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    1. Fragments and a moment of incredible details

      by , 10-11-2011 at 05:34 PM
      11-10-11 Was a bit hyped, so did my best to cool down a bit while going to sleep, which meant not a lot of focus on goals. After the first couple of dreams I decided to go free running, though it didn't happen.

      “Designing Games – City in the skies”

      I am setting up a computer game, and I somehow have a sunny background on a road called Tendrupvej in the town I grew up in. The background to the game is blue for now, and the intention is for my friends to join up with in this game. The primary focus I have for now though is to turn it into 3D and make it into full screen.

      The game is a simple mix between shooting above blocks away while avoiding the shots fired against you. The main difference to classical “shooting blocks away above you while the blocks are shooting at you” games is that the shots are fired from the side and the game itself is progressing to the right in a linear fashion. I keep resetting it to get my friends to join and get it all rolling.


      I am getting a mental image of a futuristic city in the light of sunset with quite a fair amount of clods in the background. Furthermore the buildings themselves are emitting quite the amount of light. I get the feeling that there are three main roads leading in and out of the city from and to the centre, in the shape of peace sign.

      Pretty much like this, though without the river and the mentioned roads leading into the centre where the tall building stands and most of the building emiting more light. Otherwise pretty much exactly like this the natural light looking very much like this picture.

      This image is presented just after having discussed setting up the game on the point of what to allow people access to and what not.

      “A perceptual moment”

      (Short dream with a lot of detail, not that interesting)

      I am lying in my bed and there is a television in the upper left corner of my visual field. In this television there is a presenter wearing a tie. I pull the television towards the center of my vision wanting it to encompass my entire perceptual field. However the picture disappears and then something strange happens.

      I get this really warm feeling in my entire body accompanied by some slight pressure. The feeling is really nice and I am thinking to myself that it is probably some effects of sleep paralysis. This feeling keeps intensifying up until the point when I feel like I can leave. So I sit up while noticing that I am leaving my physical body behind.

      I am thinking to myself that this reminds me more of an AP (Though admittedly I have no experiential basis for thinking this) than a WILD and I have more confidence in my abilities than normal and I start crawling my way out of my body. To my surprise I am able to fully leave my body behind.

      “Holy shit! I haven't ever done this!” I think to myself, at least not while being conscious about it being a dream. My dream body is really heavy and I have to sort of drag myself across the floor. I am in my room (obviously) and it is really dark. I notice that where the TV normally is there is a smoke alarm. Furthermore there is quite the amount of blue light intermingling with the natural darkness of the dream. Everything looks a bit off due to this.

      I get over to my coffee table and it looks like it does in waking life, with loads of papers scattered on the surface of it. I try and use the table to stand, but as I am placing my hand on the table in order to use it as a support to get up, the weight of my hand makes the table warp downwards, inwards on itself. Meaning that my hand is causing the table to sort of stretch downwards in the centre warping all the papers and stuff lying there as well. As if the stuff is all of a sudden made of rubbery materials.

      I manage to get up and I look out of the window. Down on the right hand side I can see a starry sky joining the horizon. The funny thing is that I am actually looking downwards on this and also the sky (or the other way around) is superimposed on a pattern. Basically think the windows logo but with triangles all pointing towards the centre and a bit more vibrant. Although the stars are out the lighting is fairly bright outside.

      There is a dark curtain on the window with square holes in it. Like a mosquito net, though the holes are a bit bigger. I am trying to get out the window, but as I am making my way towards the window it seems like there is an infinity between myself and the curtain so it takes quite a lot longer than anticipated to get to the window. I find that a tad strange, but when I start thinking more about it I arrive at the window and climb through the glass and curtain, quite confident I can do this based on the fact that I have just crawled out of my own body and jump out.

      I jump down and notice that I am not really flying and gravity seems strong enough. I notice that there is a building to my right and there is a roof over my head supported by some thin white columns, yet I am outside.

      There is grass under my feet and the scenario is fairly different to how I normally perceive the outside of my flat in dreams starting inside. I look down on the grass and out over the lawn to see the flowers. There are quite a few and I notice that they have spherical heads in white and purple, though I also notice that the detail of these flowers are not good. Though upon closer inspection the level of detail increase.

      The grass on the other hand is fairly rich in detail. I can see dirt between the straws indicating that it has been recently sewn. I kneel down and start running my arms through the grass and as I am doing this the density increase. The grass feels soft and chilly under my skin, but no way unpleasant, in fact it feels like it is somewhat sentient and reciprocating my gentle strokes (AWSOMENESS!).

      I now look up to my right looking for the flowers, which again have taken on additional detail. Furthermore I can see the wind is making the flowerbed form into small waves, like ripples, and as I am seeing this I feel the wind on my skin (by the way think I am naked as I jump out, but decide not to care about it). The wind feels like a chill breeze on a warm day that could never be anything but pleasant.

      Notes: The dream was in fact fairly short, but I was somehow more present at every moment, meaning the detail and perceptions I encouraged makes the dream look like one of my longer ones.

      “Brief beach adventure”

      I am having quite a lot of mentations involving Carsten J. Some in particular strike out to me where also Ronnie is included.

      We are on holiday and we are comparing beaches.

      I am at this one beach and the water is looking rather milky, though it is very warm. The air is stupidly hot like 70 degrees Celsius, you wouldn't be able to be there and I somehow notice this, though I don't “notice” it. Around in the edges of the water there are brown volcanic stones, or cliff formations might be more accurate due to their size.

      I am jumping around making an effort not to land on one of these stones as I understand them to be immensely hot and will burn me quite severely should I touch them.
    2. Welcome Back Dreams

      by , 10-09-2011 at 10:01 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      Following dreams occured between 30th Sep - 05th of Oct. I have written up some of the recordings I had lying around. Amazing what this device can do for recall, I get taken back to the dreams while listening, though on the flip side it makes me lazy in writing them up and sharing them.

      Date unknown:

      “Freaking Lifts!!!... Where is the toilet?”

      I am at a concert with Belá Fleck and the Flecktones and I leave this because I have to go to the toilet before heading back to bed? I am walking back into the concert hall and the encore has just finished and I am hoping that I can get out before all the people start leaving.

      Everything goes wrong, the first toilet is taken so I go to take the lift to go upstairs, which I can't due to there being a girl in it who goes up. I end up taking the stairs. I come upstairs and press the lift button again and find out that the toilet is taken again so now I go back into the lift.

      Here the girl apologise to me for leaving me downstairs before. I then take the lift down and realise I wasn't supposed to go down so I drive up again. I am starting to get angry at this point and I vent my frustration on the lift by punching the mirrored walls, which crack. I am a bit embarassed by this as well as not willing to pay for it so I quickly walk out when I get upstairs.

