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    1. Embarrassing picture

      by , 09-30-2019 at 07:37 AM
      Spawning monsters
      I saw spawning monsters to train against them. After a bit i tried doing it in the air. But in the end I tried to do it in an in underwater dungeon so they wouldn't run amok.

      Short lucid
      I was entering into a dream scene and realized so. But I thought to myself that it wouldn't last long and awoke.

      Widow bees
      There were some ppl installing windows, physical windows. I decided to ignore them and stay in bed. But they put bees near my ears. I hear the buzzing and the crawling sensations. Bee leaves but they put another one there. Felt like I got stung and ear felt hot and big. I tried to get it off and felt some bee larvae too, gross.

      Lucid embarrassing picture
      I first thought I was in vr environment then it off it. I was at some campus like old mansion building. There was a big face in front of me. Just floating in the air. Just eyes nose and mouth. Felt like monster it just floated around and looked at me.

      * I remember this building maybe from dreams. Been in or near it many times. I think it's near a train rail and this school looks like a very old tall castle, dark gray. It gave me creeps before but this time not so.

      I think I went back to my bedroom in the castle campus and sorted stuff and took my backpack and left. While on the sidewalk *I am lucid * I realize that I am dreaming and begin to try to recall something to do. I can't recall anything so I just decide to head back home.

      I end up in some strange room though. There was x and Chris there. I was distracted by something and they both kept reaching for my wallet in the backpack. In the wallet there was a picture of a different version of me. Is it my ideal self or, just another... I felt embarrassed by the picture. So I grabbed it and put it back. But they kept reaching for the picture. Asking me who this attractive person was.

      I remembered that I couldn't keep them from grabbing the picture because I was busy writing my dj in the dream. While I was writing my dj they went to grab the picture. And when I went back to writing it they went for it again.

      I also recall taking that picture earlier in the dream or in a previous dream.

      Notes:didn't write some earlier dreams.
    2. Haunted house, Jamaican sausage

      by , 09-29-2019 at 03:44 AM

      Boxing a smart russian guy. I moved to dodge his punch and I moved and awoke.


      I was at some store, moving in dream made me move again. Something about trying to establish boundaries.

      Thirst lucid?

      I was telling someone I was going to sue them for 40k. It was at a party or something. He did something. I forget.

      Also There was Sab and another girl on the bed with me. I wanted to sing for them so I sang. However I was pretty perched and I drank some water. But this didn't quench my thirst. I drank again, and once more. By the third time I thought I had to "wake" to drink some water... Wake


      Happy vs NE trolling

      Haunted School

      I was in some class. Elementary. Could be Japanese or not, was hard to tell. There were some people that were doing something that made me uncomfortable. So I decided to karate chop their heads off. This made the school haunted and wherever I went inside the school, they would scare me from a random angle. It was not that pleasant. Sab was present in this dream. I remember having one or two followers in this dream. I forget what it was about but I think it was related to supernatural stuff.

      Son of Hero

      I dreamt about a son of a great hero. He wasn't super powered like his dad because he wasn't related by blood. But he made it up by being part robo so he was strong in the end.

      Stranded on island

      I was stranded on island with some friends and family for a while. Went around the island to discover some furnitures and stuff, thought they weren't much use for building a boat. Saw some palm trees. Wondered about stuff for a while, about how it would the future be like being stuck on this island.

      Heavy school stuff, Jamaican Gourmet

      I was at some school, appeared to be Q school. Perhaps same school as the one above. But not in japan though. I was apparently just transferred there and went into classes. I got lost pretty easily. It sucked. I had way too much school stuff in my backpack and it was really heavy and I was lost in everything as the other kids went to the next class, I was just lost. I didn't know what to do wit hthe stuff I had or what these text books were. It was simply unpleasant. I just grabbed a few stuff and the backpack was so heavy. I thought about how convinient it would be to just have all these useless books on a tablet instead. Modern technology is great sometimes.

      I went downstairs to the first floor to find my locker. It was to the left side of the school and I had trouble finding my locker. I somehow wmanaged to find it in the end though. I opened my locker. All the other kids using the locker around my area were all girls for some reason. I'm still anguished trying to figure out what to put in the locker and what to keep with me. After a while of this i decided to put the whole bag in. I took about 4 dollars into my pocket for lunch. I headed for cafeteria.

      The cafeteria had many stores. I started with the counter to the right. The food didn't look very promising I asked the dark haired turkish looking man to give me a taste of the sausage before buying it for lunch. He got pretty mad and I just proceeded to the store to the left. They were all like this. All shitty and not so appetizing looking food. But I wasn't ready to give up. I kept going until it was nearly the end. Perhaps it was the last store.

      There were some Jamaican looking fellow who had a pleasant vibe about him. The sausage cost $4.80 thought, and I wasn't sure if I had enough. I told him this and he gave me a sample to try still. I did so and it was quite delicious. He said $4 was ok and proceeded to compile my food among others. I was at the end of the line and there were some coffee and cream. I was about to take a sip but they told me it was for the older man before me.

      Wake, I wanted to drink so went back

      Then the Jamaican man from before served me something for a kid. It was a blend of sesame seeds and cream like drink. The sesame seeds have been grided into bits and were mixed with something like cream. It was splendid. It was rich, creamy, starchy and a little sweet. I savored this drink and was excited about what my meal would be like.

      Ping pong

      I was playing ping pong and as I went for the smash it moved my physical hand and I awoke.


      Felt like I spent 3 afternoons.

      I think some dreams were based on what I did earlier that day; haunted = zombie game. While the Heavy backpack stuff were based on some memory I needed to release. I recall a previous memory dreaming about shitty food. That was highschool though, and in the dream the food became good in the end. This was in elementry school #5, and the food becoming awesome in the end could be helping to let go of shitty school or food related traumas!

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    3. Counting the blessings, again

      by , 09-28-2019 at 04:34 AM
      Well. I didn't get lucid. Well maybe I was sorta, kinda close in a few dreams but not really. I saved some DJ notes on a google docs app but it didn't even save anything! I'll just write down what I remember. The other thing was that I had a kind of a dream that reminded me of bad memories, it kind of set me on a train of more related bad memories that sort of depressed me for a while. But there is a silver lining to all this I truly believe.


      I dreamt that I went to my friend, Jack's house. We were just playing some games I think. I showed him my new VR thingy and he was pretty interested and played on it. His friends showed up and talked about stuff. I felt like being left out though during all this. We head out and Jack's driving the car, but I think the car was stolen and he was pretty much GTA-ing. We head back to the house to do something. I think we came back to eat some food. His mom had just done the groceries but I had to leave. So she gave me some of her grocery food to eat while heading home or something.


      I went to a nearby supermarket a bit later, same location but perhaps awakened before coming here. I was just hopping around everywhere and having fun. Hopping atop of shelves and any high and hoppable spots I could find. They called me "the natural" for some reason. I felt great really. Until a vietnamese man grabbed some object and hit me really hard. He said "give us back our country." I felt blood dripping down my nose and I was pretty mad. I grabbed some long hard object and walked towards him. He still held the weapon in his hand and I told him that I'm not even from the same country that he thinks I'm from. This made him quiver a little. Then I immediately grabbed this short tan man by the collar.

      I dragged him through the aisles towards the front of the store. I wasn't going to beat him but was going to call the cops and let them deal with him.


      This raised some bad memories.


      Most dreams that I didn't note were VR related. Perhaps I'm playing VR too much before sleep, or that being on VR is kind of similar state to dream. I'll take advantage of it by being more aware if it's a dream while using VR.

      I felt really really down (desperate, despondent, depressed, hopeless... etc). I haven't felt this bad in so long. But there was a silver lining to this though. I saw that this one memory led to another memory, to another, to another. There were about 5 memories that clumped together into a big ball of negativity. I was aware of that process. I think that's a good thing. As being aware of something is the first step of improvement, as well as being aware of this "hopeless" thoughts/daydream is a part of being lucid - it's just like being aware in a dream. And I did manage to release these feelings after meditation and stuff.

      It was bad but it's good. It's good cuz I'm getting better. And it's good, because you gotta tell your subconscious that remembering dream's good, even when it seems bad - that helps recall I think.

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    4. little monk vs tornado, lab, clones

      by , 09-27-2019 at 03:07 AM
      VR Wrestling
      I was wrestling in a VR setting.

      University, Calculators

      I was at university. There was X there. We were fighting and he became Lich-like. Blue skin and just skin ontop of bones. Perhaps becomes 3rd person here, seeing the lich get choked out in wrestling move.

      I was still in that university area and were with 2 friends. So the 3 of us were hanging out on the reading week to study or somehing. We had sneaked into the library to steal 3 calculators! I have no clue why the calculators. But it felt important at the moment and we were being chased after a librarian found us.


