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    1. 2021-08-20 increased recall over multiple wakings: stop light, night jogging, hotel fiasco

      by , 08-20-2021 at 09:50 AM
      3 distinct recall periods, and one long vivid/present dream to finish things off, a good night and welcome improvement!

      Bedtime 22:30
      3mg melatonin about 22:00

      Final waking 09:23

      Still moving immediately after waking, but thinking of recall very soon after waking

      Nothing written until morning.

      + [something with people in places -- forgotten]
      + I'm driving a car at night I'm stopped at a stop light at a T intersection (on the vertical leg of the "T" facing the top bar on the right hand side of the street. I'm waiting for the green light. I notice that the light has turned "grey", the lower circle that is normally green has turned grey. I'm anticipating the green, I'm preparing to turn right. The light turns green, and the guy behind me honks as I'm beginning to move, I think he's really impatient. I make the right turn but something's off: on top of the road is a huge, tall pile of loose dirt, the entire roadway has been covered with it going on in that directly. I'm a bit concerned about being stuck, I realize this is a construction zone and I need to get out of here. I turn around and head back to the intersection, driving in the tamped-down area of the dirt in the middle. The car drifts a bit to the right and I'm a bit concerned but it holds straight enough and I enter the intersection, now preparing to turn left at the light, which is still green for me, there are a lot of cars in the oncoming direction. The light is turning red but I decide to complete the turn regardless.

      MILD, SSILD, recall, relaxation just couldn't grasp one of the earlier scene sequences
      Visualization, some dream arm floating started, some dreamlets

      06:30 Still awake, but getting drowsy
      Go for full relaxation, "give up," "let it happen," "stop trying"

      + FA, check clock, it's 11:23, boy it's late, time to get up
      + Outside jogging, I decide to get some exercise, I'll probably sweat, but I feel light on my feet, I'm wearing sweat pants. It's early morning, buildings/shops are not open yet, see women in headcoverings outside [Muslim?], I'm thinking about location and directions, the place I need to get to is ahead and to the right. I run up to some buildings, I think it's a bank, there's a man standing there. I turn right run past closed bank, into a still-closed suburban business district

      + [dreamlet] Looking at a rectangular sign with red LEDs forming words, on top of garage roof
      + ... standing inside some area with some people (not seen) looking out into a terrace. There is an oversized grey couch there. I am really liking the look of this thing: it is very long, very wide, with ample room to sleep on. I think you could sleep with your SO there very comfortably. I'm going on and on about how attractive and comfortable that couch looks.

      I'm outside (on that couch) lying down to sleep. I wake up, and there is a deja-vu sequence about waking up and reaching for my retainer, which I'd put aside on a side table when lying down to sleep, this repeats at least once.

      There is now the issue of paying the hotel bill. There is a group of who slept on that terrace (it's a hotel apparently), had coffee and breakfast (which I didn't remember), and now we are being charged as a group for it, despite us not being "together" in any way. There is one young man who cannot pay his bill, "I'm trying to get home" he says. I'm grumpy that we have to pay the way of this young freeloader who can't pay his bill. I'm closely examining a pile of receipts detailing the costs and who they're for, but can't make much sense out of them. Still grumbling about paying, our group gets on a bus. There is a woman in our group who decides to foot the bill for the young man. She takes out a large wad of cash in order to do so. I think that I should show some Christian charity and pay for his bill as well. On the bus I take out my wallet and want to pay the woman, I take out my wallet and my cash is strange looking, like colored paper and receipts. I want to give her half of what she paid for the young man.

      Our group is waking up and gathering, we've stayed somewhere in separate hotels. "Did you like the facilities of your place?" the woman asks me. We're walking towards a place with shops/restaurants and entertainment. We pick up one of our group, also a woman, she was staying in a place with a storefront with the large word SNAKES written on it. I smirk to myself what she was probably doing with the snakes. Ahead is the entertainment area, and I notice some midgets there who are probably providing a show.

