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    1. Dark Tower: Saving Jake

      by , 09-20-2019 at 07:23 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 09-20

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      Dark Tower: Saving Jake

      I am standing outside a convenience store and gas station. It is a nice day. I hear a gunshot from the store and look that way. Shortly after the sound I see a familiar looking man and boy come out with a middle aged woman I donít recognize. The man is Roland and the kid is Jake, from the Dark Tower books. The three of them head towards an old pickup truck and pile in the front. I have to follow, so I run after them as the woman tries to drive. It sounds like she is torturing a Tasmanian devil under the hood, then she finally gets it in gear and we pull onto the road. I jump into the bed of the truck as it is pulling away. We barely avoid an accident with an idiot in a blue van.

      The woman drives like a maniac, but still better than the idiot in the blue van had been. She drives like sheís late for an appointment she wants to reach, that van had been driving like they didnít care about getting anywhere in one piece. We drive down a steep driveway and then Jake and Roland are talking to a gardener about Steven King. They finally notice me. I tell Roland I am just there to help out if needed. I usually find myself where I need to be, but I donít know what I am here to do yet. After a brief talk the woman tortures the transmission of the truck some more and finally rockets the truck back up the steep driveway.

      I stay in the bed of the truck as we speed down the road. We make a sudden turn and speed down another road. I do not recognize the location, but it is beautiful. It would be a good place to live. There is a knock on the window to the truck cab and the woman motions to me to brace myself. I do, and the truck skids to a stop almost quickly enough to throw me over the cab and onto the road. I see a man walking along the side of the road and the same blue van from earlier driving on the shoulder, straight towards him! I see the driver is paying absolutely no attention to the road, he has turned around in his seat to discipline two dogs in his back seat. What a moron! And itís about to cost the man walking on the shoulder his life!

      The next few things happen really fast, thereís no time for second guessing. The passenger door of the pickup opens and Roland falls out onto the road, grasping his hip. Then Jake jumps over Roland and runs to the man walking in a flash, positioning himself between the man and the oncoming van. No! Jake will not die here! So then I jump over the cab of the truck, landing between Jake and the van and without even stopping to think about it I open up with a FUS-RO-DAH at the van. The wave of force deflects the van away from the boy and the man and into a tree on the opposite side of the street with a squeal of tires and a crash.

      Now that there is time to look around I realize I have seen the man walking on the side of the road before. Stephen King? The author? Roland gets up and rushes over to Jake. I look over at the crashed van and I see the driver is moving. He probably hit his head, but he clearly doesnít use that much anyhow. Stephen King recognizes Roland right away and also Jake, but seems confused as to who I am. And what was that thing I just did to stop the van? I say I am just a different kind of walk-in, and what I did comes from a video game that wonít be released until 2011. Then I asked if this was sure 1999. Everyone agreed that it is. I wonder if I am somehow in the past of my own world, if I am then I need to open a bank account with some money to save interest until 2019Ö but even if it would work I donít get a chance to try before I wake up.
    2. The End of Torture

      by , 08-21-2019 at 08:26 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 08-21

      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      The End of Torture

      I am in a dark place, I am spontaneously lucid. It looks like a dungeon dimly lit by torches. I follow a stone passage to a lit room at the end. I see a table with nails sticking up from it and a naked woman tied to it on her back. A man is straddling her, clearly relishing the pain it causes when he pushes her body into the nails. Three more men are standing around the table laughing. I walk into the room and tell them to release the woman immediately, calling the men sick monsters. They laugh at me, one says Iím next, just be patient. Another asks who I am. I say Iím their worst nightmare. I change my right arm into an Alex Mercer style blade. That freaks them out. Two try to fight, the other two run. I cut them all down, they seem more like demons than men to me. I then cut the woman free. She is crying. I manifest a robe to put around her and I focus healing energy on her wounds.

      The scene around me shifts, now Iím in a hot desert. The woman I rescued is still with me. There is a naked man tied out in the sun. He looks badly sunburned. Two more men are sitting under an umbrella drinking something. One gets up and walks to a berry bush on the other side of the tied man, deliberately stepping on him then going, ďOh, sorry! I didnít see you there. Is it hot enough for you?Ē He laughed as he picked some berries then stepped on the man again on his way back. The tied man says he will tell the others anything they want to know. One of the others laughs and says they donít want information, they just want to watch him die, nice and slow. I still have my Alex Mercer blade formed, so when one of the men looks over at me he first asks what the fuck am I, then he pulls a sword and both he and the other attack. I cut them down easily. I free the prisoner, give him a robe to cover with and use healing energy on his wounds.

      The scene shifts again. The two people I have rescued are still with me. Now I see three men and two woman standing around a naked man tied to a spit and being roasted alive over a fire! There is a pan below the man that is collecting some kind of drippings, and one of the women laughs as she spoons the bubbling liquid over the man. What is with these sick people?! I give the sadists one chance to release the man peacefully and when they just laugh at me I quickly put an end to them and free the prisoner, giving him another robe and healing. My Alex Mercer blade is dripping with gore, I am a bit grossed out so I unform the blade. I am hoping not to need it again.

      The next scene is with a naked woman tied up and seated on the pointed end of a triangular shaped bench thing, it looks very uncomfortable. The triangular tip is lined with rather long and rusty nails. There are weights tied to the womanís ankles to increase the force pulling her down on those nails. A man dressed like a Stormcloak soldier is watching with rapt attention, drinking in the womanís pain. When I give him his one chance to release the woman he gets mad and yells at me, saying he knows Ulfric wouldnít approve but he doesnít give a shit, this fort is his! This bitch refused to follow orders so now she pays the price! And if I try to snitch then Iíll be next! Since this seems to be a Skyrim world I fus the asshole. FUS-RO-DAH! He flies across the courtyard and hits a wall. The man looks shocked. He said thereís no way I could be the DragonbornÖ the Dragonborn would never be such a wimpÖ When he attacks I incinerate him into a pile of ash with the fire breath shoutÖ YOL-TOOR-SHUL! I free and heal the woman and give her a robe. There are now two men and two women that I have rescued. The scene shifts again, but then I wake up.

