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    1. Death by snake bite, Seeing the stars, 2 pac and the healing non-invasive crystal

      by , 09-08-2011 at 10:47 AM
      08-09-11 I am standing in a tent on field. The field is filled with dandelions and I am starting to tear up the flowers with root and I do this quite frantically. Eventually other people start joining in until there are no flowers left. However as I go along I start pulling them up less careful about getting all of the root up.

      When there are almost no flowers left I start noticing that the earth is moving and that the empty holes are crippling with spiders. I don't get to dwell on this thought as the next I know I find myself under the water in the ocean near the bottom.

      I look up behind me and notice a sea snake being dropped into the water by an unknown entity. I start swimming towards the top and I don't know if I am kicking through the snake(s) or not. When I get to the top I find myself close to the shore of a beautiful beach.

      It is high sunshine and I am wearing a wetsuit and am carrying a surf board. I have never surfed before, but I manage to catch a pipe (don't know if this is what it is called in surfer terms) on my first ever attempt, which the person with me considers quite the achievement.

      I start feeling ill and I fall off the board and find myself in a living room right next to a door out to the hallway. Behind me there is a short haired girl who grabs me around the waist. I am in a different perspective and punch my own chest to start CPR. The perspective shifts back and I shout for someone to call the hospital. Someone runs into the hallway to do this.

      The girl pulls me to the floor and Shane of Weeds is standing over me to continue the CPR.

      My vision starts fading to grey and I am loosing it, but I hear a voice that tells me to stay here, relax and breathe. After a while my vision starts returning to normal and as I am looking up at one of my living room plants it gradually becomes green again.

      After a while longer I can sit up and I look down my leg and notice a large circle. It isn't red and the bite marks from the snake have already healed up. However now we know that we are dealing with a cobra strike and I or someone else shout out into the hallway that the person getting help should tell this.

      Notes: I remember having two more dreams after this one related to it, though without the nightmare themes. However upon waking up this morning they seem to have vanished from memory.

      I am in Holland and going into a shop to buy some weed. Someone is with me and I think I am the experienced one and need to show them how it is done.

      I walk over to the counter and tell the guy I need the weakest most mellow product he has. He immediately walks to the hash counter and tells his associate to service me.

      His associate start dishing out this pink goo onto the counter and explains that this is the most mellow he has. Then the first guy comes over and tells the associate that it wasn't what I asked for that I needed something with a bit more fly to it. He starts pouring some brownish goo onto the counter. Then the associate asks me what I am after, most mellow or something with fly and I quickly explain just mellow.

      We all laugh and I think I buy some of the pink stuff.


      Outside the shop, which looks more like a garage on the outside I run into some shady businesmen who are looking for 2 Pac. As they explain this he appears on the other side of the street wearing a long business like coat looking nothing gangster like at all.

      I stop and think to myself that he is dead and that all the conspiracy theorists that predicted his return must have been right. I think to myself that either he came back in 2007 or we are actually in 2007 right now.

      The reason they want to talk to him is because he has developed something and the dream shifts into a camera chasing him as he is running through a garden. In the centre of the garden is his invention. It is a crystal that emits some sort of high frequency sound/light combination. This invention has the possibility of performing any know surgery non-invasive.

      However it seems like it is overloading and hence 2 Pac and his assistant are running to get to cover. All the while this crystal is pulsing emitting this crystal like sound-light combination. There is loads of colours in this pulse, which is quite sharply contrasted by the grey clouds in the sky.

      I am in a Sims like situation a person is telling me that he has never seen the stars. I sort of force him to do this. He replies that he has seen them on Youtube, which I find ridiculous.

      I run up on a mountain that apparently is the highest location nearby and phone him and tell him he should get up there as there is absolutely no light pollution what so ever.

      Besides I am standing right next to Mount Everest and I don't think it would be particularly difficult to reach the top of that either.


      On a beach now still with the same mission in mind though it is daytime and he will have to wait a while. Another person/Sim is there and he has the trait that he is easily burned and will have to return for sun lotion all the time.

      The parents voice sort of explain that he will have to stop playing with me because of this. There are loads of other persons that assemble around me.

      I follow the easily burned guy into the house, one of his arms is really red and he is whimpering. He gets sun lotion applied and there is a bar that measures his degree of burntness that goes down with applications of this lotion.

      In the house I explain that he needs a hardcore lotion, maybe like one of those for babies and all of a sudden I am in a shop that sells sun lotion, after sun, sun tan amplifier and soap. Among other things the shop also sells katanas relatively cheap.

      The shop is run by WakingNomad and he tries to charge me 500 dollars for little test samples in blue bottles. I am annoyed that he charges this much because I know the protection they offer to be exactly what I am looking for, but it is stupidly expensive. I mean the bottles are like the size of small shot bottles.

      Swimming with the family along the shore of a nice beach in high sunshine.

      With the family in a house. There are two dogs that keep jumping into the lap of my dad and uncle.
    2. Xavier the maker + random stuff

      by , 09-07-2011 at 09:45 AM
      07-09-11 I am in an airport with a woman on a raised walkway that leads out to the gates. It is nighttime and the walkway we are on is very narrow and not surrounded by railings, which disturbs me and makes me wonder slightly.

      I am in a car with a woman. She is a vampire and has hostile intentions either towards me or someone else and I plan on stopping her. However I have some sort of relationship to her and don't want to hurt her.

      She might be Pam off True Blood. The way I subdue her by holding her by the neck but she refuse to lay off. In the end I start calling out for Xavier, who is her maker, telepathically for him to come and pick her up.

      I manage to get hold of him, which is a weird conversation taking place in utter darkness inside my head. He comes to pick her up and as he does so he stuffs the car full of duvets and mattresses and then procedes to shove her in.

      I am in a house unpacking speaking with my dad. As we are unpacking my parents' neighbour's cats emerge and start making themselves comfortable.

      They don't particularly want to go back to their owner though they are supposed to. Castello, though a darker and leaner version of himself, start climbing up a closet.