      There is a staircase going up to the second floor and it is possible to see in between the steps of this staircase. I am trying to do some exercise by pulling myself up, but only with one arm which makes the endeavour difficult.

      I am talking to Shang in my flat, she is talking about some Ida girl, which I believe to refer to Natasja of my study. The setting is rather dark lit by artificial lighting. Shang is questioning why Ida/Nat doesn't find any of the men that are really elegant guys boyfriend material.

      Aurelie is in fact talking about Nat in an odd way. She describes her as sort of a puppet, meaning that all her emotional ties are with a guy back home far away from the current study environment she is in at the moment. I am disappointed in Aurelie that she doesn't consider me a valid boyfriend candidate for Nat.

      Notes: Has been quite some time since I had this dream and there is some character confusion between Aurelie and Shang, though Shang definitely is the one I consider girlfriend material and is faffing around with the lights.

      I then proceed to talk to Shang and tell her that it sounds pretty much like the situation she used to be in. Shang then goes on to explain that a friend of hers found something in the book (a diary of sorts?) and that she was afraid that it would be discovered and taken the wrong way.

      At this point I stop to think that seeing as she no longer has a boyfriend it might be a good time to make a move. I am looking at her as she is trying to switch on the lights in the bathroom and the hallway in between. The lights doesn't seem to be working and she hasn't realised that I am standing there observing her, wearing a towel wrapped around my waist. I find her rather cute as she can't quite figure out what is going wrong.


      Something about Shang's lenses and an inability to see.


      I am on the internet looking at something that has the interface of the IOSDP forum threads, but it is actually a research project on photo recognition of the self, which reminds me that I want to do research myself.

      “Mitzu, tell me how to do portals.. no.. not today.. okay then”

      I am having a series of false awakenings somewhere in the region of 4-5. Teri McB came down to me and talked to me about Lucid Dreaming. She just had her second. Just after this I have a FA.

      The reality check fails and I look at some plates standing around on the sofa and other where. I try and move them telekinetically and they sort of just slightly vibrate. I manage to get hold of a fork though that I pull towards me and throw it into a window, which creates a little dent and shard. I then go and punch the window, nothing happens the first time then on the second the window blows outwards.

      There is a bit of wind and then I go and call Teri asking if she wants to come along and join in on this lucid. I go into the window and shout out “why is it so cold?” which makes the cold disappear.

      I jump out of the window, not really flying my control is shit but then again it is the first lucid I have had in quite some time. There is really a lack of control going on. I walk around touching up my flat and try biting off bits of my plants, which are way bigger than they normally are. I remember a distinct bitter taste of a “paradise tree” and think you aren't supposed to eat these even in dreams (unsure about the translation).

      When down on the ground I call out for Mitzu. I expect her to be behind me. When she comes around I see she is wearing this grey night gown and looks older than she has done before.

      I say “Right, Portals!? Tell me, what is going on?” She is reluctant to tell me she doesn't want to teach me at this point in time because there is so much other positive stuff going on in my dreams at this point in time. Bad timing.

      I think I might have primed this myself thinking it beforehand not really going in with an open mind regarding what answer I would get. I know what she is referring to though.

      FA: I wake up and start talking into my dicta phone.

      Notes: I suspect that me transferring to using the dicta phone is actually having an effect on my dreams. I seem to have loads of FAs since starting using it. Potentially this could be due to activations of a brain networks, associated with linguistic performance and speech mediated consciousness, leading to increased cerebral activation.


      Looking at this television show about a guy in the 80es trying to prove lucid dreaming (Called Gray/Grey/Graham?) and he is talking into a dicta phone exactly like mine. But it is an older model. This theory or prove is hidden, the media doesn't want to show it. The media interpret that it is just a guy having done something strange with a bible, and his dream reports are narratives of Jesus leaving a coliseum.

      FA: Look at my hands and have a short little lucid where I walk around trying to stabilise the dream.

      “Skelly Closets”

      I have an actual skeleton lying in my kitchen closet and all the bones are cleaned out. I have to go and show them to one of my really old friends, I for some reason crave his approval.

      I run outside and it is really rather windy and wet outside. People are dressed up going to a Halloween party or the like, my mate also is dressed up.

      I end up grabbing the skull and just wearing it over my neck like a necklace. I am walking down the street. Something about a programme in which Ryan Reynolds is discussing stupid superhero moves or similar.

      “Spliffs and trains”

      I am in a train with Mark and Drew. We are talking about various things, Mark in particular is quite chatty and he has something important he wants to tell me though I recall not what it was. Drew is looking around to see if he should pull out the spliff and light it up, but he decides not to.

      The train looks rather luxurious with blue coloured and wooden seatings. Looks like an old school dining wagon, but with more modern seating arrangements without the tables and such, but really high quality.

      At one point we drive past another train and I am surprised to find that this train is actually driving in the same direction as us and we are overtaking it.

      Upon leaving the train I realise I have left some of my baggage so I run back into the train looking through all the cupboards multiple times to see if I can find it. Thomas M is there as well looking for his baggage and ends up finding his suitcase in a cupboard where I also find, what I believe to be my baggage though I am not entirely sure it is actually mine.

      We get outside on the station and everyone is gone. I am unsure of where to go.

      “Piquant Talk Show”

      There is a TV show. It reminds me of your average talk show with a host sat behind a desk and guests appearing from the left hand side of the screen.

      The host presents his next guest which is Hermione, or at least it is supposed to be her, but it is actually a girl from my study. While normally you would see the cameras zoom out and film the guest entering the studio this doesn't happen though it is supposed to. Due to technical difficultise what you see is the face of the host and the rest of the screen turns into bright multi coloured non-specific patterns.

      When sat there they start joking around about what they did on the set. The host is rather geeky looking and they had a joke running about this. They stand up and she “kisses” him on the forehead without actually touching his skin. Instead of an actual kiss to the forehead she just blows some wind in his face.

      The host proclaim that this was how he felt like in school, which they apparently attended together, where he was also quite the geek. They then stand up again but this time rather passionately licks his face and grabs his crouch while doing all sorts of things.

      When they zoom out again, after the kiss which lasts for quite some time, they then zoom into his crouch area again and it is clearly visible that the man has quite the boner going for himself. Then he pulls out his cock and she starts massaging it.

      After this she bends over on his chair asking to be pleased. He removes her dress and find that underneath she is wearing this fishnet type clothing. She asks to be licked and he tries doing this while she is still wearing the net, but gives up and removes it.

      He then starts pounding her from behind and the camera goes underneath them to show some revealing footage of him wearing a condom, the action and the moistness of her vagina. It turns to slow motion.
    3. Birds, Bands and (Foot)Balls

      by , 09-29-2011 at 10:07 AM
      29-09-11 Nothing really on the agenda.