    3. 17 Jul: Student protest, shark attack and car crash

      by , 07-17-2019 at 09:17 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Student protests in Coimbra. They invade shops. I am at one of those shops with a friend. They want to lock us in with the owner. I protest and they say I have to join them if I wanna stay free.

      At vacation, on some hotel by the sea. it has balconies literally over the water. A shark jumps out of the water and lands on a balcony and tries to attack me. But I get out of the way and someone else picks the animal by the tail and throws it back into the water. I go to the souvenir shop, feel like buying something but wonder "why waste money"? Anyway I find nothing that I might want.

      Driving through a scenic road by the side of a river. See some car crashed against a wall. Then I see a dog getting in front of my car and I also almost crash. I turn quickly but encounter another dog ahead. This time I lose control of the car, which flies over the river and lands on other side. The dogs, kindly jump on the water and swim to go save me. People I know come looking for me and organize a rescue. I say I am fine and that the dogs saved me and they are the ones who should be rescued not me, hoping someone will adopt them.
    4. Dark Tower: Seasons in the Abyss

      by , 06-21-2019 at 09:08 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 06-21

      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am in a town that looks like something out of a video game or an old western. I am outside what looks like the sheriff station where there is probably a jail in there, too. I have no memory of how I came to be here, but I know why I am here. Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain are locked up inside for something they didnít do. A person in oversized cowboy clothing approaches the door to the office. I have to take care of things first, without bloodshed. I can make sure no one gets hurt here. I intercept the cowboy before heÖ noÖ sheÖ reaches the door. I whisper to her that I can help make sure no one gets hurt here. She hesitates, asking who I am. I tell her to be ready to continue her plan once I get those officers in there to release her friends.

      Inside I find the sheriff and a deputy relaxing in the main office and I see the three boys I came for in the prison cells. They look up at me with some interest but no alarm. The sheriff asks what he can do for me. I tell him I have come to relieve him of his prisoners. He laughs and says I must be on the devil grass if I think heís going to just hand over those murderers. I tell him I hadnít figured heíd do it of his own free willÖ but still, theyíre coming with me. The sheriff tells me Iíd better get my ass out the door before he decides to lock me up with those murderers. I tell him those three arenít the murderers. I saw who did it, it was Eldred Jonas and his cronies. Now the sheriff is just getting annoyed and he says he doesnít need me to tell him how to do his job. I donít want to take any longer, so I decide to use song lyrics to create the effect I want.

      Focusing on one of the men and then the other, I use the lyrics from the song Seasons in the Abyss by Slayer. ďClose your eyes, look deep in your soul. Step outside yourself and let your mind go. Frozen eyes stare deep in your mind as you die. Close your eyes and forget your name. Step outside yourself and let your thoughts drain, as you go insane, go insaneÖĒ A blank look comes into the eyes of the two men, the song has worked. I hear fireworks going off outside but I ignore that. I tell the officers again that I am taking their three prisoners with me. This time they are very compliant. The deputy walks over to the jail cell and opens the door, standing aside to let the boys pass. Cuthbert sarcastically thanks him for being a wonderful host, then expresses his regrets that they will never be doing this again.

      The cowboy from outside is in the room now and I can see she is a woman, it is Susan Delgado. She embraces Roland immediately. She then looks at the two officers. She asks me if theyíll be ok. I tell her this state will wear off in a while and theyíll be fine. Just to make sure they donít alert anyone too soon I tell them to get in the prison cell and lock it, then throw me the keys. I lay the keys on the desk. Someone will be by to let them out eventually. Right now Susan should carry on with her plan. For now I have to go, but I will help them more later if needed. Be careful, the danger is far from over. She turns to leave and I wake up.
    5. Fishing with Zsuzsanna and a Rescue

      by , 04-27-2019 at 10:27 AM
      Morning of April 27, 2019. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,122-02. Reading time (optimized): 3 min.

      Water induction and the Naiad/Oceanid factor changes into a fishing scenario. Despite the former process beginning at least one dream each sleep cycle for over 50 years, the continuity and outcome are always unique.

      Zsuzsanna and I are sitting on the shore of a lake, though it seems to stem from associations with El Jobean, which is near the ocean and the area where I fished as a boy, close to the bridge. It seems to be afternoon.

      Two unknown men are present. One of them is cheerfully fishing. The other, the preconscious simulacrum of this dream, is sitting on our right. There is a brief, vague concern that someone might throw something from the bridge high above us, but no one does. (It is subliminal anticipation of vestibular cortex activity, which is a common dream perception.) I soon attach the hook to the end of my line, and I also put the reel on the rod. At first, I snag a sunfish carcass (on its dorsal fin) floating on its left side (as analogous to my sleeping orientation) on the lake’s surface. The preconscious is holding a pair of scissors. I am wary, as I think he intends to take them while claiming someone lost them. Looking down, I see another pair of scissors that is nearly the same and belongs with the other. There are small rust marks on the handles of each. I comment on how similar they are and pick up the pair on the ground. I take the other scissors from the simulacrum (with no protest on his part, which is atypical in RAS mediation, especially as the scissors indicate potential separation from the dream state) and put both pair in the tackle box.

      I verbalize loud, sarcastic remarks about people sitting near people who are fishing. He soon leaves (thus allowing me to sustain my dream). So does the other male, though it is getting later and is almost too dark to see. I ask Zsuzsanna if fishing at night is allowed and it seems that it is. (This process, regarding nightfall with enhanced awareness, is sometimes indicative of the return to slow-wave sleep, but I maintain my dream state awareness without direct lucidity.)

      I do not have live bait and consider digging in the ground with my hands, but I find a live worm with at least two hooks through it in a small paper bag that someone left behind. I think it is artificial before it starts moving. I attach the rig to my line.

      When I cast, I accidentally snag a cluster of plants halfway across the lake’s distance from our side. I see an unknown woman off to the left near her car on our side. She had also cast. I find the situation somewhat amusing but not that frustrating, especially when it seems I had also hooked a big fish. However, it turns out that she is reeling the line from her end, causing the little island to move toward her.

      I hook onto something big. Upon reeling it in, I see that I have snagged a seal, with the hook in its bottom lip. “It’s a seal,” I loudly say. The woman and I agree that I should take the hook out and release it, which I do.