      + I'm with a guitar, I'm trying to turn it over (it's back is facing me) but its strings are caught on something. Especially the string with the thin line of red coloring running through it. I successfully unsnag it and get it turned over so the strings are facing upwards. I'm now planning on playing what I know of Clapton's "Tears in Heaven," and perhaps the few bars I know of "More Than Words." It will really impress them, I think. I think I need to broaden my repertoire of pieces so that I can put on a pleasing performance without repeating myself too much.
    2. 2020-08-19 blue coastal elephants, ski corner

      by , 08-19-2021 at 09:45 AM
      bedtime ~23:00-23:30

      wake 06:00

      + I'm standing on the ocean coast in a fairly large city, it's built up with walkways, water on my left. A large single-file procession of blue Indian elephants is emerging from the water and heading up on to land. I think they've sum a very far way, only to arrive for a live of slavery. I'm climbing up over green metal railings to move higher up away from the water. At the top there is a mailbox which I open, and it's full of letters and colorful postcards from well-wishes and people offering advice.

      + Standing on a snow hill, at a corner where very skilled skiiers (racing?) are "parallel sliding" down a very narrow and steep portion of hill (only about one ski-length wide), then zooming around the corner and proceeding down the hill. I'm looking closely at how they are holding their feet. It's just just a simple parallel "hockey-style" slide, they actually have one foot out of their boot and that ski is upside down, and they have a complicated stance with the free foot on top of the skis and their legs really held tightly together. I imagine it's quite a trick to get their feet out at the hill and put them back later. One of the skiiers is (I think, doesn't really look like him) my late Scoutmaster NB (with a beard).

      I move higher up the hill and enter a sort of gift shop where the floor is covered in ice and people are skating (?). I notice a lot of little trinkets spread around (on foldable music stands?). Someone is with me and they are saying something like "this is what you get with local delivery"

      Standing on the ski hill in the snow, at the bottom of a run, moving up the hill, I'm thinking about the inflatable, 2-man canoe-style sleds that are racing, and that a winning team (mine?) had the strategy of just not breaking at all until they were close to the bottom. I'm saying "so, they probably had to start breaking about a kilometer from the bottom?" I'm imagining they're breaking with their hands and feet.
    3. 2021-08-18 fragments, but variety, some detail, and another morning back to sleep victory

      by , 08-18-2021 at 08:16 AM
      Another (3rd day in a row?) morning back to sleep victory. It really helps having made a decision that getting in another sleep cycle is important and something I'm dedicated to doing.

      + very early (2-3am) morning appointment at the US citizenship application office, paper forms like airline boarding passes are spewing out of a machine and confusing me as to which one is the current form, I see paperwork with the hand-written name of my late wive's maiden name which confuses me

      + Scene of late wife in freaky mime face paint on an out-on-the-town trip with others that I never knew about, then I'm amongst them walking and threaten one of them with a switch-blade

      + party in a huge crowd, they're all standing in response to some ritual that I'm unaware of

      + walk by a gym (I used to attend?) with a group working out to an aerobic routine [visible through glass wall, dreamsign], I scrutinize the instructor to see if it's someone I recognize

      + [fragment] walking by a large vehicle parked that turns out to be a patrol boat?
    4. 2020-08-17 uptick in recall, a lot of short scenes, some vivid detail

      by , 08-17-2021 at 07:02 AM
      Uptick in recall with a bit more sleep, finally. Fragmented still, but a lot more content with more details recalled

      + large open dining area, we're at reserved tables, a new incoming group heads towards a large table in the corner, I think this might be our table, too

      + starting to climb up a tall stairwell, there's a guy there who's gathered a lot of large, empty, plastic, orange watering cans at the bottom, I decide to help him out by hauling a bunch of them up with me

      + walking through an orchestra (rehearsal?) strings section, they're all playing synchronized pizzicato

      + (underground parking area with rooms?)


      + in old adult PTL home living room, see (young son?) outside throwing a rock at a passing car, see the rock bounce off the passenger front window, think about the possibility of throwing more rocks through the space between parked cars, (I'm naked?) late wife and kids appear on the lawn outside (party?), I move to close the curtains (again) for privacy

      + [vivid] in home in quiet area of foreign country [England?] with woman owner, I say "it's such a quiet area here," I'm wandering through the rooms looking closely at decoration and things on wall, like pictures, think I have a lot in common with the owner, I see pictures of orchestral string instruments, I think I'm a musician, too, now she's a man, who specializes in "pronouns," [selection of them?] I try reading one of his worksheets, hand-written in pencil on white paper, despite seeing words on paper I can't make sense of them or of where th pronoun selection comes into it.

