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    2021-09-03 insomnia, brief Tribes & Lion dream

    by , 09-03-2021 at 09:27 AM (188 Views)
    Late bedtime, champagne and wayyyy too much ice cream before bed -- insomnia from 4am on. Finally nodded off around 7am briefly:

    Falling asleep veeeeryyy slowly I saw a lot of hypnagogic imagery, including a short dreamlet of the face of my fiance seen from above in bed, who in my vision opened her eyes, looked at me, then closed her eyes.

    + playing Tribes, initially, I'm DO and preparing to play another human player on some server. Play begins and I'm hovering in the air, lobbing grenades ("r" key) to clear out a base with an inventory station. There are a lot of damaged turrets around. I get in to use the inventory station, use my hotkey to select Engineer load-out with a deployable inventory station, anticipating all the time that my opponent will blast me, but I finish at the station without issues , jet-packing around ("right clicking the mouse"), planning play against human player, then attacking robot defenders of the enemy base. Hovering with the jet-pack above the enemy base, I see enemy turrets that start to activate as I approach lower.
    There are many gray, person-shaped robots standing idle, and some of these also start to move as I get closer.

    I have a close-up view of chopped/rolled (like sushi?) food/meat, and I have a tiny light-saber and I'm waving it at the food, chopping it. I see to my right that there is a calm tiger, and I do not want to provoke it. I'm eating this miscellaneous food in front of me, which becomes mostly meat, like chicken meat, then the tiger to my right is more in the scene, it is resting, with its very large paws out in front of it, it looks more like a mountain lion or now. I very carefully (thinking this is perhaps foolish) reach between the pawns of the lion and pull out a piece of meat that it was holding there, and eat it.

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