      When I cast again, the hook ends up near the woman’s car. She decides to leave but ends up falling in the lake almost up to her neck. She swims out, gets into her car, and it accidentally backs up into the lake, sinking completely.

      I dive into the lake. I swim to the end of the lake to the right of my original location, underwater (being able to breathe underwater as in all my dreams since early childhood). The woman is sleeping in a small dry cave underwater, as the water remains as an impossible “wall” at its entrance. I maneuver into the cave through the “wall,” without disrupting the impossible vertical water barrier. I ask the woman if she needs me to rescue her. She shakes her head and shivers slightly, with her eyes moving as if in REM sleep. I ask her again, and she nods.

      My feet push against the water “wall,” and water starts to flood the cave, but I wake around this time. I see that Zsuzsanna is sleeping in the same position as the woman had been.

      This dream renders the same processes as usual, but also unique as always and very vivid and enjoyable.

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    6. Dancers from the other side

      by , 09-25-2018 at 01:14 PM
      Morning of September 22, 2018. Saturday.

      Reading time: 1 min 22 sec. Readability score: 62.

      I am sitting in a wooden chair that is first in a mostly undefined featureless room, though with a vague essence of our present home. It is possibly late morning at first. The passage of time seems unusual at the beginning. Several years may have passed very quickly with a brief awareness of different seasons. Soon, it is in an overgrown field. A Twin Wasp engine is on the ground, a few weeds growing around it. It seems to be golden at one point.

      The rest of the airplane is elsewhere in the field. There is a 1940s feeling, though based on movies of the time. It seems my task is to fly two ballet dancers (male and female, about thirty years of age), in white, from the area, where they have been for a very long time, living in the minimal ruins of an unknown region. They have still been able to thrive somehow.

      Although they sit in the back of a small airplane, they seem to be mentally flying it as I sit in the pilotís seat. There is a sustained awareness of motion. We move through liminal space of only vague definition as the sky. When I look back at the waking point, they are no longer present.

      Vestibular system avatars sometimes have attributes associated with dancing as a result of the subliminal, liminal, or lucid control of, or focus upon, the illusory physicality of the dream state, the fluidity of adapting to changes in consciousness as well and anticipation of the waking start, even through hypnopompic transitions when they occur. I began to realize this when I was four years old. Airplanes and virtually all flight-related factors (including flying under my own will) are a common dynamic of the process, being present throughout every sleep cycle for over fifty years. Not counting flying under my own will, mechanical forms of flight, such as airplanes, helicopters, and spaceships, when compared with birds, seem to occur with about equal frequency.

      Gold always correlates with dream state vivification and the emerging consciousness factor.

    7. The Dark Tower Ė Jakeís Rescue

      by , 12-16-2017 at 06:06 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 12-14

      The Dark Tower Ė Jakeís Rescue

      Dark tower. I am with Jake. I am in Jake. I am Jake. There is a really stinky ugly gross disgusting guy that is leading me through what seems to be a maze of narrow alley ways and junk piles in the city. He is also an asshole. He seems to have named himself Gasher, and he refers to himself as my pal, but I like him about as well as I like intestinal flu. And his disease is something much worse than intestinal flu. He has big oozing pustules all over his face, and the smell of decay is coming from them. I think I might vomit. He keeps telling me to go faster. I tell him that I cannot go any faster because Iím a kid. He says that better not be true or heís going to have to smack me upside the head. I say if he does that then Iím going to have to rip his dick off. He says to go ahead and do that, because it hasnít been much good to him for quite some time. He says he canít even piss without it burning. I donít really want to hear any stories about his dick. I figure it is probably about to fall off. So I use some energy and move a bit quicker. I know that Roland is following us. In spite of Gasherís certainty that Roland will not be able to follow, I know he is. We descend through a sewer access cover into some dark tunnels. I have to use my night vision to see where Iím going. It seems the Gasher doesnít need to bother with seeing at all. I hear a crash back along the path we have taken, and briefly wonder if Roland actually stumbled into one of the booby traps. But that thought doesnít last very long. Gasher, however, seems fully convinced that the booby trap worked. I see no reason to try to convince him otherwise.

      The asshole sure likes to smack Jake. Iím not allowing that. Every time he does, I block it or dodge it. He gets annoyed that. He says Iím being pert, and I had better not be such when I meet Ticky. We finally descend from the pitch black tunnels into a tunnel that looks better maintained, and it is lit by neon lights. We follow that until we come to the hatch of a submarine. Gasher activates an intercom and says heís brought the kid, meaning me. The guy on the other side asks for a password. Gasher says they should know his voice by now. The guy on the other side insists on a password. Gasher is having problems. He canít remember the password. He looks at me and says Iím going to have to help my old pal out. I say I donít see any pals around here. He tries to smack me and I block it. I tell him if he wants a favor thatís not a very good way to get one. He takes the scarf off of his head, revealing a disgusting oozing pustule covered scalp, and that almost makes me want to vomit again. Everything about this guy makes me want to vomit. He pulls a small paper from the folds of the scarf and hands it to me. He says he needs me to read whatís on that paper. The word bountiful is written. So let me get this straightÖ You have the password written down on a piece of paper, which Iím sure your friend Ticky would not approve of, and you canít even read it yourself? Gasher tells me to stop being pert. But he doesnít even bother trying to smack me this time. I go ahead and read the password to Gasher. He passes this on, as he slips of paper back into the scarf and covers up the abomination that is his head. The guy on the other side of the door accepts the word bountiful and opens up.

      We passed through an airlock, and another of these patches, and into a room that looks like itís a refurbished missile silo. There is a guy that reminds me of Khan off of Star Trek sitting casually over large chair in the center of the room as if he thought it was a throne. He voices surprise that Gasher was able to remember the password. The Tick-Tock Man starts talking to me but Iím not paying a whole lot of attention. Iím looking around the room to see what possibilities for getting out there are. There is a woman in there who has a laugh like Bellatrix Lestrange. She looks a little like Bellatrix as well. Ticky is finding her laugh to be very annoying. He tells her to shut the fuck up. He is interested in a watch that I have. But watch is not working, it is going forwards and backwards at irregular rates. Ticky says he wants that. I can kind of see why, he has a small glass case with what appears to be a miniature grandfather clock in it. Ticky says something else and Bellatrix starts laughing again. Apparently heís had enough of it though. I can barely see him move but he threw a knife that embedded itself and Bellatrix his throat. Bellatrix falls to the ground and bleeds out. Tickyís wanting to know a lot of information I donít have. He is wanting to know how to start up a huge number of computers that are hidden underneath the city of Ludd. I told him I have really no idea how that stuff works, but I guess I could take a look at it. He gets immediately pissed and says that Iím not going to get anywhere near them.