      + walking outdoors (naked?) towards a large multi-story building (heading home?), see a woman in the distance walking a parallel path, get up to tall building/barrier, look up and see the various levels including an open terrace roof where I think people spend a lot of time, imagine heading up to the 2nd/3rd level on the elevator and think the people there will be surprised to see us. The buildings here are all tall.

      + avoiding young, very well-dressed [fancy suits] security, who are guarding stairwells and elevators in a building complex, I'm bringing a large cup [movie-sized] of popcorn [all food is forbidden here] in with me, and turning to shield view of it with my body as I walk among them and rush for the stairs

      + [something about white vs. dark meat on chicken, it's actually colored red]
    5. 2021-08-16 fragments

      by , 08-16-2021 at 05:14 AM
      Very late bed-time, after midnight, this always results in low recall, no exception today, just a few fragments

      + walking along a side walk, lots of people around. There are spots to the right (away from the street) where people are lying and (sunbathing?). It's like a resort. It's a narrow strip (colored dark green?) where only two people can lie abreast. I'm thinking about how the people will pack themselves into this area, and whether they'll all fit? There's a man with me and we're discussing / thinking about the cooking of the ground meat (visible in a large frying pan in front of us), he's asking me my opinion on whether we'd rather do the selection and cooking of the meat ourselves, and I agree that we should. He tells the (waiter? cook?) this, who seems hesitant about it but agrees.

      [I think there was a lot more but it slipped away]

      + [just before waking], scene in a large public building location (library?) with tables, there's a guy (politician?) speaking about something, some political question with consequences, advising some course of action.
    6. 2020-08-15 Guest performer in middle-school band

      by , 08-15-2021 at 05:57 AM
      + I arrive at band practice in a middle-school band. I hear their players who play my instrument, and they're not very good, poor tone. I'm confident that I'll really surprise them with my playing ability. But I'm missing the part on which I blow. They present me with several new variants. They're odd-sized (too large) I notice. Other people's versions of these are usually not ready to play i know. I try them though, and find them very responsive, and say they'll do.

      I'm playing some melancholy, minor-key tune to accompany a portion of the dream.

      They say I'm going to need to play "the first movement of the Mozart." This is not an issue for me, I know it well. I imagine the tune in my head.
    7. 2021-08-14 traffic, girl in room

      by , 08-14-2021 at 03:03 PM
      + driving in traffic on freeway, weaving back and forth between lanes, it's stopped, starts up again, I see why, there's a huge pile of dirt in right in the middle of the lane. I swerve quickly around it, using turn signals (I think it's silly to use them so quickly), I take an exit (left side!) and realize I've taken the exit too soon. I'm going to have to turn to the right and hope I can make it to the place I originally intended to go.

      + (continuation?) I'm at a stop light on a road, I'm on a (bicycle?) There's a girl here (following me?) and we go to a (hotel?) room. (I'm abducting her?) We're talking, I'm asking her questions, she's answering in English which surprises me, I say "It's really convenient that you can speak English!" I take pictures of her and I notice that there's a camera in the room, I think this is concerning but imagine they couldn't be spying on the guests. Then the girl takes the camera and starts taking pictures of me, I am really not so good with this and tell her "these pictures will be just between us, right?" I get a bit dominant-feeling and lie on top of her (we're clothed) and give her a light kiss on the lips, she's receptive, I'm starting to think this could be a very "interesting" situation here.

      We're at a table? in a restaurant? with other people. I say "I don't post pictures of myself on the internet" thinking again about the pictures we took together. I realize that all this time with her, I never have fixed the flat tire on my bicycle, and I tell her this.
    8. 2021-08-13 broken corpse, high bunk bed, pack for boot camp, game quest requirements

      by , 08-13-2021 at 06:41 AM
      + body on wheelbarrow lifted up on top of car and dropped off the back, it breaks into pieces (bloody legs, etc) and I think what a mess, why'd they do that?

      + climbing up on to the (our)? bed at the top of a super tall tower of bunk beds. It is made neatly, twin sized, blue blanket/bed coverings, long way down, some woman is arranging something, I'm wondering about things falling down the sides?

