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    1. clxxvi. Leading ghouls and having base destroyed, Facing an ettin and dying; reincarnation

      by , 10-10-2020 at 12:25 PM
      5th October 2020


      Dream about Warcraft 3 and some special game mode where you would get cash injections every so often, instead of being able to mine gold. You also started out with a single worker.

      I think I was playing this with my siblings, but it was mixed in with reality and the locations were based on my old town?

      I was playing as Undead and got some groups of ghouls going after having made some basic buildings (a ziggurat or two and a necropolis?). I went out from the base, leading the ghouls, mix of myself and a hero unit. At some point while away from the base, another player showed up at the base and destroyed mostly everything. I remember trying to get the acolyte worker away.

      7th October 2020


      - Bit in a dark hallway. Expected Diablo to be at the end. Instead there was an ettin. There were other creatures on the way there. Died at the end.
      - Reincarnated? Somewhere else after that.
      - BL items with modified look.
      - Going around with a group of other people who were also reincarnates, I am surprised about having memories of my past life (direct memory of the previous dream sections). In the dream, I think of posting about this on DV.
      - At the end of the dream, something about a group masturbation event with the rest of the reincarnates? We were surrounding a naked black man who was in his room. He was posing for us.
    2. cxxii.

      by , 07-25-2020 at 12:30 AM
      18th May

      Last dream, in a place like Azeroth, Westfall.

      Something about Warcraft II and the Deadmines. Several passing thoughts about classic dungeons. Then a mix of STV and the dam at Dun Modr. But it had a lower tier which was ramped. There was a ship like the Juggernaut inside DM but it was more Alliance-like than Orcish. The front of it looked like an old 1800s steam boat or something. I remember having a view point from above the chimney and looking in and thinking that the model wasn't finished because it just looked like a tube with few shadows and straight cuts through into each deck of the ship.

      I then became aware of my body. I was sort of crouching but sitting on my bottom and became aware or made note of my genitals. I think H was present as a voice and we were talking. I said something about how "at normal size I'd barely be able to push my tip into the top of the chimney", which made me realise my scale in the dream a little bit. Even so, being giant didn't make question reality either as it should have. The dream ended soon after.

      - Although I often have passing thoughts that relate to this type of dream situation (being giant-sized and "playing" with things), it's rare for me to actually have dreams within these contexts and dreams involving some kind of sexual stimulation or play are not too common for me.
      - I used to mess around in private server versions of WoW that I'd run privately/on my own many years ago and would often change my character's scale to the maximum possible (usually 10 times or something). This dream may relate to that in some sense, and admittedly I'd sort of forgotten about that until re-typing this dream on this DJ.
      - I remember when I woke up I thought it was odd I could hear H as a voice but not be aware of H's presence physically within the dream. I remember it made me feel as though there was quite a deep level of immersion in physical terms.
    3. cx.

      by , 04-05-2020 at 02:43 AM
      A few dreams from this morning. On one of the earlier awakenings I decided to make notes and stay up to try and force myself back into more usual sleeping habits. Some in-line notes.


      I was in my old home's bedroom. H and mom were there. H had set up this pipe organ for me (though there were no pipes anywhere) and though I was actually playing poorly I was reading the notation extremely well which pleased me since I'm usually terrible at doing this. But in the dream it was assumed (by myself and the characters) that I was in fact playing well too. I remember walking into the kitchen after trying to play some pedal notes, and mom was there making some food. She was cooking some meats like beef chunks and black sausage type of thing in the big cast aluminium pan. It looked odd, and traditional, but seemed like it could be nice too.

      Mom was disappointed though, she said if I "can play the organ, then why can't you do the dishes?". In the dream I felt that there was no reason I couldn't do the dishes, but I felt the need to argue her statement because I had never had any piano lessons or any suchlike, which L and T did; I also presented the fact I was (apparently) doing really well with playing and the fact that I had never really understood music at all in the school, so this was a success or improvement over that. I felt some disappointment myself that mom couldn't just cherish this. In the dream I remember at some later point standing in the corridor and hearing L playing some DOTA game, and I think T was just in their own room, in the dark, which lead me to assume T was sleeping for some reason. It was night time through out the entire dream.


      Dreamed something a bit like the game I had played the last night (and this night) with H, in some watery and dark underground place. But then there were some fire enemies and I ran into a stairwell as I made distance from them; then the situation was a lot less game-like and more realistic and though I didn't feel afraid because of the fire, I made my way up the stairwell anyway, as did some other random people that appeared, some of which I apparently already knew on a personal level, classmates in the dream context or something.