      I tell Ticky I canít figure out his computers without seeing them. I see a Oy in a vent. Roland caught up. I hear him telepathically. He says he is outside, thereís going to be a diversion and he needs me to let him in. Ticky is still wanting information. I figure if we needed distraction, Iíll give him some information. So I reveal the fact that Gasher wasnít able to remember the password. He has a hidden on a piece of paper in his scarf, and he wasnít even able to read himself. He had to have me read it to him. Gasher announces that heís going to kill me for that. Ticky is taking my accusations seriously. He wants to see the scarf. Gasher pulls out a knife and backs away and says that he doesnít really want to stab Ticky, but he will. Ticky does not take that as a serious threat. I look for the button to open door. I can hear Roland telling me telepathically to let him in. Oy comes in through vent and decides to rip up TickyĎs face. That freaks him out, and he is now blundering around the room yelling and screaming because I think Oy just popped his eye. He throws Oy off, and tries to grab me. I am headed for a control panel, but I donít make it. I end up in TickyĎs throne. Thereís a gun there. I grab the gun. My thoughts of ripping his dick off for a bit too strong, I shoot Ticky in the balls. That apparently causes an excruciating level of pain, and he can no longer come after me. Now the doors open by themselves. Roland comes in guns blazing. Blows everyone in the room except for me and Oy away.

      Now it is time to get out. An alarm is blaring everywhere, and I think this whole place is about to come down. There is a voice in the machine. That is the voice of Blaine the mono, Blaine the pain. It is asking if we know riddles? I know I used to have a book of riddles in my backpack, but that got dropped along the way. Roland collected it. So my answer to that question is yes. Rolandís answer to that question is also yes. A silvery sphere appears to guide us out of the underground disaster area. We follow the sphere, but in addition to the place falling apart, all of the people down here seem to have gone mad. Many of them are committing suicide. We come to moving platform, and write it the rest the way. It transforms from a level platform into a movie set of stairs, and escalator, and we emerge at what appears to be a train station. There is a monorail parked here. Itís a large pink monorail, although it has no cars attached. We have found Blaine the mono.
    8. Game of Dreams Ė House of Fire

      by , 10-26-2017 at 12:21 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-25

      Game of Dreams Ė House of Fire

      Arya: I am in a bed inside a room made of stone. I am Arya. I hear a sound. At first I think it is a wolf howling, but then I realize it is a horn blowing. And I immediately know it is a signal of danger. Everyone is scrambling to get out of their beds and get their clothes on and grab whatever weapons they can find. I climb up to the battlements of this fortress along with several other people. The man who is the leader of our group is already there. His name is Yarin. As I look out over the village, I see most of it is on fire. I wonder what the point of that is? A group of soldiers comes riding up to the gate. The one that appears to be their leader commands us to open it. Yarin says that none of the villagers are here. He says that the only ones here are members of the Knightís Watch and we take no part in their war. That doesnít seem to matter to that guy below. He says open in the name of the king. Yarin says we donít recognize any king. We are all with the Kightís Watch. Mostly children. The guy down below says children died the same as anyone else. I am thinking to call him a cowardly asshole, but I keep my mouth shut. It is clear that these enemies, who are flying the Lannister banner, do not give a shit who we are. They just want to kill people. The leader down below gives the command that they should storm the walls.

      It is at this point that a strange cloaked figure stepped out from the side. It is a woman, dressed in white robes. She looks like she is from Assassinís Creed. She tells the soldiers that they will have to get past her before they can assault the walls. They find this amusing. I realize that that woman down there is me. After a brief exchange between the enemy leader and me, there is a short fight. I watch myself easily dispatch three soldiers that come forward to kill me. This is really kind of interesting. I donít normally get to watch myself being a badass. The enemy leader asks me if she really thinks she can take on all of them by herself? Thatís when AltaÔr shows up. He says I donít have to face them alone. I am thinking I will watch the fight, but Yarin doesnít seem to like that idea. He says that itís only a matter time before they get past those two weirdos, and truth be told, we really donít have a chance against all those soldiers. He says Gendry and I should run. He says to take as many of the others as we can. I am thinking there is no need for that, but then I remembered that the barn is most likely still on fire. I have to get the three prisoners out of there, and as many animals as I can rescue. I follow Gendry out towards the barn inside the fortress, that is where they keep the animals when they have to hide up in the fortress. And it is on fire.

      There is a little girl with us that seems to cry all the time. Gendry scoops her up in one arm. He has no trouble carrying her. We get into the barn, I hear the animals around panicking. I also hear the prisoners trying to break free. Gendry and Hot Pie have opened a trap door in the floor. They tell me to hurry up and come along. Iím not ready to go. I ask where they left the axe that they were using to chop wood? They tell me itís outside. I told him to go ahead, I will catch up. They disappear through the hole. I hear a lot of noise right now, both humans and other animals are panicking. Since no one can see me, are use telekinetic energy to blast out a couple of large holes in the walls. This allows for donkeys and horses and some other barnyard animals to escape. But the prisoners will need some help. I run outside and quickly grab the axe. I run back into the barn weaving around horses and donkeys as they run for safety. The smoke inside is thick. Itís hard to breathe. I follow the sound of the prisoners calling out. When I get close enough I throw the axe up to one of them. I canít even tell which one it is. I figure they can free themselves with that.

