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    1. 2016-02-20 very vivid and present, epic-level non-lucids, early, too

      by , 02-20-2016 at 01:20 PM
      + tennis with the (tennis) stars: I want to play them too but I end up collecting the balls for them, good deal for them they get to play and I end up chasing the balls. At first just a few, then a torrent of balls from out of their pockets.

      We go to the corner (of TV park? by the bike rack) and eat: I rise off a bowl of tortilla chips and pour out the water and put it down for everyone to eat

      The tennis is happening also in a room of a small house/cabin. A guy comes pounding on the door and gets upset when I don't answer it right away.

      + (maybe follow up scene of above dream) my son is talking to people outside of his bedroom window, he opens it widely and leans out. I want to see who he's talking to, so I climb up and lean out, too. There is a HUGE crowd of English-speaking tourists walking by, most college student age. They're sort of mulling around outside the window on the sidewalk and the street, about 100 people at least. I'm thinking I should offer them tourist suggestions, but I can't think of anything to say. My son is saying that the sports here is not worth watching but I say no that's crap, they should definitely go to a (tennis?) sports event.

      + I find myself (waking up?) lying with my head right on the edge of an extremely tall structure of some kind. My gaze looks out over the edge and down to sparkling water very far below. That fall would definitely kill you. I check back a few times and every time I get a very strong feeling of vertigo, I notice that where I am is far above even the mountains that surround the large body of water. I think I need to get down. I start sliding down, it's like a massive inflated kids' jumping palace. On the second slide down the structure begin deflating. I'm getting closer to the ground, but the maintenance guys who are deflating the structure say "too late, you should have gotten off earlier, now you'll have to wait until 4:30am in order to get off." I think I won't have to wait since I'm so close to the ground (water?).

      We're getting on a train ride with little cars filled with wool on the bottom (live sheep?), we're heading to the ghost town.

      + in the airport, in a hurry, choosing which goggles to use. Outdoors watch the launch of an air-ship (it looks like an old-time ocean schooner). sabotage/line, ships plummets out of the sky and hits the ground in a second, all the people on board bounce up from the shock in to the air and back down onto the ship, many are killed.

      The guy (young blonde boy?) who did the sabotage is then opening some (small plane?) with two young people lying down lengthwise in the tube, a guy and a girl? The bad guy (shoots a poison dart?) and one of the young people dies, looks very dead.

      I'm in a house, I walk by a hallway table where I see a bunch of packages/papers addressed to me. I clearly recognize my mother's handwriting (in pink). They're frantically searching for me. They've left their phone number as "130", which I "recognize" as the local emergency number. Why would they do that and not be here? I have a sense of dread that I need to get out of here as soon as possible, this is not my house, maybe it's the poisoning boy. My work laptop is here and I want to get it, I'm not even fully dressed but I sense that I must get out right now.

      Then the little blonde boy comes in and I'm dodging tiny little poison darts (that look like dental GUM sticks). I run for the front door, I go through one door then reach the front door, it's locked. The front wall of the house is a glass wall [DREAM SIGN]. There is a large force outside, many cars, here to take down the evil boy. I'm running along the glass wall to the right, trying to think of some way to break out. I think the people outside can easily break through with one of their cars. I see some people outside and I'm trying to sign/gesture communicate to them to break the glass. I write out the letters to "Break the glass" with my finger on the glass using backwards lettering so they can "read" it.

      They do bring a car and break the glass but it's in an area that already had a few doors to the outside, I say "well I feel stupid" for not noticing them. Then I and my rescuers are in a little floral garden (with posters of watermelons?), they're critiquing the esthetics of the garden, saying it's typical of that boy.


      + running to car in parking lot with laptop, convertible the top is down I'm evading some (bad guys?), throw the laptop in the back and think I'll raise the roof automatically. Can't get out of the parking lot because I must pay the attendant $41.50, trying to get change right with the attendant and the machine.

      + Some kind of intervention meeting. The subject is some wild hippy old guy who's approaching and singing some kind of nonsense song. girl with swirly pink birthmark skin all over. people slowly file out. I lie down next to the girl, my head next to hers, and I massage her scalp with my fingers, she says she likes that. There is a bed there and the girl is on it now, I check out to the hallway there is an older man there who heads down the stairs, leaving us along. I decide to have some fun with the girl who is still on the bed
      Spoiler for kind of sexy-time:

      + outside with a dark-skinned girl. She's swinging something around like a whip and I (help?) her. I'm walking with her and I'm feeling attracted to her. I'm standing close, should I move to kiss her? She tells me something and touches my arm with her hand while doing so. I should definitely kiss her! But she moves to return to where we came from and the moment is lost, and I follow her there.

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    2. 2016-02-17 LD#176 clear night scene, lightsaber fight, sexy time w/hot blonde; strange conflict;

      by , 02-17-2016 at 09:14 AM
      to bed late (not by choice), ~1am

      + team-based conflict. Sabotage: one guy used an incendiary clicking device to attempt to ignite the underground gas lines via the electrical outlets and blow up several city blocks. "You can't escape" he called out. I ran anyway. Through a door, a guy far stronger than me was pursuing, but I had prepared a small pitch-fork just outside the door and picked it up and stabbed him putting him on the ground, and I called for reinforcements and they beat him up on the ground.

      + (f) returning to the cages, a tiny (female?) dog had been rewarded and entered the cage of my old dog "L". L came along later?

      alarm @ 5.5 hrs, very tired, got family member up, back to bed. Alarms are terrible for recall. I had to reach to remember the above.

      eventually summoned the will to stop following random thought chains and implement my Back To Sleep Mojo (tm) with the intent of lucid dreams. It worked again

      BTS mojo: start with deep breathing. Totally relax and let go of everything: tension, thoughts, all trying and effort. There is a very special "sinking" feeling for a moment at the end of a long exhale when you successfully let go of tension and start to sink deeper. What I do then is try to hold on to that "deep sinking" feeling, including during inhales and exhales. While breathing, I sometimes imagine I'm breathing through my "3rd eye" in the middle of my forehead. Breathing in dream energy and breathing out tension and thoughts. HI may begin during this time. Try not to focus on them, but simply remain lightly aware of them.

      + I'm walking outside in an apartment complex (small, 2 story) in between buildings. It is dark (early morning I think). I hear a sound to the left and look up and see a man through a large sliding glass door [DREAM SIGN], he's doing remodeling in his apartment. He's using a scraper on the glass door, and it's really squeaky and noisy, I think it's rude to be doing that at this early hour, it could bother the neighbors.

      The building on the right of me also has a glass wall on the 2nd floor apartment, I know there's a woman in there I'd like to sneak a peek at. I'm staying below the window and trying to remain unseen. (The light comes on?) I sense she's walking around in her robe. I hide under the overhang, and her legs in the reflection of the glass via a building to the left. I think that means she may be able to see me, too.

      At one point my wife comes out and I try to hide but she sees me, she's in her bathing suit I guess she's going for a swim/sauna, but she doesn't suspect me.

      LD#176 (2/10 goal for LDs for remainder of Feb)
      I felt sure I was waking lucid in "my room" in the dark. The room seemed right. I sit up on the side of my bed, and notice vague bits of furniture about, including an alarm clock? [false]. I have a small bit of trouble maneuvering out of bed, but made it OK. Decided to head outside and fly into the night sky and explore the city at night and have fun. Pretty high awareness, and very clear. I get outside and look up at the sky. I think the stars were "beautiful" but in retrospect they were pixelated like computer graphics, and the sky was rather gray not black. The stars were swirling around the sky a bit, interesting. I went to take off flying into the sky and I hear suddenly and unexpectedly a very creepy male voice behind me that startled me and freaked me out a bit, he barked out some statement that I didn't understand. I took off and looked behind me and very very clear and vividly saw two guys on top of the roof of a building. I circled around to go fight them. summoned my lightsaber in to my hand, at first it was the size of a pen with tiny little bumps on each end like a miniature dumbbell from the gym. I reached over with my right hand and "pulled" it which extended it, at first too large, then pushed back a bit and got it to be the perfect size. landed, hit the "on" button expecting awesome sound and visuals (but they were kind of weak like usual), and started fighting. There were several opponents and more coming it seems. Tried force lightning on a 3rd guy who came on me from the right: extended my right arm straight and made a "claw" with my fingers, but managed only a few sparks at best. impaled several guys with the blade at close distance with lunges, one in the chest, one in the face. several good swipes, but just not the vivid blade and effects that I want. There was a bit of resistance to swinging the blade, like swinging a sword in water.
      I'm losing the fight, they're getting their attacks in close to me. The main opponent almost got a swing (he had a lightsaber too I think) to land on me, I had to sacrifice my saber to block it and then jumped backwards off of a pier to escape. In the distance in the water some people are standing on a platform.
      I climb back up on to the pier a bit away from the fight and look at who's here. It's sort of an open area, looks like a party is going on. Right in front of me, my attention is grabbed right away by a lovely blonde woman in a sexy, revealing, white evening dress. Her hair is in a medium-length braid down her back, and her right side is facing me.

      Spoiler for sexy time, explicit:
      the dream fades.
      lucid , memorable , side notes
    3. 2015-02-15 LD#174 Tsunami/call; epic "Sand Castle" farm; mini-car; garden bees; waffle wrap; boy;

      by , 02-15-2016 at 12:34 PM
      + [EPIC!] "Sand Castle" farm

      standing in fields, looking in to the main building, I choose 2nd floor office with great view of the fields as my office.

      officers come by, they run off to catch a deer, they identify its breed

      walk into office, odd lock on door, ceiling falling in sharp heavy glass everywhere, very dangerous almost trapped and cut to shreds. Boy this place needs work, extremely shabby. We spent over $300,000 on this place.

      wake up in bed, my body is covered with red spots like mosquito bites. This place is infested obviously.

      The place is called Sand Castle by the locals in a derogatory way, because the soil is poor and sandy. If it was put on the market, it would get no offers for months. We won't get our money back.

      we become a couple's destination retreat for gay black men speed-walking marathoners. There's a competition held, it involves a huge slide on the course and someone must judge, I jump down this slide and end up by the pool. see couples walking, tents all around the place. This is how we're going to save the farm, and I tell somebody about this.

      pool: I see fish in the clear water [DREAM SIGN!], an owl dives in to pick up and eat a dead pigeon lying on the right side of the pool. There's a salt-water flatfish (like a sole) on the bottom, who put that there? There are other fish around. My work manager set up a low sun-blocking shade on the left back corner of the pool area.

      go investigate the land, craggy and rocky, tall excavated almost-cave. Inside smaller cave, there is an ancient line marking the passage of the sun. pick up the fence, looks better now. I find the spoon from my boy scout fork/spoon/knife kit, but a small boy wants it and takes it.

      the passport inspectors come and my sister and brother in law watch how the immigration officers in this country check out my passport and residency document
      wake, amazed at this long vivid epic dream. recall it for a while. eventually gather the will to apply my "fall asleep fast" approach. more dreams follow

      + mini-car
      There is a small red sports car, a man is driving it. He is a jerk, he's knocking people out of his way on the path, he's zipping around twisting mountainous paths. On the back of the car are the words written "range; 10 minutes on a charge." I think that's a pretty useless electric range and say so, have a discussion about how this could be used: maybe it'll help you reach the gas station if you're out of gas, or maybe if you take this little car with you on a road trip on a tailer (it's really small, so that's quite possible), it's enough of a charge to get you to a store and back. It's practically the size of a child's push-pedal car.

      + garden bees
      Down on the steps leading to my childhood home's back yard, I see that there are about 6 large circular planters arranged on the left side of the garden by the fish pond. I'm looking at them and I see that they're messing up the grass. I'm walking among them, and I think that they've been put over the place where I had planted mint [false] last year, I can't find the mind, there are some leafy plants growing, though. I should have put stakes where I planted the mint so I'd know where to look. I'm lying now on the grass with my head towards the right end of the yard, looking at the various flowering bushes growing on the left edge. One bush has a few grapes growing on it, "good, I could eat those before they're gone" I think. There are bees buzzing all around the flowery bush with the grapes. Some of them are on my shirt, a few on my stomach and a few on my chest. I brush them away but am concerned that they'll get aggressive. One of them flies into my ear and starts buzzing like crazy and I start shaking my head like crazy to get it out and I wake up.

