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    1. 15 Aug: Wolfs and zombies at nordic hotel and visiting some shop

      by , 08-15-2019 at 08:45 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Nordic country during summertime, there is a street market with a fortune teller, some local dude becomes obsessed by me and stalks me around. There is a gorgeous natural lake with clear water up on the mountains. This local guy insists I must go take a dip. Wasn't planning on doing so before the next day but he convinces me. I go to the place where I am staying, get my stuff, and I get out through some other exit to avoid him. There is a path going uphill through a forest, it gets dark and I have an encounter with a wolf. I jump over a fence and I run back. I encounter a guy walking a big dog and I ask for his protection. He kinda mocks me although he sees the wolf at distance. Back to the venue I encounter the crazy guy who stalks me again to the laundry room. I find a back door and run through service corridors, looking for an alternative way to get to my room. Once there I still don't feel safe. I have an odd feeling that the wolf I saw is actually a werewolf and that he is around. I go meet some friends and they say actually there is something going on, but they think it is more like a zombie attack. We make a plan to escape soon, but I still I go to bathroom for pooping and I change clothes. My friends then say there is a strange lady outside looking for me. They suggest I don't talk to her, but it is Marta, cousin of my friend Carla and I feel curious. She wants to tell me about her mother dying of cancer and that she is going through difficult times. I offer my assistance, remember I heard she is sick too. She confirms she does have multiple cysts in a leg. I thought was on the uterus, she says those too, but leg is what is killing her. I tell her I am in a hurry now, but we should meet some other day and have a coffee. I leave her outside at the street market, where some lady paints landscapes based on our description of it. She stays there providing details of a forest landscape, doesn't know the name of the trees she is thinking if and I tell the painter she means conifers.

      With girl friends at some city where I will attend some teachings. On arrival we go to a shopping mall.
      They want to go to some famous brand shop. Their front is like a giant screen with their advertising and apparently no door. But right in the center there is a place to walk through across an hologram. Vera attempts to do it but fails and crashes into the screen wall, but I manage to find the entrance and go in. The feeling is strange and pleasant. Inside, costumers are doing photo shoots. I don't understand the idea but my friends say something like, the shop provides a makeover and then clients do a free photo shoot to promote the store and that is why they wanted to come. We get in the waiting zone. Meanwhile I am getting really excited that I will soon see Rinpoche.
    2. From the Year 7230

      by , 07-25-2019 at 11:28 AM
      Morning of July 25, 2019. Thursday.

      Dream #: 19,211-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      I am in an unknown location watching a video of Ray Romano cheerfully shopping in public. He keeps making puns. He picks up a can of peas, places it near his left ear, and talks about “finding peace.” He picks up a pear and talks about “finding a pair, yet there is only one.” He picks up a comb, talking about his “parting.” He picks up a can of beans, mentioning something about not “spilling the beans.” He picks up a packet of tea bags, saying, “I found the T before you (U).” There are more puns I do not recall.

      Eventually, I am at the location with an unknown female who remains on my right. I try to recall what he said, writing it down on a sheet of paper. When I try to read what I wrote, some is gibberish, some scribbled out, some clear. I had gone back to the beginning of the event, except now it is “real” and not a recording.

      I meet Ray before he starts making his puns. I realize that I have altered the timeline by being present while he is shopping, as my presence redirects his attention. Still, I talk about the puns he will be making. I tell him about one he made about a diaper (and where it was in the store), but I cannot recall what he said. I explain to him that I am from the future. He repeats the pun about “finding peace” but not much else.

      Ray leaves. An unknown male is now present on my right, and I tell him I am from the year 7230. He doubts me. I lead him out to the parking lot to show him my evidence, and it seems to be the afternoon. On my left wrist is a watch with a dome atop it. Under the wristband, held by it, is a long scrap of thin cardboard with writing.

      The small dome contains images that I project as a life size monochrome hologram into the parking lot. We walk to it. There is a statue of a female angel or goddess (with wings) on a high structure. It is Nike. There is a holographic image of a 2018 Lamborghini.

      The male seems amazed as we approach the holographic dome. Soon, it becomes “real.” The car, now mostly blue, moves out on its own (with no driver). Everything now has color. There is also what looks like a Cessna cockpit. A dark-haired girl (about ten), who sits in the right seat, turns her head toward us to happily talk about the equipment and life in the future. (An unfamiliar woman on her left does not move or speak.)

      We walk through the mall. The male asks me about how people think in the future. I tell him people have minds that contain much knowledge in a “holographic matrix” that surrounds their brain (and location). He asks me about crime. I tell him that they eliminate criminals when found, without trial. I wake.