      Clyde is lying on the floor under a table.

      Speaking with my dad, he is drunk and he is talking about the amount of stuff Freddy bought in a shop.
    3. Conquering Fear, Holland, Mayan Jungle Shenanigans

    4. Native American shenanigans and a Vampire / Demon / Wizard showdown

    5. Family Reunion, Fighting Planes and False Phoenix Flight

      by , 09-01-2011 at 11:15 AM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      01-09-11 We are going to the family reunion. Besides the family there are a lot of other characters attending as well and rather than the first week of September it is for an entire week.

      I seem to be packing quite a lot and spending time in the bath room.


      on day 3-4 everyone is getting tired of it. In particular Minka, who has made an arrangement to drive home with her parents (this is odd, since she they aren't the family). She leaves for a while and comes back dressed in a short pink dress and she looks an awful lot like Paris Hilton fashion wise.

      It is raining however, so she looks kinda sad about this since it will mean changing outfit again, but she seems packed and ready to go.

      I see her mother dancing down the hallway and they are the first family to have proclaimed that they are leaving.

      The younger crew of the various families within family seems to be getting reckless and I decide to go and pack up so we can go quickly if my parents decide to bail.

      The rest of the young crew are lying around either in the hallway or in rooms. There is a general consensus to go to the bar on the opposite side of the road, but no one seems to be taking initiative.


      I am talking to my cousin about something related to leaving.

      My sister is talking, she doesn't want to be their either but she explains that it is nice to see the family join up together setting aside selfish consideration to see her daughter.

      I am at an airbase watching Stoffer fly around in a fighter jet. The plane is completely white. He has rented it with a mate for a day as it is the cheapest of the planes available.

      I am going up there with him and he is explaining that he intends to do a loop, which I am looking forward to.

      As he is coming in for landing and driving towards the spot where he has to pick me up, he makes a weird turn that almost tips over the plane and make the wings hit the ground. He asks his mate to check if something happened, but it seems fine.

      He gestures me to get in and I am getting in next to him. I tell him that I find that rather weird as normally I would sit behind him (yeah my plane knowledge is lame ^^)

      We start driving around and to be frank all I really remember is driving the plane through something like a race course. At one point we come up to two rocks and Stoffer tries frantically to turn it into the larger gap and I scream at him to take the smaller to avoid making the wings tip towards the ground and potentially hit the larger rock.

      We make it to the air though I think, but I only remember pulling back up to the base and getting out asking Stoffer if he really did the loop with me.

      “Yes” he replies.

      Rasmus SL gets in the plane and I think I spend some time talking to Kasper.

      I wake up.

      I am in Germany at the camping grounds where my grand parents live part times of the year. It is dark early morning on a Sunday and I think about hitting the golf course a few holes in so I wouldn't have to pay the green fee.

      I am speaking to a pro who is talking about hitting the course early and I reconsider maybe only hitting the approach/putting green instead.

      I sense something is up pretty much from the start and as I am walking towards the lake in the camping grounds/golf course I decide to look at my hand. It doesn't look weird at first, but I decide to keep looking and all of a sudden half of my pinky disappears and reappear almost immediately.

      I think about what to do and I have been trying too hard to get to Chichén Itzá maybe. Maybe people would get tired of me filling up the journal with crap on non-attempt nights.

      So I decide to fool around. Well I could justify my efforts as trying to master a petite form of shape shifting, at least in the beginning of the dream.

      I take off into flight and at the same time trying to imagine myself engulfed in flames. The idea is to create a hybrid between the human torch and a phoenix. This particular shape is then to be used with its inherent capability of scorching the area it flies over. In other words I am trying to become a fiery tool for laying waste.

      It doesn't go too well. There is no fire appearing and I don't sense a temperature increase, but the first minute or more is spent just flying around trying to think of fire and how it would be looking out from the inside of a fire.

      The closest I get is at one point where in my left field of vision a red glowing metal string appear (like the ones in a bread toaster). After this I give up.

      I land and start walking around thinking about what to do. I walk across a road and a car is speeding towards me. I just plant my feet in front of it and decide to stand my ground. The car hits me, though it seems to do so very slowly. It's rear starts lifting off the ground until it moves in an arch above me and land on the ground.

      I decide to hone my telekinetic abilities a bit and pick up the car mentally and throw it away. In the direction I threw it there is a shop with quite a lot of cars parked outside. I pick up two of these, one on either side of me and hold them spinning slowly in mid air before I throw them through the shop windows pretty controlled. Check, first time for holding two objects at the same time in opposite ends of my field of vision.

      I pick up another two cars and pull them towards me mentally and grab them in my hands when they get close and slam them together.

      I look up and see elevated train tracks. There is a train coming in fast on this meandering track and I decide to try getting on it. I sort of know it is a dream and I could just fly, but I do something else. I throw the first car up in the air over a sign (made of concrete and fairly tall). I jump onto the sign and as the first car is almost at the ground now I throw the other one up above me and jump onto it and immediately jumping off it again so I get to the train and manage to grab hold of an edge on it's roof.

      I swing myself up on the train, which obviously is moving at tremendous speed. I jump onto it and start surfing it towards the train station (I somehow get a feeling that I have already been there). Towards the station there is a sharp turn and the train has to go into a tunnel. Although I am tempted to jump off not to get smashed I hold my grounds and follow the train a bit into the tunnel before jumping off.

      I fall down and grab hold of a metal rod running along the tunnel. and start swinging along it as a monkey. Then I land on the ground and starts walking outside when I see a black man with two children walking down towards me. One of the children is walking on his right hand side and the other is in a child carrier.

      I struggle a bit getting past them without running into them. I think it is funny I am considering their well being although I know I am dreaming.


      Night time mentation: The Lucid is the first dream I recall from the night. When I then try and fall back to sleep after the dream there is this notion that I am experiencing the world from 6 different caskets, with six different names.