      I took my time going up the steps for whatever reason, sort of fooling around by doing a full step by actually stepping on every bit of each step with my feet as smoke would start from each place I had just stepped on. This went on for a short while, after which I continued going on up the stairs. I walked into a room from one of the stair landings, with some random girl my age or so? I opened a window to the fire escape for the building. I do remember a girl (Sol) I knew from school a long time ago, who seemed to be in the dream as filler. As I looked out the window and opened a latch on its left side, I could see a fireman on a ladder approaching (and emergency lights?) and as he got closer and came in through the window we told him it was nothing to worry about really.

      I remember there was some antagonistic element to the dream from when I was climbing the stairs earlier; there was this group of angry radicals from downstairs who insisted on something about the fire and basically made a big deal out of nothing. The firemen that came through the window shrugged and sincerely said it would be fine since there was nothing to worry about and they told us that they'd switch the main power on in a second. Weird, since it hadn't seemed to be off at all. There was some side or sub-plot, involving a Gollum from China or something, who was being tortured. (Probably from recently playing Fallout)


      Super cheesy 80s programme intro, of a show apparently called "Rexxar : Star Trek". I was watching it on Youtube or something like it, with quite a focus "tunnel vision".

      There was a vividly clear music with a leading electric guitar and other typical sounds from the 80s and some generic synth sounds. The visual elements of the montage were defined by the fact that they were little square "cuts" of other scenes, presumably from the programme itself, presenting the whole thing in a certain cheesy feel. Those square cuts mostly featured head shots of sexy and almost half naked women and some of the cuts had stills of Rexxar from Warcraft, as well as mini montage being featured in one of these square cuts showing a cartoony/kids-style but real cake of Rexxar being made or put together.

      Everything in the video montages had a very pure white backdrop thing going on. Despite the cheesy aspect, the dream video was amazingly vivid, just as the music.

      The characters, the women, were nobody that I recognise(d) and just felt like generic constructs appropriate for the context, but there was some underlying feeling of them being famous within the context.

      The dream ended shortly after this intro video, when the show "started" by showing some sort of big teddy bear thing on a swivel chair in a very fancy post modern designer house. Vividness was much lower as soon as the intro cut to this sequence. I remember thinking in the dream that the whole thing was somewhat stupid, and that it had nothing to do with Rexxar (despite the featured cuts).
    4. lviii. lix.

      by , 10-26-2018 at 11:40 AM
      lviii. 25th of October

      Non-lucid fragment:
      Some guy wanting me to have sex with him, I told him I didn't want to, and he insisted about it, and I told him I'd made that mistake before and I wasn't going to treat my partner (H) that way again. I remember telling him to ask H if he'd wanted to have sex with him and then at some other point in the dream I remember meeting up with H.

      The dream took place in some unknown dream-generated location. It was day, the light and the sky were yellow/orange and there were rock cliffs and wide ravines. The rock was warm colours too.

      lix. 26th of October (date of this post)

      Non-lucid fragment:
      Something about being flexible enough to inspect my bottom; Was trying to identify the cause of some pain. For context, in waking life I've been having pain in that area for quite some time but it comes and goes, likely part of my condition.

      Non-lucid dream:
      I remember driving a truck from outside its cabin, around a roundabout some several times trying to figure out where I was supposed to be going. There was some halloween party at some castle and the truck had supplies I was going to deliver. Busy traffic at this roundabout, was constantly worried about causing an accident, but not so worried because I was on the truck and not in a car.


      In a fancy hotel/penthouse-like place. Me and H were walking toward a door, carrying some stuff. We were expected. This was the personal penthouse of some old Pioneer Corp executive. We were bringing some gear to demo to this guy and I think he was curious about us bringing in stuff this old.

      I was carrying one of the very heavy power-amps but it seemed exceptionally light and maybe a bit too small; still, I was very careful putting it down on a glass table and H was bringing in some not-too-big speakers that would go on top of a table too. We got it all set up after a bit of faffing around but the Japanese executive didn't seem to mind. There was another man, a fat white guy with some beard and long-ish hair, who looked a bit like a hippie and maybe had a Hawaiian shirt.

      Then they asked us what we were going to play on the sound system and I can't remember what were our first thoughts, something classical? Then someone or H said the Matrix soundtrack, and I said "yeah that'll work". The Japanese man seemed satisfied enough with that choice and he had given us a choice after all.

