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    2023-08-02 LUCIDD LD #290, call from Nazi Germany, girl/couch/wine,

    by , 08-02-2023 at 05:27 PM (138 Views)

    Colors: Lucid, Semi-lucid, Non-lucid
    [comment from waking] in angle brackets
    (comment / clarification from dreaming) in parentheses
    Abbreviations: DS = dream sign, CH = childhood home, S1/S2 = sons, S/O = someone, S/A = something about, [f] = fragment, b/r = bathroom trip, Wn = waking #n, BT = bedtime, OOB = final out of bed time in morning, DO = Disembodied Observer

    Summary of the Night
    • BT: ~23:55, OOB: ~07:37, fitbit score: 83 (6:39 asleep, 1:03 awake, 0:41 deep, 1:25 REM), med right before bed
    • Wakings:
      1. 01:16 b/r, no recall
      2. 05:18, b/r, recall, brief MILD. << check it out, 4 hours of sleep in a row! Look maw, no wakings/pee trips!
      3. 07:37 OOB
    • Long time initially falling asleep at BT as wife was reading on her phone and then settled down to sleep, sort of keeping me awake
    • After a bit of recall and quick recording at waking #2, I felt drowsy enough still to fall asleep quickly. I focused quickly on relaxing completely. Did just a bit of MILD. Fell asleep pretty quickly! Fitbit shows awake only 17 min (including b/r, and summary recording in journal)
    • wrote two dreams on top of each other! One is completely illegible/lost it looks like... ah, a later phrase brought one back. I remember thinking there were 3 dreams.

    W2: Call Center
    I'm in a phone call center. Banks of operators on phones arrange in several wide parallel rows. I take a call from Nazi Germany. I do not speak German, but I am pretending to know how. There are a couple of women observing me, (one is my manager?) I'm saying and thinking words, trying to make sense, but the only thing I can think of are words in <foreign language not German>.

    W2: Business meeting
    I'm sitting in a large room, a man (our manager?) is standing at the front berating us (me?) for not getting out changes in on time. This goes on for a while, it's hard to get a word in, I'm finally able to blurt out "I got everything checked in yesterday!" (They say, "why not earlier"?)

    W2: Girl on the couch
    I'm lying on a couch with a girl who's apparently my girlfriend. The couch is located on an external corner (it "turns" around the corner) between two rooms. I want to have some private "fun" with my g/f, I grab her (ahem) from outside her clothing, and pull us both around the corner so we're out of view from the first room. She tells me she doesn't want any more wine (as a gift) because she has too much of it already. I say "yes, me too, but I was planning to share it with you!"

    W3: Animals at night
    I'm on my deck outside my house outside the city. I'm walking towards the door into the house, when I catch a glimpse of two little dots of light in the yard of the house across the path from the deck. I do a double take and bob my head around to get a bearing on them, and I decide they are animal eyes reflecting the light. I shine a spotlight and I see a large, orange cat standing there. The longer I look, the more animals appear, all dogs and cats. I think they're all local, not wild. Then a dog jumps the fence of that yard and easily sails over my fence to land in my own yard.

    W3: LUCIDD LD #290 Massive LD
    Flying at LHS
    I'm outside on the path to the LHS parking lot from to gate spot where the asphalt ends and the dirt trail begins. I'm standing there looking down into the valley. There are now a lot out houses there, they are very colorful. They're arranged in a nice little neighborhood. I really want a closer look, so I lean out over the hill and take off flying/gliding. There's a guy, ClnCse (company 3, previously at company I) there on my left as I take off, he's walking towards the LHS parking lot. I know he doesn't approve of me flying, so I mischievously say S/L "Hey C, don't look at me!" while I fly out over the valley and look down to appreciate the view of the houses from above.

    Get Lucid
    [I forgot the part in between Flying at LHS and my first strong notion of lucidity]
    I'm quite sure I'm dreaming, but I nose pinch to be sure, and while there is some resistance, the air is definitely moving, woohoo I'm dreaming!

    Reflecting on vividness
    In in the upper hallway of CH, facing the b/r, my room is to my right. There is a table with colorful objects on top of it there in the hallway, they look like pieces of art glass, with bright orange, red, brown colors. I decide to take a moment and really reflect/take a reading on the level of vividness of the dream, since there was discussion about this recently on reddit /r/LucidDreaming. I look closely at the art glass objects, and at the scene around me. I quickly conclude that yes, this dream has vividness and clarity easily equal to (or greater than) waking experiences. (I think I touch them as well, and the sense of touch is waking-like as well?).

    Checking out "my package"
    I move in to my sister's room, and recall that I sometimes like to checkout what I'm packing in my pants in the dream. I pull down my pants and take my (ahem) into my hand and look at it. It looks non-waking, not familiar shape. MEO. "Time for some goals!" I think. I feel like the dream has been really long, like an hour at least, and I look at a clock on the wall to confirm this.

    Fun with the fairy, mom & dad tease
    I move in to my room, and I am having a sexy time encounter with a little fairly (MEO). We're on the bed that is closer to the door.
    Spoiler for sexy time:
    Then I hear my parents coming up the stairs. I think that this is waking life sound manifesting into the dream, that my parents are coming up the stairs in waking life [false, impossible, don't live in CH, mom passed away], and that this is an interesting phenomenon. I don't want to be discovered so I turn away from the door with the fairy underneath me. Mom & dad both come into the room, dad (standing? getting on to?) the foot of the bed (don't see him), and my mom right in front of me, leaning over, getting right down in my face. I'm trying to fake sleeping. My mom finds the fairy and is teasing me about her, I'm trying to push my mom away from me and hoping she'll go away. My dad says "You're squishing her!" (the fairy).

    FA, fly through window
    I wake up in the same bed in the same room from the last scene. I suspect I'm still dreaming. I do a nose pinch and I'm still dreaming, woohoo. I see my window in front of me, the blinds are closed and the room is dark-ish, but a lot of white light is coming through the window. I decide to fly / phase out through the window. I take a few steps back (do another nose pinch to confirm I'm dreaming?) then run at the window and launch myself at it horizontally arms out in front of me. I move through the window, but very slowly, like it's made of some think liquid. I come out the other side...

    "FryingMan" bus, Red River Valley w/girl
    ... and I'm outside in daylight, there is a long white bus just in front of me, perpendicular to me, right its front to my right. There is blue/green-ish text along the side of the bus. It says "FryingMan <something something>", several times, and each time "FryingMan" is misspelled slightly, in a way that I find highly amusing and laugh out loud. Like, "FryingMauk" or "FryiAuMan", incorrect letters inserted into the middle of the word. I decide to board the bus. There are a couple of girls walking by and I take them along with me. We all sit down right next to the driver. I start singing "Red River Valley" with the girl closest to me. She's following my lead, as she doesn't know the words. I sing the raunchy "boy scout" version: "Then come sit on my face if you love me.....do not hasten to give me a screw....but remember the Red River Valley...and the cowboy who loved you so true." I'm watching her face while we're singing. I notice she has sharp little teeth, like a puppy. I'm "interacting" with the girl while we're singing (hand), there is a woman back behind us a bit to my left, she looks disapprovingly at the scene. I don't care and keep singing and "interacting".
    The scene fades and I'm really happy that I've had a great, long LD, first like that in a long time.
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