      Sometimes I get pulled back to a central POV, but it is somehow different. Though I know I am lying with my head up against the wall I feel my consciousness reaching out in a huge bubble around me through the walls and bed.

      Then I would feel the six caskets again and while my awareness either dwell on these or is transitioning between them I sense a powerful feeling of being loved. As if someone “else” is in these caskets sending positive vibes towards and through me.
    6. Buying a growhouse in the forest by the beach

      by , 08-31-2011 at 12:00 PM
      31-08-11 Weeds: With the Weeds family. We are in a small forest like area close to the ocean. We are there to look at a house to live in, but as we approach it becomes clear that it is not suitable for that.

      The trees are fairly tall, though they allow for ample light to pass through and at the time I would think the lighting match a noon of a summer day. The house itself is made of wood, and fairly crooked in particular in one corner of the above ground level terrace, that is hanging quite a bit.

      There is a woman there, she is blonde and not that tall. Andy and her decides to have sex. I think I observe this from a distance and potentially through a window or similar.

      I do see him pulling out of her, as she is bent over a washing machine and the size of Andy's penis (somewhere between an arm's length and a stinger missile) ruins whatever sexually arousing potential the imagery might have had.


      There are two rooms in the house and Shane is in one of them with the doors closed, there seems to be a consensus that he is probably masturbating. At one point we open the doors (it is a sliding door) and I think Steve Perry comes out and tells us to leave them/him alone. This is weird, and feels so, but doesn't seem to further impact the dream.

      There is a fart, I actually remember the sound of it quite well, when Nancy is in the bathroom and Silas and I can't really decide if it came from the bathroom or Shane's room, but we call out for people to come out and talk about it.

      I sort of want to engage the girl there in a sexual arrangement, but she seems to mainly be interested in Andy. Instead Nancy comes over and sit in my lab and I experience a loving feeling towards and reassures her of her maternal skills. I don't feel attracted to her, but I do feel love.

      There is a small baby that might be Shane, and he is dressed in gangster clothes. He has recently learned how to speak, though he seems more proficient at speaking than walking or keeping his balance in general.

      Me and a girl tickles him and he drops some of the stuff he has been carrying in his pockets. He is crying and laughing at the same time, but he does seem generally sad that the girl teasingly has taken his stuff away from him, which breaks my heart and I feel sorry for him.


      I am talking to Nancy, it is clear that we are not going to buy the house for living, but I point out that it is a perfect grow house. It is far away from civilisation, which should discourage authorities from coming snooping around. It takes a bit of convincing, but she finally comes around.

      I look outside during this and there is a man sitting in a sun chair looking out over the ocean and he isn't wearing a shirt. He doesn't seem to pay any attention to what is going on in the house though I get the feeling he lives there.
    7. Spirit of the predator?

    8. Vampire Chase, talks of Architecture

      by , 08-26-2011 at 12:35 PM
      15-08-11 I get teleported into a gorgeously decorated church. I am not alone, there is a vampire with me. The church is quite famous though I don't know which it is. I am amazed by this. And I start laughing in wonder, I look back and see if I am the only one experiencing this reaction.

      The vampire, who looks like Bill off true blood, does seem a bit impressed, however he isn't only happy and excited. His face is lighting up and he is in agony, didn't think of the whole vampire on sacred grounds thing.

      I rush to him kneel down and put my hand over his face and throat and keep chanting “your spirit is welcome here”. After a while he settles down relived of the holy pressure and a thought occurs to me. If he was feeling the effects, why wasn't I, being half vampire myself. I look back and see a bunch of sorcerers walking slowly towards us.

      One of them seems as surprised as I am at my freedom from the pressure. Then she looks a bit to her right and breaths out a bit of mist.

      “Thank you Jake/Jack” I whisper and think of the ghostly spirit that is accompanying us. I recall who they are and address the people walking towards us, being confident that I could annihilate them should a confrontation arise.

      “The Order of St. Giles right?” These people are vigilant vampire hunters, we are however not here to cause trouble and we don't wish unnecessary bloodshed. I explain that the man lying wounded on the floor is a good man, though he is a vampire.

      I manage to persuade them to listen out for a second and next we are sitting around a table in a booth towards the front of the church. This time Erik is there as well and it seems like we have earned the trust of the order (In the Dresden Files they are known as the Fellowship, but hey, my dream).

      I tell him that we will get his memory restored in no time. He sort of looks at me blandly, but looks grateful as well.

      The scenery starts moving about quickly and I think I switch character. I am moving away from the church and it is dark around me. The streetlights don't produce much surrounding light, but sticks to an unnatural cone straight down.

      I keep moving away from the church eventually going under ground, where I have to move under some metal fences for quite some time. On the other side the character I am, a little blond chubby boy is given a spell that for some reason is dangerous to vampires. I am not quite there to witness exactly what happens, but a big bad ass vampire in a black long leather jacket appears.

      I think he deals with the person who gave the information away as I retreat bellow surface the way I came. I wonder on the way back how illogical this is, as if he was chased by a vampire he would be dead soon enough, though I rationalize that maybe big baddie didn't know which direction I went.

      I am in a rather big city. Lasse F is there, though the chronicling of the dream is slightly off.

      I meet up with a woman I know in a shop, I don't know her name though. She has some markings on her lower left face, but I am left in doubt if these are permanent or just some recent light scaring. Her hair is shoulder short and approaching black in color.

      I dunno exactly what we are talking about, in general I think it is just some small talk to get to know each other. I think we are in the same school. We leave the shop rather quickly and continue the conversation on the street, where we depart soon after.

      I am at the same spot in the streets now I am talking to Lasse F. I ask him quickly what city in Europe he would consider the best architecturally. I am expecting something like Barcelona or Amsterdam, though he doesn't answer with any of these cities.

      I don't hear what he says at first, and when I ask him what he said he seems unwilling to repeat himself.

      The dream is working towards a big meet up of a line of characters, some I know and some I don't. I remember not if this actually takes place in the end or not.

