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    1. January 15th 2017: 2 TOTMs Completed, Alien Craft, Canyons, Sense of Adventure,WILD Style Transition

      by , 01-15-2017 at 11:45 PM
      I haven't put any focus on WILDs in quite some time but was motivated to mix attempts back in the last 2 nights, but only after doing my MILD to increase chances of my fairly trusty DILDs if the WILD fails. At BTB I do location-aha-MILD first, followed by face to face, clear view release and some REM eye movement simulation (4 eye sweeps behind closed eyelids). The face to face and REM simulation are found to be the most efficient method of losing the feel of my waking body. I get a good number of color and pattern HH's, followed by some that resemble objects and people, followed by dreamlets. At those first two stages I was able to use a technique of "reaching" for additional senses related to the items more than just the visual: primarily tactile and temperature, but sometimes sounds and smells that match with the visual. I didn't remember to try taste. For the third stage where I was getting dreamlets I found that I had to become more passive it seemed because I was finding my senses return to my waking body or perhaps within an FA. I didn't test it, assuming FA's and decided I did need to be more passive during these dreamlets, perhaps wrongly. I know passive is generally recommended but since I have a fair bit of experience with WILDs I feel more inclined toward the active side of the scale. Anyway, I end up in an FA and then an actual waking or FA where I go for a WILD.

      I am naked in bed with my wife and for some reason my mother in law is there and I seem to be semi-lucid at this stage but as more people arrive I seem to drop below semi-lucid and get caught up in the dream. I see this commercial anti-bacterial spray I have looked for in the past and ask the guy where he got it without a good answer. I either wake or have another FA in my normal bed/scenario and go for a DEILD but feels more like a WILD with HH's and back to reaching for additional senses tied to the HH visuals. After some fading in and out of HHs I get a more steady one that looks most like a cave opening at first and imagine some cooler air emanating from it. It develops into a a vague looking canyon and then to a canyon formation like you might see in Arches National Park with a double arch entrance to a canyon opening where both "arches" were relatively flat on their top sides but the bottom "arch" had an arch shape to it whereas the top "arch" was also relatively flat across the bottom as well. This was all in a brightly lit daylight scene once the arches formed. This morphed from more of a natural formation to something purposely built like you might see in a sci-fi set on a canyon-like planet. I want to go there but it seems my dream body is still forming so I use intent with my eyes to start moving in that direction and I reach for the sensation of the wind on my face and body and it feels like a slightly cool breeze and I am now flying in my dream body. As I get to the canyon "entrance" I land due to the low clearance and find my self alternating between walking and crawling in a very cool scene that seems a lot like a dry cave but tons of light coming in on the far side that I want to get to and also light coming from the side I came in on. It was a very cool place to explore, but I love caves and canyons. It also reminded me of some of my favorite lucid dreams like the wall and childhood "treasures" found on the beach of the grassy sea (posted in my DJ on DV somewhere a good ways back). As I get to the end of the low clearance I fly up and out to the next bend in the canyon and think of one of the TOTM's and decide that an alien spaceship will be the right around the bend but nothing is there. I then decide it will be at the top of this canyon wall to my left and I fly up to the top of it and there it is a huge mega spaceship with an outer shell that is made up of many circular metal panels with lattice work in between, perhaps 100 circular panels on the side of the ship that I can see. I fly into the lattice work and I feel myself being pulled further into the craft with a fade to darkness at first but soon after a bright long and fairly wide hall appears that looks like a mall with humans walking around and a food place to my right. Perhaps the scenario is that the dream aliens created an environment where I would feel comfortable but I proceeded to treat it just like any dream scene. I tried to slow down one lady passing by, but she seemed in a hurry and I look ahead down the hallway/walkway of the "mall" and see a tall beautiful lady that looks slightly not of this world with her unusually big and stunningly attractive eyes.
      (eyes were wider and bigger but this is close)
      After the experience with the previous lady I made sure I would be able to stop her in her tracks by creating the back story of: "Finally we are reunited! It has been so long!" grasping both of her hands face to face and giving her a big wet kiss. I feel myself getting rather excited but I remember to calm down. I think of another TOTM, the pencil one and tell her I have something to show her and reach in my back pocket but coming up empty handed. I then ask her if she has a pencil and she pulls one out of her purse and I try to float it in the air in front of me and it disappears. I then walk over to the food place and ask the guy behind the counter for a pencil and he gives me one. I see an order stub on the counter and float the pencil with the tip touching the paper and tell it to draw something and it starts doodling. It looks like nothing more than a toddler's drawing but as I look closer, it looks like it morphs into words on the order stub.
      I wake and quickly use the bathroom in order to get back to dreaming, this time RCing to make sure I'm actually awake. I jot down a few keywords from the dream and a few quick drawings of the canyon arches and the alien craft lattice work and go back to bed, forgetting to write down the words that I remembered.

