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    1. Fractions of a weird dream

      by , 07-18-2020 at 03:17 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      I dreamt about going through a desert trying to catch up with a friend, fighting weird monsters on the way...
      ...then I was on a bus full of weird people and alcoholics...I met a friend there ,but I was distracted by this naked man who had random patches of wet white fur on his body, I didnt see his private parts, but he may not have had them at all...
      Tags: weird
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Friday, October 4

      by , 10-08-2019 at 07:49 PM
      I am with Melissa at Burning Man. I’m sure it is Burning Man, but it doesn’t really feel all that far away from anything. In fact, we seem to be right by a freeway overpass. It seems like we are among the first here. We are filtering into a small building or canvas tent with couch like seating. I watch everyone arrive, all in the same, generic Burning Man garb. I do notice a shorter guy with thick and curly brown hair wearing a Grateful Dead shirt. I think it’s brown or brown tie dye with a large print of ‘Bertha’ on it. I think that he might possibly be interesting to talk to or that it could just be a fashion statement. I then realize that no one is really doing anything except sitting around just like they could anywhere else. I wonder if this is it - to just come here to sit and watch everyone else do the same. We are now trying to leave; there are a few exits, but they are all also being used as entrances for a mass of people heading this way. We try to go against the grain bt it proves impossible so we submit to it and veer off to our left. This brings us much closer to the overpass. There are crowds everywhere, but I notice a bunch of arms sticking up in the crowd under the overpass, waving, beckoning us to go over there, as if they see us fighting the flow of people. So we oblige and go over there. Over there, the space between the ground and the overpass is much smaller, probably only big enough for a kid. In fact, that is who is under there. There are different sections, each with school aged kids (mostly girls?) sitting in a circle or just along the wall. In the middle of each group is an adult laying on their back, eyes closed. They are conducting some ‘alien experience’? and beckoning us to come try it. I’m uneasy from my first glance at it; it looks creepy and I don’t like it. I make a comment to Melissa about how creepy it is and how we’re not doing that.
    3. Thursday, March 21

      by , 03-22-2019 at 03:16 AM
      (In this dream, it feels like I am in a movie - in the dream, I think it feels like reality to me, but after recalling it, it seems more like the whole thing was supposed to be a movie). I am in what seems like a school, probably a high school. There are some women faculty talking to me and/or trying to get me to do something. I am being snarkily defiant because I don’t like whatever it is they’re trying to do. There is a very unsettling vibe. I don’t think they’re entirely malicious, but it feels as if that could change without warning. I think they are trying to capture me or some other guy for some kind of ritual. As unsettling as it is, I think they are going to be cooking the victim. I am outside now, by a house’s front yard, and it is dark out. I see a large cauldron and a thick wooden stake behind it. There was also something about a spoiler in plain sight in this film - something that the victim was going to eat that ends up ruining the ritual?

      I am in a parking garage. The ground floor feels pretty open and airy. It also seems sunny and nice out. Carl Wander is here - he works here. I think I’ve come here to casually discuss a job or otherwise have ended up talking about one. I look around and see quite a few people working here. They are my age or younger and don’t appear to be doing much. I think about what it would be like to work here.
    4. Thursday, January 17

      by , 02-02-2019 at 11:53 PM
      I am inside somewhere. There are 1-2 others here; I think they may be familiar [on second thought, they may be strangers - I can’t remember for sure, as I write this later in the day]. This is one room. It is large, cathedralesque, and has the impression of being somewhat ancient. I think there are tan stone pillars set against the walls. The far wall may be curved. It is dark enough for corners to be lost in deep shadows. There’s a body of water in here, the dark obscuring too its depth. There is a man here, closer to the far wall. He is white and I’m pretty sure bald and bare-chested. I think that he is going to really harm one of us (or Melissa?) in one way or another. It’s almost like this is some demented game and/or we can’t escape. We are/will be fighting him. There is blood dripping from one of my hands (*I noticed a cut on my knuckle last night and didn’t know how it got there). There is blood coming from elsewhere too (at this point, it almost looks more like a scene from a movie and like the blood may be on the lens?) I think this man ends up taking Melissa. There is now a screen that is playing a video of psychedelic visuals with weird and slightly disconcerting sounds. I and someone else watch this; it goes on for a while until finally we fast forward it. As it scrolls, I can see it continued until abruptly ending in end credits. Now, I am outside somewhere. This place feel familiar (possibly just in the dream). I think this is the Bay Area. There is a body of water, placid and sort of grey. It surrounds a chunk of land on which grows a large tree with pronounced roots. On the far side of the water is a small dirt bluff, out of which protrudes the end of a tube/pipe. A naked body suddenly slips out of it and into the water. It is Melissa, and she has a black blindfold on. I go grab her and carry her to land. She has come to now, and I talk to her. From what I gather, the weird psychedelic visuals were what she was seeing as she was passed out on the way from wherever to the end of the pipe.