      I am in a book shop of some description and all of a sudden a battle between a death eater and a harry-potter-like character takes place. I am not sure if there is an actual battle or it is just pretense. The Harry Potter character is a woman/girl with spiky hair of a dark color.

      I sit back silently knowing that I could take them both on and get out on top.

      I talk with a couple of friends about the way people have gone traveling and are unlikely to come back. One of these is Minka and her brother gets used as an example of a person that has left and isn't coming back.

      I mention Anders as a person that has come back, and Skovborg might be in the room, he himself as an example of a returner.
    9. Riot Escapes, Monster Fighting parties, walks in the forest

      by , 08-26-2011 at 12:32 PM
      16-08-11 At Annegrethe's birthday I notice a song from Thure that involves doing something with quite a lot of fruit. On the sheet of paper it proclaims that he is my flat mate and 17 years old, which surprises me in a couple of ways.

      First off I don't recall there being a song from Thure at that actual party, second of all Thure is older than 17 years old. But as I start to question these things my mum interrupts and asks if the song is from Thure, and how awfully nice that is of him.

      I am in what seems like an American city on fire. There is a background commentary on this is now we are seeing the results of the last decade's extensive use of violent computer games.

      The city is in ruins, there is rubble all over the place and where ever you see people they are carrying either hand guns or rifles. The scenario is simple kill or be killed. Shoot on sight, humanity has lost it.

      I stop myself gun in hand. I decide to throw it away and start walking around the city with caution, as far as I am aware I am the only one to get the idea that killing is baaad mkaay.

      I am standing in a driveway under a tree. It is morning time and I am speaking to someone. I soon identify the source of the voices as coming from the camper parked in the driveway.

      It takes a bit of time to convince the voices from inside the camper that I have decided to take up the path of non-killing. They decide to trust me and let me in, however I have to enter the code myself.

      This turns out trickier than just entering a combination into a key pad. The combination is to be entered under the door to the camper. There is a slit wherein a series of motives have been carved in the wood. These are not visible though, so you have to feel out for them. I can't remember all of them, but one is a freaking samurai warrior to give some hints of the difficulty.

      I am however getting verbal assistance so I make it, though I am also told during the process that the code is a work in progress as one of the voices keeps cutting new ones.

      I finally get in. To my surprise the voices of the men I have been talking to doesn't belong to two grown up men. Rather the people in the camper are all packed in a little wooden box. The voices are from the two eldest fetuses (feti?). They are lying face to face in the box with tubings running down by their bodies helping them survive in some sense. The tubes continue upwards to the top right corner of the box where there is an assortment of smaller fetuses, though these aren't sentient as the two largest ones.

      I go outside again and through the branches and sticks of the tree in the driveway I spot a woman. She looks at me and there is a small hint of fear upon her face. I hold up my hands palms outward to signal that I aint carrying and I have no intentions of hurting her, she looks quickly away and back at me.

      I don't know if this woman ends up joining the cause, but when I get to the van there is a woman, I think I met before (just noticed I didn't, but that was how the dream explained her presence). And another one that has approached her from the street, intent on non-violence as well.

      We get in the van preparing ourselves for the ride to get out of Hell Town. We take off and I am driving. I give a rats ass about red lights or otherwise traffic regulating signaling, under the assumption that if I was to adhere to these remnants of legality I would be the only one and stand out. Besides a moving target is always trickier to hit.

      When I take a right and run through a red light under an approach way to the higher free way system I hear sirens behind me. I have a cop on my tail.

      I take a right out over the harbour, except that it is a pedestrian system and the roads I am driving on are narrow as fuck. Multiple times one or two wheels of the van are in the water. I pull the handbrake and spin around and start driving back.

      The diversion worked the cop continue straight ahead and I don't allow for much time to pass before I drive out into traffic again.

      I am at a party in a two story building. On the deck below there is the bar and speaker system. The speaker system is set up a little bit weird as it is pretty much central on the floor, with satellites on the walls.

      I think Mikkel L is there (which would make sense seeing as my family and I talked about him that evening). He is somehow involved with running the party and the sound system.

      I think it might actually be my room for a short while, because someone mentions the good quality of the speaker system and I tell them that what my flat mate has next door is a hell of a lot better.


      I am now upstairs and it is a freaking nightmare. There are mainly two types of monsters up there and I believe I can only take on one at the time.

      The monsters are pretty stationary or slow. The stationary ones have a long energy tongue that looks like a vortex or wormhole if you look down it. The problem with the scenario is that if I decide to take on the monsters on their turf I am always in range of the tongue bitches.

      However I have an ability. I have some kind of rope or tentacle myself that I can shoot out of my chest that will then pull me towards my designated target. So my strategy becomes run in and get attacked from multiple sides, then hook onto a target get close and pull it to the corner I have already cleared.

      On the last trip in I am getting sucked at from 3 directions and the target I have selected is on a shelf above me, plus there is some sort of big ass cable across the ground I will have to get over. I get over the cable and take a shot at tentacle tosser, but miss. I am now standing taking hits from all over so I have to do something quickly.

      I run under the shelf of the target and wait there, now out of range from the other monsters in the room. As I expected soon enough the target peaks out over the edge in order to take a couple of swings at me. Bad move, mofo! I now have a route to shoot at and though I aint exactly confident that my own tentacle (that seems more of a mechanical thing) is strong enough to pull it down I come out on top. I then rush to the cleared corner with the monster and kill it. I have taken up a rather unusual way of killing these monsters, I think I am actually biting vital chunks off of them.


      In the same room on the same floor I keep doing these labs, It might be during my monster hunt that I decide to take a break from the heroic parts of a heroic tale.

      There are women there. And they are have the hots for me. I notice one of these women and start making out with her. I do another lap, this time intend on finding something a bit more exotic (read nude and willing to get close to me) and find her on the next lab at the same corner I used to drag monsters to.

      I am already naked myself and I put my arms around her waist and spin her around so she has her back to me. She doesn't resist, in fact she reacts completely opposite.

      I wake up.

