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    Lucid Time!

    Lucid Flux (Backlog)

    by , 06-25-2015 at 01:35 PM (357 Views)
    I had signed up to play this online Lego game where your character, a Lego person was able to move around the world, build buildings, vehicles, etc in a big megaserver. (Kind of Roblox type thing, but with real Legos)

    I looked through the missions that you could play for the day and most of them looked pretty boring. All of the missions were displayed on this title screen in little landscape portraits. Playing a mission gave you more Legos. There was also some steam workshop type setup to make your own levels, and most of the levels advertised were player-made. There was one mission that looked suited to my talents. It involved getting to a nav point 12 kilometers away from the starting point while avoiding getting killed enemies.

    I dropped in in a Lego mech-suit that I had built. It looked something like the mech suits from the James Cameron avatar. (Yes, I have to clarify which avatar I am talking about, even when it comes to the mech suits since Legend of Korra has mech suits now...) Not a perfect replica by any means but it gave me that sort of vibe.

    I remember a voice in the game telling me that I had to connect the oxygen supply so that my character could breathe. I connected one of those bendy lego tubes from my cockpit to one of the oxygen tanks on the front of the mecha-suit.

    The planet I was on looked like Laythe from Kerbal Space Program. Minimal texture quality and detail. The navigation marker showing me the point that I had to get to
    (I think I was rescuing someone, actually) It looked like a KSP target marker as well. I was also getting a Spore vibe for some reason.

    I remember beginning to walk to the maker. I began to be attacked by these red and white fighter ships, also made of Legos. My mech suit had a large machine gun that shot lego studs. When they hit the fighters, they disintegrated into piles of legos in the most satisfying way you could imagine.

    The fighters came few and far between at first, but the difficulty quickly amped up to obscene levels as squadron upon squadron of fighter swooped in.
    At one point I remember calling out that some of the fighters were actually Lego Star Wars Republic Gunships. (I used to have that set until my cat knocked it off the top shelf of my room. Now its just spare parts in a plastic Tupperware bin, along with most of the other Lego Star Wars sets I played with as a kid.)

    I had no way to know that my mech was getting destroyed, and it was. I blew up and failed the mission and got taken back to the mission select screen. I saw that I was not allowed to attempt that level agian for another 24 hours. Dang it! One of those type of games.

    Dang video game dreams...


    In another dream, I was on a paranormal investigation team with some of my friends and my parents. I was annoyed that my parents were there because I was afraid they wouldn't let us do dangerous stuff like go into creepy abandoned houses. (Because all the fun of being a paranormal investigator is to go into creepy places and camp out there.)

    The place we were investigating was lame too. Just a house in a real life cul-de-sac near the entrance to my subdivision. Nothing about the house seemed out of the ordinary. The people who lived there kept it surprisingly clean, but they complained of noises coming from the basement.

    When we went to investigate their house disappeared leaving only a concrete foundation with a rusted iron trapdoor. I became partially lucid and got a bad vibe from the door and told nobody to open it. My parents
    (of all people) were the ones most enthusiastic to open it. What an expectation reversal we have there! I took some encouraging but we decided to open it.

    I don't recall what happened after that. One odd detail about the dream was that the sky was a hazy yellow and the plants were lush and green.

    I recall the night that this dream took place coming to a close with some odd dream music. A repetitive beat of a bass drum and a very low-pitch synth beat that almost seemed to vibrate my whole body every time it played. Simple, but it was catchy.

    This occured in some odd state between waking and dream world. I knew I was dreaming, but I wanted to hang onto the dream music for as long as possible.


    I remember watching the moon crash into the earth from the deck on the back of my house. It was a clear summers' day with only a few scattered clouds.

    The moon was crashing thousands of miles south and I could just see about half the disc over the horizon before I felt an impact shockwave. First in the ground, then in the air. All of the clouds formed a wall that passed across the sky heading away from the impacting moon, and sweeping up all the clouds as it went.

    I realized that a disaster of such astronomical proportions means that I must be dreaming. I then found myself in the front yard rather than the back. Manei was there. One of us said that the moon hitting the earth wasn't as bad as we thought and that it was like when the dinosaurs died out. All that was going to happen was dust was going to block the sun making it cold and stopping crops from growing.

    After becoming lucid, the careening moon disappeared and we forgot all about the catastrophe. The dream shifted some.

    I found myself flying halfway across the neighborhood until I found that this girl from my neighborhood who used to bully me as a kid.

    I stopped and hovered above her party long enough for everyone to notice the flying person. I then reached behind myself because I thought there was a pie there, and sure enough, there was. I threw it in her face. Oh so satisfying. I threw snowballs at some of the other party-goers.

    Dreams are good for revenge and blowing off steam...


    I vaguely recall being semi-lucid at my taekwnondo studio. I was attempting to learn to do flips without destabilizing the dream. I remember in one I landed on my back but it didn't really hurt. My Taekwondo master was there and was helping to coach me on my technique.


    I remember I was playing tennis at the court at my high school with the girl that I used to crush on in high school. Funny that the dream chose tennis because
    I'm not very good at it, and from what I can gather, neither was she. But for some reason, in the dream, she was like a tennis champion or something, and she was kicking my butt.