      Now I see I could be in trouble. This barn is completely engulfed in flames all around me. I know I canít make it back out of the barn before it collapses, so I dive for the trap door opening that Gendry and Hot Pie used. I just barely get through the trap door when I hear a loud crash behind me. I face plant in the mud but I donít mind. At first I thought the barn had collapsed completely, but I guess that hadnít quite happened yet. Because I have only gone a few feet before there is an even louder crash behind me, followed by a cloud of dust and smoke. The dust and smoke make it hard to breathe. But it soon passes. Thereís no way Iím going to be able to go back the way I just came. The dust has settled enough that I can continue going through the tunnel. But I donít get very far before I wake up.
    9. Dream - Jells Park Dentistry & The End Of The World

      by , 10-01-2017 at 12:36 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 27 SEP - 2017

      Dream No. 201 - Separated Sections

      Dream 201 A - Jells Park Dentistry
      The dream started at Jells Park on a nice day. I was approaching a playground that I realised hadn't been there before. Just as I am asking myself what the heck it is, Dreamy WB appears behind me in an Oktoberfest outfit with her hair frizzed out and tells me it's the new “Wooden Fleet Playground”. In real life there are only 3 playgrounds, so this must have been the 4th one in the dream. I rush for the wooden swing, sitting to face the lake but unfortunately the sun is going in my eyes. I turn around to face the carpark.

      Dreamy WB then starts talking to me and that's when I become aware of my upcoming dental appointment. I asked Dreamy WB if she could attend to stop me from being nervous and she said she could. I then said I would ask the dentist if it was okay for her to attend the appointment... I was going to text him on my phone. I told Dreamy WB it was someone called Collin. I looked to see if I had a contact for someone called Collin in my phone.

      I found someone called “Colin Ho Ho”. I actually called him but he said that he wasn't the dentist and that it was another Collin. He additionally told me to look for Collin in the park. I thought I had soon found the right Collin but when I spoke to him, it was “Colin Ho Ho” again... Some Asian looking guy. He ended up telling me though that it would be okay to bring Dreamy WB into the dental appointment.

      There was now no one else in the dream... Dreamy WB and I decided to flake out on the grass. We then decided that we should practice our position for the dentist. I lay down on top of her while her arms buckled over me. I had to check to make sure she wasn't obstructing my mouth in any way. To check, I put a finger in my mouth and started moving it around. At one point, my finger hit her cheek bone and there was also some of her hair going into my mouth. She sunk down slightly to make it so the second time I did the finger check, there were no interferences. It was agreed that we'd take that position at the dentist. The dream then ended.

      Dream 201 B - The End Of The World
      I don't remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, I was at some unknown place. There was this strange event going on... I've also forgotten what the event was. It was taking place in this staged area and the audience were up, sitting on steep steps. I went to this place initially with my brother NB but I was separated from him. I battled the rest of the audience so I could sit next to him. When I sat sat next to him, I perceived a bad energy descending into the dream. I started to become internally scared. My intuition was telling me that the world was coming to an end. My brother started to look scared too but not as scared as I was. I told him I would go and look for someone who could save us.

      I ran out of the auditorium and through an empty foyer. I encountered Dreamy WB who held the exact same appearance as in Dream 201 A. I ran up to her, panicking like anything. I ended up rapidly tugging on the white part of her dress and saying to her something like “who initiated the end of the world?!”. She said that she did as there was a reason for it but that she could also save me. She didn't do something straight away... In fact, she had vanished. I looked at the floor, noticing it was like the bottom of a swimming pool.

      Then the water started to rise. I screamed in fright because I couldn't see Dreamy WB anywhere. When the water gets a few centimetres higher, the front door of the building swings right open and she comes in, body surfing on this rubber board. As the water is now at my knees, she pulls me onto the board, bringing me close with one arm while she uses the other arm to control her direction. She explained to me what purpose the board had but I have forgotten the exact explanation. I do remember her commenting on the board's colours which were, at the time, black and cyan.

      I then looked around while still clutched close to Dreamy WB and saw many people on these boards, each in pairs. On another board was my brother, with whom I recognised as Noah the substitute dream guide back in Dream 141 C. Noah was holding NB in exactly the same way that Dreamy WB was holding me. Back at our board, she then told me that she could change the colour of the board and it would have a slightly different use. The colour of everyones' board changed to orange and yellow but the structure of the board ended up being no different.

      She then looked right at me and gave me a really wide smile. She then said that the next thing she would change it to was a special board. The colour combination changed to red and lime and she was still smiling. Dreamy WB was right to say that the board was special... For some reason, despite the now deep water below, I couldn't help but smile and laugh with her. We weren't on the special board much as the dream soon ended.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Batteries Are Charged (Receive 5 hugs from Dreamy WB)
      >> 1. Tight hug at the swimming carnival (136 A)
      >> 2. Hugged me after the hissing kitten (164 A)
      >> 3. Hugged me when I found her at the hairdressers (167 A)
      >> 4. Hugged me when the water was rising (183)
      >> 5. Held me in a hugging position before the dentist appointment (201 A).

      A part of Dream 201 B that I think was absolutely amazing; not only was I saved but the dream had remembered the sheer terror of my brother and he got saved too! It was the sweetest thing to have Noah, the so called emergency dream guide, return and be a support for not me, but my brother. I'd like to be creative and think all those other boards were miscellaneous dream guides with their miscellaneous dreamers.

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      memorable , non-lucid
    10. Dream - Lessons With Strangers

      by , 10-01-2017 at 11:07 AM
      Date of Dream: MON 18 SEP - 2017

      Dream No. 197 - Lessons With Strangers

      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I can remember, I was doing the TAFE diploma in my dream. I can't remember what the class specifically was on Monday morning... It was a mixture of communications and accounting theory. The teacher seemed very strict to start with. She did say to the class that she would treat us better if we could look after her daughter.

      The dream scene then skipped to being outside somewhere, next to this Venice-like canal. Next to the canal, there was this purple, glowing-like figure in a glass capsule that resembled a baby. I said to myself ďit's the teacher's daughter!Ē. I opened the capsule, took the baby out of it and started playing with her. I played for a while, trying to impress the teacher, who wasn't in this scene though.

