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    2022-09-13 pretty good recall, sleep improving

    by , 09-13-2022 at 06:23 AM (204 Views)
    My book-directed ("End The Insomnia Struggle", excellent book, highly recommended) insomnia therapy is bearing fruit. I am more and more aware and familiar with my sleep/wake rhythms. My sleep drive is regularly very high in the evening now. In fact, if I'm doing something quiet, like sitting watching a video, it gets to the point where I start nodding off and can't keep my eyes open. I'm learning more about how much sleep I can reliably generate under what circumstances. The good news is that I typically have a very vivid, long period of dreaming within the sleep window of what I can typically generate (6.5 hours). The not-so-good news is that it's less than I'd like, for dreaming. But we work with what we have. I did sleep for a bit over 7 hours today (hard to tell light sleep from awake without a fitness tracker device), while being in bed for around 8.5.

    Decent quality of non-lucid recall.
    + overflow of water in the bathroom (went back to sleep late morning with a mild urge to pee)
    + sitting on a sidewalk on a city street with my back against a pole as people walk by, 3 girls come up to me and proposition me to spend the night with them.
    + in a buffet restaurant, where one self-cooks chunks of meat (ground and whole) in vats of boiling oil
    + walking around with a girl through city streets, with some friends as body guards in dicey-er parts of town, I get directions from them to where we're going and I don't understand them, we stop in an outdoor restaurant
    + situation with a chamber pot that I haven't emptied yet, smelly with the remains of the contents
    + walking around with a girl (romantic interest?) who's playing in a band; for band forms for rehearsal, I'm not sure if I should play or not, then I see that <my instrument> players do show up so I think I don't need to participate. Later, we're hanging out in a room and I take out her electronic bass and improvise my way through the bass solo in the opening to the intro music to the Barney Miller 1970's TV sitcom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roHYXrLhmHc. At one point this girl is walking through a room and she's naked from the waist down, her <ahem> at one point is clearly visible from behind, I notice other guys looking.

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