buy it.

      I go out to the car and it was Alicia who drove to the mall so I get in the passenger seat. We drive towards her place, but somewhere along the way Alicia turned into my grandmother and we started heading to my place. I didn’t notice the change. We are turning off of the freeway onto the street that leads to my house when I see there is lava pouring down the street. The volcano is erupting! I tell my grandmother that there’s no way we’ll get past to the house, we have to turn back. We turn around and go a short ways before the tires of the car melt and we have to get out and run. My grandmother is doing quite well at running… I am trying to flag down a ride, but no one will stop. We barely make it to a place where there is a trench cut in the ground with a metal grid bridge over it meant to let people cross but lava will flow through the holes and into the trench. My grandmother and I get across before they close it off, so we’re safe. I look at what I’m carrying and see I brought my fish with me, the fish is just swimming in the small bowl, oblivious to everything. I am thinking I should call home to make sure my mom is ok but I wake up.
    4. An Appointment With Zombies

      by , 04-28-2017 at 05:27 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-27

      An Appointment With Zombies

      I am in my car driving my grandmother to a doctor appointment. Neither of us say much because she is hard of hearing, and her left ear is towards me and she is almost deaf in that ear. So rather than yelling, we just don’t talk. I pull into the parking lot of the doctor’s office and get out. My grandmother looks around and says this is the wrong place, she asks me if I have forgotten that the doctor has moved. I pull a Homer Simpson (D’Oh!) as I remember that the doctor has, indeed, moved. Fortunately the new location isn’t far away. The new location is right next door to the place we are at. Since my grandmother is elderly and has some difficulty walking far we get back into the car and drive to the building next door.

      My grandmother and I go into the building and we have to take an elevator to get to the correct floor. We come out into a large waiting room and my grandmother goes over to the reception desk. I look around and then I sit down in one of the chairs. I see my grandmother is waiting in a short lone, and then I notice there is a sign-in book sitting out. I think maybe I’m supposed to sign us in so we can be seen in the right order, so I go to the book and I sign in. I sit back down and see that there are numerous people all dressed in black around me. I slowly become aware that they are here for a funeral, and the sign-in book is for the mourners, not for the doctor office. Now I realize I shouldn’t have signed the book, so I go over and scribble my name off of the list.

      Now I see my grandmother is ready to go. I’m not sure why she isn’t going to see the doctor, but I don’t question it. We leave the building and I notice something strange about the people walking around outside. They look normal, but they behave like zombies. Everyone stops and turns towards my grandmother and me. They start coming towards us slowly but threateningly. I try to get my grandmother to hurry back towards the car, which now looks like KITT from Knight Rider. My grandmother doesn’t notice the change in cars, we both get in and I start the engine. Apparently, the car only looks like KITT, the AI computer is not present. I drive from the parking lot and look in my rear-view mirrors to see zombies getting in other cars and giving chase. I go faster, getting involved in a high-speed chase trying to outrun them. My KITT is fast, at least, and I am outdistancing them. I drive over a hill and catch air, jumping far higher than I would have thought possible. My grandmother is cheering and having a blast, telling me to go faster. But I don’t get a chance to speed up, everything fades and I wake up.
    5. Stardust Apartments, & With Mother & Grandmother

      by , 07-08-2016 at 01:04 AM
      My step-father was driving me to some new apartment I was moving into. They were called the ‘Stardust Apartments,’ or ‘Star[something] Apartments.’ I asked where mom was and he said she had left. He said it in a nonchalant way, like maybe she had moved out a while ago, or that she was just living somewhere else temporarily. The sun was setting and it felt like we were in a desert town.

      I was with my mother and her grandmother. My mother had used the cord specifically that went to my flat iron. It seems I had some kind of hair iron that had a detachable cord. I asked her where is was and we couldn’t find it. I was irritated with her. I said something sassy and my grandmother told me not to talk to my mother that way.