      + waffle wrap
      I'm with my wife outside on a sidewalk doing something. I "remember" [false] inside there are tasty marzipan cakes available at a counter. I go inside and ask the girl at the counter but there are no more left. There is a man at the counter perpendicular to hers who starts offering me things. I have trouble understanding him perfectly, he's speaking a foreign language. He switches to English, and this surprises me [missed it!]. My wife is offended at his speaking English and leaves me on my own. I wonder how I'll get the order right myself. One of the things he offers is a waffle wrap with syrup, and sun-dried tomatoes on the inside. I decide I might as well get this.

      + boy with the hair, deja vu
      I'm in some public place and spot a boy I recognize. He has blonde and multi-colored dyed hair. He tells me about the situation he witnessed with me and some friends before, where one guy behaved very badly. I "remember" the scenario [false, probably]. Something with my wife correcting my pronunciation.

      + LD#174 Tsunami / call another planet ToTM Feb 2016 Advanced (i)
      In my childhood home, looking out at the view of the bay below. The water is in very close. All of a sudden, the water pulls far back very quickly. I recognize this as the sign of an approaching tsunami. I go running around the house screaming for my family to all get out immediately, stop what you're doing and run out and let's drive away! I'm running around and go up to the 2nd floor, into my old bedroom and look out the window. The scene is quiet and tranquil, the city lights are flickering in the distance and everything looks normal. Hmm. Is everything OK now, or is the tsunami still coming? I decide to fly out to sea and check if I can see a tsunami coming.

      I wonder if I'll be able to fly. I'll try to fly out the window to make sure. Maybe I'll just fall flat on my face. But if I can fly, I'll be dreaming. I feel entirely awake but am open to the possibility that I can fly [DREAM SIGN]. I take a few steps back and do a quick running take-off. Am I going to fall on my face? No, I'm floating towards the window now, slowly. I pull myself through the blinds and continue flying, slowly, I do a "superman with a go-pro" first-thrust to gain speed.

      I realize I'm dreaming, and I can do anything. There are people floating in the sky with me. I do a quick "B.E. S.T.R.O.N.G." just-got-lucid ritual, really rushing and missing most, remembering goals. Remember ToTM and call another planet, I decide to do this one.

      I decide I will summon my phone by doing by feel-only all the same gestures I perform in waking life: I reach down with my hands and lift up the flap of the pocket in my waist bag where I keep my phone. I pull the zipper open. I reach in with my thumb and forefinger expecting to feel the side of my phone, and I do! It feels completely like how it feels when I take out my phone when awake. I bring it up before my face and tap/push the button on it. Beforehand I decided I'd use an imaginary "voice activated calling" feature to avoid troubles with dream-dialing. "Call to another planet!" Just a ring or two and then an answer. I say "Hello! Please tell me your name and the name of your planet!". I hear the guy's voice clearly. Sounds like a young man, early 20's, with a wise-ass sarcastic tone. I understand him perfectly, he's speaking clear English. The planet was named (memory not perfect here) "Abbu Wabbe" or "Arab World", and his name was "Defeated Terrorist." He apparently really hated Arabs. At this point I was flying over the bridge and looked down and said "well, I bet there were Arabs on the bridge when the tsunami hit it, you're probably happy about that?" I then saw a replay of the tsunami hitting the bridge, it was just tall enough to hit the roadway, I thought it would be taller. It really smacked in hard and knocked everything/everybody off. I wanted to confirm the planet name and the guy's name, so I called back again using voice activation. I say "Hey, it's me again. Did you say your name was Defeated Terrorist of Defeater of Terrorists?" Another guy says "Oh, sorry, he went to lunch."

      At this point I'm probably losing lucidity, and see the remains of a nice-looking lunch of some acquaintences seated at the table next to me, some young boys who say "I hope he calls again." I pick up a single small bit of bacon from his plate and eat it, it's delicious...and wake up
    4. 2015-02-14 and -13: vivid, present, alternate life level dreams. Long nights, tons of detail

      by , 02-15-2016 at 12:10 PM
      rough notes for now, wanted to get them down before I forgot them.


      obama (signature, mom loved him) putin "tried to kill" sharp bbs (bat them away) he looks angry ("didn't I try to kill you?") poured 1-inch of scotch, "thank you, vladimir vladimirovich " (shake hands) for this awesome party

      cousins, secret KFC taste small piece on tongs tastes really good and beefy, put the piece back, cousins (Karen?) with red marks on skin. talking about the green path through the low school buildings

      sliding down the road/path on snow, running competition with guy who pulls ahead (replay?), pile of things in the way
      in area climbing over fences with girl, get frisky with her "No, I've never done that before!" she says

      Indoors and old woman starts wheezing in a really weird way, she collapses to the floor her legs splay all over the place she's practically naked

      Christmas tree, turn it around this is the brown side, it's in the way so we push it up against the wall

      PZ is dead in a body bag, returned to the house we're going to have to do the rest of the burial ourselves, my wife is mourning, but I see movement and realize PZ is not dead, and keep waiting for my wife to notice

      At TZ's birthday party. In a room of a house, close the opening because the little girl is scared?

      I create a computer animation of patterns on a screen, I step back to watch it it's amazing, I start seeing things appear like breasts and phalluses and faces in the patterns.


      bridge, PaJe and drunken wife, in car at top of Mar. with Gal. driving car gets in accident, group says luckily nobody got hurt

      bus to work

      visit friends house large house open fields, fawcet, offer work, decline, give lunch, it's a watery bowl of "soup" with one tiny piece of rubbery liverwurst,
      go to restaurant "why? because you gave me a bowl of water"
      walk through several Mexican places, think "I've had enough of this, I should get pad thai"
      but go into another mexican place with chili and order some

      driving somewhere it all goes dark, look back behind me for the entrance, confused, how did I get here, I feel myself pulled into the side of the darkness
      wake in bed with two girls: SB, and another one. Get up, open the doors to the next room, 3 kittens run in and hop on the bed, one jumps up at least 1 meter in the air with splayed legs and plops on the bed, I must have been feeling cats in the bed in that dark place earlier.
      SB asks me about work again, I say I can only contribute on weekends, she gets upset and says that's not good enough, she may have to hire "Luke".
      outside, SB and I have made love (details forgotten), I see 2nd girl walking suggestively on her hands and knees away from me in a skin-tight leotard looking amazingly hot, especially her a$$. I follow her and we're then lying on the sand naked and I'm getting a BJ from her and I move to get into a 69 and the scene transitions?
      Now I have both girls smitten with me, this will be trouble. I see 2nd girl again, she is holding a bottle of wine and smiling at me, saying "This is for later." What shall I say? I don't want to hurt her, so I say "that's great!" I see SB watching us through an opening in the wall.
      SB is mad, we're moving to sit down on a bench outdoors, I lean forwards and look back at the bench I'm about to sit on through my legs, and I see up SB's skirt while she sits down. I sit down and put my arm around her.
      Back in SB's bedroom, we're getting up from bed and I tell her "you should go ahead and just hire Luke." We're throwing the blankets back on the bed. She has a buddhist shrine across from her bed. I display my "yoga sklils" and am trying to do some odd position which is like a half-handstand with my head down, hands on floor, arms bend 90 degrees at elbow, and I'm trying to place my knees on top of my arms (the part which is horizontal to the floor). I'm looking for a good spot to do this, I see a corner on the wall but I don't want to fall into the wall. The floor is carpeted.

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    5. 2016-01-24 two fantastic epics, one very long, interesting & sexy, 2nd one really fun/adventure plot

      by , 01-24-2016 at 10:40 AM
      Very tired from exercise in the day, but want to insure good solid sleep tonight as I have an early morning appointment.
      about 10:00pm: capful of valerian extract in water
      bedtime: 10:30pm, 1mg melatonin for sleep

      + (f) climbing/jumping down stair path
      I'm climbing over railings and jumping down long a path heading downhill outside in daylight. As I land with my feet I'm concerned about the weight my legs must support as I land.

      + epic!
      walking outside past store fronts on urban street, notice the design of the store fronts near the ground is very art-deco, San Francisco-like, the materials, designs and the colors.

      enter (my?) school building . they're cleaning the steps, must avoid the wet part, walking through corridors that go up and down stairs, I want to find the exit because I never could remember the way out from this side (far side from the entrance) of the building. There's a guy there I don't like, I'm becoming concerned/leery of him. Exit is through ladders leading down scaffolding. Guy is following me. I leap/slide down the ladders, heading down very fast. In massive area like a huge hanger, high up on scaffolding/ladder/walkways, I'm flying/jumping down from walkway to walkway, and take a huge leap towards the ground. I'm concerned a bit about legs on landing but they're fine.

      I land on ground finally and there are piles of things on display scattered all over the place. I see a motorcycle(?). There are pallets of books, I see the covers with writing on them but don't pay them much more attention. I'm with some friend now and say "hey, why don't you take a book?" He does and then a security guy runs out of a building and after him, the stuff was being watched after all. "Put it back! Put it back!" I yell at my friend. Later on walking forwards my friend (now BF MR) picks up a giant hollow molded plastic Halloween figure from an outside display, a dwarf wielding a huge battle axe in a two-handed overhead strike, and strikes the axe on to the ground several times. Each time the axe head hits the ground the figure plays a recording of the dwarf saying something really funny. An exasperated security guy is chasing my friend to return the figure.

      I'm walking through a crowd of people near a club. A very excited/hyper man walks up to me and hands me two small spheres, each about 1 1/2 inches in diameter, partially transparent. There's a button on each sphere(?). There are two short words written on opposite sides of each sphere ("in", "out"?), which represents the name of a famous TV show. Inside the club, the personality from the show is hanging out/ giving a presentation. If you hand him one of these spheres, he will hand you back his business card. I wondered what the point was of accumulating multiple of this guy's business cards but didn't ask. I look inside the club and see the personality, half-recognizing him up on a stage speaking with people around him. The club is really crowded and I think simultaneously I could go in and rub up against women, but I'm concerned that with so many people I might be pick pocketed.

      I'm sitting inside the club in a cozy corner with some people. Everyone is sitting in a comfy armchair or a couch, and we're talking. Across from me I notice a very flamboyant woman. She's a bit overweight, not extremely pretty, but she's very drunk and acting fairly wildly, speaking and gesturing around. I noticed mostly her hair: she had *huge* blonde hair. Even though I wasn't very attracted to her, I found myself imagining what it would be like to make love to her, with my arms wrapped around her with my hands on the back of her head, with that hair cascading all around me, my arms and hands, I think it would feel amazing. A small guy (in a purple outfit?) who had been earlier sitting to my right sneaks into the armchair next to/underneath the blonde haired woman and I think he's so fragile that she may squish him.

      I'm now standing in the middle of the club. A dance is about to begin. There are people all around. I'm standing next to a really hot girl in a yellow wrap-around tight dress standing up against a railing.
      Spoiler for explicit sexy time:

      Outside the club, it's dark and I'm walking in between buildings, there are gatherings of scary gangs of burly, rough men and I'm skirting them to avoid them. I emerge out on to a street and up ahead of me I see/hear the fast firing of heavy missiles into the sky. The sky is filled with brown billowing smoke where they launched and I can't see anything in/beyond the smoke. Someone says they "fired them towards Dallas." I expect some return fire but can't see any missiles returning through the smoke.

