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    Epic! Where's Sensei? Stunning outdoor scene, bed-eject to the slide (twice), LDs #58, 59, 60

    by , 08-28-2014 at 07:23 AM (620 Views)
    Well this is what happened, none were "attempts" per se:

    I had 3 LDs last night, assisted by galantamine and Alpha-GPC.

    At 4am I took the supplements, along with a banana and a piece of rye bread for "dreaming fuel" (and to help get the 300mg alpha-gpc capsules down, those things are horse pills!)

    I spent the next 4 hours or so in a brain-busting battle to fall back asleep.

    The HI (only blobby shapes and colors) were bursting in front of my eyes like fireworks most the entire time -- if only I could get to sleep I knew those would be awesome dreams.

    My only goal was to get to sleep unconsciously and DILD.

    After about 4 hours (having been in bed for 8 hours) awake, both my hips were getting sore and distracting me (I'm a side sleeper), so I decided to try my back (I don't think I've fallen asleep on my back in years, but I was desperate not to have a wasted supplement night)

    At one point I think I had a near-WILD. I thought I saw before me a small portion of a concrete floor (I interpreted this to be the floor of a garage), it became a bit clearer, but stayed as within a black frame, which did not extend to fill my vision. I thought about rubbing my hands but it didn't seem that I had any dream hands yet, this vision of the concrete patch of floor stayed about 10 seconds and then faded away. I tried to relax and let it form but it just didn't turn into a dream.

    Later I found myself seated in a room and "felt" the dream feeling, I guess that was a start-of-dream DILD, I later flew through a stunningly beautiful dream landscape.

    I "woke up from" (transitioned out of) that DILD and was lying in bed on my back in darkness. I was thinking lightly of the awesome scene that ended that DILD, then all of a sudden:

    It felt like the foot of my bed was suddenly heaved 5 feet in the air, leaving the bed at a 45 or 60 degree angle with my head pointing down, and that I quickly shot out of my bed head-first on to a steep wide slide: head first (pointing down), on my back, going fast down this slide with no visuals. I was fully conscious and thought this was great fun and wondered when the dream was going to begin.

    After maybe 10-15 seconds of this I wondered if this was the dream, or merely a transition and I had to work to make a dream begin. I thought about turning over to my stomach, then I imagined I was in a dark room at the end of the slide, and cut my way out, and began the dream (I lost lucidity or forgot the lucidity, and was non-lucid at the finish of that dream).

    I found myself awake back in bed again on my back, and again in just a few seconds I experienced the SAME transition all over again: foot of bed raised up, I flew out headfirst on my back down the dark tunnel. I do not recall if I simply fell out of the tunnel into the dream or if I willed it, but I found myself in a courtyard and continued lucidly for a minute or so before waking and worked on recalling all 3 LDs and the non-lucid parts.

    As best as I can figure the two tunnel experiences were both DEILDs. I have never experienced anything like that and greatly look forward to it happening again as it was a real hoot.

    I'm wondering if the tunnel experience was a dream or just a transition (or "noise?"). It's conceivable they were FAs instead of DEILDs and it was all a single long dreaming sequence into and out of lucidity, but looking back it seems most like DEILDs.

    edit: I remembered: during one of the trips down the slide I very carefully lifted my dream hand to my dream nose and did a nose pinch, both arm and nose felt fairly insubstantial, not solid like in "full dream" -- proof that the tunnel wasn't just "noise?"

    Interested in any thoughts/comments about these experiences.

    And I'm wondering if it's possible to experience all this craziness without galantamine+choline. Maybe it just takes being awake for 4 hours starting in the middle of the night?



    + I appear in a room sitting at a desk in a chair, I suspect I'm dreaming, check the "dream feeling" for a few seconds, and decide yes, I'm dreaming. I rub my hands and look at them before standing up. I stand up and turn to the left, I feel sort of propelled forwards but I remember: slow down, engage, Sensei! I look around the room and notice a large, bright yellow stuffed pooh bear on the be to my left. I do not look as deeply as I want to my mind is not settling down. I remember Sensei, I go to the door ahead to my right and and look around the corner expecting to see him, nothing except some purple splotches briefly appear before my eyes. I call out "Cmon Sensei, buddy, let's get going!" Should I behind-the-back summon him? I decide to move on down the hallway which is out the door. I reach the next room to my right and enter it, the way is blocked by an office desk it looks like a very cluttered room, I turn to the right, walk around the desk and face the window and look out: I'm astounded at the bright vivid beauty out there: twig trees (no leaves) of brownish color, in a landscape extending into the distance. I decide to fly out and see it better. I fly out through the glass window effortlessly and am outside and I'm blown away: more real than waking, vivid, clear, beautiful landscape, maybe a city in the distance? I fly slowly through it for a few seconds before I "wake up".

    + I'm lying on my back in bed in the dark thinking about the beautiful scene I just lucidly visited, when suddenly the foot of my bed heaves up into the air and my bed is at a very sharp angle with my head pointing down, I eject/shoot out of bed onto some huge slide, I'm head-first on my back shooting down this slide and know this is a dream or a transition into one. It is a TRIP I'm whooping mentally (at least), HELL YEAH this is awesome. After about 10 seconds I wonder where the dream is, do I have to create it myself? I imagine myself in a dark box at the end of the slide and I should cut myself a hole with a light saber. I see a weak translucent thin beam waving around in front of me, I think about cutting a hole on my left side an enter into the dream and lose lucidity (or forget this part if I remained lucid). There are 4 main moments that I recall of this dream, it was fairly long with a number of diferent moments, I'm probably forgetting a lot:

    I'm in an outdoor courtyard there's a large table there I see an old TV there I push/pull the on/off knob a few times.

