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    1. #179. Action Movie Physics

      by , 01-17-2011 at 03:10 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)


      I coax my motorcycle to its maximum speed, streamlining my body as I approach the closing elevator doors. The elevator cab has already left for the top floor, and I strain to hold the metal doors open. In half a second, I'll crash into the back of the open elevator shaft and hurtle half a dozen stories into the secret basement of the compound.


      No reason for that. I don't have to follow the rules, after all. I stand in the open air, looking up at the elevator cab as it slowly escalates to the top floor. That's where I'll find her.


      I fly through the doors, over the pit below. The front wheel of my bike hits the far wall, and I twist

      Speeding up the elevator shaft at maximum, up the vertical wall. Vertigo. Disassociated from gravity and catching up to the elevator cab, about to impact. I jump away from the vehicle; it fades away. Suspended in the air for a moment, and I reach toward the closed doors leading to the floor second-to-the-top. I pull myself in, catch on the small ledge there, hang for a moment, looking at the bottom of the elevator cab. It's moving towards me now.

      Jump. Over the elevator, clinging onto the doors leading to the top floor. With a wave of my hand, they're opening...

      I wake up. Damn it guys, could you break up a little more quietly?

      Action Movie Physics. Scare Factor: 3.
    2. #166. Elevators

      by , 11-01-2010 at 05:57 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)


      People continue to crowd into the elevator, and I'm starting to feel claustrophobic. On the verge of freaking out, I start to push the sheep-like masses in the direction of the buttons, hoping that no one else will be able to get on and pick a different floor.

      One woman won't budge. She faces the back corner of the elevator. She's looking down at the floor; I can't see her face. Her blonde ponytail swings a bit as I tug on her arm, and it takes me a moment to realize that she's missing a hand. Blood drips onto the floor below us.

      In the next second, she swings around with a snarl. I try to back up. I'm pushed away by the other people in the elevator. She's attacking me with her remaining claws, and her teeth are razor sharp and coming towards my neck -


      The scene stops for a moment, and I disassociate myself from my body. Hanging back, away from the elevator, I think about waking myself up. I'm about to, but

      That never works.

      All right, so we'll try something else.


      I block the girl's attack and catch her by the forearm. I'm tugging her towards me, stepping forward and sinking elongated teeth into her shoulder. I'm pulling and her arm is coming loose with a sick tearing and a spray of blood.

      Scare Factor: 5/10
      lucid , memorable
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