      “Circumventing the gay rule by hooking up with an actual Bird”

      I am in this weird place filled with gay men and I am spending the night in the company of a bird. Not a girl, but an actual bird, reminds me a bit of the bird from “Up” and I find out that as long as I am walking around with that bird I won't have to take a male partner.

      It is night time and the dream takes place in a gay club, some paths outside the club surrounded by grass. There are loads of dressed up gay men around and they only leave me alone because I am walking around with this bird. I know that after a while I will have been around the bird long enough for the effect to be permanent.

      There is a slight skip and I am walking back towards our home, which is a mixture of a tent and a house. I have a balloon tied to my ass and it is inflated with helium so it is floating in the air behind me.

      When I get back home my dad wakes up, he first talks to my sister a bit solve a practical problem or two and then he starts talking to me. The bird appears and knocks on the door, you can see it through a window standing outside with a sign. I know that this is the last time I need to hang about with it for the gay men to leave me alone, so I go to open the door.

      My dad has a bit of a mental breakdown. He is complaining that the bird is destroying all our books, which it did do the night before and that it is a damaging influence. I can sense that what he is really afraid of is that I am turning gay and I frantically try and explain the situation to him, but he is hysterical. I am equally tense because I can feel my goal slipping right at that moment when I am so close to achieving what I wanted.

      “Football on the beach”

      I am playing football on the beach with a couple of friends. The goals look like hockey goals in that they are not taller than reaching my hip. Upon closer inspection I see that they are actually pretty long and run along a wall behind them. Think it is morning or early afternoon.

      There is all of a sudden a lot of people joining in and they are bringing the ball. It is every man for himself here, if you have the ball you dribble with it and shoot at goal. It is taking forever for us to start, think we are waiting for someone. I somehow get the feeling, maybe someone says it that it will take about 15 minutes before we can start.

      I run further down along the beach and another group of footballers are approaching. I notice they have a really worn down ball that could use some air. The guy with the ball sees me standing there and pass it to me and I find that remarkable. These guys are actually focusing on the team play and having fun.

      We can start straight away with this group, I think I tell that to someone who was with me. I play around a bit with a guy named Amir. We are practising passes that are to be headed into the goal, but none of us are that good at it. Amir makes lofty balls and I shoot too far. In the end he makes a low pass that I hit with the foot at the goal post so it heavily comes back towards me. Then we start heading back for the rest of the group.

      “Soo about the band”

      I am in a living room, not sure to whom it belongs, but I don't think I am at home, though I might be living there. Whatever. It is evening and there are a few of my old friends over. Krimi, Anders H and Mikkel N I think.

      We are watching TV and might be playing some sort of game. I proclaim that I intend to spend some of the cardboard money I have earned to go and buy a Banjo. So I go and get the Banjo, feeling quite pleased that I now own 3 different instruments. I go back in the living room to fetch the cardboard money, but I become scared that I might not have enough. I decide to just not tell anyone about it.

      I explain that my cousin is trying to buy a banjo so he can play Big Country on both bass and banjo. I think from the beginning I explain that he intends to play all the instruments, but then I have to concede that the oil drums might be difficult so maybe not all of them.

      I put on a video of Belá Fleck and the Flecktones on the telly. The video shows Victor playing bass, but I then become a bit annoyed, because I can only get visuals which is rather stupid when it is the music that is to be enjoyed.

      I walk around thinking about this feeling a flu coming up.

      We start talking about some of our old intentions of starting a band and how I was the one letting them all down. I explain that I actually have a bass now and that I have been practising and I can play a bit (a very limited bit).
    4. Some fragments

      by , 09-23-2011 at 07:48 AM
      23-09-11 Sexual dream, almost completion, then I discover it is my sister and she goes and fetch me a sandwich or something from the fridge, I awake deeply embarrassed.

      Drew, in Bournemouth, that route that is stunning to walk, pick up some weed and smoke quite a lot, walk back to the house, stumble into Janni, hug, somewhat paranoid, but not much, sleep through and wake up to him having rolled quite the amount of spliffs for me, he is gone, walk outside in the field.

      Diabloesque thing, walk to first level, loads of books and stuff supposed to be filled with spirits and ghosts, it isn't, demon in next level, calls up and tells me to bring the police, there is a crime scene, I look through the door and throw a cleaver into the body lying in a bed, there is a demon I can see through the walls, I think he kills my partner.

      Hiding behind some bushes to catch a killer, it is all set up by the police.
    5. Girls, Guns and heorism, Altered Bus plans

      by , 09-20-2011 at 01:59 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      20-09-11 Fell asleep at about 01:00 GMT +1 (woke up at 07:30) after having burned through some neurology pages, intending on meeting up with Kaomea.

      Shoot Out: Save the girl!

      We are in a warehouse and we are aware that there are armed men. My female companion take point and take out a couple of guards on the way into the warehouse. We

      We are wielding M16s, the woman goes in shoots the first and the second, but gets hit. I am at the point of view behind the shooter and I see that where she gets hit isn't lethal, rather on the hands or arms.

      I think I have changed into Fox Moulder and I get really upset at the bastards taking down my partner. I empty the clip into the bad guy, maybe a bit more vindictive than I need be. I take point, I make contact with the little girl behind the desk, there is a fair amount of light coming through the windows.

      I think we might be in there for the girl, I try and establish if there are more bad guys, don't think there is.

      Alternative Bus Route

      I am on the bus on my way to Århus, think Ramskov or another of my friends are with me, in fact I think I have to punch in for him. I have to run across the street in order to catch the bus, and the driver seems anoyed (probably because I run out in front of him, breaking his take off) but he decides to stop and let me on board.

      We have to take an alternative route, our driver seems pissed off as he doesn't like the neighbourhood he has to go through. It becomes apparent for a couple of reasons, first off al there are a lot of narrow corners and sharp turns that is almost impossible to make for a bus and secondly there are a lot of middle eastern people in the streets unwilling to move.

      We end up having to go through a garage where all of us bar the driver has to get out of the bus in order to go under some wall. While in the garage a kid is acting up and I end up giving him a slap before I go back in the bus, he seems a bit upset by that and he has some friendly communication with the bus driver and I give him a remark that he should come and work at Falck when he comes of age as he clearly has some mechanical skills, he seems happy at this.

      Tiny Tennis Game

      I am standing at a gas station or similar, think I might be chatting to someone when all of a sudden a tennis ball come flying over a fence across the road to where me/we are standing. I run a bit in order to throw the ball back in, but before I can reach it I see a little girl in, I believe, a pink dress/tennis outfit.

      I throw the ball across the street and I see that it bounces slightly off the wall and starts running down the hill. I sure hope it won't get out on the road too much, but at least now she won't have to cross the entire road endangering herself.

      Ruminations of the waking state activation

      I am falling asleep and waking up quite a lot in the beginning of the night and my thoughts are on the way my brain is activated. It shifts from being a blue rectangular area to a larger red (not sure of the shape) area. Unfortunately I can't remember which state was witch though I think the larger activation area was the sleeping state.

