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    1. [22-04-2015]

      by , 04-22-2015 at 07:41 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Wasted Earth

      I was inside a crypt. I was working with an expedition to discover secrets of a forgotten civilisation. I was searching for rock slabs that covered knowledge about it's past. I've found one, and took it to one of the researchers - an old man with long, grey beard and grey hair. He told me that they received an information about placement of one of the slabs, and gave me electronical device similar to PDA.

      I went out of a crypt I was inside before, and looked around. The world was highly devastated. Toxic gases filled the air, I could see green clouds on the seeimngly dark brown sky. I could breathe normally though. The soil was barren, and there were only a few oasis where any vegetation could survive. I could see distortions over the horizon, and then I've received a message from researchers that I should move quick, as a huge heat wave was coming.

      I had no weapon or protective suit. My only chance was to get quickly to the place where slab was seen, and get back as quickly as I can. I moved on. The air became more dry over the time, and distortions over the horizon were getting stronger.

      Going through dry river valleys and entering a plateau of barren land I looked at all the skeletons scattered around. They must've died in one sudden event. Suddenly I spotted an oasis in the distance. It covered a hill and a valley. It wasn't too big area. Seeing that heat wave was getting much stronger, I ran towards it.

      I got into the oasis just in time. I saw that heat wave gathered enough strenght that soil started to burn. The anomalous heat wave haven't had any effect on the oasis though. I looked at the sky. Dark brown colour transisted smoothly with red and orange.

      I sat on the ground. Looking on the PDA-like device I saw that the slab is Then I heard someone cursing at the sudden heat wave. I went there, and saw a man in blue protective suit. It was reinforced, and some mechanisms were added to make it more of a protective exoskeleton. The man wasn't wearing helmet. He had dark hair and brown eyes. I started the conversation.

      - What's going on?

      - Man!? Where have you been for past few months?


      - Alright then. Any other questions?

      - Where did you get that protective suit?

      - Found a few kilometres away from this oasis. It belonged to a dead mercenary.

      - Who killed the mercenary?

      - You should ask what killed him. Beasts. Horrible creatures adapted to live in this hostile environment.

      - What can you tell me about those beasts?

      - Probably there are many species of them, but we know about only a few. Example of them can be sliders. They have strong exoskeleton, and razor-sharp teeth. When chasing their prey, they slide on the ground. They are dangerous alone, and if you can meet group of them - good luck. The second beast you need to know about are bone breakers. They don't attack you, and their meat seems to be edible. You must be carefull when hunting them, as they have muscular limbs, able to break femur without using their full capabillities.

      - How can they survive in the heat?

      - Sliders dig holes and hide deep in the ground. When heat waves are over they wait for a prey to walk over the hole. Bastards can feel you coming from long distance. Bone breakers live close to caves, but they also visit oasis from time to time. Deep in the cavernous lakes they are safe from heat. You must also know about more dangerous species. Two most dangerous beasts are predators and wild horns.

      - I guess predators are the most dangerous?

      - Nope. Predators are weak, and live only in upland regions, where they can find suitable for them conditions. Their only strenght is their speed and powerful limbs. They can tear your limbs apart. Wild horns are the most dangerous beast you'll ever encounter. The mercenary belonged to a group that was attacked by one wild horn. The beast's exoskeleton is stronger than any other substance found in the Wastelands. Eyelids of the beast are protected by transparent layer of this substance when eyes need protection. Bastards can survive strongest of heat waves. When they see their prey, they shoot horns out of their backs. The rain of high speed horns made of strong, sharp substance can go through any armor. This was the only armor that was in quite good state. I had to throw away the helmet, as one of the horns hit the mercenary in the head. I have a helmet in my stuff, ready to be put on when going out of the oasis. Anyway, what are you doing here?

      - I was sent to recover a slab.

      - You mean this? I took it from dead mercenaries. Why do you need it?

      - I help researchers of forgotten civilisation. I need to give it back to them.

      - And they've sent you on suicidal mission for a slab? Nevermind, take it.

      I take the slab in my hand, and put it in a backpack. I ask.

      - Why did you cursed at the heat?

      - I wanted to move on, when it stopped me from getting out of this place.

      - Why do you want to leave the oasis?

      - It's too peaeful in here, people just can't live without their problems.

