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    1. 2022-12-12 comp night #11 LUCIDD #278 shorts, ocean, band, corridor, FA, big group

      by , 12-12-2022 at 08:01 AM
      bedtime 01:30 Super fun night with wife

      Pretty good recall and YAY a lucid, for such a late bedtime. Quite vivid first dream. The DILD was low awareness, no thought of doing comp task/goal.

      + beach shorts, clear ocean water [DS], CrLee [DS], band/instrument long scene

      [waking, time unknown]

      + LUCIDD #278 DILD in corridor with CrLee [DS], know I'm dreaming, talk with DCs about the dream? Scene begins fading, I move to stabilize, look through window of door into dark room, the flat black color I see promotes the fade so I start moving again to stimulate connection to the dream, the fade continues and I move back to the original part of the corridor and do a spin to try to save the LD, but the fade continues, I think I may end up in a new place... and I "wake" and lift up my sleep mask to see where I am, still dreaming but non-lucid
      In room with kids, they are arranged in a strict hierarchy like a church, a group of kids with an adult are visible walking past outside through windows, I move on and in a dark/twilight [DS] area, talk to people about the color coded boards with numbers, which mean which group of kids is in which location/activity, the group I was asking about the answer came that they were doing Tai Chi. I ask about another group and the answer came "drone field." I ask "oh you mean that large field over in that direction?" "Yes." Move on to very large room, party, people playing with a bouncy/floating large object balloon made up of many concentric objects, a red part was in the middle and we're wondering what it is, get closer and it's made from red rubber that kid's playground balls are made of but in an irregular shape, not sure if we should take it out, put it back in the structure, move on. Group of people sitting at table, come across old boy scout friends, I think the Gre. family will the first one to have grandkids in our troop. Move on to next room, someone says "they like to drink pea juice," young people are sitting at long picnic style cafeteria tables [DS], room mostly empty, someone says it's not really pea juice but pea soup, "Lingemans," I see briefly a white box carton with Lingeman's pea soup on the label. I want to get to a cabinet but two girls are sitting at the table right in front of it so blocking access, move on to the right of them past a table with food, there's a container with animal cookies, I take one, small piece, bite/eat it, moving circling to the right back towards entrance, wake up.



      OOB 09:30