      After playing with HH's for a while and deciding to doze off, I get a dream where the wife asks me where one of the bills is and if it has been paid. I said that I think I filed it already but I can check on the computer if I paid it. At the computer, the keyboard is missing and I ask my wife if she's seen it but then I find the keyboard unplugged and sitting on top of the computer desktop tower. I feel someone tugging on me in darkness and I realize I must have fallen asleep, maybe in front of the computer. Either way I treat the tugging as HHs not waking life and a scene forms where I am at an office elevator and a woman is asking me for directions. Already aware that I am dreaming I decide to see where the elevator takes me just like in last night's lucid, with a little excited anticipation. I don't remember anything but going up in the elevator before waking up needing to pee again and I decide to get up for the day.
    2. Antarctic Train

      by , 11-18-2016 at 02:52 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I thought I might post an old dream I just remembered.
      I am on a train to the South Pole. Lots of people I know are there. I feel this happy feeling of independence, freedom, and euphoria put together. It is so wonderful I cannot describe it anymore. It only appears in dreams. Eventually we reach a city at the South Pole. I have a best friend in the dream who is always with me. A wizard trains me spells and I remark 'This is like a lucid dream but real' to myself. Soon an earthquake happens and people are jumping off balconies due to fires and dying. I do what I can but I must leave. My companion, the wizard and I do lots of quests, but eventually my friend is killed. I feel horrible. I wake up.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Artifacts Non lucid

      by , 11-18-2016 at 02:34 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I have to search for certain artifacts in a fantasy world. Eventually I have to get an artifact by going through a giant spider web guarded by a white spider. I run away from it so much that the dream loses its plot and turns in to a dream about getting on trams and trains.

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    4. Epic Non-lucid

      by , 11-14-2016 at 05:45 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      After a long trek with T through a swamp, we climb up a hill, and sight a city. T hugs me and I feel warm and protected. When I arrive at the city, my identity changes. I am now a boy with another boy in a house and we run upstairs and find an attic. I am carrying a file of folders. We are hiding. A woman finds us and starts crying and is angry. She says ' You promised not to!' and leaves sobbing and angry.
      suddenly I am between two hills and there is a battle. I see an old man on a strange elephant/horse/bird muttering 'no...' and lets me mount it. I fly around exhilarated on the beast and then I have to complete some mission concerning saving harry potter's parents by going back in time. Eventually I arrive back to the city and I am buying meat. There are two queues, one for people who needed to use two cards because of stupidity, and one for the more reserved. I buy my meat, and ask a few people where T is. As I run towards T I wake up.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Mission to return home (Another Video Game Dream)

      by , 03-17-2016 at 08:31 PM
      I had a dream that every Dragon Age inquisition character was with me in this world and they needed me to take them back to their world. Therefore I joined a dangerous group, so I could gather information. Then I got info there this group has operating teleporting portals that has to power to teleport to different place in this world and other worlds as well. So we decided to break into the boss's house. We sneaked pass the guards and then we went into the boss's room, In the room there was a metal door with a security code lock, we broke the lock and then the alarms went off.
      Then behind the door there was a small round pool and inside the pool glowed green (which was actually the portal) . So one by one I sent the others to jump through the portal. The guards were closing in and before I jumped into the portal I made sure it would self destruct.

      Then we teleported somewhere that looked like an empty watch tower. So we rested there, there were tables there and towels to dry ourselves off. So I sat on a table, infront of me Iron Bull was sitting and beside me was Solas.
      We were talking about somethings (which I can't remember) But then I remember telling Solas that, "I can understand you quite well." He then asked, "Really?" I remember giving him a smirk and then I told him things that I knew about him and things I understood from him. He just looked at me, silent, and I looked back at him. He then extended his hand towards my face, I thought he was going to kiss me but instead he just pulled back some of my hair infront of my face saying, "You shouldn't let your hair cover your eyes so much, it will weaken your eyesight."