    3. 14 Mar: My guru makes me eat slimy creatures

      by , 03-14-2019 at 11:54 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Rinpoche comes to meet me at a University library. We're supposed to do some research on some books he previously asked me to pick up. He holds my hand and kisses it. I go pick up some more books and I encounter some people, like Axman, who want to know what I am up to. I tell them I am with Rinpoche, they don't believe me. I don't care. But when I join Rinpoche at the table he is already surrounded by other students. I have to seat quietly at another table and just hand him the books. He marks down parts of texts for me. Then we all pack our bags and have to go, but I am not in a hurry, so we exchange some languish looks as we depart.
      Then a colleague comes to me with a video on her smartphone that she wants me to see, about some weird animal sanctuary. Then it becomes like a live hologram in my hands and I watch a nest of hatching eggs as if they are in my hands. Rinpoche comes to me and asks what it is. Then the hologram becomes real and he tells me to eat some of those eggs. First I say I don't want to, because it is some living beings,
      but then I realize it is all just a dream, so no harm will be done. The creatures coming out of the eggs are viscous and slimy with tentacles. He grabs a bunch of eggs with creatures coming out and puts them in my mouth. One I swallow immediately, then he says to chew on the rest which I do, it's kinda bitter and slimy, but I don't flinch and eventually I swallow it all.
    4. 4 Feb: I am a persecuted android, train station and skipping classes

      by , 02-04-2019 at 02:05 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      It's the future. I am a sentient android. Some bad dudes are kidnapping androids of my type and reeducating or damaging us to become obedient and enslave us. They test us afterwards with a simple reaction test but I fail, so they want to eliminate me because I can't be trusted to obey. Then Evangelion is there, but he is one of the bad guys. He provokes me with abuses to see if I react. I know I have to endure or I am dead, but they can tell I am faking and the procedure didn't go well. I beg for my life, I promise to be good and obedient, but a guy keeps saying I will probably turn against them. So while I am being rounded up by them, I spot a chance to escape through some window and I run, get into some garden. Then enter some door into a building, don't know what it is.
      People react naturally to my presence. So I follow some people and end up in some auction place. To blend in, I look at the pieces with interest, an android would not buy, but could be at the service of an owner. I spot a couple antique Buddha figures and it reminds me something of past lives. I pay homage to the Buddha, feel familiar with it. The walls of the front of this place are glass and I see my chasers looking for me outside across the hallway. I also see some stairs leading to an exit and lots of people going up, so I run to disappear in the crowd and reach the surface exit. I notice I am surrounded by university students. A lady engages with me, asks me what I am studying there. I make up something, she believes. I guess androids also can go to school. Once out, there is a bit more garden and some gates to a road. The road seems to lead to either nowhere or to the city and I choose the city but it is far away still. I go back when I realize everybody is actually going the other way to a subway station. Meanwhile I notice a big dog tied up in the garden and he barks at me in a very familiar way. It is my Hachi and I just have to go get him, but he is in a part of the park that is being locked down for the night. I jump the wall cause there is no way I am leaving my dog there.

      Taking a train in Lisboa at Santa Apolonia station with my dad, but all is so different. He can't find our train, the old line we used to take is no longer there. Instead there are some stairs that bring people in from the houses on the hill. And there are lots of people coming through there so companies have some marketing stands in the way. Today there is a table with offers from some cosmetic and accessories companies. Basically they have boxes and people can take what they want. First nobody touches anything, feeling suspicious or not wanting to look greedy, so I start hoarding it, that's when they decide I have to share and start taking things to. But many ladies basically start ruining some items instead of taking them, like notebooks, on which they write messages and leave it there anyway.
      Some ladies are gossiping and say that Michael Fassbender lives nearby and sometimes they see him crossing the station.

      Studying at a university abroad with friends: Zilla, Licas and some others. Our math teacher is horrible, so we decide to skip his class and meet at the movies. We discuss how stupid it is that those classes are mandatory. We arrange ways to escape classes multiple times without being noticed but we have an enemy that does his best to expose us. Once he finds me on the street, he is on a car, he films me with the phone, but I film him back. If I am exposed so is he. The campus is totally high tech, with hologram concert shows in the hallway of new upcoming bands and other dazzling tech stuff.

      I live in an improvised room at an attic, a really cozy place, which has basically a mattress on the floor and where I can't even stand up. It has a skylight as only window and I have the company of pigeons.
    5. 1/18/17 Layer 0 | Skyrim, Holographic Tech

      by , 01-18-2017 at 10:58 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-I was in a Skyrim dungeon with a spear-axe. I walked down a wide staircase and triggered a spike trap in front of me. I killed a waist-high enemy right after that. I walked down there, finding not much of interest, aside from the thing I don’t remember. I killed a second enemy that appeared behind me. Next, I climbed the stairs again and turned right to continue on. I saw some green, glowing, solid technology that was holographic in appearance. This was located in a modern office room (lights were off, and there was blue carpet everywhere. It was almost hidden behind thick vines. I was aware of the ability to change scenes using the tech, so I entered the door. But when I tried to close it, another identical enemy appeared behind it and shoved it open, forcing me to kill it. The dream ended.

      -2-A teen with a gun almost shot me and a group of people. Then, he sent out a signal that terminated wi-fi and network connections. Cops were on their way.
      [New Scene]
      I was really tired at my grandparents’ house.
      Tags: hologram, skyrim
    6. Holographic Toy Tiger

      by , 03-14-2016 at 06:09 AM
      Morning of March 14, 2016. Monday.

      The setting seems to be my den from Stadcor Street in Brisbane where we lived a number of years ago (and in fact may actually be relevant to a play on “den” as in “tiger’s den”).