      Melissa and I are lying in a bed. There’s a little bed to our left and on it are three little kids. I think they are ours. They seem joyful and content and around three years old.
    5. Feburary Second

      by , 02-02-2019 at 12:24 AM
      last night I had a dream that I was in my house, in the hallway to be specific. I was just playing on my computer then I noticed the door opened, I went up and closed the door but it was like the door was only half a door??..

      anyways everyone started waking up, and they were all chilling in the hall way, then they all decided to start putting bombs everywhere in the hallway, and they kept exploding and going off... and the front door was open aswell, this was super irritating for me.. this happened for 10 minutes of non stop front door opening and bombs then I just took my computer and went to my room.

      I went on the computer and went on my emails, which were all young children who used MMD. I was talking to them and screenshotting their emails and details, then this old women who I suppose was a teacher came up and said she needed my laptop and looked through all the screenshots and closed out of all of them and questioned what the emails were about.

      she then gave me my laptop back, and I went on YouTube, I was watching this MMD video, it was hating on a user who used to post in 2010. it wasn't for any good reason might I add, it was just cause their posts were considered cringey. After watching for awhile, I ended up talking to Noj.

      I was telling Noj how most of my friends are 17 to 40 years old. I was playing said friends videos and they all involved spiders crawling everywhere...

      after this I transported to some anime world, and i could choose how I looked. so I did, then I went onto my laptop in now said anime world.. and there was porn on it.. but anime porn of course.. then I was able to choose the characters so I just chose two anime people and they started doing sexual things, not to eachother just to themselves...

      then my friend gavin came along, and he said he hated me cause my avatar/appearance is custom, he went to the kitchen then I went there and started doing a whip and nae nae dance to piss him off.. which I then found foolish then walked away.


      something from this dream is missing, but i dont recall it sadly but here it is.
      Tags: anime, nsfw, weird
    6. Finally, A WEIRD DREAM! :D

      by , 02-01-2019 at 12:40 AM
      Tonights dream.. was FINALLY WEIRD! OH BOY! I missed having dreams like this! all my dreams used to be sooo weird then once i started dream journaling they were sooo normal and boring UGH!! But finally! I have a weird dream Like I normally did!..

      So, it started in school, I was just talking with people and stuff and sitting in my chair at my desk, then I went on youtube.. and saw that SOMEONE HACKED MY ACCOUNT AND POSTED CHILD PORN ON IT!!, literally! I was watching some of the videos and it was just really lotioned looking fillipino girls from ages 4 - 8.. they were clothed of course, but then some old guys hand came on and pulled down their pants and stuff, No i'm not a pedophile.. idk why this happened but I'm happy about how weird it is.

      after this, I met my partner in real life. we were just standing in the dark outside of these houses. He told me this was his city, that it costed him 170$ and he told me there are 70 people living in it, he called it Spiderman... lol. this city was just one huge cluttered weird house apartment thingy, and it was hard to navigate through. Also, for some reason he was a fat indian and kinda looks like Ajit Pai, when irl hes really white and looks like a emo hipster.

      after talking for awhile, I was gonna leave since the conversation was kinda awkward and told him i'd talk to him again on discord, but instead of leaving i got lost then came back, I went to the oven which played songs then it started playing my music playlist then i made sure to pause it on the oven, but it didn't work.

