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    1. Day 9: The end of the world as we know it

      by , 02-08-2011 at 03:44 PM (A Penrose Mind)
      I tried to WILD today, and wow
      At first I felt my hands go numb. I kept trying to imagine the feeling of me moving my body. Then out of nowhere I started to get the smell of fruit punch. I felt strange waves all over my body and my heart was racing in my chest. I was sweating buckets all over. For some reason I found all of this hilarious, but I kept in my laughing. Then I remembered this: YouTube - Herpex and I burst out laughing. Eventually I gave up and went to bed regularly.

      I'm walking along a bridge. It's night time. The bridge is a little bit wet for it rained earlier. I drop and nearly catch the side of the bridge. A man comes along and helps me up. Now that he's saved my life he wants me to work for him. I tell him no and take the bus home. This man, will be responsible for the end of the world.

      There's a scene change. I'm with a couple of buddies. Were in some sort of obstacle course. Enemies are coming towards us. We do our best to fight them off. We're armed with assault rifles and carbines. We do well after a while, then they send in this secret weapon. Her name is "Anne". We fire tons of bullets at her but no matter how many it make no difference. Instead of finishing us off though, she just walks right by us. It's at this point I know they're not after me (which is what I previously thought), there after someone else. A girl, I know her, but I don't know her name and I don't know what she looks like. It's strange. Somehow she's the missing piece of the puzzle to all this and they need her.

      Another scene change. I'm not in my own body, someone elses. I think he's rogue special forces. He knows what's going on, he knows how to fix this. The location is Kenya, the mission, kill the president (or prime minister I don't know) and avert world war 3. Simple enough, no pressure. I'm armed with a single Desert eagle. I creep out of the shed I'm in. There he is. He has a couple of armed body guards with him. I point it at him, and pull the trigger. It's not working, the gun is jammed. I keep pulling it. Click, click, click. It's almost as if the trigger is the most heaviest thing in the world. Click, click, click, BOOM! It goes off and lands him in the shoulder.

      "I'm fucked."

      He rushes into the shed I'm in. I keep trying to pull the trigger a second time but it just wont work. He pulls out a knife. "WOAH HEY TAKE IT EASY!" I tell him. He keeps trying to stab me as I freak out and frantically pull the trigger with my gun pointed at him. After a while of him trying to stab me and me trying to pull the trigger he lets up.

      "Okay! I'll forgive you." He tells me.

      "What?" I ask him shocked.

      "I'll forgive you just drop your gun."

      I drop it. It's already over, it doesn't matter, I just expected to die today. Those were the thoughts running in my head. Shortly after the U.S. military arrives to clean up the situation. Apparently the president was supposed to make a speech today, probably how he knew he'd be there.

      My point of view switches. I'm in my own body again, but I'm in the same location. I go towards the scene to inspect the ruckus. I see the man who's body I was in just a minute ago. He has short blond hair, dirt and sweat on his face, and a bullet proof vest on his chest. He's wearing something special forces would be wearing. I'm saddened that he has failed. To U.S. army troops move towards him with their guns pointed at him, their laser dots on his chest. He puts his hands up and drops to the ground. After a while the to troops, One a black bald man and the other a white woman with medium long blond hair, start to smile. The both of them shoot him (probably armor piercing or FMJ rounds since he was wearing a vest) and he closes his eyes and falls down in agony. I'm shocked.

      The woman, she goes to wear the majority of the troops are gathering. She has a gas canister in her hand. It's over, everyone here is going to die, including me if I don't get out of here.

      There's a scene change. It's like I've teleported somewhere else. I'm in a dining room. It's very fancy, a lot of rich people are there, including me and my dad, but were not rich. My memories from the last scene are still there. This is only the begging, it's game over, all down hill from here. I know exactly what's going to happen. The man that saved my life, he's behind all this. He's going to organize some sort of tactical nuke strike world wide. He's going to start world war 3, but first he needs an excuse. He killing off a bunch of U.S. troops, he's going to blame it on other countries. He's going to do the same with other major countries, Russia, China, Iran. Nukes will go off in every direction. It will be the end of the world.

      I sit very close to the person holding the dinner party.

      "And the best president in history is, John F. Kennedy." She says as other people cheer.

      I go up to her.

      "Do you know the entire world is about to end?" I ask her.

      "I know." She tells me.