      I remember the furniture all being wood, in a light-ish stain; sort of orange but very highly waxed or varnished.

      Some sort of transition, all of a sudden watching some version of the World of Warcraft film (which I haven't watched in waking life), and I remember thinking and commenting how bad some details looked. The story was all over the place, with King Terenas and his son Arthas being underwater and Arthas trying to murder his father with a long blade and laughing underwater. Arthas' hair was black, rather than blonde in the dream.

      Then there was some sort of Alliance siege on an underground naval barricade.

      I don't remember enough details to describe the scene and it was all a bit messy to be honest; for most of it my perspective was directly within the "film".

      I will do some scoring a bit later. Not adding any notes. I'm really tired and was almost not motivated enough to even write this entry.

      + Previous score: 58.5

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 2.0
      ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment * 2: 1.0
      ++ Recall a non-lucid dream: 1.0

      = Total score thus far: 60.5

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. My Princess

      by , 02-28-2016 at 11:31 AM

      I was in a medieval fantasy city ,most likely inspired by the Warcraft city Dalaran. Dalaran it's a magical flying city. I am a guard , dressed in heavy full-body armor , holding my shield. There is a war going on somewhere between humans and orcs.
      Oh and , I was in love with the princess the city, and she was in love with me. I can no longer remember her looks , but i remeber feeling the love. We kept our love secret , because it was inapropriate for a guard to be with a princess. We wondered around the beautiful city , chatting and when no one was around hugging and kissing. Soon the war ended and the humans won. At night , the warchiefs of the orcs came at the town to surrender. During this I was guarding the orcs , with many other guards of course. But in fact , I didn't pay much attention to the orcs , my mind was at the princess , sitting with the King and the Queen outside of a palace. We were looking at each other , and it was like we made whole convertations just with our eyes. When the whole thing ended. There was a celebration at a nearby place. We guards weren't allowed to participate , we just standed there guarding the doors. I was just watching her dancing and she was beautiful (although I still don't remember her looks , these were my thoughts). When the event was over , it was at last time to meet her. It was late at night and no one was outside in the roads. We agreed that it's time to reveal our affair to everyone , and go leave together. Tommorow night we would tell the King. I was looking forward to it. Then she gave me a goodbye kiss and before the kiss ended , I woke up.

      (That was one of the best and most vivid dreams I had in a long time so I decided to share it. I wasn't lucid at any point of the dream sadly. )

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    6. The betrothed princess, Majin Buu, and a bigfoot episode of Supernatural

      by , 06-29-2015 at 05:42 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was a princess, the daughter of some super rich king who wanted to marry me off to some prince I'd never met. On the day we were supposed to meet, the king hired all sorts of people to doll me up, hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion experts, etc. First I was sent to the hair stylist, who was this young lady with light neon blue hair up in two ponytails on either side of her, and her hair had streaks of other colors in it, mostly pink I think. I was so in love with her hair and asked for something similar, so she gave me the same style but made mine super colorful and rainbow-y. After that, they sent me to the makeup artist, and I was really nervous because for some reason I thought I had guy-stubble on my face and I was afraid the artist would get weirded out and not cover it up, but she said she could do that easily. After that, I worried over the dress selection, because I seriously badly wanted a Victorian style dress that poofed out at the bottom, and I thought they'd give me some ugly straight one. But they had a huge dress selection to choose from so I felt better. Later on, the king told me the prince didn't really like me, but that wasn't the point. The point was to marry so they could combine kingdoms. I got so upset and told the king that I refused to be just some object he could use to take over countries with, and I ran away.

      An evil man kidnapped me and locked me in his house. It was kind of a shitty house, and I remember seeing a round wooden table next to glass patio doors. I was so scared but determined to escape. I acted really nice to him so he would wind up trusting me, and then I secretly opened the patio door so his pug ran out. He was freaking out over his dog escaping so I told him I would go out and get it. So I ran out into the yard but instead of chasing the dog I ran along the fence until I found a spot low enough to climb over, and I did and took off running frantically. I knew I wasn't a very good runner but I tried, and by the time I got to his front yard, he intercepted me and held me in place, smiling and laughing all creepy-like. He told me he didn't care if I screamed because anyone passing by wouldn't bother to help anyway, so I started screaming and reaching my hand out to people walking down the sidewalk, and they just turned their heads and kept walking. The neighbor did the same thing but went into his house. I felt so hopeless and desperate, and I couldn't believe nobody would help me, but the man kept holding me and laughing. But suddenly this Worgen guy from WoW came up and told the man to let me go, but he didn't. He acted all nice and invited him in for tea, so the Worgen said okay and said he'd save me afterward. I told him to be careful because he was only level 98 and the man was level 100, but he didn't care. The creepy man wound up catching us both. After that, I was saved by Majin Buu, who flew me away on a cloud. We were both sitting on the cloud and flying through the sky, doing loops and such. Suddenly we saw another person flying towards us on a cloud that also had Majin Buu sitting on it, so we stopped and said hi to each other.