      My partner then collapsed to the floor and was dying, really ill or having a seizure, not sure what happened, and i had a cup of water and noticed a bug in it, i tried taking it out then this guy helping him just yelled at me and said ''YOU CARE MORE ABOUT A STUPID BUG THAN YOUR OWN BOYFRIEND??'' And I just quietly said ''I have a phobia of bugs...''

      after this, I went on discord and he was online and he was messaging me, his name 'oh yeah, my boy Hivie' [I'm Hivie.] then I started singing My boy by Billie Ellish, the lyrics I sang in the dream was 'My boy, my boy, my boy, don't love me like he promised..' which is really depressing now thinking about it, then I sent the lyrics to him, and sent a really bad animation i made of some neon randomly coloured mammoth lip syncing it BADLY, there was no audio either so I worried he wouldn't be able to tell.


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      Tags: discord, funny, lol, weird
      dream fragment , non-lucid , memorable
    7. Trigger warning, comments disabled.

      by , 01-30-2019 at 02:58 AM
      last night I had a really depressing dream, Even a little hesitant to write this but I'll do it anyways.
      if you suffer from depression or have depressing thoughts or are sensitive to suicide and stuff dont read.
      if u wanna read the non depressing part do Ctrl + F and write 5600 then goto that part

      So, todays dream starting in the living room, i was laying on the floor on my computer, then my mum came in and called me stupid and insulting me and telling me she wanted me to die, I began to think about this alot and then just came to the conclusion I should die

      i went on the internet and told all my friends how I was gonna kill myself, thinking about what my mother had told me and then bringing it to myself and building it up with reasons as to why I should.


      Then I teleported to school, still feeling the way I was, still on my phone telling others venting, except this time my Toxic friend was sitting with me, being annoying and such and rude and pushy like usual. i finished my work quickly, then went to my dorm so i could get away from her.

      I was getting dressed for some reason, then I realized I accidentally took someone elses skirt, and had three white shoes instead of two, I brushed it off and was like 'wow im so silly hehe'. I looked to my left where a closet was, and i saw an eye peeping out staring at me, I opened the closet and it was my old school friend, I was wondering what the hell? and he said he was hiding from something cause he was scared.

      I closed the closet, then I woke up in my bed [in dream]. and saw my mother looking in my room angrily then walking back to the living room, i stood out of bed and checked the time on my computer, it was 9:12 pm. So, you know what I did?

      I got my sleeping bag, went outside, sat on my front porch stairs, and put it on and slept, and this bus went past and looked at me [the people in it, not the bus lol], then i got out, ran across the corner and I saw my backyard, it was sooo huge!! there were no fences either btw but it was humoungous! it was a huge mountain and stuff it was so epic..

      Then, I heard giant foot steps and scary growling.. so I started running away, but really slowly cause its a dream and in draems you run really slowly. then I a helicopter picked me up, and we flew to the monster and I said 'Say sorry!' then the monster looked down really sad and said 'okay...' while sad.
      then i woke up.
    8. NSFW... Also what the freak

      by , 01-28-2019 at 09:42 PM
      in last nights dream, it was pretty much a blur but from what I can recall... warning semi NSFW

      I was at this place, and they were selling these potion doll things? now just a note, these things were popular but im not sure why exactly but i do remember they were, and i got one for speed then I left, I thin it was my daydream character again, but I went into his car.. with skydoesminecraft.

      So, skydoesminecraft was sitting at the back I was sitting in passenger, while this dude was driving they were talking and such, then we got home, the guy parked, skydoesminecraft left the car but still talked to him outside the window, then the guy kneeled down in his chair, rolled the window, put his pants down, put his genitals out... then skydoesminecraft kissed it then walked off.

      not joking, I literally dreamnt this wtf..

      anyways, I went into my house and saw my little brother on his laptop, but he was looking at porn?! at 7 years old?! i looked again and he was using bing search engine but he put so many viruses on it that the background was literally horrific BDSM and torture porn in the background and whenever you searched anything that's all taht came up.

      anyways heres togniths dream
    9. I hate school! also tea towel pelvis anime owo

      by , 01-28-2019 at 12:29 AM
      Hola Senoritas and Senors, heres tonights dream, I was highly scared that I forgot the entirety of my dream last night! but then it came back to me.