      Wondering more: Why do I always seem to dream about my mother? Why do I often seem to be moving, or returning to an apartment?
    6. Logical Feeling DILD

      by , 04-02-2016 at 12:21 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am on the bed lying down thinking about life with my grandmother being dead. I start feeling cold on my left so I turn around to see my grandmother going in to the closet. I see this and figure if she is here that means I am dreaming. I get up and progessively I can feel my lucidity spiking up. I open this white door in the back and found myself in a snowy field with some trees with no leaves on em. I run around trying to use dream control. After couple of tries I check my hands and can see my fingers being bent and having 6. I turn around as I begin to hear a voice. I am starting to lose my focus and see a tekken character. I ran up to say hey as I soon lose lucidity. Lucid Time: 45 seconds
    7. #223. The Fugitive

      by , 09-19-2015 at 06:50 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      My husband and I are visiting the UK. It's incredibly difficult to find a parking spot.

      We're wandering through a series of buildings that are all interconnected, and I'm opening new doors, creating new spaces that sometimes lead back to the previous ones. We run into my grandmother.

      There's a contest that we somehow become involved in, and there are little children hurling chunks of ice. I talk to their parents disapprovingly, and somehow win the contest, described as the "yelling" person.

      We're fugitives now, trying to escape the UK. My attempt to get us free passage out of the country fails when I can't get the three images on my ticket to line up (like a slot machine), despite exerting dream control. There are dogs coming after me, and I send bolts of ice magic at them, freezing them in place, because they can run faster than I can.

      I find myself in an empty field, looking up into the night sky. I start walking, and realize that there's a lunar eclipse in the sky. I'm flying towards it now.

      I'm looking at a brick building, and decide to run up the side, Prototype-style. I'm having trouble with it, though. Instead, I run as far up it as I can and grab on, allowing the mechanism on the side of the building to buoy me up.

      I look at the moon, which is a cube in the sky, and try to fly again. I can't.

      A cabin in the country, where a man is offering lessons on writing a novel.

      My husband and I are running through a parking lot, but the cars and semis keep trying to collapse on top of us. We're trying to get back to our parking spot.
    8. #213. Who's Hunting the Hunters?

      by , 09-07-2015 at 09:19 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm a vampire that's hunting vampires.

      Sam & Dean Winchester are hunting me.

      The woman I killed was a vampire preying on the local townspeople, but you can always trust Hunters to not understand nuance.

      Later, I'm using telekinesis on small objects around my grandmother's living room. I'm finding that I can easily lift objects that are within about four feet of me, but to move anything further away, I have to move closer. I find this frustrating, because I know I'm dreaming, and this is all about what I believe I can do.

      It's a rubber band bracelet thingy, for gods' sake! This shouldn't be that hard!

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    9. The party

      by , 03-13-2015 at 05:13 AM
      I was at my grandmothers sitting in a weird room with a couch. Everyone in my immediate family was there except my mom. We were wondering where she was when all of a sudden we found out she died. Then I was really sad. Then I must have had a slight FA or even a real awakening because I remember sitting in bed sad because of what had happened. Then she came to the couch and she was missing her legs, but seemed happy. Then I remember the dream changed to a different place. Then their was a party going on in some weird room at my grandmothers. It was a dark room with accent lighting, dark brown/black walls. There was chairs all around the room and in each of them was an adult. They sat there drinking beers. Then they started to go crazy. They said mean things to me and then I said something mean back to them and heard them laughing as I left the room. Then I was in another room I do not recall, one of the drunk adults came out of the room and then smashed his fist on my dads head. This scared the heck out of me and then sent an intense fear response in the dream, and I even felt it in real life.

      What an odd dream. My attempt at WILD failed.
    10. 1/27/15 Skipping Record FA Caught, Lucid Reunion, Subconscious Exploration Attempt - Compet. Night 3