      Once again I'm shocked. I go to sit back at the chair I was sitting at before. There's a man next to me. He's kind of old and has a grey beard. I tell him, "Do you know every day we get up, the human race could just completely destroy the planet?"

      "Oh, theres no way the human race could do that!" He tells me.

      Pissed by his ignorance I decide to just ignore him. Suddenly I see a group of soldiers walk into the room behind us. One of them is lagging behind, a woman. She has a gas canister in her hand. I stare in horror as I watch her go into the room with the other troops. A little while later I hear on the news that every single fighter the US military had flying today just dropped out of the sky simultaneously (apparently that was a lot). As the inevitable draws closer I start to feel my heart sink in my chest.

      There's another scene change. I'm in a different body, special forces patrolling an area. I'm in the gunner seat of a tank. I'm operating a mounted flame thrower. Were in the middle of the desert, me and the rest of my squad. Were getting a signal on the radio. It sounds like distress signal. It tells us to go to checkpoint "Simpson" and help out a special forces team that had a mission go wrong. There pinned down and need immediate back up. After we clear things up with the opfor we are to hold checkpoint Simpson at all cost.

      The team and I head for the coordinates. What we find looks like a HUGE depression in the sand. Must be at least a couple of kilometers in diameter. Inside seems to be some sort of quarry or camp set up. Opfor all over the place. The convoy can't make it down a hill that steep, so we get out of our vehicles and begin to slide down the hill. On my way down I ask one of my squad-mates, "Shouldn't it be Sierra and not Simpson?"

      "it has to do with the weather!" he tells me.

      Another one of us comes sliding past.

      "Yeah! Los angeles weather!" he tells me.

      Suddenly. I wake up.

      P.s. Took me a while to post.
    2. Escaping World War Three

      by , 03-19-2007 at 10:37 AM
      Morning of March 19, 2007. Monday.

      In this dream, I am in a public area, and in a different country. It seems it may be the northern area of Syria. A lot of people are around. For some reason, Sam Neill, the actor, is there. He has a large boat to help people escape from the coming war. There is also a girl (from Tel Aviv?) with him. She is wearing a Star of David patch on her dress or blouse, but is told to take the symbol off, as she will not be safe in any part of the world with any group of people (during the war) if she keeps it. I believe she takes off the patch and puts it in a pocket or wraps it in a scarf. There is also a teenage male on the boat, but he plays such a small role, I am hardly ever aware of him.

      A Syrian man (about forty years old) approaches me. He asks me where I am living, and for some reason, I state that I am living on the Saudi Arabia / Iraq border, which seems quiet and suitable in my dream, curiously enough. He informs me that he will go and get a gun for me to help protect myself as I am leaving the country. I wait outside and overhear him say something about me being gullible in my belief that he would do this, but the word is not “gullible”, it is something else I am not sure of, a short word which seems to express a few ideas at once, something to do with word play on “assaulting” (assaultin’) and “sultan”, I think. There is a point at which a large cloud of black smoke rises in the distance.

      I later see a large television on display to the public and the news is on, showing scenes of smoking, damaged buildings with text (lower on the screen) “Beginning: World War III”. However, the news announcers seem very calm. I decide to go on the boat to “escape”. There are only very few people on the boat with Sam Neill as captain.

      The “logic” of my dream makes absolutely no sense with regard to travel. The large boat is able to travel over land and even through buildings. In fact, somehow, during a couple similar or “reset” scenes, we even manage to get through a narrow checkout in what seems to be a small grocery store in Australia. At times, we are on water, but there is supposedly no flood to justify how the boat goes through different buildings to different countries or travels as it does.

      We knock aside some military vehicles, one being a colorful semitrailer truck. It is not clear to me who is doing the most fighting or even what the war is about. It just seems that every country is at war with every other country and even different armies of certain countries are against each other.

      We go into a whirlpool and we go down through a subterranean system of rivers, which are almost perfectly round. There is some concern that we will reach a dead-end and not be able to go back. At one point, we go through a palace in India where I notice intense-appearing women that gaze at us suspiciously - and the boat even goes down the front flight of stairs before going back into a larger body of water.

      Finally, we end up in an area in which I am trying to work out if we are just west or east of Canada. It seems more like it is near Alaska, on the west side of Canada. There is a smaller cylindrical iceberg in the water, which is where I will be living until the war is over. The area is peaceful and beautiful. I expect to see airplanes or smoke along the horizon, but everything is clear and blue here.