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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Giant Djinn (LD) 2. Black Cat Reflection (LD) 3. The Scorpion Dreamer (LD)

      by , 09-05-2023 at 11:28 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Autumn Competition 2023 - Night 4

      1. Giant Djinn (LD)
      I find myself in center of the first floor of the main house in Meadow. Why are there so many people over this late? Who are these people actually? This is strange...Nose plug...breathe...I'm dreaming! I'm excited and lift up to begin flying. I fly into the family room area where my parents are reclining on the couch. I fly over the center and say:
      "Check out what I'm doing guys!" finding it amusing. I feel that showing them is a waste of time, so I return to the kitchen area as I begin to think about scoring points. I'll get something to eat from the fridge before I go adventure! I go into the freezer deciding I'll find ice-cream to get some points but decide on chocolate bars instead. I open the freezer, pull out a top shelf, and finally pull out three large Hershey's chocolate bars. I put two away and hold onto one as I make my way to the front of the house. Oh...I should take a bite for the 'eat/drink something' points. I take a bit, out of the corner, and it tastes pretty good! It's almost like real chocolate. I decide to go to the front and head toward the doors, then slightly to the right, phasing through the wall with little thought. I find myself in the front yard, on the patio, in a quite vivid dreamscape. I head a few steps down the walkway and think about earning more points. I imagine myself becoming a Djinn, and suddenly begin to enlarge to an enormous size. I hear a primal roar as my body enlarges to roughly eleven feet tall, my head towering above the shrubbery. I feel my shoulders getting massive. I check my reflection in the shadows on the grass and notice a turban as well as my lower body tapering to wisps of mist, my dream body levitating. I continue to head a bit farther into the front yard and think of element manipulation. I go to cast a tornado, yet nothing happens to my surprise. I walk a bit farther down the front yard and consider heading toward the Greek Temple area, yet decide this would be too far for now. I see a small black car head down the street to my right, and go for mass telekinesis, yet the car doesn't lift off the ground and I feel a slight mixture of frustration and confusion about the dream's resistance. I then consider element manipulation via creating quakes with an earth stomp. I imagine my dream body having a leg and foot and stomp then ground, yet the quake doesn't ensue. I feel that I'm waking up.

      *False Awakening

      2. Black Cat Reflection (LD)
      I'm in the basement of the main house in Meadow. I attempt to record the "Giant Djinn" lucid on a mobile app, yet the app keeps guiding me through setup screens. I then get a text from H saying: "What are you up to?" Why is H texting me in the middle of night? This doesn't make sense. Nose plug...breathe...I'm dreaming!! I take in the view of the basement which closely resembles the waking life basement. I set my mind to stabilizing the dream. I shout:
      "Clarity Now! Stabilize!"
      I take a few more steps and job my memory for dream goals and consider how to earn points. I'll do some levitation meditation for my 'Old Personal Goal'! I focus my mind, cross my legs in meditation posture, and levitate up about four to five feet, holding this pose in the air for a few seconds. I lower back down and consider additional goals. I decide on 'Full Transformation' and begin to shrink down to very small size and feel my dream body becoming a mouse. I then reflect: I keep doing mouse and Djinn...let me try something new. I feel that my front limbs are still in front of my dream body as I shrink down, attempting to become a cat. I have a view of a Final Fantasy VIII figurine front childhood - Zell Dincht - laying on the floor right in front of me. I turn to my left to a black object on the floor. I catch my reflection and notice a vivid black cat staring back at me. I look at my dream body and take in the features, along with the two different color eyes gazing back at me. It reminds me of a cat I had years ago. I then hear a cat screech and notice the figure in the reflection is making different movements then me. I start to feel vibrations and wake up.

      3. The Scorpion Dreamer (LD)
      I continue to practice yoga inversions in the opposite corner of the large room. I go into a scorpion pose, and male dream character is to my right. I say:
      "This is a dream"
      My awareness begins to rise. This really is a dream! I stand up and begin to consider dream goals and earning points. I find myself in a large, dim square room with several pieces of furniture strewn about. It feels slightly like a warehouse of sorts. I look around the room and notice a few tan candles in the center of the room, situated at various levels on top of different pieces of furniture. I reach my arm out for telekinesis, yet the candles don't budge. I walk a bit farther into the room and go to pull out the Dark Woods wand. I see my arm raise up, yet there's no wand there. I continue to float into the next room with intent to basic summon a machine to make some cocoa to drink. I enter the room, look around some desks to my left, yet don't find
      a drink dispenser. I do find a computer, however, and hear some music that sounds like lofi playing. I click the mouse a couple of times and the screen changes. I then crank up what appears to be a volume knob and the music starts getting loud! It sounds great! I turn around and head to an area with several brand new offices in a hallway. I see very thick glass on the outside of the office in front of me. I fly up and phase through it. I find myself in a pristine office with light tinges of sage and gray. I feel this was too easy, so I look for a thicker wall. I approach the desk to the left of the vivid room which has something resembling a lava lamp on it. I phase through the wall and into the next room. I approach the next desk and see a picture which has my boss on it. I fly up a bit, yet the dream resists me getting to the top. I pull the entire desk down, climb up, and phase into the wall. The dream goes into a black void. I maintain my awareness for nearly a minute, visualizing a druid sanctuary. I maintain the imagery, relaxing into it. I start feeling some sensations from what I believe to be my waking body. I continue to try to relax, focusing on the imagery, but I feel stronger vibrations and wake up.

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