      So, in tonights dream... I was on my phone looking at someones instagram, then I noticed that the stuff in their room appeared in my room, I got my little brother to look at all. We noticed that most of the items in there were items we already had then I said 'I guess we can't take items we don't have already.' but we took everything we could get, then the person that we were taking the stuff from came in, and put all the stuff back. i looked back on it again, and she was pretending to be a baby and all that stuff and I was just like what the hell?.

      after that, I left the house and went to school at 4 am on sunday, then I noticed everyone started coming and I was freaking out, apparently i checked the time and it was already Thursday! what!. Thankfully, my social worker picked me up then took me to this place to just talk to me and stuff, then she took me to this room in this building and it had these 3 guys in it and her,

      I'm pretty sure one of the guys was from my daydream life, to elaborate: I'm always daydreaming, even now I am, and I usually imagine I live in this house with these people in it and we're all friends and stuff, though I don't really control it it just kinda happens y'know?, So it's just a second life happening in the background, anyways other than my craziness..

      they were playing this game, it was like a 3D anime game, and they were choosing their characters, and one of them was this 3D anime girl with long black hair and a japanese swimsuit, then they decided it'd be funny to add a tea towel on the front of her pelvis, then we all laughed hysterically at this tea towel that was placed on her pelvis. After this I left with my social worker, and it was like 9 pm.

      This guy came with me too, not sure who it was, I have a feeling it might've been my internet friend Gavin again but not too sure, and we went to the backyard and it was snowing and everything and it was amazing, I got some ice skates and told them to put it on and told them ''if you put these on you can skate across the snow'', we happily did so then I woke up.


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    10. My brain fell out

      by , 01-25-2019 at 11:31 PM
      Last nights dream... was weird.
      I almost forgot this dream aswell, When I woke up I forgot literally EVERYTHING.. then it all came back to me and i felt relieved.

      I was like, in this little wooden cave thing, but the thing was EVERYTHING was in Japanese so this guy showed us how to translate it, and he went to this chest and I looked in it aswell and it then when I did, animal crossings inventory showed up with two items in it, these were both Japanese to English translators. I took both of them and then walked away..

      I was in the kitchen, not sure why, then I was at the sink because.... my face fell off, or a large half of my head fell off along with my brain, I was freaking out, with my face and brain in hand, I was asking everyone if I was gonna be okay and everyone assured me that I wouldn't die and I'd be fine, I took pictures of the half of my face and brain and posted it to a vore forum [if you don't know what vore is.... to sum it up, it's sexual cannibalism though I didn't post it for those reasons.]

      I remember this girl who I know, named Bread [not an online friend, just someone I know of online] asked me to show her pictures, and I went through google image search to find the images and showed them to her.

      After all the brain falling out shenanigans, I noticed because of this I also had no teeth and just gums, so i kept licking my gums and I showed them to my little brother, and he was like WHAT THE HELL?!.

      As the dreams ending, I took out the japanese translator, and tried it, and it didnt work, it made everything just little symbols. then I woke up
      Tags: weird
    11. Having a secret house, playing with kids, meeting three GTA Thugs, then talking to Harry Potter.

      by , 01-22-2019 at 03:46 AM
      you know whats the most annoying thing ever?
      trying to run in dreams but when you run you run as fast as a 90 year old turtle walking.


      last night I dreamt that I had another house outside of the city, this house wasn't really special and I didn't do anything interesting in it. I walked out and I went to this little girls house, she looked around 5 - 6 so we played for awhile, she lived in a huge mansion but then she explained that the doors needed to be taken out, they looked super large and ingrained into the house... if that makes sense, but we continued out of the room and talked.

