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    1. Designer Beet, Halloween Dog, Dirt Water

      by , 10-31-2015 at 01:17 PM
      First entry, yay! Explanation of foreign words and background info in blue.
      My female roommate has a redecorating fit and decides to pretty up the flat (which is, as is often the case in my dreams, more narrow than in waking life and has a somewhat weird layout) with dozens of plants. I'm pissed off because she woke me up in the process. Back in waking life, this had happened directly before that dream, only it was my male roommate preparing for work.
      Aside from having more narrow rooms (one of my dream signs), our flat has some very warm and pretty lighting and feels cozy, especially with all the new plants. I walk into the kitchen and notice that the oven is on. I look inside and see some rolls and pastries, along with Donauwelle (a chocolate covered cake with cream and cherries) that my roommate put there. I think about telling her that Donauwelle is supposed to be eaten cold, but decide against it because I really can't be bothered.
      I turn to the refrigerator. There's a little potted tree on the ground below and I can barely open the door without knocking it over. Inside, I look for something that needs to be eaten soon before it spoils (which I also do in waking life when I open the refrigerator). There are two plastic packs of pork loin. The surface of the meat looks spongy and has been painted with red ink. This is a reference to my day job, where I assist a pathologist cutting anatomical specimens. Ink is often used to mark the different sides of the specimen so you can reconstruct where exactly it sat in the body. Then I look in the upper right corner and see a plastic cube of about 8³ inches (20³cm) filled three fourths with clear water illuminated by the fridge's warm light. There is no sign of condensed water on the cube's walls. Floating on the water, there is something that looks like a beet, with a circle of small brown eggs around it. I don't realize that eggs that float are inedible. Overall, this arrangement looks very fresh and tasty to me. I remember that the beet is a kind of designer food that is supposed to taste fantastic and provide a lot of important nutrients. Before my inner eye, I see a cross section of the beet that shows its several layers, all labeled. The innermost layer is a very dark, moist red and consists of ground berries.
      From another room, I hear someone speaking Chinese. I look who it is and realize that my roommate is having an entire Chinese family over, so I decide to take a walk.
      I find myself walking on a tarred path between patches of neat lawn. It's fall, and everything looks a bit foggy. Two men in loden overcoats walk toward me. One of them has a wolf-like dog's head with very long and fluffy fur. While they pass me, I think that the dog shouldn't be walking on two legs, and that this must be a dream. But before I can gain any measure of lucidity, I look back and the dog-man has transformed into a dwarf with a dog mask he wears as a Halloween costume. Since it's Halloween (and it really is, oddly enough), that seems quite OK, and I'm lulled back into gullibility. Walking uphill toward a college campus, I see students wearing more Halloween costumes and doing a ritual that in this dream is typical of Halloween, chasing each other around to slap a Speckmaus (a white, chewy and sweet treat shaped like a mouse) on someone's forehead. A guy with a cardboard mask and a red and black lumberjack shirt runs up to me to slap one on my forehead, but since I'm still pissed off I grab his wrist in mid-air and squeeze it as tightly as I can, trying to inflict pain. He isn't all that impressed, gives me a disappointed look and asks me what I'm doing here, I'm not even a student, and I shouldn't spoil their fun.
      I ignore him and walk into one of the college buildings, an ugly 60s red brick bungalow. From the corner of my eye I see a tall professor dressed up as a wizard in white felt clothes lecture three underage students half his height dressed in similar costumes. A female student of about my age with dark blonde, shoulder length, faintly wavy hair walks toward me. Looking at each other, we immediately feel a strong connection. She invites me to her room. While we walk there, she explains that it's in the quarters of the rowing club, which she has sort of stumbled into because all her friends really wanted to row with her.
      We arrive at the room, which is about 375ft² (35m²). She has just moved here for a short vacation, so it's cluttered with randomly unpacked clothes and hygiene products. One wall is just a long sheet of glass that directly faces a pool without a walkway to separate the two. The pool is a system of winding "streets" that flow into several larger "squares". It is framed by the same neat lawn from before, but now it's a pleasant summer evening outside, and the sun is just beginning to set. 50 yards off, I can see a few dozen people having a pool party with tiki torches.
      The student asks me to come to the party with her. I'm a bit disappointed because I thought she'd let me nap in her room, but I also want to get to know her better, so I say she should go ahead, I'd only need to put on swimming trunks. What follows is much less vivid and deals with me being confused about what constitutes being clothed and what doesn't and being ashamed of my nakedness when I realize I've taken off all my clothes except for the T-shirt (an olive green heavy duty cotton shirt) although there's no one around to witness it. Finally, I manage to put on my swimming trunks, and the dream becomes more vivid again.
      I look around and notice that the student has a lot of interesting books, but also a lot of things that look like hipster crap, and I think that she must be the well-educated child of rich parents. In the middle of the room there is a heavy wooden desk, covered in the aforementioned clothes and hygiene products. Inlaid into the desk there is a white porcelain washbasin with a silver faucet. The faucet is not connected to the water supply, but to a plastic bottle.
      The label on the bottle looks like the one on Gordon's Dry Gin, only with a calligraphic font, and reads "Dirt Water". I turn the bottle over to read the back label. It features Art Déco illustrations showing the history of the product. There's a picture of Queen Victoria and one of a woman in a linen dress and apron stirring something in a copper boiler (the kind they brew beer in) with a large wooden pole. The text explains that Dirt Water was invented in Victorian London to promote public health. Below are illustrations of historical groups of people who used Dirt Water. The only one I remember shows a man from the neck down sitting at a table. He wears a grubby industrial worker's coat and polishes an old Luger with a red rag. The caption reads "Anarchists".
      I turn on the faucet and use the water to brush my teeth and rinse out my mouth afterward, being careful not to swallow any. It tastes faintly earthy and I feel very small grains of the eponymous dirt on my tongue. Then I turn to go to the party, and wake up.

