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    1. From the Year 7230

      by , 07-25-2019 at 11:28 AM
      Morning of July 25, 2019. Thursday.

      Dream #: 19,211-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      I am in an unknown location watching a video of Ray Romano cheerfully shopping in public. He keeps making puns. He picks up a can of peas, places it near his left ear, and talks about “finding peace.” He picks up a pear and talks about “finding a pair, yet there is only one.” He picks up a comb, talking about his “parting.” He picks up a can of beans, mentioning something about not “spilling the beans.” He picks up a packet of tea bags, saying, “I found the T before you (U).” There are more puns I do not recall.

      Eventually, I am at the location with an unknown female who remains on my right. I try to recall what he said, writing it down on a sheet of paper. When I try to read what I wrote, some is gibberish, some scribbled out, some clear. I had gone back to the beginning of the event, except now it is “real” and not a recording.

      I meet Ray before he starts making his puns. I realize that I have altered the timeline by being present while he is shopping, as my presence redirects his attention. Still, I talk about the puns he will be making. I tell him about one he made about a diaper (and where it was in the store), but I cannot recall what he said. I explain to him that I am from the future. He repeats the pun about “finding peace” but not much else.

      Ray leaves. An unknown male is now present on my right, and I tell him I am from the year 7230. He doubts me. I lead him out to the parking lot to show him my evidence, and it seems to be the afternoon. On my left wrist is a watch with a dome atop it. Under the wristband, held by it, is a long scrap of thin cardboard with writing.

      The small dome contains images that I project as a life size monochrome hologram into the parking lot. We walk to it. There is a statue of a female angel or goddess (with wings) on a high structure. It is Nike. There is a holographic image of a 2018 Lamborghini.

      The male seems amazed as we approach the holographic dome. Soon, it becomes “real.” The car, now mostly blue, moves out on its own (with no driver). Everything now has color. There is also what looks like a Cessna cockpit. A dark-haired girl (about ten), who sits in the right seat, turns her head toward us to happily talk about the equipment and life in the future. (An unfamiliar woman on her left does not move or speak.)

      We walk through the mall. The male asks me about how people think in the future. I tell him people have minds that contain much knowledge in a “holographic matrix” that surrounds their brain (and location). He asks me about crime. I tell him that they eliminate criminals when found, without trial. I wake.

    2. My 2nd DJ Entry

      by , 08-25-2010 at 12:35 AM
      August 24th, 2010,

      1st Dream (Non-lucid):

      This is interesting because this dream took place in New York City, like the 3rd and 4th dreams from my last log. I was walking down the street and everyone loved me. I was a hero to the people of the city. Shane Dawson came to town and he was giving out signatures at his own shop down the street. I went over to introduce myself. And we talked for a while and we became friends and we added eachother on YouTube and everything. Then he said he had to fly back to Los Angeles. And then I went to my 2nd dream.

      2nd Dream (Non-lucid):

      All of the sudden..I was on a train. We were at a dinner table. It was me, my friend Joey, and a bunch of YouTubers. I remember Shane Dawson was there..CharlesTrippy, ShayCarl, and others. And we were all friends and I was talking to all of them. All of the sudden our train crashed, everyone vanished before my eyes. And my family appeared next to me. We exited the train which brings me to my 3rd dream.

      3rd Dream (Non-lucid):

      I was at a trainwreck. The setting was a complete wasteland and all of the famous YouTubers were gone. I looked around to find a small boy..he showed me and my family to his house. For some reason..I was holding my old small suitcase thing that I brought to the US when I immigrated with my family, back when I was 3 months old. Inside was a bunch of my clothes. Anyways we got to this persons neighborhood and it was trash. There were clothes all over the dirty roads. And the boy showed us his home, It was an apartment building. We entered and met his family although I don't remember very well what they looked like. My parents and I moved in because we had nowhere to go. The boy showed me around, to arcades and carnivals and such. It felt like I stayed there for days...then one day I found out my old childish suitcase was gone. I couldn't find it anywhere. The first person I blamed was that little boy. I KNEW he took it. I looked outside and sure enough it was on the dirty road along with all the other clothes from earlier, it was knocked over and all my clothes were all over the street. I turned to the boy and I yelled at him. I was so angry, I don't know why..then all of the sudden he turned my age, he instantly went from 5/6 years old to 15 years old. Then I started punching him. And I gained super strength and threw him through a wall. I felt like "How could he do this to me?" and I started crying. Everyone in the house was astonished as to what happened. And I collected my things, I put all the clothes back into the suitcase, and I teleported me and my family home.

      Last Dream (Lucid):

      I was finally at home. I was in my room on the computer when all of the sudden my mom kicked down the door. She looked at me like she was gunna kill me. At this point I was non-lucid. She went to grab me and I teleported to the back of my room. She was throwing everything from my desk to the floor, my computer, my books, my pens and pencils and notebooks etc. As she was doing this I immediately realized this could be a dream, because my mother would never throw my things on the ground, especially try to kill me. As she was throwing my things on the ground I tried to make her go away, or stop. But she wasn't stopping and she was getting closer. I tried to give myself a gun, but my dream wasn't letting me! She was getting very close. My last resort, I thought to myself "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!" and I woke up this afternoon at 2:21 p.m.

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