      I was standing in a house by the window, looking up at storm clouds. There was a serious amount of rotation, and I saw one cloud close to the ground start rotating pretty fast. I made a joke that it would turn into a tornado... but then it actually did. When I went out onto the porch there were tornadoes everywhere, but it looked like that one was heading away from us, and as soon as I pointed that out, it turned around and came toward us. They told me to get back into the house and hunker down in the hallway, but I was like 'fuck that shit' and made a mad dash out into the road for some reason. They called me insane and said I'd die, but I kept running and running, hoping to find a safe place before the tornado caught up with me, I felt scared but at the same time confident I'd get away. I saw a big school and ran inside quick, and the school was empty and dark. On the floor was a small window, like the kind you see on the bottoms of houses that lead to the basement, so I hoped it was also a basement. I could hear the tornado close and dived into the window, squeezing through. The basement was huge with a concrete floor and a sloped roof like an attic's, and I grabbed at random plywood boards in an attempt to protect my head. Then I saw another person down there, but we didn't say anything to each other, we just nodded in approval like 'I see you were smart enough to come down here too'. When the tornado finally hit, I realized I'd left the window open, and it was trying to suck me out, so I grabbed onto a rafter and held on tight, and survived.

      Sam and Dean saw an article in a paper about bigfoot terrorizing a small town way in the forest, so they went to check it out. The bigfoot was killing everyone, people were dying left and right, and there was blood everywhere. They did some investigating and were up on a wooden porch when they found a glass jar filled with congealed blood, so they had it DNA tested and found it belonged to nearby people who hadn't died yet. They went to check them out and found two terrible teenagers with skin the color of a corpse and crazy eyes. They realized there was no bigfoot, it was just the bloodlust of the two evil teens, and they made up the bigfoot story to the sheriff to hide their own murders. Sam and Dean were kind of pissed it wasn't 'their kind of case' after all and left the teens to the cops.

      Apparently I lived in an apartment complex that was in some city that Seru destroyed before his tournament. Everyone was dead and the complex was falling apart, and there was a flood that went up halfway to my knees. But I was happy and excited, and spinning around through the parking lot singing. I was going to go see him. The scene cut to a news station surrounded by debris, with the only road leading out going directly to Seru's arena, so the reporter just said 'fuck it' and they got in their van and decided to go out there, even though they knew he already killed a bunch of reporters. The dream never finished their story, so I have no idea what happened to them. After that, it cut to me at the arena, and I remember seeing him standing there looking all passive but... I can't remember anything about our interaction. Thanks brain. Thanks for making allllll my other dreams super-detailed but completely forgetting the one part I'd want to remember most from this one dream. Ffffffuck that.
    7. 2 warcraft dreams

      by , 12-13-2014 at 08:14 PM
      I had a dream I was playing world of warcraft while eating pieces of this cake. I was running through some frozen cave fighting these worm-like creatures. At the end of the cave was this dreadlord demon. I think I remember fighting him. I also died several times in the cave and had to run back to my body. There was more to it, but that's all I remember

      I also had a dream where I was in this market row, like a medieval market. It was pretty dark there and no one else was there but me, The sky had red smoke going over it like something was burning bad far away. A thing in chat it said "The concert event has already begun" and I could hear the music. I walked down the market row and the road split left and right at a 90 degree angle, I went left because the concert was that way, it was in a huge stone building with a huge entrance, but there was a curtain in the way blocking us because it had already begun, and the curtain was rock-solid. There were several WoW characters standing there wanting to get in and talking, and a druid told me "we gotta wall glitch to get in" so I began hopping up the wall, and eventually I fell through. Inside was mostly empty except for a bunch of tables and people sitting at the tables. The band was playing quite loud, but suddenly a different druid attacks me and we start battling. I woke up before anything else happened
    8. 29th Oct 2013 Some good recall

      by , 10-30-2013 at 03:00 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Somewhat decent recall for once!