      My room seems mostly featureless though I am aware of some sort of singular holographic image of a small stuffed tiger lying on a blanket on the floor on its stomach in the center of the room. It is a little like one we have in reality but less realistic.

      Strangely, I try to bring about a tactile pretense; that is, I pretend I could actually touch it even though it is not tangible. However, I know I will feel something, which is apparently a tangible surface (of something unknown) also somehow projected from elsewhere into the same general location - or maybe it relates to expectation concerning imagination. Even so, I do not have any thought I may be dreaming. I mostly use the back of my hand and carefully move it to the outermost area of the hologram. I get a slight impression that the unseen solid surface may not be perfectly congruous with the toy hologram. I eventually have success, though - I can feel something very clearly - which correlates to the implied surface of the hologram. It almost seems to imply “real” flesh yet I also get the impression of a pillow.

      Zsuzsanna looks in through the doorway. The toy tiger hologram actually seems to move its head very slightly. I see a slight flick of its tongue from its profile. I am not wary of this though it does seem unusual, as it is supposed to be only the static projection of a stuffed toy and not “alive” or even capable of movement in any way.

      The last part seems to simply be my emergent consciousness bringing “life” into my dream during the waking point, though there is no lucidity.

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    7. Lucid Dream and Fragment

      by , 02-13-2015 at 10:12 PM
      Before I start this particular journal, I haven't quit again, I was just loaded with so much homework that I couldn't touch my laptop for two weeks. I decided to buckled down and finish off everything, it was especially painful to not record any dreams this week because for some reason I was having a lucid dream every second night. The dreams were really short though and it seemed like I was being kicked out of the dream when I became Lucid. Last night however, I managed to finally stabilise the dream and actually enjoy myself for a little bit. I'm also going to add another colour for semi-lucidity because I got myself into a really weird situation while semi-lucid.


      I was infiltrating a building in hopes to gather some information about an enemy company. I was climbing floor after floor and sneaking past, or killing everyone to progress. I found my way to the top and found a glass container which I opened. I saw the hulk in the contianer and started to run. After a memory gap I was at the bottom floor and Bruce Banner was blocking my exit, there was an explosion and a huge piece of rubble hit him across the head. He began turing into the hulk and I knew I had to get out quickly, I ran up to him and punched him multiple times but he just grabbed me and threw me back. I grabbed ametal rod and hit him with that but it just made him angrier. He threw back his head and screamed and I took the chance to get out. The dream ended there.

      I was at my school and Lucid for no particular reason, I prepared for everything to go blurry and wake me up but I didn't, in fact, everything became crystal clear and I saw a large group of people huddled by some lockers, I walked towards them but they began to disperse and break of into smaller groups, there were alot of people and I decided I would try to summon J. I tried my dream voice out and it seemed slightly muted but it sounded like me for the most part. I called out to J and turned around and she was there, I ran up to her to say hi but she looked disinterested and walked away. I decided to look for some of my other friends and found them at my locker talking. I walked up to I and asked if he wanted to hear something awesome, he said yes and I told him that he was in my lucid dream. He looked amazed and I decided to do something else. I walked back to the large group and looked towards the gates, I decided to summon an army and sure enough, an army of man sized flies flew out from the horizon and landed in the carpark. I ran towards them and decided I wanted to fly, my first jump failed, my second jump was higher than the first, my third jump was low gravity and I put my arms out to fly but came back to earth, I jumped higher than humanly possible and reached the fly-men before I hit the ground. I drop-kicked one of them and jumped again, punching another in the process. There was a memory gap and I found myself in a library giving a presentation on holograms to the fly people, the hologram looked awesome and I was playing around with it before I woke up.

      I'm really happy with that, it was so much fun and I have no clue how I did it when I've been really busy over the past two weeks. I won't be able to do anything over the week now as I'm too busy but I can update my dream journal on the weekend.
    8. Far Daring Drive, Even more Colette, and can't swallow a pill for shit

      by , 02-05-2013 at 11:31 AM
      I was in a neighborhood that resembled the one in Winter Park that my Aunt owns a house in, Semi-Ghetto, yet near a bustling town center. I took my motorbike out for a ride, a very far, risky ride, away from the house, and saw no police, and half way through the ride it morphed into a scooter. I passed the Orange Fungus Hill, climbed it, and left. Its always so mushy.

      Colette invited me to her 'Summer House' and it was BIG, AWESOME, and WHITE, with touches of wood for that classic traditional feel. I opened her fridge, and noticed a jar of Smucker's Peanut Butter & Jelly. Then I went to another room, and there was a room with 4 walls of 3D Holographic Screens, that when you stood in the middle, it would look amazing. It was still being installed, but what has been made, still was breathe-taking. There was also a lot of talking in between, and it seemed like we were planning to leave somewhere.