      Crashing the ballerina party, hunt for a bed/privacy:
      I see down a driveway to my right an open door and inside the house is a pack (1-2 dozen) of petite ballerinas, each wearing a white, frilly tutu. I'm instantly drawn towards them and enter inside. I lean/squat down and take one into my arms and say "Happy New Year!" and kiss her. I get a bit of a kiss back then she pulls away and looks shocked/surprised. I move to another and do the same, say "Happy New Year!" and give her a kiss, she kisses back but she's hesitant. They're moving away from me now. I find another girl and say "Happy New Year!" and kiss her, but this time she's enthusiastic and asks "can we go to bed?" Woohoo, I think, she's both willing *and* eager, she's inexperienced I think but has heard that it's best to make out in bed. The search for a bed begins. This house is super crowded, there are tons of people in every room I look in to. We walk through multiple living rooms,
      Spoiler for explitict sexy subject:

      but there are people everywhere. We come upon a small den and look inside, it's rectangular shaped with a little kitchenette/burner on the left wall. It would be a good place except that there is one man standing inside. He's saying that this is a good place to come after emerging from the (bomb shelter/basement?) around the corner. Ah, ha, that sounds like the place for us. I go around the corner and see a doorway expecting some down stairs but there are no stairs, just a room on the same level. We enter this room and it's deserted, with a (work table?) bed-cot like thing further inside the room, perfect, finally! We go to it and I see it is more of a medical table made from bright treen car tires/rubber. I jump up and straddle the table, adjusting a platform to make it more bed like, and wait for my friend to join me. But then more people enter the room, young guys, and someone is saying "There's a guy walking around here with a fake German driver's license!" I think they're referring to me crashing the party and kissing the girls, but I know nothing about a license so am confused. One guy is staring at me with a goofy big grin on his face, like he knows I'm the one they're talking about and has caught me.

      wake: ~ 07:00
      alarm set for ~ 08:00
      reviewing awesome dream, trying to get to sleep, alarm hits, I've been awake for an hour.
      decide not to get up for appointment, try to sleep/dream some more

      dream period #2:

      + jaguar/leopard attacks me in CH parent's room on the carpet between bed and sliding glass door to deck. deja vu, this happened before? It is on the bed I am on the ground. I hold it off by sticking my forearm into its mouth, while I look for a pen on my dad's desk to stab it in the head, I wonder if its skull is too hard to penetrate.

      + in small cabin, there's a ghost here I think. See two small doll/action figure hands on table. I think the ghost will animate them and it does
      Spoiler for sexy time:

      + in a friend's house. The wife is in the kitchen. Two small dark haired boys are playing in the living room. One is about 3-4, one is about 1-2. I reach down and pick up the 3-4 year old, it's been so long since I held a child in my arms! Boy he is heavy, I say so, the wife says "yeah he's about 40kg". I see the smaller boy by the sliding glass door [dreamsign] leading out to the garden. I take the older boy and lie on the carpet and look out of the window to the garden. The wife (or my wife) was talking about the vegetables growing there, including peppers. There is a bench with a pack of bananas on it, I know this is just sitting there, but I tease the boy and ask him if there is a banana tree in the yard? Then I point out the rows of pepper plants. A bunch of pale green bell peppers are growing there, I see them clearly.

      + semi-epic
      Arrive to place where ancient high-tech civilization had been, but now is maintained by current-day people who do not understand the earlier technology but keep guard over it.

      I walk among the area where the capsules are located. I know that they are fountain-of-youth capsules. They are embedded in the ground, which is slightly sloping downwards, made of a smooth black glass-like material. The capsules are aligned parallel to each other, with the foot pointing down the slope. There are some active capsules, with green indicator lights shining which I believe means that the capsules are functional.

      I walk to a corridor nearby and encounter a female "friend" who is I think middle-aged. I tell her about the capsules, and that we can become young and healthy again by using them. I go back to a capsule and open it. Inside I see hundreds of small lights (like small Christmas tee lights) arranged in rows and arrays of rows. I also see a pack of razor blades in the cover: the only thing you have to provide these capsules in order for them to function is razor blades and (something else). I want to try out the capsule's fountain-of-youth and health feature, but it's so old and inactive for so long that I'm concerned it may only 1/2 work and what would be the result of that?

      I return to the corner hallway nearby, and my attention is grabbed by something in the corner, I look up and see a (naked?) girl on the top bunk of a bunk bed, she's holding herself in the top corner of the room like spider-man in the corner of the walls and ceiling. I "remember" that I saw her there before. There's another girl with her, and I ask who she is, and the answer comes "her groupie."

      I encounter my female friend again, she's standing right in front of me and I'm staring at her face. Something is different, I think she's used the fountain-of-youth capsule! I tell her "I detect a new vitality about you" I'm really studying her face trying to decide if she looks young, I decide she is.

      Then the guardians of the capsules are after us, we must escape! A rescue force is waiting for us but we have to distinguish ourselves from the guardians so our force doesn't attack us. Someone decides we should hold skis in our hands to distinguish ourselves. I think "is that going to be bulky and heavy?" There are skis leaning against a corner, and I see that there are small child skis there too, with poles, so I pick up a pair which turns out to be very colorfully decorated with which (3-4 inch) stripes of different colors completely covering the top of the ski. I ask "will this be OK?"

      I still want to use the capsules! There are guardians there, I go back towards the capsules but am blocked by the guardians. One is female who is saying "he wants to come and use it!". I think I'll never get to use it.

      finally out of bed: 11:00

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    6. 2016-01-20 LD#167 ToTM gravity change DC; epics: the house/soccer field, houses/woman/train; more

      by , 01-20-2016 at 09:48 AM
      Another "ANA" like night. This time influenced by Jamie Alexander's ebooks: "Lucid Dreaming on Command" and "Meditation For Lucid Dreaming". The main thing about his approach is to focus your awareness in your head, forget your body, and "go deeper, let go." I choose his recommendation to focus awareness on HI.

      I felt this is a lot like what dolphin does, staring at the back of his eyelids and waiting for FAs/dreams to appear.

      The first half of the night seemed to take forever before dreams began. I may have been aware in NREM because at one point I moved on to my back and when I felt entirely aware, my wife told me that I was snoring which woke me up and I thought that was strange because I hadn't felt that I was snoring.

      I kept trying to fall asleep to watching my HI and letting go/relaxing. Then the dreams started. Ordering not clear.

      + I'm on my way to get lunch, maybe I'll get pad thai. I encounter a (Round Table?) pizza place and go in, I'd love me some Kind Arthur Supreme! They have a buffet lunch going. I'm skeptical because I want the KAS, but I head that way. "Don't worry, " the cooks say, "we've made plenty of pizza for the buffet." I indeed see large circular clear containers full of pizzas stacked one on top of another.

      + semi-epic?
      I'm watching some presentation. A woman is talking about a piece of real-estate. She's trying to conceal her location, i see location on address on street, I know where this is [false]. House is large, 3 rich families live there. Look for a long time at the column marking the left front corner of the property, it's being reconstructed/rebuild? Around right front corner to side, the buildings are huge, right now just construction skeletons with girders. They're like 100 yards long, the size of a football field, what would be in there, a gym?
      Then my team is playing on the ground level under the construction, it's a soccer field. I stand back and watch for a while, we're scoring goals, they're making good kicks, too. Then I run forwards and start participating. It's not all that easy for me to run, like I'm overweight. We make a run for the goal, and I try to kick but my kick is weak, it's not a soccer ball but instead some small colorful triangle things (paper?). I kick to my teammate, and we make 3 goals like that in a row with me assisting. At one point the goalie is grad school classmate KA, then he's on my team and we're scoring a goal together.

      Enter a restaurant with my team. We're seated at a table. 3 out of 4 of my teammates are overweight.

      + semi-epic
      I'm walking among and looking closely at suburban houses. I recommended a painter to some friends and I'm looking at the results [false]. I observe the colors: deep, grayish blue main building, sometimes an odd variant of raspberry/mauve, very dreamy colors. These painters always do a great and careful job. I'm in the carport of one such house and notice that they've painted the foundation a different color (this one is the blue/gray house with a reddish/pink foundation). They've painted a slightly uneven line between the house and the foundation, but that is because the foundation is bumpy concrete so the uneven line blends in to the texture of the house.

      I pull myself up to look over the the roof and get a quick glimpse in a neighboring yard of a large fluffy dog.

      I then climb fully on to the roof and launch into the air and fly. I gain some altitude, to avoid the dog in the next yard. The dog is barking/jumping at me as I fly over. The dog jumps at me and falls off the roof into the garden. I'm hovering/circling about 30-40 feet in the air, a girl is walking below me, she has notes for me, she's upset about the dog falling off the ceiling. There are letters stuffed in between the pages of books. The girl is my daughter?

      Down on the ground I enter the house. There is a woman and a boy there seated at a table. I get a close up view of her right eye. It is strange. She has parallel vertical age lines above and below her eye on her forehead and her cheek:


      I think this is unattractive. Then I notice her skin on her shoulder and chest. It is exposed (no shirt) and colored reddish-orange and of a very strange texture: the skin is pulled and cut into regular rectangular arrays of flaps about 1/8inch wide that stick up in the air about 1/4 inch. Her entire upper body is covered with these arrays of skin flaps. I notice a wrinkly nipple. The whole thing is a very odd and fairly repulsive sight.

      Our team push starts a train. push hard, run to catch it, jump on. The woman train inspector may catch us. We've been riding around like this for a long time (is the track circular, how can we do that?) Uh oh here comes a end-of-track barrier, we're going fast, brace for impact, we plow through the barrier with no problems, and land in a cushion zone made for cases like this, with large slats of wood and piles of sand. There is a house for sale beyond this area?

      Something odd like a guy opening his mouth around the for-sale sign (?) and indicating that the other guys should stick in their (ahem)s? It's a joke.

      + traveling through town, looking for ice cream/yogurt, some places catch my attention, I go into one. At the counter/register there is a light on the left that indicates you can place an ice cream order, and on the right that you can place a yogurt order. The ice cream light goes off and I try to communicate with the servers but they speak a different language. I go walking around the large store. I see people sitting in booths. Up ahead there are some large, fat, nudist women (lesbians?) sitting in a hallway booth. I walk by them trying to avoid looking at them. Around a corner there is a large room off to the side, with a male rock band and some female groupies.

      + (f) I follow into my jr hs best friend DD's house, his father is there, we're there with friends, we start discussing world history. Something about my dad? Sewer pipe exits? Every fifth pipe has elevated salt levels? I feel my skin peeling off of my foot from the high salt levels?

      + (f) I realize that I've lost my toilet seat shaped pillow for the night, they have reclaimed them. I need to pay for another one before they're all gone. I get one(?) and return inside to the equipment rack?

      + (f) exchange of candy. I wanted M&Ms I leave the area and check the (gas pumps?) the attendants/adult, guards are there but they don't bother me, I have a bag of candy, I turn around and re-enter the area

      + LD#167 ToTM advanced II (change gravity for a DC)
      I look up into the sky and I see some puffy things like giant cotton swab puffs, and to the right a giant advertisement for a chocolate bar with many little bits of chocolate strewn around, I think "this is a dream-like sky, because only in dreams do you get particles like that in the sky". I do a nose pinch and am confused that I can breathe. That gets my attention, I try again and I can breathe. What? Oh! I run forwards and take a leap off of the road over a big drop with a small thought of "is this a bad idea?" but I fly and I'm firmly lucid now. I'm near a major university and think "I'm going to go mess with the students!" The thought of ToTM Advanced II (change gravity for a DC) enters my head. Down on the sidewalk below I see people, I choose a group of 3 walking together, 2 guys and a girl. I point my finger at the girl (who's standing on the right end of the 3 walking together), and will gravity to reverse for her so she falls into the sky. And indeed, she flies up high into the sky, 60 feet or so, when I un-reverse gravity for her and fly to catch her in my arms. Her head is to my left, feet the right. Her face is turned away from me. I turn her towards me, hoping/expecting to see a young/pretty college girl. She seems to be and I immediately kiss her. She's confused and I explain (punctuated by a few more short kisses) that I made a tiny modification of the space/time continuum around her, but that for her it probably felt like a large change. I ask her where she wants to go: New York? Europe? To the <rock band name forgotten> concert in Austrailia [false]? "Oh, the concert!" she answers. Darn, I think, I didn't really want to go to the concert. At this point there's a strange transition and we're outside a secret restaurant in Iran, and I'm now a small, dark-skinned, dark-haired local boy speaking through another local boy through a guy who works in the restaurant, explaining to the girl that I don't speak (Iranian?). The implication is that we're stuck in this situation (she accessed my dream power somehow to make this change?)... and then I wake up.
    7. 2016-01-11 LDs#164,#165 all night awareness

      by , 01-11-2016 at 06:57 PM
      I went to bed around midnight quite tired, but my awareness just would not let me fall into unconscious sleep. My wife came to bed late and woke me up. In retrospect it felt like I was WILDing from bed time. A case of dolphin's "all night awareness" I believe.