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was doing some moderator stuff in dreamviews, and there were some weird rules and kicking going on.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      Some concrete place with blue lighting.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was watching some scene that kinda described creating of some ingame scene, but actual people were acting, there was some dialogue and i thought acting was pretty good. Then i started watching video about a few people breaking into some place with lots of lockers and someone commented 'Nobody have seen the end of that movie'

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was watching some kind of gameplay that reminded me of resident evil series, there was fight with zombies/mutants in city and then one of characters felt like he's about to turn into one of mutants, his name was Chris.

      Dream 5:

      I was playing some game that looked like warcraft 2 and i was playing with SilentEternity. We have started some 1v1 map with ridiculous amounts of resources. I've started in top-left corner, he started in top-right. Between us there was huge forest, mountains at south and some AI controlled 'cities' in remaining two corners. I've started building buildings and noticed that we also had access to about all stuff from beginning, then i've made mostly melee group. I sent it and it met his group halfway between bases, which consisted off... Some infantry from KKND2 and Series9 kamikazi units. I micro'd my units to reduce losses and managed to take group out, but only few of my units were surviving.
      I've noticed he started getting some air units, so i started getting dragons and built some anti air towers. I also silently build barracks near his second base which he was building in bottom right corner. I get more units but he starts outnumbering me. At that point i use some kind of global ability that sends all his air units off from the map and then i notice a black dragon to the south of my base, which is on my side, and actually looks 3D. I also then notice that dragon's name is 'Scionox'. I send me towards SilentEternity's base and end up destroying everything in like 1-2 hits and winning.

      Dream 6(fragments):

      I've found dragon plushie giveaway of some kind but link on page leads to some site with silly cosplay vid of people dancing in suits.

      Dream 7(fragments):

      Some kind of forest.

      Dream 8:

      I was watching some anime where main character arrived onto some rather silly cartoonish island which was drawn in different, more handdrawn kinda style. There were some mountains and near them there was a house. Main character entered it and was welcomed by some silly people, they were talking about some things(And at times view was switching to first person).
      Then after a while enemy spaceships have arrived above island and main characters battled them. There were explosions everywhere and then main enemy character arrived as well. They talk and they apparently had fight before and enemy goes into trance to contact his master, in trance his trance-body gets pierced by 8 swords of ultimate power. He transforms into some green thing with 8 arms, each of which having weapon. He mentions that he's not exactly expecting this result. One of swords was sword of fire, another giant blade of light, then sword of shadow, then green colored short sword somehow combined with a shield, then a katana called 'Naginata'(What's up, random dream naming), the#n a sword made of blood, then blue colored sword and a sword i can't recall. He starts charging powerful attack but main character moves ridiculously quickly and saves a kid from near house. Then as he jumps away, massive wave of power goes by and destroys house and then splits whole mountain in half.
    9. 21st Oct 2013 Various fragments

      by , 10-22-2013 at 02:24 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some game and i was going through some foggy bush maze while fighting zombies, then i've found a gate leading to some building where some transparent enemies attacked me and i ahd to fight them too, then in building everything was kinda old and ruined and new ingame character appeared that was a doctor and game suddenly turned into an FPS. He was talking about something.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing custom levels in a game that looked like a mix of wacraft 2 and 3, one of levels was especially difficult, located in swamps and with enemy bases placed in 2's all around the level, covering each other. I was trying to find working tactic vs them.

      Dream 3(fragment):

      I was at some icy place.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      I was at home and there was some problem with lights and refrigerator, which took some time to fix.
    10. A moment of lucidity, bad paint jobs, and a not-so-epic Warcraft journey

      by , 09-21-2013 at 03:42 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 14.)

      I brought about a lucid dream through sleep paralysis. As I was in paralysis, I visualized my bedroom exactly as it would be if I were awake, and awoke into a dream of me laying on the bed in my room. The surrounding were very unstable, however, and the air was heavy like a blanket and strange looking. It was almost like heat waves, but no heat. It looked a lot like the air in hell from Constantine. I couldn't lift my hands to rub them together in an attempt to stabilize so I just had to deal. I crawled out of bed and looked around, but everything was normal except there were a lot of alphabet magnets on my TV screen. I stumbled down the hall trying to fight the heavy air, but I just couldn't stabilize and the dream faded away.

