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    1. Arabian invasion

      by , 08-30-2019 at 06:17 AM
      The dream was in the highschool. Apparently the middle eastern empires took over and we were in a pretty bad place like the 1984 movie just everything was under heavy surveillance. I recall being in a computer lab and I had some sensitive information that was against the establishment. As we are leaving the school there are guards that are checking our belongings. Me and the gang were gonna be in trouble at this rate. My friend Steven distracts them while I try to throw our cells under some cars to destroy them. However we were caught by the guards. We were imprisoned. Under surveillance until we could leave for some kind of holiday.

      I leave the building which now looked like a city hall or gov building. I head inside a large van or rv and it was a hideout of a certain pro gamer, K's hangout. He had a colorful personality. I leave after a bit. The roads were somewhat similar to a place near my friend ys house but different. I am heading back towards the building and find people dining on long dinner table. It was being segregated by race or country. Some vips and royalties were seated. The food looked OK, I remember seeing a chicken drumstick. The interior of the building was familiar, I'm pretty sure I visited it in my dram previously.


      I dreamt something about stretching. It was a stretching dream, just myself and others stretching. Like yoga but not yoga, just stretching for couple of hours.(stretched outdoors earlier)

      Notes: I lost consciousness before sleep unlike yesterday. May have had a cold so had trouble sleeping.perhaps will take it easy but will do my best nonetheless.

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    2. Heresy elf

      by , 08-29-2019 at 06:03 AM
      First dream was something about my friend Lucy. Did not write down much although the dream was pretty long.

      I then dreamt that I was writing down dj hence I didn't get much down from last dream. Could not erase, could have become lucid from that.

      Just wrote jibberish and Lucy upon wake

      Heresy elf lucid
      I had thought about a story I read and it transformed into a dream as I fell back to sleep. It wasn't the same story but I thought I was just immersed in reading or seeing a story in the beginning as if I was reading a book and became more real.

      Plot: Me and my elf companion were in a townhall or church or court like building of a small town being persecuted from trying to explain scientific ideas to a very religious bunch. Chased by townsfolk.

      Interior was mostly wood, dark brown wood. Mahagony? Old Timey feeling. Huckleberry Finn like dress attires of ppl.

      We escape to a small place, felt like the backroom of a church. Dark brown wooden pew or seat/benches, beautiful wood really. I look around. My elf companion suddenly begins to pleasure me with their mouth. This makes me lucid. It's stable and quite the pleasure but I wanted to wake up so I do.

      Maybe am prude. What breathtaking beauty though, out of bounds of physical reality.

      FA into my bed, pretty realistic FA.



      forgot dream goal. Will do it next time.

      Well, felt better in dream.

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    3. Knights, supermarket

      by , 08-28-2019 at 05:23 AM
      At beginning of night I was having sniplets of Wilding into dream but awaking up upon realizing I was falling asleep each time. Just tried to keep my eyes open before falling asleep. Awoke once then had following dreams.

      Knights :

      I was in a game like setting where ppl had a kingdom and were fighting over territory. I was a queen for my kingdom like mini place. You had a set of resources and could hire Knights or upgrade weaponry or armory.

      I opted to upgrade to the extreme, believing that I was very clever. But I was immediately ambushed before I could do anything. A single very powerful warrior ambushed through the front gates and I wasn't sure if my forces could handle it. So I rushed to the front to help them. I realized he was too powerful so I ran behind a knight right beside me. Since their objective was to kill me I decided to run around while my forces would attack him. My knight got one hit before he was obliterated by the enemy strike. I kept running towards the castle then in circle. One and another kept going down until I was the last one. I braced myself for the end but a hero struck the mighty enemy before me, his sword piercing through his back and I lived for another day.

      I then saw the pov enemy territory that attacked me. He was pretty impressed that I survived.


      It was a very ordinary like dream setting. A drive to the supermarket with my parents and childhood friends in 2 cars. Inside there was a sale on candy (maybe it was chocolate). We were heading back to the car and ready to leave but I thought about my cellphone. I looked around for my cellphone until I belived it was in a crevice by the front seat and it was there. Drove あわy。
    4. Steady

      by , 08-26-2019 at 04:50 AM
      I had snippets of lucid moments. Very short. 7 or 8 maybe lasting few seconds before waking each with the final one lasting perhaps 10 seconds. I was moving my eyes while closed forcefully to force an artificial rem to get back into it. Familiar scenes, some nature with trees and buildings. I tried to keep going back to sleep so didn't jot down.

      Had a long dream after that. I was in a clinic/reception with a lady who was dealing with me. She tried to single me out and we had an audition for a famous comedians show. I recall having a similar theme before.

      A personal worry. I think it's related to a negative experience at a clinic being singled out. I'll cleanse that energy or remove it.

