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    2016-10-23 SSC16#9 epic: "The Titanic Crashes in Point, Nevada", semi-lucid nap dreams

    by , 10-23-2016 at 04:17 PM (289 Views)
    Took a big swig of Valerian at bed time. Super tired over a week of little sleep. Didn't recall much throughout the night, until the final dreams of the morning before the (fairly early) alarm hit: a loooooooong epic that just kept going. Fewer points but I like the continuity!

    + dancing competition in class, I do ice skating

    + epic [long, vivid] "The Titanic Crashes in Point, Nevada"
    I'm driving a car on the freeway in Nevada with my wife. I point out to here, "see, the hills start here, it looks totally like the moon!" Like I always say with this view:

    I come upon a light turning red as I pass through, my wife says "careful!" (we don't want to get a ticket). While driving I switch to an overhead map view, and I get a call from my parents. They say that they have reserved a place for us in Point. I google for it on the map and all I see is a small place marked "Pt." on the map, I think this is a common search term. My mom tells me that it is about the same distance from us that Santa Barbara is from San Diego. I think, wait, that's really far, I don't want to go that far. Then I see an overheat of Point, with a large resort called "Point". It's like I'm now looking at a scale model, and something slips out of place and an old guy puts it back.

    Then I'm inside the resort in the dining room. There are people about and we're trying to find the best food. There are pastries on tables. Moving about from room to room, something about a crash?

    In airplane-style seating. I have my seat at the right edge of the row against the wall. It's very important to have a seat (or you won't be saved?). I'm thinking a lot about my seat and the # and my ticket. G28? I have a nametag on my shirt with my seat number. A small black boy comes by, he says he's the ticket guy, I'm dubious, I won't want to hand him my ticket because I don't want to lose my seat. I want to just show him a piece of paper from the seat. But then it turns out that I'm in the wrong seat, that I need to switch with some guy a few aisles down, I see that his seat is worse than mine, in the middle of a row. He's happy to improve his seat. In the end he sits back down and there is a liquid chugging sound and it turns out he's on drugs which are hooked up to tube delivery system on the back of his chair, now facing its back to me.

    Some people had rushed me earlier, and I think they may have switched my seat number tag. I look down at it and it now says "D30".

    Now two pretty girls approach us and want to sit with us even though they don't have tickets for our row. They sit very close, basically on my lap
    Spoiler for sexual encounter:

    Then I'm moving through the ship, we're trying to get out (it has crashed?) the rooms are all at a funny angle, I move past the bridge and the captain's chair out a door to the outside. A senior crew member says something.

    Then I'm standing on a hilltop in a desolate area outside, in the distance to the right there is a very high hill, I ask an old guy who's standing there, if it gets snow in the winter, he indicates yes, several feet, and it's good for skiing. Then I see a mountain in front of me to the left of the hill, it's close, huge, craggy, with a tall overhang near the top, and the entire left side is like a vertical jagged razor-sharp edge. I say/think "hah I bet it's impossible to climb that thing!" and then I look and see a trail of climbers on the mountain. They're connected using a buckle to a wire-line placed on the mountain. I/the guy says something about not trusting your life to a buckle.

    Standing out in the desolate area, the guy is giving advice about how to survive the cold: you have to just go and find somebody to hook up with and huddle together for warmth. I think I'd much rather find a girl to huddle with but I may need to find a guy.

    Then there's an alien sort of bounty/prize hunter there with a Krull-like-glaive "starfish" blade living familiar-thing that he throws at some victim guy.

    The victim guy catches it and throws it back at the hunter. The living glaive stops in mid-air, reverses direction back towards the initial victim, and is exposing its teeth how and hits the victim.

    Up for about 3 hours.

    Nap, "Empty mind" meditation, fall asleep

    + [semi-lucid feeling] strange house. I'm observing a house with strange things in it. I'm simultaneously outside and inside the house, I see that bags/(sheep?) have been piled up against the windows. I'm trying to identify all the weird stuff inside. I eventually go inside an distinctly notice an "animal" smell like this is a room where a pet has stayed for many years. There are DCs here and I'm feeling frisky so I whip it out and wonder which one to approach for some attention, dream fades.

    + son S2 burns the burgers and slops soy sauce all over the floor in a large puddle. I do a double take on the large puddle in the middle of the room. Then I notice the lower oven storage shelf is pulled out and there are 3-4 burnt-looking burgers sizzling there in a sauce that is overflowing the aluminum foil and that's what's causing the puddle on the floor. I say something to son S2 about this mess and he quips a response.

    + [semi-lucid feeling] flying around my CH trying to avoid being seen by a visitor who's just behind me I wonder if I should take off flying, if I can get up over the roof of the house and the tall bushes before he comes around the corner, I decide to do it and I notice that on the street a large truck has parked on our property, completely parked on top of the juniper bushes off of the road, that's quite rude I think, I settle down on my back in the bushes as the guy following me heads for his truck then I think it's not his truck, then he's shining a light down on to me and I think he's found me. Then we're at the neighbor's house right there inspecting some new construction, it's a little work shed, I see inside there is a table with some tools on it, and I see the door which is slightly ajar has a fancy motion detector on it. I'm working with a big glass window to the little work room, there is an odd ball-and-socket connector that I just can't get to snap, the socket keeps pushing away when I press the ball connector into it, and I think that despite having a lot of experience [FALSE] with this connector, it's funny that I can't get it to snap in place. I look to my left and I see the neighbor friend of mine and some unknown girl in between us, dark hair, I look away from her. I hear the voices of the neighbor family talking, I'm thinking that the now-grown children may have moved back home to take care of their mother.

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