    I'm among a thick crowd of young people, mostly young women, we're standing at a door, it's a talent show, we can't go through the door because the show hasn't started, someone says there should be more guys here. I just want to get back to my table but I can't because people are blocking the door and I don't want to go through it prematurely. I'm getting anxious about getting through, I eventually decide to grab the door knob and go through the door, saying I just need to get back to my table. (Some announcer is announcing the show?)

    I'm walking/flying through obscure outdoor structures, I hear a female contestant start to sing, her voice is TERRIBLE she can't carry a tune, she's singing for 20 seconds or more.
    I see in the distance my wife scooting off to return to the table? I want to join her.

    I'm approaching a large outdoor field flying up in the air, there are a bunch of people on t he field, I think "Ronald Reagan was insane."

    + I'm on my back in bed in the dark, and before I can think of much of anything, I experience the raised-bed-slide ejection AGAIN exactly as I did before. This is freaking awesome! 3rd lucid! This time the slide ride is short, and I'm deposited into an open area inside a building made of reddish brown bricks everywhere. (semi-lucid) I feel compelled to offer my services, so I say "I can do security work, or entertainment work." I see a man standing in front of a medieval-looking curved-pointy-top door
    blogs/fryingman/attachments/7594-epic-wheres-sensei-stunning-outdoor-scene-bed-eject-slide-twice-lds-58-59-60-medieval_door_by_nub4sh.jpg and I'm lucid again and I ask him, "Show me the door leading to the beautiful naked teen girl!" He just stands there looking at me. Another man appears, and I ask him "Show me the door with the beautiful naked teen girl, NO, GROUP of teen girls!" He asks me, "what age range do you want, 20-18?" I say yes that will do, I'm anticipating it and getting very excited and I wake up with an elevated heart rate.

    Spoiler for NSFW, 18+:

    I realize I don't remember much about the 2nd LD, and decide it was mostly non-lucid after exiting the slide/tunnel. I know I had 3 LDs and the first is not immediately on my mind I'm getting nervous that I forgot it but then it comes back to me, whew! I decide the 2 bed-ejection LDs were DEILDs (later decided they were FAs after some feedback from Sageous).

    Trying to get back to sleep. Awake an hour? At some point it's 10:00?

    + I'm in a hardware store looking at a small device hung on a hook on the wall. It's a small batter-operated device and I want to place a battery I'm holding into it and watch it work. A store clerk walk up behind me and says something like "if you touch it you buy it" I wait for him to leave and continue my examination. I'm looking deeply into this device it is a battery of some sort, there is inside of it an odometer-like counter on value "75" or so. I reach for the reset button and the counter goes to zero, I flip a little activation switch and it starts working, I see the numbers on the meter start to increase again. I turn it over and there's a little toy train that starts moving forwards and backwards.

    I look up and I see a young boy watching me pointing something at me (a camera? Looks like a pen?), I turn away from him because I didn't want to be observed, and realize I know him and look back at him, then a middle-aged woman is there and I recognize her she is his mother, she looks older, we start talking about something, I know her from the homeschooling park event. I say I didn't recognize them at first.

    12:30 final waking, I had more dreams! Unaware and non-lucid though

    + I hear a group inside ribbing some girl, they say "You don't live in <my city>, you live in BORING-VILLE!" I arrive at a room they were waiting for me the tell that to a girl. I had been in the room earlier, I was outside picking something up (whiskey?) There was more here, forgot it.

    + young disadvantaged black boys were given hot dogs which they decorated with toothpicks and played pretend-airplane-dogfights with these toothpick-hotdog-airplanes. The man who gave them the hot dogs showed them a video about fighter plane dogfighting, he used to be a pilot. The boys were supposed to line up, raise their right hand ,and the man rhythmically placed the hot dogs into their hands (in buns) and shoot the hot dog forwards. I see several of the "planes" they're bristling with toothpicks. Two boys are playing fighter pilot, one says "turn right 3 degrees!" and makes "boy noise" machine gun sounds, I see a toothpick sticking forwards like a forwards gun.

    The man went into the house and came out with a curious twirly pencil device. It was a pencil with with two broken match sticks placed half-way up broken 90-degrees and placed so that they were little rocket motors propelling the pencil around and around in a fast circle balanced on its eraser on the ground like a top. I thought this was awesome.

    Then I'm standing at the back of a car with a few other guys and we're looking with great interest at the registration sticker on the back license plate in the upper-left-hand corner of the plate. We're looking at the numbers, and there's a transparent stick plastic film over the sticker and we (I?) peel this off and put it back on. I suspect this sticker is illegal. We're talking about the numbers. It's something like "243" with a small subscript 3 at the end.

    I'm under the back of this car on the ground trying to reach for something. I feel a spot of wetness on my shorts on my leg like in a pool of water. I think of some explanation (my girlfriend dropped something and i was looking for it) to give in case the owner of the car comes back and finds me in this position.
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Congrats on the LDs FM!! I laughing at the whole exchange:

      "Show me the door with the beautiful naked teen girl, NO, GROUP of teen girls!" He asks me, "what age range do you want, 20-18?"
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    2. fogelbise's Avatar
      I forgot to mention...whether they were DEILD's or FA's - great job maintaining your lucidity into them!! You will see many an FA fool me. One thing that seems to stick in my noggin a little better lately though is that even though the dream seems to be ending - it isn't necessarily so!
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    3. FryingMan's Avatar
      Thanks. Kind of hard though to mistake being ejected head-first out of bed as a normal waking . Man that was awesome.

      Yes, those FAs are tricky, and a lucid dream ending is not always a dream ending, that calls for increased vigilance no doubt.

      Ah, if only he had opened that door....
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    4. fogelbise's Avatar
      Doh! I forgot about the great hints you got! As I was reading it I was wishing I had more transitions like that!