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    10th lucid-Deleting People,Flying light speed

    by , 08-22-2012 at 02:04 PM (662 Views)
    I just had an awesome lucid dream last night, and since I was supposed to start coming back to this DJ now, I thought that this would make the perfect place for me to start up agian.

    So anyways, It started out with me at some kind of festival for very famous people. I didn't get to go inside the building but I kept on seeing limousines and other exotic and high-end vehicles driving into the parking structure.
    Eventually, for a reason that I cannot remember, (My recall was poor at this point) I started driving a bus. The bus had extremely bad handling and I could barely reach the pedals.
    I was about to go though an intersection and I stepped on the brake. Only my big toe could reach and I barely pressed it down. The bus ran though the intersection and collided with another car.
    "Oh, I'm in deep crap now..." I said.

    Someone on the bus said something. This triggered lucidity.
    "Or, maybe I'm dreaming!" I said to myself
    Now I can't really remember what happened after that, but my recall picks up when I started flying. (I think I might have had a false awakening, too.) I can remember saying something like "I get to fly as fast as light"
    Next thing I know, I was in third person, flying away from earth. Earth shrunk to a dot in a matter of seconds. Then, all of the stars turned to white lines. (Think Millennium Falcon light speed) Then I accelerated again, going so fast there was just a purple tube of energy around me.
    At this point, My lucidity sort of amped up and things really got good. I appeared in my neighborhood, and went back into first person.
    "Cool, I'm having one of those "Neighborhood" dreams"
    I took a short time to stabilize. I began to look for my dream guide. I began calling for them to show themselves. I noticed another DC, a small boy with a huge baseball helmet.
    Before I knew it, Dream characters started appearing everywhere. Some of them looked deceptively like my DG, but were not. The people were there to distract me. I waved my hand over a group of people, and shouted "Delete"
    The people spontaneously disappeared. I made my way down the street, deleting people as I went, but more and more people were appearing, and the "Delete" was becoming less effective.
    "Pause" I shouted. Everyone but me froze.
    "Delete All" I shouted, and all of the people, frozen in their positions were pulled towards a small portal in the floor of the street and fell down it. The portal closed when everyone had fallen though.
    I turned around.
    "Draw Dream Guide"
    It took me a second to realize this command actually worked. I turned around, and looked at the spot where the portal had closed.
    A black man with long hair in dreads appeared. He's tall and thin, in his 20's and had a huge silver and black boombox and bling necklaces. He stood up.
    "You're not my dream guide!"
    "Yes I am, man!" He said in a phony voice.
    The dream immediately destabilized and I woke up.

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