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    1. Zombies day 50

      by , 07-31-2013 at 06:30 PM
      This is my longest dream sequance yet it started on june 11, 2013 its not over yet but when it is I will record the last day.
      Lucidity~extreme [activates muscles]

      Day 50
      I awoke on my way to colorado in the middle of a desert. My GF, My friends, and I had set up tents last night for a shelter just to wake up to the scorpions (a tunnling type of zombies) trying to kill us I pulled out snapped on their necks to make it have to run away to fix itself. I got up grabbed my musket with a mag and went outside. I just thought the best thing to do was kill these zombies. So I just starting helping my friends at unloading ath thezombie scorpian things which ended there were ten and nine of tge ten ended up dead. So we pacjed our bags and started moving in our desert suited up cars which some were two seater convertible sports car. We also had our hummer that was easy to drive through the desert. Later that day we crossed into utah without any trouble and were on our way to colorado with the road to help us. We used the road and git to a small abandoned town were we collected amunition and found a packapunch machine. We also found a ton of zombies, walkers, spinters, scrabs, suicides, and slender zombies. We desposed if all of them and my brother packapunched his hoodie with metal and a battery. Now wis hoodie has small shoulderblade and constantly radiats electricity. We slept in the town that night inside of a somwhat normal two story house.