      by , 01-27-2015 at 08:55 PM
      I realized I am condensing my DJ entries down too much recently making them a bad read so going back to a more free flowing entry here. ~610am Wake from longish LD string. Work meeting scene. The board member shouldn't need to take video. CW there. I have a headache (bleeding through from IWL?) and massage my temples. Next memory is FA caught by "record skipping" FA. I am arriving to the wake up sensation at least 3 times in quick succession each lasting about the amount of time it takes for a vinyl record to rotate once...and repeating like a skipping record! I get up out of bed happy to have received this gift in this FA. As I make my way through the house with visuals not perfect I get the partial visual of my sleep mask covering my face as I walk, and I rip it off and throw it behind me. As I get to the front door I see there is a note on an index card by the door. I pause for a moment thinking if I'm awake I don't want to open the store and leave it open or unlocked putting my family security at risk so I better RC. I start to do the finger through palm and as it shows I'm awake I realize how inconsistent that one is and just look at both my hands but focus on my left one where one of my middle two fingers was noticeably longer than IWL . I grabbed the note by the door and start to read it but then look down what looks like an apartment building hall and the note is narrated to me in what is supposed to be my wife's voice saying "today is the day to bring out the garbage."(which it is!) I float fly through multiple halls and it is completely barren so far. I quickly peek over an overlook down to the floor below me hoping to catch a DC down there but it is also barren. I fly down to the lower floor and explore a little bit finding what looks like a door to the outside and when I open it it is a bright sunny summer day. I look across a big grassy open park-like area and see a building on the other side of it with lots of DC's gathered inside but starting to come out. I dump off all my clothes feeling free and fly their way thinking about what kind of reactions I might get. I approach a couple of young women and start to interact with them telling them it's time to remove their dresses but I seem to be too much inside my head thinking about something and the visuals fade but I do not fear waking up but rather hang on for the visuals to come back. (Something I am getting better and better at and following Sageous' suggestion to avoid following the more common path back to your sleeping body-NREM thread, possibly NREM reality check thread). During this quiet time in a void I reflect on the fact that I didn't get to any competition goals. The visuals eventually come back and I soon have a vivid sunny summertime scene again but this time it seems like I'm at of family reunion. I'm looking around at all of the DC's enjoying this vivid beautiful world and I look over to my right and see my grandmother who passed away several years ago sitting down and I go to greet her. It is so wonderful to see you I tell her as we each clasped the others hands facing each other. It's so feels like her hands warm and wrinkly! (I am choking up while reliving this lucid moment while transcribing this dream!) I asked her to hold on a moment and I release her hands since I use a certain motion of my hands as part of my recall of goals. I think of my mnemonic (memory) pegs and peg number 1 brings me to time control, stopping time. I know my trusty pocket watch with amazing time control is in my right hand and I start clicking it while looking around. At first it is not doing anything very much like the very first time I used this. I eventually get the DC's to freeze in time!..and they unfreeze as I release the "clicker." I play around with it a little bit more and then think about peg number 2 and decide to skip it and go to peg number 3. Neither 2 nor 3 are part of my 3 step task anyway only peg 1 then peg 6 and 8. I grabbed a football that is being thrown around and say check this out. I punt the ball with super strength way up into the sky and out of sight! Cool! I look back over at my grandmother and just behind her and to the right is my grandfather who passed away quite a number of years ago and who I thought about last time I thought about my grandmother and how I haven't been seeing him in my dreams. This time he is there!..but he starts morphing a little bit maybe looking more like his younger self when he was a teenager and then a boy! I grasp my grandmother's hands again realizing I should have spent more time in the dream with her asking her questions I'm saying what kind of responses I might get. The dream starts to fade. I hold on again and I arrive outside of a room indoors it's a little bit dark, dimly lit. There is a young black boy in the room and I walk in there and ask him what does he represent? He only says there's someone over here and I follow him around and out of the room and sitting on the bench is a short humanoid creature that looks like a weird boy, a little bit stocky with a large-ish head with dark short thick hair and black eyes. I asked him what it represents and try not to get freaked out by his unusual appearance and I realize I can wake up if I want to but I don't remember making the decision to. Either way I wake up for good this time. I think reading a couple of dream journals of other competition participants may have helped me recognize the false awakening at the beginning. One person, I forget who, was talking about some kind of incongruity being a common dream sign as a dream tries to adjust and readjust to fit the situation. Also maybe the same person or someone else mentioned how they handled a false awakening by quickly getting up and doing an RC when normally I would try to do a motionless RC but maybe I need to be more aggressive like I was when I noticed my FA and immediately took off.
    11. Demonic Ghost Children And Talking Kitty

      by , 01-17-2015 at 07:30 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I WBTB at 2:30AM and took 8MG Galantamine and 400MG DMAE. I kept the WBTB brief.