      I vividly remember my heart beating faster that moment and my cheeks becoming red.

      After we rested, we continued our mission and we jumped through more portals. Then I remember we were running away from the enemy when suddenly I fell down into the water and then woke up.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    6. [Non-Lucid] Sci-fi Adventure With Cedric (From The Mars Volta)

      by , 02-27-2016 at 09:12 PM (SilverDreams' Reality Journal)

      So in this dream I'm out the the front of my house throwing a party, watching Cedric Bixler-Zavala or at least someone that looks like him walk around the yard and kind of hang out. Suddenly I'm thrown into a full blown adventure again. There are these warp switches that warp you to what I assume are different worlds, and we're sent off onto a desert one, feeling oddly melodramatic. It's a dusty red sand desert with nothing around for miles except dunes and the odd building littered around, we seem to be on a hill and there's an unusual structure (looks similar to a Trojan horse) in front of this old multi-story dilapidated workshop type building, with some mechanics working on it. Cedric and I hang out, climbing around in order to get up to the top of the formation. We finally reach the top and flip down a ladder or slide or something that makes getting down to the ground very fast, since the very top is fairly high. We notice a commotion breaking out down the dunes and a little far away from us, explosions and lots of people running about with what could be guns. We immediately raise the alarm, since apparently there are people who don't look favorably on us or our mechanic crew. We immediately try to get everyone off the planet and through the warp system, closing it behind us, since we're vastly outnumbered. Unfortunately as we're yelling at two of our crew to get out of here "before they get killed" both of them are blasted by these weird energy guns. There's no time to mourn however, because we're both forced to fight off the initial enemies that swarm our workshop. I have two pistols and Cedric has some kind of AR looking weapon. I can't remember much more, I think I wake up shortly after, perhaps I make it to a transporter.

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    7. The Edge

      by , 02-09-2016 at 01:56 AM
      7 February 2016

      A little backstory here. I had just learned of The Flat Earth Society and was checking out there subreddit to try and...understand their reasoning. This was on my mind as I fell asleep.

      This is the story of a young girl's journey to fame and stardom. A girl who would be thrown into an impossible situation but let's not get ahead of ourselves here. I cannot tell you how this began as details are lost in memory. All that I can tell you is a young girl did something in TV. Something amazing and spectacular. Something so mystifying that she was praised all over the world. She had earned the reputation of a dynamo, an explorer, an adventurer. I never caught her name so I will name her 'Beatrice.' What could be more fitting for such a denizen than a name that means 'Voyager?'

      Everything seemed to be going well for the young superstar until the day finally came for her medal to be tested. I do not know how it came to this but Beatrice ended up making a promise to do what no one was able to do. To travel to the edge of the world. You see, in this dream the world was flat and everything was surrounded by an ice wall. Once one climbed this wall he would have to travel several miles across frozen tundra to reach the edge of the world. No one had succeeded in doing this but everyone was confident that Beatrice would be the first. The events leading up to this are hazy but I do remember that Beatrice was freaking out. She knew that she would not be able to keep this promise. She didn't know how it came to this or what she was going to do, there was no way that she was going to make it all the way to the edge!

      The day finally came and the world was watching. They had made it onto the ice wall that we call Antarctica and a camera crew was there to watch her progress. She was going to make it over the ice wall...She made it less than a mile. I don't know what happened or what she saw but she came running back in tears. Words could not describe how much she hated herself. She was supposed to be the best, she was supposed to be the first but she had failed. She let everyone down. I don't remember how the world reacted to this but I do not imagine that they were kind to her.
    8. New adventure

      by , 11-09-2015 at 09:58 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      There was a beautiful sunset. I was a freelance adventurer. I stopped for a while in a ruined cathedral. It was a place long forgotten, and everybody avoided it due to rumors that it was haunted. I knew that these rumors were false, and I could freely rest there. I wasn't able to see anything from frescoes on the walls. It was after a long journey, but I already thought about new adventures. I decided to take my stuff and go on.

      The cathedral was placed atop a high cliff. Looking down I could see valleys, forests and villages. Elevation was slowly moving down when I moved on. There was a river flowing nearby. I followed the shore until I reached a monumental and beautiful waterfall.

