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    2020-01-03 Weird workout, office

    by , 01-03-2020 at 08:50 AM (109 Views)
    +(f) (early) Walking with L through some open air seating area, I'm leading her to show her something, across some water there is a dock and we're heading there?

    + workout with Rip on a strange rack in a private gym room, weird rack don't understand how the barbell is unracked and reracked, Rip wants me to squat my first set at 85kg even though that's way beyond my current weight, I fail at even unracking the bar, so I pull the plates off each side and drop them by hand to get out of the rack, in the room everything's tagged with yellow post it notes, it's also a faculty lounge they come in ask me what I'm doing there, lots of people come in and I'm concerned they'll walk off with my stuff so I try to keep an eye on everyone.

    + getting help from colleagues setting up my blackberry-like device, they're moving icons around to sett up email, sit at desk in chair recline back against wall head hits something bumpy on the wall there's a direct view from my chair at my desk in my office of the boss in his office sitting at his desk, I think I should look more busy

    +(f) running some sort of arcade for kids where the prizes are small little squishy balls (IWL ate some caviar with dinner) that they can trade in for prizes

    +(f) looking at plates of prepared food, my mom has raw pork and she doesn't want it cooked for some reason
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