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    00:00 Thursday 2014-03-13 competition #17 night #6, LD #23, long ND

    by , 03-13-2014 at 08:42 AM (572 Views)
    23:30-ish bedtime, yay!

    00:00 Thursday 2014-03-13 competition #17 night #6, LD #23


    1) I'm in my parent's bathroom, it's night, I know I'm sleeping in my sister's old bedroom right next door. I'm looking out through the window slats I see across the fence in the neighbor's yard two beautiful shining blonde people (BB: ageless, I think!). I think they're the neighbors, I don't want them to see me (DS). I slink back from the window and lie down on the floor with my head away from the window against the cupboard wall my head up against the door. I hear/sense them approaching, I think they must be climbing up the roof (this room is on the 2nd floor). They open the windows and look at me and I look at them, and think/say I could be in the next room, trying to make up some lame excuse.

    2) It's the end of the world, and the waters are swirling everywhere. The magic "U" of power is floating in the water and I have to jump for it, I reach it and hold on to it and I'm on dry land. I'm going to be the keeper of the "U".

    3) I'm in a bright daytime colorful fairy garden, with colorful magical plants and beings/animals all around. I have a magical ring/disc (like a frisbie but open center and 2-inch thick ring) I gesture / jerk it with my left hand and shoot out a magical force ring that flies off at high speed going forwards and to the right/up. Strange funny creatures and animals and worms come up to me.

    F1) in a building getting out other people pushing on buttons in the floor with feet, goo oozes up from the floor when I step on the button.

    F2) an outdoor bouncy slide, someone was guided by a force that said they'd never seen anything like that (me), how I was chosen.

    F3) a scene of an outdoor movie theater starting to watch some show I'm floating over the top as a DO

    4) I'm on a boat in the waters, I look behind me and in the distance I see PT approaching, his son G is already on the boat. I know my children are on board down and to the right.

    Get up, bathroom, sit on bed thinking about dreams for a bit, set some intention, then BTB.


    5) ultra long multi-themed dream culminating as lucid. Themes:
    A) SB old grad school serious girlfriend
    B) NM grad school friend
    C) pizza
    D) garden hose invention
    E) musical competitions, son's playing piano
    F) riding a boat with an impressive security system
    G) ghost/burglars breaking in to house, get lucid in shock

    I'm sitting at a counter in a restaurant, finishing eathing something (pizza I think). My (wife?) calls and is annoyed that I'm not home. I'm looking at a glossy brochure and I realize that it is a proposal for a date evening from my old grad school girlfriend, SB. She has prepared this dazzling brochure describing the evening she has planned. Including the meal, the wine/drinks, and I "recognize" a picture of one my own bottles of wine that she's going to use and I think one of my own glasses/mugs.

    I see my grad school friend NM. He is absolutely 100% soaking drenched from the rain outside, he is dripping all over the place. He's inviting me (and SB?) to join him and friends for pizza later, he gives me some phone number to call to meet them.

    I'm outside in a garden there are people there including my sister i'm noticing that a part of the garden is really wet and I realize that I've left on a hose. I turn off the hose and get the brilliant idea for an invention: an automatic timer that notifies you when your garden hose has been turned on for too long so you can go and turn it off. I'm amazed that nobody has thought of this, I think this is going to be a revolutionary invention.

    Entering a musical competition, my son is entering as the piano player in a piano/string quartet group. I think how can he possibly do this he doesn't really play any more. I see a line of judges , I'm walking by them, some are children, they have distorted faces, I think some of them are friends of my son from grade school days. I hear my son playing, he's fantastic, I can't believe how well he's playing. The judges nod at me when I look at them to indicate their approval, I think they don't really look much like my sons's old friends (the M's). I think my son shouldn't show off so much and should let the string players also participate more. I look at him and he's not even facing the keyboard, he's hunched over a calculator (calculating how to play the piece?) and has a small child on his lap as well, the main judge looks and is amazed at all the things my son is doing there. My son moves to put the child in a bed which I pull down the covers for. I think I see an old boy scout friend (VL) in the bed then.

    I'm on a boat it's dark, we're driving in the water, the boat staff are talking about the security system which is to keep invaders off of the boat: I see it, it's a wire that leads from the back of the boat connected to a tall pole, leading all the way back to the dock. They demonstrate it and a bright powerful purple burst of electricity zips down the wire. There's something nearby my head and I don't want to hit my head, and I don't want to get zapped accidently by that security system.