      Adoring beauty of the sight, I let bandits to surprise and ambush me. I quickly drawn my sword and charged into battle. After a few small cuts I received, I've fallen into rage and slain all of them with a few quick swings. Looting these bandits I found map of their hideout - it was in the swamps down the waterfall. I jumped down, and fallen into water.

      I had troubles with swimming, but I managed to get to the surface. I quickly moved to the shore and searched for bandit camp. There I slain every bandit I could see.
    9. A Baby in Need

      by , 05-25-2015 at 04:08 PM

      I was assigned an adventure. Perhaps it was for some “school” function. I’m not quite sure. But I wandered through a wasteland void of people and full of desolate and decaying buildings. I don’t remember what my assignment was so I explored aimlessly. Eventually I entered a building and headed to the lower floors. In the basement of the building were desks full of “students”. Proctors of sorts were there to watch us while we completed a "test". I remember starting the “test” but I did not finish it because I found it pointless. I left the room with the “test” incomplete and wandered on. I believe at this point I was called on by DB to play Eb clarinet in ensemble. I declined. Next, I was in a kind of park full of hills, so many that the horizon was blocked in multiple directions by the undulation of the landscape. Somehow I ran into RS. I was now in his car (his black and grey mustang) and we talked about music, clarinet, etc. We drove through the hills until something caught my eye. There was an baby falling from the sky. I knew the baby was in trouble. No on was around to help. So I opened RS’s car door and ran to the baby. I jumped in the air, soaring up as if gravity were less, caught the baby, and dropped the baby as gently as I could to the ground. I saw the baby land with a thump in a shallow pool of water. It wasn’t ideal and I knew the baby still needed help. I hung in the air before falling to the ground. Now I rushed the baby to a nearby table and began CPR. As I used two fingers to press on the baby’s chest I realized that it’s arms were skinny, as if someone had taken clay and rolled it out on flat surface creating “noodles”. No matter, the baby coughed up water and I felt complete. However, trouble didn’t seem to be over yet. Night grew close. The air transitioned from bright yellow-orange to a deep and blanketing purple-black. It seemed that trouble was brewing. I found my friend BC nearby and asked him to take care of the baby. TF was also there so I asked for his assistance as well. I was off, not sure why. I needed to find RS again so I used my phone to call, but my phone was malfunctioning. My phone wouldn’t call and it became of little use other than occupying space. Wandering I somehow ran into AB. She was beautiful. Her face was so clear to me. Slightly rosy cheeks, raised in a affection, a deep and radiant smile, and light brown, slightly curled hair that framed her face and exposed her features. She was there to help me. I knew it. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much. We must have talked, and I’m sure she helped me, but here the dream fades away.
    10. Desert Adventures (NLD)

      by , 11-10-2014 at 06:16 PM
      I was walking with my dad, who now resembled the older Russell Crowe from Noah, out of the town into a desert to join an expeditionary force that was tasked with recovering some powerful ancient artifact. "Are we going to help them get it or take it for ourselves?" I asked him, trying to clarify our motivations. "We'll see how it plays out," he replied. In the next moment I observed the leader of the expeditionary force raise at least a hundred undead elephants from beneath the sands, adding considerably to the impressiveness of their force. "For them, it looks like," I commented wryly, answering my own question.

      Moving swiftly ahead of the rest, my dad and I were the first ones to reach the stone antechamber that served as the entrance to the dungeon where the artifact was said to be buried. While we waited for the others to catch up, we heard an altercation outside. I heard a booming voice that I understood to be that an antagonist in the form of a powerful AI, announcing that it had trained an orbital telescope upon the army we were assisting. It claimed that the telescope was pointed at an ancient city beneath the sands, and was capable of igniting some flammable resource right underneath the army's feet.

      Although in dastardly-villain style the AI had revealed its plan before executing it, there was no chance to thwart it: in the next moment we saw a tremendous conflagration through the cracks in the partially-open doors of the stone chamber in which we took refuge. Fortunately the entrance was facing the opposite direction from the blast, and although the stone walls at our back protected us from immolation, we still had to put our hands over our faces to protect them from the sudden withering heat.