      I saw my friend Paul there. It apepared to be highschool cafeteria. He had gotten a hold of a lot of yugioh or some cards for a bulk sale. They were pretty beat up and stuff, but were ok.

      Really Beautiful Guy
      It was the same school I think. Just different area. There was a really beautiful guy there. His beauty was out of this world honestly. Perfect facial features that every woman would kill for: long fluttering butterfly eyelashes, kind and dreamy eyes with a stare that could meld away all of your troubles as your stared into them, and a coy smile that really made you wonder... He carried smooth, long hair. Anyways, I was seeing stuff from his POV at sometimes, and 3rd person.

      There was a guy who had a short temper who was mad at our MC and wanted to fight him. He ended up fighting a wrong person instead though.

      Our MC was with a short girl and a really nice big musclar guy. We were hanging out at some tea shop, drinking tea.

      Little Monk, lab, clones

      Perhaps he is the little monk I saw in a previous dream. I was the little monk in the beginning of the dream.

      I was inside a well-lit hallways of a long building. It appeared to be some sort of lab. I kept proceeding forward and apparently the plot is that the little monk is some big shot. He was a sort of immortal or reincarnation of someone according to the plot. I soon learn that the facility I am in was created solely to watch over his needs.

      I find a bunch of people hanging around in the garden and decided to head out. There were some kids playing and adults walking around. There's some sort of storm that starts to appear though and it's a kind of evil spirit or monster that's made up of tornado or hurricane of a sort. It's controlling the weather and could hurt a lot of people. I thought that I'd go ahead and take care of it but I had a backpack and I wanted to put them somewhere safe. I see a duo of girls sitting down on a picnic table and asked them if they could watch over my belongings. Inside the backpack were some very old ancient books and they looked very cool. I feel like they are ok people so I leave the bag behind to fly up into the air. I feel the evil presence to the top and begin focusing my energy and allow it to surround me. Finally I release the energy and vanquish the tornado out of there. Now I flew in the calm sky a little.

      I get back down on the ground and keep proceeding forward the facility. They are kind of a cult or association that apparently worships this little figure. What they do was provide a safe haven for him throughout the ages, awaiting for his return. The little monk has a daughter apparently, I'm not exactly sure how though as he is a child after all. The backstory tells me she's either his daughter from his previous body, or it's some kind of spiritual family connection, not really sure. I begin to lose his POV around here.

      The little girl, I don't know her name. Should I give her a name? I'm thinking Jade; let's call her Jade for now. If a better name arises we'll change it.

      Jade carried pitch black hair and pale skin, she had a passive and somewhat relaxed stare, but it hinted sharpness hidden within. She was the daughter of our little monk and was apparently also special in some ways. The facility had treated her unkindly though; they had performed experiments on her to test our her abilities and what not. They believed as she was related to the being they worshiped, perhaps she would be just as extraordinary. Yet her capabilities appeared to be simply lackluster. Fearing that they might invoke their master's wrath, before they would permanently cause experimental damage to his daughter, they had secretly cloned her.... Many many times. Who knows how many. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of her.

      And they were out there, running amok in the world. Who knows how? Whether they have escaped, or have been deemed obsolete and removed from the site and yet somehow survived, they were each "her" in a different way and leading a completely different life from one another. Each time she was cloned, her consciousness was split, and one day, their consciousness would rejoice as one and gain the wisdom and experiences of countless lifetimes. That, was her power.

      Jade, her main body, was now outside the facility, in the concrete jungle of the city and exploring the world outside. I was her. That was when she had found one of her clones. It was her, but this "her" had many scars covering all over her face. And her hair was unruly and messy along with her dirtied and tattered clothes. She's been living in the "underworld," so to speak. The scarred girl had been chased by a large woman. I wanted to help "her," instinctively. I grabbed her hand and we proceeded to run away together from the madwoman who carried a weapon. Chasing us across the streets and the overpass.


      Jumping from buildings

      I 'm not exactly sure how to describe it. I knew I would be safe to jump from highrises so I did that twice in the dream.

      The first time I jumped, I had fallen and felt an utter euphoria coming over me. Wanting to experience the euphoria, I'd decided to do it again.

      Second time I'd jumped from somewhere higher, but this time it wasn't nice. It was now filled with darkness and I was lost in that darkness.

      Trying to DJ x3 FA

      I was in a class or something, trying really hard to DJ the previous dreams. Each time it was foiled because the writing apparatus (pen, pencil, ink) would not work well on the paper I was writing on. FA between each try. The paper had a texture of a bath towel and that would obviously be hard to write on and I'm realizing something's off by the third try and I awake.

      perhaps close to lucid.

      Class VR

      I was in a class, perhaps similar to the one before and I was looking for my VR stuff. I'd found it and also my friend Marianne.

      I can't remember the middle and the end of it. It had something to do with changing the timeline based on my actions after.

      Light dream scene (lucid?)
      I was in a dream scene, most things were white colored. I could manipulate objects that I saw at will. I was aware that I was dreaming, however I did not have physical sensations of the dream and I could still hear the sounds heard by my physical body. Is this still a lucid dream?


      I felt like flying in my dreams, so I played a game where you jump off a plank from a highrise building and fly around during wbtb. I think it worked, and I probably did some dream actions because of this honestly.

      BE PRESENT - I just noticed that I should be more present in the moment, so I can be more present in my dreams and that'll probably help it become clearer.

      Perhaps I was a little sad that I wasn't full blown lucid but... I should count my blessings. And I'd probably would have been if I'd did so and was 'present' like I'd previously stated.

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    5. 25th floor mirror

      by , 09-26-2019 at 04:44 AM
      I laid down on my bed after about 2 minutes of meditation. I decided to keep it short since I had trouble sleeping previously when it was longer.It used to take about 20 minutes before I'd reach that state but now it seems to take like 5 minutes. Still experimenting with meditating before bed though.

      I was drawing a shape, a square in the darkness of the night. As I kept relaxing myself and my breathing the shape began to appear in my vision instead of the back of my eyes. I was playing around with this and tried to visualize some portal to see if I could induce a dream into another world. Started getting some kind of energizing buzz in my body as I began to see hypnotic imagery of the round portal and a few other things.

      I was in a dojo, like the one in the matrix. And there was some older man who waas training me there.


      We were playing a game. I was the elf. Saw orc vs undead, and undead vs undead. People could control each other's unit during the time as I watched the matches.

      Dreamt about hanging out with a fairy like thing that danced through the air in front of me, trying to get my attention or tell me something.

      Aurora, Real estate

      I dreamt that I was checking out the map of the nearby cities. I was looking at the map that showed the ownership of the lands. I was looking through it to find somewhere I could buy a cheap real estate or lands. I couldn't find anything in the nearby area. Eventually as I kept looking, I found a city that was to the top right, called Aurora where it appeared to have good prospects according to the map. I went there with family. The place had a nice classic feel to it. It had some taller building that were like the temples of Kyoto and it was beautiful really. The ground was paved with small white stones rather than asphalt and there weren't many cars around.

      Elementary School Awkward
      I dreamt I was attending a school. It was not the Japanese elementary school but a western one. It felt like the larger one I went to after I'd left Japan that was also a high school. I was taking some classes and it just didn't feel right. Why am I in school? It feels awkward. I took 2 classes.

      *I was close to lucidity I think as I was questioning my surroundings. Also I felt like I was lost in that school because it was kind of big in addition to not being able to speak english.


      Light Void (lucid?)
      I was in a void of light. Being fully aware. My sensations weren't there but I could tell that I was dreaming or was in a light dream.

      25th floor mirror Lucid maybe 18+

      I had awoke and I felt it. I just knew I could do something. I laid on bed, tried to visualize what being omnilucid would be like. And I began to go into dreaming state. Energy began to buzz and shroud my body. It invigorated me. And I am in a dream.

      I was on the street and apparently just done groceries or something. I was walking back home on the sidewalk as I saw some passerby people. For some reason I had an urge to see who I was or what I was in the dream and this incited a desire to look at a mirror. But where could I find a mirror? At home, so I headed to my home in the dream. I ran and ran, and I kept running. Eventually I arrived at a large apartment or condo. It had some nice waiting area and maybe some security. I saw some of the other residents there as I passed by.

      *This place looked like the building in my other dream where I was in the hospital and teleported to a similar location where I'd meditated.

      I feel hot from all the running and I am drenched in sweat. It's pretty uncomfortable and I wanted to take a shower honestly. Perhaps a shower in the bathroom. So this motivated me to get there faster. Elevator or stairs? As I went forward to the elevator/stairs, I had a waking memory of taking the stairs in a previous workplace just to be healthy and I believe this resulted in the scene to provide me with stairs where the elevator was suppose to be.