    I'm back in the house with the garden hose invention, I continue thinking about it, there could be a wifi transmitter that communicates with a wrist-band display that you carry, and each hose can tell you when it is done so you can see "front lawn finished", etc. My sister is giving me some music but only as a loan.

    I'm standing out side the door of another music competition, I look up and see the sign. We're entering and standing at the elevator, I know my son is absolutely not ready for this one, it's a (Chopin?) competition, some other people want him to play anyway, they go up, I hear the piano sounds then, it's an absolute disaster, he's just pounding on the keys randomly it doesn't sound like anything at all.

    I'm in an indoor area, large, open, with lots of cupboards and beds like a giant dormitory room. I'm there with former girlfriend SB. We're arguing, I'm trying to suggest something that she may like to do as a job, she doesn't want to do anything I'm suggesting. I say "Do you want to just stay at home and let me do all the work supporting us?!" and she indicates she does, I leave.

    I'm returning to this room. I'm outside it, I see the corner of the room, SB is resting, she has rigged a way to hold the curtains closed, the walls of the room are glass from floor to ceiling but with beams periodically placed horizontally and vertically. In the corner there are two vertical beams close together and she has jammed some water bottles into the crevice there to hold the curtains closed, I know she's resting.

    I'm inside the room see her lying on a bed, her head's on my left, I see a dark black wet spot near her mouth, I ask what that is she says something, I suppose she's been drooling, she's not feeling well.

    I'm standing somewhere with SB and I decide to call NM up and go meet him for pizza. I can't remember his number! I come up with 7 or 8 digits and I'm just not sure, but AHA, All I have to do is look in my phone, start typing in the numbers and it will automatically find the number then I can call NM, and


    I'm severely startled out of my thoughts of calling NM by a loud sound to my right. It sounds like something really big banged up against something else really big. I look to my right and see I'm standing in the back porch of my parent's house, and I'm looking down the hallway to the front door which is standing widely open (the wrong way I think) and there's a large green garbage dumpster there at the front door full of garbage. WTF?!

    SB and I are now standing at the front door looking in to the living room. She inhales quickly with a loud gasp and clasps her hand to her mouth in shock. I look in to the room AND ALL THE WINDOWS ARE OPEN. The room only has 2 windows that open but there are at least 10 open windows in this room. The furniture looks like it's been tossed around. I feel shivers of fright/shock.

    Spoiler for profanity warning, LD here:

    I lie awake for some while calming down from shock at the dream end and in awe at the amount of recall I have, easily 20-30 minutes worth or more, it seemed to go on forever. I get up to record it, then come back to bed and think about it some more and sleep some more. Should have set an alarm at this point because I overslept my out of bed target by 1.5 hours. I was astonished that all that time, all the things i was doing, all the places I was, was all a dream, and I felt that astonishment when I got lucid, sort of like a brief "life flashing before your eyes" moment.


    6) football fake out play. I'm DO watching the overhead cam view of a pass, a long bomb towards the end zone. A huge pack of red-uniformed defenders are all running after the ball, I think it may be intercepted, they do a running leap in the end zone but the ball goes through the arms of one of the guys, incomplete pass. Then the team coach comes to me, at first I think he wants to pass to me next, but then I realize and say "Oh, you want the other team to *think* they're going to pass to me, but you're NOT!" and he says "SHHH!!!!!", he's going to pass to some other guy after all the defenders cover me because the other team saw the coach talking to me.

    F4) something about going around with a group of women/girls and ice cream.

    There's more there but forgot.

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    1. Bharmo's Avatar
      Congratulations on that lucid and breaking that mini-dryspell! First in the Comp!

      I shout to them "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" and "will" them to leave, and I gesture strongly with my whole right arm and index finger pointing at the open front door. I lean my head towards SB and say "S! Get naked!"
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    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      Thanks! Nothing "mini" about that dry-spell, about 3 weeks, which rivals my former longest dry spell in 2013, second only to the 1 month start-lucid-training-until-first-LD period. Yeah I thought that little side command to SB in between shouting at the burglars was classic and hilarious!