      Ashley Quickle was at my house really early in the morning, and she asked for coffee, and I offered to make a brew, so while I filled up the water, and while I waited for it to fill up, I grabbed a B-100 Vitamin, and tried swallowing it, but screwed up like 3 times... Weird
    9. Into the Gray Matter

      by , 01-06-2013 at 01:08 PM
      This was the second of two LDs from last night.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #54: Into the Gray Matter

      I'm seated on a train, looking out the window as a grassy landscape rolls by. An older lady sits down on the seat directly across from me so that we face each other. She tells me that she’s AH's mom. (AH is a friend from way back that I've lost touch with.) I'd never met her mom before, and we chat pleasantly for a bit. But soon I realize that AH's mother passed away before I'd even met AH herself.

      The mother looks at me suspiciously the moment that I become lucid. She starts rocking in her seat, waving her finger at me, and hectoring me about why I chose that seat on the train and what business did I have on her train, anyway? She's speaking to me so aggressively and angrily that I'm taken aback. My fresh lucidity can't bear up and the scene blacks out. I refuse to believe that the LD is over, though, and I wait just a moment before I hear voices.

      Through the darkness, I clearly hear Wife saying, “Sorry, guys, it’s time for bed.” I can hear my kids laughing and running around. It’s very loud and sounds incredibly real. Out loud, I say, “I know that I’m still asleep and that this is still a dream.” My voice, too, sounds shockingly real, and I can’t help but worry that I’m saying all of this in waking life as well.

      I feel the kids hopping around me on the bed, but I remind myself that this is just my dream body feeling this, not my real one. My son E bounces nearby, gleefully saying, "Daddy's sleepin! Daddy's sleeeeeepin!" It seems so real that I feel like my lucidity is in jeopardy. I raise my voice until I'm almost shouting, "This is a lucid dream" over and over.

      Suddenly, the voices stop and I find myself viewing a simple office that contains only a swivel chair and a desk with a hologram projected over the top of it. The hologram is a fully 3-d, semi-transparent projection of a human brain. I find that by thinking about it, I can rotate this hologram to the left or right.

      I have no dream body, but as my curiosity grows, I find that I can move my viewpoint throughout the room, and I zoom in close on the brain. My perspective sinks into the brain itself and I zoom closer and closer until finally I can perceive individual synapses. I see neurotransmitters flowing across the synaptic cleft! To me they look like small, clear beads or little bubbles. I wonder what kind of neurotransmitter I'm looking at.

      I watch this strange interplay for a moment, wondering whether I’m looking at my own brain or someone else’s. I travel around inside of this brain for a while before
      I wake up.

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    10. [Aladin Meets Banjo Kazooie]

      by , 09-16-2012 at 09:47 AM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Wednesday, September 12th, 2012]
      <dream fragment>
      I'm suddenly with Aladin and Genie, falling into a landscape of undetailed Banjo Kazooie terrain as, I think the words, "Banjo... Ka-zoo...ie." But the mountains and cliffs tilt and we're falling as if the terrain is 10 times bigger than it should be. The setting develops and we're at the palace... Aladin is expecting Jasmine soon. It's her birthday and he can't think of a gift. Apparently, it's Genie's job to think of a gift and retrieve it. Aladin pesters Genie a few times. I switch my attention to the Saultan; he's in his throne room watching this large "magic" fountain in the middle- a hologram appears and it dawns on me that he possesses alien technology.
    11. Holographic Illusion

      by , 03-11-2012 at 08:21 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was walking through the park. There were a lot of people with fishing rods. I assumed that they were going down to the river.

      I kept walking until I came to a narrow dirt path. I took it and walked up the hill.

      At the top of the hill, the trees ended abruptly and opened up to a small peninsula on the lake. Waves were crashing against the rocks. On the grassy peninsula was a house. It looked rather new, but there wasn't anything, or anyone, inside.

      I stood hiding in the trees looking at the house.

      I've been here before.

      "It's just a hologram," the voice of a little girl says. I look down and see a little girl looking up at me. Sitting next to her is a strange creature. It looks like a skeleton with a dark robe on. I didn't pick up on any terribly malevolent energy from it.

      "How do you know?" I return, and look back at the house.

      "There's no entities in it. In the other dimension that the house exists in, there are many," she replies.

      Before she even spoke, I knew that she was right. I remembered a dream I had before where I was on this same peninsula and looking into the windows of the house. There were many, many entities there.

      "We're in the hologram," she states.

      "How do you know?"

      "Peel away my skin to find your demons underneath," she chanted. Her skin began to peel off. The creature next to her reached for the back of my heel with its skeleton fingers.

      When it touched my heel, the skin rotted away to reveal bone.

      "And when those who pray for other reasons pray, they shouldn't be disturbed. For those who pray for evil should not notice if something around them were to change," the little girl continued to chant.

      Her sentences slowly lost cohesion to meaning and my reality slowly peeled apart.

      The last thing I heard before waking up was, "she hasn't even ate a damned near rail today," in a southern boy's thick accent.
    12. Crime in the Hologram

      by , 08-10-2011 at 03:58 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Libertad in Bacolod. Looking for something. The Smart office? The girl I was with was giving directions, but is finding it hard to describe it. She then said that it's near the dorm where we had a sleep-over before. I said I remember where it is, and so I can find it easily.

      Then I was going into that dorm. It was very messy. Not a room I like at all. And it was dark, with only a little yellowish light, as if from a candle, that lights the place. I went into the bathroom and found two guys there, and the toilet bowl was stuffed with either dirty paper or cloth. I think I slept overnight.