      It was a staircase that spiraled upwards in circular fashion, was pretty elegant kind of. I began to run up the stairs and noticed other features of the stairs. The stair handle or whatever you call it, was round, and huge, like the diameter of your head. It was gold, or a bronze-gold kind of color. I thought it might've been gold plated and


      I get back in the dream and upon closer inspection it had some rough edges. I keep climbing and climbing up the stairs. It has been a while, when will I get there? I was at around 12-13th floor and wondered that to myself.


      I kept going up and up. I'd climbed almost about the same amount of stairs as the previous amount and wondered to myself, "which floor?" I thought, penthouse! And my goal was neigh. I saw the stairs almost ending.


      I came back to the dream and the sensations were missing! I could not feel anything although I saw the scene from where I left off. I was the stair handles to my sides and I grabbed them with all my might and used it to anchor myself and pull myself in to the dream. My sensations came back to me and I went forward. I was there.

      It said 25 in red letters in several places at the top of what looked like elevator doors. I think I made it because 25 seemed significant. I looked at the doors leading into the rooms and they all had some quirky features to them. I think one of them had a kind of green octopus like tentacle-like thing adorned in front of the door. They were all very strange and I kept proceeding deeper until I found an ordinary door. I entered that door.

      I found myself inside a room and several more doors. The one to the immediate right said, "class." Another one to the left of that said "Hero Room." And the one to the right of that said "bathroom." I entered that door.

      * I might begin to feel the urge to pee around here.

      It was a pretty regular looking bathroom. There was a sink to the right side and beside it was a large tall and oval mirror, length of about a person. I looked inside it and was an asian man with wavy hair that reached to about the shoulders, with a goatee. His body was muscular and lean. His facial features were lean and muscular and pretty handsome. I looked at the whole body and his groins were covered in a sort of fuzzy white ball of mist just to keep it PG-13. I found this quite humorous and perhaps that emotion awakes me.


      I immediately get back and I look at the mirror again. Still the same man and the mist was gone and his dong had drooped all the way down, touching the ground. I found this funny, I mean how can you walk like that? And maybe that emotion wakes me yet again.


      I am back! I looked at the mirror and that same dong was now hard. I lost it, Hahahaha.


      I'd been holding my pee since before I'd entered the dream bathroom so I got up to pee instead of deilding once more.

      *Perhaps another reason that I was seeking out the bathroom was that I had a subtle urge to pee earlier and that led me to the bathroom in the first place.


      Dreams are funny.

      I realized that today was the 25th! Wow!

      I'm getting better.

      I think another reason I wanted to see the mirror was that I was a different person each time. The curiosity.

      I also ate some natto with egg and green onion in wbtb. It may have helped.

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    6. babywipes/syringe

      by , 09-24-2019 at 02:54 AM
      Empty place
      I was in some kind of place in between dreams.


      I dreamt that my mom and dad were talking.


      Babywipes, lucid

      I was in my bedroom. I got up and found my friend Y's backpack near the bed to the left. I open it up and find that it's mostly empty. The bag somehow expands into tent size; this makes me lucid. I am carefully inspecting what's inside th tent now and there's some baby wipes. I'd already took them out of the container so I thought might as well make use of it. I wiped my nether regions. However the skin on my body felt different, the skin felt more blob like or thicker or number kind of.

      Felt an urge to pee though,


      Not sure
      jotted down something about spiders by go, and amazon in US warehouse.

      Doctor & nurse/syringe Lucid

      I was laying on my bed and found 2 suspicious looking figure by my feet. It was a doctor and a nurse. The doctor was an old man with white hair and pretty thin, while the nurse was pretty young and carried black hair. They were trying to inject something into me via a pretty large syringe and I was pretty against it.

      I thought something was amiss and I am lucid. I thought that since this is a dream I'll probably be ok and calmed my nerves. I asked them to use a smaller needle. They took one that was smaller but I asked for a smaller one yet still.

      The nurse pricks my right arm on the soft side opposite of the elbow. I felt the needle prick in and it felt honestly much thicker and solid than it looked. I thought I'd run away right after the injection, or at least explore and check the place out. So I leave right after the injection, when they were distracted. I leave the room and headout. It was an apartment like building and I approach the elevator. It's gonna take too long so I head to the right. There's a bathroom there and I try climbing out the window, but alas the nurse was waiting on me as she was right ouside the window.

      Replay. I am back where I was earlier, approaching the elevator again. But this time instead of wasting time, I turn to the left. I find another kind of bathroom and immediately leave via the window. This time I fall down about 2-3 stairs of flight but I am ok. I run through the parking lot and into some tiny dwarf ornamental plants. The nurse was behind me and I was throwing balls of shadow, reminding of SF from dota. I wasn't strong enough so I sought to collect the souls of nearby plants by throwing shadowballs at them. Didn't feel like it was enough. But the nurse was beginning to distergrate a little though. SHe'd lost her human form and was more of a cloud like being now, with a little bit of human shape left. That's when the doctor also shows up, he is also in the cloud form and no longer in the human form.



      Something about a dead hog/pig. Eating coconuts, well it was more of like a coconut flavored snack like a chocolate pudding without the chocolate. I remember a few other eating it. someone died, yet he enjoyed his death, perhaps he was suffering.


      A dream about a family love between a big and small brother. The big brother was named Brian and he had become acquainted with an alien partner. It was under some kind of palm or coconut tree looking tree. So maybe the location is the same as previous dream. Brian leaves the somewhat caveman like community as they were not found of the alien. However they are caught by monsters outside of the town. After they escape, little brother tells the other villagers who were all by a bonfire to leave his big brother alone, and sorts things out.

      DJ on projector
      I was trying to DJ. It was being projected on a big screen as people were reading it. I kept writing it regardless though.

      improving it rather. I was making changes to a programming language, or improving it. Some found this disrespectful, or maybe they didn't want their sales to go down, so Jim called some people to get me. I was escaping the modern-day style assassins and went inside a bathroom.

      Few dreams
      missed here/repeated scene of previous dreams. Esp the "brothers" dream was replayed and played out a little differently.


      From mall to B?

      Light Dream

      I was just beginning to have dreams and my thoughts were directly causing the dream scenes to change, into what I was thinking about. Kind of like a mindfulness feeling or rather seeing the thoughts as a dream form with my eyes. Was close to lucidity likely, since I awoke right when I realized it.


      -My notes were pretty messy. It was the old jotting style where I just wrote some words down but they were gibberish. I will go back to the new writing style. It should help recall more and prettier writings are much easier to read.

      -I also had the lucids in earlier part of sleep.

      -I was actually stressed out about something the night before, but I did managed to get lucid. I think that's a pretty good sign that I'm improving my LD.

      -I also meditated before bed, perhaps a bit too long. It made me too aware of my body while falling asleep. Was I asleep? It's hard to say. I could tell that my body was falling asleep as the limbs felt like fat sausages. When I meditate too long I get this spinning or whirring sound/sensations kind of.
      One thing to note is that I do feel more refreshed after having this experience of "am I asleep" kind of feeling. Even though mentally I think I didn't get enough rest, I could tell that the body does feel more refreshed.

      -When I was meditating I also noted on something improving tremendously. Perhaps just noticing how the thoughts immediately affect dreamscape. Although I know this, it's becoming more and more apparent and this knowledge feels like it's getting ingrained in me.

      -Didn't dream about schools today, so maybe I got the lesson of the dream finally?

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    7. Purification!

      by , 09-23-2019 at 05:10 AM
      I have slight trouble recalling the first Dream

      Mexican shroom
      I was on a school trip of a sort down to Mexico. I was with my friend Mike and we were walking the dry yellow dusty road of somewhere near the country side. May have been close to the slums. We were just walking along and find a little convinence store to the left side. We enter it and Mike notices that they are selling mushrooms in a box right below where the cashier was. They were selling an ounce of the mushroom for a dollar. Mike immediately takes up on the offer and buys the mushrooms, and proceeds to eat the whole thing immediately. I thought I should buy some mushrooms too since it was so cheap and all. I reached for my wallet to find a dollar. I am looking through my wallet and find a dollar, well a couple of dollars, as the clerk stares at me. He had long black hair and long beard, he was wide faced and chubby not in plumpness but the sort of fat distribution you would find from one who drank often that sagged near the cheeks.

      I take out the red dollar bill and I discover that it was a special bill made in a specific state from US. It was red inked rather than green and was in marvelously good condition of cotton paper. I had trouble letting it go. I thought it was worth alot more than a dollar for a certain and as I rummaged through my wallet for other dollars, they were all some sort of unique or special bills. So I let the red dollar go in the end and handed it over.