      I walked up the stairs and her mother was up there, then I got some green panties thrown at me, her mom screamed at me and told me to go away. her mum then walked down and said to me "I'm sorry but I can't allow you up here" a girl who looks around the age of 17 immerses in and the mother points to her "she's (the girl) on her period" and the girl goes to the bathroom.

      after such an encounter, I left the house and ran to my city, I literally sonic speed ran through that, then I saw my mum and went into the store she was in and just talked about her day like nothing happened.

      the dream skipped:
      I was at a child's Christmas party, but we all got to make our own living rooms, unfortunately for this part of the dream I was occupied with my old toxic friend. she continously annoyed me in it, anyways, while I was painting I asked for paint, and the guy who I think was my internet friend Nord (for appearance help: he's a short, African kid and somewhat underweight but not alot. he has no hair.)
      he was getting out he paints, but all the paints were dark blue so he would mix them with other colours to get a new colour, unfortunately for my toxic friend she didn't understand this and would scream at him for doing everything wrong when he would mix the paints together. Anyways, my room was finished, and I went to the lounge and replaced the lounge with my room. and we all got to showcase our rooms.

      after this, we went to a stage place. it was dark blue and we were all on stage, not sure what we were doing on it but we weren't performing, just messing around and stuff. then a ton of 40 - 60 year old overweight women pooling in, then the show started. no it wasn't us, it was two asian men and one English person in the middle, it was a question show.

      I think I was the Asian man on the left but viewing it in third person since I was thinking his answer. anyways, the question was: "Whats That Pikachu?" (literally.).

      the man on the right answered.. "it's an anime made in Japan about a creature named Pikachu" and got it right, I however answered "it's a TV show in Britain about people who are morbidly obese".. I got it right, yay 😁.

      then the show ended, and I went back to my house.

      It's not quite lucid yet but bare with me, I left my weird house that was far away from my actual home, and I tried running back to my normal house but this time I got lost, I almost got run over a ton, and my pants were lounge pants so they kept hanging over my feet, then I made it to a city, not my hometown city though.

      I saw an alleyway with red stairs on it, then I continued to walk up the red stairs/ladder. I saw a red cage at the top which was red aswell.

      it had two kittens in it, one yellow one white. while climbing up I heard a voice below me yell "YO DAWG WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU'RE GONNA KILL YOURSELF" I immediately walked down and I was greeted with three men sitting in front of me.

      one man was Completely naked, with his peepee out, and he was mildly hairy. the two guys behind him were just normal people sitting down.

      we talked for a bit, then one of the guys said "you see those kittens up there in the cage?, well that Yellow one theres named Nurse. Get it? Nurse?" as it was like some ultra funny pun or something.

      then in the windows behind us, someone pulled their apartment window up and looked at him angrily, she was a nurse. now I don't remember what happened next but I do remember that someone threw something, not sure if he threw something at her or if she threw somethin at him but something was thrown.


      we all got up, and ran in the city, I remember it was like GTA San Andreas cause I picked up an item whilst running and it made the GTA San Andreas noise. whilst running, for some reason we stopped and then I was on my own

      then they dissapeared. I was by myself, confused, I saw Harry Potter. we talked for awhile then we caught up with his friends, but he was running since they were running away from us, except, I couldn't run.

      I knew I was dreaming but I didn't have much control, I kept trying to run but I was just running at a less than average walking speed, I also tried changing stuff about the dream but it didn't work. it was so sad. once we all got there, we all turned into cute adorable hamsters then I woke up.

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      memorable , lucid , non-lucid
    12. Very strange dream. The mountain dream 1.13.19

      by , 01-13-2019 at 11:28 PM
      I had several dreams last night so and usually only one sticks out or I only remember one, but this time I remembered the majority of the first one and it was referenced and the same setting was used in the second one. So I must give a brief description of the first one before I get into the second one.

      I was part of this migration of people going through this land. It started in a port city which had a winding road in it that went up a mountain. The city had an unusual amount of children in it and from what I remember a good majority of them were androids pretending to be human. However, they were indiscernible from real humans. So brings me to the migration I was a part of. I was a female, more or less a child. I was following a man I didn’t know, but he was helping me through everything. I never knew whether or not I was an android and neither did he, but he was nice. I don’t know why he was migrating with us, maybe just an adult to help soothe the children on this journey? We were headed to a place that supposedly could determine who was human and who was android. I almost made it to the top of the mountain, but I woke up suddenly and was very confused about where I was. It only lasted for a brief moment before I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

      The second dream I had was several hours later. After I woke up to feed Jack and change her. I went back to sleep while she slept and that’s when I had the second dream.