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    2. Old dream - Falling in love in your dream

      by , 04-05-2012 at 02:40 PM
      I had a dream that I fell in love with this really cute woman before, and after meeting her I started to go lucid. That is I was actively talking & flirting with her. It was so real and felt so real I didn't want it to end. When I woke up I actually felt heartbroken that I would never see her again, since it was just a dream. She had black hair that came down to about the middle of her neck. Just like a girl I used to know in real life that I had a major crush on. Although the DC had her hairstyle, she didn't look like my real life crush.
    3. Amazing

      , 08-24-2010 at 10:34 AM (Les Rêves)
      I only have time to record this one dream, but it was amazing, at least in feel.

      I've woken up during the transition from one dream to another, slightly anyway. I transition straight into this attic which has a ladder that I am climbing. I'm lucid. The feeling is unbelievable, and not even the lucid part. I feel like I am standing there, and it's real life with a surreal touch. I can smell, feel, touch, and see everything so clearly. It is as if I am ACTUALLY standing there. I have experienced but once before in my dreams. It's unbelievable, as if my body has literally been transported to another world during the night. As I climb the ladder, slowly, I open the door that is on the ceiling. As I do so, sunlight streams in and I fly right up into the sky. I soar above the lands that lie below, and euphoria encompasses me. The realization that I am once again in my dream from a month ago or so hits me. I am amazed that i was able to tap into this feeling and world again. It is the actual continuation of that dream. There is golden sand scattered next to a gleaming, deep azure ocean. There is a castle fortress along with other buildings of a medieval appearance. The most amazing thing is that despite being far into this sky, hovering, I can see every detail of the land below. Off to the side there is a dark section of this land, where presumably the villain lives. She is actually female this time around, and I can feel her presence. But along with hers I can also feel Martinez's, who is trapped along with other people in one of the buildings. I don't see him, but his face flashes in my mind.. I need to get rid of the evil. The dream transitions..

      I'm on a bus with a group of students who posses magic, it seems. Or at least they are going off to magic school. I'm sitting next to an older teenage guy, although I don't feel like myself. I'm in someone else's body with their mind. I'm telepathic, and I discover that the guy next to me is as well. I say something to him from my mind, and his face displays shock as he discovers.. It's strangely beautiful, talking to someone simply from one's mind. I share with him my plans about catching the villainness. He agrees to go with me to fight. We escape the bus..and I cannot remember much more save for the fact that I am starring in a novel.

