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    by , 11-22-2022 at 07:00 AM (258 Views)
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    Night of rest. some light recall. Only one bathroom trip. despite late light meal, I slept well, with pretty good fitbit sleep numbers:

    87 score (after 3 days in a row of 91!): 7:40 asleep, :49 awake 1:15 deep, 1:47 REM, 93% below resting, 4% restless


    + on top of a very high cliff overlooking a lake. A girl to my left dives head first and I watcher her hit the water with her hands out in front of her, I think the impact on her head must have been a doozy. Then I jump. It's a long way down and takes longer than I thought to reach the water, I hit with flat feet with a smack that's not too painful and I continue very deeply down, when my momentum stops I look up and the top is waaay far above me. I begin swimming and it takes me a very long time to get back to the surface, and I feel like my lungs are really beginning to ache with the strain of holding in the air. Eventually I make it up to the surface and take some deep breaths.


    + in a pool, I want to put on goggles and dive under water and look around


    + with people in places: view of a long trailer for hauling large/long vehicles, it moves over a bumpy road and makes a lot of noise at the trailer rattles when it hits these bumps

    + talking to people, someone in a high position of authority is planning to quit and return in a new capacity, then someone else threatens to do the same, I think they're just copycatting the first person

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