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    2015-07-31 (and 07-30)

    by , 07-31-2015 at 11:00 AM (244 Views)
    Yesterday (07-30)

    + wine tasting, I've brought a bottle, so has my girlfriend, I'm trying to smell the wine she's bought but the bottle is not open yet.

    + jumping around in a video game, getting beat down, finally get up to the platform and complete, I'm congratulated by guys saying I've won an ability

    + in a house, pull on a secret control on a shelf activate a secret area, explore, there's a coffin, "hey comes help help me open it", out comes an evil female super being?, fighting her as the double-slashing dagger-wielding guy but she wins, she comes up and hugs you and sucks out your life

    + William Shatner with his head in a narrow tunnel (in a pirate costume?) beating off an attacker?, he and another guy are putting on movies in a back room then kidnapping/torturing one of the attendees, there's someone lying behind the counter, turns out he's alive

    Today (07-31) better bedtime

    23:23 bedtime

    (several early pee wakings before dream recall shows up, just vague thoughts that vanish quickly)


    + buying shoes, guy says "you bought the $200 <something> you may as well buy the $600 shoes!", selection of fluffy ankle-high slippers

    + invited to Dubai to play a solo concert I'm concerned it's a ploy to get me to an Arab country because of my outspoken views on Israel; putting my instrument together, checking the key action, the top piece is broken I'm trying to adjust it / put it back together, a selection of reeds; I'm playing the slow movement of a famous concerto, under-tempo but it's lovely.

    + playing in a rehearsal, the conductor is all over the place, I say repeatedly, "are you in 2 or 4?! Show the downbeat clearly!", he retorts "listen and you'll hear the downbeats!", see my music (long opening sustained middle Bb) and then many pages of rests (I don't have to play for the rest of the piece), and the music of the 2nd, where there's a pencil marking indicating "1 only" (of the 2nd should play there).


    + I'm walking around and singing (lovely tone!), forget some lyrics, girl reminds me, "oh yeah" I say and sing them; girls singing in a line, one of them drops a contact lens, another picks it up off the ground and hands it to her, she pops it in her mouth -- how did she know the other one didn't make it dirty first?

    + my cat's trying to climb up / jump to the top of a tall dresser and just can't quite make it, she runs around the walls (I'm impressed by this) to get a head start, and my wife comes and laughs

    + wife asks about where's the little plastic thing that was on the car's wheel, the car is suspended 6 feet in the air we're looking up at it, the wheel/axel joint has a photo camera built-in, I say either someone took it or it blew off

    + terrorist attack: I'm hanging on a corner on a major street with a guy talking, later on we return after the attack started, armed guards shouting in arabic, a single nun in black robes is standing off the curb waiting to be picked up, story of the nuns raped in the bus (every single one), "we were just standing right there a little while ago!" I say to the guy referring to the corner

    + trying to return a girl taken by a "pit of Sarnac"-monster pit with tentacles along the conical sloping walls, two soldier/investigators are getting her back, they're talking to the monster threatening to reduce it to dust and burn it. They will analyze the dust/ashes and find the perfect harmonic frequency of flame to use that will burn it all up instantly. I'm DO floating above and see the two guys standing next to a huge bin full of purple monster dust.

    with the girl afterwards I'm holding her and crying, I want her to be back, others are explaining that "they" made it so that you can "gather" many into one person, but once you've done that you can't "scatter" them back into many again, where each person retains memory of the original gathered one, I'm sad and rubbing my face all over her including her chest.

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