      *I'm surprised that I could recall such amount of dialogue. All I remembered in the morning were brief moments. By trying to recall more of the dream a few times this day, I was able to recover some lost information about the dream.*
    2. 11/09/13 Wastelands

      by , 11-10-2013 at 09:46 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I am in a barren and dead looking place. I look around and I see no sign of life anywhere. It looks like a place that has been wiped out by a nuclear explosion or something similar. I wonder if that means the place is flooded with radiation. I get the idea that even if it is flooded with radiation I have nothing to worry about. I wonder what I am doing here. I hear a vehicle approaching. I duck behind a rock, not sure if I want to be seen by the new arrivals. It is a hovercraft of some kind, and it comes in for a landing not very far from where I am hidden. A hatch on the side of it opens up. There are two men inside and they push a third one outside. One of them refers to the man they just pushed as Harold, and says he has been sentenced to exile. He tells Harold that if he is seen anywhere near the city again he will be shot on sight. Harold says there's no way he can survive out here. The other of the two men says it's not their problem. The hatch on the hover craft closes and it speeds away in a cloud of dust. Harold watches until the craft has disappeared from sight and then looks around his new surroundings. He looks right at my hiding place but does not see me. He mutters something I don't hear and sets off walking. I follow him at a distance, and he is not very careful about being followed. He soon reaches a small settlement. All of the people there are dressed like Jawas, in robes that completely cover their bodies.

      I can't see under the hoods very well, but what I do see looks like they are wearing gas masks of some kind. I notice that there are also some humans milling around, doing various tasks. The jawas seem to be ordering them around as servants. Harold enters the settlement and blends in ok with the other humans. I follow him in, no one questions either of us. I wonder where he is going, but I see at last. There are space ships coming and going from some kind of space port up ahead. There are a lot of the jawas around there, as well as a few humans. Harold approaches the entrance to the space port. A couple of the jawas shoo him away, eyeing him suspiciously as he goes. I guess most humans aren't allowed in there. Harold goes around the side of the building where the ships are coming and going from. He climbs up some stairs and finds a locked door. A couple jawas yell out at him. He is trying to pick the lock. I see three really big guys coming towards Harold. I feel I should do something to protect him while he gets the lock open. I go up on the platform with him before the big guys arrive. They are about the size of a pro wrestler.

      I bar their way from reaching Harold. One of them chuckles, clearly thinking a girl will be no threat to them. I feel a great strength in my body, though, and my thoughts are that I am getting extra strength from being infected with the Mercer virus from Prototype. I look like an average girl, but I have the strength of Alex Mercer. One of the guys comes at me. I grab him and flip him over the railing, off of the platform. He falls down and lands with a thud. The fall isn't very far, however, and he gets up right away with a confused look on his face. The other two guys look confused, too. The other two come at me at the same time. I flip one over the railing as the other one grabs me from behind. He pins my arms to my sides, so I just flip my body towards the railing. He hits the metal railing hard, knocking the wind out of him and loosening his grip. I push him off of me, over the dented railing, and off of the platform. All three of them are now down below and looking confused. They consult each other briefly before heading towards the stairs again. I ask Harold if he is almost done. He says yes. I am thinking I could form Alex Mercer claws and slice the big guys to shreds, but I have the idea that will freak Harold out. So I'll just have to keep wrestling them off the platform. Harold gets the door open and pulls me through into the building. He closes the door behind us and points at a ship down below. There are quite a few space ships of various kinds. He says that one is like his, he can fly it. He heads down toward the ship, he tells me to come with him, they're going to be after me, too, since I helped him. The door behind me opens and one of the big guys is there. I shove him back through the door, over the railing, and off of the platform. One grabs me from behind. I pry his arms loose and flip him off of the platform. The third one seems hesitant. Where Harold took the stairs to get down to the landing area below, I just jump off of the platform inside the building and land at the bottom of the stairs as Harold arrives. He looks at me, then he looks up at the platform. The inside of the building must be partly underground, as outside the platform was only one story up and inside it looks like about three stories. He decides not to question it and pulls me towards the ship he indicated from the platform. We get inside the ship, and he does know exactly what to do. He launches the ship and flies it out of the landing bay without any problems, then heads it almost straight up and into space. Once we're in space he sets the ship to hyper drive of some kind and stars fly by as we streak to some far off location. I see we are now alone in space. Harold thanks me for helping him, but he is full of questions. He wants to know why I helped him. He wants to know how I jumped down at least 40 feet without getting hurt. He wants to know how I was able to overpower those big guards. But I don't get a chance to try to answer any of his questions, I wake up.