      I was at home. In the kitchen area. It looks a bit dark. Rainy morning or afternoon.

      I was in an office, working on computers. The environment was white. I was with co-workers/students. I was just starting when we were told by a lady in a white lab coat to shut down. I got irritated because it takes ages to shut down my computer.

      Then there was a yellow hologram of a woman wearing glasses. She was saying something but I forget, or probably it was inaudible. Then she disappeared. Suddenly, there were robbers. They were demanding access to something. Probably money, but I had the idea of a "key." Then the hologram lady appeared, and she told them it will take them 10 weeks (or something) to access it. And then, in the hologram, she was shot, and she slumped over her desk. A guy appeared in the hologram, and said he got "it." They left.

      Then suddenly, the "hologram lady" appeared in the flesh and blood, demanding how they could have broken the code. I went, along with others, to the hologram room. It was nothing more than a 4x4 feet closet, attached beside the window. The door and walls are broken.

      I tried tracing the robbers. I draw a pentagram on the wooden floor, and slapped my right hand on it. Then I held it up and feel where they went. They haven't gone far yet. They went into the forest. I chased after them.

      The area actually looks more like a camping site. There were tree houses and a mansion nearby. I then encountered a group of classmates (from high school, presumably, but none of them looks familiar) carrying food and drink (beer, probably). They said something about eating or something. I decided to hang out with them.

      Hazy. I was in the camp, and was asked what I want to eat. There was only a choice of horse soup(?) at the moment. The priest who was there said that they thought they started the fire before they left. The cook (who looks like a bipedal horse) said that they had to catch the horse to be cooked after that. They started praying and ate.

      I was in the city. Italy (how the hell would I know?? I haven't been there, but my mind came up with the place). Someone was chasing "us." There were two of us. And the agents chasing us were from the government. They were trying to catch us with special abilities. Either me or one of us can teleport. We were on a bridge with a lot of people. We "jumped" into something, but were pushed off. It was a scientist doing something. Then we landed on an underwater invention by another scientist. He explained to us how it crawls spider-like on the sea floor. Then he found out we were being chased by the government, and he pushed us off the thing and into the sea of beautiful marine ecology.
    13. Shapeshifting Into Optimus Prime & An F22 Raptor. EPIC DREAM. (LONG)

      by , 08-07-2011 at 04:51 AM
      Shapeshifting Into Optimus Prime & An F22 Raptor. (DILD)


      I slept inside a sleeping bag on top of a (deflated) air matress in the back of a truck, with a tarp over the top to keep rain out. Not comfortable at all, for those who know how truckbeds are grooved. Also was sharing the space with my dad, so there wasn't much room at all. This was incredibly painful every time I woke up at night as the mattress had leaked air and I felt the hard bed, but couldn't move or else wake him up. It was about 45 degrees overnight and very humid.

      Maybe this is why I was so aware and everything was so vivid.

      I was on a walkway made of cobblestone, with an outdoor walkway covering over it. To the right was a huge grass field as far as the eye could see -- covered in dew, bright green, and all the same size -- the legnth of mowed grass, but came to a point instead of obvious flat cuts. To the left were some two and three-story tall buildings, laid out like a school (jagged, blocky) but the building in the middle was a blue-grooved-alluminum-made warehouse three stories high with four windows at the top. There was a thick fog which made it nice and cool, very humid, and low visibility.

      I was wearing black jeans and a turqoise plaid outer longsleeve shirt with a gray t-shirt under it. I had charcoal/white/turqoise Nike 6.0 shoes.

      I unbuttoned my shirt and started running, holding the shirt by the buttons and spreading it out, as if flashing somebody. I ran faster and faster until finally I jumped and the wind caught the flaps of my jacket. I immediately gained altitude quickly and was about 70 feet up before I turned around and kept flying.

      Dream skips

      Now I was lucid. There was no sudden realization or feeling of excitement. It was like most of my lucids... it just happens. I was back at the same walkway with a friend I'll refer to as "Summer."

      While I was lucid, I was unaware that the characters were not real people. One of the many different 'layers' of lucidity.

      General Weaver and Tom & Hal Mason from Falling Skies were there on this walkway. They were discussing the alien base a few miles ahead.

      We walked down this walkway and into the blue warehouse. On our way Weaver said "be careful, there's aliens out there." We went to the top floor and there was a locker room. Another person, whom I'll refer to as "Danielle" was there.

      To every Danielle I know, you're all blonde, but this is not you. Lol.

      She is about 115 pounds, 5'9 or 5'10, and has long blonde hair. She popped out from inside a locker behind some jackets, totally nude.

      I looked to the right and Summer was totally nude as well. And so was I.

      We knew it was a total maze to get to the third floor so we weren't too worried. We locked the door just in case, to give us enough time to put clothes on or hide.

      I opened up the Garry's Mod Spawn Menu in my HUD (err... immediate vision) and spawned two elongated blast doors.

      I pulled out my physgun and placed the doors across the windows to block the view and froze them in place.