      The clerk carried a stern expressed and said that it's no good. He believed it was a fake dollar or something and wouldn't sell me the mushroom! He also commented how you shouldn't eat the whole thing at once. So I headed out the convinience store to find mike. I caught up to him and asked him if I could borrow a dollar or his credit card. No Bueno as-

      Time was running out and we had to head back to the airport as we headed forward to onwards the direction of it. There were some suspicious looking alleys ways and before you know it we were surrounded by shady looking bunch.

      Warcraft update
      I was in someone's house, looking d like the older stevens apartment back then. I was logging onto steam, the game client while there was a dinner party going on. I was also editing an article in the meantime, while I also talked to a few other young guests. After a while there's a news of the newest wc3 patch.

      *perhaps wc reforged


      Purification! Lucid
      I was headed too towards the mall in M city with my mom in the car. We were driving by and find a electronics store and decided to stop by.

      It was a very old fashioned electronics store. Actually their products were old fashioned too; cube shaped old tvs were being sold there arranged in 2 rows. They were pretty small and old. I wonder if this was the past. While browsing the tvs we meet a mother and son duo. We talk for a while and find that the mother and I and my mom and the son had similar world views respectively which were opposite of the other. We talk and leave them be.

      We are now heading towards the counter at the end of the store. There were some more tvs there and I see the mom and son duo again before getting to the counter. There were some tvs and stuff at the counter too but I just begin to question it all.

      "why am I here?"

      I am lucid, looking around once more. I notice a kind of an open entrance to the left side of the counter. I decided to go there to see what's there.

      It was a small gym. There were small gym equipments there and two women were there. I found a huge plastic bottle (1meter+) and decided to check my dream control. I imagine a fine and conjure a tiny blaze on my right palm top and release it against the bottle. It lights up slightly. They were pretty impressed. I decided to stop the fire before things burned so I conjured water. But maybe water wasn't enough so ice. And the thing looked pretty chilled now and had a sheet of ice covering its exterior. The 2DC noticed my powers and asked for my help; they were running the gym and there was a sort of an underground dungeon below us that gave off negative energy, affecting their business.

      I decided to help them. They walked in front of me towards the wall. There was a secret passage way that opened up to the dungeon beneath. I follow them down.

      It was pitch black in the dungeon and I couldn't see much. I decided to cast fire again but the light was too dim. I decided to cast light and it flashed a dim light in front of me. I felt like it wasn't enough so I added another one with my left. The girl in front of me decided that I had everything covered so she just ran forward very quickly before disappearing from our sights. The one behind me was wiser though and knew better. She asked me if we should just turn on the lights I agreed. She flicked the switch to the right and it was brighter.

      It was pretty big though and I couldn't see the end in sight. Just a Rocky cave like road in front. I was starting to get bad vibes from the place and I wanted an easier way and thought of one. I shouted "purification" or "cleanse." forgot which but, the idea was to purify the whole place in one go. But my vision becomes blank.

      I am teleported to some sort of small warehouse, mostly wooden. The place reeked of bad vibes. Scary. I was feeling awry and decided to summon a holy staff! Yes a holy staff could beat evil spirits! So I summoned a long wooden stick. It wasn't all That magnificent and looked like just a bunch of wooden boards nailed together, but it was long. Taller than me at least.

      I decided to go forward, and opened the door to the left. There were some creepy looking dolls made of cotton materials among other old articles. I decided to make good use of my staff.

      I "purged" the doll by simply swinging the staff against it and cutting it apart. So I decided to head out and went to the next room. There were more of the dolls and I swung my holy staff to purge it of evil. Hopefully it was working honestly.

      But I was getting bad vibes again. A foreshadowing of something bad. So I decided to purify the whole place.

      "Purification!" I yelled,

      And a white light blinding.


      Short ones
      Just waves of monsters, being tested I feel like as I fought them off.

      Was dodging bullets and shooting.

      Woke from sensation of moving wrists, perhaps FA though

      Black room
      I saw a white room in front of me. It was so typical and I wanted to see something else more graceful. I walk through the wall to the left and I appear to have teleported to a black room.

      The walls were pitch black and it was tastefully equipped with elegant and subtle furnishings. Something about it felt so beautiful to me.


      2 beds Lucid
      I was in an apartment building and was trying out vr in the bedroom of it. I took off my vr headset and looked around; it looked similar to the bed next to my room but somehow it was an apartment though. Looked kind of downtown ish feel.

      I was very suspicious of this place and think I am dreaming. The bed looks exactly how it should be - am I wrong? I walk pass to the bed and down towwrds the hallway, I look back and there were 2 beds now. OK it's a dream. I head towards the windows that were leaking out white rays of the sun, to look outside.



      My dream awareness appear to be getting sharper.

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    8. Supernova vs Superman, Helping the Witch

      by , 09-22-2019 at 03:58 AM
      Some hypno
      Had some very light dreams and hypnagogics before wbtb. I was close to lucid, as in I gained awareness but the dream dissipated very quickly.

      D2 paul
      I dreamt that I was hanging with my friend paul from highschool. We were playing diablo 2, I remember him being really good at that game back then. We were headed down to a mall nearby and as we kept going that direction there was a sort of concert going on woodstock.


      I was still near the previous dream area. The concert was still going on. I was with Nadi, headed inside the mall to a supermarket there. There were some kids playing pranks, my friend told me to leave them alone as they were recording it on a camera as a social experiment crap. We are inside the store and she tells me to pick out some potatoes. They were resset like. The store closes.


      Forest Training
      I was in the forest, living a forest life. There were a few others there. I was training in the forest, training special powers.

      Slicing a cow
      I was slicing a whole cow, with a sword likely. Katana?

      Supernova vs Superman

      I was inside a school that looked like highschool. It was a school for those with special powers. I was just hanging around minding my own business. I am in the gym by myself and Superman and his friend shows up. Maybe it was Batman, but I don’t think it was Batman but I’ll just say it’s Batman as a placeholder, it was another superhero. Superman approaches me says he’s going to “teach me a lesson” and starts to become aggressive and the duo begin to attack me. I was ready though.

      I begin to focus energy right in front of me. A ball of white light forms in front of me, about shoulder width, that radiates brightness all over the place. I keep focusing on amplifying the energy and compressing it and It begins to radiate a more yellow hue; as if the sheer mass of energy being compressed is starting to affect the very nature and property of light. There weer also stray mini-lightenings that danced around the ball. It keeps becoming a stronger yellow until I unleash it behind the two and the yellow ball of light expands instantly. It immediately become the size of about 6-7 meters wide. A white hole? A supernova? A miniature compressed sun? I don’t know but it begins to pull them towards it. Batman is immediately annihilated and Superman tried to step forward to move against the pull of my ball. He manages to last 10 seconds before being sucked into the big bright yellow round yellow thing. A figure that appears to be like Flash, tries to come to their rescue immediately after but he is also pulled into the gorgeously illuminated abyss.


      Helping Witch
      I was back in the same highschool. I believe I was first inside the hallways of the school. This time I was on the second floor rather than the first and eventually ended up in a classroom.

      There was a sort of a lovely witch there. She reminded me of Sab who was a drayad from a previous dream, she didn’t exactly look too much like her but gave a similar vibe, perhaps the “witch” vibe. She looked less drayad but more pale and elf like. She wanted me to work with her as a group in the school or something. As first I rejected the offer, felt , like that was not much for me to gain by forming a group with her.

      Eventually we went to another class. The desks in the class were arranged in a square format, where everyone was facing each other.

      *I recall one of my enlgish class was arranged this way. However the location of the classroom way more oriented towards the middle of the school rather than one side of it.

      There were 2 of them especially that were looking for trouble. One guy was pretty muscular, appeared to be a demon or half demon and he wielded two katana like swords, one in each arm, was pretty handsome guy with messy long hair. There was another person beside him who was also trying to stir things up. I have less clear memory of the other troublemaker. Could have been a male or female but this one was more of an intellectual type rather than physical. The two stirred things up such that the whole class was trying to kill me

      I had just used the Supernova on Superman and co, in the previous dream and I didn’t have the energy to deal with them. In truth I was in trouble.After a few moments of engagement I saw the witch sitting in one of the desks. I decided I had to take up on her offer, otherwise I'd be dead very soon. She immediately formed a contract with me and I was under her wing. She defended me from them all, as they knew how powerful she was. And things quieted down.

      I was with her for a while. She was honestly pretty nice as I got to know her. She was an elf and perhaps the most or one of the top powerful witch/mage here and no one could touch her pretty much. There were some that were unhappy with this and they began to plot a plan to destroy her. Her magic was special, it was unique and not many possessed it. What the baddies had done was tireless decode her magic style and then made it public. Now anyone could cast the same magic as her.