      My dream panned over many big dinosaurs wearing clothes playing tabletop games. Things like card games, board games, that sort of thing. A few male dinosaurs looked over to their right and remarked in disgust at someone and moved toward them, looking like they wanted to cause trouble. The dream camera followed their path over to the last table in this row. It came to a stop over the table where I couldn’t see the people standing around it. One lone ship sat on this side of the oversized board of battleship. The male dinosaurs placed pegs on the last ship to mark it as “sunk” and laughed a nasty sneering laugh. The dream camera panned over to me. I was a very buff, very tall male. I wore a white t-shirt that was rather tight and jeans, with tennis shoes. I was pretty handsome and did not look at all like I do in real life. I had this stoney expression on my face as I tried to mask the irritation I was feeling. The camera moved so I was seeing through my eyes, instead of at myself, so finally I was really me. The dinosaurs mocked me as they shouted, “I won!” at me and made little crying gestures. I pushed past them and purposefully shoved one as I went past. He shouted at me to watch it and I rounded on him as grabbed my arm. I wound up and punched him right in the face. I knocked him out cold.
      I continued on my way to the other side of the park where the lacrosse field was, although I know what a lacrosse field looks like it was set up like a tennis court for some reason. I pulled on a jersey and grabbed a lacrosse stick and started to play by myself. I've played lacrosse in gym, I know how it is played. I started to play like it was tennis. And yes it was still a lacrosse stick not a tennis racket. Although I was like hitting the ball extra hard, like anime hard. It felt good, but I felt like I was going through jelly and even though I had extraordinary reaction times I wasn’t fast enough to hit the ball twice. Eventually my friend™ came and played lacrosse with me. It was very intense and I still felt like I was going through jelly, although I was able to hit the ball coming from him.
      One stray ball that I hit went all the way across the park and struck a lady in the head. I never saw her face, but I rushed over to her and people were screaming she was dead. She wore green flowing robes that made her look like royalty. She also had a headdress on in a sort of seafoam color in the same material. I scooped her up and booked it to the towns clinic. It was a small town so nothing was far away. I burst in their doors and realized I was suddenly wearing my t-shirt again and a my coat in rl which is oversized (like its a 3XL and I’m a M maybe a L at the biggest but on dream self with all my muscles and tallness I wish I had it looked way better fit way more), black, and has fur trim on the hood. I rushed over to the nearest doctor I could find and told him he needed to help this woman. I told him what happened and the doctor told me that they didn’t have the equipment that was needed to help her. I pleaded with him and told him that I needed to get her to the nearest hospital now. I told him that I’d run anywhere I needed to take her. He looked at me with this weird look I can only describe as disbelief. I told him that I owed it to her since I was the one who caused her injury.
      He gave a sigh and told me there was a hospital down the mountain in a port city. I asked him if there was a winding road and an overwhelming number of children. He said yes although he though the children weren’t really humans. I told him I knew what he meant. I told him that I had a dream about this city and my travel up the mountain. He said that it was very interesting and pondered this for a moment. He said he was going to accompany me since the walking way down is perilous. I welcomed him and started making my way to the path down. The mountain was steep and I could barely see the city. But I was full of adrenaline and determination to get this woman help. However she shrunk down to the size of a toddler, still in her robes, but it was weird and neither of us said anything. She was moving, so she was alive, but very unconscious. The doctor and I helped each other navigate the broken steps down and the occasional basically ladders the steps were so steep. I never once let go of the woman though. She was my burden to carry.
      Once we made it down the mountain and to the edge of the city the doctor told me I was on my own, he wasn’t able to enter the city for some reason. I just accepted this and pressed on. I ran through the city searching for this hospital but it was hard to find anything here in the dead of night. The city itself was also strange. Everything was like it was in the past. It was all wood and wrought iron and the signs were just painted boards. Even the people were dressed like it was freaking the 1800s. I stuck out like a sore thumb but I didn’t care I was desperate to find this woman help. I eventually asked some people on the street where the hospital was and they pointed to a mongolian BBQ and told me was in the basement. Just go down instead of up the stairs. I was very confused and somewhat concerned, but I raced across the street and immediately saw what they meant. A sign saying something to the effect of hospital was hung above the downward stairs. A long line formed down them.