      EDIT: removed

      Spoiler for Bigger Lulz' and more vulgar descriptions.. you've been warned.:

      In about twenty seconds this all happens and we go at it once again instantly.
      After about twenty more seconds the same happens, except Ozzy Osbourne eats the head off this bat instead of it exploding.

      Well, that was interesting.

      Dream skips

      I am in clothing again, still the same clothes. I fly down into the walkway and see a girl and her mother. I answered some sort of question the girl asked and the mother seemed happy I did.

      "Mommy he can fly!" she said.

      "Yeah that's nice honey. Come on now."

      I started running toward the other end of the walkway. She looked, just to itch that curiousity of disbelief to see if I could actually do it. I started running fast and faster pulling my outer shirt open again. I jumped and WHOOSH. Wind caught my shirt and I flew up and forward. I turned around and the mother was incredibly impressed and smiling. I had a little trouble controlling it as it was directed by wind (only for schemata purposes) and for a couple seconds I was randomly moving due to random wind. I quickly fixed this issue.

      I flew back down and landed upside on a walkway covering support pole just before she turned a corner. Just like Spider-Man does when he goes to kiss Mary-Jane.

      She freaked out.
      "No don't worry ma'am I won't!"
      "GET AWAY!"

      I climbed down and started running once more to takeoff... and started flying again. I flew up about 100 feet this time. It was incredibly humid and I flew at speeds of around 90mph. It was a perefect 65 degrees or so with humidity and wind when I flew as I was wearing two shirts and pants and shoes.

      I hovered upright then went up a bit and looked out into the field. "WOW, IT'S SO VIVID!" I thought. "THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. WHAT A WONDERFUL DREAM."
      *caps lock necessary

      With all the intense excitement I never woke up. The dream never even faded, and I never even thought about it happening. The clarity just got better and better. I could see the dew on the grass from 100 feet up and all the blades with intense color without my glasses. The fog was still heavy but it made for great environment. I flew around, enjoying myself for a bit.

      Not the same environment, but that's literally how I was flying -- although I had my shirt flipped out in my hands when I moved forward at great speeds. With hovering I just let it sit on me normally.

      Dream skips

      I am just off the end of my "runway" looking toward it. I shapeshift into Optimus Prime (that's right, bitches!)

      You have absolutely NO idea how weird/epic it is when your body creates a nervous system for this 20-foot-tall (in the dream) mechanical transformers body made of metals and electricity and gears.

      A radio signal came in through my new mech body.
      "zchzchchzchzcchhhh.... Optimus... the evil boss is planning to attack."

      "Autobots... Transform!" I said. I even had the Optimus voice.

      I didn't turn into a semi-truck, and the autobots didn't necessarily fit either. I hovered up into the air then transformed into an F22 raptor, as did all my little autobots.

      We flew over at incredibly fast speeds forward -- as if I took off from my "runway" and never turned. It was foggy, and we flew above it. I originally had a cockpit view, but I got rid of the cockpit and had just the HUD -- elevation, wingspan, reticle, etc.

      Not the same environment, but like this.

      We reached a huge asian looking base on a floating island and a ton of aircraft came out. The next ten minutes was epic dogfights with my new mechanical F22 Raptor nervous system (movement and senses.)

      I'm really liking this shapeshifting thing. And flying. And not even for animal forms... but mechanical.

      Musical Entry to come on this dream soon... It's dubstep, in Optimus Prime form!

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    14. 16 Sep: Dream within a dream, kame hames, Nighthawk’s dream

      by , 09-23-2010 at 11:33 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      I had a sleepless night (work reasons) on the 15th Sep (about 36 hours without sleeping), so I went to bed early in the evening of the 16th to compensate.
      I have something important to tell about what I’ve experienced on these days when I was sick, traveling and not sleeping much. During these days, although dream recall was kind of shitty, waking life was incredible, because many of the dreams I had dreamt a few days before manifested during this time and led me to strange places. I will write about it later.

      19:50 GMT – Sleep


      3:00 GMT

      Dream within a dream
      I was looking at a bus – probably to get inside it, when in front of my eyes this image started to form - a guru I know that passed away years ago was sitting in front of me. He had his face painted and had a hat and ornaments. The vision slowly became more clear and detailed until I became part of it – I had passed into another dream (and when it ended I went back to the same place of the previous dream).
      This guru was surrounded by lamas and I sat in front of him. I didn’t know what he was doing, some kind of ritual I could not follow. But in the end he gets up – he is gigantic, I mean he was 2 mts tall when he was alive and I am now sitting at his feet. He approached me, leaned forward and with a big warm smile he told me something like this wasn’t really a dream and then he told me something important about inspiration that unfortunately I can’t remember well. It was a very clear and profound message that did inspire me for something, but I can’t recall. Then the vision started to fade and I was back in the initial dream, confused if I was actually awake having a vision or dreaming within a dream.