      Eventually, things started getting weird and the baby was starting to lose her purple glow. Some mysterious energy had pulled the baby in the canal and was slowly destroying it... Trying to drown it. Soon, the figure didn't resemble a baby and was rather all these mashed up cubes of weirdly coloured jelly. I ended up screaming ďWB! The Baby! Don't worry about looking after me anymore... Get the baby!Ē. I then suddenly felt energy that was originally with me, starting to fade out. Then I look over to the dark, slimy canal and see the jelly have its purple glow return, with the figure slowly morphing back into a baby. Dreamy WB (still invisible) had directed the baby out of the canal and that's when the dream scene changed.

      The dream scene was now in some computer lab on a Tuesday afternoon and a diploma MYOB class was taking place. SI wasn't teaching this year and so I thought we might have RH instead... That wasn't the case. I looked confused when this young looking Asian guy came into the room. I found out that we were having him and his name was Terrence. At first, I was concerned with the way he taught but eventually, I really liked his methods and personality.

      The final scene of the dream gave an overview of all the subjects in the current diploma term. I found out that on Tuesday morning, we had a guy called Steve for law. The dream then showed the name of the teacher we had on Monday morning and it was some really long, European name that I can't remember. Also for the Monday morning subject, the dream showed that we were using mostly all this coloured craft paper for all our projects. The dream then ended.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    11. Dream - A Plumber To The Rescue

      by , 09-15-2017 at 01:23 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 2 SEP - 2017

      Dream No. 189 - A Plumber To The Rescue

      I don't remember what happened at the start of this dream. From where I do remember, something happened to NB and so he was to be rushed to hospital. A white van with nothing on it came to pick him up. In parts of the dream, he would be in hospital but in other parts, he would be at home. Something was going on at home and so I didn't want to be around anyone. My brother, my grandpa's old friend and an unknown third entity were walking around the perimeters of the backyard. I was finding it hard to get away because they were following me.

      Eventually, I made this mental cue for someone to help me and get out of there. Through no introduction whatsoever, Super Mario appeared, and he scooped me up off the ground. I was hanging on to the back of him while he flew down the backyard. The group of three were catching up and so I told myself we needed to leave the house completely. Mario started going upwards and went over the fence.

      Once we were outside the property, just hanging over the neighbour's house, he put one of his arms backwards like to fasten me into a seatbelt. So for his flight, he had one arm forward to control his direction and the other arm behind him, wrapped around me. A good portion of the dream was him flying down all these different roads, taking me out places on an adventure. At some point near the end, he was flying down Wellington Road and I was worried that I was being seen again... I told him to go higher, so he agreed with me and kept ascending.

      I told him to stop once we were just above the clouds, which were pretty low in comparison to the sky in real life... But it felt like a high altitude in the dream. When above the clouds, he would go really fast and there would also be a great gush of wind, making me feel like falling off at times. I told him I felt unsecured and so he stopped in mid-air. He gave me a quick massage and then tightened his grip on my back. Then he went super fast but although it still felt scary, I didn't feel like I was going to fall off any time soon. When he had descended back to the altitude of the road, the dream scene changed.

      We were now inside my house but there were other people living in it. I was invited to a photo shoot with Mario and his “family”. The dream camera focused on what I was wearing. I was wearing this short dark blue dress with white socks and purple t-bar shoes. The dream showed a distant image of Princess Peach wearing the same thing. Apparently Mario had dressed me up like her but in my colour scheme. The dream then went back to the actual event where Mario was the only familiar one there and the rest were real life people, but strangers.

      I remember having a really good conversation with a person called Mel. There was then a card for me, signed by two unknown entities, then Mel, then “dad”. Apparently Mario was claiming to be my dad in this dream. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

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    12. An Innocent Child, An Innocent Cub

      by , 06-06-2017 at 12:59 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 06-05

      An Innocent Child, An Innocent Cub

      I am in a place I donít recognize. I look around and I see that there are wide open grasslands all around me with some patches of trees that break up the monotony. I have no idea where I am. I walk for a little ways as I try to get oriented and figure out where I am. I am thinking maybe I should do a reality check when I hear something behind me. I turn around and see a child come running out of one of the patches of trees, heading straight for me. He is being chased! Not far behind the child I see three men on horses, they look like knights, riding after the child. I wonder why they are chasing the child. The child has almost reached me, he is calling for help. Then I see the knight riding in the lead take out his sword like he is going to just ride the child down and cut him without even getting off of his horse! He catches up with the boy as the child is passing me, and I act quickly without really thinking. My right arm forms into an Alex Mercer blade and I dive between the knight and the child, intercepting the strike meant for the boy and blocking it with my blade.

      The transformation makes the knight do a double take, and spooks his horse. The horse rears up and the knight falls on his ass, the horse takes off running. The knight is scrambling backwards to get away from me, asking what manner of creature I am. I am angry. I say forget that, why the fuck was he riding a child down on horseback with clear intent to murder?! The knight stammers and then says the boy ran. I say no shit, he ran! If he hadnít run heíd have been skewered a lot sooner! Now why is he trying to murder a child?! The boy said he didnít do anything! I ask the boy where his parents are, he says heíll show me if I protect him. I say I will. I tell the knight, his two friends are with him now, that Iím escorting the boy home safely, donít interfere. I change my blade back to an arm. The boy leads me to a castle with many tents set up around it, as well as many wagons and horses and more knights. The boy leads me to the blacksmithís wagon. The man there is relieved to see his son and calls him Mikah. Mikah is saying something, but I briefly wake upÖ

      I do a DEILD (Dream End Induced Lucid Dream) and try to go back to the same place, but I somehow miss the mark. When I become aware of the dream again I am in a long hall with a few people and numerous guards. At one end is a very fat man with a crown seated next to a woman with a crown, they must be king and queen. A young girl and a man are in the middle of the room alone, from the way the man treats the girl I think he must be her father. The queen immediately earns my dislike when she says she wants an animalís hide. The king says that will be impossible since they have no wolf. The queen says they have a wolf and gives an evil smirk. The girl in the middle of the room gets immediately upset and says Lady didnít do anything, sheís innocent. The queen says this wolf shall die in the place of the one who bit her son. I feel I was already mad, and this pisses me off. I blurt out that she canít be serious about knowingly murdering an innocent animal when she knows perfectly well the animal has committed no crime! She asks who I am, then says she wants me arrested. I tell her I wonít let her kill an innocent animal, and Iíd like to see her arrest me. Some knights close in around me and I form a force field to keep them at a distance without harming them. They are baffled by the invisible barrier.