      Notes: Tanks to Kaomea and Nephanim for the new and enhanced dream format.
    6. A lot of fragments and a short lucid

    7. Nap Notes

      by , 09-16-2011 at 07:27 AM
      14-09-11 House, include parts of basement under water, we swim there, there is a woman with extreme long blonde hair, Gwynneth Paltrow style, swim into a section where the water is cold “They are swimming in the cold”, grey/white walls, breathe water exhale “blood” seems a healing effect, exit at back room, she seems like waiting for her lover, I want to be that lover, stroke her hip under water, pink/purple bikini bottoms, “we are playing a game of “...” where we open a cupboard on the wall multiple times. something is written on the cupboard doors. Frustration, goes to the neighbour, has apparently been bought out without consent by a Nancy Botwain, The woman I now feel is my mom, she is senile, my dad comes to get me tells me that I should come and join the family in the house, my mum would like to see me, I explain that she is senile and won't notice me, he disagrees and gets slightly angry with me, my grandfather comes over and tells me that I should come to the house and that once my mum was very fond of spending time there.

      At teachers party, old high school people there.
      Bærentsen there as well
      Have to leave for PI.
      Look around the building.
      High five Rasmus while I leave.
      I am drunk, walking down the street in a meditative state.
      Pleased having finaly found the ability to do it while engaged in normal activity
      Headed for the intersection, when I reach it I get on bike
      I drive but can't seem to find my turn.
      I end up down pedestrian zone, driving past Jacob Haugaard (old satirical representative for the election.
      He is dressed as a mexican advertising free food for the restaurant he is stood outside.
      Onwords I barely get past “Fætter BR” and some other fairly massive costumed mascot.
      Magrethe Vestager is stood by the church explaining that she doesn't necessarily believe the official 911 report, but she isn't convinced, as the youth is, that it is a government coverup, but she is awaiting further investigation.
      I drive past 4-6 police officers is loose armour
      I drive on a pedestrian zone, but decide to fuck it and just drive slow and careful.
      The police don't bother me, but a semi fat (he seems somewhat retarded) tries walking into me though I have clearly indicated that I will go to his left in the tunnel
      He tells me I am an idiot for doing it in the pedestrian zone and I am only doing it because there is so much television around in connection with the election.
      The turn I have to take seem to shrink and look impossible (physically the perspective is completely off) to pass.

      Eva comes to the house and goes into labour after having explained that she was due 2-3 days ago.
      I get her in the bath room, we have already called a car, which was part of a discussion Eva partook in before she started.
      My aunt and Niece comes including my own niece I think and they get Eva into the car.
      Eva pretty much already has her new child out

      Something about me having put ups some bars across the facade of housing and the owners decided to stop the project on a couple of buildings as they found it too expensive.
    8. School reunion, brazilian boat in the back serving up Ayahuasca

      by , 09-16-2011 at 07:25 AM
      15-09-11 School reunion party, Sine's brother is there he accidentally pulls up a bag of coke, Sine looks disturbed, but tells him she wants some, get really hammered, end up at Bo's place, drinks get spilled, people say they went to bed at around 3, though I have no memory after noon (15 hour gap hooray). People are drinking, I am staying over.


      The reason I am staying over, go out the back, down to the river, in an Amazonian rainforest, by the actual Amazon river, there is a house boat with two people in it, an older and younger man. The younger man seems to have fluorescent yellow/green skin and doesn't actually look indigenous. The older man is very hostile towards different cultures, so is the younger to be fair. They have a pot of Ayahuasca brewing and I really wanna try that, but they don't trust me, so I ask if I can bring some sort of gift to prove that I am friendly, he wants paper and batteries and I tell him I can get that in a heartbeat

      Notes: Soooo pissed off I didn't return to this, this has become a main lucid goal for now though!

      At Bo's place, Djana comes up and sits in my lap, which I consider strange, she drops some ear rings in my left palm, and I get a vague memory of being with her the night before (during my 15 hour memory lapse), she got those ear rings from Bo, she asks me “don't you agree that it is about time for us to leave?”, which I do, but I am hanging around for some reason, but I seem to have forgotten the purpose. I look in the freezer and it is filled with beer, I try and take one, but fail.

      Something about the car.
    9. Sharing with Silas, Smoke-A-"Ton" 2011

      by , 09-13-2011 at 08:29 AM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      13-09-11 I am lying in my bed and I can hear Silas talking to someone, a dream entitiy. For some reason I think he is talking about a location I know and that he is part of IOSDP. I keep thinking windmill, which is then repeated by the dream entity and he talks about bikes as well. I think I know the location he is talking about so I think hard about Vesterguard, and this is eventually repeated by the dream entity as well, first as guard and then the full name.

      Not sure if the above section was a FA or HH → pre REM dreaming.

      I am lucid and the dream starts forming. I am in the sea, swimming around unable to get to shore, know I am dreaming, but my vision is blurry and I have limited control. I see light in the horizon out over the water and what would be a sea port town. I eventually stabilise the dream through breathing.

      I am waiting for Silas or ”Crusher” (definitely a name with a C, though I will refer to him as Silas from now on) or whatever to get out of the water. I decide to finish off the TotM tasks. Walking on water was simple enough have, but I have to try a bit harder to pull out a ball of water from the ocean mentally, the water keeps rippling where I try and pull out the ball, and sling it maybe 20 metre in a forward arch (this is what I tried to do in the first lucid I had, but got interrupted).

      Silas comes into shore and I take him to the place I thought was the place, but it turns out he doesn't recognise it it. We talk a bit about us both being new to this whole IOSDP thing and that we will just continue marching on writing down our stuff and trying to meet.

      Silas takes off and I try and do a cool back flip onto a little hut, that turns into a chest in my grand father's house, albeit a very tall chest and the back flip is sub par. I jump down and someone is using a crowbar to tear through a thin wall.

      ”We have nearly destroyed my grand mother's house” I say, think to either Silas or the person using the crowbar. I am in the basement and I say ”Well, see you around” and try and fly out, but can't get through the walls or windows, I try and open the windows and now I have the crowbar, they are too small, I try another one and get stuck looking at some girl/woman who I tell I have been playing around and stuff. She tells me I have been playing with (don't recall name) a baby girl, because apparently I have colour in my face.

      Notes: Though lucid the entire time even with access to waking memory (cf. The TotM tasks) I don't realise that I am talking to Silas, a TV show character and treat him as a member of the IOSDP. Aside from that the control I had in this dream was horrible apart from the TotM stuff.

      I am in possession of copious amounts of weed, bags that would indicate in the kilos. This particular theme is recurring over what I believe to be a series of dreams. But it is all very fragmented.

      I get back from a party and I am pretty pissed, I think I try and skin up without much success.

