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    1. Mik hilarity, Colb WC3, Cee, missed SC2 party, dancing and 9/9/09

      by , 08-14-2010 at 12:36 PM

      At work. My friend Mik goes through a checkout. As they do, they say something absolutely hilarious, in a casual way where they don't laugh at their own joke, offhand as they're passing through. I think it's like the funniest thing ever.


      Mik has randomly dropped into my work places before, so it would fit with that pattern.

      The main element here seems to be how nonchalant they were.

      - - -

      PART 2 - COLB WC3

      Playing an old friend I haven't seen in years at WC3. He is Orc, I think I'm human? It's both of us against the computer.

      At one point I use chain lightening and he likes the ability. I say we should start over both as a race with chain lightening so we could both do it (which is odd as IRL orc actually has it and humans don't.) He decides against this.


      This felt like an expression of their "polarity responder" nature. They're the type of person who, whatever you say, will tend to take the opposite position.

      - - -


      I'm back and forth between the grocery store and current home, trying to make the money I have last for 3 days of junk food.

      I decide against 3 pizzas and go with 2, use the extra money for other things, for "variety."


      I haven't eaten anything unhealthy in almost 4 months now. I think the idea did surface in my mind yesterday, which may have been the trigger, but was quickly negated as it's an impossibility due my ailment anyway.

      I tend to take thoughts of binging as a sign that I'm not managing my emotional state well enough, not keeping occupied enough.

      - - -

      PART 4 - CEE

      Something about talking to Cee...


      Still an "open loop" in my life, undoubtedly they will continue to surface in dreams periodically until some form of resolution is achieved.

      - - -


      I find out that there was a big SC2 party held at the local theatre, but I've missed it. For some reason this is quite devastating.

      I think Jo from work may have been there.


      I plan on gradually phasing out my SC2 playing time (which isn't that much to begin with) in favor of other pursuits (drawing), perhaps this is a metaphor for that, the sense of loss.

      - - -

      PART 6 - DANCING AND 9/9/09

      In a room full of people (one is Melinda, an acquaintance from Jr High), all the chairs and tables have been cleared away to free space for dancing. I "dance" (stepping along in small circles) along with everyone, which I remember finding surprising even in the moment, as I wouldn't normally expect myself to go along with something like that.

      Later, the room is filled with tables, each having a computer. I look at mine, and notice a pattern in the time and date - it's 9/9/09, 9:09:09.

      I remark about this to the person next to me (Borges?), they simply say "no it's not" because by then the time has passed.


      The first part could be looked at one of two ways: surprising myself by following along with others, or surprising myself by going outside my comfort zone. It definitely feels like the latter.

      The main idea of the last bit seems to be, remarking about something amazing to someone, and them not appreciating it. Borges may represent superficiality, which would also be congruent with the theme.

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