      + [last dream] preparing for an army bootcamp/travel, packing a backpack, find a pile of orders/prescriptions (I see the writing on them), I'm wondering about packing warm clothing -- a heavy sweater (which I'm wearing). Room for all this stuff? I should be prepared in case of frozen weather, I'd rather have redundant warm stuff and not need it than need it and not have it, we'll be miles away from civilization.

      I return to my room and all my stuff has been cleaned up. Panic at first, then I see the stack of prescriptions/orders on a small night table. It's late, when am I going to get those prescriptions filled, we're taking off in the morning.

      In a high place, looking down on some musical performance? It finishes up, I say "everything was good/it's all ok", but a somber dangerous-looking man standing near me turns away, I know he was very critical of the performance, I notice with a close-up view of his face that he has a horizontal deep gash (not bleeding) about a 1/4 inch deep and about 1.5 inches long on his right cheek-bone area.

      I move down some walk-way towards a pharmacy, I check the hours on a sign, it's open until 00:30 I think. I'll be able to fill my prescriptions without having to wait until morning when we're leaving and when it may be too late. There are lots of people at the counter, I see through the glass doors. A clerk is saying, I'm sorry, we're all out of <the musical instrument which I play> for rent, you'll have to check back in 5 days.

      Moving further down the walk-way there is a little segment about some video game? There is a narration from a girl about how she is not going to be joining any quests except for <something>. Across the way on the other side I see a sort of video game display (but it's "real" not a screen) showing a person surrounded by a lines of blue sparks, this is a sort of shielding spell, and the writing indicates that this spell is (either the result of of a requirement of ) a particular quest, for which (you need a group of players to complete)?
    9. 2021-08-12 line, passport name

      by , 08-12-2021 at 06:27 AM
      + I'm in a long line waiting for service. I'm with my fiance/GF. The people are packed pretty tightly in the line, mostly young adults. I step out of line briefly and the girls behind me quickly move to take my spot, I try to step back in, it's my place after all I think, but they keep nudging ahead of me as the line moves forward. The line reaches a point where an official is stopping people and letting one through at a time, there is a small in-between area with doors before and after, the service we're waiting for is behind the farther door. When I get to the first door, some guys sort of crowd in front of me, I think that this is rude, I should be together with my GF. As people are served, these guys move in front of me into this "no-man's land" waiting area where nobody should be standing, so I also move forwards to try to preserve my place in line.

      I finally get to go forwards to the service point, there is a woman in a high little room almost one story higher than the ground level. I hand up something to her and she says I've forgotten the main application, which I then hand up to her (in a transparent file cover?). She quickly says there is a problem with my name, companies in this country will not want to hire me, she's implying I have to change my name. I explain I can't do that, all my documents are all in my current name and it would be a nightmare of mismatched names (if names don't match in this place they do not consider the document valid). The woman is not persuaded. She leaves her little high-cubby-room and enters some staircase leading down below ground level. I'm still trying to explain to her about my name.
    10. 2021-08-11 white cube room, destroyer, south american cafe

      by , 08-11-2021 at 09:55 AM
      About an hour of insomnia between 03:30 and 04:30

      + In a large white cube room, trapped here? Floating around in it, like there is no gravity, jumping from wall to wall, rotating head over heels while doing so. There's another guy here who's an enemy?

      + On the control deck of a military ship, looking for enemy planes with radar, doing various searches, not finding anything except a "parachuter." The military are very neat and precise, they label even the electrical outlets with markings indicating (how much force is needed to pull out the plug?). I clean some small object I'm holding using forced air from the control panel, I think I've used military equipment to do so. I look down and see the (deck captain's?) equipment tray lying on the ground, I think I've used some of his stuff.

      On top of a structure in search of a fugitive (the parachutist?), following people down into an interior stairway. There's a guardian large woman at the bottom, and we engage in some sexy time, short, she stands up, says "thank you!" but she needs to get back to work. I continue walking throughout the structure, and come across an open cafe.

      Inside everything is branded/colored dark green: tables, aprons, etc. I approach the counter and the open kitchen behind is visible, where the employees are continuing the prep for the day (it's just opening hours apparently). I'm intrigued by what look to be gigantic bananas. It is a South American themed cafe. There is a large table/structure/assembly line there where they are prepping tropical drinks: fruits or blenders with fruits inside are being prepared in order to be blended in a machine, and the drinks can be purchased. I'd like to try some but I think they would be too much for one person.