      She was no longer the top dog. She had lost her previous respect and power and was pretty down under. We were now being attacked left and right by those who wished to claim the new top dog position. The most recent attack was by some gobling like thing, and the engagement had created a hole on the side of the school. I wanted to help her now, as she did help me once before. I told her I would help her but she wasn’t sure how I could possibly help, as her now unique trait was no longer there. And it would take a long time to devise a new form of magic that was her own. I said I would amplify her current magic signature with mine. I would add a little bit of my power into her and it would create something completely new. She thought to give it a try as she had nothing to lose anymore. I touched her back and began to flow my energy through her core to infuse a little bit of it. I remember seeing a fusion of a red and green with a little bit of yellowness to the green, leafy embroidery like symbols surrounding the core. It was a success and she was stronger than ever.

      (That person’s a tree) - I jotted that down. Perhaps the nature of the magic was literally nature, like tree magic, or maybe I saw a treant in the dream.

      *I recalled that she looked like the elf companion from a dream that took place in a church. Perhaps this was a backstory to that dream, or possibly related, maybe not though.


      I guess maybe I was maybe semi lucid in dreams.

      I was a little down because I didn’t get lucid. But the dreams were pretty awesome and fun. And I realized that I could have done better in my ld practices the day before.

      The theme of highschool is pretty common lately. The message of the elementary was about being myself. I think maybe highschool was the period where I had taken classes I didn’t like but would have likely led to more stable careers, also time where I had tried to fit in even more to the norm, trying to please instead of being me. The message may be similar to elementary school. Maybe the messages are just to:
      follow your heart
      open up your heart
      Let go of fear

      Something like that.

      I also was eating food before wbtb rather than after. This might have been counterproductive.

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    9. Pumpkin Forest

      by , 09-21-2019 at 03:50 AM
      I was entering a business competition with a girl who was my business partner. I asked her to follow my instructions and we were starting upon opposite sides of the business competition area. My plan was to make us look weak until we could strike in one swift blow.

      I entered a clothing outlet later and saw a flamboyant guy picking out clothes. I pick out and try some clothes. I am getting dream flashback memories of the lady who started this business. She began with the passion to provide stylish, quality and affordable clothes for all. Direct from factory. After long years of toil she succeeded and this store was huge and success. These clothes were indeed made very strongly and very stylish and cheap too.

      *this store reminded me of a store I went to a long time ago… but where? Maybe a book/clothing store in Japan? I recall there was a store nearby that sold toys. I only visited this place once though, that I'm certain. Perhaps a visit to China. A clothing store, a toy store with a toy truck was nearby on the intersection?


      I'd lost Dota underlord, where I was guaranteed to win. Something was off but I thought it was just an internet problem. Could have got lucid. Was in an apartment. Looked self in mirror. Really beautiful person there though, like maybe physically impossible. I was mesmerized for a bit as I touched and inspected it. Then I realized really needed to pee badly after a while.

      Woke and I'm starting to honestly leak but was safe and got to the bathroom.

      I also remember at the beginning of the dream I bought a new computer.

      Young mage prodigy
      Final fantasy 6 like world. I visited a small village, reminded me of the where you met the little girl painter and old man blue mage. I am here to recruit a little girl who has much potential as a mage. I see humanoid creature camp. Troll like demon but looks mostly human except for purple skin and pointed ears. Their chief dies. They ask me to help deliver their chiefs wand to the girl.


      Teaching me to LD
      I was in a school like environment. Bright version of high school. Two girls were teaching me to LD stuff, back to back. One was teaching me how to LD. The other was teaching me how to manifest stuff. Oddly I did not get lucid. I showed up for another lesson and she was very delighted.


      I am in a school, maybe different one or same. I am watching a young man who has gained some power to slow time and pass walls a little. His nickname was DJ. I watched his interaction with his friends in class, hiding his powers. He was planning something. There was a girl there who stood out, more on that later.

      DJ went to a bank or a government building to steal something. His powers weren't prefect and a guard followed him out of the building. He saw his friends nearby as he was getting away and I was among them. DJ ran, at 4 times the human speed away into the tunnel pass. The guard from earlier had 4ppl or total with him, running past us and after him.

      I was talking to DJs friends, one of the short girl commented on Tiny's new girlfriend, also called DJ, she called her a sasquatch, since she was so tall. Tiny was a very large bulky guy, oh the irony of his name. He was worried about DJ(guy) like a good friend;as he noticed something was up with his friend lately and wanted to help him. But he knew he couldn't catch up to DJ when DJ ran so fast. That's when I decided to help Tiny.

      I told him I'd help by giving him some powers to help him out and patted his back. I sent him some energy and was unsure if it worked. But Tiny believed in me and immediately ran. Man, was he fast. Tiny ran so quickly there were some after images trailing behind him, and he'd catch up in no time.

      Wake, somehow the names DJ didn't make me lucid, dream was trying to help me I think.

      LD Pumpkin Forest

      I wake and thought I failed LD. It was very dark inside though which made me question if I was actually dreaming. I open the windows and the ground is moving, or the house. Lucid. I am in a forest. Had doubts about going through window so I went to the door.i was beginning to get nervous so I eased my feelings. Beside the bedroom door was a patch of painted wall, of a forest at night. It had a faint glow, andwas moving: beautiful dark blue skies with sparkling stars, dark trees and orange ground. I thought I could go inside. Parts of my body went in but my legs had trouble getting in as some parts of the painting was solid.

      I was now in a forest and the trees were like the ones I saw out the window but the ground was orange. I decided to move, and I walked on all 4s. The ground was very soft and mushy, felt like cooked pumpkin. It was comfortable and I savored this new sensations as I proceeded forward. I let the forest touch me to erase my scent from animals, touched some dirt, some plants.

      I kept moving through the Grove and found a patch of bright orange pumpkins. They were cracked open and looked tasty. I grabbed a piece and it felt cooked. I tasted it and it was creamy, a little grainy but sweet and tasty. I wondered if the orange ground was also pumpkin. I tasted it and it was sweet likewise. I saw some birds on the Pumpkin patch, some small owls and crows, they were making bird noise. I felt like it was a warning call of a predator. I approached them and they fly away.

      Wake, seeing slight bit of large spider after image, perhaps the predator.

      LD squirrels

      I awake and thought maybe I slept too long, it was dark outside. This made me question reality. I rolled out of bed by the left and looked out the window, looked normal. clicked the lights. It didn't work. More doubts. I had towards the bathroom and something squeals by my feet, I thought it was a mouse! It was small. There was another squee and it was a larger one on the wall, I realized it was a squirrel. I thought about how could I possibly get them out of the house. I reached for the lights and the previously malfunctioning lights turned on. This made me certain that I was dreaming. Thinking about squirrels.



      I think I did very good. Slept less than usual but got lucid. And I felt some doubts but did shadow work couple of times when I woke and felt doubtful. Nevertheless the dream and dcs were trying to help me get lucid though, in the previous dreams so I can't take all the credit. Perhaps semi lucid.

      I think I could have certainly got lucid in them but I had very strong doubts in my heart. Once I did feel more clear I did get lucid. I believe I'll get more lucid more often now since i have more results to help me believe in myself.

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    10. Meditating, mall shootout, underground yoga, no man's island

      by , 09-20-2019 at 04:02 AM
      Few dreams before wbtb, it wasn't that interesting and don't recall it too much

      Trying to get something

      Playing a game or being in a game like plot

      At a hospital garden, There was someone that was a friend BM hanging out with a girl.

      Boring sex. Was having intercourse I think, it was boring me so I left.


      Playing ukulele with a kid in the living room, mom joined in with a guitar too, had fun

      Lucid meditated, lost focus and walked around but went back to meditation.

      Lucid mall shooting bad ppl that took over mall that were raiding the place. 2 guns in hand. Walk forward then to right. They are just raiding stuff. Shoot them before they can shoot me. But I ran it of ammo. used a lawn mower as cover.

      Lucid Mall 2 I realized that I Could summon articles at will, like the lawn mower or guns. but ran out of energy from experimenting too much. Engage the gang that took over without guns this time.
      *perhaps the fear of running out made summoning stuff stop working.

      Mall 3 escape from the previous gang, ran outside then to an underground facility.

      Lucid underground facility. Large concrete staircases. Meditate by staircase there but ppl(looked like nurses or doctors) find me. I enter the door for floor beside me. Looks kind of like hospital inside. I meditate a bit here, but could not get peace as there were people running amok. Apparently I'm wanted, maybe people saw me and thought I was responsible for the mall raiding, even though I was helping out. I Enter a room to right, yoga class starting soon. I looked at the instructor there, asked her if I could join just to mingle and avert the eyes of those trying to catch me. I was mostly naked and got looks of admiration. She tells me to write in her notebook on the wooden table that had the yoga member list. Since I'm wanted I'm trying to come up with a nick name. I decided to have something that starts with G, Gen or something similar? I dropped the notebook to the left under the table. I pick it up and the girl to the right was mad; she thought I was spying through her notebook. Turns out, I picked up wrong notebook and explained the situation to her and she relaxed. Wrote name on yoga list.