      So ppl went up on a huge tall thing. Kind of like a trojan horse but not a horse. Just wobbly structure and we had to stay on it to show our dedication to follow through challenges some people fell off. Part of me was nonchalant through all this, feeling like it was fake. Close to lucidity I think. Did another challenge I think.

      Woke eventually.

      Before bed I was writing down all the people I met during my stay in the present living space or home. I had read a book talking about the need to clear past energy blockages to have more stable dreams without past influences. Should be able to go through previous places in couple of days.
    5. July-August LDs

      by , 08-22-2019 at 08:38 AM
      LDs or attempts during august, before polyphasic experiment

      Aug 2

      Failed AP, was on bed, felt vibrations.

      Aug 06 WILD
      I was in a brightly lit house. Theme was white. It was open concept, more modern. Very clear. I explored the house a bit and found myself in an office. I explored a bit more and ended up in a terrace or balcony. It connected it to another part of the house. Where the '==' was the terrace.

      (house) == (house)

      I remember it was sunny probably, brightly lit. I think I've visited this house before in LDs. I recalled a dream goal about trying to be omnilucid but I think I had some murky feelings or fear about the dream ending soon so it did end before I could go across it.

      Aug 10 DILD/DEILD
      I had a FA earlier before the LD. . It was an LD chain, 3 times I think. I was at home but it was very dark. I was on the bed in bdrm and was afraid of something. Afraid of the darkness or robbers or animals. I have an FA again, and this time I recognize that I'm still in the dream and become lucid.

      I leave the bedroom and find myself in a pool. Where I am just doing some acrobatic stuff on the pole atop of the pool. I FA into this scene 2-3 times. I eventually leave the pool and find myself in a small old wooden store. Something about eyes... Do not recall atm.


      Tuesday LD DILD
      I was in a bedroom of a university campus. Was in sort of an orgy on the bed.

      Failed AP. I heard the sound outside the window, recognized that I was in the perfect mix or awake/sleep and tried to do something. a bit anxcious and failed.

      Sunday FLYING

      I was on bed, heard sounds from outside the window. I thought about moving and turning around while drowsy feeling and trying to go back to sleep. I did this about 2 times. But on the second time while I was listening to the sound coming form the window I recognized that the source of the sound and where it I had moved to wasn't consistent. As in the noise came from the same direction even though I had moved. So I recognized something was amiss and just got out of the bed. I Wanted to fly outside so I went out the window and flew. I buzzed the wings on my back or something kind of a fairy or bee or something. Just enjoyed the blue skies and ended back on bed.

      Repeat above and decided to fly again. I was flying like before but eventually the winds became very strong and I decided to switch my flying style. More like a bird thsi time so I just rode along the winds with my wings. It was cold winter outside now, ground was pale white painted by the snow. The wind was getting stronger. I recall seeing a kind of a medieval castle like place with a moat around it. It was grey and very tall and robust. I flew by and landed on one of the towers. Then I kept flying

      Ended up in a very dry landscape, unlike a desert but more like a plain that's been struck by drought recently. I found a couple of knights just standing around. I dive-kick from above to one of them. They were allies though. So we just group up on ground and enter a cave or a dungeon. 3-4 of are beginning to prepare for 3 some or something for some reason and wake.

      I believe that I couldn't recall a dream goal. It's almost as if the basal part of human nature drives you towards procreation as a default activity and this is pretty deeply ingrained within; well we're physically alive thanks to this however. But it stops you from experiencing more profound and interesting stuff.

      CITY, Teleport LD

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    6. Failed audition

      by , 08-22-2019 at 06:29 AM
      I was in an underground gymnasium or podium. There was a someone who was a friend long time ago, X, he signed me up for the Singing audition without telling me. I was then pressured to sing in front of the judges or ppl. I did not do too well. I scored myself 6/10. I was trying to get away from the place from the shame of singing so horribly. I tried to walk away from it all but I felt like I was followed. I went outside and tried to get away.

      The walls of the gymnasium were brown bricks. The getaway scenery was outdoors, just regular asphalt but maybe more grey rather than black.The reason I was so embarrassed was because it was televised or something, just was rusty with singing.

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    7. Hands grabbing, baby me ld

      by , 08-16-2019 at 03:44 PM
      On 24min nap

      I sad in a sort of an old dormitory like place. I was with my friend Mike moving about in the building while I had a false awakening. I was being grabbed by hands out of nowhere while on bed and had another FA. Kind of scary. The feeling was familiar and i was lucid. Expected more hands but told myself it was OK. Dream scene changed. I was Pa. I found a baby me that looked so cute and hugged it. In a pool like area. I could teleport via intent to where I looked while grabbing bby me. Had to get baby me away from bad ppl. Baby me was just there chilling happy, derping. Dream goes back to the dorm area, some friends present.

      Likely degrading lucidity towards the end.

      Forgot about dream goals.

      Also dreamt of going back into my body earlier nap.

      Will log lds weeks ago when time comes.

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