      Pre-sleep: I sense a numbing sensation in my body as I wake up and decide to sleep again. The hypnagoic imagery is of a helicopter view of tree tops that slowly form into an encompassing forest.

      Soon enough the sun appears to give the entire scene some lighting. I try and act and I wake up.

      I remain calm and soon enough a similar scenario arise, trees slowly moving by until the scenario is that of a forest.

      This time the sun is ahead of me and causing some extraordinary visual effects as I am looking at outlines of trees in the background as well as some dark shrubbery off to my right.

      The evolution of the dream continues till the point where I am walking with two mates a bit ahead of me. We are having a conversation and they start mocking me for not exerting control although it is my dream.

      I start explaining that the reason I aint doing anything is for the dream to stabilize, but the fuckers have tricked me into destroying it, by talking, and the scenery vanishes and I see the back of my eyelids and wake up.
    10. A magical escape

      by , 08-26-2011 at 12:17 PM
      26-08-11 Golf clubs and weed.

      Something about an ex girlfriend I get into a discussion with in a locker.

      I hug the other party in a bed, and try soon enough to disentagle myself as it was only intended as a friendly hug from her.

      Peter Scotson from Weeds is the new husband and we talk a bit and defuse the angry bitch.

      I am in a dark room with Minka, I want to kiss her and be with her and I think I am making an approach, It might get a little intense, though nothing happens. We walk out onto a grass field that normally would be massive and open.

      However at the current time it is occupied by a temporary fairgrounds. It is dark, it is night time and the only source of light around is small lights from the various tents and things on the grounds. We walk on the outskirts of the fairgrounds until we spot where we are headed.

      There is a circle of people sat in the grass, it is a coven and their leader is sat in the middle facing off against Lafayette (Yep, true blood guy). We may take seats in the circle or I just drift in without my dream body and is sat right next to Lafayette.

      Though I might be separate from him, I still am feeling the sense of agency in what he is doing. Their leader, who may be Marney (Antonia, whatever dunno if it is even centred on the vamp theme).

      The leader starts summoning a water elemental, and up until now I haven't noticed the puddle of water between Lafayette and her.

      The water is muddy and so is the elemental, which isn't big and looks a bit like a statuette climbing out of the water. When it is slightly over half way there Lafayette/me swats it and it crumbles. I am aware that he/me is the only one in the circle with the power to destroy these.

      “You will lay the fuck down with **** and ****” (remember the names I do not) Lafayette says and I become aware that he has been thwarting attempts at whatever their leader is trying to do twice before us turning up.

      Lafayette/me makes the move to finish off the leader. It is a spell and it is designed to crystallise the fluid in the cells of the eyeballs of the victim, making them burst, a vicious piece of water magic if you ask me.

      The spell is fired and I expect the leader to go down. That doesn't happen, when the spell (which isn't as such visible by the way) reach the leader a bright blue flash appears from her neck. The necklace she was wearing wasn't a normal necklace.

      The blue light manifests. The spell didn't hit the person, but the tiny faerie (What is with the fucking faeries in my dreams recently!? (btw I am not complaining =P)) enchanted into the necklace. She was immune to the spell and she has dark eyes, pretty much the only thing in her glowing body that is dark.

      This is getting out of hand. I am in my dream body now. Not sure if I have become the person that was Lafayette or whatever. I let out a shriek, to warn the people in the fair. These were the people the leader was trying to hurt, so everyone in the coven realise that this might be a prime situation to practice running.

      Luckily we are close to the edge of the grounds which is surrounded by bushes. I look out and see Minka already on her way through the bushes. I myself dart after her. It is a fucking pain getting through a piece of bush in utter darkness with human limbs flailing about. I have a plan to sort that out since this is moving way too slowly at any rate.

      When I am through to the other side I shout out “Minka!”. I think I feel having her attention and I roar. She gets the message and I see her shifting into a fast animal, I myself shift into a lion(ess?) and feel the powerful muscle (though the speed seems to be lacking a bit).

      Minka is a wolf and way ahead of me, but she sense that I can't follow that speed and shift into a lioness as well. I still feel my clothes on my body, which is hindering me a bit, but I don't know what I can shift into that will solve it.

      We are running up a hill road, a road that reminds of one in the city I grew up in right next to the town hall. I keep running looking at Minka. At the top of the hill she shifts into a bird, a rather small one, maybe a blackbird or raven (definitely a dark bird, not sure if a raven would be too big, I am a bit far away) and takes off into flight.

      I decide to do the same though I am unfamiliar with shifting into flying things. I think Eagle. I shift and leaps and get up a bit, but flying with wings is hard. I keep flapping about, but only just barely manage to keep floating.

      Until I realise that I can push forward my legs which will make my wings carry more and provide quite a significant up drive. I fly high, I mean high enough to make me think “Shit this is really high”.

      It must look hilarious the way I manage the height of my flight. I push forwards my legs to go up and pull em back to go down while flapping my wings the entire time. I fly over Minka and look down at the brick houses and flat roof tops.

      After a short while after this I land in a yard of a small house. The terrace is sort of formed like a playground and I transform into a kangaroo when I land and jump between some of the smaller platforms for the fun of it.

      Minka lands shortly after. I go to her, intending on kissing her. She doesn't allow me and says “Dennis”. There may be tears in her voice, she starts talking about how I take risks, like I just did in Eagle form.

      “If you went skiing with your dad, would you jump that high” “If you drove a snow scooter, would you make jumps” and things like that. I keep thinking when I dream I fly that high, and eventually she say “When you dream” (Nice one missing the lucidity clue there).

      “You don't understand I really care for you...” “but you just don't want me” I think to myself. There is a sense that I take too much risk for her to be interested in me, she might be afraid to get interested in me.

      I pick her up and place her on my arm and start walking inside, carrying her like you would a baby. She is still crying.

      We get inside and I see her boyfriend/ex boyfriend or whatever he is. “Darly” she says and her crying intensifies. I look at him pleadingly to take her, not because I want to let her go, but because she wants to go to him.