      Lucid plane, with miss g and my mom. It was a private plane so more space, as the seats were facing each other rather than all facing in one direction. Miss g talked about true meaning of yoga or Tibetan practice. She talked about this twice. Something about this reduced my lucidity. To the right sitting right beside me was Mark $uckerberg maybe the plane was his. Half of the Plane's missing now though, the tail end which is to my left showed the open skies. Mark is nonchalant. He was totally calm and sure of everything. We needed to do an emergency exit, Mark grabs chute and leaves by himself, I barely could get the chute backpack though my left shoulder. Top of plane falls off now, and we are all lifted up in the air, I'm grabbing the bag with all my strength to not let it go.

      We are all in the open air, big blue skies all around, ppl falling, plane falling. I look down and there's very light and clear emerald blue waters by the beach shore. I found this scene very beautiful and I thought that maybe I have to use the parachute soon but before I could react, I just fall into sea. Feeling the impact, saw the air bubbles under the sea among others who also fell, hitting seabed *thomp*, since the water was relatively shallow, maybe around 5 times my height. Someone comments how lucky we are.

      Trying to find friend in wreckage, he was busy copulating. I explore the inside and ask if anyone wanted to get together.
      Someone comes to find me. Lose lucidity around here. She was very short, cladding long blonde hair that was above the very large, focused eyes, sparkling with keen intelligence. She had a good heart and I found her very cute indeed. We discussed how we needed to set up our friends (the 2 that were mingling their flesh earlier) to a long term relationship. Some strange ppl Eating strange foods taking drugs. Richard was among them. I leave to get away from ppl. I head outside, exploring the wilderness., other people leave the base around the same time. I am walking by the cliffs behind our camp, away from others. To the distance I see a group of animals consisting predominantly of tigers approaching camp, to attack us. They were mad that we disturbed peaceful place. But blocky uneven terrain that was also narrow was hard for them to maneuver as they were massive, maybe they were Saber tooth mix. There were a little over 20 tigers. I head down slowly to warm others who left the camp. Most tigers didnt notice me. One tiger find me to attack but he slips and falls down cliff.


      Lucidity is lasting longer now. I believe I'm improving.
      Plane seats:
      Open skies|OOGMOO| Pilot cabin

      Missing tail|OOX$OO |

      x= me
      g= ms.g
      m= mom
      $= mark

      Mall may be familiar mall.

      Maybe hospital dream was telling me something. He was a friend but no longer. He slept with someone while his gf was calling him and that just didn't sit right with me among other things he did. I kicked him for her and other things he did and he kicked me back and that was that. Maybe in the dream yesterday I called someone a justice-boner but perhaps I'm no better. There was a certain friend who liked him and I told her about him. She said that since his gf wasn't nearby that's an ok thing to do. Is it really what's ok and normal now? Maybe I was bothered by this from years back, letting it go now.

      The shooting guns is probably from VR I got recently. I recalled a DV member who played VR and I thought it sounded fun. I believe some games like robo recall can help with materialization of objects.

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    11. protect lil 4, nice drill sgt, off/str/class DJin, tunnel orbs

      by , 09-19-2019 at 03:02 AM
      Haunted Puzzle
      I was at home. Or, it kind of looked like home at least but I was inside an unknown bedroom. There were debris all over the place and I wasn't really sure where I was. I am still looking around the debris when Greg and a friend of his shows up, maybe she's his girlfriend. We are exploring as we are trapped inside a large room. It has some weird pictures on the wall and some numbers on the floor. It was like a puzzle and we had to solve it before we could get out of here. I told Greg to look at the eyes on the wall, there were some drawings of some humanoid creates on the walls and I thought that the number of eyes on the walls could have been correlated to the respective numbers written on the floor. We begin to inspect the numbers on the ground. As we are solving the puzzle there's some kind of ghastly presence in the room.


      Protecting my friends – lil 4 / nice drill sergeant
      I was walking home. It was the road I took in BC. However it could have been similar area wise to the road intersected by the train at the University. I was walking back home past a construction site. It was a sort of a shortcut to the way back home. However there was a chance the construction workers would stop us so I took a tiny road to the left. It was a semi underground narrow passage used by the workers to get through.

      *This place reminded me of somewhere though. I have vague memory of it

      As I was going through the passage and up the final ladder, I was greeted by a young man. He had pretty big eyes that were sparkling with passion. He was apparently a drill sergeant and began to train me on how to sue the knife, how to sharpen it and stuff like that. I took a few minutes learning stuff from him. While learning these ideas, his pet cat began to attack and strike me, as if you train my reflexes all the while I learned things. It was somewhat entertaining. He also asked for my ID to check or look me up. He commented on “oh that's a huge place you live in!”

      After I had passed the initiation he let me through. I went up the hole that went up above ground and he came along with me. I was pretty impressed by his creative training regime and complemented him regarding it. He became attached to me somewhat and decided to follow me home. Ok. So now we are walking home together. He was walking up to random apartments and houses nearby and asked if I lived there. I just said no. He kept doing this for every house we passed and it was irritating yet humorous at the same time. There were also some police officers nearby and they thought he could have been a robber to check on him. But as soon as they approached him they just realized he was just a goofy airhear but an overall nice guy so they let him be.

      The problem is. I was lost. I had no idea where I was going. I think my house was to the North. Then to the right side lol. I found some classmates that were from high school nearby and asked him if I could borrow his phone or something to look up the map. It was Eric and his friend W. He was pretty reluctant to help and wanted nothing to do with me. And as if to prove his need for dissociation of me, he began to attack us. I was defending my new friend right here as Eric began to call over a few more. There were 5 of them now against the 2 of us. I didn't want to resort to violence but I was starting to feel pretty distraught. But right then as if reacting to my emotions help shows up!

      They were a group of 4, maybe 5. They were kid versions of my most trusted attendants, shiten-ou – the Four Heavenly Kings serving under the Demon King, and came immediately upon sensing my uneasiness. Well now we know why Eric was so hostile. They wanted to help me and join in the fight. Now though, I couldn't risk my most beloved companions to get hurt so I defeated Eric and the justice-boners in one move. They were blown out of sight.

      So now we're all just walking together now towards the way back home. It was a pretty calm and overall happy time now. But I began to get sleepy and begin to fall asleep in the dream, only half aware of my surroundings. They were now eating something, while I sat in the carriage and sleeping. The girl to my right began to stuff the food in my mouth, wanting to feed me with all the good intentions in the world. However I was fast asleep and she kept stuffing the food down my throat. It was takoyaki. But not just any takoyaki. It had the most fluffy outer-dough part. Instesad of having the texture a a pancake, it had the texture of a Japanese cheesecake, but not sweet. Very fluffy. Even so, with so many shoved into my throat, I was beginning to choke.

      I awake, still choking

      Browsing the web
      I was browsing web on the web. There were 3 of us on the bed. I was so into whatever I was borwsing that I didn't notice the other two initially – I was looking up game reviews for VR stuff. The girl on the bed wanted something from me. I forget what.

      Brain enhancing
      I was in the house #34. I was laying on the bed where the computer was supposd to at during the time. I was taking brain enhancing substances which were in the legal grey area. Legal but perhaps experimental. My dad wanted none of it and confiscated some of them.

      Lucid Meditation/store/office
      I was in a store or an office. I was looking around for a moment and become lucid. However the dream starts to show that familiar destabilizing thing to my vision. I realize that the dream may be over soon and recalled that I wanted to meditate. I sit down quickly and decide to meditate until the end of the dream.

      Lucid meditation on sidewalk

      I was somewhere near the last dream. I think it looked kind of like a store. I head outside to try to find a better spot to meditate and end up on the sidewalk. I began to meditate on the sidewalk with my shoes still on as I crossed my legs. Meditation!

      Drifting in between wake-sleep for a while.

      Lucid Tunnel to Warring Era

      I was near the previous dream still, but I was riding a car. I was headed towards right, then down. Before entering into a tunnel. The tunnel became dark for a couple of minutes as I looked around. The scenery changed into an older time period. It was an warring era and people were fighting with weapons. I was lucid though, and things felt like under my control. There was some strange humanoid creature to the left. I grabbed ahold of his weapon which were a mace and a hatchet if I recall correctly. It wanted me to use it to train my fighting skills so I proceeded to train with it. As I am striking it with the axe/hatched thing, he began to grow a new weapon from his arm – a new axe/hatchet. He continues to train me in combat.

      Office (maybe lucid/half lucid)

      I was in the office, with a cubicle I think. Some co-workers were asking me if I wanted to head out together next time, I thought why not, as I kept writing down my DJ.