      + outside, at D, night, near structure currently under construction, look back at main house, think [something...]
    11. 2021-08-10 some fragments

      by , 08-10-2021 at 05:26 AM
      + Basketball -- in a court, playing, high on the side wall of the court is some contraption, a small cylinder, grasping and pumping this cylinder has some effect on the game, I'm trying it, there is the notion that this is cheating?

      + In a garage, walking around a sort of a wreck of a car, it's really falling apart, it was part of a family taxi business? The frame is blue.
    12. 2021-08-09 Return to dreaming

      by , 08-09-2021 at 06:30 AM
      I'm working on paying more attention to dreams & dreaming, mindfulness of the present moment and lucidity. I hope to keep it up all through the year, despite the perpetual distractions of waking life. Trying to find a way to smoothly integrate mindfulness and lucidity, purposeful attention back into a 24x7 way of being.

      + at a swimming pool, teacher in the water with students, large olympic size pool, I'm walking along the long side, the teacher calls to me and says "I already have plans for them" referring to a group of youngsters seated in a row outside the pool. I see my young son S2 is there with them.

      + I approach a group of postal clerks seated in an open rectangular area (like a "typing pool" from old movies, about 5x5 workers/desks), and am trying to formulate what I want: I want to see if they can find forwarding records of mail send to me from my old landlord in city S [life-long dreamsign, return to city S] to me, so that I can track down the address or the landlord (so that I can move back there again?). I get pretty confused while trying to explain what I want, and think it's probably not possible.

      + Stuck in traffic at night (driving down LL in B), we decide (I'm not driving I think) to jump the curb and turn right through an open fence, I think this is a brilliant idea, a shortcut to avoid the stuck traffic, we follow some cars on this path, through open fences, make it back to a street (Sol in B on the way to A), driving past restaurants full of people (really packed closely), full-swing celebrations going on 1st and second floors visible (missing/transparent walls), Chinese restaurants I think.

      Inside Chinese Church (?), I think colleague Ch Ch is here, he serves here I think (hear his voice?), there is a tall white staircase/pedestal, I think it's stairs to an upstairs area, or maybe just it's a high place where the people sit who run the ceremonies, Ch Ch comes out to meet me(?).

      Walking with some (former manager? Unknown/unfamiliar) past people seated at long banquet tables with white tablecloth, I think he's going to offer me a job, but we stop and he turns to me and says that he's sold the entire development team to another company.
    13. 2020-10-14 nearly lucid, ultra vivid & present dream: cloud, flying, superman suit, clay people

      by , 10-14-2020 at 09:19 AM
      I have no idea where the asterisks are all coming from below. RC.

      + company parking lot [DS], thinking about parking. There is a path up and to the right.
      Later (different dream?) I'm standing at the top of a steep set of stairs, looking down into the parking area below. I realize I'm standing on the other side of the area where I was earlier (from my car) looking at and up the hill. I'm very careful selecting my footing as I begin to descend the stairway.

      + at work, with JoWei [company 3, B and N colleague], we're going to have lunch. At the counter, there is a choice between different colored aspics. The "chef" brings out different trays containing these aspics, colored brightly: purple, red, blue. They do not look very appetizing.

      + with [deceased] wife, we're walking in a mall (?) outside in the parking area, she says how, since I'm not around any more and don't visit her, she has had to ask BrZim (old lawyer friend who loved her) to come visit her. This makes me really sad. I think I should not be close to her or try to caress or kiss her since this would be inappropriate since we're not together any more [This led to dozing/waking? thoughts of sadness about our sometimes troubled relationship, and how I should have perhaps done more to be better]

      + (ultra-vivid/present, nearly lucid)
      It may have started within an office setting, I'm not sure of that.* *
      But where it really picked up, was: I'm sitting on a bench in a courtyard outside.* Bright sunshine, balmy California day.* * This area is the yard for a company where I do not work and where I do not know the people, yet I'm still hanging out with them.* *Across from me in a shady circle clearing two people (gender unclear) are playing pickup-jacks.* I watch the little ball bounce, I count along with them: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.* I don't see any jacks, though.* *One of them has a string attached to their hand.* * I am very content and comfortable.* I think I would really like to work here, because*it is so close to where I live, I would have a trivial commute.* *I'm looking around the fringe of the courtyard to the*surrounding buildings in the area as I think this.* There are people sitting to my left and right, I sense their heads in my peripheral vision, but don't look at them closely.* *I have* a feeling of serene happiness.* *I look up at the sky, it is bright and blue without a cloud.**

      Then entering from the left, an inky black roiling cloud blotting out the entire sky is moving rapidly towards us, from left to right.* *I stand up and make some comment (or it's a thought), about how I have to go now and don't want to stick around for that cloud, and with a thought about wondering what they think about my flying away, I do a superman take off and start flying to the right, to stay ahead of the cloud.

