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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Conjuring Flame (LD) 2. Oburu Migu (LD)

      by , 09-03-2023 at 02:04 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Autumn Competition 2023 - Night 2

      1. Conjuring Flame (LD)
      I enter into a dim room and I'm standing on a slightly elevated platform overlooking a lower central area. My awareness rises and I say "I'm lucid in this place". As I say the words, I become lucid.
      A boy and his father, who appear of Indian decent, leave the central area and into a room to my left. I ignore them, thinking of scoring some points for competition. I'll focus on teleporting. I turn to my right, raise a few feet into the air, and fly into the wall.
      I enter into darkness as expected. I begin to visualize a forest, intending to go to a forest sanctuary. I continue to hold a visualzation of trees, yet nothing forms. I continue to sit in blackness. After some time, it begins to feel unsettling for a brief moment. I then remind myself of a previous lucid where I could have improved upon that area. I think of Andrew Holocek's advice to me as well. I continue to simply maintain awareness. I find myself in a dim square room. My arms appears to be pinned up at right angles. I continue to walk around a couple of times, then notice an open doorway. I walk down a dim corridor, make a left, and then notice I'm in...Meadow!
      I see the two double doors in the front and the glass window above. I decide to phase again. I go partially into the wall, yet it gives some resistance. I partially enter, close my eyes for a brief moment, then find myself phasing out the other end in front of the main house. The scene is very vivid in the night sky. I think back to a recent lucid in which I explored and found Joraggu's lair. I decide not to head down there and rather focus on points. I focus on Djinn transformation, but it doesn't feel as though I'm getting the full size; my shoulders and height don't seem to be enlarging like usual. I then think of mouse transformation. I head to the end of the walkway, near an area with plants, and shrink down instantly to roughly the size of...well a mouse. I hear faint mouse squeaks, and feel as though my head is situated in front of my dream body, as in a mouse's body. I explore the edge of the plant area for a moment, yet decide on my next goal: dilating time with an hourglass. I begin to revert as I wind my way around to find a circle of rocks enclosing a large shrub. The scene is very vivid with a dim blue hue to the rock circle. I continue to expect to find behind a section of rocks, but continue not to find anything on several attempts. I leave this goal and head toward the driveway. As I approach the mailbox, I snap my finger to go invisible. I see a group of about seven girls approaching as I near the mailbox. One head turns toward me and I worry that they may have detected me. I want to test the invisibility, so I walk directly in front of the group, roughly a foot and a half away. They gaze directly through me, oblivious to the fact that I'm right there. I feel as though I cleared the group, yet one of the girls on the end clips the end of the back of my shoe with her step. The group becomes angry and begins swinging frantically, trying to sense where I am and grab me. I scamper backward as an angry dream character continue to grab at where she believes I am. The dream becomes a bit unstable and I consider how to deter her. I think of element manipulation. The scene begins to fade to white and I visualize a fireball. A rolling mass of quite vivid white flame, with some black accents, erupts as the scene transitions to white, in the direction of the dream character. There is a slight blur to the edges as if where you'd see a blur due to intense heat. I have a false awakening in which I'm recollecting the lucid.