      “Great sleeping beauty (or similar)” he says hinting at her crying, but eventually he accepts her and take her in his arms. My niece is sat on the sofa next to him and as soon as he is occupied with Minka she starts crawling out over the sofa, but I anticipated this from before I even handed Minka over to Darly and catch my niece as she starts falling.

      I start looking at her while talking to her and they lie down for a short moment on the sofa. Then Minka says “Dennis” again tears in her voice, she seems hurt that I have again handed a love interest into the arms of another man and just let go.

      I am slightly hurt, but I channel love into the moment with my niece and try to ignore the other parties in the situation.

      She is the only person whose friendly love always shine brighter than the hurt of not being with her.
    11. Toilets, Terrorists, Teachers and Cave racing

      by , 08-25-2011 at 11:43 AM
      25-08-11 I am at a home office, belonging to my mum and I don't think my dad lives there any more. I really need to take a whiz.

      I look in the cupboard to see if the bowl is there though I can't find it, I have a moment of thinking “why is it we don't have a toilet?”.

      Ah well I might as well use the floor then, that is probably where it would go anyway. I start pissing on the floor. I have to pee, like a lot and it keeps coming.

      While I am peeing I try running around finding some towels, kitchen towels and paper to soak it all up with. I manage to find quite a few of these, but.. I have to pee, like a lot and it keeps coming.

      When I am done my sister walks into the kitchen and grabs something from the fridge, there is an open door between us and I am worried she will see what I have just done.

      I talk to her about why she is up, she replies she has been asleep for about 8 hours (I worry if she is done sleeping) but also that she isn't done yet. She turns around and walk back, she has a massive smile on her face, and she looks like she has been exercising, as her face is all red.

      I grab all the towels and put them under the desk (looks like the desk my dad made for me when I was living at home before moving to England). There is still a towel that I have put on a stack of papers and the A4 paper is now soaked as well. Besides this the urine is now starting to run down the side of this stack and into the printer, luckily it is an old printer not in use.

      I wake up, check myself, experience a brief “phew, close one” moment and hit the john.

      I am in a counter strike setting, me and my team mates are waiting in a harbour office building or something similar for the gates to open. When hey do hell breaks loose and shots are exchanged.

      Should think the setting is at the docks, late afternoon though I don't see much outside the office I do see containers though.


      I come to myself still in the building, the gate is closed (if the gate is still even there). I walk around and run into a rather large man (not fat, but rather NFL potential build), he is of the enemy team so I pull out a falchion (think it is the closest description, it is a sword that curves like a mother fucker).

      He pulls out a small knife of about 3-4 inches maybe.

      I pull another falchion and start swinging at him. He dodges, sort of, I mean it looks like he is standing still, but he sorta doesn't stand still either.

      After a bit of this he grabs my arm, turns me around and disarm the sword of that hand. I am at that moment completely at his mercy. He grabs the sword I have dropped and swing it over my arm that he is holding.

      He doesn't actually hit me with it, but the motions he is making are blurry (that fast), and would have wrecked my arm had he followed through on the silent threat.

      He lets me go and I panic.

      I run back through a door with a code lock. The door is open and then take a left to get back to the room I started in. I can see the door is open as the one I have just run through, but the man now runs out the door and blocks my escape.

      He tells me that the windows in the building are unbreakable and that there is no way out for me.

      I dash for the window straight in front of me, though I know the windows are unbreakable I can't give up without trying to get away.

      I leap and jump towards the window, I pull up my feet in order to kick the glass out and I hit a sensation of what might as well be the concrete floor I just left.

      I know my fate is sealed.

      I wake up.

      I am in school, more specifically a selected course of the university (I am supposed to take one this semester). The room looks like the top room of Falck in Hornslet.

      My teacher is Søren Pilmark and he is an ass.

      First off I haven't read what I was supposed to, which doesn't really bother me as I have had no way of knowing what it was. The teacher doesn't seem to care and is talking harshly to us all.

      A class mate asks if he will develop an application that will help with the learning. He tells him that he doesn't care much and that he would rather be with his family.


      I bitch and whine about this silly teacher of ours to someone. I also mention that it is “That actor dude..”

      I am at a race, not an ordinary race, but a race nonetheless. It happens in a cave and there are multiple finishing points. Yellow, blue, green, red etc.

      The aim is simple, get to the finishing point as quickly as possible. There is a twist though.

      For every goal there is a direct route of average challenge, this route is marked from the start so everyone knows about it.

      The goal is decided by a faerie (I think). So there are a lot of people waiting at the starting area and awaiting the words of the fae.

      “Green!” And people start rushing off to the green tunnel, except a rather smallish blonde girl (she has long blonde hair, and she heads for the yellow tunnel. I am hovering above her at this time looking at what she is doing.

      She is ascending a steep narrow grassy hill and at one point she has to crawl down and use her arms to get upwards. At this part of the track there are houses and portals(?) on either side of the pathway.

      She gets to the top and then falls back and let herself fall into the portal on the left hand side. I follow and we are pretty much right at the goal.

      I think she goes in and wins it and none of the other competitors are anywhere near. I try and get an overlook of the tunnel system up, but the only thing I manage to figure out is that the original route is wicked long compared to what she just did.

      There are multiple portals in this room and there are two guardians guarding the goal or something. One of them starts making it's way towards the girl.

      It looks like predator, though it has something on the back of its skull, missing all the “tentacle hair” always associated with them. Besides this its head is much smaller and it doesn't seem to posses quite as threatening physique. It is wearing a white robe or similar.

      I jump up to it, I get the feeling that I could take it if it came to a fight, but I try cunning instead. I have for the past couple of moments looked at my experience sheet, and I am positive it says I have “38900” (or close thereto) out of the same number, or in other words I am at the exact level up point only need a bit more.

      I ask the guardian if I can quickly show my sister my experience sheet before they continue fighting. Unexpectedly the guardian agrees and waits. I say, “Hey look at my experience!” and then I see that I am actually 1000 short “Ahhh”, I tell the guardian, “I thought I was actually at the level up number”.

