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    1. 3 Nov: Fighting a terrorist group in Africa and seducing their leaders

      by , 11-03-2021 at 08:23 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      In a small village in Africa. Find out the villagers slaughtered all their cattle, plus a bunch of rhinos for meat and I am in shock, because it is unlike them. I am told they were forced by some local terrorist group, commanded by a couple white men, who are taking control of the region. A little baby white rhino bruised and covered in blood comes to me seeking for help. My heart is so broken. I hug him and take him to some friends at another nearby village, who promise to take care of the baby and raise him. They also take me to the city, an old town inside rammed walls and designed with tight streets and labyrinthine tunnels. I am staying with some missionary white ladies in a sort of convent or nunnery in the innermost part of the city. News arrive that the terrorist group is taking over the city and we are warned that because we are white women, we should run and hide as best as we can, because they won't be gentle with us if they find us. The nuns escape through some underground tunnels but I grab some knifes and a small sword and I go look for the invaders. Quietly and unannounced, I cut the throats of the men I find, one by one. But they finally realize my presence and then start looking for me in pairs or groups of three or four at a time. I still kill them all. There is one guy I find unarmed and who doesn't offer me a fight and I let him go. I explain I hate killing and just do it if I have to. He goes to his leaders and I know he is gonna warn them about me. I try to sneak into their command center, but it is heavily guarded. The access is through a square, with a huge watermill in the center of a pond. The watermill is a 4 storeys high structure. I am actually coming from above, through a platform connecting a higher location of the town to the watermill which pumps water up. I use the watermill to descend to the square ground level without being spotted. On the pond I encounter a fellow resistance fighter who seems to have had the same idea. But I am spotted. The fact that I am wearing a bright red shirt doesn't help. They didn't spot my friend though, so I surrender before they see him to. The leaders come out of their HQ and say they are surprised I gave up so easily, considering the rumors of the lady who's been killing all their men single-handedly. But I point to the 6 men in front of me, 2 with machine guns and 4 with some kind of riffles with very large barrels and I say I brought knifes to a gun fight and know when resisting is just pointless suicide. So they capture me and as I expected, the two leaders are a couple guys my age who are immediately smitten by me. I get rid of my wet red shirt and I am in shorts and bra, rocking my hot body to taunt them even more. They won't allow any other men to touch me and they escort me personally to a safe place where they provide me dry clothing and also offer me jewels. I find it stupid, but I'll play the game if they want to doll me up. They keep me close to them as they go about their plans and that's Just what I wanted.