      I pick up some weed somewhere and bring it to a friends house, which results in the house getting raided as I bought it of the mum of the girl I was visiting and the dealer didn't want weed around her daughter.

      I run into an old female friend of mine from way back, who explains that they have gone out to town recently where they brought “the other Rasmus” and Sisse and they ended up hooking up and having sex. I was surprised to find that this actually hurt considering it was 8 years ago and that I was only with her for 3 months approximately.

      I return to the first girl's house where I find that the weed I brought the night before is still there. I start making a roach and look for paper. I have some in my pocket, but it is all crumbled up and I am unsure if the clue will stick. Doesn't matter in the end I find some on the table. The roach becomes really weird and some woman calls me from downstairs before I can roll a spliff.

      I am talking to a friend who have found a stash of wed of maybe 3 kilos. He is talking about how it is located in a residential area and he has seen it quite some times just lying there. He argues we could make some profit of it by starting to sell a bit.

      We are under a bridge with graffiti on the wall and in a room which looks sterilised and metallic, though shaped like a container on the inside. This is where the aforementioned 3 kilos of weed is. We get busted and try and explain that we could sell for the dealer, but he doesn't care explains that he deals in larger lumps and as far as he is aware all we do is owe him and eights.

      In a sauna/steam room with a lot of men and I am about to fight my dad. I keep placing well placed uppercuts. He warns me that he will get going soon, there isn't a lot of room to move and I am afraid of bumping into other naked men.

      Kaiser complementing my new jacket and informing me that he will start shopping in second hand shops as well.
    10. Conquering Fear, Holland, Mayan Jungle Shenanigans

    11. Buying a growhouse in the forest by the beach

      by , 08-31-2011 at 12:00 PM
      31-08-11 Weeds: With the Weeds family. We are in a small forest like area close to the ocean. We are there to look at a house to live in, but as we approach it becomes clear that it is not suitable for that.

      The trees are fairly tall, though they allow for ample light to pass through and at the time I would think the lighting match a noon of a summer day. The house itself is made of wood, and fairly crooked in particular in one corner of the above ground level terrace, that is hanging quite a bit.

      There is a woman there, she is blonde and not that tall. Andy and her decides to have sex. I think I observe this from a distance and potentially through a window or similar.

      I do see him pulling out of her, as she is bent over a washing machine and the size of Andy's penis (somewhere between an arm's length and a stinger missile) ruins whatever sexually arousing potential the imagery might have had.


      There are two rooms in the house and Shane is in one of them with the doors closed, there seems to be a consensus that he is probably masturbating. At one point we open the doors (it is a sliding door) and I think Steve Perry comes out and tells us to leave them/him alone. This is weird, and feels so, but doesn't seem to further impact the dream.

      There is a fart, I actually remember the sound of it quite well, when Nancy is in the bathroom and Silas and I can't really decide if it came from the bathroom or Shane's room, but we call out for people to come out and talk about it.

      I sort of want to engage the girl there in a sexual arrangement, but she seems to mainly be interested in Andy. Instead Nancy comes over and sit in my lab and I experience a loving feeling towards and reassures her of her maternal skills. I don't feel attracted to her, but I do feel love.

      There is a small baby that might be Shane, and he is dressed in gangster clothes. He has recently learned how to speak, though he seems more proficient at speaking than walking or keeping his balance in general.

      Me and a girl tickles him and he drops some of the stuff he has been carrying in his pockets. He is crying and laughing at the same time, but he does seem generally sad that the girl teasingly has taken his stuff away from him, which breaks my heart and I feel sorry for him.


      I am talking to Nancy, it is clear that we are not going to buy the house for living, but I point out that it is a perfect grow house. It is far away from civilisation, which should discourage authorities from coming snooping around. It takes a bit of convincing, but she finally comes around.

      I look outside during this and there is a man sitting in a sun chair looking out over the ocean and he isn't wearing a shirt. He doesn't seem to pay any attention to what is going on in the house though I get the feeling he lives there.
    12. Vampire Chase, talks of Architecture

      by , 08-26-2011 at 12:35 PM
      15-08-11 I get teleported into a gorgeously decorated church. I am not alone, there is a vampire with me. The church is quite famous though I don't know which it is. I am amazed by this. And I start laughing in wonder, I look back and see if I am the only one experiencing this reaction.

      The vampire, who looks like Bill off true blood, does seem a bit impressed, however he isn't only happy and excited. His face is lighting up and he is in agony, didn't think of the whole vampire on sacred grounds thing.

      I rush to him kneel down and put my hand over his face and throat and keep chanting “your spirit is welcome here”. After a while he settles down relived of the holy pressure and a thought occurs to me. If he was feeling the effects, why wasn't I, being half vampire myself. I look back and see a bunch of sorcerers walking slowly towards us.

      One of them seems as surprised as I am at my freedom from the pressure. Then she looks a bit to her right and breaths out a bit of mist.

      “Thank you Jake/Jack” I whisper and think of the ghostly spirit that is accompanying us. I recall who they are and address the people walking towards us, being confident that I could annihilate them should a confrontation arise.

      “The Order of St. Giles right?” These people are vigilant vampire hunters, we are however not here to cause trouble and we don't wish unnecessary bloodshed. I explain that the man lying wounded on the floor is a good man, though he is a vampire.

      I manage to persuade them to listen out for a second and next we are sitting around a table in a booth towards the front of the church. This time Erik is there as well and it seems like we have earned the trust of the order (In the Dresden Files they are known as the Fellowship, but hey, my dream).

      I tell him that we will get his memory restored in no time. He sort of looks at me blandly, but looks grateful as well.

      The scenery starts moving about quickly and I think I switch character. I am moving away from the church and it is dark around me. The streetlights don't produce much surrounding light, but sticks to an unnatural cone straight down.

      I keep moving away from the church eventually going under ground, where I have to move under some metal fences for quite some time. On the other side the character I am, a little blond chubby boy is given a spell that for some reason is dangerous to vampires. I am not quite there to witness exactly what happens, but a big bad ass vampire in a black long leather jacket appears.

      I think he deals with the person who gave the information away as I retreat bellow surface the way I came. I wonder on the way back how illogical this is, as if he was chased by a vampire he would be dead soon enough, though I rationalize that maybe big baddie didn't know which direction I went.

      I am in a rather big city. Lasse F is there, though the chronicling of the dream is slightly off.

      I meet up with a woman I know in a shop, I don't know her name though. She has some markings on her lower left face, but I am left in doubt if these are permanent or just some recent light scaring. Her hair is shoulder short and approaching black in color.

      I dunno exactly what we are talking about, in general I think it is just some small talk to get to know each other. I think we are in the same school. We leave the shop rather quickly and continue the conversation on the street, where we depart soon after.

