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    Winter Comp Night 9: Distress on Deimos

    by , 01-16-2024 at 02:55 PM (117 Views)
    I had a fairly lengthy dream that had me set back in elementary school. I was in my fourth grade class at night doing some kind of assignment.


    This dream transitioned to one where I was with my friend K, but confined in a wheelchair or hover chair of some kind. I was heckin overweight.


    I am on Mars' moon of Deimos. I just intuitively know this despite being inside of a windowless complex that seems to have artificial earthlike gravity. I am with a dream figure who reminds me of detective miller from the expanse and there are a bunch of corrupt security forces chasing us around the station. He fights them off and tells me to escape into this elevator and go to the top floor.

    To get on the elevator I must go down this long hallway, maybe 15 meters with large sliding doors at either end. The hallways floor, walls and ceiling are paneled in white marble and marble columns run up along the side of the walls. There are marble busts and classical paintings set along this hallway. I rush down it and into the elevator which has a similar decorative style. The ceiling of the elevator which is even higher than the hallway leading up to it has a large fresco painting.

    I get to thinking I am probably going to a floor on the station where there will be a huge mob of the corrupt riot cops waiting to kill or capture me. I see there. is a sort of robotic rolling suitcase in the elevator with me. It is black, made out of like a carbon fiber weave and has a little blister on top with what look to be cameras and operational equipment to allow it to roll around on its own. I hide behind it for cover if the crooked cops come in, not wanting to feel exposed. I am thinking about how I wish this was a lucid dream, because then I could fight all the guards, then do a nose pinch reality check to see if thats the case and become lucid.

    Around the time I become lucid, the elevator chimes informing me it has reached the top level. The walls and ceiling then split apart and the walls and ceiling of the elevator unfold like a Chinese takeout box. I am in this massive cathedral-like space with more of the same classical style architecture. Above me is a huge glass domed ceiling through which I can see mars. There are city lights on the night side.

    There is a sort of elevated balcony built up along one wall. I hear dream figures up there and decide to investigate. I can't find any stairs and if I could that would take too long. I decide to fly instead. Boosters on. I fly up, easily three or four stories. I waver a bit in the air but manage to land on the stone railing. Its an ornate bedroom setup openly overlooking the huge foyer type area. Two older men are sharing a bed together. They look at me flying and seem impressed, but not the type of impression you tend to get from lower level dream characters. I intuitively know they are members of that 'review committee', the one that I aggravated back around the turning of the new year.

    One of the men gets out of bed. He looks like Jeff Goldbloom and he puts on a blue robe with white fluffy trim. The other guy looks kind of like jack black. He asks me to sit down with him and talk. I consider that this is a lucid dreaming competition and I should probably be focused more on dream control tasks but that this dream figure has something important to say and that I don't want to aggravate them anymore. I study my dream form for a bit, very standard this time around. I have some cute black and pink shorts though.

    I sit down in a large recliner. Jeff Goldbloom DF dawdles around for a bit making a hot drink on some kind of futuristic keurig machine (he doesnt offer me one) and then shuffles around with a collection of vinyl records. He picks one and puts it down, starting the record player. It begins playing Mars the Bringer of War, I recognize it immediately even though I only hear the first 20 seconds or so. But then I lose lucidity and wake up.

    RCs: 0.5pt
    NLD: 1pt
    DILD: 10pt
    RC: 1pt
    DC Interact: 2pt
    Flight: 5pt

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