      Holographic advertising
      I was in the future, walking the street and being bombarded by 3D holographic advertisement – if you think advertising now is intrusive... wait to see that one! Not only this advertisement was 3D, if you decided to interact with it, it would actually become semi-solid and you could touch the holographic objects, sense their texture, shape and weight. It was also possible to manipulate these holograms on this particular advertising, so just for fun I transformed this object that was being announced into a pair of boobs and put them in the hands of my boyfriend who was by my side. I laughed, then I picked it up again and designed a heart-shaped box, with a beautiful reticulated lid. I gave it to him again and as he grabbed it, inside it appeared a symbolic representation of whatever he keeps in the centre of his own heart. For me this was like a revelation and I thought that this would be a great instrument to find out what’s inside people’s hearts – made a mental note to myself on this “extraction” technique. Of course, by now I was lucid.

      6:00 GMT


      7:00 GMT

      Kame hames batlle
      I was inside a garage in some villa at dusk when I realise I am dreaming. Made some stunts, like jumping from wall to wall, to celebrate the return of lucid! Then decided to get out and fly somewhere. As I hover houses and trees deciding what to do, I see on the horizon this Dragonball character – I think it’s Cell [did a search on the web] and he is preparing to kame hame me. This settled my priorities immediately: I tried to create a fireball in my hands (which I have failed to do so far). I see only a tiny spark arising and just as if it was a fire, I blow it to make it bigger. That’s the only way I manage to do it and I throw the fireball at him. He throws one at me, which I can easily get away from. But he immediately throws another and another and I am still struggling to fire another one, so I decide I am not ready for this fight and run away. Actually I wake up briefly.

      Entering Nighthawk’s dream
      I force myself into dream again and immediately enter a new dream. On this dream I am just awaking at my grandma’s house. I was apparently sharing the bed with my cousin C. who is still asleep. I go out for a few seconds and when I come back in the room, the bed is now smaller and already tide up (no cousin sleeping on it) and I realise it’s a dream. The lucidity is faint so I rub my hands and look at all details, trying to vivify it. I lose and gain lucidity a few times until it becomes strong. Then I decide I’ll use it to meet Nighthawk. I close the bedroom door and wish to enter his dream by crossing the door.
      When I open the door I see a different house on the other side. I enter it. The look is totally different – while my dream was whitish and cold, this one is yellowish and warm. I step on a corridor and right in front there’s an open door to another division. I see his mother and lots of family members gathered around, listening to her. I believe it’s some kind of family reunion. Then I go to my right and I find another room, a quiet room where I see Nighthawk sitting on a couch with his grandmother. I have this impression that I’ve seen this dream before...
      He is sitting with her and it is clear that she is a safe harbour, a big source of love and care. I feel bad to interrupt his nice dream, but I need to say I’m there, although very gently not to disturb too much. I pass quietly through the back of the couch and as I do it, his grandma says “Is it you xxxx (my name)?” I am caught by surprise, how does she know my name? But then who looks back it is actually him. I never get to see her face and I realise she is just his DC and is expressing his own words. He looked at me, with his eyes full of emotion but also a bit confused. Like, this is a recurrent dream and I’m not usually part of it, so what the hell was I doing there?
      I get to his side, I bend over against the couch side arm and gently ask him if he is lucid. He seems confused, looks sleepy or dizzy. I hold his hand, he is warm and I am freezing cold. I cuddle his arm gently. And then he says a bit spaced out “Oh, we kissed, didn’t we?” He was slowly connecting the dots, but the dream was faint and losing sense rapidly. He was still looking very sleepy and he lay down on the sofa (the granny was now gone) and the dream started to disappear. I didn’t lose lucidity but I was kicked out to another dream and I found myself in the middle of a very busy street, somewhere in some Mediterranean country, almost being hit by the traffic. I decided to try to go meet him again on some other dream of his, and wished it as I tried to teleport me there, with no success. Anyway I knew it was time to wake up and got to work, so I called it a day (or a night ).

      7:00 GMT – wake up

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    15. 07/25/10 Lost Star Ship

      by , 07-28-2010 at 07:06 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: I fell asleep with my usual list of goals in mind to start off with going to meet MoSh so we could view the dream he had a while back with don Juan where don Juan left a message for me. In addition to that and the usual list I have been including recently, Walms had said something about maybe dropping by my inner world then we would go find Xildron. But he had said he would come to me, so that wasn't so much a goal of mine as it was just an intention to be here when Walms showed up. My final goal was to meet with Blake in a dream. I fell asleep with my light / sound device on, and I was successful in slipping into a WILD…

      I was in MoSh's inner world, which was where I had intended to go when I had initiated my WILD. I walked over to MoSh's house and knocked on the front door, Asuka opened the door and smiled. She definitely looked 100% better than she had looked after her ordeal she had gone through after getting kidnapped. She had a smile on her face now, and stood back from the doorway to let me in. I spotted MoSh right away in the living room doing something with a small device that I couldn't see. I got close to see what it was, but I never got a chance to look at it properly before MoSh threw it against the wall and it broke open to reveal circuit boards covered with chocolate. Um… chocolate chips? MoSh said the piece of junk wasn't working. I suggested maybe the device wasn't working because this was a dream, and often times technological devices don't work properly in dreams. He said nah, those work fine in his dreams. I rolled my eyes at that and told him we were going to go view his conversation with don Juan, we could use my laptop back home. He didn't seem to notice that as odd, and he came with me through the portal to my inner world as if it was the most natural thing ever.

