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    1. 8/7/16 - Fingers and Hands

      by , 08-07-2016 at 08:12 PM
      I'm sitting in some kind of school gym/multi-purpose room. There's tons of students and parents. Everyone is sitting in rows on the floor, facing a stage, but nothing's really happening. Everyone is talking happily so the room is pretty loud. I'm sitting in the very back row. Sitting next to me is Lay, and sitting next to Lay is Chanyeol. We're friends and talking and laughing, but I notice Chanyeol keeps staring at me a lot, which I ignore. I hardly make eye contact with him. Jin shows up and is walking up and down each row, checking on everybody. As I look up he looks down and smiles at me. I grab his hand as he starts a conversation with someone in the row in front of me. He stays in the same place as he talks. Without getting up I reach for his hand and we hold hands the whole time. Occasionally he moves a bit forward, so I end up only being able to hold his fingers, but the whole time he's talking we never lose contact. Finally, after Jin's done talking, he smiles at me again so I release his hand and he leaves to check the other rows. I watch him go. I look down at my hands and notice that I feel Chanyeol staring at me again. Without looking up, I grab Lay's hand and pull it to my lap. I look up to see his reaction and he seems shocked but happy. I smile to myself and look back up towards the stage, waiting for something to happen. I start to play with Lay's fingers and without thinking much of it, I pull his fingers to my lips and kiss them. I then take his pointer finger into my mouth and start sucking on it. I turn and look at him and he's blushing but not stopping me. I pull his fingers out of my mouth but keep them close and continue to kiss them. After a dozen or so kisses, I pull his hand back onto my lap and hold his hand. I can feel him smiling and he squeezes my hand in return.
    2. 10/21/2014

      by , 11-10-2014 at 03:13 AM

      I was in an apartment complex talking to people I recognized. I moved around the area a lot, seeing some man-made ponds of water. I entered a building and saw a girl and asked when she was moving in, "In a few weeks" she replied. I looked at my watch, which showed the time 38:38. I wondered if I was dreaming and looked around. I asked the girl I was talking to "Hey, the time is 38:38, right?" She giggled and said "Sure?" which made me realize I was dreaming!
      I flew up and around the cafeteria-looking area and had fun. I climbed to the roof of a place where food is cooked and as I scaled it, it broke, almost causing me to fall. I felt scared and the girls yelled out for me to be careful. I pulled myself up and decided to jump down. It was a pretty long fall but I reminded myself "This is a dream! Nothing can hurt me!" I jumped down the tall place I was standing on and when I landed, I felt a slight jolt of pain on my feet, which made me do a parkour roll. I ran on some walls and flew around, doing whatever came to mind as the area got more populated. Again, the thought of playing with water came to me.
      I raised my right hand and tried to conjure an orb of water. Nothing. I wasn't going to give up in this dream. I ran and hovered over the floor, passing through people looking for any sort of water. I was in a college campus so I looked for a water fountain, eventually finding one outside. The water inside the water fountain was dirty and had mud, it wasn't clean so I flew away in search of another fountain with cleaner water. Again, I flew around and through people and found a water fountain that looked like the one in my apartment complex. There were many people sitting in tables talking to each other. I brought my right hand up and attempted to control the water in the fountain, but nothing happened. I stuck my hand in the water and as I brought it out, I noticed the water fly from my fingertips. I repeated this a few times and eventually said "I can control water like I control telekinesis!" I stuck my hand in the water and brought it out, again noticing the water come out of my fingertips. I had an idea: That's where the water will come out from.
      I shifted the palm of my hand upward, pointed my fingers towards the sky, and expected water come out of my finger tips... It did! Blue water kept shooting upwards from my finger tips as I finally succeeded in controlling water. I yelled out "I did it!" and heard people starting to cheer. I decided to wake up into a false awakening.

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      lucid , false awakening , memorable
    3. Goku and weird ritual sacrifice machine

      by , 09-14-2014 at 05:17 AM (Adventures in Dreamland)
      Last night I finally had a dream where I felt different emotions from the usual snippets of dreams I have been having. I dreamt first of a Tennis court, except on this tennis court was a system of pulleys and hooks, where you would sit somewhere and a machine would turn on and your organs and skin would be systematically ripped apart in some sort of orderly fashion.

      In the main dream Goku was fighting with some opponent. I remember he was battling him but he was just too strong. He started to fly away and was asking himself where was Nappa and Vegeta when he needed them. Then he lost his ability to turn super saiyan and fell towards the ocean, he managed to be able to fly again just for a soft landing. then he was floating on the ocean, the color scheme was very grey and cloudy/smoky/misty. The dream goes to the tennis court, Goku said learning about Jesus it wasn't long til he became a Christian (I personally see many similarities between Goku and Jesus, just me maybe). Says he would have lost the fight anyways and that he was going to put himself on the tennis court machine.