      We knew that anyone outside who had been exposed to the blast must have been destroyed—all but one, a single man who had arrived just outside the stone antechamber in time to be protected by it. I took him to be the leader of the army that had just been decimated. "Wow," I said, not directing my words to anyone in particular, as he slipped into the antechamber and joined us. "That was... overwhelming." I realized that under these changed circumstances, we would no doubt be seeking the artifact for our own purposes now, though whether this third guy would turn out to be an ally or antagonist in the long run was impossible to predict. "Guess it's just the three of us now," I commented as, without further ado, we started down the stone steps into darkness to begin our adventure.
    11. Some Dreams!

      by , 08-25-2014 at 09:31 PM
      A few dreams from about a week ago, so I will try to remember them the best that I can.

      I was in my backyard and I suddenly realized I was in a dream. I looked around and saw a glass-enclosed hot tub sitting right in the middle of the yard. I started floating above the ground and i floated right on through the glass and sat down in the hot tub. Was warm and bubbly. I was feeling a little bit paranoid I guess because some guys almost immediately came out of nowhere and started chasing me. I tried to fly up but I could only get so high so I started to climb a fence to try to get to the river. After climbing over three 10ft tall fences I finally got to the river. I jumped down and floated above the water, then set up an invisible barrier around the river so that nobody could come in unless their intentions were benevolent. The guys chasing me jumped into the barrier and started pounding on it. I felt more peaceful, I looked around at how the sun lit up the riverbank with cracks of light that had gotten through the trees above. I only got to sit there for a couple minutes before I woke up.

      I was in my house, I don't remember how I became lucid. But there was a lesbian orgy going on and I was making my way from girl to girl when I spotted this DC that was the female version of me. Clones of her started to appear from around corners. They were my minions. I started to feel guilty about abusing DCs in this way so I left and then I saw this one actress appear (Emily VanCamp). I couldn't help myself. I took her to another room and started taking off her clothes and I wondered if doing this was wrong. She immediately turned dead looking, like that old lady from The Shining. She got on top of me, straddled me, and held me down. I wanted to salvage the lucid dream so I didn't wake myself up, I just made my body invincible because I figured she was going to try to hurt me. Instead she started to tickle me. Creepy, corpselike actress...sitting on top of me and tickling me. Was terrible :'(. I eventually turned off the tickling sensation and I threw her off of me. She turned into a blanket. Still wary of her tricks I quickly tore the blanket in half and then left the room. I wandered outside, was night. I was still feeling nervous and uncomfortable. Not the best combination. I decided to just wake up.

      The earliest part of this dream that I can remember is that I was wandering around a market street that was shaded by palm trees and paved with cement. Was about noon and I was a hungry, homeless orphan. I wandered into a bar where I ran into Paul Newman. He was young and he looked like he did in that one movie...Cool Hand Luke! But anyways, he was sitting at the bar eating peanuts and drinking a beer. I walked over and sat down next to him. He told me that he was a Con Artist and that he experienced a similar upbringing to mine. He said that he would take me in as his apprentice then looked to his right and motioned for the bar tender with a small wave of his fingers. The bar tender came over and Paul ordered maybe 20 scratch off lottery tickets worth 5$ each. OH NO wait he spent 80$, so I guess that would be 16 tickets. He handed me a couple and asked me to help him. The game was really weird, you had to roll dice and it was based upon an honor system, lol. I didn't even cheat though!

      I had gotten through 2 tickets when this giant, hairy, smelly, biker walked in and started bothering my new mentor about this money that was owed. I don't remember exactly what happened here just that the bar tender helped Paul Newman get the biker off his back but then the bartender asked when the bar tab was going to be paid and Paul made some smart ass remark. The bar tender got really angry, we left.

      We walked down the concrete marketplace for a couple minutes when I felt water falling on me. I thought to myself, on a nice rain, how pleasant. I looked up and there was the bartender standing at the edge of a small bridge that was above us, pissing alllll over us. I tried to get out of it but the guy had really good aim. After he ran out of pee, Paul and I rushed over to some mercenary guy and Paul paid him about 200$ to piss on the bartender. The mercenary sneak attacked him and got him really good. My character disappeared at this point and I just sort of became Paul Newman. So as Paul Newman, I was running away from the scene. I knew that I had to find a place to hide out for awhile. I ran down the road for a few minutes before I saw this clearing in a jungle. I walked into the clearing and there were hippies everywhere, everybody was completely nude too. I guess I had stumbled onto a hippie/nudist commune. I joined them! They gave me a house to live in, it was actually quite a beautiful place that they were living in. They had these bamboo houses that were about 8 feet off the ground, facing a sparkling, deep blue lake that was filled with all kinds of exotic fish. Woke up before anything more exciting could happen.