      Office, Lucid
      I was back in the office and I recalled the arrangements to meet the DC from the last dream to hang out, but I just decided to meditate on the spot.

      Office ->Stuck jungle gym
      I was again back in the office. But I headed down and found a jungle gym. I got trapped in it somehow but eventually got out of it. Someone that looked like my friend M, came over and she also got stuck. She tried her best to stretch her neck out but she was stuck. I noticed her black luseraous hair in a pony tail along with the size of her shoulders. She was smaller than me, yet she was still stuck. I called people over to help.

      Class lecture, DJ/ supportive lady/teacher
      I was in a class. I was recalling the last dream and was trying very hard to DJ the previous dreams. There was a lecture going on with an old skinny man as the lecturer. There were a few students sitting to my right side of the table with another teacher to the left. She had kind eyes and wore glasses. She had black hair and if I was to say objectively she was beautiful, yes very, from my momentary glance away from my DJ. But I was immersed in my DJ and she was looking over to see what I was so passionately doing. She began to read my DJ but I didn't care, I was busy DJ-ing and I had no time to care about her. My passion for my DJ appeared to impress her and she let me do what I wanted; as if to say that my fiery passion had set ablaze something within her as well. After a while I was running out of materials to write on and she kindly gave me something to write on. I turned around backwards from the lecturer since it was distracting me and I kept writing my DJ. She kept looking though lol. Very supportive, I like her.

      (Felt like changed scene somewhere in the end and went somewhere else)

      Tunnel, Orbs
      I FA into driving down the same tunnel previously. I am looking around and begin to see dimly growing white orbs in the dark tunnel. There were a lot of those orbs and they were hinting at me that they were spirits. It was very cool.


      The dreams from the first LD to the end had many awakenings in between. However I suspect that perhaps many of them, maybe 50% were false awakenings. I probably could have taken advantage of it using an AP style exit technique as a RC.

      Dreams merging together.

      I think that my expectation of ld being short is causing the shortness of it rather than my emotions. That's what I realized. I can change that belief now.

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    12. Persistent Charismatic Jolly Black Man

      by , 09-18-2019 at 03:07 AM
      Apprenticeship to black jester
      I was out with some students. We began in the classroom and was out to survive in the wild concrete jungle of a downtown area. There were some evil entity out to get us and we were all escaping and triying our best to get away from them. There was one particular jester like guy that was chasing us. He was dressed in black. We hopped over the fence to get away from him. He ended up catching one of the other classmates. He was trying to get me but I kept finding a way to overmanuver him. He eventually wanted to make a deal with me; he said that he'd let go of her if I became his apprentice. I wasn't sure but I thought I'd help the classmate out. Turns out the black jester had a brewery business and wanted someone to take over eventually. Earlier in the dream I recall saying “let's make smoothies!” to my classmates before we left the class and having fun.


      Hotel Paid for
      I am back in the same city. I was with a friend, maybe M, There was also her guy friend there. I left to explore the place and it was a hotel. One of the rooms were mine. Apparently the black jester from earlier was now my mentor and he paid the hotel fees for me for a while -like a year or longer.


      Just mad
      I was in a large whiter mansion. I was trying to DJ the previous dream, so maybe this was FA.I went down to the first floor and found my dad cooking. I thought I'd help him out by picking up some chives from the upper floor garden. He was pretty angry though because he didn't want to eat it today. Well, he seethed with relentless anger maybe. I was honestly pretty hurt by this so I decided to get upstairs to my room to pack things up and leave. It was pretty big. There were 5 floors I think, each floor had kind of a living room. As I was packing my mom was trying to stop me. I was still mad so I ignored her. My dad then came up and we argue a little. He said something about “ stop taking stuff with weird language on it.” and I said that has nothing to do with anything. Eventually the guests show up. We were expecting them since the beginning of the dream and they gather up on my 2-3rd floor living room. Relatives or acquaintances kind of party thing, they said something offensive.

      *I get a partially lucid here, just stop caring about stuff, also could be dream telling me to stop taking weird nutritional supplements, may also be influenced by a memory

      I said fuck you and leave. As I was leaving my dad calls my mentor from the previous dream somehow lol. But instad of a tiny skinny jester he was now a big black guy. Santa Claus sized jolly, bald head with a beard. He had a thin black guy with dreads with him. My dad said “why don't you tell him what's going on then? Since you love your mentor so much” I was still mad so I said fuck you again. My dad already left though. So my mentor got offended and left. Since he was innocent I felt bad about it. I tried to say don't leave and they came back a little. I said I love you. An old lady with grey hair who was a psychologist talks to all of us to sort things out.


      Light dreams
      I was calming my emotions and catching my thoughts while I was in a light dream andhypnogogic state. I tried to turn them into dreams by relaxing.


      Jamaican Tattoo Parlor LD
      I dreamt I was at a school, we were on a field trip and we were headed to a safari or somewhere tropical. It was just very bright there.My field trip companion and I went up a water slide to just slide down. We go around a bit and my companion gives me 6 dollars in 2 dollar coins. She tells me to enjoy and I felt a bit ridiculous as to what could I possibly do with just 6 dollars? As if to answer my question a booth appears to my right. I go in front of it and it's a outdoor tattoo parlor. It was run by a thing Jamaican looking man, so perhaps this was Jamaica or somewhere nearby. I thought about what I wanted to tatoo. After a moment I realized that I wanted a tattoo to help remind me to be lucid. So I'd thought I'd tattoo “omnilucid” on myself to remind myself. Thinking about lucid dreaming stuff made me lucid just now. And I did want a tattoo that could help remind me to be lucid in future dreams. But I was getting a bit excited.


      Flying Apartment LD
      I was in an apartment building. I recall I was trying to DJ while I was indoors where I had supposed roommates. I went up the roof and tried to remember... I was a little lucid, and getting more lucid. As I had gained increased lucidity the dream was beginning to destabilize so I began to center myself like the meditative state. Then I began to float. No, the whole apartment building floated to my will. It was kind of like a flying carpet, but instead an apartment. I was still interested in getting the omnilucid tattoo from the previous dream and I dragged myself and the whole building along with me. We soared for a little until we reached the previous dream destination. But before I could get to the parlor Evan, whom I had unfound dreams of approached me. I let my emotions get the better of me and went after him. He had a giant with him, whom I proceeded to fight as well.


      Charismatic jolly black teacher
      I was in a school again. It was a different school. There were some computers to the left. Some students sparsely filled the room. We are just going through the motions of the class before the teacher shows up. He was a larger black man, very similar to the one that was apparently my mentor from the previous dream. I listen to his lecture for a bit before he said something that really touched me and made me cry.


      Mean looking but nice black lady - Charismatic jolly black teacher pt2
      I'm back in the same place as the previous dream. There were some people in the room apparently who are in love with or adoring me. I just wanted platonic relationships. I saw a girl to thr right and asked her if makeup is magic. She said yes.

      Some people are now taking a test to the left side of the class. I think it waso nly 2 of them. They were competing to see who could do better. I wanted some food though.I wanted to buy some and take it home. There was also a register and a counter there, where you could buy stuff inside the class. Pretty cool. I got a lot of food to take home. I think they may have been leftovers from lunch, but they appeared really delicious looking. I tried to pack it all up but I couldn't find bags or containers to put them in. A young girl who was like a staff in this strange school-store-library kind of place tried to help me. As she was trying to help me an older and thin black woman with a pair of stern eyes comes over. I thought she was going to stop the girl from selling me the bags. She said something about it's after hours and you can't really sell stuff after a certain time, because that's the rules. I thought what a jerk...

      But turns out she was actually nice. She told the girl to instead register the purchase for staff use and then everything would work out. I buy the bags from her. The older woman looks at me for a while before commenting that I was a good person. Because I was crying in the previous dream when I was listening to the man from the previous dream. Hearing that I recall the previous dream and all the motions that were there before. And I begin crying as a loving music begins to play in the background.

      I wake in tears.


      I think my dream was trying to tell me to believe n yourself and know that you are a good person, as in that I deserve to be happy. Thanks.

      The other thing is that could this DC be dream guides? He was pretty persistent today.

      Also my dreams are connecting to each other more often.

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    13. The story teller

      by , 09-17-2019 at 04:29 AM
      After wbtb,

      I saw a third person game of slark.People were not intereted in it though.


      APish/failed wild
      I got vibrations that rang throughout my head. I tried to keep calm and the vibrations stopped. I felt like I failed. This repeated twice.

      Right after that I decided to go upstairs to grab some food. There were some random dough by the stairs and I went past it to the fridge. On the side of the fridge ther were some pastry dough that I tasted, it was sweet. But I felt something was off and soon awaken. I realized it was a FA.