      I go into the tennis court and there is a giant crowd there. There are two people playing some weird tennis game right outside the gate to the tennis court. I walk inside and instead of the hook sacrifice machine there is a big crowd of people watching a movie in the tennis court. This dream seems a little spooky now that I mention it.
    4. Fake lucidity

      by , 01-18-2014 at 10:17 PM
      My IRL father and I are having a conversation. We're both aware this is a dream. (But I'm not really lucid, or at least not very - 'this is a dream' is just part of the plot.) We're talking about recurring dreams I've been having of falling. (IRL, I can't remember ever having dreamed of falling.) He's concerned about it, doesn't like the idea of me repeatedly splattering myself on the ground. I assure him that I hardly ever splatter on the ground.

      As we're talking, the scene shifts, and now I'm falling from a great height - but I land lightly on my feet on the ground, demonstrating my point. I've landed somewhere near an airport. Near where I've landed, there's what I think of as another version of myself from another fall - but rather than being me, it's a woman with long red hair, lying on the ground, bending backwards at an awkward but not fatal angle, and motionless, because she's not really here, she's just an image, like a three-dimensional photograph. Looking at her, I remember various dreams where I watched other characters fall and was unable to stop them, and I acknowledge my father's point, that sometimes the falls don't go so well.

      A woman I seem to know very well is waiting for me when I walk away from the airport, and we go to meet back up with my father and his girlfriend. (No resemblance to his IRL one.) We come to a street where we'd meant to meet with them, but we don't see them. I call out "Dad! Ada!" but there's no response. There's a bit of a crowd, people talking to each other, one guy handing out flyers, I get the impression there's a festival going on somewhere nearby. The end of this street is a dream boundary; if we cross it, the dream will change. But the festival is on the other side, and we're wondering if my father went on ahead, through the boundary. The character version of me starts to head for the boundary, but the part of me that's a disembodied observer zooms out and takes a look around, and spots my father and his girlfriend sitting on a bench under an overhang. They'd been blocked from my view by the crowd around the guy handing out flyers. So I cause the character version of me to have doubts about crossing the boundary, reminding him that it'll be hard to get back to this same scene if I'm wrong about my father going on ahead. Character!me turns around.

      I tell the woman I'm with that I want to take one last look around, and I go and find a bench to sit down on. I hold my palm up in front of me, and speak to it as if to a computer, "Run search." Two glowing screens appear above my palm, one vertical, one horizontal - I think of it as a way I've created to execute dream programs. I give it more commands to run a scan of the area and locate my father and his girlfriend. Meanwhile, as a disembodied observer, I find this a neat trick, and make a note to try it sometime when I'm actually lucid; I'm wondering if it would still work. The dream scan finishes and has successfully located them, very close to the bench where I'm sitting.

      I walk over to them. They seem a little out of it, as if they're high. Apparently they'd heard me calling, but it didn't occur to him that by 'Dad', I meant him. I say to him, "What did you expect me to call you? Paul?" (His name isn't Paul.) Some passerby who's clearly enjoying the festival overhears this and sticks out his hand to my father to introduce himself, saying "Hi, Paul!" My father and I tell him to buzz off, which his girlfriend objects to, as the random passerby seemed nice. By nice, she means good-looking.
    5. 8/1/13 - Of Screaming And Freeways

      by , 08-01-2013 at 04:25 PM
      Dream Fragment 1: I'm standing nowhere, screaming at the top of my lungs. I don't know how long I scream but when I stop, I realize that someone is standing next to me. I suddenly find myself looking up and into the face of Stiles. He looks worried. I look down and notice that he's holding my hands. I look back up at his face and squeeze his hands in mine.

      Dream Fragment 2: I'm sitting in the passenger's seat of a car. Mom is driving. We are on the freeway. I'm looking at the other side of the freeway, which is at a complete stop. There are a ton of people on the other side just walking around and doing nothing. I turn to Mom and ask her why they are doing that.
    6. 7/28/13 - Knowing Unknown

      by , 07-29-2013 at 05:21 AM
      Dream Fragment 1: I'm holding onto a man. Both of my hands are gripping one of his arms very tightly. He doesn't seem to mind. We are in a very crowded area. It's filled with people laughing, drinking and dancing. I let go of his arm and he places his hand on the small of my back, leading me away from the crowd. I feel happy.

      Dream Fragment 2: I'm in Grandma and Grandpa's R.V., sitting at the table. Julie and I sit on opposite sides, talking about whatever. A guy, who I both know and don't know, Walks up to the table with a plate of food. He looks at Julie and then he looks at me. He smiles big and tells me to move over. I move a bit and he sits next to me. We share his plate of food.
    7. Almost Famous

      by , 01-04-2013 at 08:55 PM
      Thousands and thousands of clapping hands were heard on this very big, plain field filled with people. All whose faces looked excited to see the one face that popped in to the field. Me. Every single person on this field was applauding as I was riding on a carriage. It was beautiful! I didn't know whether to believe it or not, so I just accepted the fact that it was all for me!

      As someone was riding the carriage for me, I was staring at all the people in the crowd and only thought of how unbelievable it felt to have so many people clap for you.

      The carriage was almost on its way to the other side of the field. This was the last chance I was able to say anything to the crowd. I didn't say anything, instead I raised my right hand and made a peace sign gesture which made the crowd raise their scream even louder! It was truly amazing!