      I ran past them and skidded to a stop when I was met with almost medieval technology spread across the room. The doctors were even dressed like the olden days doctors would be. I was horrified but they were my best option at this point. The woman didn’t have much time. A doctor approached me and I pleaded with him to help her and that she was dying. He took action and had me place her in this machine. He took her clothes off so they wouldn’t interfere with it and I was shocked to see that her skin was actually the seafoam green. The doctor bold me that he didn’t have the necessary material to help her. He looked frantic, I told him that I would help in any way I could. He thought for a moment and told me I would have to step into the other end of the machine where the material would be placed in. I didn’t hesitate, just tore off my jacket and stepped in. I could see through a small window in the door after he closed it. The doctor had a smile a mile wide. It took me a second to process all that I was seeing. Several teenagers lined a wall with seafoam tinted skin, all of them alive, but they seemed checked out and just really zombie like. Standing still and drooping. Next to them were vats with people that looked like the woman. I started to pound on the door, but it wasn’t enough. He turned it on and I blacked out.
      When I came to I stepped out of the machine. My brain was almost nothing. My skin was tinted that seafoam green. I felt heavy and droopy. I shuffled past the doctor who stared at me. I moved past the people on the stairs and out the door. I walked aimlessly on the streets. I only had one thing in my mind. I had to help someone. Everyone stared at me. I just wandered until some man came up to me, fantic, crazed, desperate, and flailing everywhere. I just looked at him while he was talking a mile a minute. I could barely understand what he was saying, but I understood one thing. He wanted me to follow him. He needed help. He took off and I followed him to the edge of town. He ran around a building and when I got there I didn’t see him. I just stood there, drooping, heavy, and blank. I turned to leave, but the doctor from the mountain seized me. He grabbed me by the shoulders and looked me in the face. When he saw my blank eyes he smiled. I recognized him.
      “I helped the woman. She got fixed,” I said in a monotone voice.
      “No you didn’t she’s at the top of the mountain. You’ve got to help her, it’s your fault she’s dying,” the doctor said. I looked up the sheer path we took and started up the mountain side. The doctor laughed and followed after me. I was walking, not rushing, but it didn’t seem to take long to get up the mountain. Maybe I blanked it out. I’m not sure. When we were almost at the top the doctor almost fell backwards off one of the ladder type portions. I caught him in one hand and helped him back on. He was shaking and froze where he was.
      “You have to keep going. We need to help,” I told him. He laughed a crazed laugh.
      “You’re pushing me onwards? I’m forcing you up this mountain and geez what a turn around,” he laughed. We continued on and came to the edge. We stood there panting. The doctor was visibly cold from the snow and wind. I felt nothing in my t-shirt. We went to the park where the accident happened and there were men sitting in chairs in a half circle. The doctor went to stand next to them and I stood in the middle.
      “You are back,” the men remarked. None commented on the color of my skin, my demeanor, or the fact that I wasn’t wearing a coat.
      I simply said, “I need to help the woman. It’s my fault. She’s dying.” The men looked among themselves, very confused.
      “But you helped her already, that’s where you’re coming from isn’t it?” they asked.
      “No, she is dying. It’s my fault. I need to bring her down the mountain to the hospital.” I spotted an axe in a chair in the corner. “That is the weapon that caused the injury.” I went over to it and took it out of the chair. “I must bring this with. I need to help her.” I turned around to go down the mountain, but the men stopped me.
      “But, you helped her. You brought her to the hospital. There was no axe involved,” they told me. I stared down at the axe. I was told that this was what I needed to help her. This was to help her. But then I had a flash in my mind of bringing the woman down the mountain and I fell to the ground in pain. I had the option like it was a video game to either believe them or believe the doctor. I chose to believe the men and they killed the doctor after I explained what he told me. But then I turned around anyway and started down the mountain with the axe, still blank, droopy, heavy, and slow. But then I woke up mid way down the mountain again.