    I became semi-lucid and then kicked her but in tennis. I then remember flying a loop around the tennis court and then rocketing off south. I wanted to fly to the beach resort my family goes to in puerto rico. I remember breaking the sound barrier and flying above the clouds. I could see the curvature of the planet moving under me.

    I stopped and sure enough I was right where I wanted to be. But when I flew down I noticed that all of puerto rico was completely undeveloped. No cities, no roads, no people. I don't care. I landed atop one of the mountians.

    I lost my lucidity and got into this game about figuring out what tree in the rainforest was the oldest. All of the trees looked identical but were scaled to different sizes with bigger trees obviously being older. I recall some kind of hologram would come up when I walked near a tree showing its exact age.

    The dream somehow shifted to my parents bedroom in my house that had been converted into this castle theme. The walls were made out of gray stone bricks, there were torches instead of lamps and there were coat-of-arms banners hanging above the bed. A female DC said that she was a re-decorater that my parents had hired. She told me to come with her and she would give me a tour of the new expansions on our house.

    She began walking me around through hallways and big cavernous castle halls. I figured there was no way these would fit in the space that was formerly my parents' bedroom. She seemed to like pointing out all of the paintings that were hanging about. I kind of got a Minecraft vibe because I knew that there were paintings in Minecraft. I also felt that the torches and stone bricks made it feel like that. I surely had to be suspended above the lake behind my house. When I began thinking about the implications of how I had transitioned into here, the dream changed yet again.

    I was on a paved bike trail. The scene was exceptionally vivid. On my left was a railroad track. Beyond that was a forest of exceptionally tall and thin deciduous trees with leaves. A strong wind blew, revealing the silvery undersides of the leaves. On my right was a strip of land filled with weeds and wildflowers stretching about fifty feet until it hit a chain-link fence. Beyond the chain-link fence was a trailer park. The sky was dark and cloudy and I think I heard thunder roll. More wind blew and I saw how vivid the field of weeds and shrubs was.


    I was being chased by a group of soldiers. The dream began on the road outside my neighborhood. There were no cars on it, and I was standing in the middle of the road. They had two tanks and a huge platoon of men.

    Somebody told me that my voice had power that I needed to use to defend myself from them, and I became semi-lucid. (Soooo much semi lucidity its making my brain hurt... I can't belive I am saying this, but whatever happened to good old nonlucidity?!)

    The next thing I knew I was being chased through a baseball diamond. Soliders kept popping up. I kept yelling 'baseball' every time one appeared and he would turn into a baseball in a poof of smoke like a magic trick.

    I remember on the bleachers around the diamond there were all of these pieces of plywood laid out like a track and some of the soldiers were riding around on ATVs trying to shoot me.

    The dream came to a climax in my house where the commander of the army, this fat Mexican guy wearing a general outfit had me cornered. He was like the boss and he was harder to kill than the other soldiers. I looked at the knife block in my kitchen and levitated all the knives out and surrounded myself. It seemed like there were hundreds and hundreds of knives.

    I then yelled 'Knife Storm' and all of the levatating knives short toward him and stabbed him.

    I then became fully lucid and realized that I might be becoming just a tad too violent in my dreams. I didn't beat myself up too much for it since I wasn't properly lucid but I promised myself I would try to seek peaceful resolutions more often.


    I was playing a game where I was attempting to WILD. I remember thinking that I was not good at WILD and would probably fail t the game. I had to do it by holding my mental state in a very particular way to fill up a circular meter. I got about 3/4 of the way every time and it would go back down. While I was doing this I was presented with the weirdest hypnogogic imagery of multicolored tablet shapes against a white background that would fade in and out of existence.


    I was with some friends exploring an uninhabited tropical island. The island had mountains around the sides with a crater in the middle as if it were a volcano. Inside of the crater there were no plants, just pools of water. The pools turned out to be hot springs.

    I owned the island, but somebody else 'stole it' from me and built a resort and reaped all of the profits for themselves. I was upset that the resort destroyed the natural beauty of my island and charged people to use the hot springs. They built some kind of pool or water-park complex fed from the springs. It also felt like we were in the park near my subdivision.

    Next thing I knew my entire family was there, and in what I have realized is typical dream fashion they were all just super-annoying spoofs of all of my family members. They kept wanting to put sunscreen on me even though we were indoors.

    I remember there were also lifeguards that had a bunch of rules. We were not allowed to jump in the pools or splash one another. They also had these hoses that you could use to spray other people but when I went to spray some kids that were about 10, a lifeguard told me to stop. (Why do you have the hoses for spraying people then?!?! )

    I became semi-lucid yet again. A lifeguard told me to put on a swimsuit.

    "Oh, great. I'm naked..."

    I manifested a swimsuit. I actually probably would have gotten properly lucid if I hadn't gotten distracted looking at this one girl. Now with me, no matter how hot a girl is, I don't go all googly-eyes over them. (In waking life or the dream world) But something about her just drew me in. The funny thing is I don't even remember what she looked like. Green eyes, black hair and a black swimsuit are all I really can remember.

    It was at this point that I realized that a good percentage of people at the hot spring were naked. I wished this girl was one of them...

    The dream repeated, back to the part where we first discovered the island. The only people there were my friends S and C. S was his furry self and C looked totally normal. S told me that he was the one who changed the dream so that now I could get a sun tan in peace. I thanked him for that.

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