      I am at the same spot in the streets now I am talking to Lasse F. I ask him quickly what city in Europe he would consider the best architecturally. I am expecting something like Barcelona or Amsterdam, though he doesn't answer with any of these cities.

      I don't hear what he says at first, and when I ask him what he said he seems unwilling to repeat himself.

      The dream is working towards a big meet up of a line of characters, some I know and some I don't. I remember not if this actually takes place in the end or not.

      I am in a book shop of some description and all of a sudden a battle between a death eater and a harry-potter-like character takes place. I am not sure if there is an actual battle or it is just pretense. The Harry Potter character is a woman/girl with spiky hair of a dark color.

      I sit back silently knowing that I could take them both on and get out on top.

      I talk with a couple of friends about the way people have gone traveling and are unlikely to come back. One of these is Minka and her brother gets used as an example of a person that has left and isn't coming back.

      I mention Anders as a person that has come back, and Skovborg might be in the room, he himself as an example of a returner.
    13. A night on the town looking to pull

      by , 08-23-2011 at 11:35 AM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      23-08-11 I am in town at night and a lot of people have been out partying. It is night time and I am headed home. On the way back I decide to do a little parcour, not because I can do it, but because I want to try.

      It is working out fair, nothing fancy just jumping from this bench to this trash can with the occasional jump off a wall.

      I get on a roll and I get to the end of the pedestrian zone and due to my momentum and confidence I decide to take a leap out over a couple of cars.

      Mid jump I realise it is police cars and they realise that I am free running. So as I am hanging in the air they drive to intercept me (gravity aint what it normally is so they have plenty of time, and this might also be the reason for why I am doing so well ^^).

      I just manage to jump over the police car though the driver is trying to force me to land on it. A big mean looking officer gets out and asks if I have been running out of building and generally getting into trouble (I get the feeling he doesn't like me or maybe just free runners in general). I show him my teeth and tell him I was just having a bit of fun and that I suck too much to do pretty much anything complicated.

      He lets me go, but he isn't happy about it.

      I continue homewards, but as I get closer I notice that the street leading up to my building has been taped off with police tape. Since I am not the only one walking this way we are told by an officer that we must go around to the other side of the building taking a longer road that first off leads downwards to a tunnel.

      I don't want to, mainly because the first officer I spoke to was such a dick, so in defiance I jump up and grab some metal fencing on the top and get myself up. There are some women that help we by lending me their hands to stand on. I know I can get up myself, but I am not too proud to accept the help as I know there is an officer walking behind them.

      I get up and head for my building, there I see the officer that stopped me in the streets. He is looking at me with a video camera though I have hidden behind a metal fencing and the angle should prevent him from looking through. But he is looking straight at me though!

      I decide to jump back into the tunnel and take a less defiant approach of getting home after this, though it pisses me off!

      In the building I go up with the lift and find myself in a flat, which is weird, because it isn't my building after all and normally the lift would be between the flats. I decide to go look for Mark and Drew's flat, as I believe this to be their building.

      I am at a narrow cave entrance, looks a bit like what Craig has to go through in cowboys vs. aliens. It is night time and dark.

      There is some sort of droid sentinel in the entrance. It shoots out a conal blue ray that will lock onto your presence after a while and get you shot. We need to get inside and we loose a couple of droids from the sentinel before we figure out what to do.

      The conal beam narrows and widen in a set pattern from a line to the cone, though the pattern is rather rapid it is possible to jump from hiding spot to hiding spot while it narrows, if you do get caught in the beam you still have a second or two to get away before getting disintegrated.

      I run in with a droid that resembles R2D2 a bit and I have to drag him sometimes, because he aint fast enough. It gets hairy once or twice but we manage to get to the end room behind the sentinel. There is a staircase leading up to the main rooms, but before we ascend I throw R2 up to know the sentinel off its position, which results in it falling off the piece of rock and break when it lands.

      I move through a door and notice a hell of a lot of people walking by higher up, though they are walking very strange. They are walking with their legs spread fairly wide apart and in a set motion that makes them look like robots.

      I also see some women dressed in red and the dresses are so big that it makes them look a bit like caterpillars. It is about this time I become lucid.

      As unattractive, as the women are I decide to.. well go for it. I figure I can animate her a bit more and I firmly expect there to be attractive curves under all the clothing.

      I struggle a bit with the caterpillar suit, but finally manage to get a hand slipped into her panties and start warming her up till she is nicely hot and sufficiently wet.

      Then I wake up >.<

      I am in a room in a rather big house. I don't recall much before realising I am dreaming and doing a reality check via telekinesis.

      There is a camouflage jacket in front of me hanging on the wall. I pick it up and drag it to me using my mind only.

      I don't really recall what I am doing before I decide to step up on what could be a fireplace mantel. I create a portal on the floor without looking at it, to go to Chichén Itzá.

      I then jump backwards and let myself fall into the portal on the floor. I feel myself sink into the floor and then after a short while I am surrounded by light. These would be the ley-lines also located at the pyramids. I start flowing with the lines which is basically just a stream of light.

      However I notice I can't really see anything besides what it looks like with your eyes shut and I wake up.

      FA: However I look up and notice there are two comic books. Not just of the same series, but the exact same copy and there is a little animation (like the one in my previous Dresden/Vamp themed dream indicating residual magic).

      I wouldn't have two copies of the same comic hanging on the wall (Oh yeah, they are also hanging on the wall! XD). I check my hand and see it in extraordinary vivid detail. I count the fingers, there are five of them, but hang on I am positive I am dreaming! Oh, there are five fingers plus the thumb = six. OK! Dream time onwards!

      I fly out the window while looking at the glass as it isn't breaking, never get tired of that! and expect El Castillo to be on my left as I have had success with before.

      No luck this time, though I do find myself in a city vastly different from the one I live in, though normally I would find myself in my own neighbourhood. The city or town can best be described as a combination of Bergen (though without the fjord), something Austrian with a jungle surrounding it.

      I keep flying about expecting El Castillo to turn up at any time, which doesn't happen.

      The dream is much brighter than the others I have had this night. The atmosphere is thick with jungle feel, very moist and hot, but the sky has the Bergen ever-cloudy look.

      However I fly up one of the roads at one point and to my left between two buildings there is a giant, yes a giant! It is a man and I think the only thing I tell him is something like “You are a fucking giant aren't you?” (my flatmate later pointed out I might have hurt his feelings like this, so my apologies if I have! =P).

      While I see and address the giant it is night time.

      I fly onwards, not sure how (and I don't even think about it in the dream) but it is daytime again and I arrive at a misty edge. I perceive this to be the edge of my dream area and decide to expand a bit. I first command an increase in clarity, which happens. Then I command for the mist to disappear, which makes it thin out a bit, “No completely!”, which makes the mist turn red “The red mist also!” which makes it vanish completely and I can look out over a jungle area, which some houses on the hill sides.