      #399 - DILD - 5:18AM

      I am what I think of as my my moms sister's house, Aunt Paula. I wake up and have to pee. I know I was trying to get lucid but I think I should take care of this. The bathroom has a strange looking toilet made of maroon colored plastic. When I open the lid something breaks and water spills all over the floor. My uncle comes in upset about the mess. He looks over the toilet and says something dismissive and leaves. I am in shock and recall this as a dream sign. I look left past the sink and see a white porcelain toilet has appeared. I become lucid at this, though I still feel the need to pee. I consider it but I now know that it's pointless and don't want to think what might happen if I try.

      I walk back into the main room while I try to recall my goal. I say out loud, "I have a goal." I just can't remember. For some reason I think I wanted to summon some sort of evil magic. No that can't be right. I start to feel mild fear but I keep my emotions in check. However, it doesn't stop the evil from manifesting itself. I see movement around me. There behind red curtains. A child? The curtains part and I see a grotesquely rotted face of a demonic child. I hissed at me then into a wispy ghost and vanishes into vapor. Multiple copies of these demonic ghost children appear all around me but the moment I try to focus on them they turn to vapor and streak around. I keep my emotion level and don't allow this to turn into a nightmare. I'm actually happy this is happening. I haven't had much of a creep factor in a long time. The dream collapses here and I wake into SP.

      I am on my right side and I feel really uncomfortable. My knees are touching in a way that hurts and I am really hot. I try to move but can't. I notice vibrations. I want to wake up so I open my eyes but I see the room too bright and ghostly figures. I wonder if I have even woke up. I consider holding my breath to wake up but I don't want to break the dream just yet. With great effort, I manage to roll over and remove some of the blanket. I feel better but I also notice the vibrations haven't stopped. I doubt that I have actually moved, but the effect was the same. I try opening my eyes again to see if I actually see the room. I can see the moonlight from the window and decide to try moving my hands. There is a ghostly image of me shaking my hands in front of my face. Again I doubt that I am even really seeing my room and as I watch my body releases and I am dumped out of bed. I go blind again and feel my way into the living room noticing what my hands and feet touch with great detail. I pause for a moment and try summoning a woman like in a recent LD, but it doesn't happen and I really don't want to go there anyway.

      I am at the front door now still trying to see but all I get is random images like heavy hypnagogic imagery. I decide that I am trying too hard to see. I relax a bit and forget about the problem. I focus on feeling the detail of the front door as I try to see what I am touching. The images vanish to black, then suddenly, I see. I am looking out the glass storm-door into a version of my front yard. Excited, I quickly rush out. My vision becomes blurry as if I am underwater. I notice it is raining. My yard doesn't end at a street but seems to continue into a wooden area. The closer I get to the edge of the yard the more the dream area seems to stop there until there is a definite cut off into black void. I stop and turn back. There are some unfamiliar cars in the drive way under a carport. My house look unfamiliar. I fall to my hands and knees and feel the grass to stabilize. I try to feel the rain but there is very little sensation. I know I had a goal but I still can't remember. I shout very loud, "I HAVE A GOAL!" I can't think. All I recall is that same summoning-evil-thought. No. Not again. I let that go. After a moment I realize that I am trying too hard again. I relax my mind and body and decide to forget about my goal. I don't worry about losing lucidity here as I feel mentally solid and locked in. I get up and find a car in the spot I was crawling around. Some blue sedan. My vision is still odd as I feel for a door handle. I'm really not keen on going for a drive but if this is all I get I'll go for it. Just as I am about to open the door I see a tiny gray kitten come up to me. It has a tiny meow and sounds like it's in distress or really hungry. I pickup the kitten and say, "Oh poor little kitty. You're hungry aren't you?" I put it up to my chest and chin and give it a little hug. I decide it would be cool to get the cat to talk so I begin talking to it, asking it if it is hungry. It meows but I am persistent and tell it that I want to hear words. Finally, I hear a little girl voice say that it is very hungry. I need to get her inside and feed her.