      Cory had hired these two slutty girls to paint my car for me as a surprise, but I was pissed because I knew they didn't actually know how to paint cars and I had no idea why he was letting them. When I went out to take a look, poor Celtius was not painted at all. They had spray-painted some black letters on the side of the car and it looked awful. But for some reason he kept defending them. Then he let one of them stay at our apartment for a while, and it got to the point where he was just fawning over her and doing whatever she wanted. I was so angry, and I kept crying and trying to get him alone so I could talk to him about it, but she followed us everywhere. The other girl who didn't stay got snippy with me when I asked about the "paint job" and I wasn't in the mood to argue so I just flipped her off and went to lay down. One day while we were at a store, Cory snapped out of it and we realized she'd had him under some kind of spell, so we ran into an elevator and got the doors to close before she could follow us, and then ran out of the store.

      I was a displaced orc living in a strange land that was set up like some kind of prison labyrinth. It wasn't actually a prison, but it was grey and simplistic like a prison. The through-ways were difficult to navigate and the whole of the land was one giant maze, but we had no choice because the orcs had been kicked out of Durotar and Orgrimmar for some unknown reason and this was where I had settled. There were other races living here too, mostly people who supported us and left on their own free will, some blood elves and trolls and such. On the corners of the maze roads were phone booths, and these were set up on every corner and "sponsored" by a person or group that would keep them clean, like those Adopt-a-Mile programs. As I was standing against a wall with some blood elves, they began to talk about how silly the booths were, and pointed to the one closest to us that was sponsored by someone named Snowsparkle. They assumed it was some girly weak person and set a bomb in the booth. I was afraid because I knew it would be a big explosion and someone could get hurt, so I called out for help. Then this huge imposing centaur appeared and defused the bomb and sent the elves running off in panic. Apparently he was Snowsparkle. He thanked me and said that indeed would've been a big explosion, and to properly thank me he said he wanted to show me something amazing. He picked me up with one hand, I was like the size of his forearm, and we galloped away. After a long while we were in Durotar, and we stood upon the road leading from Razor Hill to Sen'jin Village. There were hundreds of orcs all lined up heading back into Durotar, carrying sacks of their belongings and looking happy. The centaur told me we were all allowed home now and I remember being overcome with emotion and I just sat there on his shoulder crying in joy. He took me back to my temporary home and I decided I would move back to Durotar with the other orcs. I packed up all my things for my journey back, which wasn't much and fit into one bag. To get from the place I was currently at and into Durotar, I had to pass through a magical home. I ran into the house humming that magic carpet song from Aladdin because I was so happy, and I think I realized the house existed between dimensions, and that Durotar and the world I was in were actually separate dimensions altogether because that land was grey and Durotar just immediately was bright and reddish. I ran through the kitchen, still humming, and saw Thrall standing over the stove cooking something. I waved to him as I ran past. Then I entered into a bedroom and there was a huge dresser against the wall with a closet door to the left of it. I knew I had to crawl through a drawer in the dresser to reach Durotar, but I was nervous because I felt claustrophobic. When I opened the drawer, I could see Durotar on the other side. Instead, I opened the closet door and found inside that it was completely empty except for a mirror. I pushed the mirror and it opened into a small room that was mirrored on all sides, and this mirror room opened up into Durotar. I stood on the road, incredibly happy that I actually made it there.
      lucid , non-lucid
    11. 20th Sep 2013 Fragments

      by , 09-20-2013 at 11:29 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some platformer.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing some rts that was like mix of warcraft 2 and starcraft, at one point

      Dream 3(fragments):

      There was something about getting out of some dungeon and opening doors using keys and some special ability that manipulated keys and positions.
    12. 3rd Aug 2013 Fragments, Warcraft/Minecraft hybrid

      by , 08-03-2013 at 11:41 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some video game, an FPS, it was coop and we were fighting through some tech place that somewhat looked like insides of citadel from HL2.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was on some kind of warcraft themed forum and was reading through spirituality subforum which looked like entirely different forum as well. I also downloaded some map for warcraft 3 but as i ran it, i got into game and it turned into some minecraft custom map with some really overpowered enemies and not much items, from new stuff there were flaming arrows as an ammo type, which did alot of damage and sword was a bit glitchy in a way that it could get stuck in enemies somehow and damage them really quickly that way. Then later there were more powerful enemies that didn't followed minecraft graphical style at all and also a huge creeper as one of map's bosses.
      Later on, i opened the map in warcraft 3 editor and was looking through scripts.
    13. 7th July 2013 Warcraft 2, AI War, Forum game and short lucid

      by , 07-07-2013 at 12:19 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap.