      2. Oburu Migu (LD)
      I get out of the shower and notice a door propped open, giving view to a staircase.That's strange...this place feels...dreamlike...This is a dream! I'm lucid and begin making my way to the door. I see a large bottle of something on the edge of the desk and begin thinking of scoring points. I can drink this! Oh man...I hope this isn't soy sauce! I pick the bottle up, notice the red lable, and figure it's probably coke. I begin drinking and it taste similar to Coke or Pepsi. I drop the bottle, then begin thinking of earning more points. I'll try some telekinesis! I look at the bottle, extend my hand, and raise it a bit. It drops back down and I go another couple times before maintaining it statically in the air. I decide to head toward the stairwell and let it drop. The dream feels as though it's becoming unstbale, but I'm determined to maintain it. I shout:
      "Clarity now! Stabilize! Stabilize! This is MY dream! I decide when it ends!"
      The dream restabilizes and becomes more vivid. I turn around and head towards the staircase.
      I walk up the stairs and decide to transform into a mouse and rapidly shrink my body. I once again hear a couple of mouse squeaks as I explore the upper level of the stairs for a moment. I revert my dream body ands begin to transform into a Djinn. I feel my size increase to roughly nine to ten feet and my shoulder become massive. I feel lower body disappear into wisps of smoke and I begin floating across the scene. I head toward a window on the far edge of the right side of the next room. I see my reflection faintly and notice that I'm wearing some type of turban in the form. I see that my lower body is essentially tapering mist. I float through the glass and down to the grass area on the ground level. I see my shadow in distorted proprotions along with the Djinn's turban. I turn to my right and see an beatiful Japanese structure that resembles a monastery or a ...temple! The Mountain Temple! I'm excited to be back in the realm. I gaze ahead and the scene is absolutely beautiful a cyan/teal aura hangs over a structure of wood in the far distance, seemingly where they create bonfires. Another elongated monastery structure is to the right of the bonfire area, yet a bit closer, and another taller one is situated to the left. I need to get the name of the Mountain Temple! I approach the far side of the temple structure, turn and faintly, through the window and blinds, see a monk inside a room with long table set up in several rows. He appears to be of southeast asian decent and roughly five foot six or so. The room appears to be a dining hall of sorts at first glance. I phase through the window and blinds and approach the monk eagerly. He is sitting at the table with what appear to be several rolled up scrolls strewn in front of him, working on something.
      Excuse me, monk" I say with respect and reverence. "What is the name of the mountain temple?"
      He looks at me with only the slightest bit of surprise, yet answer with respect in turn. He says a name.
      "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?"
      Monk: "Oburu Migu"
      "Thank you"
      I bow to the monk and then head to my left to leave the temple room, back out into the temple ground in the night. I make a right and soon find myself at a street with a shop to my immediate right and several more across. There are many people milling around and someone drops a jacket in front of me, but I ignore it. I need to start thinking of some more dream goals - what can I do?I make my way across the asphalt street/walkway and notice a woman scooping ice-cream at an ice-cream shop. Quite a few people are gathered outside getting cones. I can't believe how vivid the scene is; it's as if I'm there in waking life. I'm intensely enjoying the feeling of being part of the realm, like this is a place I can come back to. I decide that I'll come back to this place. I approach the lady as she's scooping some chocolate ice-cream into the cone. I consider telling her I'm dreaming, but then think: That's so cliché; everyone tells dream characters they're dreaming in lucids. Why does that even matter? I instead decide to be...creative, persuasive, and enigmatic all at once. I say:
      "Excuse me ma'am. I'm from another world. Do you mind if I have some?" insinuating that I'd like it for free if possible.
      She smiles at me in agreement
      Ice-cream lady: "Of course!" she goes to scoop the last scoop.
      "Can I have some Rocky Road? I haven't had it since I was a kid."
      She agrees and begins to scoop ice-cream.
      I decide I should ground the dream a bit as I wait for her to scoop the ice cream. I begin rubbing some of the items on top of the counter, which appears to be napkin holders.
      She hands a cone of ice cream with the scoop of vivid rocky road on the top. I can see the chunks of chocolate in the scoop. She hands me the cone and I taste a bit. It's great! I try to knock off a little bit of vanilla that made it's way to the side. I turn to the tall male working to her left.
      "What's the name of this town?"
      Man: "It depends. It goes through several stages depending on how it's doing." He seems to be referring to some type of status of the town; it appears to change ranks depending on how the town is performing in several domains.
      Man: "It's either Garyn or Sharyn"
      He then explains that currently it's somewhere in-between, yet there's also a third ranking.
      Okay I'll call it Garyn-Sharyn
      "I'm going to use this as my dream hub!" I say with wonder as I look around. I look down the right side of the shop and notice that a very long walkway extends down into an area which resembles a mall of sorts. The mall area is lit up with bright lights and appears well maintained.
      "In what direction is the temple?"
      The main points diagonally to his right, toward a wall in front of the shop, yet in the general direction of where I remember coming from. I make a mental note of it, deciding to return.
      I begin to wake up.

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