      I'm flying right* on the wavefront of the cloud, I'm partially within it, I look at it and see bits of things swirling about violently, wisps of cloud, rain perhaps.* *I will myself to fly faster to stay ahead of it.* I really focus on flying faster and faster to stay ahead of it.* I want to fly 2x, 3x faster.* * I turn around and continue flying away from the cloud (back-first) while I'm looking at it.* *I think if superman's suit was made to be water-repellant (meaning it reacts like a magnet to water, pushing the wearer away from the water), he could be able to effortlessly fly faster than any persuing*cloud, because the water vapor in the cloud would repel him away.

      Then I'm standing in a long featureless corridor.* I think (or someone says?) that if this were true, people could then manipulate and control superman by moving water around him to repel him into a place of their choosing.* I look down on the floor and there is a flat image of a smashed-up superman, presumably who suffered from this feature of his water-repelling suit.

      I move into an adjoining room.* *The visual quality sharpens and is super vivid.* *There are two (female-like) characters here.* *The substance of the room (walls & floors) and the people themselves are like clay models.* *But they're moving.* * Very sharp and vivid.* *The colors are: black, brown, deep red.* They both have black hair, but their bodies seem to be sculpted out of clay as well.* *Strange faces.* * I have a fleeting thought about sexual engagement with them since I detected their female-ness but did not pursue this.* I hear a man's voice from an adjoining room.* I enter the room (wondering if the* women are guards and will follow me), and there is another clay man there with similar features to the women, black hair, he's (training a young person?).* *There's a (clay?) bear?* *

      That's all I remember, I think I woke at that point.
    14. 2020-10-07 scooters again, parking, traffic, quests, unpleasant relationships

      by , 10-07-2020 at 07:47 AM
      late bedtime, ~midnight or later. Fall asleep slowly, L reading on phone, takes a while to fall asleep

      no early recall first couple of wakings
      2nd/3rd waking set stronger intention for dreaming/lucidity
      took longer to get back to sleep after this
      a lot of wakings, shoulder bothering

      up out of bed ~08:00

      later, lots of scenes/fragments

      + in apartment, some old g/f (wife?) has returned, at first I'm happy, but the she starts nit-picking me endlessly and I'm crestfallen, and think being alone may have been better

      + romantically together with an older, unattractive woman, she mentions "we need to talk" (about our relationship), and I think about responding "well, one option is not talking" but I don't say anything because that will probably not be received well.

      Sitting close (holding her in my arms, we're sitting on a couch/bench, her back is to me), she makes a pun/joke, I get it, I laugh, and say was a good one, she laughs to and is proud of her clever pun


      + (f) I need to satisfy some quest or set of requirements, I think I have time, but others say no I have to finish all the tasks today

      + (f) at some point I'm wearing shorts, and I wonder about how approprite this is?

      + parking scooter [DS!] on a curving curb, I'm looking closely at the curb painting, there's a red zone there, a crosswalk just ahead, and I'm trying to remember the parking rules. There's a car in a spot ahead that looks like it's not marked, and there is enough room for the scooter to park so I want to move ahead to that spot. Where I'm looking at parking right now is just in front of a crosswalk, and is too close to be legal, I know.

      Walking on (back along the sidewalk the other way from how I approached on the scooter) is a building (and an outdoor mailbox where I pick up the mail?), it is dark/twilight outside, and I see lights inside the building in a basement complex. I "recognize" the building and the apartment within (think it's where students live, or where I lived?).

      I'm in a room, and suddenly I see Rb. Mlls (company R) leaning in from an open window to the outside, and I jump with shock at seeing him because he wasn't there before. He comes in an gives me tasks to do? With some fat young woman whom I don't like?