      Dream 1:

      I was playing warcraft 2 with K and SilentEternity, we ahd bases grouped together on the southern part of the map, enemies had few bases on the southern part as well, and more bases on northern part, separated from us by the lake. Our main buildings apparently could produce any air units right from the start, i started making basic buildings and a dragon, K was making helicopters for scouting but they were taking way too long for some reason, so i said to not worry about scouting, i then build two zeppelins really quick as well as two mini-flying soldiers apparently, then another dragon. My zeppelins and flying soldiers scout the map and since fog of war was turned off soon the whole map got revealed, zeppelins had weird teleporting ability. I send dragons at nearest enemy.

      Dream 2:

      There was an AI War update(in dream) apparently that added some weird map types and a bunch of new stuff as well as changing some bits of interface and fixing some things. I started the game and the galaxy map... looked like it was ground map of some city. There were 'buildings' controlled by AI that could be accessed from certain wormholes, also they had effects when captured as well as when under AI control, some building was adding AIP of all things.
      Next change i noticed was that all scouts had same max cap of 24, and also building interface was different, the mk1 units were on the top and mk3 on the bottom. I started scouting planets and remembered about another part of an update, AI owned planets right next to starting homeworld started 'disabled', meaning not having guard posts and even AI fleet, until station on any of them would be destroyed, then they would start building guard posts and getting reinforcements.
      I was trying to scout through but i remembered the part of update that added mini-exo waves that were spawned if any unit goes through further than 'disabled' planets without capturing at least one. I send my fleet to capture it then made more scouts and sent them to scout more planets, but their pathfinding failed and i had to retarget them a few times.

      Dream 3:

      I was reading some forum game with images, which was about some man who got lost in city, when then everyone disappeared and it got dark. He was trying to search for everyone but then some woman appears and tries to kill him with hammer.
      That's as far as forum game updates went, then i got distracted for a bit with some other page, but as i returned there were more posts, man managed to get out of situation and was exploring some basement, two other players were allowed to join as some kind of ghosts to help him< sending actions through PM, one of users was named 'moomoo' or something like that.
      Finishing reading, i look around and notice lots various chocolate foods on the bed in bags.
      I realize that i must be dreaming and decide to try one of foods because why not, i try to get one from bag but bag gets empty and foods teleport into another one. Then some voice distracts me and i lose lucidity, but i still have strange feeling. I go to the door and open it. Some person walks straight out of the door itself after i open it, making me go 'Huh' and reminding me that i am dreaming. He goes away, i say 'Wait' and then dream fades out and i wake up.
    14. Mik hilarity, Colb WC3, Cee, missed SC2 party, dancing and 9/9/09

      by , 08-14-2010 at 12:36 PM

      At work. My friend Mik goes through a checkout. As they do, they say something absolutely hilarious, in a casual way where they don't laugh at their own joke, offhand as they're passing through. I think it's like the funniest thing ever.


      Mik has randomly dropped into my work places before, so it would fit with that pattern.

      The main element here seems to be how nonchalant they were.

      - - -

      PART 2 - COLB WC3

      Playing an old friend I haven't seen in years at WC3. He is Orc, I think I'm human? It's both of us against the computer.

      At one point I use chain lightening and he likes the ability. I say we should start over both as a race with chain lightening so we could both do it (which is odd as IRL orc actually has it and humans don't.) He decides against this.


      This felt like an expression of their "polarity responder" nature. They're the type of person who, whatever you say, will tend to take the opposite position.

      - - -


      I'm back and forth between the grocery store and current home, trying to make the money I have last for 3 days of junk food.

      I decide against 3 pizzas and go with 2, use the extra money for other things, for "variety."


      I haven't eaten anything unhealthy in almost 4 months now. I think the idea did surface in my mind yesterday, which may have been the trigger, but was quickly negated as it's an impossibility due my ailment anyway.

      I tend to take thoughts of binging as a sign that I'm not managing my emotional state well enough, not keeping occupied enough.

      - - -

      PART 4 - CEE

      Something about talking to Cee...


      Still an "open loop" in my life, undoubtedly they will continue to surface in dreams periodically until some form of resolution is achieved.