      Jack woke me up with her babbling and she needed to be changed so I didn't go back to sleep as it was about noon.
    13. Some Vivid Nonlucids - September 5

      , 09-05-2018 at 06:23 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 5 2018

      I'm in the front yard of my childhood home. It's dark out, a long while before dawn. My parents are there (we're all sitting on ice chests or plastic/yard chairs, I can't remember seeing them) and we're preparing for a party or get-together of some kind. The song "Sweet Child of Mine" is playing, and for some reason I have to learn the solo (I know it vaguely from playing it IWL in high school). This could be from the fact that my parents always wanted me to play guitar at family gatherings and I always hated it. I wrote down something like "just...play it" in my DJ but don't remember the significance. For some reason my high school girlfriend who I dated for like 3 weeks was going to be there, and I remember her name in loopy script. Can't remember if I wrote it or someone else did.

      Very vague dream fragment in a restaurant. After that, a vivid dream where I'm on the patio/balcony of my current apartment. I had a "profound sense of acceptance" to quote my DJ.

      I woke up around 5am into pretty good paralysis and decided to try a quick WILD attempt (my fiance gets up at 5:30am). Unfortunately my dog got up, flapped his ears loudly, and sat right on my arms/chest, which pulled me out if it. I lay awake for the remaining time and let my fiance sleep, but I heard some weird soft sighing. At first I thought it was her, but as she was leaving I brought it up and she said she heard it too. The only rational explanation is that it was our dog, but it sounded like a human female...

      I walked the dog and looked at the stars, pushing my alarm back a little and resolving to get lucid.

      In my next dream, I'm on a computer and for some reason I have to download a set of 128 bit pixel smileys. They're coming from a website called Jered/Jerek's World, or Site. The smileys are crude in an "early internet" kind of way. One of them was a picture of exaggerated red lips, another is more orange and is laughing, and my fiance laughs at them. I open up the windows search bar and paste what I had, into the search. It pastes the words "Jerek's World", and as I read the words in my head, the desktop background starts alternating between some tiled images, one tan one saying Jerek/Jered's Site and another grey one saying "Jerek's Billion Dollar Software Company". They transitioned in horizontal and vertical screen wipes.

      Next, I'm in a long kitchen stretching out maybe 10 feet to the left and 20 to the right. I'm not aware of anything behind me, but I understand that in front of me past an archway is the living room. I'm standing at the sink, looking for something or someone. Possibly my fiance is there. I was just walking around with a Brita pitcher, and now I see that there's a second, rounder one on the counter. I try to find the lid for it and I see it's in the sink, but the inside of it is covered with a greasy layer of spaghetti sauce.

      In my next dream, my boss's boss is giving advice on business lunches, i.e. where to take clients. She suggests some other restaurant, but her favorite is the hotel restaurant. She hands it over to a younger guy who looks annoyed and seems to be a drier, more monotone version of a WL coworker. The room is tinged with blue lighting. He hands out a textbook. We're going to go on a business lunch with him, which he's not pleased about. I pull my phone out and subtly try to voice-record him, but no such luck. I end up taking notes on paper and draw a vivid picture of lips (was one of the smileys). I think at this point I was trying to record my dreams in-dream! Should capitalize on this. I woke with slight headache.

      *Note: Analyzing my dreamsigns from the entries I've posted on DV, I think I can safely say my strongest ones are a) childhood home b) fiance c) family members. Hopefully I can add trying to dream journal as a new one, we'll see if it keeps manifesting.
    14. Messed up night

      by , 11-22-2017 at 03:15 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      This night was pretty weird, all my dreams were nightmares or were really weird. Mom also told me she had weird dreams.

      In a dream, I was in a house full of violent hobos who beat eachother and screamed, it was madness, and for some reason they made pizza.
      In another dream I was saving a cat from the ruins of a three leveled house, from the crumbles of the rooftop , I came back to this place , morphed into a puma or some kind of wildcat and jumped up to the highest level with ease.
      Tags: weird
      non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes
    15. The Dare (music)

      by , 11-07-2017 at 11:26 PM
      I don't remember much about this dream. I just remember that I was outside of building along a coastline. It was the hour of Twilight and music began to play in the background. This girl sang along with it. She sang "Do you have what it takes to kill me?" over and over again. She was daring me to kill her or at the very least, daring me to try. I never figured out who this girl was or what her deal was.

      Here's the music I heard. It's not the greatest, I just kinda threw it together: https://soundcloud.com/ghostchild191/untitled
      Tags: weird
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