      + I'm standing in a house, on a stairway, I see my father walking up from a higher landing up other stairs. He is naked, and his "stuff" is vaguely visible, so I turn away to preserve his modesty.

      I'm in my parent's bedroom, my mother is talking to me, she wants me to take a look at some letter that my sister brought by. I'm upset at her for talking to me because I'm trying to fall asleep (!). I take a look at it and there are some cards and a piece of paper but it seems not to be of any importance.

      + (f) I'm viewing a scrolling list of some sort, reading it, it's important.

      + (f) I'm thinking about fitting into zero area spaces between lines and the intersections of planes.

      I waken and realize these were dreams and spent some more time floating in "awake" awareness until the next bunch of dreams:

      + I awaken in bed to a sudden "bang" sound. I'm in my adult home, but sleeping in my son S1's bedroom but with my head by the window in the corner. I pull up the covers and try to feign sleep. It's son S2 who's up and making noise, coming out of the master bedroom into the hallway. He announces: "Guess who's going to Prom!?" This is odd since I know he's University age.

      + There are two young men, there is a narrator voice, it is vaguely sexual in some way, the young men are singing, something they say sounds like "fantasy." There is a track from where they are that runs along the right wall of the room, and little round things are rolling down this track. They are very small (1/4 inch) round thumbtacks with tiny x-rated scenes painted on them. There's a bunch of them stuck on to the wall by my bed. I'm pulling them out and seeing the holes left behind. Son S2 comes in and starts looking at them and I'm trying to hide them. I pull the bed away from the wall and there are more there stuck in the wall running along the floorboards.



      + LD#164 I'm the same bedroom as the previous dream (adult home son S1's bedroom), it is dimly lit. My wife is there and there are the same x-rated little thumbtacks stuck in the wall again, she is looking at them and saying "what are those?" I'm trying to pick them up and hide them, piling them on the bed, I ask her some question to distract her, then I have a feeling that this is an absurd situation and didn't I already deal with this? and get fully lucid, quick nose pinch confirms. The dream gets a bit unstable right away, dizzy/fading but quick hand rub brings it nicely back into focus. I remember TOTM basic I (read the title of a book) and go to the bookcase up against the wall and pull off a book and look at it, reading is difficult but I see "winnie". Then I'm looking through some book flipping through the pages and I see a bunch of colorful complex stick figures. No matter how fast I flip the pages there is always a clear picture there, I'm amazed that my mind can produce the images so quickly.

      I walk out into the hallway, and there seated on the floor next to son S2's bedroom door are my sons, aged about 3 and 5. I call them to me and get hugs from both of them, that was really nice. I walk down the hallway and turn into the family room, I walk to the bookshelf to check out more books since I want to make sure I get TOTM and I just want to try reading books. I decide I can order some food from the kitchen. I walk back to the family room entrance looking into the kitchen and am about to formulate an order and decide I'm rather just summon it myself directly. At first I call for pepperoni pizza but decide I want a Round Table King Arthur Supreme [my favorite chain pizza…mmm]. I think about extending my arms into the "aether" and grabbing it like Merlin does with Logrus magic in Zelazny's Amber books. My hands don't come back with a pizza but I glance down on to a table and see an open pizza box with a pepperoni pizza in it. I take a slice and eat. One of my kids comes in and eats some as well. I have the thought that this is a long, stable LD and that this is due to my daytime mindfulness work.

      Back to the bookshelf, I take a book from the middle section and open it and can't make any sense out of the title or the contents. I rationalize this via thinking "oh this is from my wife's German books collection" [false]. Then I go to the right section and think I see my old college Astronomy textbook. I take it out and open it, and at first I get the impression that I can understand words, but then everything seems to be abstract geometrical shapes.

      I've had enough of reading so I walk towards the living room. On the way there I get the idea to summon MaSt for some "fun." I'm calling out her name "M St…., M St…, M St…" and am walking around the (totally empty) living room. I walk by the light switches and try to operate them to make the room lighter. It doesn't work and I continue walking around the room, but give a quick thought to "be lighter" and notice that there is a bit more light.

      Then I notice that the wall on the side of the entry way is all glass [DS] and I can see two local neighbor kids outside, a boy and a girl. I make a gesture for them to approach. I then see them again and their faces are a bit different. I go outside and there are a few more people here. Another man/woman pair whom I think are also very young / kids at first but as I approach them they seem more like fully mature adults but are just very short, they walk away from me. I turn back towards my house and there is a woman there whom I see in passing has a very large dark birthmark on her face. I will her face to be clear and briefly notice it happening but head back in to the living room.

      There is a young man there now seated on a bench and we exchange a few words. I decide to tell him what's going on. I walk past him and say "you are a dream character within my lucid dream!". He says "What!? NO!" and comes at me aggressively. I push him back and decide we'll fight and I pull out my lightsaber from my "utility belt" and turn it on. Sigh, weak translucent colors again. We both have light sabers and are vaguely swinging them around. I tell him to turn up the opacity on his as I want to do to get fully operational light sabers. Then he backs into a TV in an entertainment center cabinet and disappears into the picture tube. I stick my saber in there and swish it around, I want to see the TV set ripped apart in molten metal effects but instead I just get a bit of static popping up on the screen.

      I go back to walking in a circle around the empty living room and calling for M St… to appear, holding my hand behind my back, but the dream slowly fades.

      I feel myself in bed, with something on top of my eyes. But I don't want to open my eyes for fear of fully waking up. I try to slowly open my eyes. Then suddenly…

      + a new bright scene instantly appears. I'm lying on my back on a medical table against a wall in a very brightly lit medical procedure room. There is a black female middle aged nurse at the food of my bed, I'm pulling her on top of me and down for a kiss, I manage a quick kiss and want to make out with her but she pulls away, saying that I don't look good from my condition, and that "we've already done it today anyway". She walks along the side of my bed around to my head. She asks if I've decided to go ahead with the treatment, and asks me for the diagnosis. I notice I'm in a medium-large sized room with many patients on medical tables and many people attending to them. There is a person on a table nearby with someone standing next to him. I hear myself mumbling some medical terms that seem nonsense except I recognize the word "cortex."

      The nurse then inserts some thick needle object slowly into the area beneath my left eyebrow and above my eyelid. It feels like the skin the needle is going through is very thick and it moves very slowly, it's quite painful. It also feels like there is some sort of hard clamp placed over the needle holding in it place. Something clicks and I roll off of the bed/cart and am lucid, a quick nose pinch confirms. I'm in caveman right away and looking for a suitable female. Everyone in this room seems old/ugly. I'm walking out of this room and the black nurse is pursuing me but I call back to her "you already had your chance."

      I think what to do/where to go and I realize there must be a particular kind of doctor nearby and see an entrance to a waiting room and enter. There are a lot of people here too. I find a suitable DC sitting in a chair and kneel down in front of her. A male relative/friend of hers has his arms firmly around her shoulders.
      Spoiler for sexy time:
      while I'm reassuring her that the doctor knows exactly how to treat people like her so it will all be fine. After about 10-15 seconds,
      the dream fades.

      I wake happy at the very nice sequence of LDs and achieving TOTM.

      I just want some restful sleep at this point and try to release any lingering awareness so I'll fall asleep quickly.

      I sleep and dream some more. A number of scenes, mostly fragmented, some excerpts:

      +(f) walking in a hallway I realize I'm walking along former colleague DeHo, who lives in SC. I say "hi" and lean over to give her arm a friendly bump but instead I brush her breast by mistake. I feel a bit embarrassed and she leans a bit away from me. We talk about the weather a little bit?

      + (f) I'm trying to get an ice cream vendor to explain something to me and they're not cooperating.

      + (f) at my kid's birthday party, there are a lot of kids, how shall we ferry them all to the next destination? We'll need several cars, I can't see how this is possible. Also something about serving them ice cream.

      +(f) traveling with a girlfriend? She slides up to me on a seat and it's very cozy.

      + (f) I'm sitting down in a dim location on a bench with a girl I know is ElWa (grad school colleague). I sense her husband GrBa is watching us from the shadows. I put my arm on her bare leg and feel some stubble. I wonder what else is hairy. I know it's her but saying her name would somehow ruin the situation.
    8. 2015-12-29 lots of dreams, sleep inertia, pig/flea/flood mini-epic

      by , 12-29-2015 at 12:35 PM
      + (f) backpack in the bed of the pickup truck, I need to move things into the cab in order to be able to drive

      + (impression) in a large house, flying around, people around

      + friend MR is learning to play <my instrument>. It's going to be a while before he can play a duet with me because he's just starting. I think about/see a mouthpiece.

      + (f) with a guy stopping at a place that has a restaurant and a convenience store. The convenience store is really crowded, this is a good location with a lot of traffic.


      + Sitting at a bar counter talking with a guy telling him all about double buffering, 2d vs. 3d, vertical retrace. Leave and encounter a guy I worked with a long time ago, we're going off again to solve a problem we solved 20 years ago.

      There's a little dog who barks out something that sounds like "Bad dog!", which makes me laugh.

      Talking about a piece of software, the question is how to save the images. Should the app save the image in the resource section of the executable or somewhere else? Then the view changes to a large athletic field at a University. Still a thought remains about the application. It's early morning but the sky is clear, no clouds. I notice down towards the end of the fence around the field is a topless girl. I think they're out to catch some sun. I get the impression of naked girls around the fence.

      Spoiler for a bit risque:

      + (semi-epic) lying on couch, head towards the middle (pointing towards dining room) and suddenly a full-sized adult pig jumps up on the couch and snuggles in right next to me, I'm lying almost on top of it. It's head is facing the other way. I'm touching it's bristly skin. I think "pigs make great pets!". I look back and notice my mom is leaning up against the end of the couch, the pig's face is pushed up against her. I get a creepy feeling that she is enjoying the pig "too much."

      I get off the couch and I'm flea-combing my cat and dog (switches between them). I'm putting the fleas into a bowl of warm soapy water from the comb. One flea jumps off the comb on to the carpet and I'm trying to catch it. It's hopping 2-3 inches very quickly and the carpet is making it very hard to see and catch it. I eventually run the comb through the carpet and pick it up and quickly move it into the water. The flea is walking along the surface and I'm trying to dunk it down. My cat gets up and walks away. I feel something brush against my back.

      I look around the carpet and notice that it is dotted with a number of small (3-4 inches) shallow pools of water, in which are swimming a bunch of little fish. I stand up and notice that covering this floor of the house a 3-4 inch deep layer of water. I go to the dining room and look out the sliding glass door and see that the entire area is flooded with water right up to the level of the deck [which makes it a biblical flood since my childhood home is at an elevation of about 1000 ft.]. I go back out the front door and see the edges of the flood poking in to the front yard. I run upstairs and call to my parents to come and see the flood. I'm thinking I hope my dad will help me with the sandbags.