      These dreams were dreams of firsts. First time tapping into the same dream from a previous night. Unbelievable.
    4. Snt

      , 08-11-2010 at 11:15 AM (Les Rêves)
      I'm writing this dream very late, and I'm afraid I was dumbass enough to lose most details..but I'll write it down anyway. u_u

      So I'm in my NY house, and my mom is all anxious because we have visitors, I find out the visitors are actually the SNT. So this is exciting and I think huzzay, but before I do anything I go to my brother's room and get ready. I distinctly remember putting on eyeliner thickly. I have this whole emo get up, wearing my pea coat and my hairstyle is done in this emo-bangs-esque way plus the black eyeliner. I get frustrated while doing my hair. When I look down, I realize I have a coat on and I think it's a bit excessive slender-man look, so I take it off. It's the summer, after all. I stalk downstairs after this, grabbing my actual DJ for autographs. In the living room I see PK, and he's alone. He doesn't notice me there and I jump from the staircase to right in front of him and yell his full name. He gets shocked and jumps at my blatant freakiness, then sighs a breath of relief. I give him my DJ and try to act normal by asking him to sign it. I ramble a bit in English, and I think, he probably has no idea what I'm saying. Then he says something with a thick accent and it's incomprehensible, but I don't bother asking him to repeat himself. He comes across as a cold creature. He's like, "Why do you want me to sign this book, don't you want my signature on something else?" And the man is right, though it's kind of insulting that he rejected my DJ. In any case I grab my yearbook, and he seems fascinated by it. After looking through my friend's signatures, he signs it. I leave quickly since I do not like him. My mom approaches me and starts bitching about the men outside, who are practicing I think. She's like, "These guys are trying to seduce all the girls with flowers." I find this funny, and think, well too bad there aren't a lot of fangirls around here.

      I leave my house and go to this store that has computers and chairs. It looks like a small airport terminal. Some of the guys start coming there, but before they do I'm informed that the place is about to be captured by someone evil and we will all be stuck there. As the guys come in, including Martinez, I yell at them to stay the fuck out or forever hold their peace. But my yelling is pointless, as they cluelessly walk in and the door shuts behind them. I'm sitting by a counter, in a stool right next to the computers. Martinez has sat in the second row of computers (only about 4-5) and I see that the chair next to him is empty. His friend skipped a seat, and I think - well it's me lucky day. So I get up and walk to him and sit down. We introduce ourselves and he knows decent English. I can understand his every word. We discuss the evil person who has kidnapped us here and shit like that. His face is really close and I can see every detail; he's wearing blue. He comes across as a really nice guy and I have that same feeling again, the one from my previous epic dream about him. The funny thing is, as I'm talking to him, I say to myself, "I know this is actually a dream. SAD." But as always, I brush this realization off and continue talking. The dream unfortunately fades as background noise wakes me up. When I woke up, I could remember every single sentence of our conversation. I can never remember dialogue in dreams. Shame I didn't write it down, but a part of me doesn't want to encourage this dream love habit!

      PS: sorry for atrocious run-ons.
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    5. Otherworldly Creature

      , 07-23-2010 at 04:46 PM (Les Rêves)
      It all starts with me chilling in NY house. My mom is there, and she informs me that Aunt S is coming and that we shall go to the theme park and eat out. I find this a little strange, since it's really late at night. Aunt S comes and we talk for a bit. She comments on how skinny Amber has become, and how she doesn't really eat much nowadays. I'm like, well she was always pretty skinny anyway. Then Aunt S says that she's going to get married soon and lists a couple of different ceremonies that shall take place in the near future. I'm surprised once again, but I figure maybe she's met some guy at med school. It is the only explanation, because I know Amber well (or at least know enough to know that she would never allow being commanded around). I go upstairs to put on makeup, only I don't put on much at all and opt instead to put on contacts. I'm surprised because they go in without much trouble. My hair is a mess and I'm trying to fix it to no avail. This goes on for a bit (what a waste of dream time). Aunt S comes up to the room and we converse. She asks me whether I get bored to death in VA. I respond with an honest answer for the first time, telling her I don't get bored. I explain to her that I keep busy with work, books, internet, et cetera. Although. "It does get bland after a bit. Especially when compared to NY." She nods sympathetically. We're both gazing out of the window, apparently waiting for my dad to come. I pull the curtains completely to the side and notice something strange. The sky outside is the color that the sky hits right before dawn. It's lighting up rapidly. I find this strange, because it certainly isn't time for that yet. Aunt S agrees, and we both wonder why the sky is this color. Finally, I see my dad arriving along with Rana. There has obviously been a problem, and they seem to be coming into my neighbor's house instead of ours. I go outside and ask him what the issue is. He said they met some criminals and one of them shot Rana. I am so glad that my dad's okay/ They do have the food though, I guess. At some point amidst all this the scene transitions to the theme park. My mom and I go to this kiddie ride, only it is not really. My mom leaves at some point but I stay. It's like one of those rides with swings that rides round about. Only the swings are ridiculously long and it's like we're swinging about the empire state building. The feeling is amazing and I stay on for a few rides, feeling fear but thrill. It is morning here, strange. Scene transitions back to .. some place. It is meant to be the same but it's not.

