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    1. LD #102: A false sleeping...?

      by , 08-06-2014 at 12:33 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Sorry I was gone these past few days, I was on an awful, awful dry spell.

      So we have all heard of a false awakening, but what about a false falling asleep?

      I was having a dream that my life had reverted to the year 2003, meaning that I was a small child once more. My subdivision looked a little bit different. All of the cars looked extremely square and boxy. (Not to say a lot of older cars look boxy.) But I mean these cars looked ridiculously square.
      A false memory rolls in: Apparently this was not the same reality as the one that I had experienced in 2003, but I had simply traveled to a different one, and in this alternate world having the most boxy car was considered prestigious. Our neighbors had a rotating table on their yard with an extremely square car on it. The car looked something like a miniature box and was one large red cube with windshields, windows, wheels and a radiator on the front. They were trying to show off the square-ness of their car.
      I get very excited at the thought of having many years of my life back, and forget about the boxy car fad. I begin thinking of things that I want to do differently in this new life. Just as I do, my mom comes outside, picks me up, and takes me inside to go to bed. As we walk inside I notice that the sun is setting. I lay down and notice how sleepy I feel.
      Then I think to myself, maybe in this new life I can start lucid dreaming earlier. Lucid dreaming is supposed to be very easy for young children to learn as their dreams are of better quality, and their minds are more awake. I lay still and begin thinking to myself that I will lucid dream tonight.

      After a minute I find myself in a 'lucid' dream. (It was kind of funny, because I knew that this was a dream relative to the boxy car reality, but I didn't know that the boxy car reality was in fact a dream.)
      The dream is that I am in a city street. There are a bunch of large white cylinders of varying heights made of a metal like material juxtaposed in the street. There are no cars or dream characters anywhere from what I can tell. I begin thinking about what the cylinders might be. Perhaps they contain something. I approach and touch one. It feels cold, it is covered with condensation.
      The city breaks away but all of the cylinders remain. I am now floating in reddish-black a void with the white cylinders still scattered about. They begin to drift in random directions. I begin to hear a screeching noise growing louder and louder.

      False awakening. Back into my 2003 alternate reality bedroom. It is morning and the sun is shining through the windows. I lose recall for some time after that.
      I am at my grandparents house with K. My grandparents want me to eat some strange new food, but I tell them I am not hungry.
      I false awaken into my bedroom, and my heart is racing as if something time-sensitive is going on. I am being shook by someone. Manei is leaning over the side of my bed trying to get me up.
      "Wake up, Hurry!"
      "I'm awake!, I'm awake!, Stop that!"
      "No! Wake up!"

      I look into her eyes for a moment then wake myself up.

      I am on a beach. There is a terrace made of packed sand at the upper end of the beach with several small drainage creeks running into the sea. I realize that I am still dreaming and wake myself up once more.
      Wheu! Not dreaming anymore.

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