      My dad comes downstairs but looking out the sliding glass door the water is gone. Looking more carefully I see the water level is lower and suddenly while I'm watching it drops another 100 feet or more and I call out "did you see that!?". I'm calling urgently to my dad to come to the living room to see the pools of fish there. He moves slowly and I keep calling him to hurry. He gets there and it seems that some bowls of fish have spilled and the fish are flopping there but the pools are mostly gone. I ask my dad if he's going to clean up the tadpoles I see lying in a place on the carpet but he indicates he does not want to.

      back to sleep / sleep inertia:

      + baseball play: bunt, many replays, the runner was clearly safe on first, I demand (hope?) that there will be a review and the inning will be allowed to continue. The first base coach tells the runner "get back on base!" The runner cannot rely on hearing (the ball?) and should run to first base at top speed.

      + sitting with girls outside on chair, I'm about to sit down at a table and a girl sneaks in and takes my seat. one gets up and brushes up against me moving past me and a bit of her breast runs across my hand.

      + in my cousin's house, the book about diamonds in a bookshelf with many books, I think if you read all these books you'd know a lot of things, should I go upstairs?, there's a girl up there, but maybe going up there would be conspicuous.

      + talking about illegal garbage dumping and avoiding discovery in the back garden under the drainpipe with lots of drops of water coming down

      + going for a walk with wife and son and leaving the park through a private garden of someone we know who's quite wealthy whom I hear talking through their open front door, my wife sees a plant she wants to have so she pulls off a leaf (it's sort of a lettuce plant) and I get nervous we'll be discovered. I prepare a statement in a foreign language talking about their "former baseball team" (prior dream?). There are very beautiful flowers of all sizes lining the stairs that we're climbing to the road, in particular the yellow roses are lovely.

      Outside the garden on the street, across the street I see that our car (where I remember it being parked) is now tightly surrounded by very expensive big cars like Range Rovers. There must be a mafia meeting or something now. I keep looking but just can't see our car. We go around to the side and our car is there apparently, a convertible, and my wife gets in and some old Asian women get in and one takes my spot in the front seat, I will need to ask her to move.

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      memorable , non-lucid
    9. 2015-12-05 A New Level of Dreaming! (LDs #158, #159, #160, #161), TOTM basic I & II

      by , 12-05-2015 at 08:50 PM
      Last night was an astonishing night. Not just that I had 4 LDs, but that the quality of the dreams were leaps and bounds ahead of almost any other LD I've had, except some on galantamine. I did a few things differently this night:

      Bedtime: approx 1:30am. Final out of bed: about 1:50pm (yup you read that right), wife woke me up because we had an appointment. Some time awake before post-lucid dreams.

      Lucids occurred approx 8 am.

      + Moderate exercise a few hours before bed.

      + I got off the computer about an hour before bed.

      + I read about vipassana meditation ("Mindfulness In Plain English"), doing calming breathing while reading the book, before bed, including reading through some Universal Loving Friendliness recitations.

      + At bed time, instead of setting strong intention to recall dreams, get lucid, pay attention to the night, for a long time like I sometimes do, I took a different approach: I had a "conversation with my SC":

      I know that you [my SC] knows how to dream. I do not need to "spend effort" to "make myself dream." Dreaming will happen naturally. All I have to do is notice it when it happens in order to get lucid. I would really love to be lucid in my dreams tonight!

      Thank you for my dreaming experiences! Tonight, I would like to have beautiful dreams. Lovely landscapes full of beauty. [and maybe a request or two about romantic encounters , but mostly focusing on beauty]. Fun, beautiful, interesting dreams.
      Also, I work on falling asleep using sivason's mantra breathing. I tell myself "I am…." on every inhale, and "…dreaming…" on every exhale. I really really try to let go of all tension and totally relax along with this, because typically reciting mantras keeps me awake.

      So there was a strong current of both mental and physical relaxation involved. I fell asleep initially fairly quickly.

      I had 4 phases of dreaming:





      I had longish wakings just before and after the Lucid period, but didn't get out of bed, I remained in bed and did recall. I went to sleep again using the mantra breathing "I am….", "dreaming." And "Remember, I am…", "…dreaming…"

      I thought I had forgotten these entirely, but some just came back to me now as of this writing (in the evening).

      + outside building, trying to get in, I need my math books. MaEd (husband of CamEd, friend at work in college) brought them to me. There are also lots and lots of papers to read. I look through them and see words on the paper. Kind of blurry like a bad photocopy, but definitely visible. I think if you do all this reading you'll get a lot of extra credit. [Possibly day residue from watching "Modern Educayshun" video before bed].

      There were more, but forgotten for now.


      + the road
      (walked too far, sit across from field up against a stone wall on sidewalk, dirty backpack, dirty (grass clippings) hat, brush it off, think people will consider me a hobo I'm so dirty. Crazy guy who works in the fields comes out, saying "HEY THAT'S MY SPOT" farmer in filed across the way says "yeah he always sits there to eat lunch." I don't get upset, I imagine sitting with him and having a conversation, [I think a result of Loving Friendliness recitations].

      + the mural
      an artist is painting a mural on the wall. I think it is a rendition of human inner connective tissues, it is red and white, and it is lovely. Artist (woman?) runs her fingers along the lines of the paint, red paint in between white boundaries (or the other way around?), smoothing out the paint, making long curving lines. Then she is drawing artistic features at lightning speed. With a few strokes of her brush in a second, she can draw a full "heart", she draw several.
      Then at the end, she submerges herself in the pool of water beneath a decorated Christmas tree, I have a top-down view of her sinking down and the reflections of the lights on the tree sparkle on the water.

      + sports field, conversation
      There is a sort of party outside, young people are milling around. Someone was supposed to get the beer. There was a mixup? Someone had left it up to "the Mexican."
      Approaching a sports field. Some even happening there? I stand above it.
      There is a procession of beefy male football players down a narrow strip of field below me. One of then is really huge and fat. I think he's over 500 pounds. Man, how'd you like to play against a 500 pound opponent?! I walk around the corner and run along the other side. I make a running leap on to the long seat/couch on the lower side of the "field"/walkway. A girl up ahead to my right calls out "Seismic event!!" when I land. I say "hey!", I think it's rude of her to commend on my weight like that.

      I'm lying there and some people come up to me. Women in their 30's they seem like. Several come up and there are some conversations. Then MiSe (conductor, undergrad university orchestra) is there. He's wearing a knit cap that is pulled down just over his eyes which are slightly visible beneath the cap. His eyes seem red and kind of weird. I wonder if they're stuck to the hat. I want to boast to these women we're talking to about me playing in the university orchestra, but I don't say that.

      + DILD, LD#158 TOTM basic II (laugh in a DC's face)

      I walk into kitchen of childhood home [don't realize it yet]. It is dark/night. As soon as I step on to the floor I glide slowly across the room. This grabs my attention. I think the floor must have been recently oiled. I realize this is my childhood home's kitchen, I'm looking down at the floor and it seems a bit too large, missing some items, like things were taking away to clean the floor. The linoleum has random dots/drops on it for decoration. I'm just really liking this gliding: I take one step forwards and I glide all the way to the other side, slowly. How can this be happening? I step out of the kitchen into the living room Oh, I know: I'm dreaming! (nose pinch confirms). I'm very happy to be lucid. I think about narrating the dream but don't. I think of TOTM: laugh in a DCs face. My parents are right upstairs! I'll do the laugh one. Dream only slightly unstable at first, but solidifies. Go upstairs and down hallway to my parents' bedroom, the door is closed. Hey, I'll be able to see my mom! I open the door and say "Mom? Dad?" in a sort of little boy lost voice. Two people are in bed, they both sit bolt upright and look at me in surprise. Instead of mom and dad, through, there are two of my dads there. I think briefly this is because my mom passed away and I can't therefore see here. The duplicate dad disappears. My dad is sitting on his knees upright in the bed. I go right up in bed next to him, his face close to mine. He appears 20-30 years younger than he is now. I start laughing with a sort of high-pitched voice, looking into his eyes. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…" for about 10-15 seconds. He looks sad and a bit confused. Maybe says something once. When I stop laughing, he flops back down into bed on his face, exasperated. Satisfied I've done the ask, I leave and go downstairs.

      At some point approaching the dining room I lose visuals. It's like visuals are "stuck" at a scene in the upstairs hallway. I can still feel things in the location in the house where I know I am. I consider going back upstairs so that my location matches the stuck image in my mind as a way to unstick it. I go into the kitchen again and look at the floor and the visuals are back. I'm gliding across the room, and I notice that the pattern on the floor has changed: long lines now arranged in groups at right angles. I turn around and glide back towards the dining room and notice that there is also a new color suddenly on the linoleum [peach, pinkish?].

      I go out the sliding glass door onto the deck. I notice with satisfaction that the view of the city lights below looks very accurate and stable. I see that up and to the right in the night sky [blocked by some trees], is the sun. There are black clouds covering the sky. The sun is shining a weird yellow light into the night sky. Sort of like an eclipse sun? I walk to the left on the deck to get a direct view of the sun. The trees are still sort of in the way. So I do a jump into the air and go up about 50 feet. The sun is amazing and multicolored. It is shining multicored light onto the houses in the area. Red, purple, blue bits of light, I gasp at the beauty.

      Spoiler for frequent sexual content for the rest of this dream:

      the dream fades...

      DEILD, LD#159
      Spoiler for pretty much all sexual, explicit language and situations, some nasty bodily discharge, I'm warning you!:
      the dream fades.

      DEILD, LD#160:
      I'm back in the hallway bathroom, sitting on the floor.
      Spoiler for sexual encounter:

      … and the dream fades.

      [Wake, recall, BTS mantra breathing]

      DILD, LD#161 Fish, task girl, restaurant
      I appear about 10-15 feet up from a fairly large expanse of water. It is grey and slightly dim. I'm sitting with fogelbise. He says he's burned out of fishing. I look down to the water and am astounded. There are *so many* fish visible in the fairly shallow and clear water. Big round ones, straight ones, over to the right some large shark-sized fish. They are slowly swimming about. I exclaim "man the fishing would be *great* here!" I'm looking at these fish and something strikes me and I do a nose pinch and I'm lucid again. I go down to the water level. I think of the TOTM basic I, ask a DC for a TOTM task. I look up to where I was sitting before but fogelbise is gone. There's nobody around. I wade out into the water and see a girl with her head (eyes?) just above the water line. I go up to her and take both her hands in both of my hands and lift her up out of the water. I ask her, "tell me a task!" She doesn't answer. "Tell me a task!" I say again. She mumbles something. I take her in to a building, there is a waiter there with paper cups and I want him to pour me some champagne to drink. I take the girl against a wall and put her on a table and ask again, "tell me a task!". She answers, "invest your cash register, freeze." I repeat it slowly to make sure I have it. "Invest your cash register, freeze?" I again repeat, "Invest your cash register, freeze?" She nods yes. I lean down and
      Spoiler for sexual encounter:
      I move on deeper into this building and encounter an older man, 50's perhaps, a bit overweight, wearing a white uniform, like a chef, and he's asking me for the remote control. We go into the next room and I"m looking around, forgetting him, and he again says he needs the remote control. We're near a chef's kitchen shelf (where they put up the finished plates) and I decide to reach around some appliance and expect to feel a small device with my fingers. I do feel such a device, but then an anonymous hand from the other side of the shelf shoves forward a small grey remote control. I pick it up and give it to the chef guy. I think of apologizing for it being missing, but I sense that I'm the boss of this place so that would look weak. I walk with this chef guy out towards the entrance, and want to have more fun, so I ask him to take me to the champagne, then...
      … the dream fades.

      wake, recall, BTS


      + appear in home, kitchen, a party's going on with guests over. fogelbise is sitting at the kitchen table in the dining nook, my wife is nearby in the kitchen. I want to indicate to him I had four lucid dreams just now, so I hold out my left hand with my thumb tucked in near his face slyly so no one else can see (I don't want to talk about the LDs where my wife could hear). fogelbise sort of shrugs not understanding and holds up about 8 fingers on two hands with a question on his face. I again indicate the four fingers to show I had 4 lucid dreams. There's a small boy (with an afro?) at the table also.