      This dream was in a supermarket. I became lucid outside of the store and remembered that my goal was to visit a town that I made up before I fell asleep that I called Christmas Town. I took off flying and went over a couple hills and mountains when I saw it, shining with thousands of Christmas lights. I got a little closer and the town looked like it was made out of clay, not exactly what I was hoping for. Was still quite pretty and magical though with the lights and the snow and old-timey buildings. I teleported back to the supermarket and went inside. I started to mess around with the DCs and eat anything and everything that looked delicious. Was a full on binge eating experience, glorious. The hot food stands and built in restaurant were the best parts. I felt like I was doing something terribly wrong though so I had to keep reminding myself that it was a dream, but it was also kind of fun being naughty .

      I also had a reallyyy long lucid dream that seemed to last forever but I sadly can't remember anything about it other than how long it lasted, kind of sad! But I'm sure I had a lot of fun.
    12. Adventures of Redstar: Part 2 Bloopers

      by , 08-18-2014 at 07:59 PM
      After forgetting how I became lucid, I did some things then suddenly remembered the adventures of redstar. I went over to a nearby house with a couch and clara wasn't there, figures. I tried to create her so I could actually continue the story but to no avail. I went outside and found I think the doctor and river song, walking together when I went up and stopped the story and was like "wheres clara" and then river song was like "haha, you always have to keep one door open in a house". I went to try that, and sadly, I woke up
    13. 2/1/2014

      by , 02-20-2014 at 08:16 PM

      I was swimming underwater thinking I was playing Super Mario. I was wearing the red plumber suit and hat. I remember an underwater temple and its ruins, along with mossy floating rocks in the area with objects on them. There was a big water snake that left its cave, took my hat, and retreated back inside the cave. I had to punch the snake to get my hat back. The last thing I remember was swimming to the surface where the sun was shining bright. A man was looking down on me, waiting.
    14. Curious Story

      by , 02-06-2014 at 11:56 PM
      I don't remember much about my dream, but the things I do remember really are bugging me.

      In my dream, I was a person I made up in my head. I looked exactly like how I imagined this person. So I'm on some sort of quest looking for spirits that grant me magic powers such as pyrokinesis and such. Mid way through the dream, I'm walking through a cave where a monster that kind of looked like Lugia from Pokemon attacked me; it was one of the spirits I talked about. I somehow ended up out of the cave and at the beginning of a town. I turned around to get the monster out of the cave. I pulled a switch which was attached to a chain and it started pulling the monster out. When it came out, it was decapitated and I couldn't understand why. Maybe someone was chasing me? Anyways, I carry the head to the town (the town looked to be a run-down wood/brick medieval-esque town) and the town came to greet me. Apparently some of the people knew me and came to see me. I dropped the head and curled up into a ball, like any sane person would do once they've been holding a decapitated head of a monster. One of the girls in the crowd said "what's wrong with her?" and what seemed to be the village elder of sorts said, and I specifically remember this and I don't know why. He said "She just needs someone to hold".

      I really enjoyed the dream but I want to delve into it and learn what it was all about.
    15. Weird Link Adventure

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:27 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      review: short, abstract adventure dream

      Weird Link Adventure
      As Link, I was drawn to adventure outside and disregard the castle. It wasn't long before I encountered the bad guy. The bad guy was formless, a shadow, a voice that would mock me.

      It was night and I decided to follow the voice of the bad guy, why? I don't know. But the bad guy promised it had something important to show me. Am I trusting the voice of the bad guy now?

      The voice led me to perils, cliffs and ledges I had to jump. To help me, the voice transforms into a wolf. And then a wolf with wings. The voice explains "This is your true power Link!"

      It was awesome being a flying wolf! There was one last thing I needed to do, I needed to meet this voice. Which introduced herself as "Impa".

      Impa is living in a forbidden tree, floating above the clouds, insight of the castle. I fly to that tree and meet Impa. I woke up shortly after.

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