      MoSh and I emerged from the portal into my living room, where I saw it was full of all the cats I have ever lost, which was actually just three kitties… There was a medium length haired silver tabby named Che-Si curled up in my usual seat on the couch which is named, a short haired silver tabby named Bandit on the back of the couch, and a cute little tortoiseshell cat named Amber was curled up on the chair where my mother usually sits. I picked up and hugged Che-si, thinking about how wonderful it would be to get to hold her in my arms again… but I was holding her in my arms again! Sure, this was a dream, but I was holding her in my arms. I stroked the kitty in my arms, hugged her close to me, kissed her soft silky fur, listened to the sound of her purring in my arms… so cute… so sweet… and I missed her… I was getting completely occupied with my kitty until MoSh said something to me, reminding me that he was there, this was a dream, and we actually had a goal to accomplish. I set the kitty down and then sat down on the couch, picking my computer up off the seat to my right and turning it on. MoSh sat on the seat beside me.

      As I started up the computer and selected the dream journal program that only my dream laptop has, MoSh was looking intently at the screen to see what I was looking at. I opened the dream journal program and there was a list of dreams, but they were mine, so I selected MoSh's dream journal. MoSh was telling me a date to find the dream we were looking to view on, but I couldn't really understand what date he was saying, which was quite frustrating since I could understand everything else he was saying. I finally found a dream entitled "Don Juan At My Picnic Table" and I selected that one. The computer gave me a loading icon, then formed the hologram all around MoSh and me, making it look like we really were going into the dream.

      As I surveyed the area I immediately knew something about this was not right, in fact there were a lot of things about this that weren't right. There was no sign of MoSh (other than the one who came with me), don Juan, or even a picnic table anywhere in the vicinity. In fact we were in what looked like a space ship of some kind, one wall of the long hall we were in was looking out into deep space, it was quite a cool sight, but definitely not what MoSh and I had been looking for. I looked outside, and the stars looked really strange through the window… I wasn't sure what I was looking at, but there was a star fairly close to us that was providing light to the hallway. At the end of the hallway was a blue panel that was similar to the ones on the floor and wall, somehow I understood that to be a door. I saw that MoSh was also very disoriented and confused, he looked at me and said he didn't think don Juan had ever been to a place like this. I suggested we take a look around, MoSh wanted to exit the hologram and find the one with don Juan in it, but he finally agreed to check this place out.

      The passage we were in turned out to be a very long curved passage that seemed to be going around the outside edge of a huge space station, it was hard to see, but the passage was curving slightly to the left as we were walking. In some of the hallway segments there were more doors that led to the left, farther into the station, but we had yet to check them out. Finally we opened one of those doors and headed farther into the center of the space station. There were artificial lights in the interior of the station, I had been wondering if there were any lights in this place except for what the stars provided… and an old man met us at the door. If it hadn't been the fact the man was wearing space suite type clothing and looked to be a white man I might have thought he was a shaman, he had that aged and wise look about him. He said something about there being spies in the station, and they were going to steal the knowledge for themselves, then he collapsed, dead, I saw an arrow sticking out of his back… an arrow?! That was the last thing I expected to see in a space station…

      MoSh and I continued exploring the place, not really sure where we were going or how to get there. MoSh said he wanted to go back so we could try again to view the dream with don Juan, this clearly wasn't the right place. I was getting a little tired of the halls that all looked the same, so I was going to agree with MoSh, then I saw one more thing I wanted to investigate. Every so often in the strange walls there was a glowing spot, and these glowing spots seemed evenly spaced down the hall, and they weren't nearly bright enough to be providing light, which came from what appeared to be fluorescent tubes on the ceiling. I told MoSh just a minute and I went over and touched one of the lights, I jumped back a bit as a portion of the wall slid open, revealing itself to be a concealed door. The inside of the room was really weird with a glowing blue cylindrical shaped something in the middle of an otherwise empty room. Somehow I knew this was one of thousands of databases on this ship, I don't know how I knew, I just did, and each of these pillars stored some unfathomable amount of data…

      MoSh looked at the pillar but he didn't seem very interested in it, he clearly still wanted to get going to find don Juan. I told him ok, let's get back to the computer so I could try again to access the correct dream. I told MoSh that I had been in his dream journal when I found this, so that must mean it was one of MoSh's dreams that he had forgotten, or that is what it seemed would have to be the case. MoSh said he would remember if he had ever been in a place like this before. I said we all forget amazing things, reminding him that I had been in an epic battle with Walms' kid Xildron and I'd proceeded to forget the entire thing until I went back and dream viewed it. Either way, MoSh was unable to give any more insight as to where we were or the purpose of this place. So I focused on sending a command to the computer to end the hologram playback, but nothing happened. I realized I don't think I have ever ended the hologram until the dream was completely over and the hologram ended because there was nothing more to display. I wondered how much longer this dream was, MoSh looked a bit impatient to get back, but there wasn't a lot I could do about that right now. I told MoSh I wasn't sure how to end the hologram, he didn't seem to think that was even possible, and the fact we weren't stuck there was proven when I woke.