      - - -


      I find out that there was a big SC2 party held at the local theatre, but I've missed it. For some reason this is quite devastating.

      I think Jo from work may have been there.


      I plan on gradually phasing out my SC2 playing time (which isn't that much to begin with) in favor of other pursuits (drawing), perhaps this is a metaphor for that, the sense of loss.

      - - -

      PART 6 - DANCING AND 9/9/09

      In a room full of people (one is Melinda, an acquaintance from Jr High), all the chairs and tables have been cleared away to free space for dancing. I "dance" (stepping along in small circles) along with everyone, which I remember finding surprising even in the moment, as I wouldn't normally expect myself to go along with something like that.

      Later, the room is filled with tables, each having a computer. I look at mine, and notice a pattern in the time and date - it's 9/9/09, 9:09:09.

      I remark about this to the person next to me (Borges?), they simply say "no it's not" because by then the time has passed.


      The first part could be looked at one of two ways: surprising myself by following along with others, or surprising myself by going outside my comfort zone. It definitely feels like the latter.

      The main idea of the last bit seems to be, remarking about something amazing to someone, and them not appreciating it. Borges may represent superficiality, which would also be congruent with the theme.

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    15. Giraffe Video Games

      by , 01-22-2006 at 05:22 AM
      Original dream dated 01/21/2006:

      So I had a dream... something about giraffes... I don't really remember. Or video games. Giraffes in video games? I know it was really weird, but I didn't write it down right away, I just though "Hey, that's a weird dream, even for me". Usually if I forget what a dream was, and I just sort of think about trying to remember it for a while, the memory will come back to me later (usually at an odd/inconvenient time). Something about World of Warcraft, with giraffes, maybe it's that the new race was a giraffe, I don't know.

      Ok, I finally remembered my dream, and it had nothing to do with giraffes.

      I dreamed that I was playing this video game based off of "Inspector Gadget". It wasn't an MMORPG but it had social elements (somehow?). Anyway, it was a VR game for a full virtual reality system that had just debuted, and in the dream, I was one of the main people who developed it. It was REALLY good game, too, not lame like a lot of games based off of animated series' are. Good graphics and special effects, kickass soundtrack, and the sheer gameplay itself was awesome.

      I was basically playtesting the game I helped create in the dream, the particular level I was in involved chasing this one badguy down mineshafts, he kept using explosives on me, it was pissing me off. You didn't play as Gadget, but switched between Penny or Brain. You generally didn't get to choose whom you would be playing as, it depended on what point in the story you were at. In this case, the story was forcing you to play Brain at this point in the game. I think that in this level the Chief was hidden inside of a barrel of explosives (TNT?).
      Basically, you (Brain) were following Gadget, who was chasing the bad guy, and your main objective was to keep Gadget from getting killed by all of the explosives, collapsing mineshafts, falling rocks, and machinery. It was a very tough level - one of the toughest.

      Basically, how 'levels' were completed was, each level had Objectives. As you fulfilled them, your Objective bar lit up and filled. You had to fulfill all of the Objectives to pass the mission. Once you'd fulfilled all of the Objectives for that stage in the mission, the difficulty level went up, and you got another Objective bar. Your objectives changed depending on what you did and what happened, so you might wind up with different objectives every time you played a level. I dunno, it was a system that made sense in my dream... in any case, I had fulfilled objective bar #1, which had been hard as fuck to begin with, and bar #2 was pretty insanely difficult. You could technically beat the level if you fulfilled only the objectives in the first objective bar, but you wouldn't get the best outcome once you had completed it. If you managed to fulfill all of the objectives in objective bar #3, you got the best possible outcome for the mission/level. So basically, objective bar #1 was Necessary, bar #2 was second priorities, bar #3 was going above and beyond what you technically "needed" to do. i.e. bar #1 would be preventing Gadget from generally being blown to bits, bar #2 would be actually harming the badguy he was chasing, bar #3 would be collapsing the mine shaft on top of the bad guy.

      Most of the levels revolved around preventing Gadget from killing himself, or else playing as Penny and sneaking around/hacking into computer systems. So the Brain levels were puzzle levels, and the Penny levels were sneak/recon levels, although they revolved as much around not being seen by Gadget as not being seen by the enemies. And of course, what you did as one character affected your next mission as the other character.

      All in all, not a bad dream. I think the giraffes idea came from Gadget having a stretchy neck... who knows?