      + overlooking conference hall with military table different color, flags at each position , wife with me on upper level, computer, party, this is the place for action I say, she leaves angry, go get her?, go after she's still there by restaurant window, take sliced-in-half oranges from restaurant window, thers a cup there, we'll squeeze into a cup for fresh orange juice.

      + walk down street, big city, cross street, see son coming other way, want to cross to meet him, major gasoline lines being installed at this corner, overhead. Police block the crosswalk, I wait for green light and cross even through it may be blocked but nobody stops me.

      Spoiler for sexual content, bodily fluids:

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    10. 2015-12-03 weird night: early abstract, later a long stream-of-consciousness scene

      by , 12-03-2015 at 11:58 AM
      + (f) abstract battle against alien things arranged in massive triangular formation

      + (f) walk into bathroom to clean my (ahem), listen in to my son S1 calling his GF having a long and emotional conversation that didn't sound like it was going well and had been going on all day and night

      Alarm, back to sleep

      + an amazingly long (epic even) stream of scenes, one after the other. Dream boundaries completely unclear, just counting it all as one

      sitting at bedtime with my kids, they're young, I start talking to them and we start eating s.l. a taco salad, wife starts yelling about kids not getting to bed, I keep yelling back "You're interrupting me!"

      volleyball girl (me:"I can't set for shit" … me: "I want to be on your side…always!")

      Angband on colored cloth (moving monsters), turn away quickly

      taking pictures of sea lions from a distance through a camera viewfinder, thoughts of running away from sea lions if they start chasing you

      Palpatine fights and destroys some guys, yellow lightsaber embedded in guy's finger and down into his arm. Palpatine gives me a pair of emperor-red colored ear buds & cables with dual pc jack and left/right connectors, tells me to go to restaurant and hack into their systems and mess with all the settings (lamps, etc.)

      Go to restaurant, think about sitting at counter, number pad right there, carrying laptop, walk down long table looking for seat, see a place on the end with lots of outlets for my laptop, people reserving seats, see a free one on the end next to monitors, guy steps in front of me, I push/hit him in the lower back saying "Hey!" to get him out of the way, do I need to use the monitor? I have a laptop

      playing recorder piece, giving demonstration of multiple fingers lifting up at a time, first recorder is just the mouthpiece, luckily there is a backup which I pull out because I have more than one

      welcome the new guys to the neighborhood. Say how awesome it is to go to Santa Cruz and hang out at the beach on Sundays in the sun (they say "yeah, man!"). Wife says the best part of the beach, I say it's a miles long beach, someone else says s.l. I wonder if I should tell them about the terrible parking and traffic, but don't.

      Then I'm diving into the water and swimming around to see the fishes. I come up in some sort of covered place where colleague R.H. is. He says he's moving away to Boston with his girl and he wants parting wisdom from me.
      Me: (singing to the tune from "Please come to Boston") "Please come to Boston…"
      Me and R.H. in unison: ".. she said YES!"
      Then we're in some room like a party. I give him the advice that both for computer scientists and software developers, you really need to know your algorithms. Study algorithms. He agrees.

      potato chip processor, guy: "they're all about presentation" me: "They're also all about the flavor". Just standing in awe of this amazing multi-level multi-blade food processor system (about 3 feet in diameter).

      walking past tables at the restaurant with food laid out ahead of time, See cousin GL, stop and give her a hug. Someone says "it's a good thing that arrow was shot at me" ("it got me going?").

      In some party, our friends are caterers, we're getting hungry. I can't wait for them to bring in the food left over from the event so I go looking for the dining room. Outside, there is a vendor who has replaced what was there before with a small ping-pong table with heavy cement base. I go up (stairs) and enter the dining area of the formal dinner. Strange furnishings. People there say I have right to be there without (a pass? permission?). I see pastries, including a "French Horn" pastry up on a shelf. There are also bags of cookies. A friend of mine grabs one of the cookies and I say that seems like the right idea but I don't take one.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. 2015-12-01 dreams of mom, "knee job" at the concert, home invader, eggs, martini

      by , 12-01-2015 at 09:03 AM
      + reading mom's obituary in the pink pages of the Sunday paper. The columnist is famous, but you have to write up the obit as if it were a baseball play in order to get the guy to print them. Looking for her name in the column, the printed part is really short, there are two pictures of her young and with huge, almost manic smiles on her face. My sister is there, she gave me the paper to read.

      + home invader, childhood home: TV's on, I didn't turn it on, instantly suspect an invader grab a lighter pistol and hold it up like a club and head partway up the stairs, invader comes out of the downstairs bathroom, I'm on stairs, trying to say "Who are you!? What are you doing?!" but it comes out "WH-WH-WH-WH!?!!!", he says "WAIT!" before I hit him (I "recognize" him?) he writes something on a piece of paper -- he's gotten somebody to agree to be his music student. He leaves out the front door, "we should become friends first". He wants to be my housemate. The only thing good about the student deal is that I think he'll be able to pay his rent. I'm not enthusiastic about the idea, "My mom passed away recently and I need more alone time," the rest of my family agrees with me. I wonder how much I could charge for renting my sister's room out. $2,000 - $3,000? $1,000 is too little for the awesome unique view. $1500? Would my sister be mad? She'd have to come and gather her things first. We'd have to share the upstairs bathroom.

      + (f) I'm in the kitchen (of childhood home?) scraping a flat white round crusty thing off of a cookie sheet with a spatula, it's a fried egg with no yolk. I guess my dad made it. Then I see one with some yolk left on it.

      + knee job at drum corps concert; mom again, cleaning, meet guy with deformed back, I introduce myself as her son; lose my instrument
      I'm sitting in the audience near the front right of the hall. On stage is a drum corps concert: huge group, instrument sections are "sliding" down in from off stage (stage is steeply sloped going up towards the back). In front is a long row of drummers all drumming and spinning and making awesome moves.

      It's dark now, and I have my feet extended in front of me beneath and to the side of the seat in front of me. I feel someone there grab my shoe and hold it and move it around. I look forwards and try to see through the darkness, I think I see the person there's head is turned back and looking at me from between the seats. I keep looking and keep seeing someone looking at me. I bend my legs and pull them back out from under the seat to stop the grabbing. I'm annoyed by it. The person sitting there gets up and changes seats several over to the left.

      The lights come on and I see the people seated in front of me are two hot girls (sisters, one older one younger) and their mom. Aw man, and I was annoyed with her playing with me without knowing, what a missed opportunity. Then the younger girl is back in the seat in front of me, turned around facing me, and leaning over with her face just a foot or so away from mine. She is pretty, and is staring right into my eyes and smiling. I'm taken aback and stammer out, "uh, hello there!" Then she starts licking my knee. And not tentative little licks, but a sloppy enthusiastic "knee-job." (I'm wearing jeans). Her saliva is drenching both legs of my jeans. I lean my head over to my friend next to me and say "I bet you know what I'm thinking!" (that "This must be a dream", [but alas, no RC, no lucidity]). Her mom is laughing at the whole thing.

      After the concert people are milling around outside. A small group of people enter and there they are again, the two hot sisters! I decide to take out my phone and try to get some pics of them. I manage to get the younger sister alone to the side and start taking pictures of her face. She makes distorted funny faces every time, like those "funny face" apps do. I try to trick her into getting a clear shot of her face by giving her a long slow countdown to the picture and taking the picture early, but the picture still comes out distorted. I think this must be because of the "fun house" mirror that is behind her. Her older sister joins at some point. The younger sister starts wailing/screeching in between pictures, and I try to "SSShhh!!" her. I tell somebody "she totally gave me 'deep knee'," and I prove it by showing the still-wet saliva tracks on both knees of my jeans.

      The group eventually leaves. The girls have a brother who off-handedly mentions that they're going home to "Brettonwood" [something with a B] then he immediately clams up like he wasn't supposed to say where they lived. I think of going there some day to find them. They walk off down the street.

      I'm with my mom then, she's with a group cleaning up after the concert. There is a train of cars connected. One of the train cars is also a huge (10-foot diameter?) clothes dryer. I can't find my instrument. I know I had it earlier but now it's gone. I'm looking around in these train cars for it. I reach under the seat and feel a handle like the handle on my instrument case. I'm relieved. Then I pull it out and see it's just a normal suitcase, my instrument is still missing.

      My mom tells me about a man who's walking by. He seems normal, she tells me he dresses that way because of his deformity. He's wearing what appears to be a normal suit. Then I watch him more closely as he walks past me from left to right and he seems to shrink in height and is wearing loose clothing, and it appears his back is very crooked and his butt sticks way out. He's from a family that should know me but he doesn't seem to know me. I stick out my hand to him and we shake hands, and I say "I'm <my mother's first name>'s son." Somebody is doing math based on age difference to figure out how old somebody is?

      + (f) concert schedule, am I playing a concerto? What will I do, now that I've lost my instrument?

      long BTS attempt, make it only for a short dream, recalled later:

      + in the restaurant.
      "Pad Thai to go, please."
      "We don't make that any more."
      "What!? I've been ordering that here for years! What'll I eat then? OK, just give me a vodka martini to go. Can I get a lid with that?"
      Then I wonder if it's OK to have in the car. It's a closed container so it should be OK, I can put it behind the front seat. When I get home I'm going to get drunk off of bourbon and coke.
      non-lucid , memorable
    12. 2015-11-28 LD#155 garden/gangster-house, elevator girl, bowling alley; ice skating, rest stop, drown

      by , 11-28-2015 at 12:13 PM
      + on a driving trip, pulling in to a rest stop area. There are facilities, some are public, some are private, they seem like just lines of closets, some small, some large/long. One has cafeteria, guys with mugs with logos, enter, (talk to woman/), under a tent (wife?) is holding a giant bull penis, about 2 feet long and fist-thick and erect, it wobbles as if made of rubber, I'm standing by a fence, and she throws it at me and I barely dodge out of the way. Later I see the penis thing again with a bloody "bone" spot in the middle of its cross section where it was cut off on the bottom)

      + outdoors daylight, wide open empty plain, a guy is shooting a shotgun into the sky and the pellets are refelcting/falling back down off from the sky onto a large incline full of barrels and hitting the barrels. Then it's night and the guy warns of the jackals coming. I hear growling and see two little green reflective eyes in the distance. Start running and one is near me, I have no gun, it seems to be feigning injury, may be a trick, I'm fighting it off with a stick. The jackals dig into the sand like an arrow and launch themselves at you. Then it turns into a large human baby but I know it's a jackal, it's slippery, I'm at the edge of the sea and know I must down this thing. I get a grip and hold it under the waves, it struggles, I feel very uncomfortable about this as it looks like a human, it turns red, and becomes bloated and drowns and dies, the guy is which me and says "oh man do you think it was a real baby?" I say no, turn it upside down, it is a hollow plastic shell, empty inside except for some straps rolled up and taped against the insides, on the outer rim the words "Human Con" is written in small letters ("human container?"). I say "if this was real, there would be a stomach, heart, lungs, etc. in here".

      + ice skating rink: race (did I participate? I think I could do OK), following girl going counter-clockwise, doing front-crossovers, I'm on hockey skates, girl likes the center ice because it is smooth, it's for figure skating practice.

      WBTB, long BTS, much day dreaming, find determination to sleep/dream more, eventually fall back asleep.

