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    1. 2013; September; 6: Pirate adventure against Satan; Super-powered-kids?; Lucid one

      by , 09-06-2013 at 02:36 PM
      These might not be all of the dreams I had.

      > Might think of this one later.

      Edit 2: I'm not sure when I had this dream, But I dreamed of the scene from The Andy Griffith Show in which Rafe Hollister was in jail after having refused his vaccination and Andy was singing "Dig my Grave" Or whatever the song is.

      > After a pirate routine and fighting with someone the thought of making kids with Satan (Who was a female dog or something) came up. I (Or whoever I saw through the eyes of) did not do that but thought about it.

      This was near and island of some sort and I recall a boat or swimming.

      It was (I think) Highly influenced by this video which I saw in the four hours prior to sleeping:


      And now after I went through the video comments and thought of the video some more, yes it was. I even remember the bats in the dream, Somewhat. I met Satan on a boat, On a raised part of it where the floor had mostly fallen off or was damaged.

      I also recall someone moving around on the island which had trees but in general was very dark.

      > Three kids had super-powers of some sort

      I recall seeing in a house and in the bedroom where the kids lived, I thought of Fairy Oddparents but I never watched the TV show, And an image of one of the (Cartoon) kids had "655" on his shirt when at first I thought it may have been "666". I think it was explained how they got their powers too.

      > In a warehouse?

      > There was a lucid one or fairly lucid dream at some point of the night.

      Reason for editing: The title said this was on September 3 but it was September 6.

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