      I expect El Castillo, but it doesn't appear to be my night, though some of the larger houses on the hill sides take on a partial pyramid shape (meaning they only recede on two of the sides).

      I give up and decide to try and find someone I can have sex with (Think this is fairly common when I have had alcohol the night before, though normally when I drink I don't turn lucid).

      I fly back towards the first town and come across some strange wooden fence things that makes me unable to fly because they are so close to each other and I need a bit of falling space before I can fly (I don't normally need this, my lucidity has been directed to my balls at this point it would seem).

      I end up at a little café and find Djana there, I try and approach her, but know she might not be the best bet. So I move on to a woman sitting at the next table, she seems familiar with shoulder length dark hair and delicate facial features, though I can't put my finger on where I have seen her.

      I try and kiss her (without talking to her first) she leans away from me and tell me to stop and that she is there with a new boyfriend.

      OK. I think, after participating in this shared dreaming project, I might have to start considering things like consent just in case I am actually dealing with external entities. I can't remember if I apologise (if I didn't and someone had a nightmare of someone assaulting them amorously, then please accept my apology!)

      New approach then! “I want sex! anyone around interested?”. I get a fairly quick reply from a woman next table, though I can't recall any of her features. I think grey is the best word to describe her, grey clothes and bland features, fairly boring, but hey lets rock.

      Think we manage to agree to get away from the restaurant before I wake up.

      Notes: Right OK! drinking and dreaming tends to lead to sexual desire in dreams, which probably shouldn't come as a surprise as I react the same way to the stuff when awake =P.

      Something about getting a soldier in an arm bar after he has crossed a bridge in a forest. He tells me he concedes and I ask him if he would mind going over and pretend to be my prisoner by the bridge so I can capture more.

      He doesn't want to play ball and I find it unfair, because it is only a game and I should be able to catch more. I let him go and he starts resisting so I get on top of him and start pounding his face with my fists.

      There is a black guy coming up from the bridge, he looks at us, I don't know exactly what happens or why he does it.

      I am punching Rasmus and Thomas is the face while they are sat next to my dad (I think) being punished for having done something stupid.

      I know people will hate me a bit for it, so I justify my action by telling someone that it will take a bit of heat off both of them, though really it was just for vengeance.
    14. Multi POVs, Chases in the dark with retribution, random bass stuff

      by , 08-12-2011 at 10:38 AM
      12-08-11 I am in a kitchen or a wall-less home in the area of the kitchen, the house doesn't seem to have a roof. I keep fading in and out of this scenario so I don't quite think I am dreaming, but I am aware of the subjective nature of my reality. I wouldn't quite call myself lucid as that term normally implies that you have a sense of self and a sense of the world, but I am lacking a sense of self. Again I am sort of experiencing the scenario from multiple point of views. Or no point of views. Until I am given something that could either be described as a piece of jewellery or a dream catcher. The design is really simple. A series of circles has been placed in an inner circle and they are overlapping each other, giving rise to a classical flower picture. I wonder if this is the sign that someone is sharing this. I try and head for Chichen Itza, but this mentation is far too fragile and it immediately destabilise the dream.

      Lasse F is with me in my flat at night time. We hear some sounds outside on the road and I move to the kitchen to find out what is happening. It would appear that two cops are struggling to retain a noisy drunk citizen. Upon closer inspection I see that I know this person. His name is Rasmus H.

      He manage to get free of the policemen, though I would wish he wouldn't. He is just drunk and they will just take him in overnight, wouldn't even be noted on his criminal record. But he doesn't.

      I shout out to him “Rasmus” he doesn't really respond. Later I shout again and this time he tells me his name is Jesper.

      Lasse F is somehow jumping out the kitchen window in fear and start running up the street to get away, and all of a sudden a mob of people is chasing him and they manage to trip him over up by a car and they swarm him. I don't know if they will be safe.

      (this may be from a separate dream, but) There are two people standing by my window armed with bats and knives sort of preventing me going outside.

      I manage to get out and into a bus where I borrow the drivers phone in order to call the police. I do so and the bus driver seems to follow the mob up the road. We end at a construction site where loads of digging machinery is parked. It is morning now.

      The mob of people is there, lounging themselves on the hood of their cars. I see a couple I recognise and Rasmus's younger brother pulls in, he was there during the night as well.

      I first of all tell the police that I was dreaming some of the time, but I know what I saw (I suppose I shouldn't have said that really)

      I explain to the police what happened and I start pointing out people. They are my friends so it is a bit difficult. When I point at Thomas H he immediately responds that he was somewhere else, so he couldn't possibly have been there.

      Murmurs take place about my sanity “he is sick in the head” I hear Rasmus tell the lady on his left. I briefly wonder if they are right, I mean after all I did dream most of this up, so maybe I am mistaken.

      I wake up.

      Following dream has a lot of scene shifts, and I am having trouble reconstructing it chronologically so will present it as fragments.

      There is a concert and Lars is playing the bass. He hasn't been doing it for that long, but he is awesome. During a solo he is killing the groove, while still adding some (pardon my musical ineptitude, but I believe the correct word is) harmonics to the bass melody.

      I find myself holding my bass and playing along and to my surprise I aint all bad. I am not playing a lot of different nodes, mainly the four strings themselves and a few selections. It doesn't always go well, but as I said it isn't bad.

      Towards the end of the number they are playing I put my bass down and point up at Lars to let him know he rocks! The speaker is announcing some special surprise and I hope he hasn't seen me playing along on the bass, cause I would suck on stage.

      But he calls out a woman's name and I feel relieved. However my cousin is lounging it on the couch and I believe a good surprise would be for him to go on stage and have a bass off (that is a linguistically awesome sounding concept btw! ^^). So I nod the announcer a bit, but he doesn't seem responsive.

      I speak a bit to my cousin and he cheekily smiles and calls me his salesman. I don't mind, was sort of what I was doing, but I truly believe it would have been a marvel to behold those two.


      I am in a big playroom of sorts and we are supposed to play this game. It is a highly modified version of connect four that I don't particularly understand now or in the dream. The point of it is to somehow escape the frame. but you have to hide your coins behind various cardboard cards with an assortment of motifs on them.

      Later on the game develops and it becomes apparent that it is also a 2 teams versus each other one of the teams just consisting of one person, because the position that person takes is designed from the game to be stronger.

      Oh and it also turns into a Tetris (spelling) type game where you have to use your colours versus the black ones to block the path of the opponent catching up. It is highly weird and I think the only reason I partially get it is due to me being on team with my cousin and someone else.


      I am walking down the street on a morning (though the lighting looks like it is set in the afternoon) and I am walking towards Kaiser's parents house, though I am expecting him to be there. I find him outside on the road doing something with a water hose.

