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    1. 7/26/2014

      by , 08-31-2014 at 10:16 PM
      I was driving down NM47 and there was plenty of traffic. There were a lot of cars and semis parked on the shoulder which made me almost get into a few wrecks. I kept driving until I reached a rural part of New Mexico. I walked for a while until I saw a pretty news reporter with blonde hair. She was reporting on traffic and i scaled a rock to reach her. I told her about the parked vehicles and she said she needs to know where they were at. Suddenly, people started coming behind us and she told me she had to get out of there so the people didn't talk to her. She shoved me so we could start running. Eventually, the people caught up to us and a few people talked to her but I interrupted them so she could be alone. I asked if she wanted me to talk to her so people thought she was busy but she said no. I got in my car and drove off with a few people. It started raining which made it hard to break and one of the guys I was driving with got sick but eventually got better.