      Just inside the front door there is an open room with someone in a bed. The light is on and everything is very vivid. Curious I go in with the kitty in my arms. I say in a weak voice, "Who are you?' The figure stirs and seems to wake up. I see her face. She looks like an odd and young version of my dead grandmother (Nanny). I don't want to admit this because I am getting a very strange vibe from her. I recall that normally I am excited when she visits my dreams but something is different here. I say in a much stronger voice, "Who are you?"
      She sits up now, "I am not whole."
      I feel really uncomfortable now, "O... Ok."
      She looks at me intently and asks expectantly, "Who do I look like?"
      I tell her the answer she wants by saying my grandmothers full name.
      The woman stands up and laughs, "Ha ha... yes!"
      I say, "But, you are different." I don't like this woman and try to dismiss her, "Ok. Well, I am going now." I take kitty with me to the kitchen table and sit her down. I decide to treat her more like a human and let her eat here. The strange woman has followed me and sits down in a dining chair. I decide to pay her little attention and let her do whatever. I leave the kitten with her and walk into the kitchen where the cat food bin is. There is some instability here and decide I don't need to actually get the food. I blind summon a the food scoop and make a motion with my hand like I getting cat food. As I walk back to the table I have a small amount of cat food in the scoop. I pour it out on the table and kitty starts to eat ravenously. I notice she is having a hard time biting the hard food and I say something to the woman about this. When I look at her, her face has changed again. She still looks like a version of my grandmother but has become younger and very pretty. I being to have some arousal but think this is way too weird to have any sort of fun with her. I look back kitty and she quickly runs under the table as if she is now afraid. I comment about her strange behavior as I wake up.
    12. 3 lucid dreaaams

      by , 08-27-2014 at 12:24 PM
      First lucid : I'm in bed (in a dream) I decide to do FILD and I stay still. I get all kind of hallucinations and white sounds and also this tiny doll that's dressed in a red-black kimono stares at me really closely. Her eyes get bigger and bigger the more I get into the dream. [COLOR="#008080"]I wake up and don't even do a RC because I was so sure I was dreaming. I look outside the window and it's really sunny and normal outside. I look back at my bed and I see a grey laptop on it. I open the grey laptop and it has information about everything I do and everything that happens in the dreamland. I say it's awesome and then I realize I could take pictures. I revert the camera to look at me. I look pretty normal. I revert it back and I go into the kitchen with the laptop to see what mom is doing. She's waiting for me. I say I'll go outside. I go to the balcony and I wanna jump but the distance is too high so I say no because I think I could wake up. I run to the entrance door and open it. It's not what I expected there to be. It looks kinda the same as the way it's supposed to look but the walls are white and there is no roof up, just some cool ass mountains and some smoke too. There is something written on a wooden wall up and I go and read it. I don't have a hard time reading it at all. One wall said (exactly like this) : Bienvenuduo a vac ances. The other wall said something in "romanian" : Bine a ti ve nit a vacan ces. I ask mom what could that possibly mean and then I just take a picture of it with the laptop. I pass the wall and jesus, that place... It had many mountains and there was smoke everywhere for some reason. I could feel the wind and it was just awesome. I look around and I see mom is still with me. I tell her to leave but she gets happy-angry and starts ranting but in the end she leaves. I wanna go somewhere to swim. I try to go up the mountains but when I look back I see this cool pool that had like, some tiny watery balls in it. I go into it and it's trying to suck me in and then I wake up (IN A DREAM). [/COLOR]

      2nd lucid : I try to do a FILD again. Same hallucination ( the japanese doll) and I have success with this too. [COLOR="#008080"]I stand up, see the laptop and I get it back. There is a voice in it now that says " Well, what should we do now? Should we give you some nightmares?" I get all excited and say YES. A tiny green snake appears near me. I stare at it and it stares back at me. It then suddenly jumps on my leg and tries to crawl under my skin. I just go with it till it bites me. I get it out and throw it away. It seems dizzy and I jump out the window. Same weather, sunny as fuck. I try to go in the back of my apartment complex when this eagle with red eyes flies to me with the dead green snake in it's mouth. I say that's awesome and the eagle sits on my shoulder. It says that it will save me from everything bad. I say okay then proceed to walk more. This random guy throws some bombs at us. The eagle throws them all away and I could hear them exploding in the distance. The guy then throws a plastic ball with some blue thingies in it. It starts shining more and more and the eagle flies back to my shoulder and says that we need to leave fast. It tries to fly with me but then this huge rock monster grabs me by my leg and throws me to the ground and that's when I woke up.[/COLOR]