      Now it's totally dark - night. I'm standing outside an unfamiliar row of houses. One of them is supposed to be my NY house, apparently. My parents have just told me to stroll by this other house that is my brother's to check on them or something. When I walk into the night, I feel fear again. There is definitely something lurking in the dark. I try not to pay attention as I navigate the streets to get into the house. It's a huge house, and from behind (which is the view I have), I see it's shaped like a building. The back is completely glass and reveals a large set of stairs. I enter them. They are like the kind of stairs that if one looks down from any given level, they can see the whole floor + stairs down below. Everything is exposed from the top. (It's a combination of floor and stairs, so it's not really a set of staircases) The stairs are dark except for moonlight coming in through glass walls. I walk up to our floor, and head into a well-lit hallway design like the stairs except with walls now. There are doors everywhere, and I walk into ours. My brothers are eating, acting like usual pigs, and I see that the penthouse is huge. It's also a huge mess, which comes as no surprise. I leave after a bit of small talk, entering the hallway.

      ^ Like this, only totally dark and more glass less wall. Also it's bigger.

      Now this is "supposed" to be our VA house, ad I find it weird that I've never been to these staircases before. Each door in the hallway leads into a room, and I wonder which would lead into my room. As I stand there, a large group of construction workers start arriving. They are going into one of our rooms for construction work it seems, and in the group of workers I see old classmates (the only one I remember right now being Taylor). They are happy, conversing, and I patiently wait for them to subside so I can continue my business. It's shocking how many of them just pile in, and I'm standing at the edge of the hallway through which they come in,s o I can only see them coming close up (in other words can't see the whole group). Finally, they leave. Now I go into the stairs. I don't feel that much fear anymore because there are so many loud, boisterous people around. I pin myself to the wall out in the stairs, and I see that there is an old couple in the penthouse next to ours. Taylor asks me to wish them happy anniversary or something, and it looks like all the workers have brought food and other party ingredients. I do so and a party begins. It' not the couple's anniversary party however, it's just some party consisting of the whole neighborhood. Before I know it, people start piling in to the stairs/floors. I watch as they do, the stairs are now slightly illuminated with the light from the actual floors.

      And then I see this guy. It's (dream) love at first sight. He's standing on the other side of the floor, tall and wearing this shirt that says "Ten Commandments." He resembles Martinez, although in the dream he is just a guy from the neighborhood. I'm pretty much entranced as I gaze upon him. Everything else goes silent.

      For a while I just hang out in the stairs. I know, instinctively, that something evil is still lurking. I also know that were something to happen, such as an attack, it'd be completely up to me to defend the people. So I patrol the halls, trying to look casual and succeeding. So this guy has a little brother, an infant really. He's playing catch with him with a baseball. I watch them from the side, and I'm surprised to see that the little infant ventures off the staircase into the empty ground in the middle (where one can look down and see everything), I wonder a) how this is possible and b) why the infant wasn't scared. I am reminded of this psych experiment I once read about having to do with how well infants could detect depth. The younger ones usually couldn't. But then I see this sorceress next to Martinez who has apparently lifted the floor so he can practice ball. I get a little disappointed, thinking about how I could have done him that favor. At this point I know that I have a lot of power, although I have no plans to use it nor do I know how. Finally, at some point, I do end up exchanging some form of small talk with Martinez and I know that he has mutual interest in me. But i don't think it's love at first sight for him. (hehe) While this is happening I think about how this would be an awesome location for a college party. So now the danger begins. Somehow, its is daytime. What I have feared happens. I hear explosions going on outside the building. The glass wall is suddenly gone, though not out of explosion. One can climb right out into the building's ledge. I quickly exit, positioning myself at the ledge, above a gargoyle. The world outside is completely different. The sun streams into the earth, and the whole landscape is huge. It's like we are smack in the middle of a city clearing with building and such surrounding us. It's pandemonium. People are battling and getting slayed, and the battle participators seem to be hovering slightly above the ground. The enemy has a leader, a guy who looks to be in his 40's with black hair and a pale-ish tan complexion. He looks Turkish. I panic, because I have no idea what to do. My human powers mean nothing against him who seems to be exercising magic easily. I become lucid. I realize I can just fly up into the air. I do so, flying immediately above everyone. It is an amazing feeling, as always. The villain has a cronie, a monster-esque creature killing everyone in its sight. I approach this creature and use a spell to kill it. It immediately fades. The Turk gets attention of this, and he's angry but laughing. I guess he's surprised that I did it, but he approaches me and tells me he's glad to see me here. he was expecting me to come, it seems. I'm afraid for my life. the battle's still going on in full fury. I glance quickly back to my house-building and Martinez is still there. Mostly, I am afraid I won't get to pursue things with him.