      + FA LD#155 I find myself awake in bed feeling frisky and "ready for action", so I turn to wife and start initiating contact, she seems receptive and we start embracing. Then I notice that across the living room out the window and into the neighboring house there is a figure standing at a window behind a thin curtain I think he's watching us, and very well may see us. So I get up and walk to the wall and close the curtains (the guy turns away as I do this?), return to bed (glimpse of other people walking in other rooms of our house?). I notice that there is a short curtain that has partially closed over the front of the TV set as well and think this is funny/interesting (it's in "solidarity" with the other curtain I just closed). My wife is then up and at the sliding glass door and lets in a little dog, she says something about someone bringing it for us, little dog comes running in, it's supposed to be just like our [deceased] dog L, he lifts his leg and pees on a scooter leaning against the wall near the bed. I think to myself, "now, if that dog looked more like 'L', I'd have to do a reality check!", I do a few nose pinches anyway, determine I can breathe, and get lucid. I immediately head out the sliding glass door to the garden and look around. I immediately see large rock formations against the back of the garden fence. They're very impressive. It is bright daylight outside. I walk to the center of the rectangular back yard, noticing all the stuff lying around, and remember my desire to narrate during LDs. I slow down and pay attention, and I start hearing birds chirping, it sounds and looks and feels *just like* a typical suburban garden. I start saying out loud what I see, "my old red/white/blue basketball [lying on the ground among the wood chips], a lovely BBQ, [turn around look behind me] pink flowers [like lilies, cone shaped] growing in a bush", I see a basketball hoop above the flowers. There is so much to see in this garden, if I narrate everything it will take the whole dream?! I see my wife walking ahead of me in the garden, still feel frisky, should I have sex with her? Decide: no.

      I raise my eyes beyond the garden and see a neighboring house a ways across the hill, super tall (5-6 stories) and non-level sloping roof line sloping up from left [low] to right [higher]. I want to fly up to the roof of that house. I push off against the ground and aim my intention at the top of the roof. But instead, I go straight up very high into the air, several times higher than the roof of the neighbor house. I lose speed and start falling back down, and aim myself to the roof of the house and land there. It is a rich house with lots of security. I want to enter (there are hot girls in there?). The lock on the door seems like a game: you have to request something, do a quest, and return with the answer in order to get in, I think "screw that" and make a "throw away" gesture with my right arm and the door is ripped off its hinges. Inside, video game looking vague bad guys are shooting rifles/guns at me. I run through the hallway straight ahead, making squeezing gestures with my fists and they all "pop" and disappear. Then I know I have to face the boss of the place.

      (discontinuity? Loss of lucidity)

      I turn round a tight corner and enter a very small (one-two person) elevator, I know there's a girl there? There is, and I'm very excited at the prospect of making out with her. She is a petite "hostess" emo girl, not super pretty, with hair hanging down in front of her eyes. She seems annoyed/not welcoming attention. I face her and brush the hair off her face, she's wearing dark red lipstick and has a small mouth. She asks "How long will you want me for/will you be here?" She says that she was with a new customer "and [she] can make a lot of money." I take her in my arms and her whole body is trembling. I understand that the manager sent her to me, but that this interrupted her visit with another customer, I say "you're trembling, are you angry that you were interrupted?", (she indicates yes?), I talk to her and soothe her, tell her it's OK I don't want to take her from her other customer. I kiss her lightly on the cheek. I realize she's stopped trembling, (I say "see it's better now?"), elevator reaches the top, and I give her a light kiss on the lips, we go our separate ways. If the manager sees we're not together, he may get angry with her and she'd have to bring him to me, if that happens, I wonder if I should say she ditched me? No, won't do that.

      Turn around, pass a manager telling waiter next to the kitchen to stop giving out breakfast menus (I see the pile and think I should take one because I want an omlet, but don't), keep going, enter large area (bowling alley?), just before I turn the corner I hear my instrument playing warm-ups, uh oh is it a rehearsal? I don't want to go, I'll tell them my instrument is in for repairs ["remember" this as being true anyway], sit down with group at a table, young guy waiter taking orders, look at menu seems to be pictures of burgers, I ask if breakfast is still available (I want that omelet!), he leaves to ask goes around corner, I say "bet he won't be back for 20 minutes". Briefly see plate of burger and fries on the table (then why did they order if they already have food?)

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    13. 2015-11-24 fairly long, detailed, vivid/present dreams. a good night! swords, martial arts

      by , 11-24-2015 at 11:32 AM
      + in boy scout camp, the scouts washed my cups and dishes, which are lying on a table to dry, face down. I'm looking for my cups and dishes. There are some of my current [true] plastic kitchen cups there as well as my camping Sierra cup and plates. The plastic cups are not engraved or marked, I think about taking a pocket knife and carving/scratching my initials on them. I pick up my sierra cup and see my cursive engraved initials on the back. I see a few other small portable plates of mine as well, with handles.

      + Long sequence of scenes
      1. people playing wilderness golf: they're up the hill, they're not part of our group. They have bright orange golf balls. They're teeing off in our direction and I'm ducking, concerned about getting his by the balls

      2. I'm examining closely some chunks of granite on the ground. I reach to push/move them, and they fall apart: they've become almost like sand. I notice interesting textures on one side: they have been pressed up against petrified wood and the pattern of the roots of the wood are impressed in the stone. My wife sees this and tells me her mother wants to see it as well.

      3. I'm in a room with healing benefits (a sauna?). My wife is there and her frail [now deceased] mother is there as well. There is another woman in the room, she is sick? My wife's mother does not want to be in the same room with the sick woman because she thinks that the woman's sickness will transfer to her.

      4. (A lot of action in and around a dilapidated cabin). In a cabin, this cabin is special because it was built inside a greenhouse [IWL saw story about house in Sweden which was enclosed into a huge greenhouse]. I'm asking if it is too hot in the house in the summer time.

      5. Fruit pickers & sword fight. I see a hand holding fruits like mandarin oranges. I'm asking if prior experience in handling fruit is required. I have a conflict with one of the pickers, a guy. Then we're having a sword fight. He's more experienced, but I'm on higher ground. We both have swords and I'm doing my best to block the blows he's raining down upon me. I'm trying to get in quick ripostes when I can but I'm really focusing on blocking his swings. At one point I get a solid stab with the tip of my blade into his left hip, I hold it there for a second and pull it out. He stops fighting, and starts bleeding. I return to the dilapidated cabin and say that he was bleeding a lot of green blood. Someone says he was an alien. Someone else told me he died from that wound.

      + bus, angry guy, swords, martial arts club (epic)
      1. I'm on a crowded bus, I leave my backpack on my seat to hold my place and walk to the front of the bus. I then return. There are people in front of me heading back to my seat, I hope they don't take it. A guy does take it, moving my backpack out of the way. I tell him that's my seat, he gets really mad, I keep arguing with him and eventually get my seat back. I keep arguing that "if I had remained in my seat, it wouldn't have been any different for you!". I think he has a sword.

      We get off the bus and I see his sword: it is long (4+ feet blade), bright shiny metallic, wide-bladed tapering from hilt to tip just slightly (two inches - 3 inches at the tip), covered with engravings, and I see the edges are very thick and dull. I grab the blade with my right hand and confirm it is not sharp. I say "It's like a big hammer!". Then I unsheath my awesome blade. It is about as long as a Japanese katana, slightly more curved, sharpened only on one side, but it is extremely sharp, I have no desire to even touch it to test its sharpness I know it's so sharp.

      2. We're standing outside a martial arts club and go in. Class is underway. There is a famous master running class. The students are various ages. I'm taking the class with my young sons. Some of the students have dark burgundy ghis, and some have dark navy blue ghis. The teacher has set up a jumpy trampoline thing in the room, and two of the experienced students (including a younger boy) are very energetically jumping on this and running across the room. I notice that they are now wearing only sumo-like briefs underwear. I think they've taken off their ghis because this is a very vigorous exercise and they don't want to sweat while wearing their ghis.

      My sons start talking during the instruction, and I get angry with them and tell them to listen to the teacher. The old master says "who are the little monkeys talking? But I am not the teacher here, instructor XYZ is." I'm sparring then with some guy, and I beat him.

      Class is over and there is some food going around. The master is going behind a corner and returning with plates of food. He comes out once with plate full of large prawns and asks me if I want one. I say yes, I will. I eat one with cocktail sauce. It is good and slightly crunchy. I keep eating the shrimp but they grow a bit in size, including growing really long nasty shrimp legs. I tell myself while feeling slightly disgusted that it's OK it's all good shrimp and keep eating them.

      After class some of the students set up a board game at one of the tables, it looks like a miniatures game of some sort of D&D.

      I'm trying to figure out the class schedule, on which days is training available. I'm very unclear about the schedule. The master mumbles something about "Wednesdays, Thursdays..." and I'm trying to confirm: can I come Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays? I don't get an answer.

      I go into the back and the master is there with a review board from the martial arts organization. There is an investigation of the Master's judging at a recent event. There are square blocks laid out on the table representing a bout and the Master's judging of it. I think it's unfair he's being persecuted this way. I bring him some things from the main room and put them in front of him on the table.

      The master is telling me the French guy (and his French friends) that I beat in sparring hates me now. I think "that's stupid, we should all help each other and work together to improve." But I resolve to beat my new foes, and make a group of other students and we clasp hands in comradeship.

      I'm talking to the master about the studio's business. He says they haven't had a lot of luck, but the best advertisement they have is a box they rent in New York for $6 per month. I think that's great deal and I ask more about it. He says it is in a location where a lot of people walk past
      it on their way to watch television.

      + final showdown with my gang of bad guys versus the cops. In a dark room, we're piling (weapons?) into a large bin. I'm on the flat surface above the bin. I have a pump action shotgun with a barrel that opens and needs to be cocked back to closed after each shot. I reach behind me and point it at the head of a collegue and pull the trigger, *click*, it's not loaded. I cock it and do the same with another fellow bad guy. Then we're all hunkering down in terror and trembling: a cop/FBI/agent is walking slowly down the corridor outside our room. We're all waiting for him to enter, it's all over. He enters and walks across the laser sights on my gun but I don't even think about firing. We're caught, it's over.

      Then the agent is a female, telling the ring leader of our group that his complains are ridiculous: he never even had any fruits growing in his penthouse, and never even had any dirt there. I think this is wrong, I thought I remembered seeing a potted plant there.

      Then I'm thinking about a floating penthouse in the sky, how will the waste water be poured out? I think of a long hose running down to a pond on the ground below.
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. 2015-11-21 concerto concert, A. Hill & parks, flood @ childhood home, fight being, steak, organ

      by , 11-21-2015 at 11:32 AM
      early waking: couldn't get beyond fragments, tried for a long time, forgot by morning . Should have recorded briefly

      + [basically epic except for not perfect recall, multiple chapters, long] Concerto concert.
      I'm playing in an orchestra concert in which I'm playing a solo concerto. To start with, I am selecting between my instrument and the instrument of the 2nd chair player (I'm 1st chair). I pick up the 2nd's instrument at first and think I'll play using this one. Then I think that perhaps the key arrangement will be a bit unfamiliar and this may cause me to make mistakes.

      I notice that a chunk near the top of the 2nd's instrument is loose and in fact has broken off in an uneven break. I'm trying to put it back together like a puzzle piece, it is not going back together.

      I'm walking outside the stage and someone mentions me to hurry, everybody is seated and as I sit down we start immediately playing the first piece of the convert. The conductor is conducting a 4-4 pattern. At the beginning I have just rests, about 7-9 measures. Conductor switches to a 2 pattern at the same tempo. Then maybe to a 1 pattern. The other player (who is 1st and I'm 2nd this piece?) asks "is he in 1?" I have an important solo coming up but I've lost/unsure of the count. The other player is tentatively playing and the conductor isn't waving him/her off, so is he right? Am I missing my solo?

      Sitting in either a hot tub or a circular couch with the 2nd chair player, who is now an older person [male/female not clear?] and is getting more and more angry and aggressive towards me. He lunges at me and I kick him backwards. (Is he mad thinking I broke his instrument?) He starts to yell and scream louder and louder, which distracts the audience. He threatens to axe me during the concert. I go back to the orchestra stands and find and axe and several other tools, which I get rid of.