      *I probably could have tried exit techniques then. It felt closer to AP feeling than WILD. Not too lucid until the end though.

      I dreamt about balancing and kicking stuff while I practiced or played ukulele.

      I was with a little girl. We were in a park or nature-like place. Kind of looked like backyard. I/we begin to feel ghastly presence and it's a hornet and mosquito. They weren't normal bugs though. The mosquito had some kind of glow. The wasp or hornet (size is somewhere between the two) kept going at me and I was just trying to fend it off with my hands.

      Nintendo switch
      I dreamt about Nintendo switch, it was a e3 kind of thing. There was an octopus robot and Nes, the nintedo character there.

      Return of the Mage

      I saw a kingdom before my eyes. It was an olden age like times. They were heralding the return of a mage to their city or castle. I may have initially been the mage. Although most of the dream was in third person. The protagonist of the story was a young man, who could receive the wisdom bestowed by the mage. He went through a kind of a gate and saw things that were out of this world. He also received knowledge telepathically or something. This young man was the prophet. He would receive things, powers or ideas that would revolutionize the world. He would receive it through a story then tell it. And they would call him the story teller.

      The young man was in a R&D department of the kingdom, or maybe you'd call it the alchemist or something. They were having a play fight where the participants had to create machinery from only papers to fight against each other. This was a sample of a way to demonstrate their prowess and find out who was the most promising of the young ones. Our main protagonists were granted knowledge and powers that were a little unfair so he created a sort of a tank with the paper materials given to him and he came out ahead.

      Some time had passed and a royal conference was held to reward the person who had created all the new inventions for the kingdom. As his name flashed out letter by letter. V, L, A, D,I, M,I,R. It was not our guy though, the ideas were stolen by his superior. Vladimir had stolen the ideas but eventually he was caught and punished - The prince was jealous of his achievements and the deeper he dug, the more it apepared Vlad wasn't the originator of the ideas nor was he the story teller.


      Dreamt about a being that was like goku from dbz.


      Had a bad day earlier. But I think I am ok now. Go me! for almost doing a wild/ap even though I wasn't feeling 100%. Well maybe I did do it, just needed to pay a littlem ore attention. I think it may have been due to my mood being a little foul and was less aware of my surroundings.

      I did try to pep up before sleep and shadow work today too so I think I am good now.

      I think I need to relax a little more.

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    14. A lot of dreams

      by , 09-16-2019 at 04:39 AM
      I had a lot of dreams. Some of them were very short. However I realize that the short ones were perhaps very close to lucid, drifting between awake and sleep. I was lucid in a few.

      D1 NSFW? Maybe don't read.
      I was headed to Scarborough. I had went over to a friend's house and slept over. I slept on the left side of his bed. We played some video games upon awakening. He randomly decided to cut off his member though and he was pretty nonchalant about it. He goes to the dining area first. I check the room and it was still there, I inspect it and it appeared real. I leave the room to find him and his mom&grandma there. They were pretty calm about their (grand) child and what he did earlier. They just commented he could go to the hospital later to get it reattached. Lol. They were more worried about me and asked if I got a cold. I said I'm fine I been doing wim hof method in the snow and I'm indestructible. They then asked if I went to a clinic earlier and I recalled I did earlier in the dream. Apparently there was a fraud doctor or something spreading a virus around. And they told me to be careful.


      I was meeting up with my friend Lucy. She asked me to pick her up. I am driving up an intersection surrounded by apartments. Few of her friends were there too on the street. I pick her and her friends up and then turn left. There's a parking lot there and I am driving forward, I begin to lose control of the car. But I just felt like I, it's hard to explain. I felt like a little fear about losing the control of the car, but I felt my meditation practice kick in, and it began to calm my emotions. I thought "why am I scared?" so I let go of fear. And that question made me realize I was in a dream as I drove backwards.


      I was an elementry student. In a train station. It was open instead of subway underground. I was being squeezed in the center of all the students.


      (10+dreams here, hard to read)

      Lucid sponge
      I think I was underground. I saw a spongy thing that reminded me of SpongeBob, and I am lucid then wake.

      I was in a similar place to before underground and wet kind of like sewers but not smelly. More like dam filtration maybe. Some classmates are going skinhead (influenced by a skinhead character from a story, likely). The boys and girls begin to praise triangles and why they are so amazing. This humors me and my emotions make me lucid. I am looking at the classmates and ask them to make me omnilucid. They begin cheering now, "yay, now you're omnilucid!", hands raised upon the air. I am elated and jump too high and FA.

      I am now in class. I remember I was dreaming so I'm trying really hard to dj. The class activity is disturbing my djing so I said screw it and began to dj, while people around me were talking about their family or how shitty the school was.


      Dreaming about a bounty hunter. FA. Was dreaming about trying to dj, while in basketball court.


      I was headed to a hospital to visit a friend or family. I get to the patient room. I am visiting the person but the patient behind me is going nuts. His eyes are rabid and bloodlusted. He goes into a frenzy and wrecks things around him. Everyone is the hospital is escaping and I do too. I think I saw a girl there who had no clue what was going on. So I grab her and take her away. We rode a roller coaster to get away from everything. Hopefully this Das not a zombie apocalypse. I get her to a safe place now and we go our separate ways. Now I'm headed underground again. Similar to the previous sewage or something. There were some people in a large cell, it was open and they were watching a tiny square TV. One of them was peculiar though. He was a watcher or something. Like a joker. One man approaches me for a money making offer. He wanted to steal the treasure that the joker was hiding and wanted me to help him. I agreed. The rogue steals the treasure from the joker and rides on a steel bar elevator. I grab ahold of the elevator while outside it so I could distract the joker a little. He's more of a marionette, automatically moving sort of. We get away safely though. It could only stay underground. The rogue is happy with what he got and offers me 33 bags of goods. He parts. 33 bags were a lot. It filled the whole street that was right beside a fenced lake. Detectives are suspicious of me.


      I am back in the scene. The detectives wanted to test my knowledge. I was suppose to combine electronics together to form a new one. Just by pressing them together. I formed a couple but the material they gave me were not sufficient. They were trying to trick me I feel.


      I was going around town. I think with the girl from the earlier hospital dream. We went around to public bath, electronics store(looked like future shop).. Etc. Went around the town twice, was before noon in the beginning and night time by the end.

      Notes :

      I think I missed noting a lot of dreams. I lost count, maybe 20-30. I dreamt and woke and dreamt and woke. Perhaps some were FA. Should have rc'ed. Might be a good thing as it's likely close to lucidity state.

      I think what I should do is to once again meditate in my dream. Try to dedicate one whole dream to just meditating. I belive it will help me stabilize it more; meditation will likely relax me more and stop me from waking up as much.

      I also wanted to experiment with loctus.

      Overall I'm happy that I'm improving.

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    15. Black haired girl

      by , 09-15-2019 at 04:12 AM
      Had a couple of very short lds.

      The first dream was hard to recall. I'd actually forgot what the dream was about but luckily I had noted it on dj. But the last few words were hard to read. I was a little ninja in some wooden mansion. Perhaps it's the same place from previous ninja dream.

      Wooden apartment
      I was in an apartment the walls were dark wood. There was also a little girl the. She stood out.


      Visualized square had a couple of very vivid hypnogogics. The problem was that I needed to pee very badly. That was too bad since I had ld from similar hypnogogics. But I was definitely sure I was very close to ld.

      I was reading a comic.

      I was in a restaurant. My parents had been there. They were tipping the waiter and I decided to add 2 dimes.

      Volume key not working for phone something.

      Computer lab lucid
      I was in front of a computer and became lucid. But immediately awoke.

      Warehouse, black haired girl
      I was laying down in a warehouse looking up at the ceiling. It was white and textured like asphalt and it had blue writings on it. My surroundings transforms into a gymasium. My dad crouching to my right. A young guy comes out from the door on the left side. He asks if we are OK. The location changes. They are gone. I realized I am in a dream since it was sudden. I realize my emotions are getting excited and the dream is vibrating, so I focus on relaxing. I get up. I see a little girl with black hair standing away from me at the end of the gym. Bad vibes. Decided to get away. I jump up high and through the ceiling.


      Monorail gym
      I'm inside a gym inside a monorail (or kind like the thing you ride to the top of ski hill) at the top of the gym. There were a guy and girl flirting to the left. I am looking forward now and its a basketball court. I am playing with a laser and it's my eyes that are shooting lasers. The lasers remind me what I was doing earlier, visualizing square. and Im lucid.

      Wake up as the rail gets to the end

      My initial dreams recall was bad. I'm really sure it's because I was dehydrated from eating too salty of foods. It gave me a slight headache. After wbtb I drank water and ate and things seemed clearer, although short still got lucid.
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