      I go outside, my force field forcing knights and guards out of the way as I go. I donít know where I am going, but I want to find the wolf that the queen wants murdered. The little girl comes running out of the large tent I was just in, I now see it is a large tent, and sheís crying. My force field lets her pass. She grabs my arm and asks if I can protect Lady. She says she loves Lady, but will accept that she can never see her again if only she knows Lady is safe. I canít let them kill Lady! I tell her yes, I will protect Lady, assuming that is the name of the wolf. She points in the direction to where there is a wolf chained to a heavy pole. The girl says please keep Lady safeÖ

      People come from the tent and tell the girl to get away from me, Iím dangerous. I keep moving within my force field, which lets the girl out, and I reach the wolf called Lady. The wolf is sitting very quietly and looks like she wouldnít hurt a fly. I reach for the chain carefully, speaking calmingly to the wolf the whole time, calling her by her name. I use my enhanced strength to break the chain as if it was cardboard. Lady looks back at the girl, who is on her knees crying. Knights and guards are surrounding me. The queen says there is no way for me to escape. I tell her thatís what she thinks, and there I wake up, effectively disappearing from sight as far as the people of that world can see. Note: Q has informed me that the wolf Lady is actually a young direwolf, still really a cub, and she is now living safely in my inner world.
      Tags: deild, rescue, wolf
    13. Wraiths in the Dark

      by , 06-04-2017 at 03:32 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 06-03

      Wraiths in the Dark

      I am in a dark forest, and the first thing I was notice is that I'm a bit chilly. I look around to see where I am but I don't recognize anything. The trees are tall and dark, there are patches of snow on the ground. I hear the sound of someone moving in the darkness. I even hear soft voices from that direction so I know there are people over there. I quietly follow the sound of the voices until I peer through the trees and see three men on horses making their way through the trees. One of them seems to be trying to convince the others that someone they're looking for, someone they refer to as Wildlings, are dead. One of them says he saw the bodies. They keep debating that as they continue, and I'm sure if there are any live Wildlings they will have already heard these idiots.

      The three men stop and dismount. Two continue on, one stays with the horses. The two that advance start making more effort to be quiet. I follow them a bit farther and they stop to look down into a clearing. One of them laughs and says the dead bodies got up and moved out. Or maybe they weren't dead is more likely. One of them climbs a tree for a better look at the area. I look down below and see an abandoned camp. The strangest thing is what looks like a good quality battle axe lying abandoned in the camp. Surely no one would leave that behind. I notice that it seems to be getting colder. I see movement in the trees, and I see something move. A strange creature, humanoid, bug glowing with a dim light, a pale green. It's eyes are glowing with a cold white light. I watch as the man on the ground draws a long sword and challenges the strange creature. The man looks like more of a boy, but is standing up like a man. The creature has a sword that looks like it's made of crystal or glass. They fight, though the man is clearly outmatched. The creature's sword shatters the man's sword, and he falls to his knees, unarmed. It's time for this to stop.

      I come out of the trees and tell the creature if it plans on killing this man unarmed then it will have to go through me first. A hollow laugh comes from the creature, a wave of cold hits me. I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade. The man gets off his knees and tries to get clear but there are more of the creatures behind him. So I get beside the man. The ones behind us look like they won't interfere with the one on one fight. The creature and I fight. It is skilled with the blade, and blocks my attacks. This looks like a creature of evil, so I charge my Alex Mercer blade with light energy. The next time our blades clash the creature's blade shatters, creating an opening for me to drive my blade into its chest and pump it full of light energy. The thing glows brightly then is burned away by the light.

      Now the ones behind us move in, there are five of them. I push the man to my other side and step into the middle of the group, unleashing a Legend of Zelda style spin attack, cutting each of them with light energy. They fall back, not seeming to know what to do. I call to the man in the tree to come down, they're getting out of here. He drops and the three of us return to the one watching the horses. I tell them they'd better ride for it, there could be more. The young man asks who I am. I say Raven Knight, but there's no time to chat, run! They all mount and disappear quickly into the dark forest. I hope they'll be ok. Everything fades and I wake.
      lucid , memorable
    14. Search for Asuka

      by , 05-22-2017 at 11:13 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-19

      Search for Asuka

      I am in an amusement park with my mom and my brother John. We are waiting in line for a ride, it seems we have been waiting forever. We finally get up to be next and one of the cars pulls up to the platform. There are three seats there, perfect for the three of us. John gets on, then my mom, but when I was going to get on a bear comes from behind me, walking upright like a human, and takes my seat on the ride. My mom says Iíll just have to catch the next one. Iím annoyed that there is a bear taking my seat. The ride leaves and I walk away from it, passing two more bears who are next in line. I wander through the amusement park for a bit to find a ride I will go on by myself. I find a hall of mirrors and I decide to go in there.

      As I am walking into the hall of mirrors I see a man waiting at the entrance for me. I immediately recognize the man as MoSh. He asks if I think she is somewhere inside this maze. I ask who. He says Asuka, of course. Isnít that why weíre here? So we go into the hall of mirrors and start looking around. The first thing I notice is the mirrors donít reflect either MoSh or me. But they reflect each other in an infinity of mirrors which is quite disoriented. Itís hard to see where the paths are, so we make our way through it like blind people, groping our way with our hands. After making our way through the hall of mirrors for a while we find an exit. The exit leads to a large garden, a beautiful garden. There are many colorful flowers and green bushes and I hear water flowing somewhere nearby. I look around and MoSh wanders off a bit, then he says he sees her. I look in the direction MoSh is looking and I see a Japanese woman in a kimono. Itís Asuka.