      I'm playing my instrument and it doesn't sound right. The sound is too flat and buzzy. Is something up with my <mouthpiece>? I take it apart and see a little bit of paper in the tube. Is is a message (threat) again from that crazy 2nd? I pull it out, and find other pieces of paper in there. The tube is now a large cone shape and I blow out all the paper.

      I'm sitting at a piano on stage practicing my instrument and I look behind me and notice that the audience is starting to file in.

      I'm standing off stage and the orchestra has started another piece without me. I'm trying to judge if I can enter and sit down and start playing but I don't find a good time to do this.

      Someone (the crazy 2nd's parent?) has died. I've set up an open casket on the stage. The crazy 2nd wants to go and pay respects. I decide this is a bad idea. Then either me or me DO observing packs up the casket into a secure closed container within another container. The crazy 2nd comes and looks at the container and asks (to see?) but everyone is shuffled off.

      The mother/wife of the deceased is walking down the aisle and sobbing hysterically. She comes up to the (standing body of the deceased?) and falls to her knees and leans forwards and leans her head up against the standing body. I think this is an unfortunate pose because the way she's arranged and her head is bobbing back and forth in the crotch of the standing body it looks like she's giving him a BJ.

      [I never do get to play my concerto!]

      + "A hill" childhood memories

      I'm riding in a car with people on suburban/city streets. I look to the left and "recognize" the stores, I now "know" where I am [true memories, place images false]. I start telling everybody that this is the area near A hill where I rode bikes with my cousin (did I ever ride my bike all the way from my home to his home? I can't remember clearly). I point out the park on the left as we drive by where we used to spend hours playing. There is a fenced in area on the left (court?) and an open field on the right, with trees in the background. It is closed/abandoned and the grass is all dry/dead, nobody's there. Then on the right we drive by another park. This one features a large, tall, 2-3 story huge sand box/structure. I "remember" playing in there, with my mother nearby [false]. As we circle around the right, I see inside a building on a wall a freaky beast. It is hanging on a wall, and it's mouth is separated from its face by a long cord about 1 yard long, the mouth is hanging down below the face. The mouth is vicious and full of sharp teeth and they whole thing is stained in a lot of blood.

      A group of us are sitting down at a park table at this 2nd park. A woman/crone approaches us and offers me a piece of gum. I accept it, it is a small rectangular multi-colored/layered piece of gum, I wonder briefly if it came from her mouth but it is dry. I start chewing it. The crone starts speaking but my mother cuts her off and says only to talk if she's going to participate in our current conversation.

      + childhood home flood

      I'm standing in the living room of my childhood home and looking out the windows. Instead of the normal view I see the house is surrounded by rushing water, and every time I look it seems the water level is increasing, getting closer and closer to the base of our windows. I run upstairs to my parent's bedroom, my mom and dad are asleep in bed. I wake them up "Mom! Dad!" and my mom says something like "oh dear God". My dad gets up and mentions that earlier he saw a large wall of water nearby moving slowly towards us. That must be the flood I think. I look out the window towards the city below us and now see the water has receded, but has left large lakes among the buildings below.

      I go out onto an external patio [false], and look back towards where the patio off of my parent's bedroom is [true] and see it. I'm in the house and see an exit to the roof [false], and go out there. I'm trying to orient myself since I'm unfamiliar with the view from the roof, where's the front of the house, etc. I walk out onto the (flat) roof and I'm a bit concerned that this roof is not meant to walk on and I might fall through, there is a slight give to the roof and maybe a slight creaking. I step on something sharp and it sticks in my toe. It hurts a bit. I go back inside, I look down at it seems like a toothpick (orange?) at first, but I bend down and it seems instead to be a sharp end piece of a flattened drinking straw, I pull it out.

      + (f) I'm flying in the air around childhood home. I'm battling with a large demon/super being which is really angry and is transforming its face with large fangs and swearing at me.

      + I have a piece of raw steak (impaled on my thumb?) that I've brought to the kitchen to cook. It's not the best quality steak but it's not the worst. My family (wife?) seems annoyed by this little steak. I want to stack it on top of the cupboard with the rest of the steak. I think we could cook it and it would make a little snack.

      + (f) small kids, book store, need to buy school books?

      + close up (face right on console) view of an organist playing an organ. I hear all the pipes sound as he plays the keys. He's turning on and off different stops to change the octave of the notes played. I want him to play the low foot pedals and set it to the lowest notes. I ask him to show me exactly which stop control it is that sets the lowest octave of sound. He says it's (ironically) named the "soprano" stop, it sets a soprano (high) overtone but the main note is lowered.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    15. 2015-11-20 great night of dreams followed by late morning hard-won BTS with some semi-lucid sexy stu

      by , 11-20-2015 at 10:28 AM
      + (impression) filling up at the gas station?

      + several scenes, probably all related:
      in the fairy garden, picking flowers growing on a horizontal raised bottomless bed, picking them from below (their roots), observing the fields of flowers growing all around us [longer scene, detail forgotten]

      Putting the revered golden staff into storage in a sort of attic, I wonder if it's OK to treat it like this, the guy says yeah, it's OK. Lying down to sleep (with my kids) in that same building

      We're saving bedraggled abandoned kittens from the flood/catastrophe, getting them warm by putting them in adorable little warm cone socks. I see a luxurious cat on the side by the wall, big and furry, and I try to call (to my wife?) to bring it to her attention to see if it's the cat she's looking for. It belongs to a family that has expensive fur clothing, they want to come with us but are leery that we'll want to steal their furs.

      + plane/helicopter sailboat entangled at the beach
      I'm standing on a beach watching this scene unfold in the distance: A fragment of a jet airplane is on the beach, it was trying to make a water take-off but the jet has "opened up" [like how the cab of a truck opens up to expose the engine, tilting forwards], and the crew can't get it close again for take off. "Somebody help them!". Then they get it closed and it takes off, but there are wires involved, the wires get tangled with the large sailing ship which is in the bay. The instructor/captain of the boat is yelling at the plane people, and the plane is flying around randomly out of control, pulling the boat with it, the boat is slammed on its side in the water and thrown around violently. Eventually the wires get jammed in the boat's propellers, and start winding around them more and more, which starts pulling the plane in closer and closer to the boat. The captain is standing at the stern of the boat waiting for the right time, holding very long scalpel-sharp swords/tools, to make sure the crash is it's inevitable, and at the last moment he makes a slashing motion and severs both cables, saving the day.

      + wild dog attack in childhood home, I try to force them back out the sliding glass door which has come off of its tracks. I'm simultaneously trying to pull the door back onto its track so it will lock, and keep the dogs out, and my (son?) is standing there not helping me. I'm pushing the lead dog out by its muzzle and teeth and it's biting my fingers. The dogs want to get to my cat inside the living room?

      + friend's home: she's serving me her Indian food entree, big and squishy bread thing with orange Indian flavored sauce. I take a bite of it and appreciate the subtle flavors. She apologizes for using "too much <of some spice>," I say no, it's great, I'm really enjoying it.

      A woman is feeding her baby (a newborn but about 2-3 times the typical size), cradling it in her arms, and constantly wiping all the food/burp/etc. off of the baby. The mess gets all over the woman's arms and she says "I can't work when I have that stuff on my arm!"
      Then a weird sequence of a close up of me feeding this baby a big spoon of green baby food, its mouth making baby-sucking/eating motions while I try to cram down all the food into its mouth without the food going everywhere.

      sexy time scene
      Spoiler for explicit sex description:

      The female (she's married) friend is naked, her husband is in another part of the house. I'm quite aroused/attracted to her, we walk around into the kitchen, and she lies down on the floor. I lean over and put my hand under her head and raise it a bit so I can kiss her, but I think no, that's too presumptuous, so I stand up without doing anything. Then she indicates that it's OK and that she wants it, so….
      Spoiler for explicit sexual encounter:
      The husband comes in, and says he's going to cook hot peppers with chicken. I'm already full from the earlier food but don't say anything. [Something about holding a folder with small cut out letters in it as the husband enters the room].
      These are the friends GaSa and DeSch.

      [Wake, excited by the awesome make-out session, recalling for a while, wake up fully.
      It's still early and I still feel like I could sleep some more. Eventually decide to dedicate myself to falling asleep and dreaming again, lots of repetition of mantra "Remember, I'm dreaming…" with relaxation. Eventually I start to imagine separating from my body as well, and that seems to do the trick]


      + settling in to the chair at the dentist, taking off my bag and laying it on a stool to my left. The dentist comes in on my right and is holding my new crown with a pair of tweezers and says "Look, here it is! Isn't it a great color match!?" I can't see it so ask for it to be brought closer, and I have a DO view of it against my front teeth [even though it's a molar crown] and it does seem a good match. I'm a bit confused, though, because I don't remember sitting for the crown impression earlier, how's they make it without the impression?

      + I'm in a large exercise gym, there are large piles of large cushions around. I take a running jump and try to get on top of one pile, but my jump it pathetic and I slowly slump off to the ground. I get up and try again with the next pile farther on, getting really good running start, and jump, but I just can't get any air and I end up having to claw/pull my way up with my muscles. My wife is on the farther pile of cushions.

      + Observing a LaCrosse game [hi, you know who! *wink*]
      There is a scene in front of a LaCrosse goal: the female defenders are making illegal blocks of the male who is trying to block the throw of the female goalie. The referees call the girl's team for a foul. The male team gets a free shot at the goal. The male player tosses the ball in a high arc with his hand towards the top-right portion of the female team's goal, it's a tricky shot because that part of the goal is obscured by a mini net and you can't get a lacrosse stick up there to block. But the female goalie is really good, and she catches the ball anyway and throws it back into the field. I then go and stand in the goal and look up at the tricky part, and decide it's not so hard to catch balls coming in that way.

      + sex on a bench. I find myself at a bench with two girls sitting right next to each other.
      Spoiler for explicit sex scene:

      + FA/transition to a city street scene. My hips are still moving from the earlier sex scene, and I transition feeling my hips still moving, and find myself in a city street next to the curb next to a small stool. I wonder if anybody saw me moving my hips, that would be embarrassing

      Walk through elegant stores in the city checking out very well dressed ladies and thinking about buying some chocolate desert. I make a few quiet remarks to some women that I pass, they all seem to be blonde. There is a desert stand near the door that catches my attention. Two little girls and their mother are standing in front of me. I decide I wanted something like a churro but they only have chocolate things: cups of chocolate ice cream, chocolate brownies, etc. I look at it for a while and decide I don't need dessert. I walk out. I throw a wrapper into a garbage can and am happy that there are so many garbage cans available in the upper end stores. I'm still hungry, and I'm heading home. I decide to stop in and get a slice of pizza at a place I "remember" [false] is on the way home.

      Turns into adventure/game where I must raid a moving train. I"m standing at the end of a hallway that opens onto the outside, raised up in the air, there's a train track right next to the door running parallel (from my left to my right) to the building I'm in. The train is colored metallic green. I see a vertical shutter sliding down and almost closing, I know I must hop on to the train and open this. (Maybe this replays once?)

      I'm on the train and looking through doors into extremely small corridors (doll-sized). A bad guy (full sized) comes out of the corridor on my left. I lift up a big shiny chrome pistol and say "now you have to do what I say!" I shoot him in the face and he vanishes. I look to the left and right down the tiny door openings and don't see anybody, but I can't make any progress that way.

      To my left is a normal looking narrow hallway. There are doors and cabinets spaced along the corridor. I walk carefully, alert for anyone coming out of a room. I see latched cabinet on my right, I reach over and undo the latch and open it to look inside.
      But at that moment the door ahead of me on my left opens and a blonde woman walks out. She immediately turns to her left and so doesn't see me. I immediately walk up behind her, turn her to me via her right shoulder, briefly examine her face [medium attractive, short blonde hair, probably mid-30s], then I say "Hello! Did you know it's kiss day? Yes, it is!" then I swoop in for a kiss
      Spoiler for mild sexual contact:
      , and I wake with my right hand making gentle squeezing motions.
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