      I approach him in conversation and he starts talking about my cousin, who visited him last night. He gave him this list of stuff to think about written in orange ink on white paper. The only thing I remember of the 9 point list is that we are all supposed to do the same thing on September 3rd though I remember the event in the dream I don't now.

      There is so much more in the dream involving some women that may or may not be partially random at least. Nothing sexual though.
    15. Flat Hunting, Nazi Hunting, short Chichen Itza bursts

      by , 08-10-2011 at 12:03 PM
      10-08-11 (This might be a non-REM dream) I am at El Castillo, I am hundreds of dreamers floating around the pyramid. I hear a woman's voice shouting “My daughter, she is lucid take her vision” I think am sort of waking up myself, but I try and see if I can lock onto this girl and find a vision “inside the dream” to stabilise. In the meantime I can feel that some of the dreamers, that are me, have found a way inside the pyramid. Everything is growing darker and darker and I wake up.

      The HH tests! (the following contains some weird ass HH happenings that deserve attention, especially considering I was lying in bed for almost 6 hours this night without being able to fall asleep)

      I am somehow involved with a vampire in need of aid and I am presented with a choice. I can find someone else to help her or I can do it myself. I know she needs blood to survive, though I think I am a vampire myself and I know I am experiencing either HHs or non-REM dreams.

      Hence I know I am in no danger and tells the narrator that she can have my blood. So I open a hole in my arm of about an inch in diameter and let her loose.
      . - .

      I am smelling sulphur, which to my understanding means presence of a demon. I have never experienced olfactory hallucinations before and decide to take precaution. I envision my body filling up with light and address the demon.

      “You are not welcome here, you have no power here, this isn't your realm, this isn't your home”.

      After having said this in a fairly firm tone the smell is gone and I feel quite relaxed and comfortable.

      I am lying in my bed and all of a sudden I feel myself being pulled towards the light. I feel somewhat feminine, but I know I am dreaming and I know I am headed for the pyramid. I scream something silly like “Weeeeeeeeeee!” in excitement about actually managing to go there on my first attempt.

      Until. I am punched in the stomach
      on my right hand side it is not a physical punch, in fact it reminds me of of the energy I felt, when I was relaxing my body earlier, except stronger and not under my control.

      The energy doesn't stop there it travels in a quick violent wave up my spine and exits just on the left side of my neck, just above the brain stem, cutting my connection to the light and the dream.

      Notes: I felt this “punch” for quite some time throughout the night, though this could easily be explained by being in a permanent state of vulnerability to HHs.

      I am looking at an apartment for my mate, Tim. He can't be there himself so I explain that to the people who lives there. The house looks crooked and unstable a bit like Charlie's from the movie with the chocolate plot.

      I walk around inspecting things while the couple living there tries to sell it to me. I am not particularly impressed and I tell them this. They ask if it is because of the mess and I take a quick look around to see if that could have somehow formed my first impression.

      But it isn't the mess. In fact as I look around it the second time it looks bigger than what I have previously thought.

      I go upstairs to a ledge and ask how one would go outside to the balcony I saw from the garden. The man explains that you can't.

      I explain that I will give my description of the house to Tim, but I find it highly unlikely that he would want to live here.

      The man tells me that it is nice that I am honest, so they don't have to guess at my reaction. Then they explain that they are actually owning the place and that it was meant to get rented so they had a little extra for when the baby arrived.


      I speak with Tim and explain how the house looked and he confirms that he would have no interest in living there.


      We are trying to go somewhere and we have a plane, the rain is pouring down and we can't see a thing. We are driving downhill trying to take off, but we don't have a strip and we don't really know what is in front of us due to the heavy rain.

      I stop the plane as I don't dare keep accelerating as we are driving blindly. We get out and notice that we have stopped just in front of a high way.

      I am in a shoot em up computer simulation and it would seem like my team can't really get further than what they have done so far. I decide to join in.

      The first obstacle is that we have to get to this little bunker on the beach. I have to go into this and do something in order to capture it. I have an old school sniper rifle with me, which I use to shoot a rather large kid looking in the doorway.

      I keep shouting to my team that they have to listen out for something, think it may be glass breaking or something, in any case it has to do with the little bunker I am in.

      I think we fail the first time, in any case I have to go into the bunker again and the second time we are successful, though the kid doesn't appear from the door this time, but a window which means he has gotten around a team mate of mine who is supposed to watch out for that side.

      I miss the first two shots at the kid, but luckily I have an updated semi-automatic sniper rifle now. The kid was ducking down outside the window, dunno if he remembered my previous weapon.

      There is a similar station further up the beach and that will have to be our next check point where a similar action will have to take place.

      I start out by zooming in to see if I can pick out their shooters. The zoom works different to the first gun, where I got the classical circle vision with a corsair in the middle. However the new gun allows me to see up the hills and my entire field of vision just moves closer. The corsair is a white dot.

      I start picking out soldiers who seems dressed like Nazi soldiers. There is a building or a city behind them and this is the final goal we have to reach in order to win. But before that we will have to get to the next station where we have a man under cover or hidden.

      I make my way there and make contact with him, but he is pinned down at this moment. He is a werewolf and the only reason the other werewolf or guard dogs haven't picked up his scent yet is that they have been 100% focused on the assault that has been going on thus far.

      I devise a plan to get rid of the dogs so he has more room to play. We lure them towards us and drag them down into a black maelstrom that leads them to another world. I jump through and they follow me in. There is water on the other side, which only helps my plan as I am going back through as soon as the dogs are with me and closing up the vortex. I trust this will be done though I have no knowledge on how to actually do it.

      Next section is very blurry.

      The plan works and we have now taken the next station. Our werewolf goes nuts on the soldiers, but it would seem that they are fairly immune to his bites. I may actually take on the POV of the werewolf as I am biting and tearing.

      I get something coming out of my back that I can't quite describe, it may be a pair of extra hands or enhancements or it may even be some form of blades. Though I think in the end it settles for something like steel enchants for my arms.

      We are at the leaders base now, there is a metal platform and railing, with stairs leading down to the beach, which is where they were planning to escape to. There are 3 or 4 of them all wearing orange jail suits.

      I use my arm enhancements to kick the crap out of all of them. While I do so the perspective briefly switch to 3rd person as I am hovering out over the beach looking down on myself. Focus switch back and I start throwing people over the railing, it is clear that I have won.

      I do the same with the leader and jump on him leaning my arms over his throat. At this point the dream has taken on a personal feeling rather than a game oriented and I want to make sure that all the people that have been killed are avenged.

      The leader tells me that without my enhancements I can't do him no harm. I keep pushing at his throat knowing that they will be out again soon enough. They come and he gets scared and I push on his throat harder.

      My team mates shout to me he isn't worth it but I keep pushing till I hear his Windpipe snap, though I think I wake up at exactly the moment this is supposed to happen.
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