      Then I ask him if there is a place we can go and kill some monsters so I can get the last bit I need. He agrees and escorts me into a toilet and explains where the different monsters hang out.

      I think to myself I could just kill this one, but he is actually rather helpful and likable, plus it would just be lame to sucker punch him when he is only trying to help.

      Speaking to someone if they are bound in the same way to words as the Sidhe.

      Something about 50 cent or U-turn in a golf cart not being happy with my admission to the school, might not have been a legal arrangement.
    12. Shortcut through trash/air vent, beer can/bottle

      by , 08-24-2011 at 11:17 AM
      24-08-11 I am Going to a swimming stadium, though I am not taking the planned route. The planned route would be swinging by Stonehenge, about a 5 km drive.

      Instead I go through some sort of air vent in a large building. The passageways are really narrow, dirty and dark.

      It takes about 5 minutes to get there.

      I hang about in the swimming pool for a while, it is dusk time and there are some other kids there. I decide to take off and walk over to the wall.

      In order for me to get to the vent I will have to remove some of the panelling, not only that but I will have to stand on the exposed piece of wood that was holding the panel, which is screwed into the wall.

      There isn't much space, but I seem to recall having done it before. I finally get the door open to the shaft.

      Before I can go through I must put a hand into the shaft and empty it for trash. The trash is some black stuff from farming I think, as Henrik can explain how it is made. Seems like a mixture between coal and dust.

      It just falls into the water, but I have a feeling it will be OK and it isn't exactly a new procedure I am doing.

      A woman, might be my aunt asks me if it is worth it. I ask her if she has to take the 5 km route past Stonehenge, she confirms and I tell her it will take me 5 minutes to get back.

      When most of the trash is out, it seems to take longer than it had before, I am looking out over a horizontal window as an access point, which I remember thinking is a bit weird.

      Sitting at a coffee table with a beer. It is a beer can, but there is a bottle inside prodding up out of the hole of the can.

      I sit and marvel a bit, how the fuck could anyone get that bottle down there without removing the top of the can.

      Then a person on my right explains that there they are fairly rare and if you manage to collect 9 of them, you would win 9 k DKK.

      “Ah then I shouldn't have given the last 3 to ….”

      Something about time travel in order to make sure to obtain the right ingredients for a particularly tasty meal.

      Physical time travel (done by placing hands on top of each others) means that you get a fraction of your dream powers with you to the physical realm though (WEIRDNESS!)
    13. A night on the town looking to pull

      by , 08-23-2011 at 11:35 AM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      23-08-11 I am in town at night and a lot of people have been out partying. It is night time and I am headed home. On the way back I decide to do a little parcour, not because I can do it, but because I want to try.

      It is working out fair, nothing fancy just jumping from this bench to this trash can with the occasional jump off a wall.

      I get on a roll and I get to the end of the pedestrian zone and due to my momentum and confidence I decide to take a leap out over a couple of cars.

      Mid jump I realise it is police cars and they realise that I am free running. So as I am hanging in the air they drive to intercept me (gravity aint what it normally is so they have plenty of time, and this might also be the reason for why I am doing so well ^^).

      I just manage to jump over the police car though the driver is trying to force me to land on it. A big mean looking officer gets out and asks if I have been running out of building and generally getting into trouble (I get the feeling he doesn't like me or maybe just free runners in general). I show him my teeth and tell him I was just having a bit of fun and that I suck too much to do pretty much anything complicated.

      He lets me go, but he isn't happy about it.

      I continue homewards, but as I get closer I notice that the street leading up to my building has been taped off with police tape. Since I am not the only one walking this way we are told by an officer that we must go around to the other side of the building taking a longer road that first off leads downwards to a tunnel.

      I don't want to, mainly because the first officer I spoke to was such a dick, so in defiance I jump up and grab some metal fencing on the top and get myself up. There are some women that help we by lending me their hands to stand on. I know I can get up myself, but I am not too proud to accept the help as I know there is an officer walking behind them.

      I get up and head for my building, there I see the officer that stopped me in the streets. He is looking at me with a video camera though I have hidden behind a metal fencing and the angle should prevent him from looking through. But he is looking straight at me though!

      I decide to jump back into the tunnel and take a less defiant approach of getting home after this, though it pisses me off!

      In the building I go up with the lift and find myself in a flat, which is weird, because it isn't my building after all and normally the lift would be between the flats. I decide to go look for Mark and Drew's flat, as I believe this to be their building.

      I am at a narrow cave entrance, looks a bit like what Craig has to go through in cowboys vs. aliens. It is night time and dark.

      There is some sort of droid sentinel in the entrance. It shoots out a conal blue ray that will lock onto your presence after a while and get you shot. We need to get inside and we loose a couple of droids from the sentinel before we figure out what to do.

      The conal beam narrows and widen in a set pattern from a line to the cone, though the pattern is rather rapid it is possible to jump from hiding spot to hiding spot while it narrows, if you do get caught in the beam you still have a second or two to get away before getting disintegrated.

      I run in with a droid that resembles R2D2 a bit and I have to drag him sometimes, because he aint fast enough. It gets hairy once or twice but we manage to get to the end room behind the sentinel. There is a staircase leading up to the main rooms, but before we ascend I throw R2 up to know the sentinel off its position, which results in it falling off the piece of rock and break when it lands.

      I move through a door and notice a hell of a lot of people walking by higher up, though they are walking very strange. They are walking with their legs spread fairly wide apart and in a set motion that makes them look like robots.

      I also see some women dressed in red and the dresses are so big that it makes them look a bit like caterpillars. It is about this time I become lucid.

      As unattractive, as the women are I decide to.. well go for it. I figure I can animate her a bit more and I firmly expect there to be attractive curves under all the clothing.

      I struggle a bit with the caterpillar suit, but finally manage to get a hand slipped into her panties and start warming her up till she is nicely hot and sufficiently wet.