      I fly to a broken glass window, and the villain stalks me. I try to use magic on him, but it doesn't work. He has another monster-cronie with him now. We're floating right next to my house. People/creatures have stopped fighting and are staring at us. I'm dodging whatever the villain attacks me with, until one last moment. I spot my dad, And of course I'm distracted because I don't want anything to happen to my dad. The villain takes out a gun, along with the creature, and shoots. It misses me, but it doesn't even matter. The presence of the gun alone is enough to announce my death. I am some kind of creature who dies instantly when a gun is upon her. So I know I'm dying. It's sad, really. I float over to my dad. I explain to all the people that my death will be finalized when the sun turns me into a "wisp." A wisp of a golden feather. It's like I'm reading of a chronicle. My dad engages in a weird duel with the villain, in plea for my life. I don't remember the details unfortunately, but it was complex and interesting. I tried helping him too (even though I was dying I wasn't weak or anything since nothing had physically hit me. I was just waiting to turn into a wisp of a feather..) My dad loses, and he reassures me that everything will be okay because I'm "going to heaven." I laugh a bit, and tell everyone (everyone in the city has stopped doing whatever to watch me, flying in the sky, die) "But I don't believe in god." I want to live so badly, and I stare into the sun and think, "If I am suddenly brought back to life instead of dying, I'll believe in god." Then I think, finally on the other end I'll see what really happens and whether god exists/after-life exists. In any case, I start giving out my death messages as I fly over everyone. Some to do with my parents, but I remember only one clearly, which was for Martinez of course (yes, dream love is powerful). I figure I might as well declare my love for him as it doesn't matter anymore, so still flying like a bird, I say, "And to the guy wearing the Ten Commandments shirt, who I've fallen in love with, even though I completely disagree with some of the commandments.." It was meant to be a slight joke because i was getting really emotional, and everyone laughed a bit. And when I looked back I saw him staring back at me, smiling an amazing smile, and that's when I knew feelings were mutual. I stared into the sun again. It was very powerful and vivid.

      Finally, my physical body dissipated and I was watching only in spirit I guess (ha ha). I looked to see a small wisp of a feather floating where I had been. And just like that, my spirit was flying right into the sky.

      But something weird happens. I float into a land, a desert land populated with thousands of warriors. I am approached by one of the warrior leaders, and he says, "We've been expecting you." I know, that these warriors have been training here for years (and for some reason this is China or Japan maybe because most of the soldiers are Japanese). I'm surprised, and the guy (who had been my friend in the real world I realize,but had "died") says, "Well, we weren't going to leave the evil on our world that easily, were we." So I'm like the real leader of all warriors and I feel this immense sense of adventure. We are not really dead, we just had to leave Earth when exposed to "violence" (the gun I assume). I fly over the desert land and marvel at how many warriors we have, who have all "died" only not really. I talk to my acquaintance, and we both discuss the pain associated with our perceived deaths on Earth. He goes into his own death, saying he had died centuries before when they used to train creatures like us for fighting. He said he had actually died when faced with a villain his first time. There's a flashback to the super-swings I was on earlier - they had been his death site. I feel for him and explain to him that I knew nothing about my uh race (?) or the powers within. I do tell him that I managed to kill a monster. I am excited that we'll soon be able to return to Earth and unleash our fury, not only because I want to save the earth from the villain and namely my parents, but especially because I want to meet Martinez and pursue our love.

      Alas. I am jutted into consciousness and it's a huge freaking shame because I wanted to finish the epic adventure.

      * I had to leave out a lot some stuff that wasn't too important because this was getting too long.
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