      + maneuvering in traffic at an intersection, I join a flow with some cars to my left, I realize I'm cutting off one of the cars but keep merging left, we're turning left, then I enter some storefront. Inside is a gaming parlor and the view switches to a video game screen . I'm using a joystick as the game control. The joystick has a yaw input (twisting the stick instead of just rotating it) and I'm experimenting with this as well. The game is played on a circular "board" with different icons/images and the point is to make a full circle of your chosen icon, while others are trying to do the same. No matter how fast I manipulate the controls and replace my icons, the other players keep placing theirs, and I can't make any progress.
    15. 2020-10-06 football (lots), store/yogurt, uni, walk with D

      by , 10-06-2020 at 08:33 AM
      warm milk with honey, 500mg GABA, 1g tryptophan
      Bed time about midnight
      final waking ~07:30
      no insomnia throughout the night (didn't look at clock)
      one waking pitch black, one with more outside light


      + party in arcade basement beer glasses dirty searching for clean one hey let's have a tournament I'm thinking Donkey Kong or asteroids there's billiards as well, lots of tables what an awesome arcade room, the guys there are drinking beer, I want some beer too, I look for a glass, there are swoopy beer shaped glasses (narrower at base and curving up to wider at the top), and there are tall wine glasses, they're all dirty to some extent.


      + in grocery store, examining shelves, cookies up high, many packages opened and some cookies eaten, the higher shelves (for stocking purposes) have the cookies but the lower ones don't. So they're not really out of cookies I'm really examining the aisle closely Girl there, I'm recommending to her the strawberry yogurt, she's a bit hostile. I return to her later and ask her if she bought the strawberry yogurt, she's friendlier. I see containers of opened/eaten yogurt. As we leave the store and she's going to her car (a very tall, i.e., monster truck with several young people seated in the cab), I reach back with my right arm and we "shake hands" by brushing our fingertips together and I call to her friends "("Kim"?) has yogurt for you!"

      + uni football team, I'm on team, I'm QB?, even though I'm old (current age), my dad was on the football team, too. I'm pumping my fist into the air, so proud of my history on the team. The young people think what is up with that weird old guy, I think they must respect me because I was on the team! I'm walking on some raised path and look down on to a cafeteria scene near a beverage machine.

      + I go into a room reserved for the team, there are ushers standing guard (?), and thre are tables of snacks, I'm looking for something to eat but pretty much everything has been consumed. There are huge piles of wooden chopstick sets all over. I find something to eat but there's not much left, and a woman (and her daughter?) are also approaching that place and (we're going to have to compete for the snacks?)

      + I'm entering the football stadium, looking for my seat, it's dark, since I've been on the team, I think I get to sit with the team? There are a bunch of really big black guys sitting there, I'm looking at them trying to figure out if I can sit here. I do sit and I realize these are TERRIBLE seats -- you can't even see the field, which is way around some distant corner. You can barely even hear the action or the crowd.

      + walking in to (uni) sports facility through tall thick doors, leading someone through corridor, giving directions, [aware of my path]


      + walking with DB (uni g/f) around B, on Oxf st. along Uni border we pass the gym building on our left, I'm planning to set up a racquetball session in the gym for her and her friends and I say I'll join them. Then we're farther from campus on the downtown side, she wants to go to the buildings there, but I don't, I look up the hill and see the clock tower, realize how far we are from it, and say "I don't want to spend the time to go there," (I was thinking of a particular building with a lecture hall, "Wh?"), "I'll take you there later.". She's walking ahead of me, I call to her, "D, " and gesture with my hand for her to return to me. I lead us back towards the gym, we're walking up a hill, there is traffic / cars and we're weaving our way through them, and I ask her, "So, what's your schedule?" (pronounced in the English way, "SHED-YULE"), and she answers that she and (some guy? says name?) are travelling and bumming stays at friends houses. I want to ask her about this guy, if he's a serious boyfriend. I want to take her hand, but I don't want to spoil our friendship, and she may no longer feel that way about me. We reach the back door of the gym and she head up the stairs (very colorful, lots of bright primary colors), and I ask her "How's the nuclear ionics going?" She responds s.l. "oh! You've been following me!" and I know this to be true, I googled her and found out her research topics included the physical of nuclear particles.
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