      After my few minutes of fame past, things got worse. I was on a journey, with some of my other classmates from high school, to go through the woods and find the point for going in it in the first place. I walked in to the woods but found it all to be a challenge, seeing how I was in bare feet. My other classmates went on without me. That's when another problem occurred. My right foot had something on its bottom. I picked it up to see what it was and found out there was a piece of wood stuck to it. My foot was bleeding. I tried to take off this piece off wood at first but it only bled more. I could remember the way it felt taking the piece out! I was grossed out.

      There was only thing I could do in a situation like this. I had to go and find a teacher on the other side of this area I was in. I did and I did so quickly. I hopped on my left foot and quickly hopped my way over to the teacher's area. On the way, I shown my cut to a few kids and they were even grossed out.

      Once I made it to the teacher's area, I tried to find a teacher someone on the street. This area also looked a lot like the area next to the abandoned theater near the location I live in the waking world. There was no sign of teachers, so I walked in to a home and found things to have change a lot!

      I walked in to a home and suddenly felt like it was now a Minecraft experience! I was in small room filled with chests. One of them was an Ender chest. I walked up to one of my chests and only saw a few non Minecraft items in there. That's when I decided to go in to the wild and explore.

      I did so and found something interesting on the way. The wild I just walked in to looked a lot like a dream I had before, a dream where most of it took place next to a really huge ocean. I didn't like it at the start. I walked in to a big section of 1x1 towers , flew to the top of one and found a player hiding somewhere in the bottom. His server name was 98Brando, the one who always assumes he's better than everyone else. I jumped on to the ground in front of him and we were now standing on a border between danger zone and safe zone. It's obvious what happened here. I jumped away from the safe zone and jumped in to the danger zone to attack him. I done this repeatedly until he died and I took his armor and items. After he died, I picked up his armor and he had all Protection 4 armor as well as really good weapons and items.

      Then I woke up for a short while.
    8. 5/26 Crime and Beautiful Eyes

      by , 05-27-2012 at 04:32 AM (Link's Adventures)
      I was at a airport with two guys I know in real life. We were on the runway, running away from security guards. I don't remember what we did, it may have been simply being on the runway, but we were all running away from them, splitting up. I reached a nearby city, but I continued to move and weave through crowds, knowing someone was following me. I figured maybe the cops were now following me... Someone grabs my arm while I am moving out of a crowd and I turn around as they leave and I see a beautiful blond girl holding my arms with piercing blue eyes, but the bottom parts of them are rimmed with orange. They were very pretty and unusual. I knew she was also hunting me down to turn me in but I was captivated by her eyes and all I could say was, "Your eyes are so pretty". She apparently thought I was just trying to distract her and said, "I'm not going to fall for that one again". And I said something back but I am not sure what. Something about asking her to do so one more time(but not like as a trick, but to believe it because seriously, it would be amazing if someone had eyes like that ). Then she simply turned away for some reason and let me go and walked off and vanished into a crowd. Then one of my friends ran by and I woke up due to my alarm clock... -.-'
    9. The End of The World

      by , 07-30-2011 at 05:00 PM (My dream journal....)

      I hardly remember this one. I don't know where we were, but i think it was the Mall of America. there are a couple of visions of waiting in line. I think there was a bunch of chaos (but domestic chaos, like huge crowds and movement and stuff...). Anyway, the most clear part of the dream is this:

      I'm on the roof of (or parking lot of) the Mall of America or something. I know my mom is there, and I think there's tons of other people too. We're all watching the sunset. The sky is very orange. All of a sudden, we see a rocket come from behind us from the left. It crashes (?) somewhere over the horizon. Then there's an enormous explosion. A huge wall of red and black debris starts flying towards us. Just as I hear people about to panic, I hear my mom shout, "It's the Apocalypse!" because in the dream, that was how the Bible said the world would end (even though it doesn't really say that in real life...).

      I'm really scared, and i start half praying, half freaking out because I don't know if I'll go to Heaven or Hell. The next part is just an enormous blur. Then, I open my eyes and see the ground all charred. But everyone is still alive.
    10. #166. Elevators

      by , 11-01-2010 at 05:57 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)


      People continue to crowd into the elevator, and I'm starting to feel claustrophobic. On the verge of freaking out, I start to push the sheep-like masses in the direction of the buttons, hoping that no one else will be able to get on and pick a different floor.

      One woman won't budge. She faces the back corner of the elevator. She's looking down at the floor; I can't see her face. Her blonde ponytail swings a bit as I tug on her arm, and it takes me a moment to realize that she's missing a hand. Blood drips onto the floor below us.

      In the next second, she swings around with a snarl. I try to back up. I'm pushed away by the other people in the elevator. She's attacking me with her remaining claws, and her teeth are razor sharp and coming towards my neck -


      The scene stops for a moment, and I disassociate myself from my body. Hanging back, away from the elevator, I think about waking myself up. I'm about to, but

      That never works.

      All right, so we'll try something else.


      I block the girl's attack and catch her by the forearm. I'm tugging her towards me, stepping forward and sinking elongated teeth into her shoulder. I'm pulling and her arm is coming loose with a sick tearing and a spray of blood.

      Scare Factor: 5/10
      lucid , memorable