      MoSh and I head over to see Asuka, there doesnít appear to be anything wrong with her. But as we are passing a hedge the thing attacks us! I see MoSh has a sword and he cuts the vines reaching for us. I use an Alex Mercer blade arm to cut more vines reaching for me. After a bit of pruning we get to where Asuka is. MoSh asks her where sheís been, she says sheís been here in the garden. MoSh says this isnít her garden, though. Asuka seems disoriented as if she was on drugs or something. I look at some flowers that Asuka had been tending and getting too close to them makes me feel a bit light headed. Those must be there to keep Asuka drugged so she doesnít try to leave. I tell Asuka sheíll feel better once sheís back in her own garden. She looks puzzled, but says ok. I focus on Through the Never and on getting to MoShís inner world. The portal opens and all three of us go through. Asuka says she feels sleepy and would like to rest. I figure the drug needs to wear off. MoSh takes her to a bedroom to rest, everything around me fades and I wake up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. Flight of Dragons

      by , 04-23-2017 at 09:00 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-21

      Flight of Dragons

      I am in a place that is rather familiar to me, though I donít immediately realize where I am. I am standing beside a pond in a beautiful garden. I see colorful fish swimming in the pond. I sit down on a bench near the pond to watch the fish for a bit. While I am unsure of how I came to be here, it is a peaceful place and Iím glad Iím here. I am still watching the fish when I see a flash of white light out of the corner of my eye and then I feel there is someone watching me. I see in the reflection on the water that my visitor is Q from Star Trek, my guide. He smiles at me and says he has found the dragons MoSh has been looking for. He says we merely have to rescue them and they will certainly be willing to protect his inner world in return for a place they can dwell in peace. I gaze into the water for a bit longer. I feel a sense of loss, as if something wonderful has slipped away and will never come to be again, though I get no clear idea of exactly what it is I have lost. Q sits beside me on the bench, puts his arm around me, and asks if Iím ok. I tell him I feel Iíve lost something precious and I will never find it again, but I canít explain what. Maybe itís best if I get out of here. Q says ok, then gives me a hug before teleporting us both in a flash of white light.

      I look around to see where Q has brought us. He said something about dragons to protect MoShís inner world? Iím not fully lucid, more like semi-lucid, so Iím not entirely sure what he means. I see Q has brought me to a mountainous area. There are trees around, but also stone cliffs, and I donít recognize the place. Q says he will go get MoSh, and Asuka if she wants to come. He says MoSh has to be the one to release the dragons. He says he will be back in a flashÖ then disappears with a flash of white light. I look around the place he has brought me. I am now in a mountainous area with numerous green trees growing around as well as many rocky areas. I figure Iíd better not go far, as I expect Q to return soon, but I wander a little bit until I find a clear path. I look down the path and I see it leads to a stairway up a rocky area with what looks like an Asian temple of some kind at the top. I wonder if we are going there for some reason. I start to head that direction, but then I think Iíd better wait for Q to come back. So I stand there and enjoy the gentle breeze until there is a flash of white light and then Q appears with two more people. An Asian woman in a kimono, and a man in blue jeans and a tshirt. His shirt is cool and has a picture of a flying dragon on it. I am staring at his shirt while Q is talking. He says the dragons are in a huge underground chamber reached through the temple. He says those who dwell there wonít offer much resistance, they were only able to capture the dragons through dirty tricks, by creating an illusion of a baby dragon in distress. He says just donít forget, MoSh must rescue the dragons.

      MoSh, Asuka, and I go up the stairs to the temple at the top. There doesnít seem to be anyone around so we go inside. There are some weapons on the wall that look like theyíre there for display. MoSh takes a samurai sword off of the wall before we continue to the next room. There is still no one around, and I am wondering if Q definitely brought us to the right place. In one of the inner rooms there is a man who looks like heís meditating. I ask where the dragons are. He says there are no dragons, only idiots would mess around with dragons. Idiots who want to die. MoSh points his sword at the man and repeats that we want to know where the dragons are. He then says they are through the secret passage at the end of the hall, just move the painting. I go back to the hall, and Asuka follows me. MoSh stays in the other room for a bit. I see the painting and move it aside and find a lever behind it. I pull it and a panel slides aside in the floor. I look back into the room where MoSh stayed and he has the man in a strangle hold until he apparently passes out. MoSh says that was so he wouldnít sound an alarm. We go down a flight of steps leading through the floor.

      The stairs lead down a long way, deep into the mountain. It seems like the stairway will go down forever, through layers of different kinds of stone. The passage finally exits onto a deck overlooking a huge underground chamber. There are two dragons in the middle of the room in energy spheres. One of the dragons is black with red markings and the other is white with blue markings, they look like exact inverses of each other. They appear to be unconscious, the spheres of energy look like theyíre draining energy from them. The energy fields seem to emanate from a large crystalline shard in the middle of the chamber. MoSh jumps off of the deck and lands on various rocky outcroppings that I can barely see as he makes his way down to the bottom of the chamber. I hear calls of alarm from a passage at the far end of the cavern and I can see movement of people coming towards the chamber. I canít hear most of what is being said, but I catch the words ďintrudersĒ and ďstop themĒ among the calls. Most of the chamber looks natural, so I use the song Damage, Inc. by Metallica to create a fireball and I throw it at the place right over the passage entrance. That causes the rocks over the passage to collapse and block the passage completely. MoSh seems to know what he is doing, he goes directly to the crystalline shard thatís maintaining the force fields and strikes it with his sword in just the right place to shatter it into tiny shards. With the crystal destroyed, the force fields around the dragons disappear and they begin to stir.

      Asuka floats down to the bottom of the cavern and lands near MoSh. She looks at the dragons and then goes over to the white one as it is starting to wake up. She whispers something to the dragon as it lifts its head. The dragon looks at MoSh and then over at the other dragon, who is also starting to wake up. The white one snorts at the black one. The white one then uses one huge claw to push first Asuka and then MoSh onto its back. Both dragons then stretch their wings and manage to fly in the cavern. The black dragon fires a blast of energy at the ceiling and that breaks through into the outside, debris falls all around me. Then the white dragon flies past and out into the open sky. The black dragon pauses long enough to toss me onto its back before following. Soon we are soaring far over the mountains below. Q appears right in front of me on my dragon. He says that didnít prove to be too difficult. He says he has prepared their place inside MoShís inner world, on top of a mountain where they can survey the whole place. He said he will make sure they get back there safely since Iím about to wake up. Right after he says that everything fades to black and I wake up.
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      lucid , memorable
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