      3rd lucid : I'm in a dream again. Do FILD again. [COLOR="#008080"]The grey laptop is sitting on my chest this time. I stand up, get it, and leave in the hall. I try to stabilize and the laptop shows me that it's successful. I look on my right and instead of the bathroom there is another bedroom. The bed is right near the door. I see my grandmother in it and a family friend near her. They both look dead so I try to get away from them as soon as possible because I fear they will wake up. But then, my grandmother starts yelling for help and it's creepy and makes me feel sad. I go to mom in the livingroom and I tell her that my grandmother woke up "again". She seems frustrated and goes to my grandmother and then I wake up. [/COLOR]
    13. Flight Into Space, Moon Room, Cheerleader; 2 WILD Attempts Become 2 DILDs

      by , 01-26-2014 at 02:58 AM

      Interesting development tonight! Instead of some previous experiences where it felt like mechanics were involved in countering my lucidity...tonight both LDs felt like I was suspicious I could be dreaming and I was getting nudges of help or clues! I think this was due to my re-inspired self awareness work! Anyway busy today got to be brief. First LD I was sitting outside with a heavy-set black guy with mostly shaved head but a slight fade. For the second night in a row I see something interesting about the stars in the sky (previous night I was just focusing on a good night's sleep and got a fantastic show in the sky that was non lucid; stars lighting up unusually and then became firework sounds behind a cloud and then very clear and vivid fireworks with animation in the sky thinking it was a little late for fireworks - felt like 10:30 p.m. in the dream - and it turned out to be some advertising campaign but so beautiful!) anyway I tell that guy that those stars
      look unusual, the constellation was laid out with so many stars kind of in a shape of a boot and as I was pointing it out the whole constellation lit up (lucidity help#1) and I realized that I must be dreaming but it felt so real but I said no I must be dreaming. I decided to RC by flying up into the sky. Yep! I am thinking what now and think of flying to the moon and I look for the moon as I'm floating high up in the sky. I see the moon and start flying towards it and as I get close I go to land and somehow end up in a big L shaped room that looked like an abandoned club house or game room with items at each end of the L. I think okay is this supposed to be on the moon? Sure enough I'm bouncing around the room with moon like gravity! It is actually a whole lot of fun! After bouncing around for awhile I look at the front door to this big room and I think about what they were talking about in the last podcast and decided I would go out a different way
      and flew up through the roof as if it were not there. I'm floating in the sky again and I look for some interesting stars to fly to and think about the tip from Sivason. As I focus on each star they move a little to the right or a little to the left. Finally I find one that seems to stay fixed and I focus on it as I begin to fly towards it but then I lose sight of it but I can feel that I am deep in space and it feels a little weird like gentle pressure waves rolling against me. I feel lost out here so I decide to teleport back to the L shaped room and bounce around some more. I l
      ost lucidity either here or through the FA that followed. A guy similar to the one at the beginning of the dream was there and had a habit of turning on multiple TV'S...like a compulsion. This was after a normal wbtb about 4 hours in. Woke up from LD#1 around 5am. Did a more lazy wbtb with less SSILD cycles overlayed with mantra that I stop & realize I am dreaming + one that I
      recognize the transition (both were WILD attempts turned DILDs). 2nd LD I was in what was supposed to be my grandparents house. I was helping my grandmother with something in the garage and she decided it was time to go to bed and she went on towards bed and as I passed the laundry area(?) between the garage and the house I spilled something on the floor and it got worse as I tried to stop the spill. I went in to the bathroom to clean up I guess and heard a jingling sound then saw a small white fluffy dog and thought hmm I guess that is their dog. Then I see a taller majestic grayish blackish dog and think that is strange...doesn't seem like any dog of theirs and think this could be a dream. Nudged again (lucidity help#2) I see someone walking towards me in a bear suit and I say now I know I am dreaming! I fly up out of the house and it is daytime whereas before it seemed like night. There is a line of college cheerleaders (male and female) out in
      front of the house performing. Like in one of my HHs earlier where a woman in a skirt had one leg propped up on something provocatively, I saw a cheerleader standing legs split with a "come hither" look and I swooped down to the ground below her and worked my way towards performing oral on her as she grabbed at my junk, enjoying the experience
      but eventually faded back to bed.
    14. Wizards

      by , 11-20-2013 at 12:51 AM
      Original journal entry dated July 7th, 2002:

      A lot of people, including me, were going to this one medieval fair thing, and we all had to dress up and stuff. It was really more like a medieval fantasy deal so I was dressed up as a wizard, or something. Anyway, there was the outer fair, which was free, and then the inner fair with all of the special events was behind a wall, and you had to pay a lot of money to get in. I had a sort of miniquest thing where I had to collect various issues of Dragonball, except that I kept getting the same issue over and over again, and it was very frustrating. There was this mad scientist type guy who lived in a tower and he had an issue I really needed, but in return for giving me the issue I had to live there forever. So I figured I'd take the issue, and then run away. Then S__ and everybody else wanted to go to the inner fair and left me behind because I didn't want to pay that much money. A group of people and I tried to sneak in by crawling along the rooftops to get over the wall, but for some reason the old principal from Highschool was chasing us, and we had to get down and hide. So finally, I gave in and bought a ticket, although the real reason for it was sort of different, because in my dream I had this boyfriend (and hell if I remember what he looked like, it was just one of those things that you know when you're in a dream) and I knew this one other girl was after him, and it sort of pissed me off. I got into the fair and she was hanging all over him, and I got mad at another friend of mine for not doing anything about it since he was supposed to be my friend and look out for me. Then the dream sort of shifted and I had to enroll in a school there, and in order to do that I had to get the old crazy scientist guy's signature. So I got it and went to the highschool and tried to enroll but it turned out that I had to go and get the principal's signature too and fill out a form to enroll, and he had the forms, and his office was in the fair, and it was too late to go there because it was closed. But I was allowed to go to all of the classrooms and decide which classes I wanted to take. I went to the language class because a language class was required, except they didn't have spanish, they only had japanese, and I didn't know anything and didn't have a text book. And then I did something wrong I think, and the teacher made me stay after class and said I couldn't leave the classroom until she told me to. For some reason it was then that I realized that I was not wearing any pants at all, but merely had my Star Wars comforter wrapped around the lower portion of my body, and I thought about how silly I must have looked and how drafty it was. In any case, the teacher had to leave to do something, and I got bored and left the classroom anyway because I wasn't supposed to, and some kids started bullying me and took my backpack, so I got mad and beat them up. Then one of the other teachers came along and I got in a lot of trouble, but everything was cleared up and they let me go. I was waiting for my ride, but didn't see the car anywhere, and then wondered if my ride really WAS there but I didn't recognize the car...

      ...then, for some reason, I was at my grandmother's house. Except it was more like a church, and had pews, but they were all lined up in front of a fireplace. We were supposed to be singing hymns and she got mad at me because I kept interrupting. Then she made everybody move and rearrange themselves on the pews, and I got in trouble for goofing off because I was playing with a raisin.
    15. Headless Children

      by , 11-13-2013 at 09:35 AM
      Original journal entry dated Feb. 22, 2002:

      Ok, to begin with, I had a nightmare (what's new?) that I lived all alone in a weird dorm with a basement that had creepy stuff in it. I had a cat, too, but wasn't supposed to. It was a very sweet cat. It was like Abby, only gray.
      Then my dream shifted, and I dreamt I was a grandmother. We had packed our two grandchildren (both boys) up into the car when I noticed that one of them looked sort of funny. As in, you know. Headless. So, naturally, I started shrieking at the top of my lungs until my husband came over and showed me he was ok. Apparently, I'd been mistaken (about him being, like, headless). Then I looked over and the OTHER one was missing the same vital part of his anatomy. So, again, I flipped out. At the end of the dream, it turned out that I'd been hallucinating... not that this was much comfort.

      The worst part about the nightmare was that I'd wake up, look around, check what time it was, then go to sleep and resume the same horrible dream. This continued from about 7 a.m. until 9:30.
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