      Then I wake up >.<

      I am in a room in a rather big house. I don't recall much before realising I am dreaming and doing a reality check via telekinesis.

      There is a camouflage jacket in front of me hanging on the wall. I pick it up and drag it to me using my mind only.

      I don't really recall what I am doing before I decide to step up on what could be a fireplace mantel. I create a portal on the floor without looking at it, to go to Chichén Itzá.

      I then jump backwards and let myself fall into the portal on the floor. I feel myself sink into the floor and then after a short while I am surrounded by light. These would be the ley-lines also located at the pyramids. I start flowing with the lines which is basically just a stream of light.

      However I notice I can't really see anything besides what it looks like with your eyes shut and I wake up.

      FA: However I look up and notice there are two comic books. Not just of the same series, but the exact same copy and there is a little animation (like the one in my previous Dresden/Vamp themed dream indicating residual magic).

      I wouldn't have two copies of the same comic hanging on the wall (Oh yeah, they are also hanging on the wall! XD). I check my hand and see it in extraordinary vivid detail. I count the fingers, there are five of them, but hang on I am positive I am dreaming! Oh, there are five fingers plus the thumb = six. OK! Dream time onwards!

      I fly out the window while looking at the glass as it isn't breaking, never get tired of that! and expect El Castillo to be on my left as I have had success with before.

      No luck this time, though I do find myself in a city vastly different from the one I live in, though normally I would find myself in my own neighbourhood. The city or town can best be described as a combination of Bergen (though without the fjord), something Austrian with a jungle surrounding it.

      I keep flying about expecting El Castillo to turn up at any time, which doesn't happen.

      The dream is much brighter than the others I have had this night. The atmosphere is thick with jungle feel, very moist and hot, but the sky has the Bergen ever-cloudy look.

      However I fly up one of the roads at one point and to my left between two buildings there is a giant, yes a giant! It is a man and I think the only thing I tell him is something like “You are a fucking giant aren't you?” (my flatmate later pointed out I might have hurt his feelings like this, so my apologies if I have! =P).

      While I see and address the giant it is night time.

      I fly onwards, not sure how (and I don't even think about it in the dream) but it is daytime again and I arrive at a misty edge. I perceive this to be the edge of my dream area and decide to expand a bit. I first command an increase in clarity, which happens. Then I command for the mist to disappear, which makes it thin out a bit, “No completely!”, which makes the mist turn red “The red mist also!” which makes it vanish completely and I can look out over a jungle area, which some houses on the hill sides.

      I expect El Castillo, but it doesn't appear to be my night, though some of the larger houses on the hill sides take on a partial pyramid shape (meaning they only recede on two of the sides).

      I give up and decide to try and find someone I can have sex with (Think this is fairly common when I have had alcohol the night before, though normally when I drink I don't turn lucid).

      I fly back towards the first town and come across some strange wooden fence things that makes me unable to fly because they are so close to each other and I need a bit of falling space before I can fly (I don't normally need this, my lucidity has been directed to my balls at this point it would seem).

      I end up at a little café and find Djana there, I try and approach her, but know she might not be the best bet. So I move on to a woman sitting at the next table, she seems familiar with shoulder length dark hair and delicate facial features, though I can't put my finger on where I have seen her.

      I try and kiss her (without talking to her first) she leans away from me and tell me to stop and that she is there with a new boyfriend.

      OK. I think, after participating in this shared dreaming project, I might have to start considering things like consent just in case I am actually dealing with external entities. I can't remember if I apologise (if I didn't and someone had a nightmare of someone assaulting them amorously, then please accept my apology!)

      New approach then! “I want sex! anyone around interested?”. I get a fairly quick reply from a woman next table, though I can't recall any of her features. I think grey is the best word to describe her, grey clothes and bland features, fairly boring, but hey lets rock.

      Think we manage to agree to get away from the restaurant before I wake up.

      Notes: Right OK! drinking and dreaming tends to lead to sexual desire in dreams, which probably shouldn't come as a surprise as I react the same way to the stuff when awake =P.

      Something about getting a soldier in an arm bar after he has crossed a bridge in a forest. He tells me he concedes and I ask him if he would mind going over and pretend to be my prisoner by the bridge so I can capture more.

      He doesn't want to play ball and I find it unfair, because it is only a game and I should be able to catch more. I let him go and he starts resisting so I get on top of him and start pounding his face with my fists.

      There is a black guy coming up from the bridge, he looks at us, I don't know exactly what happens or why he does it.

      I am punching Rasmus and Thomas is the face while they are sat next to my dad (I think) being punished for having done something stupid.

      I know people will hate me a bit for it, so I justify my action by telling someone that it will take a bit of heat off both of them, though really it was just for vengeance.
    14. Wow Caves -> lucid, office construction, travel

    15. Boring work, running the Tour de France stuff

      by , 08-11-2011 at 10:45 AM
      11-08-11 EIMS: I am in the office working, though I am slacking off hard and somehow I seem to have gained permission for doing so.

      Tim wants me to join his team, which is like a national team, though from an objective standpoint it is more of a business team.

      The deal with the team is to run the distance of the tour de France. He wants me as something like a motivational advisor or be the flag ship and actually go for the win.

      He thinks I would be really good at that, but I tell him that my long distance stamina is utter crap and that I therefore wouldn't be the best.

      I don't particularly want to do it, so I ask when it is starting. 4th of September he says, to which I respond I would be unavailable. I tell him before I know, but the memory of me having to start up uni again creeps up (an actual WL memory! =P).

      There is sort of a skip in the dream and we are at the end of the first stage, where Thure my flatmate has come in first. We are standing in the afternoon sun by the road side right next to a red cliff mountain.

      I tell either Mark or Tim that I will be betting on Thure, but they hold out for someone from my high school class, though I don't quite catch the name. Thure himself admit to maybe not being able to keep up the tempo.

      I stick to my bet, more out of pride as some doubts have crossed my mind now.
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